DREAM GIRL (tg,shemale)

By Stephanie Michelle

DISCLAIMER: This story is FICTION. Author does not condone or approve of the use of illicit drugs or unsafe sexual practices. This story is strictly for the titillation of the reader; contains explicit adult sexual acts.


I got home later than usual; you see Michael and I had a late supper at a lovely little bistro down in the French quarter. Michael was taking me out to celebrate our first month of being together in a professional relationship. You see I am training him to be my instrument of gratification.

Michael picked me up at my villa overlooking the white sands of the Gulf of Mexico. Dressed in an elegant black double breasted suit , Countess Marah silk tie, starched white shirt with diamond cufflinks and black patent loafers: Michael was a handsome vision with his ruggedly handsome face and silver mane pulled back in a pony tail: he reminds of me a mature Adrian Paul.

I myself, dressed (usually like a slut, but not tonight) in a strapless burgundy sheath dress that came to mid thigh, my breasts with their deep cleavage (42C) bursting out the top, my long tan, smooth shapely legs encased in black silk stockings with an embroidered floral pattern running up the back seam and feet with their toenails painted to match my fingernails in a crimson lacquer slid into a pair of strappy sandals with 5 spike heels. My jewelry consists of a diamond and black pearl choker and several platinum rings with gemstones. My long platinum blonde hair pulled back in a french twist held back with a turquoise stud hair band. My eye make up done in meridian blue and smoky gray to bring out my blue sparkling eyes, some cheek blush and rich crimson lipstick finish off the look. Beneath all this beauty Michaels present is awaiting him: my clitty-cock, wrapped in a lace trimmed black silk thong panty. My clitty-cocks head is rubbing ever so gently against its silken prison.

Michael picked me up in a limo, his normal mode of transportation since he owns a limo company. I remembered the driver from when I visited Michael down in Boca, she and I had a fling and since then she has been a steady client of mine as well.

Dinner was excellent; Michael went all the way, soup to nuts. We sat in a back booth together like lovers do; I placed my hand in his lap and stroked his cock through his suit pants feeling how hard his cock was trying to escape. Before we left the bistro, I took Michael like a little boy to the restroom, where I proceeded to give him a blow job. I sat him down on the toilet, after lowering his pants, revealing the pretty pink silken panties that I had instructed him to wear all the time with a wet spot where he was oozing precum. His huge veinous cock stood at attention as my tongue licked the precum from the head. I stroked his scrotum with my long manicured nails, my tongue licking up and down up and down savoring the taste and aroma of Michael's crotch. I take his cock eventually deep with in my throat, his cock head tickling my tonsils. When I am ready I ease up on his cock and gently squeeze his testicles, Michael gives me the desert that I crave. Michael pulls up his panty and we leave the bistro. All the time we are in the men's room of the bistro other men are coming in and out as I was sucking on my servants cock. Michael was hard again before we got to the limo.

In the driveway back at my villa I had limo girl join Michael and myself in the backseat. We made the seats into a queen size bed where Michael pulled up my dress and pulled aside my thong and proceeded to suck my hard clitty-cock. He looks so handsome when I watch him bob up and down on my clitty. He so lovingly takes care of his Mistress so well. Michael is my precious prize slave. In the mean time limo girl has dropped her drawers and has offered me her cunt to clean. Limo girl, who is sitting atop my face with my tongue deep with in her pussy, stretching itself to touch her g-spot so as to make her squirt her sweet nectar into my face, is bouncing uncontrollably on my face.

After Michael feeds on my seed, Limo girl feeds me her nectar; we all embrace for a final swapping of fluids in a long passionate kiss. Michael and limo girl head home and I go inside where Jen and Frankie are waiting for me.

I kiss both Jen and Frankie hello, cum on my breath, which always excites both of them, and head to bed. Jen follows me up and asks how my night went. I fill her in on the evening Michael and I had and I can see from the wet spot in her panty that she is excited.

Jen who is my twin sister, looks beautiful in her baby-doll nightie and matching panties. Jen is with child, MY CHILD, and she starting to show. Her body is surrounded with radiance as mother-hood appeals to her. Just think how sexy this is a brother and sister of which the brother is shemale, loving one another to the point where they are going to have a child together...MAKES MY DICK HARD...

Jen and I get in our bed, lying side by side we kiss, our large breasts squashed together nipple to nipple, my cock pressing against Jen's belly, if I listen carefully enough I can hear our child's heartbeat, and feel its movements up against my groin. I slide down and nibble on my sisters large tit, giving it much needed attention, then moving down leaving a line of drool on her belly as I approach her very wet cunt. I lick at her labia, leaving it smeared with lipstick, my tongue ever pressing against her little clitoris, flickering it quickly with butterfly kisses. She spasms and screams out "she loves me" make me squirt my brother, my shemale lover, my husband. (GAWD MY CLITTYCOCK IS SO FUCKING HARD RIGHT NOW) I, shoot my load, Jen and I gently in each others arms fall into a peaceful nights sleep.

In the morning I convey my wet dream to Jen and Frankie at breakfast. It was a weird, wild and a wet dream. It started with me playing with myself. Stroking my clitty and fingering my rosebud, bringing my fingers to my red lips, tasting myself and savoring my own clitty nectar and rosebud poo. I massage my boobies, pinching my nipples and sending electric shocks down my back. There is a huge black dildo on the dresser and I start to fuck myself with it. It hurts good at first but as my rosebud starts to accept the full length of the toy I start to get a tingling feeling through out my entire body... A FULL BODY ORGASM !!

I ask Jen and Frankie if they are with me so far, and each moan that they are living out the dream story as I tell them. I ask them if they remembered the man I used to date, Dan, and they both acknowledged that they did and both remembered admiring Dan's foot long cock. (I LOVE THAT COCK MYSELF)

Well back to the dream. After my orgasm I noticed something different about my body. I was still beautiful, but in a different way. Apparently that big black dildo was enchanted, a gift from Dan.

I picked up the dildo and slid out of bed, I felt dizzy, and there was a squeaking noise as I padded across the hardwood floor to the full length mirror. I thought my eyes were deceiving me, but as reached up with my hand to touch my face, there was that squeaking noise again. My entire body was shiny like that of a latex blow up doll. My face had clear eyes with badly painted blue eye shadow above them. My beautiful blonde platinum hair was now a corn yellow string mop wig sewn into my latex scalp. Best of all my mouth now a perfect ring of red with a long flexible tube flowing down my neck: how sexy is that?

My boobs are huge, jutting out 2 inch nipples, my waist 20 inches, my crotch where my dick was now a drooping rubber labia surrounding a hole with a fake clitoris, little blonde strands of yarn glued above it for pubic hairs, my rosebud now gaping wide open awaiting a monster cock to enter it. My long plastic legs narrow to points where my feet are shaped to stand in high heels.

I look in the mirror, behind me there is a shadow of a large man, it's Dan his one foot dick hard as a pole, I turn, my rubber self slightly off balance do to the awkwardness of my feet, I try to speak but nothing comes out of my mouth. Dan grabs me and pulls ring attached to my neck, a string comes out and voice says "I AM YOUR LOVING FUCK TOY". Dan pulls it again, and the voice box speaks, "I WANT TO SUCK YOUR DICK". Dan puts his monster cock to my lips and my mouth stretches completely over his cock head. He pushes a built in button on the back of my neck and lube squirts out onto his cock, He slides his dick into my mouth my lips stretching over his veinous cock. I take him in totally, I can feel his cockhead touch the back of the inside of my inflated face. He pumps me like there was no tomorrow and then shoots his load into the back of my mouth's tube. I can taste the cum as it puddles up inside my latex mouth. After that he picks up my body, from behind he grabs my tits and squeezes them; then he lays back on the bed on his back and impales my newly aquired latex pussy onto his massive pole and pumps me up and down holding my tits in each of his large hands; he cums in my backdoor and then pulls me off his pole. Funny, his cream pie stays inside my latex bum. Next he sniffs my cunny and says it tastes like rubber. Pulling my voice box chord I say "THANK YOU MASTER FOR FUCKING MY BLONDE BRAINS OUT". He reaches down and pulls on my left nipple... all of a sudden I start to deflate. Dan folds me up and puts me in the dresser drawer and says "See you in your dreams baby girl"

I wake up and find myself covered in cum, piss and shit. I spend some time taking in the pleasure of my rock hard clitty-cock. I taste so good, I shower and head on down to tell Jen and Frankie.

Wet Dreams,



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