By Erik Maskot

I was 16 when she moved in next door. The most adorable girl I'd ever seen. She was Miss Perfect to me. She could've been a couple of years older than me. My room had a perfect view towards her house and her backyard. Behind my curtains I used to spy on her when she was by the swimming pool basking in the sun, wearing nothing but a bikini. She always had a tan and her hair was dark brown. Her breasts were not big, but round and firm. She had long legs and beautifully curved thighs, and a nice firm ass. She filled my dreams every night.

I am 18 now. I'm still dreaming of her, and I haven't had a girlfriend because of her. I've never really talked to her, but she's always smiling and saying "Hi!" to me when I see her at the stores or on the street. Her smile makes me melt. I wonder if she knows about my passion for her.

It was a very hot day. It seemed like everybody in the whole neighborhood was on vacation or gone to the beach. My parents were gone too. But Jeanette, which was my neighbor's name, was home, and she was relaxing, lying on an air mattress floating in the pool. For a while I was peeking through my curtains, but it was so hot I'd rather be outside. I grabbed an ice cold coke from the fridge and walked outside. We didn't have a swimming pool in our backyard, so I turned on the sprinkler and let the water soak me. Afterwards I lied down on the grass and started reading a comic book.

Jeanette must have noticed that the sprinkler was on, because soon she came up to the fence between our properties, and said "It's hot today, isn't it?"

I said "Yes, it is!"

"Why don't you come over and cool off in my swimming pool?"

"Oh, thanks..." I was almost speechless. "But I don't want to interrupt anything..."

She started laughing. "There's nobody but just the two of us in the whole neighborhood. You're not interrupting anything. Besides, I need somebody to talk to. As we've been neighbors for two years now, it's about time I get to know my next door neighbor."

She had never talked that much to me before, and I loved her laugh. She turned me on, but I really hope she didn't notice my hard-on through my shorts.

As soon as I got over there, I stepped into the swimming pool right away. Jeanette turned out to be really cool. She brought out a cooler filled with ice and beer. I just wished I'd had the guts to talk to her before. She told me she was a student, and that she studied chemistry. Therefore she had all summer off, like me. She told me to come over anytime. I couldn't believe how nice she was.

We had so much fun talking together, and we were drinking beer till we got a little dizzy. Soon we were standing really close together. Her eyes met mine.

Then she shocked me by saying: "I know that you've been spying on me through your curtains." I got a little scared and wanted to get out of there, but she put her arms around me, and said "I've wanted you so bad, too. I didn't want to say anything, because I didn't want to ruin it."

"Ruin it? What do you mean?" I asked.

"You're not ready for it. Just forget what I just said."

I was puzzled. Instead she kissed me gently. I could have come right there and then. This was a dream come true. I touched her breasts and started licking her nipples through the bikini. She moaned as I did this, and she put her hands down into the water and started rubbing my cock through my shorts. I was so hot. Then she took my hand and moved it around and started to rub her crotch with it. It was so smooth and I could feel her pubic hair under the material of her thong. I rubbed harder trying to find her slit, wanting to feel it for the first time in my life. I was surprised that there was no slit. Jeanette tried to push my hands away, and she whispered "No, don't do it!" several times. Instead I could feel a lump, and I was in a shock when I realized that she actually had a cock tucked between her legs, and it was now straining to get out as it was hard. I pulled my hand away, not sure what to think. I was not gay. But Jeanette was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. Still I had touched someone else's cock.

I took a step away from her. I was afraid. What have I done? Jeanette wanted me to come back. She was crying.

"Please don't leave me," she said.

"How many people know about this?" I asked.

"You're the only one. I swear!" she replied. "Please don't leave me." Her eyes were filled with tears. "I'm really sorry."

She was still the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen, and she was crying and begging me to stay. I still wanted her. I took her hand and pulled her towards me again. I kissed her.

"No one else will get to know this," she whispered to me. "It's gonna be our little secret."

She then moved my hand back to her cock. It was not very big, 6-7 inches maybe, and considerably smaller than my ten inches. I could feel myself really hard as she pulled down my shorts in the pool, and moved her hand over my cock.

"It's wonderful," she said. "And so are you."

I held her tight.

She whispered into my ear. "You can fuck me if you like." I almost came when I heard those words. She pulled down her thong, turned around, and rubbed her ass on my cock. She spread her legs wider and her anus opened up slightly. She moaned and was about to scream when I entered her virgin hole. She bit her teeth together. When my cock was in, the pain turned into pleasure. It didn't take long before I came and shot a big load of cum inside her ass.

"Oh, you're so good," she said. We kissed again, and talked together till late afternoon.

Then I said "I'll have to go. My parents will be home soon."

She said "Okay, but I will see you again, won't I?" I smiled and said yes.

I didn't sleep that night. I was thinking of Jeanette the whole night. I realized she was the best thing that had happened to me in my life. So the next morning I ran over to her house and rang her doorbell. As soon as I was inside, I said: "Jeanette, do you want to be my girlfriend?" This made her so happy, she kept kissing me and saying "yes" over and over again.

My parents were happy that I had finally found a girlfriend. They had no idea what was between her legs. That secret belonged to Jeanette and me. I even let her fuck me now. But that's another story.