Michael's Visitation (tg, shemale)

By Stephanie Michelle

. DISCLAIMER: This is a work of FICTION. Author does not condone or approve of illicit behavior or use of illegal drugs. This work is strictly for the pleasure of the reader. Content of this story is of an adult nature with explicit sex acts


I was on my way to the airport to catch my flight to Miami. I thought to myself that my seat mate like a little in flight entertainment. I decided to wear my platinum blonde hair pulled back in a pony with some wispy bangs, dangly floral ear rings, light eye make up, but heavy on the lipstick (always heavy on the lipstick because that's my signature when sucking cock, lipstick cock rings). My 42C tits tightly packaged in a shiny teal green satin crop top t-shirt with my nipples pressed through the flimsy material. My well tanned, firm, smooth belly exposed with my belly button jewelry dangling just above my black pleather short shorts. My cock neatly packed away in my g-string but not tucked, so when I would get a hard on the outline of my cock and balls would show in my shorts. My smooth long shapely legs rounds out the ensemble with a pair silver leather strappy calf length sandals with 4 inch heels. Both my nails on my hands and feet are finished in scarlet nail polish.

The flight was not fully booked so there were plenty of empty seats on board the plane. I was going for the weekend to meet a friend. He loves it when I greet him at the arrivals entrance with cum on my breath, but I am getting a head of myself. Flying first class my seat assignment was in the first row of seats, next to the pilot's door and steward's station. I made a point after take off that I would walk the aisle of the plane shaking my ass and wiggling my hips with an exaggerated movement every time I would go to the bathroom in the back of the plane. The looks I get from the other passengers especially the young men made my cock grow hard. By the time I had walked the plane twice my cock was definitely visible beneath my shorts. On my third walk up the aisle, a young man followed me. In the back I invited him to the bathroom with me and he gladly took me up on the invitation. He was no more than 15 years old, cute with short crew cut and maybe a little mustache starting to come in over his upper lip. He was about 6 foot, well built with an AC/DC t-shirt baggy pants and flip-flops.

Once inside the washroom, the young man grabbed at my boobs, a big smile on his face and stuttering out that this was his first time. I was about his age, maybe a little younger when I lost my virgin ass to a shemale. I loosened his pants button and lowered his zipper to reveal a pair of tighty whities. A nice healthy six inch cock outlining the cotton of his briefs, lowering them to his knees as I took his cock head in my mouth I lapped at the precum that was oozing from his cock head. I barely got his cock in my mouth when I felt his cock spasm between my fingers oh to be young. He shot his load on my face; I took my fingers and cleaned my chin and cheeks sucking and licking the cum off my lacquered fingers. All this time his cock stiffening again before my very eyes. He asked if he could fuck me and I said of course you can, that's why you're here. The beauty of being a girl with a penis is that my twat can be taken easily while standing up. I lowered my shorts and presented my rosebud to the young man. He eased is cock into me and started to pump slowly at first, speeding up and pushing harder with each following thrust. All along his hands are masturbating my cock and squeezing my tits. He came in me within minutes. I hadn't cum yet and he said that he wanted me to take his cherry; which I did gladly. What an honor to deflower such a handsome young man. He bent his ass over the sink and I entered his hole. Slowly spreading his tight sphincter with the head of my own cock he moaned under his breath, sounds of pleasure. He asked me to fill him with my seed and I shot my cum deep with in his bowels.

As we finished up he told me that he was traveling with is Mom and that she may notice if he leaked cum in his shorts and would I please eat his ass of my cum. Again, I gladly ate my cum from his ass, I cleaned his cock and made sure he was presentable when he returned to his seat.

As for me, I left some tell tale signs of my experience in the bathroom by leaving some dried cum on my face and lips. Back in my seat the steward glanced at me and winked. He bent over and whispered in my ear that I had a pubic hair glued to my lip. I asked him if he wanted to kiss my cum filled mouth and remove the hair, which he did while stroking my cock through my shorts.

Michael,(Mikey) met me at the gate, his rock hard cock tenting his khakis, as he watched me depart from the arrival door, my nipples and cock outlining my top and shorts prominently. We embraced passionately as I gave my love a cum filled kiss, our groins grinding at each others cocks. As we walked to the limo that Mikey had waiting for us to take us to the hotel, he told me how beautiful I was and that I hadn't looked better. He complimented me on how well the hormones were filling out my curves. He told me that my cum on my cheeks tasted sweet as he reached over and picked the encrusted cum off my cheeks and brought the bits to his mouth.

We climbed into the back of the limo and Mikey immediately reached for the snap button on my shorts, unsnapping it and pulling my shorts down around my ankles, setting the g-string aside he took my hard cock in his mouth and started to bob up and down on my love-stick. As Mikey sucked my cock I told him of the experience of taking the virginity of the 15 year old boy on the plane; I could sense Mikey getting even more aroused as he played with my balls. I came deep in Mikey's throat as I fed him my seed. Mikey doesn't share cum, he swallowed my entire load and then wanted more.

When we got to the hotel which was on the beach, I paid the driver by giving her a cunt licking and eating her juices. My tongue massaged her g-spot and caused her to squirt while orgasm. Again, my face was covered in love juice, I love it. She gave me her business card and told me to call her private number if I needed her services while I was in town. She carried our bags to the front desk, kissed me goodbye and headed back to her limo. Mikey's cock was tenting his pants again.

I grabbed Mikey by the cock and headed for the elevator to take us to the penthouse suite which was reserved for us for the weekend. I put the key in the elevator lock, to make sure we had the elevator to ourselves. I removed my top and had Mikey suck my nipples. The neat thing about taking female hormones is that if you take enough you can get your nipples to lactate, which they were doing. I love it when my nipples are suckled, and produce milk.

The elevator door opened onto our suite, I headed straight to the bathroom, I need to take a shit, really badly. I stripped my shorts and g-string off, sat on the toilet and let go a huge pile. The smell of the shit was intoxicating and my cock was at attention. I walked out of the bathroom naked with the exception of my high heel sandals. Cock in hand I told Mikey to suck me, which he did gladly. Mikey handed me a drink just before getting on his knees to suck my cock. I was sitting on the couch watching a Gia Darling DVD while Mikey sucked on my cock. Gia is one of my inspirations, one day I hope to be as loved and famous as she is. Mikey noticed that I had not done a good job of wiping my ass, so he stopped sucking my cock and started eating my ass out. For a surprise I gave him a small turd to eat, which he happily ate and asked for more. I told him he would get more later.

Being Saturday evening about 6PM, I decided that we would be going out on the town, but I had a surprise for Mikey. I had him take a shower with me where I shaved his legs, chest and pits. I told Mikey he was going out in androgynous dress tonight. Mikey, already a good looking man, looked absolutely fabulous in ripped fishnets, leather shorts and a burgundy marry widow bustier. Platform combat boots and a black pageboy wig finished the look with gothic makeup and little sequined clutch purse.

I on the other hand am wearing a white satin mini dress with spaghetti straps, white satin panties and white 6 inch stiletto heeled platform sandals. I put a jeweled encrusted collar on Mikey and attached a leash to it. I called the limo gal and she picked us up and took us to an exclusive S&M club here on the beach. Limo gal complimented me on my dress and said she loved what I did with my man. Again I told her that I would pay her later when she would take us back to the hotel. She said she would look forward to it.

In the club were a number of friends of mine, of which one was a Japanese lady-boy named Hung-Lo. Hung-Lo is a beautiful petite little sheboy with 32B cup breasts and an ample penis which she derives her name from. During a visit to the bathroom, Mikey, was visited by Hung-Lo. She took him into the stall and bent him over the toilet and reamed his ass with her large cock. I was nearby in the next stall watching this through the glory hole. Hung-Lo deposited her seed deep in Mikey's boy-pussy. As a gift she shoved a large butt plug up Mikey's ass and told him not to remove it until he got back to the hotel. After Mikey got finished with Hung-Lo, I paraded him around the club making sure that every one knew that he had just been fucked. Having creamed in his panties now several times I called the limo girl and we headed home. I invited limo girl up to the suite since her shift was now over.

When we got up to the room, we all stripped our clothes off, I needed a good ass fucking and I had a craving for pussy. We all got on the bed I sat on Mikey's cock and started to gyrate atop his body. My own cock was flopping up and down whacking my balls and spewing precum. Limo girl sat on my face while I ate her pussy, nibbling her labia and sucking and biting her love button. She pinched my nipples and sucked my milk while squeezing my tits, while the three of us were going at it as if there was no tomorrow. Mikey came in my ass and ate his cum from my love hole, Limo girl squirted all over my face as I left lipstick smeared on her cunt lips. My own cock shot its load all over the bed which Mikey again ate with relish. All is good!

Sunday morning, Mikey and I went down to the beach. Mikey in all his manly splendor wearing just a speedo and I was wearing very flimsy bikini top that barely covered my jugs and a g-string bottom; we took a walk on the beach hand in hand. It was still very early and no one was on the beach yet with the exception of a few locals. I decided to go nude, I stripped off my bikini, loosing my tits and cock to the fresh air; Mickey did the same. Both of us had very stiff cocks. As we walked the beach our appendages swung freely. At first those locals on the beach hadn't realized that I too was a boy, a boy with big boobs and long blonde hair. When they saw my cock most of them just let their jaws drop open and let out a groan. Before going back to the hotel we made love in the Atlantic. Mikey fucked my ass well and then as usual ate me out. Mikey just loves to eat cum and I love to have my ass licked.

The remainder of the day I fucked Mikey as much as possible and he me. This was a marathon fucking weekend. I had to catch my plane home. I called limo girl to take me to the airport Sunday evening. I fucked her one last time and she sucked my boobs. I slept on the flight home. I was too tired to fuck.

Wet dreams,



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