Warning: This story contains situations that should not be read by persons under 18, so if you are under 18 go and watch Barney or if you are offended by this sort of thing then just don't read it.

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Pretty Polly

By Serena Lawhead

Chapter 1: Revelations.

Paul awoke feeling strange, "Funny, I don't remember falling asleep."

Walking across the room to the mirror to tidy himself up he received a shock, The reflection looking back at him was not male, the reflection displayed a body with womanly curves, and his long hair had been dyed blond. He was clothed in a patterned red dress with black sleeves and showing off a cleavage that he had never had before that moment. His face showed a flawless complexion, his lips were a bright red and his eyebrows were sculpted in a feminine arch. "What the fuck......" Paul exclaimed stumbling backwards and for the first time since he woke up he noticed his voice sounded more feminine that normal.

The reason for Paul's shock was because the previous day he had been a male of fairly slim build, and was a real ladies man. He was also greatly athletic, he was heavily involved in ice-skating and was currently taking part in a tournament. He didn't care so much for the ice-skating but he was working on a young woman that he had the hots for, even though he was already married.

In the mirror Paul saw his wife, Emily. Turning round he spoke in his newly found feminine voice, "What the hell have you done to me Emily?"

"It's quite simple Paul, I have had enough of you. Of your affairs, yes I do know about every affair you have ever had and about how you have been charming a young woman at the ice rink. And so I have decided to fix it so you will never stray again."

"But how did you change me so quickly?"

"Quickly? It took many weeks to transform you into your current form. And so as you can see in the mirror you are no longer much of a Paul, so from now on you will respond the name of Polly."

"Like hell I will!" Paul exclaimed making a lunge for her.

Using a move learned in her self defence classes Emily deftly avoided Paul who instantly stumbled on the high heels he didn't realise he was wearing. "You will have to learn obedience Polly!"

Pulling himself up Paul turned once more to face Emily, "My name is NOT Polly!"

"On the contrary, your name has been changed by deed poll to Polly Ann Phillips. And all you're other legal documents and cards now show you a Polly Ann Phillips, a FEMALE."

Moving towards Emily once more, Paul decided to teach her a lesson, "Pain!" Emily said and Paul doubled over in pain.

"What the...... fuck!" Paul said in pain.

"Just a few commands planted in your mind with hypnosis to ensure your co-operation."

"Like what?" Paul said bitterly.

"You'll see" Emily replied smiling. "Anyway isn't it the regional skating competition that you entered at the ice rink tonight?"

Looking at the delicate and feminine watch on his (her?) wrist Paul saw the date. "Tonight, how can I go like this!"

"You can go and you will, everything will be alright for the competition - I have your bag packed." Emily said, resisting the urge to smile and giggle.

"Are you kidding, I can't go like this. I will be a laughing stock!" Pail persisted

"Pain!" Emily said once more.

"OK OK OK, I'll go." Paul said in pain.

On the way to the car Paul looked around nervously at the people passing in the street, but getting no indication of being 'read' he began to calm down. As he got in he saw Emily putting his sports bag in the trunk.

On the way to the rink Paul quietly spoke to Emily, "So how did you do it then?"

"Once I doctored your drink with a special chemical I obtained from a friend I had you taken to a private hospital that I paid for with money from that savings account that you thought were secret." Emily said, noting the shocked look on Paul's feminised features. "There you underwent plastic surgery, intensive hormone therapy and electrolysis while being kept unconscious."

"And that means..." Paul asked.

"Yes, you can never again grow hair on your face, legs, arms or chest. And while you were being worked on a tape was playing to you, subjecting your subconscious mind to subliminal messages. I even got you to sign the documents that would change your name and gender in the name of the law under hypnosis." Emily finished as they pulled up to the ice rink.

Chapter 2 : The Competition.

Entering the foyer of the rink Paul started to walk to the men's changing are on reflex, "Where do you think you are going Polly?" Emily asked.

"To the changing rooms." Paul replied, trying to ignore the use of his new name.

"Well looking like that don't you think that you should come with me into this one?" Emily asked gesturing to the female changing area.

"But when I come out in my costume it will be so humiliating." Paul pleaded.

"I wouldn't worry about that Polly." Emily said.

"I'm sorry, but I just can't go in there." Paul said.

"Pain!" Emily whispered into Paul's ear.

Gasping in pain Polly submissively followed Emily into the changing rooms.

Recovering Paul spoke, "Pass me the costume then." he muttered thinking of the one he had bought a few weeks ago.

"Not yet Polly, first you must go and wash off your makeup, it won't go with the costume." Emily said smiling, "And then come back here to get changed.

Paul came back with the makeup cleared from his face and a disappointed look on his face. Evidently Paul had hoped that when the makeup was gone that his masculine features would show once again. After breathing deeply for a few minutes to try to relax Paul undressed down to his underwear and breathed a sigh of relief to find his male genitalia still attached and tucked between his legs with a thong type piece of underwear, but the feeling of relief disappeared when he brushed his breasts and received a tingling sensation from his nipples. "Oh no, don't tell me...."

"Yes they are very real, here put this on" Emily said passing Paul a sports bra. Seeing the confusion on Paul's face Emily spoke to him, "Here let me help, this will help to minimise that large bust of yours and stop it from bouncing around when you are skating."

Feeling relief Paul, with Emily's assistance put on the sports bra. "It's a bit uncomfortable!" he complained.

"You will get used to it, roughly half of the worlds population have!" Emily said, "Now get your costume out." she finished, grinning when he began rummaging in his bag.

"I don't see it, what's this?" Paul said pulling out a dark mauve/purple bundle and dangled it in front of himself to get a look at it. "What's this?"

"Your costume, put it on quickly, we have to be out there soon." Emily said.

"Well if I have to wear this then I will not participate in the competition!" Paul said stubbornly.

"You don't have to like it but you will have to Accept it!" Emily said.

Paul reluctantly pulled on the ice skating outfit without really knowing why he was, feeling the way it clung to his now feminine form and tugging at the extremely short skirt self consciously he pulled out a pair of white ice skates, noticing that they were more feminine than his usual black ones he reluctantly pulled them on. "Here let me put your hair up, we can't have it flapping loose when you are doing your routine now can we." Emily said.

Feeling Emily putting his hair up in a bun Paul spoke to Emily, "But if I do my routine everyone will know who I am!"

"Well then, you will just have to improvise, think of all the times you have stood ogling the female skaters, remember their routines and work from there." Emily replied.

"But when they call my name..." Paul persisted.

"Oh for crying out loud, DON'T WORRY!" Emily shouted at him.

After sitting by the side for twenty minutes they heard the announcer, "Number three, Polly Phillips!"

Paul jumped at the mention of his feminine name and looked at Emily, "Go on!" she whispered sharply, then seeing the resolute expression on Paul's face she added, "You must go through with the competition, Accept it!".

Feeling a sudden urge to go through with the competition Paul left the bench.

Moving onto the ice Paul tried to recall all the times he had stood watching the female ice skaters, how they moved about the ice and improvised based on his memory and past skating experience. He felt slightly reassured by the fact that he was good at thinking on his feet and had a good memory.

As Paul began to skate he felt extremely embarrassed to be skating in the competition dressed and looking like he did. With every turn, twist and spin his short skirt would rise up. By the end of the competition the winner was declared to be 'Polly Phillips', hearing this Paul's heart sank as he realised that he would have to attend the reception for the winner in the evening as Polly.

On the way home Paul was once more wearing his red and black dress and had his head in his hands, "My god that was embarrassing!" he muttered, "I'm amazed that that no-one recognised me, still at least it's over."

"Oh, but it isn't over, at least for you - not by a long shot. You still have to attend the reception tonight and you will of course have to compete in the national championships too!" Emily said.

"But I can't go on ice skating looking like this, it's humiliating. Not to mention that skimpy and revealing outfit you made me wear!" Paul complained.

'That's nothing compared to what you will wear in the national's' Emily thought, "Well, you didn't mind seeing skimpy outfits on the other female skaters! besides you were getting more than your fair share of attention from the males in the crowd."

Paul blushed at the mention of that. "Please let me return to normal, I've learned my lesson!".

"I don't think so, anyway what would you wear?" Emily said.

"Well I do still have my clothes in our room." Paul said stubbornly.

"Where did you say?" Emily asked.

"In our room." he said flatly.

"There is no OUR room, you have your own room now. And anyway there are NO male clothes left in the house, you can check if you like. All the clothes you need are in your new room." Emily said as they pulled up to the house.

Chapter 3 : The Reception.

When they entered the house Paul immediately went upstairs to check in the room that had once been his, in the wardrobe he found only his wife's clothes. Entering his new room and walking to the wardrobe he took a deep breath and opened the door, Inside as he expected were no male clothes. Instead it was full of skirts, blouses and dresses and not a single pair of trousers or even shorts in sight. Then on a whim he checked the chest of drawers, inside were selections of extremely feminine lingerie and other items, not only that but there was also a vanity with multiple drawers full of cosmetics.

Paul turned round to see Emily standing in the doorway, "Go and have a bath, you have to get ready for the reception!" she said.

Feeling he had no other choice Paul walked to the bathroom to prepare. After washing and having a shower Paul automatically, without thinking about it applied the various moisturisers that would keep his skin soft and sprayed himself with a scented can of deodorant that he had seen his wife use so many times before.

Then re-entering his new bedroom he approached Emily who was waiting for him. "Sit at the Vanity Polly and we will prepare you for the reception.

Ignoring his question Emily said "Now do your makeup while I pick out something for you to wear. Sighing in resignation Paul proceeded to apply makeup to his face and like in the bathroom before he knew just what to do, he made himself up using neutral shades to make an elegant but understated look, then after a moments thought he applied frosted pink nail varnish to his fingernails.

"Very nice!" Emily said when she saw the result, "Now in get out the black lace backless bra and matching panties from the chest of drawers and put them on."

Paul finally seeing he had no choice and having learned not to anger Emily too much took out the stated items and put them on, with little trouble he tucked away his male genitalia. "What now?" he asked quietly.

"Put these on!" Emily said passing Paul a dark blue/black floor length dress with no back, a slit to thigh level and a halter neck Emily also handed Paul a pair of matching high heeled pumps.

Paul reluctantly put on the dress and heels, "I wish this had a back to it, still at least it has a decent length!", then looking in the mirror that he now looked every inch the woman that he had no desire to be.

"Are you ready to go Polly?" Emily asked.

"Look, please can you at least stop calling me Polly when we are in private?" Paul asked as he sat at the vanity with reluctance.

"What, don't you like having Polly as your name Polly?" Emily asked, smiling at Paul's discomfort.

"No, my name is Paul and that is the only name I acknowledge!" Paul said.

Smiling Emily said "Your name is Polly - you don't have to like it, in fact you don't but will never want to change it. You will always feel embarrassed and self-conscious every time someone addresses you as Polly. You will only respond to Polly and Polly only even though you know your name to be Paul, Accept it!. Now what did you say was your name?"

"Like I said, my name is Polly and that is the only name I acknowledge!" Polly said.

"So are you ready to go?" Emily asked again.

"I suppose so, let's get this over with." Polly said.

When they were once again in the car and heading to the reception Polly turned to Emily, "Just one question, how do I know how to move and act like a woman as well as how to apply makeup?" Polly asked

"Simple, while you were under during the transformation process a tape was played to you that impressed subliminal messages giving you the knowledge you needed to know." Emily said.

"When do I get to be male again?" Polly asked.

"How much do you want to be male?" Emily asked, thinking 'Like I'm going to turn you back!'

"A lot, I would do anything!" Polly replied in a desperate tone, thinking that she would be turned back.

"Fine, if you sign the divorce papers I have and sign all your belongings over to me I will change you back to your male self!" Emily said.

"You can't be serious!" Polly exclaimed.

"Very serious, no signing, no male self." Emily stated.

After a few moments thought Polly replied "Very well, I'll do it!".

Smiling triumphantly Emily said "We'll settle it after the reception!"

'At last this madness will be over, once I'm back to normal I will make that bitch pay!' Polly though to herself.

Once they arrived at the reception Emily and Polly joined the other club members and officials for the dinner. During the dinner there was a lot of talking, during which Emily whispered to Polly "You see that guy over there?" she said pointing to a good looking male with short dark hair, "I think he has the hots for you, why don't you dance with him later?"

"Are you kidding!" Polly hissed back, "I can't dance with him, I'm a m....."

"You are a woman not a man and don't forget it!" Emily snapped back.

After dinner Polly was officially handed the trophy for the competition and the music and dancing began. The man who had been watching her through dinner walked over to Polly, "Hi, I'm Mark would you like to dance?" he asked.

"I don't know." Polly said uneasily.

Butting in Emily said "Of course she would like to dance with you Mark, Wouldn't you Polly!"

Hearing the tone of Emily's voice Polly accepted Mark's offer, fearing what Emily might do if she refused. The dance started out ok, a few tracks with a decent pace but Polly's heart jumped a beat when she realised that a slow song was starting. Before Polly knew what was happening Mark had moved in close to her and was holding her close, going along with it Polly soon found herself swept up in the moment and was moving in closer to Mark and rested her head on him.

After a few moments Mark spoke "You know Polly," Polly blushed at the use of her name, "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met!" he finished, lifting Polly's head up and before she knew what was happening Mark was giving her a kiss. Being caught off-guard Polly offered no resistance and felt herself begin to kiss back.

Coming to her senses Polly pulled away, "I'm sorry, but I can't do this!"

Mark grabbed Polly's arm as she began to walk off, "At least let me give you my number" he said, pulling out a card and giving it to her, "Please, if you change your mind call me." he finished as Polly disappeared.

On the way home Emily giggled silently, "You got on well with Mark, did you enjoy your first kiss as a 'woman'?"

Blushing Polly quietly said, "I am just glad that this will all be over soon!"

Smiling Emily pulled into their drive and they entered the house, "Ok, wait for my in the dining room and I will come through with the papers."

Still feeling self conscious about the way she was dressed Polly walked into the dining room and waited. After a short wait Emily appeared with the papers, after signing them Polly spoke "So, I will be changed back now?"

"Yes you will be........ Changed" Emily said, Polly did not notice the way Emily replied. "Now change into your nightie and go to bed.

After Polly had fallen asleep Emily crept into her room, "Polly can you hear me?" she whispered.

"Yes...." Polly mumbled in her sleep.

"When you wake up in the morning you will no longer feel attraction to females as you see them as the same gender and you are not a lesbian, you now feel attracted to men." Emily said, "You feel a strong attraction to Mark in particular, in fact when you next see him you will feel as if your whole world revolves around him and you will do virtually anything for him." she finished, just before leaving she saw a smile spread across Polly's face.

Going downstairs Emily looked at the card that Mark had given Polly and then picked up the phone and dialled.

"Hi Mark its Emily, Polly's ....Sister." Emily said, "Yes, I know she likes you but she is very shy........."

"Yeah, I thinks she would like very much to go to the beach for a picnic with you. If you come by the house about 1.00 on Saturday I will make sure she is ready for you." Emily finished and told Mark their address.

Chapter 4 : The Date.

When Polly awoke in the morning she could feel something was wrong but could not work out what it was. "I hope things start to change today!" Polly muttered to herself, not knowing how things were going to change.

Slipping on a pastel pink satin bath robe Polly went down stairs for breakfast, there she found Emily already eating "Hi, I guess today is the day we start the process of making me male again?"

"I'm afraid not my dear, you see you should have read those contracts you signed. Not only were you signing away your possessions and the divorce, " Emily said, "but you also signed a paper that gives me power of attorney over all your affairs and a further contract that prevents you from legally making any changes that would make you male once more."

Polly looked shocked, "But you ... you... you tricked me!"

"Shut up and get dressed, you have a date with Mark tomorrow and you have an appointment at the beauty salon at twelve." Emily said.

At the salon one of the assistants came up to Emily and Polly, 'I'm sure I know her from somewhere!' Polly thought

"Hi Emily, is this Paul... er... Polly?"

Polly's face turned bright red with embarrassment at the fact that the assistant knew her secret, "Yes she is" Emily replied, "Please give her the full works as she has a date tomorrow."

Polly was sat down in a chair and the assistant began work, "So, who is the lucky man you have a date with?" the assistant chatted.

Sighing in resignation Polly replied, "His name is Mark, We met at a party last night to celebrate my winning the regional ice skating championships."

"Looking forward to your date?" she asked.

"NO, " Polly whispered harshly "This is not my choice, Emily fixed up the date. I have no interest in him what so ever!"

"I beg to differ, your body is betraying you, I think you like this Mark very much!" the assistant said, caressing the bulge forming in the crotch area of Polly's skirt.

Polly blushed as she noticed her raging hard-on, the assistant started to whisper in Polly's ear "I bet you would like to feel his naked body next to yours, to feel him caress your body all over" Polly's Eyes were glazing over with desire at the thought of her and Mark naked together, the assistant continued, "To feel him take you in his manly embrace, to enclose your mouth round his long hard member and to milk every drop of cum from him. In fact I bet you would really like the taste of cum!"

Hearing this Polly began to shake her head, "You love the taste of cum, you love to suck cock, marks in particular and you will never waste a single drop, swallowing it all! In fact you will fall head over heels in love with him." Polly continued to shake her head, "You will remember all that I have whispered as it is all true, but you will remain unaware of what I have said. Accept it!"

The assistant approached Emily once everything was done, "I did as you said, Polly is now hot for Mark's body!" she said, "That will teach him to screw around. Not to mention getting me fired from my last job for not responding to his advances."

The following day Emily woke Polly up, "It's time for you to get ready for your date!"

Polly rubbed her eyes and looked up at Emily feeling a surge of anger, "Look, get this through your thick head bitch, I am not gay and I will NOT go on a date with another man!"

"You will go on this date otherwise you will be in great Pain!", with that word a bolt of fiery pain filled Polly's body.

"Ok, I'll go on the date, but there is 3 hours to go yet!" Polly exclaimed, remembering all to clearly the effect of the Pain command.

"Now, Mark is coming round at 1.00 to take you to the beach for a picnic, clean up and get ready. When you are done I suggest you wear the white empire-line dress that is in your wardrobe." with that Emily left, knowing that the subliminal programming, coupled the threat of intense pain would make Polly do what was needed.

After spending an hour relaxing in the bathroom Polly felt an urge to things she had no recollection of doing before, Polly proceeded to spread a hair removal cream all over her body. Once all body hair was removed she began to moisturise her skin. Once out of the bath Polly sprayed herself with her Emily's scented deodorant.

Polly walked back into her room and sat down at the vanity. 'What the hell am I doing, I'm a man and I cannot do this!' Polly thought to herself as she tried to resist what was sure to come. Picking up a pair of tweezers Polly plucked at her eyebrows, removing stray hairs. Next Polly proceeded to apply a layer of foundation that removed any blemishes on her face. After the foundation Polly decided to minimise on the makeup, keeping most of it in neutral shades, but deciding to go for a deep red lipstick.

With her makeup done Polly opened her lingerie drawer an pulled out a matching set of white lace strapless bra and panties, pulling up the panties Polly tucked away her male parts. Once her bra was on Polly pulled out a pair of nude hose and pulled them up her legs. With her lingerie on Polly went to the wardrobe and pulled out the white dress, Polly was slightly shocked to notice that the hemline came to about 2" above her knee. With the dress on Polly finished the outfit off with a gold necklace and earrings and a pair of low-heeled white patent leather pumps.

Polly came down stairs with half an hour to spare, holding a patient white leather clutch bag, "I still don't feel right dressing like this! I hate the way women's clothing makes me feel." she complained, tugging at the bottom of her dress.

"Oh, and how is that?" Emily asked.

"Vulnerable, exposed and very embarrassed." Polly stated, "I wish I could dress like I used to!"

"Nonsense, you're going to knock him dead!" Emily said, "Anyway, you would look very odd dressed as a man!"

"I AM A MAN YOU STUPID BITCH!" Polly replied angrily, finally unleashing the build up of anger from when she first awoke to a female body but instantly realising her mistake.

"I think you should look in the mirror again." Emily said with sharp tone "You look, sound and act like a woman, so therefore you must be a woman!" she continued, "And I do not like being shouted at! From now on whenever you raise your voice or in any other way act improperly towards me or anyone else you will feel intense pain as if I had used the pain command, Accept it!"

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ......" Polly cut of in mid-sentence, wracked with pain.

"I should keep that temper in check if I were you. We don't know how much pain your body can take!" Emily said, "Anyway your date should be here soon!"

Five minutes later the doorbell rang, "Well, go and answer the door Polly. It may be mark!" Emily instructed.

Opening the door Polly saw Mark standing their, feeling 'warm and fuzzy' inside and blushing brightly she spoke "Hi Mark, I've been expecting you!"

"And I have been looking forward to this day!" Mark said, "I have the food and drink for the picnic in the car, lets go!"

Polly half reluctantly and half willingly followed Mark out of the door, 'I can't be going on a date with a man, I'M A MAN!' Polly thought desperately to herself as she felt her arm go round Marks waist and pull closer.

During the drive to the secluded beach Mark had found Polly could not stop herself from flirting with Mark, no matter how much she wanted to. She felt her hand running up Marks leg and caressing his thigh.

Mark and Polly lay on the beach after having eaten and Mark pulled out a bottle of champagne and a couple of glasses from a cool box and poured each of them a glass. "So, are you enjoying yourself Polly?"

"Oh yes, most definitely!" Polly purred as she finished her drink she began to move closer to Mark and within minutes they were all over each other, while within Polly's mind she was trying to resist the urges she felt overwhelming her.

Then, to Polly's dismay she found herself slowly moving down Mark's body and release his cock and start working it as if her life depended on it. After a few moments she felt it throb and a flood of cum filled her mouth and then felt herself gulp down every last drop. When she had finished she noticed that it had overflowed down her chin and greedily licked and slurped up the remainder of it.

Polly once more moved up to face mark and embraced him again, kissing him deeply and passionately. In that moment Polly began to feel warm, content and much to her despair totally in love with him.

"You know Paul, you are great at sucking cock!" Mark whispered.

Polly looked up sharply at the mention of her former name, "Then you..."

"Know?, yes, and I know what you have under here!" Mark said, his hand running up Polly's thigh to her crotch. "I suspected there was more to you that it appeared at the party, Emily later confirmed what I thought and told me all about it!"

"But, but...." Polly stammered.

"I wanted you when you were Paul and I want you even more now you are Polly, who do you think informed Emily about your infidelity. When she said she wanted nothing more to do with you I told her not only that I wanted you but HOW I wanted you, as my she-male lover." Mark finished.

"But I'm not gay, I can't be having these feelings I am having!" Polly complained.

"That's half the fun! anyway, I better get you back so you can get your beauty sleep for your skating competition tomorrow!"

Chapter 5 : The Next Competition.

The following morning Polly awoke and sat at her vanity mirror staring at her reflection, 'How could I have done what I did, WHY CAN'T I MAKE SENSE OF THESE FEELINGS!' she though to herself.

A few minutes later Emily entered, "Ah, I see you are up. Why don't you get ready for the competition, we need to be there in two hours. And besides, you should make yourself pretty for Mark!"

Polly blushed at the mention of his name "I wish I knew why I had these feelings for him, I feel incredibly attracted to him and repulsed at the idea of being with him at the same time!" she muttered as she began to put on her makeup without thinking about it.

When they arrived at the ice rink Polly was dressed in a short mini skirt with a pink skinny-rib tee. Emily followed Polly into the changing room, seeing Polly pull out the outfit she last wore she stopped her, "No, you are not wearing the same outfit twice, wear the one in this bag" Emily said passing a bag to Polly, "Mark picked it himself!"

Polly put down her mauve/purple outfit and pulled the new costume from the bag, what she found was even more revealing and feminine that the last, it was all pink with nothing going above the bust line and lots of feminine frills attached. "I can't wear this, it's far too feminine!"

Emily scowled a bit, "But mark would be so disappointed, it would cause such Pain if you didn't wear it!" she said.

Thinking of Mark's disappointment, coupled with the pain that shot though her body Polly put on the outfit and her skates and left for the rink, "And remember, smile while you perform!" Emily called after her.

Emily joined Mark in the stalls, "Well, I gave her the outfit you suggested. I have to say she was most embarrassed that it was so feminine!"

"That is to be expected, but I do so want to see my new She-Male lover dressed in it!" Mark said to Emily.

Just then Polly came onto the ice and went into her routine, Mark gazed longingly at her graceful turns and pirouettes. "I want her, I want her to be mine forever!" he whispered to Emily.

"Not a problem, it's not as if I have any need for him. He or should I say she, no longer has the ability to perform for anybody other that you!" Emily said with satisfaction.

Once her routine was finished Polly came off the ice to find Mark waiting, he embraced her in a passionate embrace "Baby, you were brilliant, you are sure to win!" he said, "Please, will you move in with me?" he asked, knowing she could not refuse due to her subliminal programming.

Responding to his embrace Polly responded "I did it for you, whether I win or lose come to my place tomorrow night!" she said mysteriously and left his embrace with a smile.

Later that night Emily found Polly lying on her bed crying, "Oh, what's wrong now?" she sighed.

"Mark asked me to move in with him today, My emotions tell me to move in with him but my mind says no. I am both repulsed by the idea of him touching me but am also excited by the same thought!" Polly said.

"Well, get used to it. Be grateful that someone wants you because I don't. Your future is with Mark, Accept It!" Emily said, knowing that that last phrase would seal Polly's fate.

Chapter 6 : The Rest of Her Life.

The following night Polly spent over 3 hours getting ready for Marks arrival. By the end Polly was dressed in a short black slinky dress with no bra, black panties and stocking & suspenders. Her hair was done up in an elegant style and her face was elegantly made up.

When Mark arrived and entered Polly's room he saw her lying on the bed and was overcome by lust at the sight of her, moving off the bed and moving over to him Polly embraced him and pulled him onto the bed and embraced him.

"Despite the way she truly felt in her heart Polly could not help but speak as she did, "My darling Mark, I would love to move in with you!".

After a few moments they began to strip the clothed of each other and were soon naked, rolling Polly onto her front Mark began to push his cock against Polly's ass hole. Feeling the pressure Polly realised what was about to happen and was deeply embarrassed by it but could not stop the waves of pleasure flooding him as Marks member slipped inside and began pumping away in her virgin ass.

Polly could feel an orgasm mounting within herself and could not stop it. Polly now belonged to Mark, totally and utterly!

The following day Polly began to pack for the move to Mark's house, "Please Emily, don't let me do this!" she said desperately.

"You've made your own bed Polly, sleeping with all those other women, now you can sleep in it!" Emily said bidding a final fair well to her feminised ex-husband, then turning she smiled as she re-entered her house knowing that Polly would never be comfortable with her new position in life but could do nothing about it.

The End.