Surfing the web the other day came across a transsexual forum, read a few of the postings to get a feel for how the fans mind work. One little note recommended a site for good free pictures of transsexuals. Decided to check this out. The first photograph was of a young blond transsexual. A real blond, the pubic hair matched the hair on her head. Nice pretty face with no five o'clock shadow, possibly some surgery here. Good tits, not implants, more than likely she grew these herself from the hormones. Pleasant cock, about six or seven inches in length. About the perfect size, not a gut buster, but more than adequate to do the job to be done. Overall I would guess 5'6" tall, probably from Brazil. Just a guess on that last.

Quite a package, if you like this sort of thing this is one you would really like. Now then ladies and gentlemen; boys and girls; and little boys that want to be girls; our chances, yours and mine, of ever hooking up with this little chickie are two. Little and none. There are folks out there with lots and lots of money that will grab up transsexuals that look like this in an instant. But just for our own amusement let's speculate for a few minutes on how the evening would go if you did have access to her for about say three hours and she liked you well enough to play hide the wiener with you.

Here goes: If you stare at her photo long enough your first impulse would be one of two: Get right down there and suck that cute little dick until she fucks your face to come. Two bury your dick in that asshole peeking out so invitingly. You have to restrain yourself. All pleasure is based on tension and release so you have to build up to the climatic moment.

Entering her apartment and she greets you with a long deep kiss. She is wearing a blouse with no bra and a short skirt, which immediately betrays a little bulge. You return the kiss and hold her to you, you also are starting to bulge. After two or three moments she breaks free and taking you by the hand leads you to the bathroom.

Once inside the bath, she removes her blouse and skirt, and asks you to undress as well. Then she leads you over the commode where she has a nice warm enema all ready for your pleasure. Since she plans to fuck you until you bleed later, she wants you nice and clean inside and out. The first batch is soapy water that cleans out your lower track, then two rinsing with plain water completes her preparations of you inside. She turns on the shower adjusts the water temperature and invites you in. There with a washcloth she cleans her and you with water only no soap. She takes your hand and places it in front of her dick, then pees into your hand. You get a real thrill out of this. Then she asks if you have to go, you nod, and she holds your dick for you while you relieve yourself. This is an unbelievably intimate action that has you all a tingle.

You dry each other off and head to the bedroom. She pours you each a glass of red wine, which you sip while sitting next to her on the edge of the bed. You begin to neck again, kissing and tonguing one another. You put you head down and suck her little tits, and she holds you close to her. Then you kiss again and begin to masturbate one another. You hold one another close as you beat each other to a climax. She has prepared for you with a l00 mg of Viagra, so she can go the whole evening.

Now with her dick and stomach all covered with fresh come, you get down on your hands and knees and lick the come off her stomach, then you clean off her dick with your mouth. You take her soft cock in you mouth and eat her. Suck, lick and tongue the fishy taste of her come makes you all hot. Soon she has another hard on, she still stays quiet and does not move since she knows how much you are enjoying sucking her off. She also knows that you want her to shoot into your mouth when she comes, so you can suck her dry. After about five minutes she arches into your mouth, holding your head hard to her groin, and shoots a load of come into your mouth. Your dick dribbles a little when you taste her come fresh from her balls.

You are reluctant to let the cock out of your mouth, you have enjoyed sucking her so much. But now it is time for her to make a woman of you. She leads you over to a table, and backs you in between two chairs. Gently she urges you to lay down on the table and places your feet on the two chairs. You are comfortable, and your asshole is exposed. The Viagra kicks in again, and she has a nice erection to fuck you with. She plays with your dick and balls until you get an erection that will make your asshole a little tighter so she will enjoy fucking you even more. With her other hand she finger fucks you, using lots a petroleum jelly so she can slide right in to your expectant asshole.

Finally the waiting is over, and the little blond goddess slips the head of her dick to your rectum and asks you to push out. You push and she shoves, and she sinks right in to her pubic hair. Then slowly she begins to fuck your ass, she continues to rub your dick.

She picks up a steady beat and you are experiencing a new level of pleasure from her dick inside you. Her pubic area is banging against your balls, which hurts a little, but really just adds to the excitement. Then she catches the feeling, she reaches down and grabs you legs and pulls them up and back to your ears, so she can thrust even deeper in your nether areas. You cannot believe the pleasure that dick sliding into your guts is giving you. You start fucking back to get it in even deeper and harder.

Comes the climax she bangs into you ten times really hard and then holds in deep as she comes. Your cock shoots off all over your stomach when you feel her finally thrusts.

What a great experience, you feel so grateful to her for the wonderful fucking she has just given you. What makes it even better is that she is so good looking and so feminine, everything you could want. You feel all soft and gooey, she withdraws and invites you to the bed. She wipes her dick off with a towel, and then the two of you lie down and sixty nine for the next twenty or so minutes. You hug her ass to you so you can get her dick down your throat, and come yourself when she finally starts to buck and shoots the last load into your mouth. Now you have the tastes and smells of sex all over you and in you.

This has been the benchmark experience for you. Too bad you are six foot tall and built like a football player. You can never be a transsexual, you are just too ugly.

F `Red' Brown