The Ring

By Erik Maskot

When I woke up that Saturday morning I got the shock of my life. My body had changed.

How did this happen? Well, I better start from the beginning. The night before I had been bar hopping with some friends. I was very drunk, and decided in the end to walk home.

I took the shortcut home, through an alley, when I discovered something glimmering on the ground. I picked it up, and looked at it. It turned out to be a very old antique looking ring, with a blue stone, and inscriptions in something that looked like runes.

I didn't look much at it there, just decided to take it home with me. Maybe I could take it to the police station the next morning, and see if somebody had reported it missing. Maybe there was a reward.

When I came home, I put the ring on my night table, and went to sleep. Sometime during the night I must have put the ring on my finger in my sleep, because I cannot remember doing it.

I tried to take it off, but it wouldn't come off. It was like it had become a part of my hand. It just fit so perfectly. I tried everything, soap, grease, but nothing helped. It was stuck. I guess I couldn't take it to the police station after all. I just couldn't try and cut it off with pincers either, as the ring looked to be so old. I thought it had to be worth a fortune, so I couldn't break it.

Instead I tried to find out more about it. I looked in my encyclopaedia, but it wasn't much help. I guess I didn't really know what to look for either. But at least I found out that the writing was not runes. The letters didn't look the same. So what could it be.

I decided to make myself some breakfast. I was still naked, hadn't even thought of getting dressed. My mind was too busy. But it didn't matter. I was living alone. When I sat down and started eating, was when I got my shock. My skin was so smooth. There was no hair on my arms, and no hair on my legs or my chest. What was this? I put my hand, which also felt softer by the way, on my face, and it was also smooth. I didn't need to shave that morning.

At first I was amazed, but after awhile it scared me a little too. The more I thought about it, the more it scared me. I went to take a shower, and that's when I felt my nipples being more sensitive than before. Were they bigger than before? I wasn't sure. I used to work out, so I was not flatchested to begin with. I didn't think my chest had grown, but my nipples seemed bigger. I stepped out of the shower, and probably spent at least half an hour studying my face. It was smooth like a girl's face, and I was wondering if the hair on my head had grown. I thought so, but maybe it was just because it was wet. I still had hair around my cock, but it felt thicker and softer. My ass felt smooth though. There was no hair in my ass.

I got dressed, and went over to a friend's house. Tom, which was his name, didn't seem to notice any changes on me, except for one thing. He thought my hair had grown a lot lately. And of course the ring, so I told him about me finding it, that I must have put it on during my sleep, and now I couldn't get it off. That was it. He looked at it, and thought it looked strange. He had no clue what the ring was either, so we didn't talk more about it.

Something else happened to me while I was at Tom's apartment. For the first time in my life I felt sexually attracted to him. I didn't know why. I had always thought he looked good, but not in the same way as I did now. He was popular amongst the girls, and he was straight. My sudden feelings for him bothered me, actually so much that I decided to go back home a lot earlier than I normally would. I excused myself and said I was still tired from the night before.

I knew that I had changed. When I came home and undressed again, I started checking my body. The first thing I noticed was that my hair for sure was longer. It had grown about an inch since I went to Tom's. And I knew my nipples were bigger.

Things were not changing so fast I could see myself changing, but when I woke up again on Sunday morning, I knew for sure that things were not right.

My hair was hanging down to my shoulders, my nipples were definitely bigger, and I could tell for sure I was starting to grow tits. My muscles didn't show as much as they used to, and my whole body had changed during the night, because I felt that my ass was filling my jeans. Still, I didn't have a woman's body yet.

As I noticed the changes, I stopped going out. I couldn't let people see me like this. I didn't go to work. What was I to do? By Thursday I had pretty decent tits, I thought. I studied my body in the mirror, and I definitely was getting a female body. Except for one important thing: I still had a cock, and it had decided to get bigger instead of disappearing. I used to have a 6-inch cock, but now it was closer to eight. How could that be?

I was starting to have fun exploring my new body, but putting on my men's clothes didn't seem right. They either didn't fit right, or they looked funny on me. So I started looking through the catalogs that dumped into my mail, trying to figure out what I liked, and what would look good on me. I started ordering by mail. The first time I got the wrong sizes, but I finally got that part right. I called the grocery store, and made them bring the over food to me. I ordered take-away food for supper. I didn't go anywhere. But after a few weeks I was getting low on fundings. Somehow I needed to get more money. But how? This would be the first time I wold have to step outside my door like this. With a woman's body, and in a woman's clothes.

There were many things on my mind. I've been trying to find excuses for not seeing friends. In the beginning I was saying I was sick, but after a couple of weeks it was hard for them to believe me. If I'd been sick that long it certainly had to be something serious, and I needed to see a doctor. I hadn't been to work. In the beginning I was calling in sick, but three weeks later, I received a letter from them telling me I'd been fired. Three weeks, and I still didn't have a medical certificate they said. I had problems sounding convincing.

Then it was my voice. Everybody who called told me I sounded different. I sounded feminine they said, no matter how hard I tried to sound like before. They thought I was playing with them. In the end I stopped answering the phone, and I also never opened the door for people who knew me.

I needed to do something. If I was gonna be a woman for the rest of my life, I needed to get rid of my male identity, and get a female one. But how would I do that? It was easy enough to find a new name, but what would I do about social security and public records? I should also move to a different place. I would need to say goodbye to Erik, and hello to Tamara. Yes, that was the name I had chosen, Tamara.

Every day I spent hours in front of the mirror, practicing how to act like a woman, how to walk, how to balance on high heel shoes.

But I needed help from someone to face the real world. But who? Could I trust any of my friends? Was there a support group for men who had transformed into a woman? I had to laugh. A support group for men who had transformed! That was a good one. I probably was the only in the world. Or was I? Well, then I thought there probably was somewhere I could call, because there were people who'd had sex surgery. Maybe there was a support group for transsexuals? But no matter what I did, I couldn't find anything in the phone book.

But could I trust any of my friends? How could I face them? First of all I needed to convince them that I was Erik. And would they believe me? Maybe they thought I'd killed Erik, and taken over all his possessions?

Could I trust Tom? He was the last one I'd seen, and he knew about the ring. Had he noticed my little changes already then, that my skin was so soft and smooth? He did notice my hair had grown. But could I face him? The last time I felt sexually attracted to him. How could I not start seducing him? Because I did have a problem. In the magazines and on TV I had started studying the guys, making up my mind about who were sexy and who were not. My idea of a sexy butt was not only a woman's butt anymore, but I started realizing that a man's ass also could be sexy. It also turned me on, more than a woman's ass did.

I even started thinking how sexy I was as a guy, when looking in my photo albums. I'd never thought of that before, not in the same way anyway. What if Tom would fall in love with me? What if I did seduce Tom? I did have one problem. I still had a cock, and it was now ten inches long.

But I was almost broke. I had spent almost all of my savings. I needed a new job. But how would I do that with asocial security card and an ID that said I was a guy? For a moment I considered prostitution. That was hard to believe. Me, a prostitute? I had never even had to pay for one in my entire life. Could I suck off a man? And how much should I charge? Could I be picky about looks? An old pig would disgust me. Maybe I couldn't handle men over thirty? Where would I go to pick up a man? In the streets? In the bars? Maybe I could talk to another hooker, to teach me? Or would she consider me competition? Damned, I didn't know it would be this hard. So many things that I never had to worry about before were going through my head.

It had been more than a month since I found the ring when I went out for the first time. My body now had all female shapes, except for my cock. Actually it was more perfect than the average woman, I was hot model every man was dreaming about, and it didn't take me long to realize that.

I decided to go where my friends and I always used to go partying. They wouldn't recognize me, and they wouldn't believe me if I told them who I was, but I felt safer there. Just having them around me made me feel better, and somehow I knew who to go to if I got into trouble. If someone would try and rape me, I had people there that I knew and trusted.

Several times I went to the door, stepped outside, but the courage deserted me, and I rushed back into my apartment again. Every time I had to build up courage, convince myself that everybody would see me as a woman. Nobody would recognize me as Erik anymore. I was Tamara. In the end I walked as far as into the streets, and then it was too late to turn around. Everywhere I walked, men turned around and whistled or gave me compliments. It made me a little unsure at first, but there weren't any obscene comments, so I must have done a good job being a woman. The closer I got to my destination, the more I loved the comments, and the more comfortable I felt. I loved being perfect.

As I walked towards the door of the bar ,I tried to put a self-assured look on my face. I wanted to give the impression that I was just a normal girl going about my everyday business. Still, when I opened the door, it seemed that every eye in the place was on me.

I almost bumped into a man on his way out. He stopped a moment too long as he looked down, at first my chest, then my bare legs. I'd swear he blushed a little as he turned to go. A big smile lit my face as I walked onward, then a thought occurred to me and I turned back around quickly. Sure enough, the man had half turned around so he could watch me walk away. By pure feminine instinct, I smiled naughtily at him. He turned his head quickly, embarrassed at being caught inspecting the rare end of a strange woman. I giggled audibly, amused at this demonstration of the incredible effect I seemed to have on men. I continued on, with my head held up now, and counted at least five different men who gave me more than the once-over as I passed them, and at least two women who gave me either a look of jealousy or a look of scorn at what I was wearing.

I saw my friends at one of the pool tables. Tom was there, and so was Ronnie, Kevin and John. Even though I felt confident enough, I still had to be careful. Could I act like I really knew them. I got this thought in my head that I could seduce any of them. Could I really turn the jovial friendly male relationship into something completely different? We'd known each other since we were toddlers, and we'd grown up together, went to school together. I had never thought of any of them as potential sex partners before, but my new personality made me realize they were really hot looking, 22-year-old studs.

Then I remembered what I was there for. I needed money badly, so I had to find somebody who was willing to pay for having sex with me. But I had no experience doing this. I didn't know how to flirt with a man, and I had no clue how much to charge.

I sat down at the bar, and the bartender came over to me and asked what I wanted. I ordered a beer, but thought I made a wrong move already. Beer used to be my favorite beverage as a man. Now I probably should have ordered something else.

I paid and took a sip. It didn't taste any different than before. A young man was following me with his eyes. It took a few minutes before he had built up enough courage to come over to me. He had waited and finally realized I was alone. He paid for my second drink and invited me over to his table. He seemed nervous, and it took a long time before he asked me "How much do you charge to suck me off?" Was it that obvious that I was a hooker? I didn't know what to tell him. How much did hookers charge? Ten-twenty dollars? Maybe I could make 50-60 dollars before the night was over. Before I had the time to say anything, he added "Would fifty do? "Shit, I thought, this was easy money. Is this how much I'd get for each blow job? I replied, trying to act calm, "Yes, that would do!"

We finished our drinks and went outside, found a private corner in the alley right next to the bar.

The guy opened his pants and let his cock out. I almost burst out in laughter, thinking how the guy would react if he found out that I had a cock as well. Luckily it was dark, so he didn't see my smile. This would be my first time with another man. Good thing he was good looking. That would make the whole thing easier.

He put fifty dollars in my hand, and he surely seemed desperate for a blow job. Could I do it? I had never even dreamt of sucking another man's dick before. In all my fantasies, I had never really considered this as an attractive scenario. This was the first erect prick, other than my own, that I ever had to touch.

Carefully I kissed and licked the dick. When I'd coated it with warm saliva I slipped the head in my mouth and began to move my lips up and down whilst jacking the shaft with my right hand and caressing the balls with the fingers of my left hand. These were tricks I'd learned form an ex-girlfriend.

The guy grabbed my head and thrusting deeper, and I thought for a moment I was gonna choke. However, I was surprised about my ability to swallow the whole thing.

I grabbed his nice firm buttocks, and increased the speed of my throat movement. I began to sense the telltale signs of his orgasm, and soon he clenched his buttocks and felt the spasm of his cock, the sperm that filled my throat and mouth. When I felt the thrusts abate and the cock softened in my mouth, I slowly eased off his prick and stood up.

He leaned back against the wall in the alley and tried to gather his wits. I knew he was pleased, and fifty bucks in my pockets, I walked back into the bar.

Tom, Ronnie, Kevin and John were still there, drinking beer and playing pool. I sat down on a stool, and ordered a new drink.

"Cool ring you got there!" I heard a voice right next to me say. I had put my hand on the table, and this young guy, not older than 21-22, had put his eyes on it. He was very handsome, looked like he'd been working out. He had soft blond hair hanging down to his shoulders, pretty blue eyes, big soft lips. He wore a white shirt that was left unbuttoned down to his chest. He had soft skin, didn't have much body hair. He wore tight faded blue jeans. From what I could see he had an awesome ass, and also the big bulge in front caught my interest. He had the most piercings on a single human that I'd ever seen.

He caught me staring at him, and we both started laughing. "My name's Fred," he said. I almost said "Erik," but stopped myself, and said "Tamara." "Pleased to meet you," he said with a smile.

He looked at my ring again. I told him I just had gotten it, and I didn't know what ring it was. He agreed with me that the signs on it looked very unfamiliar. Being so fascinated by it, I was surprised he never asked me to take it off, so he could try it on himself. But he didn't. I thought he seemed a bit strange, like he knew something I didn't. Besides, I had fallen in love with Fred.

I wanted to know him better, but he had to go, and left me alone. He did say "See you later," when he left, so I decided to come back the next night.

I had tried to make eye contact with my friends by the pool table. They did see me a couple of times, but made no sign of recognizing me.

I did give two more men blow jobs that night, and made 150 dollars all together. Not bad for the first night.

One thing I needed to get used to, though. I had to remember that I was a woman now. I don't know how many times I almost ended up going to the men's bathroom.

I got home around three o'clock that night. I fell asleep with Fred on my mind.

The next morning, or should I say afternoon, I decided I needed to go shopping for more clothes, so that's what I did. This was the first time I went out shopping for women's clothes, and I felt a little strange.

The next night I went back to the same bar again, but I didn't see Fred. There had been something about Fred, but I didn't know what. Somehow I knew I would see him again.

Luckily I could choose my own customers. There were so many young good looking men who wanted me to suck their dicks, that I could easily turn down men I didn't like. I made 250 dollars the second night. One guy wanted to fuck me, but I turned him down. What would've happened if he found out that I had no cunt, but a cock, just like himself? I didn't take any chances.

The same thing went on night after night. I made a fortune. I had never before had that much money. I could have taken a few nights off, but I didn't want to. I wanted to see Fred again. But he didn't seem to show up.

Then, three weeks later, he was there again. I said hi, and so did he. I was completely in love with Fred, but neither one of us really had anything to say, so we ended up just sitting there with our drinks.

I decided I didn't want to lose Fred this time, so I followed him when he left. It was easy to follow him, because he walked the entire way home, instead of using public transportation or taking a cab. The next evening I was outside the apartment complex where he was living, so I could see him leave, and where he went. I had a feeling he knew more about the ring. But obviously I would not have been a good detective. He knew I was following him, and behind street corner he had stopped and waited for me. Instead of getting mad at me, and asking why I was following him, he was calm, and he just said "I need to talk to you." I felt puzzled.

We went to a quiet bar that happened to be right next to the alley where I had found the ring. We ordered drinks and found a table in a dark corner of the room.

Again I noticed how extremely beautiful he was, and how smooth and soft his skin was. However he did not look feminine at all.

Softly he whispered tome "I know you're a man." I almost jumped in my chair, and for some reason it scared me for a moment. How did he know?

"It's the ring that has turned you into a woman," he continued. Finally I nodded. So far I followed him. But I was wondering if he knew more. Why was this happening, and what could be done. And also, what kind of ring was this?

He took something out of his pocket. It was a tiny metal box that was kept shut with several rubber bands. He made sure nobody else were watching, but there were few people in the bar still, and nobody were sitting close to our table.

Fred slowly removed the rubber bands, and opened the box. Another ring was glimmering in the dark. It was just like mine, except the stone was purple. I gasped. Fred had a ring too, but he hadn't put it on, so he hadn't transformed. But the power from the ring seemed strong. It had still made his skin soft and smooth like mine, but he was still a man. He felt the power of the ring, and put it back in the box before he couldn't resist it any longer.

"Do you know anything about the ring," I asked, hoping he had some answers.

"Yes," he said slowly. He put the box back into his pocket. "It used to belong to a hidden cult in Asia. The owners of the rings were the masters of the cult. Nobody knows what happened to them, because the rings gave eternal life to the bearers. They never aged. Some people think aliens abducted them, but nobody knows for sure. Anyway, nobody has ever found the city of the cult, except for one person. He found the rings and brought them to America. He was robbed and shot."

"It might have been fortunate, because then nobody still knows anything about the City of Anankata. Anyway, the robber was surprised by two policemen and dropped the rings in the alley right next to this bar, in his attempt to escape. And that's how you ended up finding one."

"But how do you know all this, if it was this secret?" I asked.

"There is a legend about the City of Anankata. Very few people know the legend. Only a few people in the jungles of Thailand. And..."

He stopped talking for a moment, put his hand inside his coat, and pulled out a small pile of papers. It looked like a handwritten document of about 20-30 pages. "And these papers that I found in the alley, right next to the dead body," he continued. "I took the papers with me and started reading them. I quickly found out that this should not be common reading for everybody. Then thousands and thousands of adventurers would be travelling to Thailand soon. You won't believe what secrets are in here."

"But why are you telling me this?" I asked.

"I just have to trust you. You have one of the rings, and we need to find everybody who's got one. It's very important. I'll explain why later."

Well, I didn't feel much smarter after having talked to Fred. I still didn't know anything about the secret cult, just that there were more rings, and that they had to be found. I didn't know what kind of cult it was.

I wondered how many there were. One for each color in the rainbow, Fred had said. I had a blue one, and Fred's was purple, so that would mean there were still red, orange, yellow and green yet to be found.

But where would we start searching. Fred had already searched through the alley, and there were no more rings there. That meant all rings had been found by someone, and we needed to look for people who possibly could have one. Hopefully they'd wear them on their fingers and not in a box like Fred. For some reason the rings only appeal to men, so we needed to look for men with extremely soft and smooth skin, or transsexuals who looked like perfect women. Which basically meant we needed to look for women with rings like ours, as we had no way of knowing what they had in their pants. Most likely they would all be in New York City, which limited our search, but still it was pretty close to impossible.

The next day I started the search. With a little help from prostitutes I found out were transsexuals used to hang out. I went to a street where transsexual hookers were lined up, waiting for customer. I found a café nearby, and tried to keep an eye on them all day. Nobody were perfect enough, and nobody were wearing a ring like the one I had.

On my way home that evening, I noticed a transsexual walk into a gay bar. "Hmm," I thought. Maybe it was worth the try. There turned out to be many transsexuals in there. It was then I discovered one who was extraordinarily beautiful. She was like a princess, and she was surrounded by several young guys. She seemed to have the same luck as me, she could pick any guy she wanted.

She didn't try to hide the fact that she had a cock either. I followed her and her lovers in through a doorway back in the bar, which was where all the action took place. She willingly lifted her skirt for all the guys who wanted to suck her cock, and who wanted to fuck a hot transsexual ass. I also noticed her green ring. I walked back into the bar, ordered a drink, and waited for her to come out. Many people came over to me and wanted to have a fun time, but I just said no to everybody. Not that I didn't want to. It was just that I had some more important business to do.

When she was ready to leave the bar, I followed her. I quickly ran up to her side and stopped her. I asked her for a cigarette, even if I didn't smoke. It turned out she didn't either. I told her, and she started laughing. I surely was attracted to her. She looked at me. Maybe she was attracted to me as well? I told her that we had something in common, and showed her my ring. At first it seemed to scare her, but then she calmed down. I asked her if it was okay to go somewhere where we could talk, so she suggested her apartment which was only a couple of blocks away.

When we reached her apartment, I saw her count her money before she put them away. Wow, there had to be at least a thousand dollars. She then offered me a drink, told me she called herself Loretta. I told her my name, and eventually after some chitchat, I told her what Fred had told me. She didn't believe me at first, but then how would she explain the transformation, and I called Fred to come over and show her the documents. He was there only minutes later, grateful that I had found one more. Now we were three to search for the rest.

But it seemed impossible. We didn't find anymore rings for the next couple of weeks. Loretta and I talked Fred into sharing all the secrets of the cult with us. At first he didn't want to. We wanted to find out if there was a way that the power of our rings could find the rest, but we soon found out why Fred wouldn't share the secrets with us. There was a way we could use its powers to find the last three rings, but that required that Fred would put his on. He didn't want to transform, and refused to put it on. But the power of his ring was strong, and it was stronger with Loretta's and my ring close to his.

Both of us were in love with Fred. He was the most wonderful man we had seen. Still we had no problem sharing him. This wish from both of us seemed to have an impact of the power of the rings, because one night Loretta and I were sleeping together in bed our rings accidentally touched in our sleep. We were both probably dreaming of him, because all of a sudden green and blue light filled the room. Fred was awake, noticing that his little metal box opened by itself. He was shocked. Purple light escaped from the box, and pretty soon the lid popped off the box, and the ring started floating in the air. Purple light also filled the room. Fred tried to grab the ring, he didn't want to lose it. He put his fist around it and tried to put it back into the box, but he had no control over it, and before he knew it, the purple ring had slipped onto his finger. He screamed so loud it woke me and Loretta up. We both sat up and saw that Fred's ring was on his finger, and he couldn't get it off. His transformation had started.

The next few days Fred wanted to spend time alone, so both Loretta and I went back to making money, at the same time as we were searching for the last three rings.

Still curious about how my friends Tom, Ronnie, Kevin and John were doing, I went back to the bar. By now every regular customer in there knew I was a hooker. I hadn't been careful enough. As soon as I entered the bar, the bartender locked the door behind me. The house was full. Then the bartender climbed on top of the counter and wanted everybody's attention.

"Now, who want to please Tamara and make sure she gets what she wants?" the bartender shouted. A big roar from the guests. I thought I was in trouble, but soon realized they all wanted me so bad. The bartender turned towards me and said "Just lay down on that table over there. Everybody will pay ten bucks for cumming in your face." I was shocked, but couldn't do anything. With the help from the guests I was pushed forward and put on the table. A bowl was put on the table right next to me, and ten-dollar-bills were tossed in the bowl, and then pants were opened, dicks were pulled out, and the men were standing around me masturbating. Soon spurts of sperm was shooting into my mouth, all over my face and my hair. Voiced around me were cheering "Swallow! Swallow!" and I did. I couldn't see who were shooting their loads in my face, because my eyes were shut, goo all over my eyelids. Cocks were shoved into my mouth, and their sticky stuff filled my mouth.

When it was all over, a towel was tossed over tome, and I started wiping off my face. "We've been missing you," one of the guys said, and the others agreed. They must have had a big time, I thought. There had to be more than a hundred men in the room, and more than a thousand dollars in the bowl. Even my friends weren't interested in playing pool anymore. Tom even came up to me, and whispered in my ear. "I'd pay two hundred for a night with you." I didn't know if that's what hookers charged, but I was hot for Tom ,so I said "Deal." And we went to his place .I didn't want him to go to my place, as it was the home of his old buddy Erik. Erik didn't exist anymore, but he didn't know that.

As Tom guided me into his apartment, he had his hand on my ass. I needed to pee and went to the bathroom as soon as we were inside. I had went straight to the bathroom, without asking Tom where it was. I acted like I was very familiar with his place. Bad move. I had to be careful. I didn't want him to know that I'd been there many times before. When I returned to his living room, Tom had already gotten comfortable and was standing in front of me, naked and hard.

I'd seemed to forget how big Tom was. I was never interested in him when we were in college and took showers after gym together. But now, being a woman, his 14-inch cock certainly caught my attention. So far I had only been giving blow jobs, and anything else didn't get into my mind. I thought I could get away with that.

So I knelt down between his legs and took the monster in my hands. Now I realized how big it really was, and wondered how I was gonna get it inside my mouth.

Tom watched me slavering over his cock, enjoying the hot wet feeling of my tongue bath, and when I put the head in my mouth he sighed with pleasure. Before I knew it, my nose was buried in his pubic hairs, and he was ecstatic. For a long time he kept his cock deep in my throat, still swallowing. I didn't know how I did it. It must have been the power of the ring. I proceeded to give him the best blow job of his life. When he came, he thought he'd gone to heaven. His semen filled my mouth and throat. I swallowed every drop. He said "That was fantastic, baby. You're one hot lady. The best one I've had."

We lay together for about ten minutes. Him naked, I still with my clothes on. Then he whispered in my ear "I want to fuck you!"

"Oh shit," I thought. I hadn't even considered this option. I panicked. He would find out that I was not a woman. He would find out that I had a cock between my legs.

I couldn't move when Tom started undressing me. He said "Wow!" when he bared my tits, that were so big, yet so firm and round. My nipples so big. He surely liked what he saw. "I'd make you my wife if I could," he whispered.

He turned me around, made me lie down on the soft carpet on the floor, and carefully unzipped my skirt, folded it and put it on a chair. He pulled my panties down, and that's when he got the shock. But just for a moment. His hand touched my cock, and he rubbed it carefully. It seemed to turn him on. He lubed my ass, like nothing had happened. My cock didn't seem to bother him at all.

He positioned me how he wanted me, face down with my hips propped up by pillows. Then he placed the head of his cock at my ass and gently began to push.

Never having been fucked before, I felt an immense pain, but as soon as the head was inside me, I relaxed. And Tom fucked me. Slowly at first, then faster, and harder. My moans turned him on even more. And then, with a loud moan, he came inside me, filled up my no longer virgin ass with something that felt like a gallon of sperm. He didn't stop before he was dry and his cock started to get limp.

He put his arms around me, started kissing me, whispered in my ear that I was the best thing that ever happened to him. We fell asleep like that.

The next morning, I got up, got dressed, and left while Tom was still asleep. I wasn't gonna wait for my two hundred dollars, as I wouldn't accept money from Tom anyway. I was in love with him.

What I didn't know when I walked home, was that Tom had not been asleep. He had also got himself dressed quickly, and out of sight he had followed me home.

However, he didn't ring the doorbell until late in the afternoon. When I opened, he said "Erik... I mean, Tamara..." He stopped. I let him inside.

"How did you know?" I asked.

It wasn't easy, but there was something about you that seemed familiar. It either had to be you, or it had to be your twin sister. But as far as I know you don't have any sisters. Then it was the ring that I recognized. When I saw your cock I was pretty sure, but I wasn't one hundred percent sure until I followed you here this morning."

I looked into his eyes. I could feel their warmth.

"I've been missing you..." he said, and put his arms around me. For awhile we were standing like this. What surprised me, was that he told me he had been in love with me ever since we were both thirteen, but he never would admit he was bisexual, so he kept it to himself. With my transformation I was perfect for him.

We talked for a very long time that evening. I wanted to know if anybody else knew about my transformation, or had any suspicion that Tamara was actually Erik.

He said everybody thought it was strange that they never heard anything from me. Every time they came over here I was never home, and I never returned calls. But other than that he said there were no suspicions.

I started telling him about the ring, and how I had changed. Then I told him about Fred and Loretta, and the other rings that we needed to find. Tom was amazed by the story, and happy that I told him everything. He even believed it all. As he said, I was the living proof.

In the end he asked if he could help in any way. He wanted to stay with me. Actually he asked me to be his girlfriend. When I said yes, he was so happy.

Then I wondered if we should tell Ronnie, Kevin and John. But we decided to wait. Maybe it would be an idea to talk to Loretta and Fred first.

The first thing the next morning, I took Tom with me to visit Fred. Fred had changed a lot. He was now the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, though not fully developed yet. Fred was happy to see me, and he welcomed Tom. He said we needed a man on the team without saying why. He called Loretta, and just a few minutes later she joined us.

Fred, who had chosen the name Sabrina for himself, was still very secretive about the documents. Still, he kept telling us what we needed to do. We would let Ronnie, Kevin and John in on this as well, but not until we've found the remaining three rings.

The three of us with rings put our hands together. This made the rings glow, it filled the room with colors, and we felt a strong power going through our bodies. I felt like every muscle in my body got stronger, like the blood was boiling inside me. It felt like the hair on my head was growing. My senses felt stronger. I could hear better, and my slight near-sightedness was gone. It was like everything I had learned in my life was going through my head. It was getting so hot. The sweat was running down my forehead. I felt like I was floating in the air. I had no idea how long this was going on, but suddenly it was over.

The three of us looked at each other in awe. All three of us were fully developed transsexuals. Except for our cocks, nobody could see we were men any longer. We all felt stronger.

According to Fred, or now that he completely was Sabrina, we should call him that, we should be able to sense the last three rings when they were close. This would also make our rings glow.

Tom also seemed changed. His skin seemed softer and smoother, and he had less body hair. Still he seemed more masculine, and he had more muscles. Somehow he also seemed smarter. Being in the room with us must have had an affect on him too. It was like his manliness had fulfilled, like it had fulfilled our transsexuality.

And Tom felt good. He said he never had felt better, and he was happy. He said his affection for us was also stronger than ever. When we all joined in a group hug, I could feel that his cock had not shrunk during the process. On the contrary.

Tom and I left, and headed for my apartment. We walked through the alley where I had found my ring, when it all of a sudden started glowing. Amazed we looked at it. Could it be that the rest of the rings had not been found yet? We looked around, but couldn't find anything. But along one wall, my ring was glowing more than ever before. Tom let his right hand search the ground, and then suddenly something moved and slipped onto his finger. He stood up for a moment, and was like paralyzed. In front of my eyes he started growing. He used to be 5'10", now he was more like 6'2". His muscles were growing, his eyes glowing.

A man who looked like he was going to rob us, obviously changed his mind and ran off. Luckily Tom was wearing big clothes, otherwise they would have ripped, because they were looking tight on him now. Still he kept all his masculinity.

When the transformation stopped, and he appeared normal again, we hurried home. I took his hand and looked at his ring. It was black. Fred did never tell us about a black ring. Was this the reason why he had been so secretive? Was this the reason why he didn't want to put the purple ring on, but kept it in a box, until the ring itself used its powers and went on his finger. Didn't Fred want to become Sabrina, but the man that Tom had become now? We needed to go see Sabrina again. But first of all I needed to help Tom getting his clothes off. Only bending over made his pants and t-shirt rip. His boxers had ripped too, not only because of his big dick, but also because of his now round shaped bubble butt. He was now the most perfect man I had ever seen. I put my arms around him and made him promise that he would never leave me. That was not very hard for him, because he obviously had the same feelings for me.

I went out to buy new clothes for him. This time I got him clothes that looked sexy on him, clothes that emphasized his muscles and bubble butt. Tom felt good looking so sexy.

He told me that he felt stronger, like a Superman, and he felt he had powers, but didn't know what kind of powers. He also felt that the ring was pulling him towards something, and that he had an urge to follow it. He needed to get out. I followed him. It was strange seeing him. He didn't know where he was going, but at the same time it seemed like he did.

Suddenly I realized he was headed towards Nina's place, an old friend of ours. Actually she was an intimate friend of mine. I loved her, and I had made love to her at several occasions. But Nina had never been my partner, as she once came out and told me she was a lesbian. She still was one of my closest friends, and we had talked shortly before I found the ring.

Tom rang the doorbell, and Anette, Nina's Swedish girlfriend opened the door. "Oh, Tom," she said. "I'm so glad you came. Something's wrong with Nina. We need your help." Then she noticed how Tom had changed, and shut her mouth, like she didn't know what to say. She discovered me, and Tom told her who I was. Anette was shocked, but led us into the living room where Nina was. Nina was quiet, she seemed nervous, like she didn't want to talk to anybody. Then I noticed her red ring, just like the one I had. It took her a while to realize I was Erik. Nina was more beautiful than ever, she had grown a little bit too, her breasts seemed firm but bigger. To me she looked perfect. Because of her ring I had my suspicions about what was wrong, but I still needed to ask her. At first she didn't want to tell, but when I showed her my ring, then let her see my tits.

Finally she started telling us her story. She had followed me into the alley where I found the ring. She was gonna follow me home, but she had changed her mind. I guess she was still a little bit in love with me. She had also found a ring, and the next morning it had been stuck on her finger, and the transformation had started. At first she had been scared, then she started feeling good, but then something happened. Nina was a little shy at first, but then she realized she had nothing to fear, and she lifted up her skirt and pulled down her thong. A six-inch cock appeared. Anette was crying. Tom put his arms around her and comforted her. There was more to the cock. She had no balls, but she still had a vagina. She had turned into a hermaphrodite.

Tom and I assured both Nina and Anette that we would help them, and wanted them to come with us and meet Sabrina and Loretta. Anette's problem was that she was afraid of losing Nina.

Suddenly Tom had a solution to the problem. This had to be one of the powers he had felt he had. He told Anette to put her right hand on Nina's ring. The love between them was obvious, and was probably the reason what happened next did happen. Tom put his hand over Nina's and Anette's, and the room filled with warm red light. Powers filled the room, and when it was all over, I not only discovered that Nina's cock had grown another 3-4 inches, but Anette also had a ring just like Nina. It had duplicated itself, and Anette had transformed too. She had grown, her shapes were more perfect, and when she pulled up her skirt, she also had a cock. She suddenly realized she was just like Nina. She started crying again, but this time it was because she was happy. She fell in the arms of Nina and kissed her. She felt they had become one, and now nothing could keep them away from each other. Then she wanted me and Tom to join in a group hug, and she thanked us both. Tom had all of a sudden felt he had the powers to do such a miracle. With the help of his ring, he could transform people with the help of other people's rings.

We stayed the whole night there, talking about our experiences, having a few drinks, and telling everything we knew about the rings. We all decided to go and visit Sabrina the next morning, and went to sleep.

When the sun rose, however, plans had changed. Tom's ring obviously had located another ring, so we all followed him. It was a big surprise to us that also the next ring had ended up at one of our friends'.

We knocked on Daniel's door. Daniel was the most feminine guy I'd ever known, but so funny. I loved him, for his spontaneity, his happy appearance, but also because he always seemed to care for others. He grew up on a farm with his eleven sisters. Isn't it funny when his parents finally had a son, he turned out to be gay? All their kids liked guys. He used to joke about that. His name was Daniel, but he didn't mind us calling him Daniella.

He opened the door, all naked and wet, except for a towel around his waist. I was expecting to see a beautiful female, but he hadn't changed at all. He wasn't wearing a ring either. He recognized Tom, Nina and Anette right away, and said they looked so adorable. Tom needed to tell him who I was, as I was no longer a man, but a beautiful woman. Daniel was good with words, and he made me blush, but also feel proud with his compliments.

As we saw no sign of a ring on him, we had to show him our rings, and ask him if he had seen another one like them. Actually he did. He took out a lead box from underneath his bed, and carefully opened it. We expected the ring to be either yellow or orange, but we were surprised to see it was white.

Daniel shut the box again. Because of the lead the ring has had no effect on him. We explained to him about our rings, and how they had changed us. He certainly got aroused by our stories. He told us he'd go with us to Sabrina's the following day, and we gave him her address. He did not put the ring on while we were there with him.

We called Sabrina later, and she could inform us that she had found two transsexuals, both prostitutes, but beautiful as very few. They wore the yellow and the orange rings. We told Sabrina about Nina and Anette, and their red rings, but didn't mention Daniel. She had kept secrets for us, so we decided we wanted to know everything that was written in the documents, and therefore wanted Daniel to be a surprise.

The next day we all walked over to Sabrina's, including Loretta. Only Daniel wasn't with us. He said he would be coming a little later than the rest of us.

The two transsexuals with the yellow and the orange rings were really beautiful. They had both been men, and the rings had transformed them. Samantha had been a young Japanese businessman on a business trip to New York. He had now been reported missing. I remember seeing the picture in the newspapers. He was now an extremely beautiful Japanese woman, with a cock, and who didn't want to be found by the authorities.

The other one had been a black stud, an athlete, but the yellow ring had transformed every muscle in his body, that he loved to show off, into a beautiful black woman. He called himself Andrea. The tool between his legs had not shrunk, however.

All of us shared our stories, and when we had finished, Tom and I told Sabrina that she should share everything that the documents said, with us. We wanted to see the documents, and wanted to know what was coming next. At first Sabrina didn't want to share. She admitted she didn't want to be a woman at first, that she wanted to find Tom's black ring instead. But now she was getting used to her new life, and actually loved it. She was sorry that she hadn't been sharing the documents with us before, as she needed to know if she could trust us all one hundred percent. But nervously she now took them out.

She said: "We will be going to Anankata soon." Then she told us that everything was not complete yet. There was still a white ring to be found, as powerful as Tom's black ring. Then there was a scepter, and she revealed that she knew where it was. Ronnie, Kevin and John had found it, and wanted to sell it, but Sabrina had stopped every attempt so far, by scaring them off by threats. For now they had kept it hidden, and they didn't know its powers. It's a very beautiful scepter with all kinds of precious stones of all colors. So it was undoubtedly very valuable. Sabrina told me that now would be the time to visit them and tell them who I was and about my transformation. My friends should be let into our group.

That moment Daniel knocked on the door, and we told Sabrina that he had the white ring. When she opened the door, the most beautiful woman stepped inside. She was dressed in white, and with long blonde hair, she reminded me of Aphrodite, or Galandriel of "The Lord of the Rings." We were all stunned by her beauty. The white ring was on her finger. The door was shut, and Daniel walked over to me, and proved that his spontaneity was still there. He lifted his long white dress and showed me that his cock was gone, and instead there was a vagina. Daniel had transformed completely into a woman, one hundred percent. The white ring was for femininity, like Tom's black ring stood for masculinity.

We decided that Tom and I, as longtime friends of Ronnie, Kevin and John, should go and pay them a visit, make them join the group and get the scepter.

It was Kevin who opened the door. The other two were not at home. Kevin recognized Tom right away, in spite of his changes, especially in size. However, my changes needed some explanations. Kevin felt embarrassed when he realized that he had cum in the mouth of one of his best friends at the bar, but smiled when I said that I loved it. I noticed he had a hard on. It was hard for him to believe our stories, but it was obvious that something had happened to us. Then we started telling him about the rings, and in the end we mentioned the scepter. He seemed a little shocked and scared when he heard that we knew about the scepter, and that we even knew who had it.

He asked for a time-out, and went to the kitchen where he grabbed the phone and obviously called Ronnie and John who were at work. I heard him say something about coming home right away, and then he had to explain that Tom and Erik knew about the scepter. He didn't mention anything about our transformations though.

We waited about half an hour before they walked in through the door, both of them sweating. They both got the same shock and the embarrassment when Kevin told them our stories, and mentioning that night in the bar. I smiled and whispered "I'd do it again." Tom laughed quietly. That we knew about the scepter scared them. They told us that someone had been threatening them about it, and it was obvious that having it in their possession could be dangerous. Therefore it was not hard talking them into joining the group.

John walked into his bedroom, dug into his closet, and pulled out a folded blanket. He unfolded it and took out the scepter. When he came into the living room again, it started glowing, and so did mine and Tom's rings, so we said "Please cover it up again fast." We didn't know what it would do, so we needed to take it to Sabrina's apartment where all the others were waiting for us. We all went right away.

Our three friends looked at all of us in awe. They didn't feel very comfortable in the ring of perfect bodies. Neither one of them was actually bad looking, but to Kevin, Ronnie and John, everybody else were perfect. They weren't. Kevin then whispered to me, "What would it take to be like you guys?" Ronnie and John wanted to know too. We discussed it a little, and Sabrina found nothing in the documents that said we needed them as men. So I told them to put their right hands on my ring, and Tom put his hand on top and used his power to transform our friends. The room filled with blue light, and we all witnessed that Kevin, Ronnie and John became Katherine, Rhonda and Jodie. Perfect ladies, but with cocks. They even had blue rings like me.

Then the scepter was brought forward. According to the documents, the owners of the black and the white rings were supposed to hold it together, i.e. Tom and Daniel, or Daniella. The rest of us stood in a circle around them, holding each other's hands.

As soon as the scepter was lifted up, it started glowing, and we felt a strong power going through our bodies. Nothing visible happened to us, but we felt stronger, both physically and mentally. I felt that I could do things I'd never been able to do before. When I started concentrating hard I noticed that my feet lifted off the ground. I stopped. Nobody had noticed, so I didn't tell them.

We started planning our future, and we decided to travel to Thailand and find Anankata. But first of all we needed to get rid of our properties and move out of our apartments. We probably should have a long time ago, because our neighbors would probably be wondering what was going on. Selling what we could sell soon gave us the money we needed for tickets to Thailand. We used some time getting passports, as we were not anymore who we used to be. But luckily one person within the system, happened to be a gay crossdresser, so he got our passports issued in no time. Flirting with him helped though.

Turning Ronnie, Kevin and John into transsexuals before we arrived Thailand seemed to had been a bad idea. The twelve of us traveled from New York to L. A., then to Tokyo before we set our feet on the ground at the Bangkok airport. We had caught a lot of attention. Eleven women who looked like they were supermodels, and then the only one guy. To avoid any more attention at the passport control, we decided to split up and wait in line at different counters. Being together we most likely would have been asked if we were there on business, and we only had tourist visas. We would avoid any kind of attention. Being searched through at the airport, they would most likely send us out of the country again. Ten transsexuals probably wasn't something they would see every day. We met two hours later at a hotel downtown Bangkok, not very far from the Patpong area.

Patpong was chosen for a purpose. We had no idea how to find the City of Anankata. To everybody that was just a legend, but we hoped by mixing with the people who frequented Patpong, somebody would notice our rings and help us out. Patpong was also known for its sex clubs, gays and transsexuals.

The first night we went to a dragshow at the Asia Hotel. The show was clean and the performers were great. There were a lot of Japanese guests there, who obviously seemed to be enjoying themselves. All the characters in the show were men, including the women. Most of them you couldn't even tell were men. It was said that Thai transsexuals were so beautiful, it even made the Thai women jealous. After the show the audience were given the chance to get their photos taken with the performers. We made sure that they could see our rings, but nobody seemed to recognize them.

For a whole week we were walking up and down the streets around Patpong, visiting the bars and clubs, and we thought we had been there too long, because people started recognizing us.

We started going to local tour operators to see if they arranged excursions into the jungles of Northern Thailand. Some did, but they didn't know the legend of Anankata.

In the end Samantha was the one who had luck with her. A cab driver noticed her ring, and he mumbled something she didn't understand, but the name Anankata she recognized. It was a man in his fifties, and he didn't speak much English. Anyway, he studied her ring with awe.

Samantha called Sabrina, and a couple of minutes later Sabrina came over with the documents from the guy who was killed in New York. With the help of a transliterated Thai-English dictionary, they tried to find out more. Sabrina recognized words like bhà´làt´kik´ (phallic sculpture), kon´gay (gay people), katoey (transsexual), ra´chí´nee (queen) and pôo-wi´sàyt (god), but this was just things she already knew from the documents. She wanted to find out where Anankata was, how far away it was, and how to get there.

But the cab driver didn't understand, but he invited the two home with him. It turned out that his youngest son, a feminine 18-year-old boy, could speak English. He had always dreamt of being a transsexual, but couldn't afford the surgery. He had always fantasized about Anankata, because his grandfather had told him the stories. Again, he only told things that Sabrina knew, but the guy was so excited. He then said that his dad knew where Anankata was, and that he was willing to drive them up there personally. For free of course, as this would be a lot cheaper than surgery. But there was one problem. Sabrina told him there were twelve of us, which made his jaw drop, impressed of what was about to happen. Anankata would rise again. Everything he had dreamed of.

So they would rent a bus, but with a bus driver they could trust. The secrets of Anankata should not be revealed to the world. The Thai said that they could take the bus to one of the tribes in the local area and not tell anyone about the purpose of their trip. The 18-year-old, who was wearing nothing but a sarong, a wraparound garment, found some maps and pointed out where Anankatawas. There was supposed to be a hidden entrance in the forested mountains near Chiang May, and behind that entrance there would be a gorgeous city in a wonderful valley that just a few people alive had seen.

The next morning we decided to head north in the rented bus, the twelve of us, plus Pat, which we called the 18-year-old (we couldn't pronounce his full name), his dad and siblings. I had no idea how long the trip was, as I slept most of the bus ride, as I did on the airplane getting from It was dark when we reached a Hilltribe village near the Doi Inthanon National Park west of Chiang May. I had no idea if it was the same day still, or the next one, as I had completely lost track of the days in our search. We gave the bus driver a generous tip, and he returned to Bangkok.

Pat and his family talked to some of the Hilltribe people, and we were accommodated in one of their houses.

The next morning I woke up, walked outside and noticed the beautiful fruit orchards, and the blossoming cherry trees. People were riding on America to Thailand. No doubt I had a jetlag.

elephants working. It was like I was on a complete different planet. As far as I could see there were forests and mountains. Nothing that reminded me of New York City.

People everywhere were smiling, they were so friendly. They were coming out of their primitive houses, and offered me food. They were laughing, and talking to me in a language I didn't understand. But we got along well. I found out that it was incredible how far a smile can take you. A young lady pulled my arm and wanted to show me her home. She showed me her clothes, her artifacts. She wanted to give me a beautiful dress, but I didn't know if I should take it. After all, compared to me they were poor. Or maybe they weren't to their standards? She insisted on giving it to me, and in the end I accepted. After all, I didn't want to offend her. When I went back outside, I noticed everybody else had been given dresses too. I almost had to laugh when I saw some of the young men of the tribe having dressed up and wanted to impress me and my friends. Pat whispered to me that these men wanted to go with us to Anankata, and serve us there. I smiled at them.

We spent two days with the tribe, and it made me feel so good that people could be so warm and friendly. It was nothing I was used to from home. They made us change too. Sabrina, for instance, had seemed so cold and distant to everybody before. She had been so full of secrets. Didn't want to open up. Now she looked into my eyes, put her arms around me, and gave me hugs and kisses. She said things about herself, she didn't dare telling any of us before. All of a sudden we were like a family.

On the morning of the third day, elephants were made ready for taking us and our belongings to Anankata. About twenty of the young tribesmen, who had been dressing up for us, went with us. Only they knew where Anankata was, and how to get there. We were riding the entire day, and shortly before sunset we got off the elephants, and we had to carry our belongings the rest of the way. We found a small and narrow cave, very well hidden behind some bushes, and we entered. Pat was going with us. His family stayed behind. They would return to the tribe with the elephants the next morning. With flashlights we were walking farther and farther into the cave. It didn't seem to have been used for a while, but there were no doubts it was manmade. For several hours we were walking. Then the tunnel widened and we could see the stars in the sky.

It was completely dark, and we could see nothing but trees around us. So we camped for the night. Even though I was not used to sleeping on the ground in the open, I was very tired and fell asleep pretty fast.

I woke up at sunrise, and stood up. I looked around, and saw that we were in a narrow valley with steep mountains on all sides. At first it looked like a jungle with trees all over, but then I discovered something that made my jaw drop almost to the ground. Buildings so beautiful that made Angor Wat look like an ordinary village. I had never seen so much white marble, gold and precious stones in my entire life. Instead of statues of Buddha, like everywhere else in Thailand, there were phallic sculptures, statues of hermaphrodites and naked men. Anankata didn't seem to have been inhabited for some time, and it seemed like it needed some cleaning up, as trees had been growing and covered up most of the town. On the other hand, this way Anankata would be hard to spot from the air.

I walked down the main street, just let the whole place amaze me. My friends seemed to be just as impressed. And the young Thais were following us around as well. Ghostly shadows hung from everywhere. The whole place had a mysterious look, and the absolute silence made us feel as if we were in an arboreal cathedral. We walked along, experiencing the wonder of this hauntingly beautiful place. Soon we came to an open place, a rock garden, and a small waterfall. The most beautiful and colorful flowers were everywhere. I stared, nearly hypnotized, by its beauty. We continued down to the bottom of the valley, where we found a river, and a beach filled with white sand as fine as sugar granules. I noticed that the young Thai men wanted to jump into the water, but none of them moved. It was like they waited for a sign from us. I looked at my friends. It was hot. It seemed like we all wanted to jump in.

It turned out that the young men from the Hilltribes were not shy. Their clothing soon dropped to the ground, and the naked men, full of joy, jumped into the water. I'd love to jump in with them too, but it seemed like we Americans were too shy taking our clothes off. Our transformation could have had something to do with it, but this would change over time. Maybe in a couple of days we would be swimming in the nude with them.

I waded through the water. And it felt wonderful. I knew I would love it here. While the Thais were enjoying themselves in the river, the rest of us walked back to our camp and had a meeting. Sabrina pulled out her documents, and let us read them. Our purpose in Anankata was to change young men from all over the world into hermaphrodites with our powers. To the people in the area we were looked upon as powerful priests that didn't belong to any religion, but to the powers of human perfection. Selected young men would be sent to us to serve us. In return we would give them the body of both sexes.

After the meeting we took our belongings with us, and found our new homes among the beautiful buildings. Afterwards I walked alone in the valley and looked at all the beauty. Water coming from the mountainsides, made several creeks that ended up in the river. The water was fresh and tasted good. It also made the whole valley blossom with tropical trees and flowers everywhere. Fruit trees were plentiful.

I found a quiet spot under a tree right by the river, and sat down. This was a whole new world to me. I was a whole new me. Everything had changed. Even though I had been happy before, I realized I was even more happy now.

I didn't notice the young Thai who walked up to me. He held a bowl filled with rice, fruits and some sort of meat that looked like barbecued chicken (but I wouldn't bet it was), that he handed me. I thanked him and started eating. It tasted just as delicious as it looked.

The young man sat down in front of me and smiled while I was eating. I tried to start a conversation with him, but it turned out he spoke nor understood any English, only his native tongue. Luckily Tom had been smart enough to buy Lonely Planet phrase books for all of us in Bangkok, both Thai and Hilltribes, I had them both in a small bag that was in a shoulder strap. I took up the Hilltribes phrasebook, but first of all I needed to find out what tribe he was. There were so many of them in the area. There were Lahu, Akha, Lisu, Mong, Mien and several others.

I tried to figure out what he called the food. He called the rice "mov" and the fruit "txiv" and that was sufficient enough to find out that he was a Mong. I tried to pronounce the phrases that was in the book, but it was not easy. I started by saying "Ua tsaug" which meant "Thank you", but he started laughing. I started laughing too, knowing I couldn't have said it right. He helped me till I got it right, and I knew I had found a new friend. The phrasebook was very limited though, so we couldn't communicate very much using words, so we ended up using our hands, pointing at things, while he talked in Mong, I replied in English. Incredible enough, we made it work. And it had been a long time since I had laughed so hard.

I had no idea what his name was, so I called him Tsuv, which meant "tiger" in the Mong language. He seemed to like that name. He took my hands and looked into my eyes. We sat like that for a long time. I certainly liked my new life.

I started taking my clothes off, and asked him if he wanted to take a bath in the river. He did, and he also undressed, Soon we stood there, both naked, facing each other. Seeing me, a woman with a cock turned him on. His cock was hard. I took his hand and we stepped into the water. In the water he put his arms around me and held his body tight against mine. With his hands he showed me that he wanted me to fuck him. He put his hands on a big rock on the bank of the river, and showed me how he wanted me to fuck him.

I could feel myself getting really hard as he moved his hand over my cock. I put my arms around him, and slowly entered him. He was moaning loudly, was not ashamed of other people hearing him. It didn't matter to me anymore either, there were only friends in the valley, and we all wanted the same. A hot ass to fuck, or a big cock to fuck us. It felt so good slowly fucking him in the cool water. Tsuv was in heaven, as he jerked himself off while I fucked him. Every time I hit bottom he moaned. He squeezed his buns tight, and wanted this more than anything in the world. He screamed "Ua tsaugh" when I came and filled his ass with my big load of semen. He seemed so thankful, when he shot his own load into the water. I didn't want him to leave, so I put my arms around him, and we fell asleep together on the river bank.

In the days to come the young men who had come with us, were here to be transformed, and we had to find out about the ceremonies. We soon found the ceremonial area, a circular place with a large statue of a transsexual holding her hands folded, like she was holding something. Whatever she was holding was missing. The scepter fit perfectly in her hands. When we put it there it started glowing. A red light. All of us gathered in the open place, an inner circle filled with young Thai men, and an outer circle with ring bearers. We held each others' hands, as if we were locking the Thais in. We were all undressed, and so were the Thai men. We raised our hands, and the whole ceremonial place was filled with the colors of the rainbow, coming from our rings. Clouds filled the sky above us, the air felt tense, winds stared blowing in circles like a whirlwind. It started raining, there was thunder and lightning. It turned dark. We felt the electricity in our bodies while we were stretching our arms towards the sky. The young men in the inner circle were screaming with enthusiasm, but maybe also with some fear. They could feel the changes coming. I could feel I was being lifted off the ground. I was floating in the air.

Then, al of a sudden it was all over. The clouds were gone, the sun was shining. We were all lying on the ground. I stood up, the others stood up. The Thais were changed. Amazed, excited they noticed that they had tits, they had longer hair, and looked like women. However, they still had their cocks. I could see their excitement in their faces. I could see it in Pat's face, and I could see it in Tsuv's face. This was the first group of new transsexuals who were going to populate the world. Soon new men would be coming to our valley, men from all over the world.