AUTHOR: Max E. Padd

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of FICTION. Author does not condone or approve of illicit behavior or use of illegal drugs. This work is strictly for the pleasure of the reader to arouse their senses. Content of this story is of an adult nature with explicit sex acts.


It's been a long day at work, eight hours on my feet it's time for a change of pace. First it's straight to the kitchen to put on some coffee and while that's brewing its time to turn on the hot water in the tub and fill it with lavender bubble bath. I grab my coffee sweetened by delightful hazelnut creamer and head for my bath. I take off my grubby male work clothes and place them in the hamper. Then comes my breast bindings releasing my newly implanted 42C's ahhh I can breathe again. I let down my hair out of its pony, brushing my shoulders with its wisps of soft curly buttered toast blonde hair. I slide down my panties and let the monster breath; yes my 7 inch dick flops gracefully and hits my nut sack. I am petite, only 5'6" in my stocking feet. I have a 34" waist, a bubble butt and 38" hips. I have been taking female hormones since I was 18 years of age, and now that I am 26 I have a rather sexy girly body. Therefore my stats are 42C-34-38 with an uncut 7. During the day I play as a boy in baggy clothes and generally not so clean appearance. Most people in town know I am gay but don't realize how well I flaunt it. Kind of like the Supergirl identity thing. As a boy I am picked on, but at night I pick on them to my enjoyment.

The water is steaming and feels lovely against my skin as I slowly slip under the scented water. My dick stiffens with anticipation of me caressing my new melons. As I caress my body I envision my lover for the evening; a black gentleman of 6 foot stature, with dark sienna glistening skin, showing his fine defined musculature. He is clean shaven from head to foot. Also, his face is beautifully enraptured with a brilliantly white set of perfect teeth that smile radiantly. His manhood is of monumental size, and my mouth and ass water for its touch.

Caught up in my dream state I realize I have been jerking off my cock and I am about to blow my wad. I cup my hand and shoot bringing that lovely concoction to my mouth where my awaiting tongue laps up that cream and I swallow it. My hazelnut coffee never tasted as good as a cum chaser. Gawd am I horny. I shave my legs, clip my pubes to make a neat triangle and then douche my ass.

Having washed all signs of my manliness away with the exception of my cock-clit, I giggle to myself how girlish I really am. Those boys at work haven't a clue to who I am after hours. There have been a number of times that a co-worker has been seated in the same booth with me; I generally enjoy picking up some guy I know in my other life and let my long finger nailed hand grasp tightly to their meat and shoot off in their pants. Generally I would lick them clean, swallow the mess and leave but I am getting off on a tangent so back to the relaxation after a hard day.

I dry my body with my big plushy towel; apply my creamy peach scented body lotion on all my naughty bits and pieces and head to my make up table for the start of the evening's excitement.

I get a second cup of coffee, hazelnut creamer and a shot of brandy to get the evening rolling. Oh to be a sexy girly-boy. Looking in my mirror at my newly acquired tits, nipples hardening from the cool air sends my cock-clit into another frenzied state of convulsion. I just let it do its own thing.

What look am I going for tonight? It's casual Friday therefore how about trashy innocence. I pull my hair back and study my face closely; I see bright hazel green eyes, nicely curved eyebrows, high cheek bones, a pretty slightly upturned nose and luscious poutee lips. As I study my facial features my dick is leaking pre-cum on my fingers, I bring them up to my lips and taste myself. I get weak in the knees with anticipation of my upcoming orgasm.

I choose a medley of forest colors for my eyes, brightening their doe like appearance and sparkle with several thick coats of glistening black onyx mascara. I pluck my brows to a thin pencil width line which is very sexy. Again filling in with dark brown eyebrow pencil I accentuate the curve. Next I highlight my cheeks with cherry rose blush giving me that lovely youthful after a great blowjob glow. Then the best for last, I outline my lips with plum lip liner and then fill in with a wet rich mauve lipstick.

I realize that all this is affecting my penis, I want to shoot my load but I need to wait. I periodically lick my fingers of the pre-cum, YUM. I blow kisses at myself in the mirror and squeeze my enlarged nipples. Imagine those poutee lips wrapped a thick dick, I can't wait.

My makeup is done I powder my boobs and spray on some Charlie White perfume. Next I crawl onto my bed and I must do something about my cock-clit, I need relief, a girl can't go out on the town with blue balls. I grab hold of my dick and start pumping, while I finger my asshole. I envision my Nubian Adonis fucking my ass. I arch my legs up over my head and aim my love stick towards my face. As I shoot my cum load; my tongue laps at the flying spunk; yum, hot creamy cum. I savor the flavor. The bitch in me says let it dry on my face and boobs, but I need to get out and find some real cock to suck and fuck. I'm getting hornier by the minute. I go ahead and wash up reapply my smeared makeup and some more Charlie; now to get dressed.

Wardrobe for tonight is a print baby doll top with empire waist and spaghetti straps. No bra, my melons are pert and sit high to show my deep cleavage. Perfect for a grand boob fucking. I pack my meat into a special lace panty and slip on a pair of capris length jeans with up turned cuffs; tight spandex to show off my firm thighs and round bubble butt. To round out my outfit a pair off five inch platform lace up espadrilles. Some dangly earrings, rings for my fingers and my gold penis charm necklace. Did I say innocent... oh-well. Jeez' I need a dick in me.

I grab my purse loaded with make up and condoms. I get my car keys and I am off for a night of horny bliss. Teasing the redneck boys with my sexy body and willing tongue is a pleasure I look forward too. The dance club I go to is called the "Coral." There is an excellent country western band and plenty of fine looking young studs in tight jeans and muscle shirts to mosey up too. As I sachet up to the bar a few friendly faces turn to stare at my entrance. My new melons are drawing quite the attention. Last time I was here my tits were barely noticeable. A cute young stud, blonde with muscles and a deep baritone voice asks it I would care for drink and of course I accept. A lady should never have to buy her own drinks. I ask for a bloody Mary and grab the blonde stud by the hand and head for a corner booth near the band. We make small talk while I put my hand in my studs lap. I play with my fingers on his strong hard thighs, ever so creeping up on his crotch, but never quite getting there. I feel his pants pull as his dick starts to swell and form a tent. He too is reaching for my crotch area but I lure him away by shoving my tits in his direction. I put his strong arm around my shoulder and let him caress my breasts through my almost sheer top. My nipples harden and he pinches them ever so lightly. A little electric shock of pain shoots through my body as his touch is exciting me. My own clit-cock is straining at its lace enclosure.

The band starts playing Money-maker by some hunky cowboy I don't remember his name Erin something and I just got to get up there and show off my new tits. I strut up to the dance floor as the lead singer say's HERE SHE CUMS, turn it up some. My blonde stud, close in hand, and we start to dance. Bump and grinding on one another and after the song we hightail it back to the booth I need some cock in me. Back at the table I plant a big wet kiss on his lips as I squeeze hard his crotch. With my tongue deep in his mouth I can almost reach his tonsils with my tongue. I sit on his lap, my tits up against his rock hard chest my hands working his jeans. My hand reaches for his ball sack. Yes, nice big balls, I fondle them with care, they are heavy, full of my man's lovely cum juice. I massage them and his thick dick grows ever harder. I slide down under the table and see my prize. A thick uncircumcised cock, the smell of precum and salty sweat, I gently slide the foreskin down to reveal a throbbing blood engorged dick head. My tongue cleans the head, yum tastes like a man should. I blow on the head then take it in my mouth. I wet it down with my spit and then engulf the shaft about four inches. I come up and down then lick the shaft to the hilt sniffing the musky odor of his pubes. I am in a euphoric state. My blonde studs cock is about eight inches hard but thick in diameter. No problem for me to deep throat. He is wiggling in his seat. I can feel his anticipation of blowing a large load. I'm ready for him after about 10 minutes of teasing and sucking his dick. The final stages before I take my man's cum, is to engulf his balls in my mouth one at a time and just suck on them. This is my power play. He knows that I have his life in my mouth.

When the time is right I swallow whole his cock to the base and squeeze his family jewels. My reward is uncontrollable shots of hot salty love juice. I get up from under the table and feed the last bits of his seed to him in a kiss. He may not be gay but a good cum kiss always makes a man hard again. In my opinion there is nothing like a steady diet of alcohol and cum.

I like to be daring, a blowjob under the table is cool, but next I need to be fucked. I enjoy taking out the trash and the smell of garbage turns me on. I take my blonde stud to the alley where the dumpster is. I lift my baby doll top up and lower my jeans and panty. I bend over the trash cans and take my cowboy's cock up my ass. I make sure that my cowboy has his condom secure as he pumps me hard. I breathe in the fowl smell of the garbage which gives me a hard on as well. He pumps my ass mercilessly and he eventually cums in me, grunting and calling me bitch, but his load is huge. After he dismounts my ass I turn to him and clean him up. Carefully I remove his condom not to spill any of his precious seed. I suck the condom clean and then proceed to clean up my man's dick. Although my cowboy stud is repulsed by the idea of doing it on an old stinky dumpster, the reaction of his cock says otherwise. I get desert after a healthy protein diner. I start sucking his cock again sniffing the cum scent in his pubes mixed with the trash odor in the alley way, midway he wants enter my ass again. I love the idea, my asshole ready and willing; I bend over and take my position over the can. This time to make my experience better I put my face into the trash and savor the vile smells. My cock-clit expels its seed into my panty and I intend to mix that with my cowboys spunk in my ass when I realize he is not wearing a condom. He is now riding me bareback. Ride'em cowboy. He fucks the hell out of my ass, another huge load. After he empties his load into my awaiting hole, again I turn to clean him up with my tongue lapping up the new cum mixed with the dried cum in his pubes and just a hint of shit. MMMM. In the mean time the huge load of cum deposited in my ass is now dripping down my leg into my panty.

The night cums to a close, I pull up my wet panty and jeans. I turn and kiss his cock goodnight, fuck him and the horse he rode in on (Oh that could be another adventure!) as I head to my car. I sit in my wet smelly panty and relish the feeling of the wet sensation around my dick and ass. The strong odor of sex permeates my car. Names were never mentioned nor phone numbers given. I smell like trash but then again this was a night of trashy innocence.

When I get home its back to the tub for a quick wash -- NO - I am going to sleep in my garbage scented clothes, eat out my panties and savor the fun I had tonight with my blonde stud.

Tomorrow is another day of fun, a full day of being a girly-boy. What will the day bring? For now I am dreaming of trashy innocence lost.


xxx ooo xxx


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