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Shon, Shunned & Redeemed

Part One

by Chase Nadir

It was a cold December morning in Michigan's upper peninsula. Nahshon Beiler heard the clamor outside his tent. He watched as a man was loading pallets onto a forklift then putting the stacks onto the semi's flatbed trailer. He marveled at how quickly the man moved. Among the Amish the English work ethic was often silently mocked. He knew with the speed this man was clearing the lot, Nahshon would soon have to find a new place to camp.

Nahshon, or Shon to his former friends, took the time to reflect back on what brought him to this abandon property. He wasn't camping for pleasure. Shon had been shunned and had no where else to go.

He was cast out of his community just over a year ago. He was sixteen, Swiss Amish and attracted to men. One of those three things was not permitted by his community.

Although it was known he was not to be a physically strong man, Shon was a skilled woodworker, and very good with his hands. It was joked his joinery was stronger than he was.

Bishop Miller, the man who raised him frowned on sloth. Shon would often work until he collapsed to earn the man's praise. He knew he had to work harder just to do as much as the rest.

His best friend, Jonathan Wittmer, recently returned from his period of rumspringa. Jon was eager to begin his "adult" life in the community. Still, He was unwilling to give up his favorite part of his youth. Jon loved the touch of his friend soft hand on his cock and was eager to explore more of him. He offered to care for the weaker boy in exchange for 'access' during Sarah's unclean times.

The next week Jon's father Jacob had three announcements to the assembly of community servants; his boy's choice for baptismal topped the list. His boy's engagement to Shon's foster sister Sarah was warmly greeted by all.

Then Deacon Wittmer outed Shon as a "sodomite" trying to lure his boy astray. "Nahshon lives up to his name, he is and enchanter. He casts spells on my boy's heart."

There was a rushed meeting of all the servants. The bishop, ministers and deacons assembled. Before the meeting Bishop Miller gave the boy counsel, "Deny the charge, bury who and what you are forever boy." Shon could not live that lie any longer.

Under questioning at the meeting, Shon remained silent. Though Shon was three years Jonathan's junior the boys were always close. Jon came from a large established family. Due to the fever taking his family as a small boy Shon had no one to stand with him.

It was Deacon Graber who said, "The boy is frail and only five foot and five inches. He is hardly in the position to force himself on anyone." Deacon Wittmer glared at his fellow Deacon, he knew to go no further in Shon's defense. That is when he learned when a shunning is not a shunning...

To save their beloved Bishop, Deacon Troyer suggested, "Nahshon, your schooling is complete, perhaps you should go out among the English and partake of your own rumspringa. No one outside this room need know the rest. If you return, we will know that your heart has changed,and you will live by our ways." It was thus decided he would leave and spare the bishop's name.

Back at the home, the woman who raised him hugged Shon tightly, pushing her butter and egg money into his pocket. The man who raised him, and shared communion, couldn't even look at him as he left the home for the final time.

Shon then began the long walk into town. In his heart he knew he would not return. Shon wept silently as he asked God why 'HE' the perfect and loving creator had made him this way.

At the edge of the settlement Jonathan Wittmer stopped him, "Go to Mr. Clarkson at the motel. He is a good man who helps those like you who need a fresh start out there, he helps them begin rebuilding their life." The young man held Shon's cheek and continued, "Oh, I do love you Shon. I am so sorry, my father heard us."

Jon pressed a wad of bills into Shon's hand saying, "You'll need this, things are expensive among the English." The shamed boy let the money drop to the ground. Jon quickly scrambled gathering What he earned during his year among the English. Then he shoved the cash into Shon's pocket.

"Don't be a fool Shon, you will need this. I should have been more careful. I told father that I asked for your touch. He was more angry than I had ever seen him before. I am sorry it has cost you so much and I did not defend you."

"Jon, if you did, we would both be leaving. Sarah will be a good wife. You were only seeking company from me. I am needing more." The boys embraced as brothers and Shon turned and continued his long walk into town. He had rivers of tears streaming from his eyes.

Shon found Mr. Clarkson, the odd little man helped Shon to get his new life started. Mr. C was shocked to find out why Shon was shunned. "A hand-job, you got shunned for giving a hand-job..." he shook his head in disbelief repeating, "...a hand-job to an older boy. A boy who wanted to use you as a convenient hole?!?"

"Sir, it wasn't what I did so much, it's who I am. I know I'm not normal, I am small all over. I have no interest in girls, and they have little interest in me. Only um... one person ever showed that interest in me."

When Mr Clarkson found out Shon was a skilled carpenter, he found work for him. Shon understood the concept of the privacy booths considering the type of movies the man exhibited inside his bookstore.

Shon couldn't understand the four inch holes drilled a third of the way up the dividing walls. He assumed they were for ventilation. He didn't want anyone scraped or injured by brushing them so he sanded, beveled and polished them smooth. Clarkson laughed at the detail on Shon's 'ventilation' holes.

When the arcade remodel was finished Mr C kept Shon on staff for repairs and the cleaning of motel rooms between guests. He also worked around the truck stop and on rare occasion in the bookstore. Most of the time in the store the boy walked around with a permanent blush on his face.

Mr C helped Shon get licensed to drive, a social security card and a bank account. He even took Shon before the court to become emancipated. When Bishop Miller did not show, the Judge signed off on the order.

The rest of the staff loved how eager the boy was to work and learn new skills. Ben in the repair and fabrication shop especially.

Life was good on Clarkson's corner. It was an old little-known part of Michigan's Upper Peninsula near the towns of Dick and Fibre. In the middle of the Sault Sainte Marie State Forest.

Almost two and a half months ago something happened which caused him to run out the door into the night. The next day he bought a tent, a sleeping bag and a few changes of warm clothes from the thrift store. It took three weeks, but he finally found the perfect place to camp for the winter, now he was losing it too.

The sound of sliding and cracking wood shook him from his remembrance. The man operating the forklift couldn't see the back pile was twisting. Something was hooked and the whole bundle was going to come tumbling down off the trailer.

Without thinking Shon sprung from his place of hiding, waiving his arms to get the operators attention. It worked and the forklift stopped moving. Shon quickly showed the operator the problem and he thanked Shon for his diligence.

"Well Shon, you just saved me almost a full day's work. I suppose I should introduce myself, I'm Matthew Kratz, my friends call me Matt. The giant muscular man reached out with a massive hand, and shook the small man's hand vigorously. "I only have three days to get all these pallets off of this lot. If that pile had fallen wrong, I could have gotten hurt."

Matt went on to explain he was a long-haul trucker and occasionally took side jobs between hauls or to help friends. This one was both, the county was buying the property from one of his friends. There were people who would pay for pallets in good repair so that's what he was doing separating the good ones from the bad ones.

He asked what Shon was doing on the property and the boy led him to his crude campsite. Matt burned the image of the young man into his brain.

Matt look down at the remnant of the small campfire and decided to play with the boy. He chose to put the boy on edge, "Damn boy you're burning my profits!" Shon apologized and offered to pay for the wood that he had burned to keep warm. He also pointed out that he only used the broken pallets.

"Boy if you're going to hang around, you're going to have to develop a sense of humor. I was just kidding. I know what it is to be cold and hungry. You a Mennonite?"

Shon replied, "No sir, Amish."

Matt quickly fired back, "Rumspringa not living up to your expectations? Most of you little guys go running back when things don't work out. Oh and Shon, it's not sir, it's just Matt."

Shon dropped his eyes, "I'm sorry sir... um... Matt. I can't go back, they don't want me." Matt read between the lines, his own history told him what happened and he wasn't going to make the boy re-live it if he was unwilling to.

In the more than two months since he left his job, is hair had grown from shoulder length, to halfway down his shoulder blades. It was getting harder to tuck it in under his ball cap.

Matt just nodded his head and offered the boy a job. "I am working with a loaner truck while mine is in the shop. This is more work than I can do by myself safely in just three days. You saw what happens when I rush. It is too easy to make mistakes. I could use someone with an extra pair of eyes when I put the pallets on the truck. I can also use an extra pair of hands to load the pallets on the forklift."

Matt offered Shon ten percent of the haul. Nahshon was eager and desperate to the point where he did not ask how much money that was. With a handshake it was agreed.

At the end of the day a very tired Shon went back to his tent ready to turn in. The trucker thought time to bait the hook, "Hey buddy, I can't have my partner sleeping out here on the job site.

I got a spare bed in my motel room, I don't think anyone would mind you sleeping on it. No strings buddy. I'd like you rested for tomorrow. We got a hard day ahead of us still. I think we could both use a shower and a real meal."

Before Matt could secure the forklift to the end of the trailer Shon packed up and returned. Matt was impressed with how quickly the young man struck camp and was packed. All of his worldly possessions fit into his second-hand backpack. The kid was definitely Amish, he had only what was needed and no more.

Matt helped the boy into the cab of the truck. His hand lingered a moment on the young man's firm round ass. It was just long enough to elicit a blush response from Shon. With the boy's smile Matt knew, it was HE who had been hooked. This boy had to be his.

"Sorry pal won't happen again. For that, dinner is on me." Shon smiled down and shook his head. It took twenty minutes to get to the depot where the pallets were offloaded for sale and reuse. Then he started the long drive to the motel.

During the drive Matt revealed he left his community as well. "Damn that was twelve years ago. One of the deacons found me in the act of deflowering my boyfriend. Isaiah blamed me for seducing him. At sixteen I was shunned and I left. A friend gave me a job and a safe place to stay. He helped me get my GED and my start in life."

An hour later they were at Matt's motel. A wave of terror washed over the boy. He was a guest of Mr. Clarkson. In addition to his truck stop and the adult bookstore, he ran a small motel. Shon had a room there while he was working for Mr. C.

Shon was happy they made it from the parking lot at the truck stop to the motel room without anyone noticing them. The fact that they had worked hard all day long and were pretty ripe with the stench of sweat, might have camouflaged them a bit more than normal.

When the door closed, Matt saw the boy was visibly shaking. Matthew promised he was safe, and asked what was wrong. Shon explained what happened that last night when he ran out of the store. "Mr. C had me organizing some of the displays, and fronting magazines.

For the first time I was actually looking at the covers and really seeing what was happening. Part of me got excited. I reach down to adjust myself and one of the customers grabbed hold of my bottom. He told me he was taking me into one of the booths. I became scared and ran out. He followed me but I lost him."

"Did Chad ban him from the store? He is crazy about safety and security, especially with you little guys."

Shon replied, "Who's Chad."

"Chad would be your boss, Chad Clarkson. I have known him for years Shon. He's got a heart of gold, for a sleaze ball. That said he watches his properties and his employees closely. You are the kind of guy he really likes."

There was a loud knock on the door and Matthew answered. A shaken Mr Clarkson was there. He walked past Matt and pulled the boy into a tight clutch. "Shon, are you okay? I thought I saw a ghost when I saw you on the camera.

Boy when you went missing I thought the worst. I was sure in a couple of days we would find you somewhere dead." The man was trembling as he held the boy.

"I am fine sir. I just panicked when the big guy groped me, then told me in great detail what he was gonna do. He said that's why you hired boys like me. I got scared and ran."

"Damn, I hired you because you're a hard worker. You keep your head down you didn't look at the product too long or hard and you just got the job done. You were never hired for guest services. I know what some of the other guys do in their off hours, that is between them and their Johns.

You were a little under age when you started working the arcade. There's only so much fire I am willing to play with. I am sorry I ever let you work inside the store. I saw he followed you out.

I looked for you for the past two months. I really thought you were dead. The sheriff got him later. It seems he raped and tried to kill a local boy. The only real help I got looking for you was from deputy Jessup. That man has been worried too, I think he is kinda sweet on you."

The big man kissed Shon's forehead. Shon liked how the man's soft whiskers tickled his skin. Matt brought him up to speed on how much the boy helped him today.

"You made it all the way up to Seewhy! No wonder Jessup came up empty. Our Shon here is a hard worker. He sanded the glory-holes in the arcade so smooth they are like glass. First time ever I got a complement on THAT aspect of a hole in the wall."

Shon admitted he didn't know what they were for so, he assumed they should be polished smooth. Both of the men laughed as Shon blushed on the discovery of their true purpose.

Matt said "Chad" helped him when he and the Mennonite's parted ways at sixteen. Chad said "I never met a boy who knew what he wanted to be so much as 'Matty Kat' here. Every penny earned was counted and saved for his CDL. He saves like you do Shon.

After work every day he would hang out at the repair shop learning how the big rigs worked. Ten years of hard work later, he has one of the nicest rigs on the road. I am so proud of him." The boss paused, "You guys have plans, I'll go. Shon, stop by the office and we will talk about the future. I have the back pay I owe you."

Shon had one "clean" outfit he was saving. They were the first clothes he bought after leaving the Amish community, the ones he ran off in. A button up bright blue western shirt and a pair of skin tight button fly jeans. Mr Clarkson warned him to get the larger size, but Shon liked the way they clung to his skin like paint.

When Matt came out of the bathroom and saw the tight fabric clinging to the young boy's big firm bubble butt his mouth fell open. Sudden shock almost caused him to lose hold of his towel. His nether parts began to swell to a respectable semi erection.

When Shon turned around he saw the look in the big man's green eyes. Matt's hand slowly went through the now clean and dry light blond hair that crowned Shon's head. "So this is the real color. It's a little long, but it looks good on you." The boy's deep blue eyes beamed with the hairy man's praise.

Shon pulled his hair into a ponytail. Every so often he saw Matt's reflection in the mirror as the big man dressed. He couldn't help notice the sausage that Matt stuffed unceremoniously into the very tight briefs. As he was pulling his pants up Matt's eyes met Shon's in the reflection.

The two men finished dressing in an awkward silence. Matt decided on steaks at the truck stop diner, followed by a quick walk to the shop to see how the upgrades to his rig were coming along. The fabricator Ben proudly said the truck would be ready a day early.

Ben then saw Shon, "It's good to see you are ok. Clarkson has been a basket case since you went missing. I have missed my extra pair of hands around here." He turned his attention to Matt, "This kid is the best carpenter and cabinet maker I've ever worked with. He is an artist"

"Your loss was my gain Ben. At least for the next few days. Shon is one hell of a worker."

As they walked back to the motel Matt asked, "You have a lot of people here that care for you, and you ran away from them, why?"

"Matt, I had a lot of people who cared for me in our village, and I was still asked to leave. I saw the books and things I was putting on the shelves and in the bins. I thought of them as nothing but products. I tolerated the red uniform and in time it was kinda sexy.

I didn't make the personal connection with me, with what I am. At least until that man groped me and said what he was going to do. To some people I am only going to be a couple of holes to fill. The truth is that I was afraid of how tempted I was. He had the body type I like."

"So what kind of body type excites you Shon?" The young man's head dropped against Matt's arm. "I am flattered. I can't imagine anyone who isn't attracted to you. How about taking me on a tour of the store...."

Shon blushed and Matt pledged, "I will be a perfect gentleman. I won't let anyone touch you that you do not want to. Besides, Chad wants to give you your paycheck." Shon leaned into Matt's side as he led him into the bookstore.

The two made it to the front of the store when two shadows emerged from the arcade. The voice of the civilian attired deputy Brock Jessup boomed, "I should tan your hide properly for scaring all of us!" The man crossed the room fast, wrapping the young man in his arms.

His voice was quickly drown out by Karla's high pitched falsetto squeal, "Baby I have missed you!" Carl was in drag, complete with high heels, mini skirt, tube top and fishnets. The young man did not make a convincing girl but he tried.

He pulled the panicked Shon in for a bitter salty kiss. Deputy Jessup remarked it was like watching two girls making out. "Sorry baby, haven't had a chance to rinse. You probably got a few of Brock's swimmers." Shon's face blazed red.

Karla was a cross dresser with skin like caramel. She's a transplanted Yooper originally from Detroit. She tried to beat it in Shon's head when she was in drag she was a girl. Shon always saw the cute boy under the make-up. She looked at Shon as her little brother and she loved embarrassing him.

Shon turned to the deputy saying, "I'm sorry Brock. You must think I am a complete coward."

The deputy pulled the boys in for a group hug, "No Shon, I think you were over your head and afraid. I'm just so happy you are safe. Shelby even helped me search for you. You fared far better than the other boy. He's still in a coma. Still I do think a spanking is in order. Eighteen swats if my math is right."

"No Brock, he needs nineteen! Remember one to grow on..." Karla still clinging to Shon slid her manicured nails to Shon's groin and gave it a quick tug, "...and this baby needs some growing, it's smaller than my clitty."

Matt wrapped his arm around Shon removing him from the triple embrace, "I promised this young man no one would touch him and no one will hurt him tonight. A man's got to be able to trust his partner."

"Can he trust his boss?" Mr Clarkson said from his office door. "Got a couple minutes Shon?" The fifty-seven year old man guided him to the sofa in his office and gestured for him to sit down.

The man handed him a Towne Club Michigan Cherry pop then Mr. C handed Shon his wallet and his proximity key card. "Keep that pal, I've reactivated it for now. You have earned some benefits. You had to be terrified to just run off with only the cash in your pocket. I don't want an answer right now Shon, but I would like you to come back to work."

"I broke the rules Mr. Clarkson. I ran off without notice. I put myself and my co-workers in jeopardy. Worst of all, if I had obeyed your rules, that boy in town wouldn't have been hurt."

Mr. C replied sharply, "Wrong! You are wrong on all counts. That boy was hurt before that asshole came here. He was escalating. He would have likely done far worse to you. I broke the rules Shon, NOT you. I left you alone on the floor. I told you to just work in your jeans because I was short staffed. I put you in jeopardy. I just want to know why you didn't come back when you knew you were safe?"

Shon told him what he had told Matt, "I was afraid of what I was becoming. I don't want to become like Carl sir. You know I do dream about girl clothes, but I don't want to feel like it's okay to jump from bed to bed. I want to be one man's. For a while I could treat the magazines, the videos and the toys like any other product. I can't any more."

"Now that would never happen Shon. Karla is a force of nature she understands her sexuality. In her mind one is never enough. Everyone here knew you were special and why. Only the tourists were confused. I'll hold your job for a few weeks. If you only want to work at the motel and at the truck stop I will understand."

The man handed him a fat envelope. "This is your back pay. In addition I added a hazard bonus. You're going to want to deposit that in the bank. I had your stuff from the old room and a gift from all of us in Matt's room. Happy birthday pal."

"I thank you for your offer, I promise I'll think about it. I just think I have to leave sir. The other half of my heart is out there. I just can't see myself staying here. There is too much pain.

Matt is going on a long-haul to California after this job. Maybe I can book passage with him. If he's not interested, I can always go down to St Ignace to the Greyhound station. Last I checked I-75 runs all the way to Florida. I am told Key West is nice."

"Be careful with Matt. Don't let him talk you into anything you are not sure you want to do. That boy is a sexual force of nature. He can be a little aggressive in his play. If you're determined to be with him Shon you need to warn him about HOW you're different. I know my Matty and it won't make a difference.

For what it's worth, I do understand. I am so damn happy you are alright." The older man hugged on the young man and guided him to the office door.

Chad Clarkson planted a kiss on the top of the boy's head. The love he felt for the boy was that of a father, not an employer. More than anything he wanted the boy to find peace not just become a piece.

Shon rejoined the trio on the floor. He fished out the "fake" ID Brock gave him last year. He only used it when officers carded him in the store. Shon returned it to Deputy Jessup. "I'll shred it little man. I am glad you are alive.

I went out to the village to tell the Bishop you were missing..." he paused. He saw Shon didn't need to know about their lack of concern. Shon knew to the community, he was dead the day he left. The deputy felt the uncomfortable pause and added, "...we really missed you."

Deputy Jessup gave him another hug then he and Karla walked out the door. No doubt to continue their fun in Karla's room. Brock was a regular customer of hers. Matt asked, "Why didn't you ever go with him? He seems your type. I was jumping on everything with three legs at sixteen."

"He was my type, his wife wasn't. The funny thing is Shelby liked me. SHE offered me the cabin in their backyard. Brock keeps her pregnant and I think she enjoys the break when he comes here. I was... could have been someone's boy on the side back in the community. It isn't enough. I want to wake up to the same face each day. I want the eyes that look at me too long for me alone. Is that too much to ask for?"

Matt heard the boy's slip, letting it pass he replied, "It isn't. A lot of guys look for it. I thought I found it a few times myself." Matt and Shon returned to their room to find their laundry was done and folded on the foot of the beds.

There was also a large gift box wrapped with naughty gift paper. The pink paper had male cartoon characters having sex in many positions. The blue bows that adorned the box had tiny erect pink or blue toy cocks woven inside their loops. Shon smiled but was too tired saying he would open it later.

The big man was disappointed as Shon set the package on the floor. The disappointment faded as he saw how quickly the boy curled into a ball on the bed and fell asleep fully clothed. Matt gently pulled the blanket over the sleeping form. Shon barely stirred as the giant tenderly kissed his forehead. "Happy birthday and goodnight pal."

After six hours the last of the salvageable pallets were loaded on the rig. A county truck pulled in. The man asked if they could scrape the site clean. When Matt told him they didn't have the right gear the tall man replied, "Would a couple roll-offs, a skid-steer and front end loader help?"

Matt looked at the remaining debris and said three roll-offs would be needed. "It has to be done in two days. Would five grand be enough to cover your guy's labor?" Matt said sure and threw out his hand. "Fine I'll have the gear here fueled up and ready to go no later than eight in the morning. If you get it done you will save my budget and timeline big-time."

It was almost five in the evening, and the sun was setting when the men dropped the load of pallets. They were in good spirits. Shon giggled and Matt could only make out, "...five hundred dollars."

"What was that pal?" When Shon replied his ten percent of the five thousand for the site clearing. Matt corrected him, "That was ten percent on the pallet job pal. I was out of pocket on the fuel and equipment. Chad told me you are good with a skid-steer and part of the snow team at the truck stop. How bout equal partners on the lot prep job?"

Shon squeaked, "Really?"

Matt smiled at the small teen's excited reply. "Damn straight, this part was a bonus for me. I can't screw over the good luck charm that helped me get it."

Shon was grinning the whole way back to the motel.

Back at the motel the men took turns showering. Shon chose to go second to give Matt a chance to get dressed. The young man realized he was attracted to the various bumps and bulges that the man possessed, but he didn't want to do anything to screw up a possible ride.

Matt decided to troll for interest. Shon was shocked when he returned to the room and found Matt with his towel on the floor. For the first time he got to see Matthew in his full naked majesty. Matt saw the lust in the young man's eyes followed by the blush of shame. Bingo he thought.

"Sorry little guy, I was dawdling while reading emails." The young man dropped his eyes to the floor and walked back to his side of the room. As he reached down to grab a change of clothing a blinding pain shot through his back. He yelped.

"I was wondering when that would happen." Matt stated "Lay down on the bed face down. I can work those kinks out of your lower back. DAMN! I knew you were working too hard." Shon laid down on the bed and removed his bathrobe. The large man performed a deep tissue massage, releasing the tension in Shon's back. "If we do not get those knots out you won't be up for anything tomorrow."

Matt recognized the young man was strong but he had lost some muscle tone while roughing it. Though it was hot, teen boys shouldn't have an hourglass for a body unless they were in a corset. Matt thought Shon's conscious brain didn't realize his body was in fact weaker.

The big man's fingers dug deep into the teen's flesh. Poor Shon was left gasping and moaning. Matt meticulously worked his way down the boy's back. Each time he made it to Shon's hips the towel on his waist crept lower. Eventually the towel was down completely exposing the beautiful boy's bottom. Shon moaned as Matt's finger occasionally caressed his pink hole.

Matt flopped next to Shon telling the nearly hairless boy to roll. Two of the boy's secrets could no longer be hidden. Matt looked down at the boy's two mounds. He could see the shame on the boy's face and let it go. The large man wrapped his arms around Shon pulling the boy tight. Eventually Shon's ragged breath returned to something normal and the two men took a short nap.

Shon's empty belly woke him. Matt asked, "Don't you think it's about time you opened your birthday gift?"

Shon blush deeply, "Oh, I already know what's in it it's going to be dirty stuff." Matt replied that dirty stuff can be fun. With that Matt picked up the box and put it on the bed.

Shon used his knife to break the seal. When he open the flaps mylar confetti in the shape of penises flew in the air. Two pink balloons floated out of the box. The bottom third of the box was covered with various gifts from his coworkers.

Mr. C had a few daddy son magazines and a bundle of soft, very feminine lace panties. "I told you that you were his type." Matt remarked. The guys in the garage added a bundle of twink and bear mags. Karla gave a few sexy thongs, an ultra mini skirt and a bunch of lube and condom samples. Karla knew about the boy's interest in girl clothes.

Jared in the kitchen gave a cute butt plug and padded handcuffs. Kyle who worked the theater got a few printed t-shirts. The big surprise was from Deputy Jessup, his gift was a locking leather chastity jock strap. The two men laughed at the gifts.

Matt picked out a sheer high-rise black thong. Then he scanned the boy's clean laundry and found the boy's red uniform short shorts. Matt knew red was Chad's uniform color for 'Please look, but HANDS OFF.' Matt went through the t-shirts and handed a light pink one to Shon, "I'd love to see you on my arm wearing this tonight."

Shon started putting on his compression garment to reduce the look of his puffy chest. Matt asked him not to. "You look nice. On you they work." Matt nonchalantly held the boy's soft breast-like tissue in his left hand. When he ran his thumb over the sensitive right nipple Shon shuddered and dropped his gaze. The big man loved the boy's bashful blush.

Matt used his right hand to pull Shon's face up and pressed his lips to the boy's soft full red lips. It was a quick kiss but Shon loved it and kissed him back. "You really are a lovely boy." The men parted and the boy started to slip on the requested attire. When the boy donned the thong he realized the fabric of the basket was ultra sheer. He quickly covered them with his shorts before Matt could get a clear look. The top of the thong could be seen clearly rising above the waistband.

Shon put on the shirt without even looking. It left his abs partially exposed. Matt brushed Shon's blonde hair as the boy tucked it into a red scrunchy to form a ponytail. The boy saw his reflection and was a little ashamed. "Matt, it is cold out there. Can we just have something delivered. I will even pay."

"I'll keep you warm. You shouldn't be embarrassed. You have a hot little body. You should feel proud showing it off... and I will pay for dinner." All Shon could see was what was missing, what would never be. As the two men left the motel room to walk for the diner, Shon had a cold chill. Matt pulled him tight into his left side sharing his body heat.

Shon felt remarkably comfortable walking by the big man side. That comfort did not survive the wolf whistle and contact with a fat trucker at the diner. The trucker asked Matt, "How much to rent the whore for a half hour."

Shon pressed his small frame tight against Matt trembling. Matt replied sharply, "I don't share, and if I did you couldn't afford it Jock." The Santa like trucker snorted and walked away. "That man is gonna have blue balls all the way to Alabama. He's known to wolf pack boys like you."

After dinner they walked over to the customization shop Ben handed him the keys... "All done Matty. Damn, you look pretty Shon!"

Matt helped Shon climb into the rig, to examine Ben's workmanship. "I have always wanted a cab like this." Shon liked how Matt held his butt as he climbed into the cab, but he loved turning to see the big man's reaction to the finished product.

Shon had seen the configuration before. Every inch of space was used. The rig now had a full size bunk in the back that raised up to the ceiling when not in use, a thirty-two inch TV, a closet above the microwave and refrigerator.

What the big man was most excited about was behind the driver seat, a wet room including a toilet and shower. "...never have to use a truck stop shower again..." Jeff wrapped his arms around Shon and pulled him tight.

"Shon, I got an idea. Why don't we try it out on the job site tonight. That way we can jump on the job first thing in the morning when the gear gets dropped off. I'll bet we can knock it out in one day."

This time of the year the Upper Peninsula only has about eight hours of usable daylight. It made sense to stay on site and get the most out of the light. Matt also pointed out the truck had supplemental lights. They would be enough to illuminate the area if needed.

Shon agreed and Ben offered to warm up the vehicle as the two men walked back to the room to pack work clothes. They loaded back into the rig and rolled to the site.

The county already had the roll-offs in place. More than likely the skid steer and loader would be delivered in the morning. The truck's supplemental lights washed over the site. Shon quickly gathered his kindling stash and started a warming fire. Matt admired even cold the boy continued his work. Everything exposed was bristling with goose bumps.

The men had a game plan to burn off the rest of the wood. Tonight the fire was just about relaxation. As the two men cuddled together in the sleeping bag under the stars. They talked about dreams of the future. The boy told Matt about his decision to leave Michigan. "Matt how much would you charge to take me to California?"

"Pal, I wouldn't charge you a thing. How can you ask your good luck charm to pay?" The big man snuggled against the boy's back. Shon wiggled and snuggled in tighter. Even through his shorts, he could feel Matt's rather large appendage firm against the crack of his ass.

Matt reached around with his right hand and caressed the boy's crotch through the fabric of the shorts. "Karla was right, you have such a nice little clitty Shon." The small teen began protesting until Matt ground is firming shaft against the boys back side.

"That sweet boy, is a real cock." Frottage was one of Matt's favorite clothed contact sports. Something felt odd to the big man, but he could tell the boy was enjoying the manipulation. The trucker loved few things more than making a little twink cream his underwear.

That's exactly what Shon did. His boy juice seeped all over the inside of his new panties. Matt realized the boy had an orgasm do to the wetness in his pants. After a couple of hours the fire was dying and Shon was getting very cold. "Matt can we go in the truck please?" Matt agreed.

Shon was his favorite kind of boy. Pliant, eager to please, and fresh out of the box. He knew the young man would make his perfect trucker's princess and could not wait to install him in the cab.

As soon as the cold air hit the wet spot on the front of Shon's shorts, the boy shivered. It was as if someone shoved ice cubes in his underwear. Matt opened the cab and helped the boy in. Shon scurried into the cab and started grabbing desperately for tomorrow's work jeans.

Matt closed the door and told the boy to take his hands off the clothing. "I will get you warm again." Shon stood shivering, Matt pulled him close wrapping his arms around the boy. The boy was amazed at how warm the big man was.

"Shon, This truck is my castle. It took me five years of working on my back to buy her and another seven to make it like this. She is my freedom. There is nothing more I want right now than to have you as my princess.

That said... If you choose to stay, you will obey me. If you don't, I reserve the right to apply correction. You will be mine to teach, protect, cherish and love. If you stay I will pleasure your body in ways you cannot imagine.

Do you want to stay?" The small teen nodded his head in agreement. "No, you must vocalize this."

Shon looked up the big man's body, "Yes sir, I want you to teach me to be your princess."

Matt tugged on the half shirt the boy was wearing. When it hit the floor Shon saw the writing on the back, "Kept baby." When Matt pushed down the boy's shorts the cum crusted thong clung to them as well. He raised the temperature inside the cab to keep the naked boy warm and comfortable. The last thing he wanted to do at this point is to spook Shon into saying no. Once they were on the road he could get a little creative.

Matt led the boy to the back of the cab bending the boy's tiny frame over the table. The cold synthetic stone table top made the nipples on his puffy chest almost painfully hard. He massaged the boy's ample globes of flesh in earnest. Paying special attention to where they met and Shon's now exposed little pink pucker. Matt told his prey to open his mouth. "Suck on my fingers boy. Make them slick for your little pussy."

Shon said, "Matt I don't have a puss..."

The man interrupted Shon by quickly bringing his hand against the boy's ass. The blow was hard enough to raise a clearly defined five-digit red welt on the boy's right cheek. He used his other hand to redden the left cheek as well. Let's try this again boy His fingers stroked the little pink pucker. "What is this my princess?" Shon was in heaven as Matt's tongue dived straight into Shon's hairless hole and he began eating him out.

The boy's ass was stinging he knew he was a boy. He knew it was his ass but he also knew he did not want to get another two swats. Add to that whatever Matt was doing with his tongue Shon wanted it to never stop. "I am sorry Matt, that's my princess pussy." The big man stood and shoved his index and middle finger into the boy's mouth. So far in that the boy thought he was going to retch.

He whispered into the boy's ear at the same time. "You are so close. It is not yours, it is my pussy. The pussy that is mine to pleasure and train. You are mine."

Shon opened his mouth releasing Matt's now phlegm coated digits. "Yes, Daddy." He heard Karla address her John's on occasion is Daddy. Shon always found it creepy when she did it. However now to Shon, it was sexy calling Matt Daddy.

Matt smiled at how quickly the boy was adjusting to his new position and slowly pushed his index finger inside the boy. He marveled at the soft pink flower. It was as if the young boy's body sucked the finger deep Inside his boy pussy. He slid the finger in and out several times spitting and putting more of his fluid in the hole.

Matt was curious to see how much discomfort his new toy would endure. He started inserting the now dry middle digit as well. Shon sucked in air wincing before the digits made it to the first joints. The boy thought his new Daddy would be disappointed, "I am sorry Daddy. Don't stop."

"My fault baby, I want you to feel nothing but pleasure tonight." The big man tore open a packet of lube and began working it into the velvety hole. Shon moaned and pushed back. The big man kissed Shon's neck then whispered in the boy's ear, "Stop, I know you are eager, but I don't want you hurt."

It was at that point Matt saw what was missing. He looked closer as he stroked the boys upper thighs. He saw a tiny scar where the boys scrotal sack should have been. "What happened here buddy?" Shon was crying as he told the big man of the health issue that took his testicles and caused his puffy chest. The boy was terrified that Matt would no longer be interested.

To his surprise Matt redoubled his efforts delivering pleasure to the boy. The boy didn't realize, this revelation did not leave him damaged. It made him perfect in the eyes of the big man. Shon settled down cooing in delightful bliss under his Daddy's gentle probing.

Matt's finger made contact with the boy's prostate... "WOW!" Shouted the boy. "Gosh! Thank you Daddy Matty." Matt loved the boy's g-rated dirty near baby talk. He also saw the leakage streaming from his boy's clitty.

Matt continued teasing Shon's hole with his lube coated fingers. Matt was gently rubbing them around the outer ring of Shon's hole, attempting to get three of his thick fingers to slip inside him. It didn't take long for that to happen, and it hurt! Shon jumped a little and his body began to shutter as the strong fingers slipped past the boy's sphincter.

Shon's ass felt like it was on fire from the finger fucking he was receiving. Matt pulled his fingers out of the loosened hole, Shon shivered as the man announced, "I think you're ready for Daddy's big dick!"

Matt flipped the tiny boy over and got in between his legs. The trucker's massive frame was now on top of Shon and they were face to face. The trucker shoved his tongue into an eager wanting mouth and roughly began kissing Shon. "Fuck boy! You're so hot, can Daddy breed deep in your pussy?"

Shon couldn't help but break into baby talk, "Yes Daddy!.. Please give me your baby stuff, make me yours." That was all Matt needed to hear. He pushed the boy's legs back as he pressed the tip of his cock to the entrance of the tiny boy's ass. His cock was leaking tons of precum, which served as additional welcome lube.

With the first slight push, the head popped in and Shon's eyes closed in pain. He told the boy to relax, "It will be painful at first, but the pain will subside honey." He pulled out a bottle of rush and told Shon to sniff. "That should help with the pain," Matt said.

Shon tingled and felt relaxed. Matt smiled down and continued. To Shon it was as if his hole opened right up and Matt began sliding his fat dick deeper inside. "That feels so good inside me Daddy. Please more!" Shon begged.

"Okay baby!" he replied. He began moving his monster in and out of Shon's now stretched hole at a steady pace. Finally he lost control and began picking up speed and really fucking the boy's hole hard. His large ball sack was slamming into Shon's ass each time he plowed his dick inside of the boy.

Shon's eyes rolled back and his toes curled as Matt began deep dicking the boy. Shon thought it felt as if Matt's huge dick was buried in his stomach. "Damn baby, you're going to make your Daddy cum soon."

"Yes Daddy. Please cum, cum in me."

"Here it cums Princess! Ohhh Fuck! Catch Daddy's seed!" Shon felt three or four big jets of cum hit the inside walls of his ass before Matt pulled out and squirted another five or so blasts on the boy's chest and grinning face. "You like that princess?" Shon was breathlessly grinning from behind his mask of Daddy milk.

"Does my Princess want to clean off Daddy's dick. Trust me you will love it." Shon slowly made his way down to Matt's cock and began to lick off the excess cum and the juices his boy pussy left on his Daddy. Matt saw the boy's behavior was like that of a frightened deer. Then Matt gave him some encouragement, "That's my pretty Princess."

Shon beamed with the praise from the big man. As far as the taste, he liked it. He thought to himself, it wasn't as disgusting as... he shook off that thought and finished his task. Shon's hole felt battered and bruised, but it was definitely worth it. Matt kissed the boy deep one last time. Then he lovingly cleaned the boy's face.

"Shon, I can't have your boy pussy dripping all over my new mattress." Shon could feel that his hole was leaking cum. "Wait..." Daddy pulled an item from their bags. "...this is perfect." Matt pulled one of Shon's birthday gifts from their bags. It was the cute hot pink butt plug Jared gave him.

Shon fell into a deep sleep with his new Daddy's seed plugged inside him.

Over breakfast Shon and Matt discussed the boy's bilateral orchidectomy. Shon explained the procedure, and why he had to have it. "I was given the choice either perform the procedure, or develop sepsis and die. I was ten and the infection was a result of testicular torsion.

Bishop Miller thought I was just having a sore belly or pulled muscles. He thought I was exaggerating the pain. We didn't know how bad I was injured and I... we waited too long for treatment. The bishop insisted on exhausting the folk remedies for my 'discomfort.' By then it was too late, the infection had done its job."

Shon could see the rage in Mathews eyes, "Please, don't be too hard on the Bishop. What I had was very rare. Most people wouldn't know how to react. I was raised to believe that everything happens for a reason. Maybe the torsion was God's way to prepare me for you."

Matt tried to imagine the pain and crossed his legs in sympathy. Then he pulled his gentle hearted Princess close and hugged him tight.

Shon snuggled tight and continued, "I'm not going to change much more than I have. Of course there is the possibility of me eventually growing bigger... ummm... breasts. Some people would like that. Karla for instance is jealous." Matt laughed at the boys last comment realizing Karla would appreciate that 'gift'.

The county truck rolled in at seven in the morning. The driver recognized Shon. "Hey buddy long time no see. Boss this is the kid from Clarkson's Corner. He's part of their snow team. Shon here is crazy good on a skid steer." Mr. C's snow crew was well known among the county highway crews. It was actually Mister C's team who often cleared the intersection.

The manager asked if we were watching the weather. We were, we knew today was the only day we would be able to get it done. By eight tonight we were going to be buried under lake effect snow. Matt and Shon used the fact they had heavy equipment on-site to arrange a controlled burn. The remnants of the pallets and other untreated wood products would be burned off during the day.

The equipment was unloaded. Shon didn't know what it was about a vacant lot that people thought it was an open dumping ground. The men were pulling out things like mattresses, tires and busted ass furniture. The large items Matt would destroy with the front end loader, then Shon would then dump it in the roll-offs with a skid steer.

Matt was amazed watching Nahshon put the skid steer through almost acrobatic feats. By two in the afternoon the job was done and the fire pile reduced to powdery ash. By four in the evening, all the equipment was loaded, the roll-offs removed and both men had been paid.

On the way to the bank Shon asked the question, "Matt, do you prefer me dressing as a girl or as a boy?" The man told him he was happy just having Shon's company. He wanted the boy to be happy as well.

The men were pulling back into the motel after their bank deposits. It was five in the evening and the snow began to fall. By six the phone rang, Mister C requested the boy's services for snow removal. The tired boy quickly bundled up, went to the garage and configured his equipment. Matt was amazed at how fast the little guy added the snow thrower attachment to the skid steer.

Ben already started with the truck and snow plow. In short order the two men were clearing the lot. The detail work around the pumps and sidewalks were done with the skid steer and the large material was removed by the plow. The snow was coming down so fast they could barely keep up with it. Drivers started seeking safe harbor in the lot complicating the removal effort.

Matt and Mister C went out to pick up the other members of the snow team using the other plow. Matthew asked his mentor "Chad, why didn't you tell me about Shon? That kid is known more pain in his little life than anyone should.

He's so forgiving; he forgives the guy who outed him, he forgives the comunity that cast him out, hell he even forgives God for the way he was made. I lost my faith so long ago. Through it all his remains."

The old man laughed, "It was his story to tell not mine. Matt if anyone was going to pop that boy's cherry, I'm glad it was you. At least you are gentle and you sweet-talk. That boy's first time needed to be perfect and special.

Shortly after he started working for me I made a move on him. The kid was so frightened I couldn't do it. Matt, tread carefully. Someone hurt that kid... I know someone hurt that kid bad.

When he told me about his special doctor in St Ignace. I was curious and offered to drive him there. That's when I found out about the monthly implants that release just the right amount of hormones to keep him healthy. Now that he is older, he's on pills and supplements. You are right, he is a special kid. A special kid who's questioning everything. Has he told you about his obsession with girl clothes?"

"He hinted at it. I told him I was okay with it, but it was his choice. Personally I think he'd make a super hot girl. Chad is the boy out of his meds from his homelessness." The big trucker was terrified that the boys passion was a result of a hormonal imbalance. He suddenly had a clue as far as the boy's hesitancy to suck his cock.

Mister C replied, "Relax Matt the boy knew what he was doing. Karla is taking him to his doctor the day after tomorrow. Snow and roads permitting."

Back at Clarkson's Corner Ben and Shon took a break for coffee. They also warmed and dried their outer layers. Karla saw the boy shaking so bad the coffee was spilling from his mug. She began rubbing his arms and legs.

Ben grabbed a blanket wrapping it around the three of them. Squeezing the tiny boy between their warm bodies. Shon confessed the heater in the skid steer was not working.

When the trembling stopped Ben went to the kitchen to get the boy some food. He gestured for Karla to watch him.

"Karla when we go into town could you help me pick up some... um things."

"Sure baby whatcha needin?"

"I wore some stuff with Matt that I liked. I wore the panties you got me. I want to learn how to dress and look like... a real girl."

The older boy hugged Shon tight, "You bet! It's going to be as if you're my panty sister. After you finish your dinner, let's go to my room and see what you're interested in."

After dinner Ben told Shon to take another hour, "I wanna get that heater working. You shouldn't have to freeze to help us." Karla led the boy back to her room.

She arranged a few outfits. Shon couldn't see himself wearing any of them. Karla saw the boy's disappointment. "You want to look like a lady. I'm so sorry baby, I don't have a lot of girly girl clothes." She dug into her closet and emerged with a pretty red silk dress. Shon's eyes lit up.

"Okay baby I know where I need to take you. In order for this to fit right you're going to need a bra." Karla looked intently at Shon then blurted out, "Baby, how are you for hair?"

The innocent boy held his ponytail. Karla laughed and said, "No sweet boy I mean 'hair'" and she gestured to his body. The boy shrugged his shoulders and Karla told him to strip. "Oh my panty luv'in GAWD-DESS... She has blessed you so greatly. Just a little hair here and there that need to be gone. Go in to my shower get cleaned up I'll be right back.

Shon had just emerged from the shower when Karla reentered the room. Mr. C started carrying some beauty products for cross-dressers, who were too shy to go to the supermarket for their supplies. "First is depilatory cream guaranteed to eventually kill even the roots of body hair. Baby you have to be careful with this. You get it in your eyebrows, eyelashes or the hair on your head it is gone. You only apply it where you don't want to see hair anymore."

Karla began running her hands over the boy's body. Anywhere there was unwanted hair, the ointment was massaged in. Shon's skin tingled. Another shower and his body was denuded. Karla sat him down and taught him how to pluck and shape his eyebrows. Then she told Shon, "I don't have any makeup that would look right on you. You should have pretty subtle colors." In the meantime she applied lip gloss to the boy's full pouty lips and mascara on his eyelashes.

Shon got to put on his very first bra. He saw a beautiful girl grinning back in the mirror. "Oh baby girl, I know that look. We'll get you some bras while we're in town."

Karla had the boy climb into the red dress it didn't fit right. She started putting pins in the fabric to draw the fabric closer to Shon's skin. "Damn your feet are so tiny. We will have to get you some shoes too." For the sake of the fitting Karla had the boy climb into a pair of her two-inch pumps. The additional height actually caused Shon's very ample butt to protrude even further.

The door opened, Ben looked at Karla asked him if he'd seen Shon. Shon slowly turned on the riser. Ben, said, "Sorry for the interruption Miss, but I need... What Dah fuck?!? Shon? Is that really you?" The boy nodded. "Baby, you look beautiful." Shon blushed. "Sweetie, I really do need you back." Shon promise to be back at work in a few minutes and Ben left them. Karla remove the dress careful not to disturb the pins. "I'll have this ready for you tomorrow."

Shon started to remove the bra when Karla said, "This would be an excellent time to start getting used to that." It was somewhat disappointing climbing back into his work clothes and snowsuit. Still, the cars had to be parked, and the lot had to be cleared.

He told Karla his body felt like it was alive with new feeling. "Baby, that's the depilatory cream. You will feel every sensation a little bit different. Your skin will be hypersensitive to touch for a while." She also added the effects of the treatment would be reversible for a short time. After two weeks those changes would be mostly permanent. "Then you'll only have to apply it once a month. After six months there will be no roots for the hair to grow back."

The boy climb back into his skid steer. Ben was able to get the heater running again. Every forty-five minutes Ben demanded a fifteen minute break for Shon. Suddenly it dawned on him, Ben was treating him like... a little girl.

Shon used the time to get some sexy girly things from the book store. At three in the morning the second and third team arrived.

Shon and Ben were exhausted and were told to get some sleep. Chad made it a demand, "Twelve hours you two! Not one minute less. Oh, and Shon... I like it." The man made a frame around the face.

Shon entered the room and Matt was already in bed. He was silent grabbing a few of the items he purchased. He new a shower was a must. There were some soaps he wanted to play with until he found one he liked. There was also a perfume he liked. At the bookstore he found a silk slip.

After his shower Shon put a clean bra on. After sliding on the slip, he misted the air with the scent of sunflowers and walked through the spray. Normally he slept with his hair in a ponytail, tonight he decided he'd wear it loose.

As he approached his bed and pulled down the sheets the light came on. "I'm sorry ma'am I think you're in the wrong room." Shon turned. Matt knocked the sand out of his eyes and looked the woman up and down. "Shon?!? What did you do to yourself?"

"I'm sorry Matt. You don't like it?" The boy's eyes began to mist as his quivering lip disappeared into his mouth.

The man pulled the boy to the bed. Wrapping his hand around the boys ample ass cheek he said, "Babe I didn't mean it that way it was just unexpected. You're beautiful!"

The burly man pulled the boy into his bed, then snuggled hard against his back. "You must be tired princess, sleep now. Mmmm you smell good." Shon was so tired he dropped to sleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

This is the end.

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