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Shon, Shunned & Redeemed

Part Two

by Chase Nadir

Yesterday Shon started the day as a boy, by the long day's end she knew differently.

Shon woke up hours later. She was hungry but not for food. It was her lower hole that simply HAD to be fed. During the night her slip slid up over her hips. It had been a full day since Matt aggressively opened her hole. Although her pussy was still sore, yes it was her pussy now, she was craving the feel of Matt's cock in her again. She knew her man needed release too as she felt his shaft occasionally grind on her.

Shon grabbed a packet of lube from the nightstand, put quite a lot in her tiny hand and started massaging his hard cock. She guided the head of his cock against her bruised flower. She gasped as it slid within. It hurt but not as bad now. She continued rolling her hips capturing more of his thick veiny shaft each time.

Matt had fully impaled his princess when he woke up. Matt said, "Never had a boy wake me up that way before."

Shon reminded him while grinding and gasping for air. Each word was punctuated by an enthusiastic thrust upon his cock, "Not... boy... MMMMM...Your... Princess! Ughhh!" She continued grinding on the man and Matt joined in on the morning rutt.

He grabbed the lovely creature's hips. Sidesaddle was normally his least favorite position but something was different today. They increased speed and power until Matt seeded in her horny pussy.

She reached over towards the butt plug on the nightstand. Matt saw then whispered, "No, the first night I wanted to see if you'd obey..." Shon rolled in his arms, "I thought I just wanted you as a toy. I saw you as a stupid Amish boy to be used and dumped, I am sorry sweetie. Shon, I came to know I want more, you are that more. I don't just want you in my bed, I want you by my side"

He caressed his pretty angel's face. "I had the privilege of seeing a caterpillar crawl out of her cocoon and flit her wings as a precious butterfly. I want to see, to experience more of your transformative journey." The lovers embraced and drifted back to sleep.

Matt was the first to wake. He knew Shon needed the sleep. He grabbed a shower then snuck out to check on his truck. Now alone in bed Shon's mind drifted back to waking in the hospital room in Marquette. He was ten and Doctor Ruiz and Bishop Miller were explaining to the boy what was done and why...

The doctor explained, "Nahshon your primary sex characteristics were present at birth. Because of your issue and subsequent infection..." As he continued Doctor Ruiz saw the confused and totally lost look on the frightened boy's face. He sent one of his students to retrieve something from his office.

The man returned with the item. Then the doctor continued, "Nahshon, this is a bola... It belonged to mi papi, my father. Gauchos in my country use them like a cowboy in this country uses a lasso. I will use them to explain what has happened."

The doctor made a 'M' with his ring, middle and fore finger. He explained that the outside fingers were the boy's legs. When the doctor said the middle finger was the boy's penis, his 'pee-pee,' Nahshon leaned back looking in his underwear shaking his head no. The room erupted in laughter. Even the Bishop flashed an all too rare smile.

When the laughter subsided Doctor Ruiz explained nothing was to scale. "Ok, thank you Nahshon... When a boy is small he carries two parts hidden inside him." He grabbed the two weights on the somia bola. "...they are called testes. they are connected to the inside of the body with special tubes. Sometimes the tubes can twist, tangle and knot.

If the problem is not corrected the testes die and infection can set in. This is what happened to you. The problem with losing these two special parts is that they control what happens next."

Over the next half hour the doctor explained the secondary sex characteristics that won't be appearing during the puberty he won't have now. "Your chest and shoulders will not grow broad like the other boys. More than likely you will look like a taller little boy. It is occasionally called Pan syndrome. You will probably not get body hair like other boys. Your growth will not be as significant as it would have been."

As the years past Doctor Ruiz relocated his practice to the hospital in St Ignace. He continued Shon's treatment and monitored his progress through the years. When the boy's puffy chest started to form at fifteen. He had to explain gynecomastia as well.

Matt re-entered the room and saw Shon crying in his sleep. When he sat on the mattress next to the forlorn childlike form Shon awoke... The tears intensified as Shon looked at Matt. "Daddy Matt, I lied." The man pulled his new baby into his lap. "I told you I agreed to the procedure, that I chose it.

I was in a lot of pain for days. Eventually I got a high fever and passed out. Bishop Miller relented to the requests of his wife. He finally took me to the local hospital, they couldn't help me. They transported me up to Marquette University. I woke up and found my world had changed." Shon went on and told him the whole story.

Matt said, "I kind of figured you didn't have a lot of say in the matter. You were dealing with a lot at ten, you still are. I want to help, I want you."

Matthew slid out of his clothes, climbed back into bed and held his baby. "The snow stopped. Chad says your services aren't needed any longer. Let's spend the day in bed."

Shon smiled as she straddled Matt's hips. She reached under and placed the muscled giants cock-head at her boy pussy. His cock-head slid right in and she was able to slide all the way down Matt's ten and a half inch almost wrist thick shaft. It hurt but felt so good at the same time. She then placed her hands on his massive muscled chest. Shon moved up and down and felt his cock slide in and out of her.

She imagined how she must have looked, She could imagine what Bishop Miller and the other men of the settlement would say. Frankly she didn't care anymore. This feeling was just too intense and pleasurable to go without.

Shon loved when Matt stroked her boy clit, Matt grabbed the beauties hips as his cock filled Shon's boy pussy. For the first time in eight years she knew what she was... HIS. God remade her body for one purpose to pleasure Matt.

His cock was stretching the boy pussy and she couldn't get enough of this feeling. Her pussy slid up and down his shaft as her own semi-erect ineffective clitty bobbed with the motion. Matt's breathing got heavier and she knew he was getting close. He softly pinched her nipples as he forced his cock all the way in and she moaned loudly as they both came.

Shon refuse to let the man's cock slip from her pussy. She curled her frame until she could kiss her beloved trucker. "Did I do good Daddy Matty? Please tell me I did good."

Matt pulled Shon down until their chests met. He wrapped his arms around her. "You did great babe, sleep honey."

With the security of the man's iron bands wrapping her, she drifted off to sleep. Matt's cock eventually softened and slid from the warm hole.

The two lovers woke again in a couple of hours Shon stomach was rumbling. Some people say you can live on love, not at eighteen. They ordered lunch from the kitchen. The staff said Karla would deliver the order to the room. Shon quickly took a shower. Karla arrived with the food and set things up on the table. Knowing Shon would love to see her, Matt asked her to stay.

Karla use the time to explain the depilatory cream to Matthew saying it would be good for a full body massage treatment. One that Matt would have to be dressed for. "I know a little pussy boy who would hate to see your pretty fur come off."

Shon was able to don a pair of black satin panties and a bathrobe and join the pair. It was an inconvenient moment when Shon's bathrobe parted. "Oh sweetie you have something showing." Karla taught Shon how to tuck her clitty between her legs to give a smoother panty line. Without testes it just folded into position.

"Oh MY GAWD-DESS, baby girl I envy you!" Karla told her about her need to use gaff tape to hide her cock. It could truly be said that Karla had a cock. When soft, it was about six inches long. Karla told Shon to buy some panty shields for clit leakage and support. Although a little uncomfortable, Matt loved how his pretty baby hung on the older transvestites every word.

After brunch Karla open the garment bag that possessed the red silk dress. "Baby girl let's see if I got the fit right. It was a slow night in the motel." Shon let out a squeal of excitement. She was about to put on the bra from last night.

"Put these on baby girl." She held up a pink silk panty and bra set. Over the panty Karla had a pink garter belt with tiny roses embroidered in it and had long white stockings to attach to the belts.

Matt was licking his lips with each stage of his baby doll's transformation. Karla was about to have her step into her over sized, well-worn shoes again to make sure the fitting was right. That's when Shon reached into her acquisitions from the night and pulled out the four inch heels she got at the bookstore. "Baby girl, those are bondage footwear... and not cheap."

Shon quickly put them on locking the ankle straps and took her first wobbly steps with Karla coaching. Climbing the riser Karla slid the silk dress on her best friends body. The fit was perfect.

Karla produced a case. "This is a birthday gift from Shelby." Deputy Jessup's wife was a sales associate for a large national direct marketing makeup company. The day she earned her pink Cadillac she was over the moon.

"Just remember, on you baby less is more. Too much you'd look like a clown. Shelby is gonna come over this afternoon to teach you how to use the brushes and how to do some fancy shit. She says she is bored out of her mind over at the State Patrol barracks. I really wanna stay girl but duty calls."

Shon removed the outfit and hung it up for the next day. She put on her tight jeans and a cropped t from the birthday box. Then she snuggled into the big man's side as he worked on route plans and connecting shipments. Every so often he'd stop and kiss his sweet angel. "Daddy, is it wrong I like feeling like a girl?"

Matt kissed the top of his baby's head and told her, "No it isn't. I wish all mechanics were as hot as you."

That morning Chad and Ben shared that Shon was a skilled mechanic in training. "Not rebuild good but she could do a lot of simple repairs."

Two hours later there was a knock at the door. "Shon! God I am glad you are back. Brock and I have been looking everywhere." The over the top greeting was from Shelby Jessup who pulled the girl in for an almost painful hug.

She shook hands with Matt and the two ladies got down to business. Matt had a look of panic as a couple guys from the snow team started bringing in boxes.

Shelby announced she went through her stuff when she heard about Shon's panty desires. "Mom and I went through the attic. It is some stuff I wore back in high school. It's good stuff that doesn't fit me anymore, at least since the last four kids. I thought you would enjoy it. Once upon a time I was thinner." Shon admired her body, but six kids in ten years does take a toll.

Matt didn't think it possible for his baby to look prettier but she did. Shon looked at the growing pile of things on her side of the room. Matt saw the look, "It will fit baby. I'll make it fit."

Then Shon tried on the deep burgundy skin tight riding leathers. Shelby told them that her Daddy like to take her out on his bike but insisted she be protected. Shon was able to squeeze into the tanned skins and fill them out.

"Oil them a few times when you wear them and they'll become second skin for you." The riding boots were also a perfect fit. "Those are the leathers that Daddy got me for a trip to Sturgis. After that trip Brock and I were pregnant. So they only got used for a month. After that I switched to the chaps, those should fit you too. God I miss my figure."

Matt was almost drooling with the fit, "Shon baby, I'm asking, nope I am begging, you to wear those in the truck when we head out. Damn!" Shon notice the stud work on the back spelled out the words "Daddy's Princess."

Shon was pleased with the hall of shoes that she received. She looked at the six pairs of almost new shoes and said with glee, "I guess I won't need to buy shoes for a while."

Shelby replied, "Shon baby, shush! Don't say that again. A woman never says that! One never has enough shoes." Matt cringed.

"You know Shon, I thought of Matt the day I met you. It is amazing how the two of you found each other." Shon blushed. After a couple hours of applying and removing the "war paint" they found a look Shon liked.

Then the phone rang, it was Matt's client demanding a meeting first thing in the morning. Matt mentioned that he now had a mechanic. When he hung up he took a deep breath bracing himself.

"Shon I have to head up to Marquette. I have a pushy client who wants to chat about the run to San Diego. I am gonna have to head out and camp there tonight to make the meeting in the morning. I will be back tomorrow night." Matt snapped pics of Shon and his IDs.

Shon said, "I'll cancel the doctor and go with you."

"No you will not." Matt said sternly. "Your health comes first, ALWAYS. This is just security stuff due to the load we'll be caring. I'll be back tomorrow night."

Shelby offered to take the boy to his doctor's appointment. When Shon told her about Karla taking her Shelby replied, "My SUVs a lot safer than her little sports car.

We can make a girl's day of it. The kids got stuck at Grandma's and the ice jam took out the bridge to our house over the meadow. I am bored as hell, I've been camping out with Brock at the police barracks."

Matt asked why the couple didn't get a room. Shelby replied everything was booked up. "I'm not going to be here, there two beds and my princess is alone. Hell I think that she'd like to spend some time with Brock before we hit the road."

Shelby stepped out to call her husband while Matt spoke to a very nervous Shon. "Baby, I know you have a thing for Jessup. We're going to be going on the road for at least six months before we get back here. I don't want you to have regrets. Oh, God knows I've had enough.

I know you are mine. I want you to know, I don't have any problem with sharing. It's not cheating if I give you permission. I remember eighteen. As far as Shelby well, I've seen how she's looking at you."

Shon hugged her sweet daddy. Matt kissed his princess and left. Shelby came back in with her cell phone. On speaker was Deputy Jessup, "Hey pal, I hear we're going to be bunking with you tonight?"

When Shon said yes, the deputy announced he would be bringing dinner. He had to end the call quickly because he had a hot call for service. Shon asked what a hot call for service was.

"That happens all the time, that means he has to hang up turn on his lights and respond to a call." Shon asked how she lives with that. "It isn't easy baby."

Between clients Karla stopped by. When Shelby announced that she would be driving us to the doctor's appointments and out for a girl day of shopping. Karla was thrilled. "The old beaters getting more miles up and down at the shop than on the road these days.

When Karla zipped back down to the bookstore Shelby blurted, "That boy is the ugliest drag queen in the history of drag queens." Shon had a pained look on her face.

She continued, "I'm sorry I don't mean to diss your friend. He isn't in drag for the right reason. With you it's a matter of completion. With him it's a matter of revenue. An Illusion so the John can relax while using him."

Shelby paused then asked, "Shon I have wondered, why did you turn down moving in our cabin? We so wanted to take care of you. My Brock likes you a lot... and ummm..." Her voice trailed off.

Shon saw that there was more on Shelby's heart but answered from his. "Shelby that was the reason I was cast out of the community. Jon wanted me as his spare hole. Just like Brock wanted me. That's not what I want."

"Shon, that's not why we offered the cabin to you. I know my boy likes a variety of play. There are things I can't do for him, and some I don't want to. I do love watching him play... but I liked you. There have been dozens of Karla's but only one of you.

I would have loved having you come live in the house. I just thought the cabin would give you privacy if you got tired of us." The older woman pulled Shon tight, softly kissing the young lady in training.

Shon was used to the power of men kissing her, but this was something new. It was soft, gentle, almost teasing in nature. Even when she kissed Karla she could feel the rough hair against her face. This was just soft flesh pressing on soft flesh. "I knew we would love sharing that." The older woman started pulling more outfits out of the bags.

Shelby's eye was spot-on, almost everything fit. There was some that Shon didn't care for and those were put aside. There was a beautiful full-length sable coat, it fit her perfectly. Shon knew it was expensive and felt she couldn't accept it.

"Shon honey, I will never be able to fit in it again. It will sit in my Mama's attic until hopefully someday one of my girls can fit in it. If it survives the moths. You need a coat now. Please baby..."

That ended the discussion. There was also a nice utilitarian ski jacket.

At the bottom of the bag was her old cheerleaders uniform. "Can I make a request?" Shon nodded her head yes, "Can you wear this tonight? Brock hasn't seen it since we were in high school. I walked down the aisle very pregnant. Just like I crossed the graduation stage about to burst. I think he'd like to see it on someone for nostalgia sake alone." Shon agreed.

After all was done Shon tried on the cheerleader uniform. There was a knock on the door and Karla entered. When he saw Shon He immediately ran out the door. He returned in ten minutes with a larger matching outfit. "Shelby I think this will fit you. It is one of your husband's special kinks." He turned his attention to Shon. "And you baby girl need to put these on. Twenty-seven ninety-five each please."

The packet contained a gold toned pair of hose, that matched the black and gold cheer uniform. Shon slid the pantyhose up her legs and found out they were crotch-less. The gap would be covered with her black satin panties. Shon opened her wallet and paid for everything. She doubted it would just be dinner.

When the newly-minted panty girl opened her wallet. Karla and Shelby turn to each other and said at the same time, "Purses."

Shon looked at the pile of clothing that she was keeping and added a word he never had a need for, "Luggage."

Karla asked, "Shelby, I have a question. I thought Brock went to Pickford High School. Why does he have me dressing up for LaSalle?"

"Because my boyfriend lost a bet... I went to LaSalle and my boyfriend at the time was a real jerk. My folks didn't like him. He bet the quarterback of the other team a date with his girlfriend over the victory. Pickford and Brock won. I was mad as hell that Stanley did that. I honored the bet because of school pride and juvenile stupidity.

Brock was a gentleman he gave me a kiss on the cheek in front of my father and wished me a good night. When I broke up with Stanley my daddy was over the moon. Right up until the condom broke. Even then he loved Brock."

The two panty girls turned to each other saying, "Awe..." Two pillows flew across the room hitting Karla and Shon... Yes, this was a mother with dead aim. Karla kissed Shon's cheek, "Baby girl just came by to say this is the last stop by today. I am booked for a bachelor party from the motor city. Shelby keep the uniform."

When Karla left the women took the unwanted items to the charity box. Then they spent the next few hours with Shelby giving lessons on walking in heals, sitting and feminine public deportment. Shon was exhausted. Shelby saw the fatigue and began cuddling with her new girl friend as they watched a romantic comedy.

Shelby covered the younger boyish version of herself. She kissed Shon deeply. "Baby can I try a toy in you? If you don't like it we will stop." How could Shon say no to her new panty pal. Shelby lubed a inch and a half silicone ball with a tether and gently pushed it into the boy pussy. Her head rolled back in delight and Shon moaned in ecstasy. Shelby saw Shon's boy's clit swell to four inches.

"I thought so. Do you like how it feels?" Shon was breathless as she shook her head as Shelby gave the device a couple gentle tugs. Shon's breathing became erratic as he buried his face in the woman's d-cups. Boy juice was oozing from his boy clit. "I'll take that as a yes baby."

At the moment Shon thought it was a merciless act when Shelby yanked the little toy out of her boy pussy. She whimpered out loud. Shelby calmed her panty pal. "It's okay baby. it's a two-piece toy. I have to make the other part connect. Trust me you will love this, so will Matt, and Brock."

Once connected to the other part it looked like a really large soap bubble wand with a ball attached at the end. "Trust me?" Shon nodded yes. Shelby slid the ring portion over Shon's now flaccid cock. She had her pal lift her legs in the air and she shoved the ball portion between Shon's cheeks and into the hole. As soon as the ball make contact with her special part her boy clit began to swell.

"Well I'm glad you trusted me for that. Because I doubt you will trust me ever again when I tell you what I have to. Shon I'm a monster. It wasn't Brock who wanted you to move in with us, it was me. I'm so lonely. There are months at a time I barely see him. When he's on night shift, he comes in at the end of the night. Then he eats, kisses the kids, then staggers into the darkened bedroom and goes to bed.

I wanted someone to play with. When I looked at you I saw a younger me. I figured that might entice Brock... When you first started at Clarkson's corner I learned everything I could about you. Brock was completely enamored more for your boy pussy than anything else. That and the fact that you were an innocent.

When your chest started to become more puffy I started doing research. I found out about the plant steroids and estrogen. I caused this." She pointed to the girl's breasts. "I was the one who told Brock to give you the supplements. I told him it would fend off the brittle bones that kid's like you can develop. The supplements would do that, but I believed they would also expedite your breast growth.

Carl shared your desire to wear girls clothes with Brock. Then he shared his pillow talk with me. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted a girl in my life. Someone I could cuddle with when Brock was working the road or getting plowed in the ass at Clarkson's corner. I hope you can forgive me someday."

Shon wrapped his arms around the woman, "I already forgive you. I've never felt right in my body. I used to dress and Sarah's clothes when I was five. I was praying to know why God would do this all along. I wanted to know why he put me in a boy's body when it doesn't fit. Jon found me wearing Sarah's dress in the barn when I was nine. He was twelve and taught me how to give him a hand-job. It became our regular thing.

Doctor Ruiz always told me of the high possibility of breast growth. I like them, they are me."

Shelby gave Shon's inflated four inch cock a gentle tug. "Shon could we try something together that neither of us is done?" Shelby pushed Shon to his back. She straddled his hips pressing his cock to her anal opening and sat upon it. The narrow shaft slid within her virgin anal opening with little resistance. "I think I see why he likes this so much."

"Shelby that's kind of silly." Shon said laughing, "For one thing If he's getting fucked by Karla she's six inches long and about two inches thick. This is one thing that size does matter I doubt I'm even hitting your Skene's gland. If it's like our prostate there is nothing better to bump."

After twenty minutes of not being able to make either cum, Shon was frustrated to the point of tears, "Shelby, I am not a boy. My junk isn't right." Shelby held the sobbing teen. "Shelby, how do two girls have sex?"

"However we want baby... Kissing, some use sex toys like a vibrator, massage, mutual masturbation, oral sex, body rubbing. OH FUCK!!!"

"Exactly Shell, I am not a boy anymore. You wanted a girl, why are you expecting me to fill in for the well hung ex-QB? Teach me to be your girl friend?"

The two snuggled, kissed and talked. Shon taught Shelby how Matt made his boy clit gush by the fire under the stars. Shelby taught Shon how to massage her girl parts to the same result.

After their play time Shelby came up with a plan to surprise Brock. After dinner she would complain that he stunk and should take a shower. They would quickly get dressed in the uniforms and surprise him when he came out.

A little after six Deputy Jessup arrived bearing Korean food. Shon didn't know what to expect when the bags were opened. Shelby was excited about something called bulgogi. She said it was a Korean BBQ steak. Brock had chadol baki beef brisket with shrimp as well. "Here you go pal. I noticed you always eat chicken so I figured you'd like some dak bouk goom."

Shelby saw the flash of disappointment on my face. "It's okay sweetie. We eat off each others plate anyway. You eat chicken because it's cheap right?" Shon shook her head but added that she did like it.

Brock put a piece of something called kim bap into Shelby's mouth and her face lit up. Then he did the same thing to Shon and she understood why. Shon just finished swallowing when Brock spotted a drop of soy sauce running down her chin and swiped it up with his finger. She sucked the finger into her mouth and sucked the fluid off his finger seductively. Shelby said, "Oooh, Good job baby."

Shelby gave her pointers on how to use chopsticks and pointed out the various types of kimchi appetizers. Shon didn't care for the cabbage but did like the sprouts, cucumbers and tofu. Then the group moved on to the en-trays. Shon took a few bites of the chicken dish and her face lit up as if it were on fire. Each bite was hotter than the last.

As she started coughing and gagging, Brock quickly handed the teen a beer to quench the fire. In almost no time half of it was gone. "You can have one bottle, just don't turn me in." The big man winked.

Shelby reached over and sampled some of the chicken on Shon's plate. She turned to Brock and smacked his forehead, "You didn't get mild!" When the man argued it wasn't that hot Shelby replied, "Maybe I should have Shon climb under the table and give you head right now."

Brock had a sudden panicked look on his face. If her cheeks were not already on fire because of the oily pepper sauce, they would see a deep red blush.

Shon didn't want there to be any trouble, so she interrupted, "It's okay, I just wasn't ready for it. It tastes good." Shelby realized the girl was exaggerating a little. Her nose was running and eyes were still watering.

Shelby slid a spoonful of rice into Shon's mouth, "Suck on it a little bit. It'll absorb some of the pepper oil and cool your mouth." Brock swapped plates and Shon kissed his cheek. The rest of the meal went without incident.

The three sat on the beds looking at what was on TV. Shelby sprung her trap wrinkling her nose she said, "Oh sweetie. Your body smells like the inside of your man girdle." Shon heard the big man refer to his bulletproof vest as a man girdle in the past. To Shon, Brock smelled good like a real man but she understood the need for the deception.

Brock took a hit of his own odor and headed to the shower. Shelby said Matt wanted to watch his baby play. Shon said it was fine with him. She set up her tablet to cover the bed. Then she too got changed.

Brock emerged from the shower to see his twin cheerleaders, "Brock Brock he's our man, if he can't score no-one can..." Before they finished their cheer he was firming under his towel.

Shelby pressed her lips against Shon's. Shon took the submissive role and let Shelby guide the action. Brock was not content to stand by on the sidelines. He walked to the two women engaged in pleasuring each other. He started fondling Both of the asses before him.

"Someone's out of uniform. Shon your cheer captain isn't wearing her panties." He rubbed his hands over the silky fabric under Shon's skirt.

Shelby whined, "I'm sorry Brocky I left my panties at home."

Brock said, "Young lady that was not a good enough excuse. I think punishment must be meted out." He bent the sexy mother of his children over his lap, then turned toward Shon, "But uniforms should be the same don't you think?" The younger cheer girl nodded yes. She slowly slid her panties from her hips while bending, showing her perfect peach like bottom. Brock playfully swatted his wife's ass ten times.

"Wait a minute I do believe I owe someone some swats for their birthday. Eighteen and one to grow on." Shon let her bottom lip protrude. "It will hurt more if I have to come over there." Shelby was rubbing her bottom and she climbed off of her husband's lap. Shon bent at the hip and laid her tummy across the big man's lap.

Shon could tell the powerful man was holding back. That said he did count out eighteen swats and one to grow on and they did sting. The girl in training's cheeks were glowing red and burning.

The swats became a rub and that rub was joined by a warm tongue flicking between Shon's little clitty and her boy pussy. "That's it young lady make your teammate's hole wet and ready. Maybe I will let her return the favor."

Every so often Shelby would run her tongue down Shon's tiny clitty to scoop up a little bit of her sweet watery juice. Brock could feel the girl's discomfort. "What's wrong baby doesn't it feel good?"

"It feels good but you know I don't get hard, Unless I have something ummm, in back there." Brock slid his middle finger into Shon's boy pussy tickling her prostate.

Shelby saw the girl's body respond to the manipulation from her husband. "Daddy Brock, can Shon rub her clitty against mine please daddy?"

"Tell you what girls, join me up on the bed. Hasn't the mighty victorious QB earned the right to see some nips." Shon stood removing herself from the big man's lap.

"Shon baby, my zip is stuck can you help me pull my top off?" Shelby said with a wink. When the top went over Shelby's head Shon stole a kiss. She admired the breasts on the twenty-seven year-old mother of six, they neither sagged nor drooped. Shelby climbed onto the bed with Brock. "Join us baby so your daddy can see..." Shelby gestured to the camera on the tablet.

Shon knee walked up the bed. "Brock you wanted this as much as I, help me prepare our baby... be gentle."

Shon was shaking with excitement as the couple lifted her top. Her eyes were covered by the fabric and she felt soft warm lips on her left breast. She knew it was Brock. Her hand started to slide up her body towards her chest. Shelby whispered, "Sweetie you don't need to cover anything they're beautiful. You are beautiful."

The top cleared her body and was thrown into the corner. Shelby pressed her lips against Shon's wrapping her arms around the young woman's waist. All the while Brock continued his nipple play. His right hand slipped down young Shon's back. He softly pressed his thumb into her bottom while strumming his fingers on the girl's perineum.

She was in bed with two people who knew what they wanted, but poor Shon didn't know what to do. Shelby realize the girl was confused, "Sweetie we know this is your first, for now, just enjoy baby girl."

Brock slowly slid to a reclining position pulling Shon down against him. Shon began kissing the man's neck. Working her way down to his chest. He wasn't as furry as Matt, but it was nice. He had a musky smell even after his shower. She ran her lips across his right nipple then the left flicking her tongue across the nipples themselves.

Shelby helped the girl by guiding her down towards Brock's cock. He wasn't anywhere near as big as Matt, but it was still a respectable seven inches hard. By comparison to Shon he was huge, and clearly with six children it worked.

Shon's head was resting in his lap. She kissed the base of his cock. It was already starting to harden again. She kissed her way up his shaft. Then slowly licked the elongated helmet of his cut cock. Brock let out a low moan and Shon was so happy his wasn't "natural." She licked her lips and put the head in her mouth.

Shon thought it was an amazing feeling as it became fully erect in her mouth. She fought to keep eye contact as She started to bob her head up and down occasionally stopping just to tease the head with her tongue.

Shon was in heaven there She was in his wife's cheer uniform giving her first ever blowjob as a girl. Shon wondered if Shelby did this before in these clothes. Shelby pulled Shon's ponytail to the side so Shon's daddy could see on the camera. Shon had fantasized about this for so long and had never felt more like a girl or happy with her place.

Shelby continued her climb and started kissing her husband and stroking Shon's cheek. She began pressing the newly-minted girl against her husband's cock.

Shon continued to bob her head up and down. Shon felt his cock throb and almost instantly her mouth was full of his fertile seed. Shon swallowed his gift. She then looked up and asked, "Did I do well Bishop."

All action on the bed stopped as Shon burst into tears realizing her slip. "I meant to say Brock... Oh God why did I say that!"

In short order Brock was shifting from lover, to brother, to cop. "Shon, Did you ever do that for Bishop Miller?" The shaken figure shook her head yes. "When did it start baby?"

Shon realized Brock was not going to stop until the question was answered. "About a week after I was released from the hospital. Bishop Miller asked me to come to the barn. He told me that God changed me. That I was now the perfect vessel for HIS service. He told me I'd be receiving a special kind of communion, and it was my duty to accept it.

He said it was God connecting me, grafting me in to his family and our community. I thought it odd that I would perform this communion service weekly, sometimes more. As you know we Amish only celebrate communion twice a year. Communion also lasts all day, not three minutes."

"Shon, I need to know how old you were."

"I was ten and the last time was the day I was asked to leave."

The couple spent the next hour explaining what the three of them experienced was beautiful, natural love. Brock went on to explain what the bishop did to the boy was a crime. Shon pleaded with the couple to continue, "Please, I love how the two of you make me feel. Don't let him take that away from me too."

Shelby caressed Shon's face, "Okay baby, why don't you go into the bathroom and freshen up dear. We'll get things started out here and when YOU are ready honey, jump in."

Shon wiped her eyes seeing Bishop Milller in the mirror. "No you don't you bastard. You don't get another day, no not one more fucking minute of my life!" Shon freshened her warpaint and re-enter the sexual arena of the bedroom.

When she entered Shelby was sitting on Brock's face facing the headboard. Shelby was holding the headboard and grinding her twat into Brock's face, "Come on eat me baby. Stretch my cunt lips with your teeth baby! YES! Daddeeeeey."

Shon crawled on the bed between Brock's legs. He felt her and his legs parted giving her access to his rod. Shon focused on her prize running her tongue up his shaft and licked his dripping sea of precum. Shon moved back down to his furry balls licking them clean.

Shon could tell by the smell that Shelby just had her pussy on his cock. "You like my little treat I left for you Shon? I came fast when I sat on Brock's cock. There is plenty for you baby."

"Yes Shelby. I think your juices may have run down to his ass too." Shon said as she ran her tongue over his hairy hole. She inserted her tongue in the sandy textured musky hole.

Brock moaned into Shelby's pussy. Shon moved over Brock's dripping cock. Shon held Shelby's hips for support. Shon squatted, grabbing Brock's cock and pressed its head to her yearning boy pussy. Shon wiggled her ass to grant its entrance. Once Brock's head broke through her hole, Shon plunged herself all the way down his shaft.

Shon grabbed ahold of Shelby's hips and pulled her ass to her face, "Yes, Shon, pleeease toss my salad while Brock eats my twat." Shon pushed her tongue deep into Shelby's asshole. Shelby moved back down to rest her pussy on Brock's face, then leaned forward opening her ass up for Shon to eat.

Brock and Shon worked Shelby over orally. Brock continued to roll his hips, grinding his cock into her boy pussy. Shon lifted up off of Brock's cock and slammed back down in between eating Shelby's ass out. Shelby was ready to cum and so was Brock.

Brock began to thrust his cock into her faster and faster. Shelby was pushing back against both of the tongues. Shelby screamed out as she filled Brock's mouth with her pussy juice.

Brock pushed his cock up as hard and as deep as his cock would go. Brock's cock swelled in Shon's boy pussy before she felt the hot river of thick cum release into her bowels.

Shon's clit released a puddle of clear boy juice. All three were spent from the day. Shelby looked down seeing Shon snuggling against her husband's chest. She saw the young girl passed out from exhaustion. "Okay baby, I owe you this." and snuggled alongside the wounded baby and her husband.

As the couple snuggled together with the teen, Brock whispered to Shelby, "Only one thing could make this better sweetie."

Shelby replied, "I know."

The three dropped off so fast the video link was not closed. Matt was furious. Not that his baby had such fun. His wrath was focused on Bishop Miller. He had to protect his baby but how? Gratefully he fell asleep rather than acting in haste and rage.

The next morning the group was all smiles as they dressed and went down to the diner at four. It was important to get the deputy sent off to work with a hearty meal. Especially considering how much exercise he got last night. There were a few friendly cat calls when Shon entered in her red dress. The staff loved seeing the smile on her face. A few of the tourists joined in not knowing the whole story.

Brock spoke as they ate, "Shon about our discussion last night, I'll have to talk to the state's attorney. I'm not sure what we can do. I AM sure you'll agree Bishop Miller needs to be kept away from children." Shon realized the Deputy was right, but she wanted to see it in the past.

Shon was surprised as Carl joined the trio wiping the sleep out of his eyes. He had never been a big breakfast eater. Normally choosing to sleep through the early morning hours. Brock kissed Shelby and Shon and went on-duty

Carl made the blunder of asking what he missed. He realized he crossed a line into something unpleasant and backed off. He was dealing with a difficult decision as well. Shon noticed the swelling on the man's right cheek, "What is this?"

Carl laughed, "A love tap or a wake up call... still trying to figure that out. I guess it is a wake up call. I'm going to find a real home.

I had a client last night, a horned up bachelor party attendee... He was drunk and thought I was a real girl. Then my wig slipped and he saw it was a guy polishing his missile. He lost it. His buddy stepped in before he could hit me again.

My knight in shining armor was a guy from my past. He told me how much he missed me. We caught up on old times. Then he said he regretted how I 'ended up' as a whore and left me. I was hoping for a pretty woman ending out here. It ain't gonna happen. I have a bit of coin banked, car is packed and a buddy in Atlanta is wanting to help me start over. Gonna do it right this time."

Shon grabbed on to his friend. Carl (and his alter ego Karla) was more than a friend the two halves of the same person were family. "Shon, for a year you held me together. Tended split lips and broken hearts. While you were gone I felt like I lost an anchor. I need to quit leaning and start standing.

For you this amazing change is reality, you are becoming a real princess. For me it was always a bandage. A fantasy to cover the wounds of my life. Fantasies and dreams do end, just like wounds heal. It's time for me to let Carl out of the closet."

Carl kissed his bestie good-bye. From the doorway Carl shouted back, "You tell that trucker if he breaks your heart, I'll hunt him down."

The women watched Carl's car head east towards Rudyard and I-75. Shelby hugged her mini-me, "This isn't the end. Our lives are books, he is turning the page and starting his next chapter. As a kid, and now as a mother of six, I know there is a Disney song for all occasions. His new chapter should be, True To Your Heart."

5:00 A.M. - They made it to the twenty four hour pharmacy. Shon bought her first package of panty liners. The clerk joked, "First visit from Aunt Flo dear?" Shon blushed. "You may want to get some maxis too just in case."

Shelby saved Shon from terminal embarrassment, "My baby sister only spots. If it gets worse I have her ... covered and plugged." The two women laughed at the little menstrual joke as Shon's blush deepen. She was pleased for one thing no one saw her as a boy. The next stop would be the real test.

6:00 A.M. - The women pulled up in front of Doctor Ruiz's office. Shon took a deep breath and she reached for the door of the Escalade. Shelby could tell the fear in the young lady was palpable. "You got this kid. Your doctor is not going to be surprised."

His receptionist Giselle handed Shon a clipboard, "New patients must fill out the insurance documents, before being seen."

"Giselle it's me Nahshon Beiler. I just go by Shon now." The receptionist stared deeply into the face of the young woman before her. Through her lips came a loud string of profanities in another language. Giselle reached across the counter pulling the boy she knew into a hug.

Hearing the string of colorful language Doctor Ruiz rounded the corner, "Giselle, this is not the language that we use in the office." When his eyes made contact with Shon he repeated many of the same words.

The older man entered the lobby pulling Shon into a strong embrace. "Que esta sucediendo en el cielo... ...que se estan escapando los angeles?"

Shelby translated, "What's happening in the sky... ...that the angels are escaping?" Doc applauded the translation.

The Doctor asked if Shon would like Shelby as an escort. She looked at Shelby and shook her head. The gentleman led the ladies back to the exam room. Shon brought him up to speed on all the changes in her life. "Shon, I always thought you might like boys but I did not see this coming. You have blossomed into a beautiful woman. Bombon, a stunner." Shon blushed and the exam continued.

A new phrase entered Shon's vocabulary 'Rapid Onset Gynecomastia.' The doctor took time to educate the young woman on the changes in her body. "You have lovely breasts. I believe they have grown to B cups. Are they still growing?" Shon nodded yes. The doctor showed her how to perform a breast exam, to screen for lumps.

Shon couldn't help releasing a soft moan under the Doctor's firm touch The doctor said it was normal. "Your new tissue is soft and sensitive You will feel things differently there. Is there pain?" Shon said they were tender and sore at first but it was fading.

The Doctor asked, "You have a man in your life?"

When Shon nodded her head Shelby said, "Teach him how to do the exam, It will bring pleasure to both of you." The doctor laughed and agreed.

Doctor Ruiz ran blood tests for hormone levels due to the sudden swell. He suspected the vitamin supplement that Shon was taking may have introduced natural estrogen to her body. He explained ingredients like tea-tree oil and lavender were prime suspects. Shon didn't share Shelby's involvement.

"Shon usually you don't need to be treated. Teenagers' breasts will go back to a more normal shape on their own, often within two to three years. But you chica bonita are far from normal. The last thing I want to do is screw with your hormone levels any more, ice packs and ibuprofen can lessen any pain. I think the best thing I can prescribe is time."

7:00 A.M. - With the exam completed, the two women departed and began their shopping. Shelby insisted on starting the day with a mani-pedi and a full beauty treatment. Shelby picked out light pink gel nails with french tips for Shon.

She'd never considered going to a hairdresser. A ponytail had always been good and served her. What these women at the salon did was a miracle. It was like an Indy pit crew for beauty everyone knew their task.

8:30 A.M. - Handbags were next on the list, Shelby said it'd be good to walk to get used to the heels. That's when it happened. The young ladies were walking towards Maxine's "It is like the place for bags sweetie."

Maxine's was just on the other side of the square. In that square that day was the Amish market. Shon cringed as they walked by Deacon Wittmer's booth. Jon initially glanced at the English women. As they passed the glance became a stare.

The young man said loudly, "Nahshon!? What have you done?"

Bishop Miller heard the exclamation and added one of his own. "Sodom has visited us. Boy repent and turn away from your ways. What has become of you? Did I not raise you better?"

Shelby tugged on her young friend's arm. Shon would have none of it, it was as if a switch had been flipped. Shon spun shouting, "What has become of me? What became of me is you. You became one with me. You with your secret communions in the barn. The communion that required me to kneel before you when you planted your foul seed in my mouth.

Did you not raise me better? All of those years. You shaped me! Now you demand a different answer?! You filthy hypocrite." Shon was sitting on eight years of restrained rage, suddenly the dam broke. She clenched her fists and sent them flying against the so called man of God's chin. "Some of the pious ask what would Jesus do? When faced with hypocrites and zealots, flipping tables and acts of violence ARE in the book!

What changed? God changed me, you changed me, our people changed me... choose any one or all. If I have stumbled it was you, ALL OF YOU who put the stumbling block in my path. Mostly it was this community that could not protect it's weakest member from the monster who leads it."

Deacon Wittmer was on the verge of tears. Shon felt the man's conviction and guilt as he genuinely apologized, "Nahshon, sweet child. I beg your forgiveness. We did not protect you Nahshon. Forgive us we failed, I failed you."

Shon replied, "Protect the little ones. Do not allow that man to speak God's word."

Bishop Miller hoping to maintain some small amount of control and dignity told the police that no charges would be filed for Shon's act of battery.

09:30 A.M. - As they departed Shon told Shelby, "Damn, I broke a nail." Hugging her, Shelby grinned at the teens use of an all to rare obscenity.

Shon and Shelby went back to the salon to have the nail repaired. When Shelby shared the story the girls at the salon cheered and didn't charge for the repair.

One of the girls was once of the community. She was crying as she kissed Shon's cheek. She recognized Beatrice as a girl who did not return from her rumspringa before Shon's change. "Shon, you are not alone. The 'bishop' had several child 'vessels.' I wish I had your courage, but I knew no one would believe me."

Shelby took a card and wrote on it. "Call this number. He will believe you. You had the courage to survive, you CAN do this. If you know others, let them know this man will fight for them. This is the only way to stop this evil monster from finding new vessels."

The ladies departed and finished shopping. The girls found some tights for Shon to wear under the leathers, a few purses and a nice set of luggage for Shon and returned to the motel.

All of the clothing was packed and ready. Shelby promised Brock would help Matt load. Looking over the packed bags leaving her only home became real.

10:30 A.M. - Brock called Shelby telling her the road to her parent's place was open. "Your dad and I want to talk to Shon here."

Shon had met the Ketelsen's family compound a few times over the last year. Brock and Shelby had Shon over for cook outs. Shelby's father Gunner was a vigorous man always active and on the move. Shon had more than a little crush on the uber daddy. She saw that he had eyes only for his Adela, and of course his baby girl. That love did not stop the occasional visit to Clarkson's Corner.

The circle drive in front of the property was loaded with cars and news vans. Shelby went into the private drive and parked in the attached garage. When we entered the Ketelsen home Shelby's mother greeted us. She hugged on her daughter then turned to Shon, "Oh my you were a pretty boy now you are a beautiful young lady." She kissed Shon's cheek. "My husband and his guests are waiting for Shon in the parlor."

Shon was terrified clutching Shelby's hand at the door to the parlor, "Do you want me to go in with you baby." Shon nodded.

The door opened and they stepped in to see seven or eight law enforcement officers and a whole bunch of people in suits. Shon began crying, "He promised he wasn't going to prosecute. I'm leaving the state tomorrow please don't, don't arrest me." Shelby pulled the terrified teen into a tight embrace.

Gunner Ketelsen the Chippewa County Prosecuting Attorney approached rapping Shon in his arms. "No one here is going to arrest you. After seeing the video, even if he files charges no one in their right mind would prosecute. You are the poster child for justifiable homicide. You could have cut that man's balls off and no one would prosecute."

"What video sir?"

Mr. Ketelsen introduced Shon to his boss, the attorney general for the state of Michigan. Shon knew Mr. Ketelsen was an attorney she never knew he was a prosecutor. The woman in the power business suit asked the question, "You haven't seen the video on YouTube? It's only been released for an hour and a half but it's got a half million plus hits."

Shelby replied, "Ma'am, I think you're talking to one of the few 18 year olds who does not have cell phone."

The Attorney General pulled out her tablet and played the video for Shon. "Golly, I didn't realize I hit him twice. That's how the nail on my left hand broke."

"A very nice uppercut young lady and that's actually the most common comment."

Shon was introduced to everyone in the room including the court reporter. He was present to take her deposition.

After the deposition Mister Ketelsen spoke, "Because of that video you are what is considered a tainted victim for prosecution. That said, you are in fact a lightning rod as well. My phone has been ringing off the hook with other survivors. This is why I asked the AG to come out.

We're hoping we can talk you into joining us on a press conference. The attorney-general's trying to bring justice in the Catholic sex abuse issue. But it needs to be painted in a broader palette, It happens in other faiths as well.

To put it in marketing terms, you tick a lot of metrics. The state wants to make the point, that no one, no church or organization is above the law."

Shon was uncomfortable with the thought of being a poster child. She did know she had to stand up.

By three-thirty the press conference was finished. Shelby's family thought it would be wise that Shon not return to the motel. Mr. Clarkson was able to relay a message to Matthew to meet at the Ketelsen home. He also helped the deputies gather their belongings from the room and they were delivered to the compound.

Just before the six pm news hour Matt arrived. Brock helped the big man park and load his rig. Shon disappeared into the arms of her man. The stress of the day finally broke. The news broke with a live report of the arrest of Bishop Miller, on six counts of statutory rape. Shon was sobbing into Matt's strong chest.

It was hoped that with the other victims coming forward, secondary depositions would not be needed. Matthew promised if she was needed to be present for court or for deposition he would fly her back.

Once all the journalists politicians and prosecutors departed there was still a large amount of people In the Ketelsen home. Mr. And Mrs. Ketelsen, Brock, Shelby and their six kids with Matt and Shon. Dinner was a very noisy event.

By the time the ten o'clock news came on, the number of victims had climbed to thirty. The statute of limitations had expired on many of them but still they came forward more and more by the hour. Shelby asked her folks to watch the children for the night. The two couples made their way out to the cabin.

What the Ketelsen's called a cabin, most people would call a two bedroom ranch house. Mrs. Ketelsen called it her she-shed or guest house. Shelby and Brock called it their first home.

As the two couples walk to the cabin there was little doubt that only one bedroom would be used.

Brock opened a very expensive bottle of very sweet wine. Shon initially held up her hand and he said "You're an adult tonight." The teen dutifully looked at Matt who nodded in the affirmative. Then to her absolute shock Matt pressed his lips against Brock's.

Matt boasted,"I thought you knew Brock was one of my best customers back in the day."

The lawman replied, "Best day in my life when my father-in-law introduced me to Clarkson's Corner's little secret. It was Matt here who taught me I was a versatile. Of course it took a few visits to figure that out."

They sat and the group and reminisced. The second bottle of wine was emptied, and a third opened.

So they drank, and started getting kind of tipsy. Shon and Shelby began dancing slowly together. Shon was feeling no pain. Everyone was in a mellow mood and fun talk became discussions about intimate stuff. All mouths fell open as Shelby let it slip Shon took her anal cherry. Shon was ashamed and the two men were shocked.

Shelby saw the look on the shamed teens face. She held Shon close whispering, "Baby that was more thank you than anything else. It let Brock know I lost a bet." Brock walked over and hugged her tight as well and thanked her. Shon was just confused.

Matt wrestled Shon out of their arms asking how. Shelby gave him the little toy. "It can be used just as a cock ring or with the stimulator. It does keep her clitty hard. Just remember Matt after while it hurts her."

Shelby asked her hubby to help set up the big bed. While they left Matt looked at Shon saying, "I will never force you to do anything, but I will ask you to try. I really do like to sixty-nine my partner."

The married couple pushed the sections of the pit group together creating a large square surface. Once they applied the mattress pad and sheets it looked like a large bed. A plethora of pillows were taken from the two bedrooms. And blankets deployed for later.

The thumping dance music was swapped for soft gentle Spanish guitar to lull the group and set the mood. More sweet wine and a little more discussion on Shon's three-some with the Jessup couple and solo action with Shelby turned the couples on.

They felt hot and excited from the talks. Matt softly touched Shon's tit. She really liked it and put his hand on her boy clitty that was leaking just from him caressing her breast.

Matt began feeling inside of Shon's panties touching her little boy pussy. Shon slid off her panties and her man began eating her hole. Matt began nibbling with the rim of the Princess's pucker as he slowly slid fingers deep within her. He was taking his time shoving one than two. He would wiggle them around in order to stretch the hole. Then the third finger twisting and plunging.

Shon was slowly becoming lost to the situation Vocalizations became louder and louder moans. She knew that they weren't the only ones in the bed but she wasn't embarrassed In fact It made her even more excited. A passing thought did this make her a slut whore? She didn't care, she felt loved and alive is Matt continued caressing her princess clitty it pumped out more and more boy juice under the trucker's dual assault.

Shon opened her eyes and looked for her friends. She thought they were lying on the bed next to them. What she saw turned her on even more. The couple in fact had not yet fully climbed onto the bed. Brock was standing in front of Shelby. She was on her hands and knees giving him a blow job. She looked beautiful. Her firm round ass was moving as her head slid up and down his love stick. It looked as if she loved sucking cock and she really knew how to do it right.

Shon didn't know why but she was almost overcome by the desire to feel The older woman's beautiful ass. She wondered how much time this woman spent in the gym to keep her body in such good condition. Shon also wondered since she wad attracted to Shelby did that make her a lesbian too? She had a million of those kind of questions. Desperately she saw to find out who and what she was.

Perhaps it was the alcohol. She didn't care. Her attraction for Shelby dimmed the rest of what was going on. Matt didn't know what was going on. He kept on licking Shon out. Matt realized Shon wasn't one hundred percent there. He stood up behind her now wet and ready hole and stuck his cock deep within her boy pussy. The brief flash of the pain of his entry faded into blissful joy quickly.

The young woman's focus was back on her man. Matt's bull nuts were crushing against where Shon's would have been. Shon look down her body and saw Matt's bull nuts hanging below her clitty as if they were her own. She giggled with the size disparity.

Shon felt the bed shift and saw Brock climb on laying on the far corner of the pit. Shelby climbed on top of Brock and started writing his cock. She was on top of him jumped on him like some crazed whore. Shon felt Matt pause she looked over her shoulder. She saw the man staring at the other couple when he realized he and Shon weren't the only ones fucking. Shon felt as her love busted his nut in her bowels.

Man where they fucking! Shelby was really riding Brock cowgirl style. Suddenly her body shuttered, both Shon and Matt realized she orgasmed. Brock looked up wickedly at her, "You know our deal... You let him in the hole, it is open for the season."

"Only if you can talk Shon into getting me ready..." Then she smacked Brock hard, "...and Shon is a girl not a 'him'."

She looked back at Shon asking a question with just her eyes. Shon looked back at her Matt, "Please, may I?" Matt smiled down at his baby and nodded yes.

Shon could tell as he buried his tongue in the older woman's ass that she had cleaned herself today in preparation for this.This turn of events was a surprise to only one person and Shon didn't mind being the last to know. Shelby's lips wrapped around Brock's dick again as Matt reinserted his rod Into Shon's always eager backside.

Shelby used Matt a modification of Matthews technique She realized her fingers were much smaller than both Matt and Brock. In the end she used all four fingers, well lubed, to fuck her friends ass and get it spread for Brock's baby maker.

Shelby didn't stop moving her ass for a second. Matt and Brock we're leaning back observing it all. Then Shelby decided to push the envelope. She took Matt's dick and asked him if she could suck it. His dick was deep inside her mouth and her husband smirked.

Brock who was watching the three of us for the whole time understood Shon's desire. He came closer to her and shoved his dick in her hungry boy cunt. Her hole was still wet and full of Matt's seed. Shon was getting fucked in front of her boyfriend, and he was getting his dick sucked by another chick whose ass Shon was eating and spreading! Brock pulled out of Shon's ass ready for the main event.

Shon rolled to her back to the side of the action. She was spent and tried to move away, but the guys wouldn't stop. They put Shelby on all fours sixty-nining above the wiped teen. Matt fucked her mouth while Brock fucked her ass. Shon was fingering and tongue fucking the sexy mother's pussy. Shelby softly rubbed Shon's tender boy clit.

Soon Shelby and Brock had shuddering climaxes. Shon was so happy and glowing as their love juice ran onto her face. Shelby pulled the teen into a sisterly embrace as they watched Matt and Brock continue to play. The older woman kissed and cleaned Shon's face.

Not understanding the men's play drive Shon asked, "How to they do it?"

"They're boys baby, who really understands them?" Shon thought it was true, she never did understand what it was to be a boy. Though she was born one she really had no clue. Then Shelby said something that surprised her to no end. "You should have seen them play with Daddy." Suddenly the six children in ten years made sense. The man was insatiable.

Brock and Matt were kissing passionately fighting for dominance. The battle for dominance was decided by the fact that Matthew was still hard and Brock's impressive member was spent. Matt pushed Brock onto his back pulling the cop's legs onto his massive shoulders. Matt's eyes made contact with Shon's. A question was asked without any words. Shon leaned back into Shelby's pillowy breasts, as the woman's arms wrapped around her Shon simply nodded yes.

The two ladies cuddled as they watched their men play. As Matt slid his cock into Brock's tight ass, Brock let out a loud low primal moan. Shon knew that pleasure. Shelby whispered into Shon's ear "It felt nice, painful at first. You were right, I did like it. Still, I doubt I'll ever know how good it feels to you, or to them."

They piled into the shower together and fell asleep on the big bed. Shon was too excited to sleep she sat up in the bed watching the sunrise through the windows. Everything the whole world was vibrant to her for the first time in her life she felt a part of creation. Shon's eyes darted around, observing her sleeping partners, the decorations around the room, the birds starting to sing their morning songs.

To be honest the next day the group all felt really embarrassed but as they looked each other in the eyes during the breakfast, they understood that what happened was fun and that each one of them was glad it happened. The rest look tired but Shon who hadn't slept was having a difficult time trying to stay awake.

After a hearty breakfast the children asked for a tour of the big rig parked on the property. Matt was all too happy to oblige.

The couple mounted up in the truck. Matt looked into Shon's blurry eyes and ordered her back into the sleeper. He kissed his princess and put up the safety netting on the opening. This was to keep her secure in bed in case of an accident.

Then he handed her a bottle of water through the netting and told the teen to sleep. She watched out the front window for a while. The familiar settings soon disappeared. Shon wondered what new things this day would bring and drifted into a deep sleep.

This is the end.

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