Bangkok Panties


Maybe I'll get lucky.

When you take a vacation with a tour group, you can save a lot of money by electing to let the tour company find you a roommate. This way you can avoid paying the single supplement. I tried this on a trip to China, but ended up with a fat, obnoxious jerk who snored like a chainsaw. But I figure maybe by now I've used up all my bad luck and this time, on my upcoming Thailand tour, I'll share with someone halfway decent. Let's see what happens.

* * *

We all assemble in the Bangkok Airport baggage claim area, shepherded by the tour guide, a local Thai who speaks excellent English. I scan my fellow vacationers' name tags until I find my roommate. We've already met through email and exchanged face pics so he's not hard to find. He's a little younger than I, a short, slender Asian with big black eyes and lovely smooth skin, and I'm beginning to think, yes, my luck is changing.

I introduce myself. "So, we meet at last. I'm Tony." He shakes my hand.

"Lee. Good to meet you."

We don't have time to talk much on the bus to the hotel, because the guide is on the P.A. system, briefing us on what's going to happen during the ten day trip, the first three of which will be here in Bangkok. He doesn't mention anything about underage sex workers, but I'm sure thinking about them. It's very late when we arrive at the hotel, just time for a quick buffet dinner, then it's off to our rooms for some much needed sleep. In the room, I put my suitcase on the stand at the foot of my bed, kick off my shoes and take my pants off.

"The first thing I like to do after a long day is take my pants off," I say.

He's looking at me. "Sure, why not?" he says. I'm wearing a pair of white brushed cotton boxers, size S, a little too small, but they show of the shape of my cock quite nicely. If I'm not careful how I sit, my cock will show out of the leg.

"I'm gonna take a shower," he says, and drops his pants. I'm sitting on my bed watching him. He's wearing a pair of white cotton briefs, probably Hanes. They look pretty good on him. Then he peels off his shirt and slides his underpants down. He's sure not shy about showing his body to me. I run my eyes over him as he stuffs his shirt and briefs into a laundry bag. He has a nice uncut cock, quite a respectable size for a small guy. He picks up something from his suitcase and goes into the bathroom and I can hear the shower running as I unpack my stuff and stow it in the dresser. He comes out of the bathroom toweling himself off, then pulls on another pair of briefs. He still doesn't seem to mind that I'm staring at him, and I suddenly realize that these briefs are made entirely of satin. Wow! They look so hot.

"Are they satin?" I ask.

"Yes, my company makes them."

"You own a company that makes underwear?"

"It's owned by my family. They're from Thailand. I was born here but grew up in the States. I can speak perfect Thai. This is my first visit to my country of origin. I'm here to visit the factory, so this is a combined business and pleasure trip."

"What other kind of underwear does your company make?"

"Let me show you." He opens his lap top and invites me to sit beside him on his bed. By now I'm down to just my boxers and sitting next to this handsome guy who's wearing satin briefs is getting me excited. He hits a few keys and pulls up his company catalogue. There's a whole bunch of thumbnails of hot guys in briefs, boxers, thongs, you name it. I point to a pic of a model wearing the satin briefs that he has on.

"I think I've seen these before on the internet," I say, "but they were rather overpriced, somewhere near twenty-five bucks a pair, too rich for my blood."

"Yeah, it was probably our website. That's where we sell our stuff. Those briefs are one of our best selling items. You really like them?"

"I think they look great."

"Tell you what," he says, "I'm visiting the assembly plant tomorrow and I can pick you up a couple of pairs. What size are you?"


"Better make it thirty-four. They'll be more comfortable."

"Thanks. How much do I owe you?"

"It'll be my gift to you. Just buy me a drink in the bar sometime."

"It's a deal." He keys to another page, and I see a couple of dozen pics of ladies' panties, all sorts of styles and colors. "So you sell panties too?"

"Yep. Most of our customers are guys, believe it or not. We get a lot of positive feedback by email, and they`re buying them for themselves, not for their wives or girlfriends. Tell me, Tony, have you ever worn panties?"

"Well, er. . ."

"Come on, own up."

"Well, one time, back when I was married and my wife was out of town, I did try on some panties."

"One time, huh?"

"Actually it was more than once."

"Like every time she was gone, right?"

"To be honest, yes."

"And I bet you enjoy them. Don't be embarrassed. Every guy has tried on panties at some time or other, it doesn't mean you're gay or anything."

I point to a picture of a pair of pink satin panties, with short loose legs, like boxers, with an inch of white lace around the bottom. "They look hot, and these, too." I indicate a pair of lacey nylon briefs in a vivid turquoise color.

I'm conscious of the fact that I haven't showered since the day before and sitting so close to Lee might not be such a good idea, so I stand up. "I gotta shower," I say, and slowly slide my boxers down. He's looking at me, his face not two feet away from my dick. He doesn't look away, and I can feel an erection coming on, so I turn and go into the bathroom. When I come out, minutes later, he's already in bed.

"What are you doing tomorrow?" he asks. "The tour guide says we have a day to ourselves."

"Downtown, for the bright lights," I reply. He looks like he's about to nod off. "Goodnight," I say, and climb into my bed. After a few minutes, I jerk off very quietly, and fall asleep.

* * *

It's the next morning and I wake up to find him gone, off to visit his factory, I guess. It's not until the evening, after dinner, that I see him again. I'm lying on my bed in just my white underpants when he comes into the room.

"Hi, Tony. Like you said, first order of business is to get my pants off. There, that feels better." He's wearing his sexy satin briefs.

"You missed dinner," I say while he pulls off his shirt.

"I grabbed a quick Thai meal in a restaurant on my way back from the factory."

"How did it go?"

"Great. I signed a new labor contract and sorted out some human rights issues, altogether a successful day. What did you do?"

"As I said last night, I went downtown. Here, take a look at this." I produce my digital camera and show him the display screen. It shows the face of what appears to be a young girl, perhaps Eurasian, with big round eyes and pouty lips. She radiates sex. "Tell me, Lee, would you make love to her?"

"She looks a bit young, about twelve I think."

"I'm sure she's a lot older than she looks. Ignoring any legal implications, would you make love to her?"

"Oh, absolutely."

"You're quite sure?"

"Definitely. She's pretty hot."

I click to the next picture, which shows the same girl in full figure. As his eyes travel downwards from her face, he can see her small budding breasts with largish nipples, her lovely flat stomach and then a surprisingly large uncut cock and a pair of hairless balls.

"Jesus! A fuckin' ladyboy!"

"Yep," I say, "a shemale."

"Don't tell my, you didn't. . .?"

"I couldn't resist," I say. "She was in a bar and she came on to me, you know, the usual `you buy me drink' kinda thing. She ended up sitting on my knee with her arm round my neck and she said `You like boy?'. Then she grabbed my hand and pushed it up her skirt. She had a bulky package under there, which I would have imagined should have turned me off, but it didn't. I had to negotiate an exorbitant price with the mama san behind the bar, and then she took me down an alley to her room, quite small, but clean."

"And then you fucked her?"

"First, she sat on the bed and undressed me. I was as hard as a rock and she started to suck me off, but I didn't want to cum, so I started to undress her. I pulled her dress over her head and slid her tight white briefs down, and out popped her cock. I was sitting on the bed and she stood in front of me and I couldn't help myself. I just had to suck it."

"You gay old dog! Then what?"

"We ended up on the bed doing a 69, sucking each other off. Then she asked me to fuck her doggy fashion, so I obliged. She totally loved it, moaning and groaning and saying `fuck me, fuck me!'"

"Did you cum?"

"Not then. She seemed to be enjoying it so much I wanted to try it myself, so I got her to lay on her back while I sat on her cock."

"Did it hurt?"

"It stung a bit at first, but then as she got deeper and deeper it began to feel great, totally filling me. I was bouncing up and down on her and she stroked my cock gently. I couldn't last more than about two minutes and I came, shooting a big load over her face and tits. She was laughing, obviously enjoying it. It was the best sex ever!"

"So you lost your virginity to a ladyboy. Congratulations. How does your ass feel?"

"Sore, but happy."

"Oh, I nearly forgot," he says. "I have a present for you." From his briefcase he produces a package wrapped in white tissue. I open it and there lie two pairs of white satin briefs.

"Oh, marvelous," I say. "Thank you so much. I gotta try these on." I stand up and drop my boxers and pull a pair of the briefs on. Standing in front of the mirror, I admire myself.

"They look hot," he says. "And here's another gift." He hands me another package which I open and there are the two pairs of panties I admired the evening before, the pink satin boxers and the turquoise briefs.

"You remembered! You're a genius, Lee. Thank you."

"Try them on."

I drop my briefs and pull on the pink panties. By now, my dick's quite rigid and bulges inside the satin. He stands beside me as I admire myself in the mirror. "You know, they'd look good on you," I say. "Try them on." I slide them down and hand them to him, and pull on the turquoise briefs, in semi-translucent nylon, through which you could see my cock. They have little bows at the side. Lee pulls on the pink satin lacey boxers. We stand side by side, admiring ourselves and each other.

"Let's get a pic of this," he says. We each have an arm around the other's shoulders as I frame the shot in the mirror and click the camera. Together in our panties, we look incredibly erotic, both with hard-ons, wearing big smiles. "Now lets get a pic of us facing each other, each groping the other's package," he says.

Amazing, this is just what I want. "I can put the camera on a timer," I say, placing it on the dresser and setting it up. Then we face each other and grope each other's cocks while we wait for the flash to go off, gazing into each other`s eyes. It's only a wait of a few seconds, but I want it to go on forever. The camera flashes, and I expect him to take his hand away but he doesn't, just keeps on stroking my cock through the satin.

"How about a shot with our hand down the front of our panties?" I ask

"Perfect." We slide our hands into each other's panties .

"I've gotta set up the camera," I say.

I step over to the dresser and set up the shot, then come back and we put our hands back where they belong. I can feed the rigidity of his cock, the smooth softness of it, and the wetness at the tip. His hand on my own cock sends shivers up my spine. The seconds tick by and then the flash goes off.

"Only one thing could make it better," he says.

"What would that be?"

"If we kissed."

I set up the camera again and then put my hand down inside his panties and my other arm round his neck. He does the same, and we lock lips, our tongues battling. As soon as the camera goes off, I put both my hand on his butt and pull this body towards mine, grinding our cocks together. Then we fall together on to his bed. He's lying on top of me and between kisses he's moaning, "Fuck me, fuck me, please." He pulls his knees up alongside my chest, sits up and pulls my cock out of the leg on the turquoise panties. He lifts himself up and guides my cock up the leg of his pink panties until the tip is touching his anus. I pull his cock out of the other leg of his panties and try to reach it with my lips, but I can't bend forward enough. I content myself with just stroking it gently. I don't want him to cum too soon.

Then he lowers himself on to my cock, and it slowly slides in. I can't tell whether the expression on his face is pain or ecstasy. My dick goes in right up to the hilt. "Oh, that's it! Yes! Jesus, it feels so fuckin' good" He starts to lift and lower his body, slowly at first, then faster and faster, his head thrown back, groaning with pleasure. I look down at our cocks, mine thrusting in and out of his ass, his in my hand, soaking wet at the end, and at the pink satin and turquoise nylon panties that make us both look so sexy. I'm almost ready to cum when without warning, he shoots a big blob of cum on to my cheek, several on to my chest and a big dribble over my hand. Half a dozen more strokes and he collapses on top of me, his chest smearing his cum into the hairs on my chest. I lick my hand, and with a finger, scoop the cum off my cheek and put it in my mouth.

"Mm, delicious!" I say.

"God, I needed that!" he says. "Best fuck I've had in ages. Did you cum?"

"No, but as soon as you're horny again, will you suck me off?"

"Try to stop me," he says.

I think I just got lucky.

The End

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