It came up all of a sudden. I never expected to be aroused by something so kinky. But, it just hit me.

Lately, I have begun to see lady's shorts in stores and wondered what it would be like to show off my junk and legs in something so short.

From there, it just took off. I didn't know why, but it felt wrong in the right way.

I started to create this vision of a slutty boy-girl in my head. In my head it was less role play and more cosplay. A decidedly masculine guy carried away by the spectacle of it all.

After a shopping trip full of shame and excitement, I arrived home ready to live out my fantasy. It started with lip gloss, eye shadow and mascara. At first, I never envisioned make-up as part of my play. But, it just seemed right to go forward completely with this seductive masquerade. Sparkles and bright blues transformed my face.

Once my face was painted, it was time to dress up. I started with a thong I already owned. I always loved how it makes my chubby butt look.

With underwear on, it was time to roll on my panty-hoes. I was intrigued by how the garment stretched. As I pulled the hoes higher up my legs, it came time to pull the top over my pubis. The way my cock strained against the hosiery was more erotic than I could have imagined. My throbbing cock strained against the heavily elasticized undergarment, already stimulated by a skimpy thong.

To complete the transformation, I put my less than toned pecks in a bra. Although far from as stimulating as the hosiery, a unexpected satisfaction came from hooking the pink bra. My look was complete.

After a glance in the mirror, I enjoyed some porn while thinking of the eroticism of my situation. My cock continued to strain against the hosiery.

Abstaining from touching my cock became too much. After a few compulsory rubs over my hoes, I rolled them down enough to have full access to my uncut cock.

I began stroking in my steady characteristic manner, but it was clear that the previous arousal from the hoes had made my cock quite engorged. When I finally came, my hips bucked high. The pulsing of my penis was more palpable than the random jerk off session. The orgasm pulsed through my whole body as my dick tingled in a familiar, pleasurable way.

Still surprised by the drive to do such a sexually perverted thing as cross dress, I knew that I had reached a new kind of satisfaction and that cross dressing would become part of my sexual routine.

This is the first time I've submitted an erotic story. This story is based on my real life experience as a 23 year old gay man.

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