The following story is complete fiction. It didn't happen. If you don't like reading gay sex stories or aren't allowed to for legal reasons, then don't. If you do like to and can, go for it. This story is copyrighted February, 2001 by the author. It may be posted to other websites as oong as my name and email adress are included and no changes are made. A courtesy email to let me know you plan to post to another website would be appreciated.



     Eric burst into his apartment and practically threw his briefcase across the room. "Fucking, lying, silicone slut cunt!" he yelled to no one in particular. Good thing - no one else was there. He tore off his suit coat and slammed it to the floor. "Stupid bitch can't even sign her own name unless someone shows her how!" His tie flew somewhere across the room; shoes sailing somewhere else. "If she'd use her fucking brain even half as much as she uses that stinking pussy she might be worth something!" He fixed himself a drink at his bar and gulped it down in one swallow, then poured another... "But I doubt it...SHIT!" he yelled as he yanked his shirt open, buttons bouncing on the floor. The shirt ended up across the bar - his t-shirt landed on the floor behind the bar. He kicked his pants off as he poured himself a third drink. He stomped across the room and almost threw himself on his sofa, now down to his underwear, and kicked the coffee table away.

     Obviously Eric was a tad miffed. At 29, he was a middle manager in his company and was up for a promotion to senior management. Today he learned he'd lost the promotion to a co-worker (A co-worker whom one would think he didn't much care for). He gulped down his third straight drink and almost broke the glass slamming it down on the coffee table. He went to his treadmill and started it up at a full run. Soon the sweat was pouring off his body.

     "Not one fucking brain cell in that head!" he told himself, "All the bitch did was fuck her way to the top! Fucking cunts always whining about equal rights. If things were equal I should be able to fuck MY way to the top, too!" He turned off the treadmill and headed into the bathroom. He stripped off his underwear, turned the shower on full blast and stepped under the spray. He started soaping himself down, and when he started to soap his dick, he thought of Trev.

     Yeah! That's what he'd do! He'd go see his best fuck buddy, Trev. Trev always made him feel good. Not just for the moment, or just to bend over for him, but to take care of him and calm him down and make him feel good about himself and send his head up in the clouds.

     Trevor was a year younger than Eric. They'd been best friends since elementary school. They grew up together and discovered together that they were gay, popped each other's cherries, and became fuck buddies 'til the end. One would think they would have ended up in an officially committed relationship, but things happen as they usually did. They didn't break up or anything, but they ended up going to different colleges after high school. Trevor graduated and came back home but Eric stayed in school to earn his masters, so they were apart for several years. When Eric did come home he and Trevor got jobs in different parts of the city. They lived in a big city and wound up living at opposite ends of it, so going to see each other took a bit of planning and was at least an overnighter. They stayed best friends, and even though they both met and fucked around with other guys they remained loyal fuck buddies.

     Eric stepped out of the shower, toweled off quickly, stayed naked and went into his bedroom. He dialed Trevor's number and got his answering machine. No surprise there, but this time he decided against leaving a message, and chose to just drive on over to Trevor's house with a bottle of wine, a thong under his jeans, a smile, and surprise Trevor. Whether or not Trevor was home wasn't an issue as both had keys to each other's apartments. Eric figured he'd surprise Trevor by lying in his bed wearing just the thong and his smile.

     During the drive through the city, Eric contemplated his situation. The senior partners in his firm were obviously straight as arrows, and it was well known around the executive washroom what went on in their offices with their girlfriends after hours. The office Christmas parties were legendary in hushed circles; especially since wives were never in attendance. Once someone tried to blow the whistle on the goings on there. That someone now lives in a different city and refuses to talk about it. Everything was legal and all, but all the employees knew who the bosses were, and knew better than to try to make waves. That was the wall Eric had to penetrate. He was sure the bitch who got promoted was a token. Someone to break the glass ceiling and be put on display. In an effort to prove that the firm practiced equal opportunity, more qualified applicants were passed over. Eric wasn't the only one passed over, but that cunt was the only female in the running, and another mystery was how she even got in the running in the first place. But then, maybe it was a mystery only to those who; unlike Eric, didn't work late hours trying to get ahead, and heard the noises coming from the top floor offices at night.

     An hour later, Eric parked his car in the lot of Trevor's complex. He let himself in the entrance and buzzed Trevor's apartment. No answer except from Trevor's machine. Eric smiled and went on in and up to the 5th floor. At the door to Trevor's apartment, Eric rang the bell again in case Trevor was there after all. Still no answer, so Eric let himself in. He left his shoes and socks by the door. Then he left his jacket on the floor. A few feet more
and his shirt hit the floor. Soon there was a trail of clothes on the floor leading to Trevor's bedroom for him to see when he got home. He'd know it was Eric, and that Eric would be waiting for him in the bedroom.

     But at the door to Trevor's bedroom Eric heard a noise and stopped cold. The door was cracked open and Eric definitely heard a swishing kind of noise coming from the bedroom. 'Oh no!' Eric thought, 'He's got a guy in there! That's why he ignored the buzzer and the bell. He's probably on his back with some guy's cock stuffed up his ass. What the hell do I do now?!?' Eric didn't care that Trevor had some other stud in his bed. They both knew that each other fucked around with different guys and were both cool with it. Hell, sometimes they'd managed a 3 and even a 4 way before, but it was always kind of planned. This time Trevor had no idea Eric was coming over, and Eric didn't feel comfortable at all just walking in on them.

     Eric wondered how long it would take him to tip toe back through the apartment, put his clothes back on, and get the hell out of there. He could go back outside, use his cell phone, call Trevor again, and leave a message that he was in the neighborhood and wanted to come over. Trevor would hear that, and either pick up for sure or call him right back; especially to beg a rain check if he wanted to be alone with the guy. Yeah, that's what he'd do. That way Trevor would have the option to invite him over or not. But one more thing was nagging at the back of Eric's head - - - -  who was the guy? What did he look like? Eric decided to sneak a peek into the bedroom. Should be safe. Unless Trevor re-arranged the furniture, all Eric would see would be Trevor's feet up in the air, and the guy's butt humping up and down anyway.

     Knowing that most people who hear a noise at a door will instinctively look at the height they would expect to see a face, Eric got down on his hands and knees with his face near the floor. When he peeked around the door, his mouth dropped open and his eyes widened. It was a girl! A GIRL!!! She had a pair of headphones on (which explained why the phone and door bell went unanswered), and was dancing around with her back to Eric; her dress swishing around.

     Eric almost threw himself out of the way, spun around and wound up sitting with his back up against the wall, his knees practically framing his face, and the cock that was getting hard a moment ago hanging limp out the side of the thong. 'Omigod!' Eric thought, 'It's a girl! He's got a fucking girl in there! Then his expression changed to reflect his confusion. 'What'd he do THAT for?'

     Eric brought his hands up to his face, his eyes wide as saucers, staring at nothing in particular. 'What the hell is going ON here?' he asked himself, 'Is Trev bi? No! Trev's not
bi. If he was bi, I'd know and I know he's not bi! So what the fuck is he doing with a girl? Is he experimenting? Nah, he wouldn't go THAT far! I know he didn't go straight. Oh no! What if he joined one of those "We Can Change" brainwashing groups, and they told him to go fuck a girl?'

     Finally it occured to Eric that he was sitting on the floor next to his best friend's bedroom, who didn't know he was there, and he was almost naked except for a thong that wasn't covering a damn thing anymore, and there was a GIRL in his buddy's bedroom. Eric lunged forward and ended up crawling on his hands and knees towards the front door, snatching up articles of clothing along the way. His only thought at that point was just to get the fuck out of there before he got caught. He even had his hand on the door knob before it further occured to him that he would fare much better out in the hallway if he put his clothes back on BEFORE he left the apartment. So he ducked around the corner into the kitchen and kicked his legs into his pants. He stuffed his socks into his pocket and jammed his feet into his shoes. He stuffed his t-shirt into his jacket pocket, all the while glancing in the direction of the bedroom, trying to think of what he could possibly say if one of them came out and found him. After a second thought he decided to hell with the shirt and just put his jacket on over his bare chest and stuffed his shirt into the other jacket pocket. With one last look towards the bedroom, he tip toed some real fast steps to the door, wrenched it open, almost fell out into the hallway, shut the door behind him, and leaned against the wall gulping in air as if he'd just run a few miles.

     "Are you allright, sir?" a voice asked. Eric looked to his side to see a couple of women who had stopped several feet away down the hallway and were eying him strangely. They'd obviously seen him explode out of Trevor's door, and he couldn't imagine what they must
be thinking.

     Eric nodded at them. "FINE!" he blurted out, "I'm, uh,........I'm fine.  Thanks.  I'm fine, really." He could only think to keep nodding at them. They glanced at each other. "No no, I'm fine, really I am....Thank you....I'm just in a hurry, that's all," he said, then thought to start walking down the hallway as though he really was in a hurry. When he passed them, they both instinctively moved against the far wall while keeping their eyes on him. Finally they both gave him a quick smile and nod, and continued on down the hallway - quickly. Eric kept walking to the elevator and pressed the button. He heard the ladies' keys rattle in their doorway. Then he heard them giggle and rolled his eyes.

     The elevator doors opened. The back wall of the elevator was mirrored, and suddenly Eric saw what scared the girls. Good thing no one else was in the elevator. Eric looked at himself in the mirror. His jacket was open showing his bare chest, while his shirt was hanging half out of one of his jacket pockets with his t-shirt sticking out of the other pocket, and his fly was open. 'Awww SHIT!' he thought. While he was zipping things up and stuffing the rest of other things into his pockets the elevator doors closed again and the elevator went down without him and he had to press the button again.

     He looked down the hallway at Trevor's door again. 'Shit!', he thought, 'What am I so fucking scared about? Trev's my best friend. Hell, we just had a wild fuck last weekend! If anything was going on, he'd tell me. So what if he has a girl in there? He'd just introduce us, and give me some kind of signal if he wanted to be alone with her. But why would he want to do that?' So Eric walked back down the hallway.

     He listened at Trevor's door and heard some dishes rattling in the kitchen. He pushed the button and rang the bell again. "Coming!" he heard Trevor's voice call. 'Good,' he thought, 'Trev will open the door himself.'  But when the door opened, it wasn't Trevor - it was the girl. The first thought that flashed through Eric's head was that the girl looked a lot like Trevor's sister since the resemblance was striking, but it didn't occur to him that Trev's sister was several years older than Trevor and didn't look like this the last time Eric saw her.  She looked at Eric, and shock swept over her face.

     "Hi," Eric said quickly. He wondered why she looked upset. "I'm Eric, Trevor's friend. Is he here?" She only stood back while Eric entered. "Hey, Trev!" Eric called into the apartment, "Where are ya, buddy?"

     The dejected sounding voice came from behind him, "I'm here, Eric." Eric stopped in mid stride. 'Wait,' he thought, 'How'd he get behind me?'  He thought maybe Trevor was behind the girl and he just didn't notice him. But when he turned around, she was the only one there.

     "Whaa.....what?" Eric stammered.

     She shrugged her shoulders and looked down. Then she sighed real deep and said without looking at Eric, "It's me, Eric."

     Eric just stared. His mouth slowly dropped open as he realized he was talking to his best buddy, who he thought he knew inside and out. SHE was HIM! "Omigod!" was all Eric could mutter, "Oh my fucking God!....Trev? Is that really you?"

     Now Trevor turned his made up eyes to Eric. He just shrugged again, "Yeah, Eric. It's really me. I...I didn't know you were coming."

     "Yeah," Eric said, "I guess you didn't." Eric didn't really look for a chair, but just leaned against the wall and slid down it until he was sitting on the floor. He didn't take his eyes off Trevor, "'re going to a masquerade party.....aren't you?"

     Trevor looked this way and that, as if he was trying to decide something, then took a deep breath and looked Eric in the eye, "I was going out, yeah."

     "But not to a masquerade party," Eric asked without making it a question.

     "No, not really."

     "Then where?"

     Another shrug, "A bar."

     "A bar!?!" Eric's eyes widened, "A BAR?!? You mean you're going out to a drag bar?"

     "Well, yeah," Trevor said, "that's usually where you go when you dress up in drag." He tried to sound confident - challenging even - but his voice still had a little quiver, his eyes desperately pleading, "I didn't KNOW you were coming, Eric."

     Suddenly Eric's face broke into a smile. He let his head fall back until it touched the wall, "WOW!" he hollered, then started snickering.

     Trevor shifted from one foot to the other, clearly uncomfortable as hell. "Look, Eric..." he stammered, "you weren't supposed to know...I mean....I should have told you, but...."

     "Heeeeey..." Eric said as he stood up. He walked up to Trevor, cupped his face in both hands and looked him in the eye, "Boyfriend! How could you keep secrets from your best buddy?"

     That brought a smile to Trevor's face, but he still only shrugged. His eyes started to mist over, "I...well I...," a tear rolled down his cheek, "I didn't want you to get pissed and never talk to me again!" he cried, "You were my only friend. The only guy I could talk to, ever!" Now the tears were flowing freely. Eric took Trevor's hand and led him into the living room, sat him down on the sofa and sat down next to him, still holding his hand. Eric reached over and handed Trevor a kleenex.

      "Listen to me, babe," he said, "I'm NOT pisssed! At least I'm not pissed that you like to cross dress. I'm a little pissed that you think you can't talk to me and tell me stuff, though."  Trevor wiped his eyes and blew his nose. He normally had long blonde hair, parted in the middle and combed back, but now it was fluffed out and flipped up and was falling in his face. Eric reached over and brushed it out of his eyes, "How long?" he asked Trevor.

     Trevor sighed again, "Since I was 14," he said simply.

     Eric almost laughed again, "You're shitin' me!!" he cried, "But how did you hide it? We did everything together, Trev! How the hell did you keep something like this from me? When the hell did you find time - shit! We spent all our time together, man!"

     They sat and talked for a long time. Trevor told Eric about swiping his sister's clothes and underwear from the laundry and playing in them when he was alone. Then later when he was old enough to work, he bought some of his own stuff and hid it in the house. He took it to college with him and hooked up with some other cross dressers. He'd take everything to their houses and get made up and dressed up there and go out with them as a girl. Sometimes he would spend whole weekends with them and they all stayed dressed up and lived as women. After college he came back home and would still dress up and go out to drag bars. He had one set of friends as a guy, and a whole other set of friends as a girl.
Very few guys regularly hung out in drag bars, and very few queens regularly hung out at regular gay bars, so the two groups' paths never crossed. Until tonight, that is.

     Since they were both best friends, the talk got more and more comfortable, and soon Trevor was sitting wrapped up in Eric's arms, and they were both laughing at some of Trevor's stories about his antics as a girl. He let Eric get a close look at his false eyelashes and told him how he learned to fix his hair. He let Eric feel his "breasts" and told him how he did himself up. Eric had some good laughs and made sure he kept calling Trevor "boyfriend" to keep him relaxed. Eric ran his hand up and down Trevor's leg and felt his stockings and commented on his shoes.

     "You know something?" Eric asked.


     "You're actually.........pretty," Eric said.

      Trevor smiled and looked at him, "You mean it?" he asked in a tiny voice.

      "Yeah....I do," Eric answered, "I do. You really ARE pretty, Trev."

      "So you're really not pissed?" Trevor asked hopefully.

      "Oh HELL no!" Eric laughed. "Why should I be pissed, babe? Confused a little. Shocked, bewildered, dazed and amazed maybe, but no way I'm pissed! Don't worry about that! Hey," he said and leaned in so his mouth was right at Trevor's ear, "does this seem like I'm pissed?" he asked softly and slid his hand up Trevor's thigh and up under his dress. He clamped his hand around Trevor's cock inside his panties and squeezed. Trevor sucked in a breath.....and Eric laughed.

     "What's so fucking funny?" Trevor asked, mock anger in his voice.

     "Oh, sorry," Eric laughed, "well, number one - - I never thought I'd EVER slide my hand up a dress, any dress, and number two - - I never thought I'd slide my hand up a dress...and find a cock up there!"

      Trevor was obviously relieved as they both fell against each other laughing. Eric kept his hand up Trevor's dress and Trevor slid his hand between Eric's legs and found a hard bulge to play with. Trevor started to lean into Eric, his mouth opening. Eric quickly brought his other hand up to Trevor and stopped him, "Just do me one favor, babe?" he asked

     "What's that?" Trevor asked.

     "Don't smear lipstick all over me?" Eric snickered, then put his hand on the back of Trevor's head, pulled him close and kissed him.

     They kissed and made out for a long time, their hands between each other's legs, their cocks getting harder and harder. Trevor unzipped Eric's pants and reached inside. Eric reached inside Trevor's panties and both cocks were getting jacked. Their lips stayed together and Eric kicked his shoes off and heard Trevor do the same.

     Trevor broke away and got on his knees in front of Eric. He grabbed Eric's pants and pulled them down and off. Eric pulled his thong down and his cock flopped up and slapped against his belly. Trevor pulled the thong off and pushed Eric's legs apart. Trevor flicked his hair off his face, then leaned over and swallowed Eric's cock and started giving him the best blow job Eric could remember. Eric went nuts watching Trevor sucking his cock, watching Trevor's jewelry sparkle and flash and rattle together - his hair flowing like it never did before as Trevor sucked his cock and kissed his balls and licked his shaft and tongued his slit and sucked it all down over and over again until Eric was moaning and bucking his hips and fucking Trevor's face.

     Trevor let Eric's cock fall out of his mouth with a popping sound. He stood up, grabbed Eric's hand, and pulled him up off the sofa. "Let's go in the bedroom," he whispered and led the way. Trevor laid back on the bed while Eric got rid of his jacket and stood naked and hard in front of Trevor. Trevor reached under his skirt and pulled his panties off, then spread his legs, "Come on, Eric!" Trevor said in a low, sexy voice, "Take me! Hike my skirt up over my waist and fuck my pussy, baby!"

     Eric fell on top of Trevor.

     Eric didn't know what got into him. Maybe it was relief over the whole situation. Maybe it was the old idea of doing something taboo and getting away with it. Maybe it was the idea of his old buddy being a new guy. Whatever, he was suddenly damn horny, and he wanted to do what Trevor told him to do. He lay on top of Trevor and laid a lip lock on him and ground his cock hard into Trevor's. Trevor spread his legs and Eric kissed Trevor's mouth and eyes and nose and neck almost as if he had several mouths.

     "Oh GOD, Eric!" Trevor moaned, "Oh yes!! Yes!! Do me baby! Do me good! Do me HARD! Do me Eric - do me NOW!" And he wrapped his legs around Eric and dug his fingers into Eric's back. Eric couldn't talk. His mouth was full of lips and tongue and nose and ear and all he could do was kiss and slurp and moan.

     Then Eric's hands woke up and undid Trevor's blouse and almost ripped it when he yanked it open. Eric reached down and inside the skirt and grabbed Trevor's cock and jacked him hard a few strokes then slid down further and fingered his ass and his other hand slid up to Trevor's chest and found - - - - a bra!

     Eric slid his hand over the bra and pulled on it and stretched it and kneaded it. He worked his fingers up inside it and pinched Trevor's nipples. Trevor moaned and squirmed and grabbed Eric's fingers and sucked on them then pushed them back inside his bra. Eric rubbed the bra and slid his fingers up and down the strap and across the front. Suddenly Eric raised himself up like he was doing a push up and was panting. He looked down at Trevor and in a low, husky and horny voice he said between breaths, "How do you do it?"

     "Do what, baby?"

     Eris nodded to the bra, "How do you take one of these fuckin' things off?!?"

     Trevor went nuts laughing, "You mean that's what's you've been trying to do all this time? I thought you were enjoying it!"

     "God DAMN it, Trevor!" Eric said through a smile, "Tell me!" He rammed a couple fingers up Trevor's ass and wiggled them around, "Tell me, Trev! Tell me -tell meeeee!"

     Trevor gasped and squirmed under Eric, "OK baby, OK! But you have to play with my pussy like that some more first! He hee!"

     Eric slid his body up until his face was right over Trevor, keeping his fingers up Trevor's ass, "Oh you little BITCH!" he growled and shoved his tongue in Trevor's mouth. Trevor showed Eric how hungry he was.

     Trevor reached down and jacked Eric's cock while they kissed. Eric took his free hand and pushed down on Trevor's forehead to hold him still and tongue fucked his mouth and finger fucked his ass. When he finally broke away, Trevor recognized that look in Eric's eyes and knew he was about to get royally fucked. Almost in a panic Trevor sat up and reached over to the night table for some lube. He knew he had to grab it himself unless he wanted Eric to shove his cock in dry. Eric's fingers left Trevor's butt and while Trevor was sitting up Eric grabbed his bra and yanked it straight up. The bra came off Trevor like a t-shirt just as Trevor had a handful of lube. He barely laid back and got it smeared over his hole in time as Eric's cock threw itself right up Trevor's butt and Eric fell back on top of Trevor, and with his breath hissing through gritted teeth and his eyes squinted shut, Eric went wacko fucking Trevor's little hole. Trevor wrapped his legs around Eric's hips and his arms around Eric's neck and begged him not to stop. Eric had no intention of stopping and within a minute the mattress was rocking back and forth and the headboard was slamming up against the wall, rattling the pictures, and both of them were moaning and grunting and sweating and fucking and fucking and fucking.

     Trevor reached down and dug his fingers into Eric's butt cheeks and used them and his own legs to pull Eric's cock into his ass even harder. Eric fucked away and every now and then raised up a little, opened his eyes to bore into Trevor's, then let his eyes roll back in
his head. The only other part of his body moving was his hips as he drilled his buddy's ass, with animal grunts escaping his mouth like puffs of smoke and all Trevor had to do was take it and love it. That, he did!

     Sweaty bodies are slippery bodies and Eric used that fact to help him slide his whole body up and down on top of Trevor while his cock twitched and throbbed and Trevor knew he was gonna get it now! Trevor raised his feet up in the air while his hands carressed Eric's head and back, "Come on baby," he coaxed, "give it to me! Give it ALL to me.....oooooooo yessss! Give me that spunk like you always do!" It had been a long time since Trevor needed to jack his cock while being fucked by Eric. So he used his hands to cheer Eric on; squeezing his pecs, his butt cheeks, mussing his hair, and cupping his face. Eric's grunts became more forceful and higher pitched. He suddenly leaned his head down and bit into Trevor's shoulder while he emptied his jizz into Trevor's waiting ass, and felt Trevor's own cum smearing both their bellies.

     Afterglow is nice! Some guys shoot a load and a minute later they're putting their
clothes back on and that's a mistake. Eric and Trevor learned a long time ago that the period right after a great load of cum is shot is when two guys feel the most relaxed and comfortable with each other, and they just laid together. They didn't kiss or talk, but only wrapped themselves around each other and  simply enjoyed the feel of each other while they caught their breath. After a while with the same guy, the need to tell each other how great it was goes away, and the same message is conveyed completely with a simple touch. They slowly ran their hands up and down each other's bodies with a little squeeze here and there now and then and only after their breathing was back to normal did they open their eyes, smile, and finish off with a nice long, sensual, "I mean it!" kind of kiss.

     Eric got up and ran into the bathroom. He didn't have to tell Trevor that he needed to piss, he just went and did it. Trevor knew, anyway. When Eric returned to the bedroom, Trevor was sitting on the edge of the bed, and even though nothing seemed to show outwardly, Eric knew his buddy. He sat down beside Trevor and put his arm around him, "What's wrong, babe?" he asked.

     Trevor shrugged his shoulders and looked at Eric. "Well, now you know," he said.

    "Yeah?" Eric asked.

     "You still feel the same? Or now that you're empty, you sure you're not gonna change your mind about me?" Trevor looked away.

     "You mean change my mind......and disappear from your life forever?" Eric asked with a smile.

     "Well,  you don't have to be so dramatic - but yeah - that's what I mean. If you're gonna, just do me one last favor and do it quick, OK?"

     "Heyyyyy," Eric said again, "Boyfriend! I don't want to go away! And I don't want you to go away either. I want you to go to the bathroom."


     Eric brushed Trevor's hair from his face, "I want you to go to the bathroom and get cleaned up, fix your make up and get yourself all dolled up while I take a shower and use your cologne."

     Trevor was surprised, "Really?" he asked hopefully, "What for?"

     "Because..." Eric leaned over and kissed Trevor, "I want to take my girl out!"

     Trevor almost flew into the bathroom, a huge grin on his face. Eric jumped in the shower, and after a couple of minutes the door opened and Trevor - now completely naked with his hair tied back - stepped in. They still went out, they just got started a little late.


     The bar was called, "The Queen of Hearts." Eric and Trevor got there just before midnight. On the outside, the bar was an unassuming kind of place. A small sign with words lit up around a picture of the appropriate card from a poker deck announced the name of the establishment, but otherwise no fanfare. They had to park a few blocks away, and while they walked Trevor told Eric something about the place.

     "It opened sometime around 1967," he told Eric, "and it's always been a drag bar, but
in the early days it couldn't be advertised as one. It wasn't safe - not even after Stonewall happened."

     "You mean it got raided all the time and stuff?" Eric asked.

     Trevor shook his head, "I don't think it was ever raided, but so many places were, so everyone was careful. That's why the sign is so small and all that. The owner never changed it even after it was safe. She's never advertised anywhere either. Everyone just knows it's here, and they keep on coming."

     "She? You mean a woman owns a gay bar?" Eric asked.

     Trevor giggled, "It's not a gay bar - it's a drag bar, and she's a 'he.' But you know what? I've never seen what she looks like as a man 'cause she's always in drag."

     "The same person, you mean? Since 1967?"

     "Yeah!" Trevor answered, "Isn't it fabulous? She opened it right after she graduated college. She calls herself 'Kitty.' I bet it's a take off on the word 'pussy,' but it's cute. She must be in her mid 60's by now, but she's there every night. She's a permanent fixture for sure."

     "But aren't all the queens who come here gay?" Eric asked, "Doesn't that make it a
gay bar?"

     "Yeah, but we've never called it that," Trevor said and shrugged, "besides, not ALL the queens are gay, but most of them are."

     Trevor told Eric more about the early days of the bar. In the beginning it was almost
two separate bars. It had a bar in a large front room, and the clientele was a mixed group
of men and queens, and to the casual observer it looked like any ordinary bar. But there was a "back" room that was the same size as the front, where the queens could mix and the guys could be together without fear of the reprisals going on then.

     Even though nothing really happened here, there was a plan. The back room could be closed off by a partition that was painted to look like a solid wall, complete with light fixtures that actually worked: quite an accomplishment for 1967. Even the tables in the front room were covered by layers of tablecloths that reached the floor. Someone could actually hide under them if things got that bad. Kitty didn't mess around when she first opened the bar. The building used to be several other businesses over the years and was constantly redecorated and renovated. Many nooks and cranny's were created and Kitty kept most of them, but found clever ways of closing them off; the better to hide someone if the cops ever came for a raid.

     They never came for a raid, but once some off duty cops came in just to have a drink. They didn't even know it was a drag bar. All the regulars knew what to do if the bartender rang her bell behind the bar, and Kitty recognized the incoming customers as cops and assumed the worst. She pressed the buzzer under her table with her foot. She didn't see or hear, but knew the bartender saw the lights flash at the cash register and along the bar. The customers who didn't see the lights heard the bell. The entrance to the bar was a little room, and a long hallway with a couple of turns in it led to the bar. The main reason for that, and the requirement to pay a cover charge, have ID's checked, and hands stamped
was to stall for time so who ever needed to could run and hide. That night the "drill" proved that all the safe guards were effective - except that they weren't really needed as
the cops only wanted a drink, but all the queens had to stay hidden in the closed off back room until the cops left. They didn't care: at least they now knew the fake wall and all the hidden cubbies did their jobs.

     Harrasement of gays and especially queens was considered sport back then. There was no talk of hate crime legislation or gay rights. The entire bar was always very dark, lighted only by a single candle on each table and a few extras along the bar. In those days, queens were always afraid of being exposed, and the darkness helped hide true identies.

     In the late 1970's things were getting better, and Kitty redecorated again and opened the two rooms into one big room, with a stage and a dance floor added now. She installed modern plastic tables, but replaced the long tablecloths when she realized she was never going to stop the queens from sucking cock under the tables. That still wasn't a good thing to let cops see!

    "Are you sure it's safe to go in there now, Trev?" Eric laughed.

    "Oh it's nothing like that now!" Trevor laughed, "It's a cool place, you'll see. Lots of queens talking our shit, but I love 'em all and I always have a blast here. One thing though baby?" he looked at Eric sheepishly.

     "What's that?"

     "When I'm in drag I'm not Trev. I'm Trish. OK?"

     Eric looked a little surprised, but then it occured to him that it would in fact be a little silly to be a girl with a man's name, "Ok--Trish," he smiled, "if were going to do this, let's do it right," and he put his arm around Trish's waist and pulled her in close to him as they entered. Trish leaned her head into Eric.

     The first thing Eric saw was a big black queen at a counter, cheking ID's, taking cover charges and probably checking coats in the winter. She wasn't fat, just big, like a football player. Eric wanted to laugh, but thought better of it. Her make up wasn't bad though, and she did a good job with her hair.....or wig....... or whatever.

     She looked up and recognized Trish and broke into a big smile, "THERE you are, honey!" she cooed, very femmy and a little fake, but sincere, "'Bout time you got here. Where you been all night, girl?" Then her eyes fell on Eric, and her smile got even bigger. She made a show of leaning over the counter and eyeing Eric all up and down, "OH! I SEE!" She smiled, "You've been out--" and turned her head to look right in Trish's eyes, "---shopping?!?"

     "Back off bitch, he's mine!" Trish shot back, causing Eric's eyes to widen as he looked at Trish in surprise.

      "Oooooo honey! We got some sharp teeth tonight don't we?!?" the queen asked, then laughed, "Don't worry girlfriend, I'm on the rag this week, so you still got a good chance," she looked again at Eric and smiled.

     Trish rolled her eyes, "Eric, I'm afraid the first bitch you gotta see in this place is Marlene here. Marlene, this is Eric - my BOYfriend! So just retract those claws honey. Save 'em for someone YOU might have a chance with." Eric was thinking he may have to step in between them, but they both only laughed. Marlene held out her hand to Eric - not for him to shake, but for him to kiss, which he did: over dramatizing it as the girls have been doing. He looked to Trish for approval and she gave him a quick wink.

     Marlene cooed, "Oooooo! Chivarly ain't dead HEYAH!" she looked at Trish, "Good
job, honey!" She also still held Eric's hand, and Eric didn't know what to do.

     Trish made a show of reaching up to separate their hands and told Marlene, "Chivalry might not be dead honey, but YOU will be if you don't dry up that cunt and behave your lil self!"

      "OUCH!" Marlene yelled and looked hurt, clutching her chest, "What did I ever do to you, you little slut?!?! Look, Eric," she turned her attention back to him, "normally the cover charge is 5 dollars each, but any time I'm here, you can - pardon the pun -" and she winked at him, "slide right on in!" Then she jerked her thumb in Trish's direction, "But it'll cost this bitch double to get in here now!" Eric and Trish both just laughed. Eric gave Marlene a 10 dollar bill, which she stuffed into her bra. She stamped their hands and sent them on their way. "Have a good time, kids!" she waved to them.

     Eric put his arm around Trish as they walked into the bar, and she leaned against him, "What the hell was all THAT about?" Eric asked, "I thought I was gonna see some blood!"

     Trish laughed, "Who? Marlene? No way! I love her to death - she's the sweetest girl here. That's just how we have fun."

     "Fun?!?" Eric laughed, "That's how you have fun? Man! I'd hate to see what you two do when you're pissed!"

     "Well just let one of these cunts try to get to you, and you'll see me get pissed!" Trish warned.

     "Mmmmmmm," Eric moaned and smiled, "is my girlfriend getting possesive?...... I like it!" and he held her tighter.

     As they made their way through the bar, Eric saw right away how popular Trish was. Seems like she knew everyone. Queens came up to her and they clasped hands and hugged and kissed cheeks and they all complimented Eric and held out their hands for him to kiss; which he did galantly and seemed to be getting into it. Of course, the compliments didn't do his ego any harm and helped get him in the mood. He was a little nervous though, at all the attention and the fact that he felt a little like an outsider in this bar. There seemed to be some signals being passed, and for once he didn't know what any of them meant. Soon his smile appeared to be planted on his face, and while he was kind of enjoying things, he was glad to finally get to a table and sit down in the dark.

     A waiter came up and this time he wasn't a queen. He wore a bow tie around his neck, but was otherwise topless, and wearing super short shorts which showed off his bulge and his butt. He said hello to Trish, but kept his eyes and smile on Eric as he did so. Trish didn't seem to mind, and gave their drink order. Eric knew the waiter was swinging his butt just for him as he walked away.

     "He's dreamy, isn't he?" Trish leaned in close and asked.

     "Sure is!" Said Eric, "Maybe if I decide I don't like queens I might try to get him in---" Trish jammed an elbow in Eric's ribs.

      "You better not!" she laughed, "I have no intention of being dumped right in the middle of the bar!" Then she winked at Eric, "Besides, I have a reputation to protect."

     "Yeah?" Eric smiled, "A reputation as what? Easy?" They both laughed and their drinks came. Trish quickly dismissed the waiter, but they blew each other a kiss as he walked away.

     "His name's Tony," she told Eric, "he's tough to figure out. He never tries to pick any
of us up, and we all thought he just didn't like queens. But one night a straight guy came in here who didn't know this was a drag bar. He was already drunk, and when he found out we were all queens he tried to start some trouble. We couldn't believe it, but Tony did some kind of karate like move on him and shut him right up. Grabbed him by his throat and made him apologize to all of us. THEN he punched him right out, picked him up and literally threw him out the door!"

     "No kidding!" Eric said, "Maybe I'd better behave myself in here!"

     "Listen," Trish whispered in his ear, "If you ever do get to him, you'll have to tell all of us how he is! We're dying to find out if that package of his is real! Ha ha!"

     While they talked and drank, Trish pointed out several queens and told Eric about them. They were sitting at a table in the back. One side of the table had a couple of chairs and
the other was a booth that ran all along the back wall, connecting several other tables:
some empty, some with other couples sitting at them. Eric and Trish sat in the booth. Other queens who knew Trish stopped by and chatted and laughed and giggled. They all acted
like they were trying to hit on Eric, and Trish warned them off with a few choice words that made Eric wince. But then everyone laughed and more drinks came.

     "So are you fucking all these guys - uh - girls?" Eric asked.

     "Oh no!" Trish said, shaking her head, "Queens don't have sex with each other. We all wait for hot, horny you!" Eric leaned over and kissed her.

          "I'll be back in a minute, babe," Trish told Eric, "I need to check my make up and take a piss." Eric stifled the urge to ask her which bathroom she used. Turns out it would have been a foolish question anyway. Eric watched her go, and saw that both bathrooms were labeled, "Women." He saw Marlene wave to him as she sashayed her way back to
his table. She sat down across from him.

     "So - having fun?" she asked him.

     "Well, yeah," Eric said, "but I do feel a little like a virgin, ya know?"

     Marlene put her hand over Eric's, "Look, Eric," she said, "this whole place is nothing more than one big stage, and everyone in here is only playing a part, just like Shakespeare said. We're all just having fun, no more, no less. Don't worry, no one means anything they say, and they'll do even less." She looked at Eric closer, "You've never been to a place like this before, right?"

     Eric told her about growing up together with Trish and what had happened earlier tonight, leaving out the juicy parts, of course. Marlene asked some questions, but wasn't pushy. Eric asked some questions about the bar, and Marlene explained that where they were sitting used to be the secret back room where the queens of the early days could gather and just have fun acting like girls. Eric asked about the owner, Kitty.

     "Oh, Kitty still shows up almost every night, but she doesn't stay as long as she used
to," Marlene explained, "she's still as feisty and spicy as she always was, but she had a cancer scare a long time ago, and almost had a heart attack recently, so she's been slowing down. She's already been in tonight and gone home."

     "But," Eric asked, "how does she keep up with running this place without being here?"

     Well, Eric," Marlene said, and looked around to make sure no one was near. Then she leaned closer to Eric, "No one knows this, but 10 years ago, me and a partner bought this place from Kitty. She doesn't run it any more. She's retired. But she's become such an icon here over the years we were afraid that if word got out it would hurt business. So she comes in for us every night, has a good time as long as she can stand it, and everyone thinks things are just fine. I know it's like being dishonest, but I think of it as a smart business move."

     "Sounds good to me!" Eric said, "Hell, if it works, it works. So you're really the knew Kitty around here, huh? You and your partner?"

      "Oh yes, and it's a good thing I'm not into an ego trip about it, too!" Marlene laughed, "I run this place by myself, just like Kitty did. My partner is another business man who runs another business." She smiled and leaned closer to Eric, "You'd be real surprised who some of my friends are!" Then she looked around the bar, "Listen Eric, if these girls in
here get to be too much, just give me a signal and I'll do something. Quiet - but I know how to handle them. But I'm sure that once you get to know them, you'll like them just fine."

     Eric looked at her with the corners of his mouth starting to smile, "Wait a minute," he said and pointed a finger at Marlene, "you're not talking like you were earlier."

     Marlene laughed, "No, I'm not. For the moment, Eric, it's not Marlene talking to you. I'm Marlon now."

     Eric shook his head and rolled his eyes, "Damn!" he said, "how the hell am I supposed
to know who's who, and when they're who?" he laughed.

     Marlon just smiled, "I told you," he said, "we're all just actors here, and it's all just that, an act. Everyone here- - they're all really sweet guys, but even in the "New Millenium" this is still one of the very few places we can come and be who we see as ourselves."

     Eric nodded his head, "OK," he said, "I can sure understand that. I got a little bit of experience trying to get to places that are unreachable to me." And he wound up telling Marlon about where he worked, losing his promotion, and why. Turns out Marlon was a great listener. He asked questions and offered some advice. Then they saw Trish heading back from the bathroom, being stopped by a few tables, with everyone glancing at Eric, and Eric overheard some more of their patter.

     "Hey Trish!" someone yelled, "How many times I gotta tell ya to change your tampon BEFORE you come here?"

     "Watch it, bitch!" Trish yelled back amid laughter, "Or I'll pull it out of my cunt and shove it up yours!" Eric shook his head, rolled his eyes, and averted his gaze.

     Marlon patted his hand, "Thanks," he said simply, "I hope you have a good time tonight, Eric. We all think a lot of Trish, and we're all just really glad she has someone. And I'm especially glad it's you," he said as he stood up, and suddenly he was Marlene again, "You just let Marlene know, honey, and I'll get aaaaalllllll these wolverines off ya!" she said loud enough for almost everyone to hear. She sashayed her way back through the bar and Eric stared at her with a smile on his face. Trish came back and sat down.

     "What was that dyke tyring to do? Pick you up?" she asked Eric in mock anger. Eric just wrapped his arms around Trish and kissed her, "Wow!" Trish said, "I'll have to ask her to try it again!"

    They talked and drank and kissed and danced and drank and kissed some more. Queens that came in with boyfriends sat at tables near them, some Trish knew and some she didn't. Some sat close and they introduced themselves and chatted. Some were making out and some were dancing. All were feeling a good buzz by now.

     After a particularly fast dance, Eric and Trish collapsed in their booth and ordered fresh drinks. They sat and watched the others and kissed some more. Eric had his hand on Trish's leg, and suddenly Trish reached down and grabbed Eric's cock through his pants.

     "Damn, babe!" Eric said, "You wanting to go home?" he asked slyly.

     "Home?" she asked, "I can't wait THAT long, honey!"

     "Huh?" Eric asked then gasped as Trish grabbed his zipper and pulled it down. "Hey!" he hissed, "What the hell you doing?"

     "Don't worry, babe," Trish growled in his ear as she reached in Eric's pants and grabbed his cock through his shorts, "no one is watching - hell, no one can see even if they were watching. It's too dark back here." She pulled his cock out and started stroking it.

     Eric's eyes bugged out, "Damnit!" he said, "I can see just fine!" but he didn't make a move to stop her. His cock started waking up and soon stood straight up and proud. Trish leaned over and kissed him, long and slow and deep. When they broke away, Eric let his buzzing head fall back, and Trish's head started to move down. Just as Eric said, "Whaaaa....?" Trish opened her mouth and swallowed Eric's cock.

     Eric didn't know what he should do, but he knew what he wanted to do. He glanced around quickly and saw that no one seemed to be watching, so he put his hand on Trish's head to guide her up and down his shaft. He tried not to moan, but it was tough since Trish was such a great cocksucker. He let his hand slide down inside the waist band of Trish's skirt, and played with her butt while she sucked on his cock.

     Once Trish got a mouthful of a nice hard dick she didn't stop. Eric knew that from experience, and soon he felt the crotch of his pants getting wet from her spit and she just kept right on sucking, completely oblivious to anything going on around her. But Eric glanced to his right and saw a guy and his queen openly staring at them with huge smiles on their faces. 'Oh, shit!' Eric thought, and laughed when he saw the guy quickly give him a thumbs up.

     "Trish!!" Eric hissed, "Someone is watching us!"

     "Ummm  Hmmmmm," was all Trish could muster as her lips never left Eric's cock. Obviously she didn't care. Eric looked around and it seemed like no one else in the place had any idea of what was going on, and when he looked back to his right, he saw the guy there getting his own cock sucked. They were close enough that they reached out and shook hands while their queens sucked away. A hard cock reacts to stimuli, and whether Eric knew it or not, he'd used one hand to hold Trish's head still while his hips started up by themselves and bucked and his cock fucked Trish's mouth.

     Eric saw the other guy's hand waving and looked over at him. The guy pointed to the other side of Eric, and when Eric turned his head he saw another guy at the next table, but at first glance he looked like he was alone. Then Eric looked down and saw a pair of heels (with feet in them) sticking out from under the table cloth. So now there were three.

     The topless waiter walked by with a tray of drinks and almost spilled them doing a double take. Eric thought they'd had it for sure. He tried to quietly tell Trish they should stop, or at least go into the bathroom, but Trish was ignoring him and just sucking and jacking his cock. Finally he got her attention when he slid his hand inside the back of her skirt and jammed a finger up her hole.

     "Oooooo baby!" Trish said after she let Eric's cock fall out of her mouth. She looked up at him and smiled and wiggled her butt.

      "Damnit babe! The fucking waiter just saw us!" Eric said in her ear. "We gotta do something!"

     "We ARE doing something, honey!" Trish laughed, "Don't tell me you don't feel anything."

     "You know what I mean!" Eric said as he pulled her up. She then noticed the action at the next table. " see?" Eric asked, "We're gonna get everyone in trouble!"

     Trish smiled at the couple at the next table, "Oh, hi Angel!" she hollered to the queen with a mouth full of cock, "Cute trick, honey!"

     "Oh man!" Eric sighed and let his head fall back to the wall. Obviously he wasn't getting anywhere THIS way.

      Trish put her arms around Eric's neck and let him taste his own dick on her tongue. They broke away and Trish leaned over to Eric's ear, "Why do you think it's so dark back here? Neither one of us are virgins honey, and neither is this place."

     "You mean this stuff goes on here all the time?" Eric asked.

     "Not every night, but it's been known to happen," Trish cooed in his ear. "Been a long time though, and seems like now's a good a time as any."

     Eric looked to either side of him and saw that those couples weren't slowing down any. Then he figured, 'What the fuck? The worst that will happen is that we'll get thrown out,
and I'm used to that.' So he grabbed his cock with one hand, Trish's head with the other, and pushed her down and fed her his cock again and shoved it all the way down her throat, "Well go on then," he told her, "suck it babe! Suck it good and show all these bitches how it's done!" And that she did. Her head bobbed up and down and a couple times she smacked the table and made the candle flicker - which only drew more attention to them.

     "Go TRISH!" he heard a yell and saw the waiter walk by again with a big smile on his face. He looked at Eric, winked, and licked his lips. Then Eric heard it start. Only a whisper at first, but he definitely heard some more "Go Trish's," from somewhere. Tough to see in the darkness of the back of the bar, but they certainly had an audience and were being cheered on. Trish oblidged by sucking harder and harder and faster and more dramatically and Eric was going nuts. He'd done some stuff before - playing with guy's cocks under tables in other bars and all that - but this was the first time he found himself actually putting on a show - on purpose! Maybe it was the whole situation, or the drinks, or both, but it was turning him on, and before he thought about what he was doing, he yanked Trish's skirt up over her back so everyone could watch him play with her butt.

     "Yeah!" he heard in the darkness. "Do it guy!" came from somewhere else. Eric looked to his right and now the guy had his pants down to his ankles and his queen was going wacko on that hard cock. To his left he saw the other queen pulling her panties down. In spite of the cheers and other noises he could still hear the definite sound of a cock popping out of a mouth now and then. That made Eric yank Trish's panties down and she automaticlly stepped out of them.

     Trish suddenly raised up and kissed Eric real quick. Then before he could say anything, she stood up and straddled his lap, with her butt right in his face. "Oh shit, Trish!" was all Eric got out before Trish backed up and Eric found his face buried deep in those cheeks.
He wanted to laugh at the whole idea of the show they were putting on, but instead reached up and spread Trish's cheeks out wide! His tongue flicked out and Trish gasped.

     "Oh my God!" she hollered, "Yes, Eric! Yes baby! Eat my pussy, Eric. Tongue fuck my little hole baby!" And Eric did as he was told. If there were enough light, everyone would have seen how wet his face got with his own spit as he forgot about everything else except Trish's little fuck hole and how good it tasted. He ignored the cheers and Trish's moans and pleads not to stop and held those cheeks apart and spread that hole and licked her inside and out. He ate and licked and kissed and sucked and when he finally jammed a finger up that chute and made Trish gasp again, he glanced to his right and gave the other guy a smile and wink, then looked to his left and saw that the other couple were matching him move for move. He heard another gasp that wasn't Trish. He looked in front of them and growled a quick "Yeah!" as he saw yet another couple in a great looking 69 on the floor between them and the next booth. And now there were four.

     Eric was getting into it. Maybe it was the drink or just the situation, but he didn't care about anything else now except what he was doing. He shoved a couple fingers up Trish's hole with one hand and reached the other hand between her legs and pulled her cock back. He heard somebody say ,"Yeahhhhhhh," right before he took his girlfriends cock in his mouth and made her gasp yet again! Eric knew just how to suck Trish's cock to get her going good, and it sure worked this time. Eric finger fucked her pussy and sucked her cock 'til she was letting out nothing but one long moan. He heard voices around him - cheering him and the others on and suddenly he couldn't stand it any more.

     Eric jumped up, reached around and wrapped Trish up in a bear hug. He yanked her up so she was standing straight up and she whooped. "So you wanna put on a fuck show, BITCH!?" he growled and ripped her blouse open. He still didn't know how to take a bra off properly but right now he was too hot to worry about it, so he just grabbed it and ripped it right off and everyone saw him grab Trish's tits and pinch the nipples and her mouth dropped wide open.

     "Oh FUCK yes, Eric!" she moaned, "Oh shit baby! Oh man!"

     "Well," Eric was still growling through clenched teeth, "you're gonna get that little pussy FUCKED now!" and he pushed her over the table. He heard the voices chanting as he dropped his pants. As he kicked them off he realized the voices were chanting in rhythm. Not much more above a whisper, but they were saying, "Fuck 'er! Fuck 'er! Fuck 'er," and Eric followed instructions.

     Eric let who ever was watching see him spit into his hand and rub it all over his dick. Then he spit some more and smeared it all over Trish's ass. Trish reached out and grabbed the edge of the table just as Eric slid his cock right up her hole all the way and she threw her head back and just let out a long, "Aaaaaahhhhhh!" Then Eric started fucking and the people cheered. He let them see him slide his dick in and out slow at first, let them see his eyes roll back in his head, and then picked up the pace. He glanced to his left and the queen there was riding her man's cock and the guy was smiling at Eric.

     Eric smiled back and humped away. Trish had completely forgotten about where they were and laid her head down on the table, closed her eyes, and just enjoyed it. She didn't see the couple on the floor get into a butt licking 69, but Eric did, and that made him fuck harder. She didn't see the guy to their right push his queen down to the floor, climb on top of her and start fucking, but Eric did, and that made him fuck faster. All Trish knew was that she was getting fucked like she hadn't been fucked since she couldn't remember.

     Someone reached out and pulled Eric's shirt off and now he was naked and fucking away. If the light was good enough he would have looked sexy as hell with the sheen of sweat on his body. Eric saw the waiter, Tony, heading his way. Tony was walking funny, with big steps, raising his feet up high, then Eric realized he was stepping over bodies on the floor. Bodies that were in various stages of a good fuck, and Eric saw that now there were a lot more than four.  Tony came up to Eric with a water bottle. Laughing, he squirted some water on Eric's face and in his mouth. The water ran down Eric's chest, and Tony leaned over and real quick licked it off Eric's nipple. He turned away to leave, but Eric reached out, grabbed the waistband of his shorts and pulled him back. There was a collective gasp as Eric spun Tony around and pulled their faces together and kissed. Eric's cock had a mind of it's own (now where have we heard THAT before?), and while he kept right on fucking Trish, he reached down and unzipped Tony's shorts. They fell and disappeared in the darkness of the floor with everyone else's clothes, and now Tony was wearing nothing but his little bowtie. He climbed up on the table, straddled Trish's body and those closest to them saw that yes; his package WAS real! His cock was long and slender and hard. Tony grabbed it and Eric opened his mouth. Tony's little bubble butt flexed as he fucked Eric's mouth. Eric sucked cock and fucked butt and joined the growing chorus of moans in the semi darkness.

     Outside the bar, people were walking by and didn't even notice. Most of them didn't even know it was a drag bar in the first place. Even if they knew, they didn't notice the "Closed for Repairs" sign that was slipped in the window right before the outside lights were turned off.

     The cheers and chants slowly but surely turned into moans and grunts. The couples on either side of them and the couple on the floor that Eric could see were fucking like crazy. Noises came from all over, and Eric knew what they meant. He moaned himself as his mouth got fucked with Tony's cock. He drilled Trish's ass and reached around Tony to finger fuck his. Tony reached back, grabbed a couple of Eric's fingers and shoved them up his ass himself. Now Eric was fucking one butt with his cock, another with his fingers, and taking a nice cock down his thrroat. Now he too, was oblivious to what was going on around him. There was so much fucking going on in that bar - the only reason anyone went into the bathroom was to piss!

     Eric knew he was going to loose it. He didn't want to, but things were just too damn hot. He knew he was going to fill Trish's ass with one of the biggest loads of cum he'd put out in a long time. His own moans started getting higher pitched and Tony picked up the cue and grabbed Eric's head to hold it still so he could ram that hot throat. Eric moaned and whined and fucked like a damn jackhammer. Trish knew what was coming and her own yells matched Eric's as she heard him let out one long muffled yell around Tony's cock and pump his spunk up her ass. She opened her eyes and looked straight ahead as her own cock started shooting across the table. She heard another moan above her and that's when she realized that Tony was even there. Trish twisted her head around and looked up just in time to see Tony's little butt flex again as he shot his load into Eric's throat. Eric tried, but he couldn't keep up, and some of Tony's cum dripped off Eric's chin and splatted on Trish's ass. She smiled, reached back, and rubbed it in.

     That first orgasm with it's grunts and yells started a chain reaction, and within seconds they heard the same noises coming from all over and the air was filled with the smell of fresh cum. Tony pulled his cock out of Eric's mouth, climbed down off the table and collapsed in the booth. Eric pulled his cock out of Trish's cunt and fell backwards in the booth next to Tony. Trish stayed splayed out across the table with a huge smile on her face. The couples on either side of them had shot their loads too and were just now falling apart. Soon the only noises left in the bar were the sounds of people catching their breath, and the occasional smacking as everyone gave everyone else a "Thanks for the Fuck" kiss.

     It took an hour to leave the bar. First everyone went into the bathrooms to rinse the sweat and spit and cum off their faces. Then it took a while to sort out all the clothes that were scattered all over the floor. No one knew where Marlene had been during the whole thing, but now her presence was well known as she scurried through the bar like she was in a panic, telling everyone to hurry up and get dressed and get the hell out of there before the cops noticed the place still had customers in it after it was supposed to be closed. Eric and Trish went naked into the bathroom and ran right into Marlene, who was standing with her hands on her hips, and a mock angry look on her face.

    "Now Eric!!" she shook a finger at him, "I know I told you to have a good time, but Jesus Keeeerist, man!"

    Eric looked at Trish, then back at Marlene, and they all broke up laughing. Eric walked up to Marlene and wrapped her up in a bear hug, "Thanks, Marlene!" he said in her ear, "We'll behave ourselves now."

     "Well you damn well better!" she snickered, and while looking hard at Trish, she made a show of patting Eric's butt with one hand and squeezing his sticky cock with the other, "Mmm - like I said, honey," she told Trish, "nice job!" and laughed as Eric wiggled his butt in her hand.

     Trish put her own hands on her hips and smacked Marlene's butt as she ran out the door, then went to the sink where she and Eric washed each other off.


     A few weeks later Eric made a frantic phone call to Trevor with an unusual request. He wanted to take Trish out again, this time not to a drag bar, but to a party at his company.

     "Excuse me?!?!" Trevor said, "You want me to do what, where? You mean right in the lion's den?" Eric had told Trevor many times of the screwing that went on at night on the top floor.

     "I can't help it, Trev!" Eric told him, then he took a deep breath, "I GOT it man! I fucking GOT it!"

     "Got what?" Trevor asked, "Herpes?

     "No, damnit!" Eric laughed, "The promotion dude! I got it!"

     "No shit?!?!? Fucking fantastic baby!!" Trevor yelled into the phone, "But how the hell did it happen? I thought they gave it to that cunt."

     Eric told Trevor about being called to the CEO's office on the top floor, and how he was afraid of being fired. The CEO told Eric that the woman they gave the promotion to was screwing up everything she touched, and SHE was fired. He gave Eric a long speech about how the company had screwed up when they insisted the position be filled by either a woman or someone from a minority group. It was time, he told Eric, that he did his job and think about what is best for the company and it's customers, and, after reviewing the other applicants, they decided that Eric was far and away the best qualified.

     "Actually, Eric," his new boss told him, "a good friend of mine - one of your customers - is real familiar with your work, and it was she who brought you to my attention. Hell," he chuckled, "she was up here the other night and saw your file on my desk and practically shoved it down my throat! I hardly even considered any one else." Eric dealt with customers all day every day and had no clue who he was talking about but didn't care. The promotion was enough.

     Then his boss had put his arm around Eric, "Eric," he said, "you know the parties we have here are no secret. This is where we bring our mistresses, and you know that too. My mistress was the one who told me about you."

     "Yes, sir," Eric replied.

     "Even so," his boss went on, "we don't expect any news broadcasts. If you have a problem with all that, tell me now, and you can return to your old job - no hard feelings at all - but what we do here in the evenings will NOT stop. Do I make myself clear?"

     "Yes, sir!" Eric smiled, "You do whatever you want to do, sir. I'm only going to work real hard to make sure you're not disappointed that you chose me."

          It was a political answer and they both knew it, but Eric knew that's the way the game was played. His new boss was satisfied, "Tell you what, Eric," he said, "let's all get together tomorrow night, right here. You can meet everyone, and then you'll know who we get together with so there won't be any, er, embarrasing moments through the day. Oh - and make sure you bring your girlfriend, too!"

     That stopped Eric. He wasn't out at work - not when he worked for well known ultra conservatives. Especially these guys, who, like typical ultraconservatives, had skeletons in their own closets - or on the top floor of this building at night any way.

     He didn't want to tell his boss that while he wasn't hurting for sex, he didn't have a girlfriend. At the same time, he didn't want to do anything to make waves right off the bat. And that was what prompted his somewhat frantic phone call to Trevor.

     "It won't be a big deal, Trev," said Eric, "just a get acquainted kind of thing. All you'll need to do is shake some hands and say hello to some people, have a few drinks and all,
then we can go out somewhere else."

     He heard Trevor laugh over the phone, "Let's see if I got this right," Trevor said, "you want me to dress up as Trish, go to a party with you as your date - in the middle of a bunch of stuffy old men who are straight as arrows, and pass myself off as a woman all night? Are you kidding me, baby?" then Trevor's voice lowered and sounded real seductive, "That's when we do our best work, honey!"

     Eric opened his door and there stood Trish. She was wearing a blue evening gown with low heels. Minimal makeup, and not a whole lot of jewlry. She was toned down from the evening at the bar. Eric's eyes popped out, "Wow!" was all he could say. He pulled her into the room and kissed her, then gave her a corsage. As he put his shoes and jacket on, Trish went into the bathroom to check herself.

     Eric heard her call from the bathroom, "Hey baby?"


     "Care to tell me what this is all about?" she asked accusingly as she came from the bathroom with a smile on her face - and twirling a small bow tie in her hand.

     Eric just smiled, "Can't you tell?" he asked and winked at her.

     "Oh my God!" Trish laughed, "You've been fucking Tony, haven't you, you sneaky little stud?"  Eric just smiled and licked his lips seductively. "Well honey - you gotta tell me all about it, and don't you DARE leave even one detail out!" and she hooked her arm into his as they headed out to the car.

     At Eric's company building at that hour, the only person at the main reception desk was a security guard who glanced at Eric and smiled to Trish, but otherwise paid them no more attention. Eric made a show of producing his new key to the executive elevator, which whisked them up to the top floor. Eric seemed nervous while Trish was calm, even seemed like she was looking forward to it.

     "Don't worry, honey," Trish said with a smile, "I've done this a lot. It's fun fooling all those straight people."

     "Well I've never done it before!" Eric said, "I just want to get this done and over with, then take you out somewhere nice, and see if I can bring you home with me and get you drunk and have my way with you," he winked at her.

     "Oh come on Eric! You're being silly!" Trish laughed, "You know damn well you don't have to get me drunk first!"

     Eric took some deep breaths and Trish gave him a peck on his cheek, "Come ON honey, calm down! It won't be that bad! We're just gonna have a few drinks and talk a lot, right? It's not like we're going to do anything like what we did at "The Queen of Hearts," so just go with it."

     The elevator doors opened into the lobby of the top floor and they walked in. Eric stumbled a little and Trish was composed. Eric's new boss walked up and Eric introduced Trish. She offered her hand and his boss took it and gave Trish the usual compliments. Then his mistress entered the room and Trish suddenly lost all composure and put a death grip on Eric's hand.

     Eric was no help. It was all he and Trish could do to keep straight faces as Marlene started across the room toward them with her arms held out. Neither of them noticed that she was a blonde tonight, and that she too was toned down, and looked simply elegant in a gold, floor length evening gown. No sashaying this time, but she seemed to glide across the room.

     "Eric!" she said, "So nice to see you again! And Trish!" she gave her a quick hug, "Very nice to finally meet you!" The two of them could only stare. Marlene hooked her hand around Trish's arm and her other arm went lightly around Eric's waist, "Let's go meet the others," she smiled and had to give them a little yank to get them started walking. Eric looked around the room and he and Trish let out a small gasp as they recognized some of the other "women" from the bar, who were all looking at them and teasing them with their smiles. Marlene said just loud enough for the both of them to hear, "Told you I had friends that would surprise you, honey!" Eric glanced at his boss, who was watching with a twinkle in his eye and a teasingly evil grin on his face.

     Marlene looked radiant, smiling big as she walked back across the room with Eric and Trish in tow on either side of her, both of them with their heads turned towards her giving her a hard stare, and the folks one floor below who were only working late trying to get ahead just knew they were going to hear those damn noises again!


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