Dave and Billy Office Romance

by Dave Jackson <Superspydj@yahoo.com>

M/M Cross Dressing

This is a work of fiction.

Don't read if you get offended or under 18


Dave couldn't believe it. Saturday was already here. Today he was going to be in the office all by himself. He was two weeks behind in paper work. He couldn't believe it. The only thing Dave thought was how did this happen. Then he thought back. "Billy." Dave said then continued. "While I'm on vacation ,can you do my proposal?" Billy smiled then said "yes." Dave didn't have a care in the world after that. So where did things go wrong. Dave thought some more. People talking some saying that they liked Billy's proposal. Blah Blah Blah. That's when Dave knew he was backed up. Billy stole his proposal. So Dave got up and showered. Then while showering he thought. "If nobody is in the office. I can go in wearing one of my dresses." If his company knew that Dave was gay they would flip. As Dave got ready he thought of what dress to wear. He looked in his closet. As he was going through he thought "why not just dress up like a schoolgirl." "I just bought my new black patent leather shoes., And they need to be broke in." Dave then went and put his make-up on. Then his wig. Then Dave put the school uniform on. White nylons and his new black patent leather shoes. The shoes felt a bit loose. Dave admire himself in the mirror. "Man I'm going dancing tonight."

Dave walked into the office building. "Hello" he called. Although he knew no one was going to answer. Dave walked into his small office turned his light on and computer. Dave left the door open to his office. As Dave was typing he heard footsteps. Dave was a bit scared. He then saw Billy. Billy always thought he was so smooth with the ladies. The way he talked about bedding them and things he does in the bedroom. "Boy I know I could destroy him." But Dave wouldn't. Billy started speaking. "Why hello. I'm William." Dave said nothing. Billy continued. How did you get in here, and why are you sitting at my friend's desk?" Dave thought for a minute. "Friends`?" Billy was still talking "Let me ask you a question." " Have you ever been with someone but knew that you could never be interested with them psychically?" "I was out with a girl like usual but I just wasn't attracted to them." Dave nodded. That's when things really took a turn. "I know you don't know me but I must admit to someone "I'm gay." Dave couldn't believe what he heard. Billy just opened like that and in front of him. "Well sorry to bother you." "By the way what is your name, and how come you never answered my question? " I guess you're a temp" Billy said. Dave couldn't believe that Billy ousted himself and didn't recognize that Dave was in drag. "God I'm good."

As Billy turned to leave Dave spoke. First he used his female voice. "Hi. You do know me." Slowly as Dave was talking he started loosing his female voice for his male voice. Billy couldn't believe it. "Dave???" Billy said stunned. Dave nodded. "Why are you dressed like that" "Billy like you I'm gay." Billy was still reeling. "I can't believe..."

"Tell me Billy did you want me to blow you?" Billy was happy his friend came out also. Not hearing the question. "Billy" Dave said in a teasing soft manner. Billy said "yes." He remembered someone sucked him before. Dave got up from his desk and walked over to Billy. Billy noticed Dave dressed like a schoolgirl. Dave got on his knees and began to unbutton Billy's slacks. They dropped easily. Just then Dave slid the underwear down. Dave noticed that his friend's cock was 6 in cut. Dave felt a tiny bit inadequate since he was only 2.5 in cut. Dave swallowed the whole cock And began to suck. Billy placed his hands on top of Dave's head, and began to work Dave's mouth. Billy was so happy. Billy shot a load into Dave's mouth. Dave swallowed the load. After Dave got done he walked over to his desk and bent over. Billy Then pulled Dave's panties down, then proceeded to fuck his ass. Billy shot another load. After that he turned Dave around and began kissing him. As they kissed he slowly started to masturbate Dave's cock. Dave felt Billy's hand and didn't bother to stop him. Billy kept yanking and yanking. All of a sudden Dave felt his own cum it was starting to run down his legs. Billy stopped as Dave shot another load out.

Billy smiled at Dave. He picked Dave up and sat him on top of his desk. Billy took Dave's shoes off. He then gave Dave a golden shower. Dave felt the warmth of the piss as it ran down his body. Billy then proceeded to put one of Dave' shoes. Billy still feeling horney masturbated in Dave's one shoe. Out came another big load and then proceeded to put Dave's other shoe on Dave's cock. Billy kissed Dave some more. As they kissed Billy removed the shoe from his cock. He put it back on Dave's foot. Dave felt another load go off from him. Billy then removed the shoe from Dave's cock as Dave told Billy.

Billy removed the shoe from Dave's cock and placed it on his foot. Then Billy went and told Dave. " I love you and we are now also a couple." Dave smiled.