I Wanna be a Girl.

Oh, how I wish I were a girl.! I know that I look like a little girl. It's not that I mind, as a lot of people go out of their way to be especially nice to me, especially my art teacher, Mr. Hawkins, who gives me that look, you know the one, like he wants to do all sorts of naughty things to me. I may be only twelve, but I've spent enough time surfing porn on the web to know what goes on between guys. Mr. Hawkins has never laid a finger on me but I know he'd like to kiss me and fondle my cock. I can see it in his eyes. You can hardly blame him, `cos when I look in the mirror, I see a gorgeous young child with black, shoulder length wavy hair, big dark eyes, a little rosebud mouth and skin like a peach. At school, I wear a black T shirt and tight black jeans, and unless you already know, there's no way to tell what sex I am. I'm indistinguishable from the preteen girls. Just the other day, I was buying a burger and when the sales guy gave me my change, he said, "Thank you, Miss." I thought it was hilarious. I just gave him my sexy smile and that "come and get me" look that drives guys crazy.

It's not just Mr. Hawkins. There was that cop, the other day, sitting on his motorbike at an intersection. I asked him if I could take a ride and he laughed and asked my for my license. He put his hand on my shoulder and I knew he wanted to feel me up. He looked pretty hot in his uniform with those tight pants. And there's those guys who hang around the arcade, obviously on the lookout for young kids. They all give me that hungry look, but I avoid them. Cops are one thing, but those creeps could be dangerous.

I jerk off a lot, I mean about three times a day. I like to stand in front of the full length mirror in my room, naked or in my underwear, and pretend that I'm a girl. You wouldn't know, until the bulge in my briefs gives the game away. Boy or girl, I'm hot either way. I generally put my hand down the front of my white briefs and stroke my cock until I cum. I wonder what people would think if they know that I'm wearing cum stained underpants most of the time?

Today, I've just come home from school and I'm alone in the house. In my bedroom, in front of the mirror, I drop my jeans and take them off, hopping on one foot and nearly falling over. Then I take off my T shirt and look at myself. I start to get hard immediately and begin to jerk off inside my briefs. Just before I cum, I stop, and take everything off. Naked, I'm just as sexy as I am in my undies, my little dick, which is getting bigger every day, poking up in the air. I decide to finish my wank later and I go into the bathroom and take a shower.

I'm drying my hair with a blow drier, looking at myself again in the mirror. My dick is still hard, but I'll finish jerking off later. Back in the bedroom, I pull on a clean pair of white briefs and reach into my underwear drawer for a white tank. I pull out a new one, not yet shrunk from the wash, and pull it over my head. I tuck it into my underpants and look into the mirror. Man, I'm smoking! The singlet is bunched up a bit inside my briefs so I pull it out and down over my hips outside my underpants. It comes down to the top of my thighs and looks like a mini-dress. I tug it down farther, stretching it. I narrow my eyes and look at my image, pretending that I'm a girl and blow myself a kiss. I pull my hair back with my hand into a ponytail. I have to ignore the big bulge that my cock makes in the front of my "dress". I'm so fuckin' hot! "Look at me, Mr. Hawkins," I murmur to the mirror, pretending that he`s looking at me. "I'm a girl. Wouldn't you like to kiss me?" I turn and look over my shoulder at myself and lift the back of my singlet, exposing the edge of my briefs. "Do you like my butt, Mr. Hawkins? I know you do. You'd like to touch it, wouldn't you?" Turning to face the mirror again, I lift up the front of my singlet and pull my underpants down to mid thigh. "Look at my little girly cunt, Mr. Hawkins," I whisper. "Kiss it, please, sir." Of course, all I can see is my rigid dick, with its small tuft of hair, but I pretend it's a cunt. Then I pull my briefs up again and smooth the singlet down over my hips. Sure, it looks pretty sexy but it's resemblance to a dress is not as good as I'd like, so I go into my mom's room in search of something more feminine. In her closet I find what I'm looking for, a pale blue slip, or perhaps it's a chemise, in satin. I've seen my mom in it and it comes down to the top of her legs, and on me it will be a little bigger. I take off my tank and slip the chemise over my head. The smooth, sexy feel of the satin sliding down over my body gets me even harder. I look at myself in the mirror on Mom's dressing table. Wow! I could just cum in my briefs! I look fantastic, a young sexy woman. "Do you love me, Mr. Hawkins?" I say to the mirror. "You can kiss me if you want. Can I touch your cock?" It's a little loose at the top, 'cos I don't have any tits to fill it, but it's much better than my tank. I wish I had tits, not big floppy ones, but nice young girl tits. Big tits would look weird with my narrow hips. I look again in the closet and see my mom's plaid mini-skirt. If I wore that with a white blouse, I think, and maybe white knee socks, I could pass as a preteen schoolgirl. There'd be no way for anyone to tell that I'm a boy, as long as my woody doesn't show. I lift the skirt off its hanger, and hold it against my body. Yes, this is gonna be perfect. Just then I hear the front door open. Shit! My mom is home.

I quickly put the skirt back on its hanger, hoping that Mom won't come straight into her room. I hear her call my name, "Chris? You home?" and before I can do anything, the bedroom door opens and she looks in. I'm horrified, standing there in her chemise, and know that I'm furiously blushing. She looks at me, then smiles.

"Ah," she says, "my little boy likes to dress up as a girl."

"Mom," I stammer, "I was just . . ."

"It's O.K., Chris. Just as long as you put everything back where you found it." She comes into the room. I can see she's not mad at me, but I'm still red faced. "I don't mind you dressing up. Lots of guys like to dress as girls. I bet you've seen them on the internet. It doesn`t mean you`re gay, just because you like feminine attire." By now, my dick has gone soft.

"I'm not gay, Mom."

"Well, it's a bit early to decide that. You're only twelve. You don't have to put labels on yourself. Anyway, none of us gets to decide our sexual orientation. Straight, gay or bi, however you turn out, you're not going to want to change, so relax and be yourself. If you want to dress up, I can help you."

"You're not mad at me?"

"Of course not, darling. I've always wanted to have a little girl. I love the idea of you dressing up. But those briefs look wrong under the chemise. Let's find a nice pair of panties for you." She rummages around in a drawer, and pulls out a pair of white nylon panties and holds them up for me to see. They are semi-transparent, and have lace panels on the side. "How about these? Go on. Try them on." I lift up the chemise and pull my briefs down. My dick is beginning to get stiff again. Mom hands me the panties and I lift the chemise up around my waist and pull them up over my cock. They are maybe a tad too large. "Your dick's getting quite big," says Mom. I turn to the mirror and look at myself, the chemise still bunched up, and oh my God, I look so fucking sexy! I'm now fully hard and I can see my dick through the sheer nylon. "Wow!" says Mom. "You're really into this, aren't you, sweetie?"

"I know this is weird, Mom, but yes, sometimes I really wish I were a girl. How do I look." I let the chemise fall and smooth it over my hips.

"You're beautiful, baby. Your can wear my stuff any time you like. Just drop it in the laundry hamper when you're done." I put my arms round her neck and give her a kiss. My hard on is pressing against her body and I know she can feel it. Her breasts feel nice and soft against my chest.

"Thanks, Mom, you're the best." I sit on the bed and she starts to undress, pulling her dress over her head. She has on a sheer white slip through which I can see her bra and panties. She sees me watching her.

"You want a strip-tease?" she asks, grinning.

I laugh. "Yeah, get `em off, Mom." She lets the slip fall round her ankles and unhooks her bra, showing off her nice, firm, small tits. Then she turns her back on me and slides her pink panties down to mid thigh and wiggles her butt. The panties fall to the floor as she turns to face me.

"Dah-dah!" she sings, and spreads her feet, her hands on her hips. I can see her shaved pussy.

"Smokin'!" I say. "You're so fuckin' sexy, Mom." She doesn't mind me using the "F" word.

"I'm a fucking slut." She's smiling as she says it.

"I love sluts," I say. "I wanna be one, too."

"You will be." She chuckles. "I can help you."

"I was looking at the plaid skirt in your closet. I could dress up as a schoolgirl."

"Great idea! We'll have to buy you some white knee socks, and, oh yes, a little training bra."

"I don't have any tits."

"Yes, but the bra will be visible through a blouse and will improve the image of you as a girl." She takes the briefs and singlet that I`ve just discarded, puts them on herself and looks in the mirror. My underwear is a bit tight on her. "Do I make a convincing boy?"

I laugh. "No way, Mom. You've got tits and your hips are too wide. It doesn't work for you. Just stick to being my mom."

"I'm sexy, though?"

"Absolutely," I say. "Hot stuff!" She smiles.

"Take that chemise and panties off. I've got something for you that you'll like even more."

Two minutes later, I'm looking at myself dressed in white stockings, a white garter belt and a lacy cami-top. My cock is so hard it hurts. "Wow," says Mom. "You'd drive the guys crazy."

"Like Mr. Hawkins at school?"

"Has he done anything to you?" She sounds alarmed.

"No. He just looks at me like he wishes he could."

"Does that bother you?"

"Heck, no. I kinda like it. It gives me a feeling of power. I bet I could make Mr. Hawkins do anything I want. He always gives me A's"

"Lets find you some panties." From her drawer, she produces a pair of pink satin panties with a loose leg, like jogging shorts, but with lace round the edge. I put them on, pulling them up over my hard dick. Fuck me! I look so fuckin' hot! "That looks awesome," she says. "We'll have to do something about that stiff dick of yours." She reaches out and strokes it through the smooth satin. "You don't mind me doing this?" A thrill runs through my whole body. This feels so much better than when I do it myself.

"Don't stop, Mom. Fuck, that feels good!" Now she's gripping it, her hand moving faster. I look at us both in the mirror, me in my sexy girl undies and Mom in my white briefs. I don't think she knows I came in them this morning. We look so erotic that I just can't hold it any longer, and I cum in her panties, several big squirts, and it seeps through the satin and gets on Mom's hand.

"Oh, sweetheart, you naughty boy! You've cum on my hand." She lifts her hand up to her face and licks it. "Yummy, your cum tastes so sexy!"

Suddenly, I feel empty, and I run into the bathroom, strip off the undies that now don't interest me, and step into the shower.

* * *

Later, after lunch, I'm feeling horny and want to dress up again. I go into Mom's bedroom, take out the plaid skirt and look among the hangers for a suitable blouse. I see a nice white translucent one, sleeveless with buttons down the front. I quickly strip off, my dick already stiff. But now I need some panties, and in a drawer I find a pair of plain white cotton `Jockey-for-Her' briefs and pull them on. They're nice and tight and hold my cock firmly against my stomach. I also find a pair of white ankle socks and half a minute later, I'm looking at a preteen schoolgirl in the mirror. I tie my hair back in a ponytail with a ribbon and the illusion is complete. I am so fucking pretty I could kiss myself. "Tell me, Mr. Hawkins," I murmur to my image, "do you like little girls? I bet you do, you dirty old man. I know you'd like to feel me up, caress my bum and finger my pussy, wouldn't you." I lift the skirt up and look at the panties covering my bulge. It's strange how panties, which are so similar to guy's briefs, look so completely feminine. Then the door opens, and my sister comes in. Fuck! I'm busted! She stares at me, then giggles. "Oh, my God! Chris likes to dress up as a girl!" I drop the skirt and turn to face her.

"You're not gonna tell anyone about this are you?"

"O.K., but you'll have to be really nice to me." My sister, Penny, is a year older than I am, and at thirteen, she has started to grow a nice pair of little tits, and she likes to show them off. "But I get to borrow your play station any time I want, O.K?."

"Deal," I say. Anything to shut her up. "But you can tell Mom. She already knows."

"She didn't freak out?"

"Shit, no. She seems to approve. She let my try on her undies. She says it doesn't mean I'm gay."

"Actually, you look very pretty. You make a good girl, but you need some tits, though."

"How about lending me one of your bras?"

"You can have my old training bras. I don't use them any more. Come into my room." We go into her bedroom, where the bed is littered with stuffed toys. She pulls out a couple of little bras from her drawer and I take off the blouse and put one on. Penny helps me fasten it a the back and I put the blouse back on. The bra, visible through the blouse, completes my transformation. I'm a girl, a beautiful, cute little twelve year old undeveloped girl, and I'm stunning. My dark eyes don't need any make-up and lipstick would be overdoing it. Shaving is years in the future and my skin is like a peach. I'm perfect as I am. I go to look for Mom, and find her out in the garden. When she see's me, her eyes go big.

"Wow!" she says. "It seems I have a beautiful daughter. You look fantastic. No one would ever know."

"Penny knows. She caught me."

"I'll make sure she doesn't tell anyone, Chris. Your secret is safe with us. How would you like to go out and face the world? We could go to the mall." I'm a bit nervous about this, but excited at the same time. Wouldn't it be funny if we ran into Mr. Hawkins and he didn't recognize me? "But your hair's not quite right, Chris. You need bangs. Come inside and I'll trim if for you." She sits me down in the kitchen with a towel round my shoulders, combs the front of my hair forward and trims if off in a line across my forehead. It's a little girl hairstyle, just what I need. "You can brush it back when you go to school," says Mom. "If it falls forward, wear a cap." We head out.

* * *

Two hours later, we're back. The trip was a huge success. Lots of people smiled at me, but no one stared. At the food court, Mom had to tell me to sit like a girl, with my knees together. "Little girls don't show off their panties," she said, "unless they want to be molested by dirty old men." Like Mr. Hawkins, I thought. It was quite thrilling to be a girl among a crowd of people, none of whom would have guessed that there was a stiff dick under that loose plaid skirt. We go into Mom's room where she takes off her dress. She has on a white see-through slip, no bra, and pale blue panties. "I'm gonna take a shower," she says.

"Me too," and I undress. Mom watches me as I strip off, my dick still erect. I stand beside her and naked, we look at ourselves in the mirror. She's a tiny bit taller than I am, with shortish hair and very small tits with dark nipples.

"You're growing up," she says. "Your dick is quite big. I like dicks and you have a nice one." She reaches over with her hand and caresses my cock. After a second or two, I stand behind her and put my arms round her waist. One of her shoulder straps falls off, exposing a tit. She takes one of my hands and places it on her exposed breast and puts my other hand down between her legs. My hard cock is pressed into the crack between her buttocks. She wiggles her butt and pulls the front of her slip up so that my hand is now on her panties. They are wet. My fingers are moving over the crotch of her panties and my other hand caresses her breast. She lets out a sigh, stepping from me, and takes the slip and panties off. "Time for a sex lesson," she says, sitting down on the bed with her legs apart. "Kneel down between my thighs," she says, and I eagerly obey. With her fingers she pulls her pussy lips apart. "Take a close look. Down at the bottom, there, is my vagina. The where a dick goes in and a baby comes out. Just above it, see that tiny hole? That's my eurethra, where the pee comes out, and you see that little bump at the top? That's my clit. It's like a tiny little dick and it likes to be touched. Lick you fingers and put your finger and thumb either side of it, yes, like that. Play with it. Yes, that feels nice. It also likes to be kissed and sucked." She puts her hand behind my head and pulls my face into her pussy. There's a strong, exciting smell of sex. I put my tongue into her vagina, then pull it upwards, licking up to her clit, and then I start to suck it and play with it with my tongue. Mom falls back on to the bed. "Fuckin' perfect," she murmurs. "Oh yes, Chris, that's marvelous!" A few seconds later, her hips suddenly jerk up and she lets out a big groan. "Wow, you've made me cum, you lovely little boy." I come up for air.

"I'd still rather be a girl," I say. Mom sits up, grabs my hips and pulls me to her.

"Now I'm gonna return the favour," she says and takes my dick in her mouth. I can feel her tongue doing fantastic things under my foreskin and I know I'm right on the edge.

I pull out of her mouth. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Cum in my mouth," she says and engulfs my cock again. I feel the cum rushing out of my dick as she makes contented humming noises. Then she looks up at me, her mouth open, with blobs of my cum inside. Then she swallows and smiles. "Ah, delicious! I love the taste of cum. Let's go shower."

* * *

It's the next day, after school. Earlier, during the art lesson, Mr. Hawkins was eyeing me up as usual and from time to time I would give him an encouraging smile. Actually, in his late twenties, he's quite good looking, and if he ever did manage to get me alone and came on to me, I'm not sure how I'd react. How bad could it be? I imagine he'd want to fondle me and maybe suck me off, and I could go for that. Perhaps he likes young girls. He does smile a lot at some of the prettier girls in my class, so if I dressed up for him, he could have the best of all possible worlds, a lovely little ladyboy.

I'm at home in Penny's room, thinking about this, looking through her closet, and I`ve already got a hard on in anticipation of wearing something really sexy. I`ve just come from the shower and all I have on is a towel. Penny comes in. She's wearing her school uniform.

"You really should ask before you go through my stuff," she says, though I can tell she`s not really pissed at me.

"Sorry, but Mom's dresses are all a bit long for me. Which is your favorite dress?"

"This pink one," she says, removing from the rail a pink dress in some kind of nylon, with short sleeves, a high neck and waist, and an outer layer of some diaphanous material. A party dress, I guess. She holds it against my body and the length looks about right, mid thigh. "You wanna try it on?" I can't wait and I pull my towel off. Penny has seen me naked before, but not with a hard-on. She stares at me.

"You've seen my dick before," I say.

"Not big and stiff like that. I guess you must really like this dressing up stuff."

"You've no idea," I say. "I ought to wear some panties, though."

She pulls a pair of white cotton schoolgirl panties from her drawer and hands them to me. "You can keep these, `cos they're probably gonna get stained with cum." I laugh, but she's right. I pull them on and look at myself in the mirror, admiring my slender hairless body and my new girly hairstyle. Then Penny helps me to pull the dress over my head and smooth it down over my body. It's a perfect fit. "Fuck me," says Penny, grinning. "You're the prettiest girl I know." She stands beside me in front of the mirror, and we make a very attractive, sexy pair of young girls. I put my arm around her and kiss her on the cheek.

"Look," I say, "aren't we sexy? We should take some pictures."

"No way, you'd share them with your friends."

"Not in a million years. This secret stays in the family." I look at her again and she really is quite hot stuff, even in her uniform. "You know," I say, "You're even prettier than I am. What are you wearing underneath?" I lift up the front of her skirt and look at the pink boy-shorts she wearing. She doesn't seem to mind. "Mmm, sexy!" I say, "But I still prefer white cotton panties. You know, we could do a little lesbian number." I reach my hand down and touch between her legs. For a second, she flinches, but doesn't push my hand away. I run my finger up and down her crack outside her panties. "I just want to make you feel good," I say. She gives a little hum of pleasure and then runs her hand up my dress until she's grasping my hard cock through the cotton panties. I glance in the mirror and the sight of us fondling each other almost makes me cum right there and then. He panties are getting moist and her breathing quickens. "You were right, earlier, when you talked about cum stains," I say. "I'm right on the edge." She smiles and me and rubs me even quicker, then pulls my panties to one side and pulls my dick out. With my free hand, I hold the dress up so that it won't get splattered with cum, and push my other hand down the front of her boy-shorts, my finger going into her pussy. I can smell her sexual arousal. She leans forward, as though to kiss me, but suddenly I lose control and cum, squirting semen all over her thighs. She laughs and tucks my dick back into my underwear.

"You naughty little pervert," she says, taking her boy-shorts off and wiping my cum with them.

I`m breathing hard. "Jesus! That was fuckin' awesome. Next time I'm gonna make you cum, Penny."

"What makes you think there'll be a next time?"

"I'm a little lesbian and I want to eat your pussy," I tell her. "And I can teach you the joys of cock sucking." I have a momentary fantasy of sucking Mr. Hawkins' dick but I put it out of my mind. I can jerk off to that vision later.

"Sounds gross!"

"No, girls like to do it. Ask Mom. Oops, that slipped out. I shouldn't have told you about that. Don't say anything to her."

"You mean Mom sucks guys' dicks? No, don't tell me! She sucked you off?"

"Just one time, but I shouldn't talk about it."

"Unbelievable! You horny little fucker. And I suppose you've been sucking off your friends at school." For a moment, I stay silent, but I know I'm blushing, `cos she`s right.

"I'm not gay. I like girls. I just wanna be one sometimes. I know you're not gay, but haven't you ever fancied a girl?"

"I had a crush on a female teacher one time," she says, "but I got over it."

. `Thanks for the wank," I say.

"You're welcome." I take Penny's dress off and hang it back up on the rail, pick up my towel and leave. I'm kinda trembling with a mixture of fear and sexual anticipation. Have I said too much? Probably, but I know Penny will keep her mouth shut.

* * *

I'm walking home from school a few days later. By now I have quite a collection of dresses and underwear. Mom has let me keep the stockings and garter belt, as well as several pairs of panties, cami tops and a slip, and Penny has let me have a couple of her dresses, and some low heeled shoes. Every day I dress up as soon as I get home from school and spend the rest of the day as a girl. Mom and Penny find it quite amusing, and help me with it from time to time.

A car pulls up alongside me, and the window powers down. "Need a ride, Chris?" It's Mr. Hawkins. Hey, this could get interesting.

"Gee, thanks," I say and get into the car. My mom told me never to get into a car with a strange man, but Mr. Hawkins isn't strange, he just likes twelve year old boys, and maybe girls too. He's just your local friendly pedophile, who wants to fondle children, play with their genitals, caress their buttocks and finger their holes, not strange at all. On the other hand, our creepy Vice Principal, who's been heard to say that masturbation is a sin, and homosexuality is evil, is a guy I'd never get in a car with.

"Where to?" he asks.

"I don't care. Anywhere is fine with me." His eyebrows go up.

"Fancy a pizza?"

"Nah. I'll be eating dinner in a couple of hours, but a coke would be great."

"I've got cokes in the fridge at my place."

"Cool," I say, a big grin on my face. I'm gonna give Mr. Hawkins the time of his life. We take off and drive the few blocks to his house, and go into his living room.

"You can have a beer, if you promise not to tell anyone," he says. This is great! Here he is, giving alcohol to a minor, so now I can blackmail him into doing anything I want.

"Sure, I'd love a beer," I say, as though I were a seasoned drinker. He hands me a can and I pop it. He sits beside me on the couch. I take a pull on the beer. "Fuckin' A." I say, though it tastes too bitter for me. We chat for a while then we go into the sun room built on to the back of his house, which is rigged up as a studio and he shows me some of his paintings. Most are faces, but there are a couple of nude pencil sketches of females, tastefully posed. "I like these," I say. "You're pretty good at this, Mr. Hawkins. Do you only draw women?" He produce a sketch of a young guy, late teens probably, who's wearing nothing but a pair of Calvin Klein white briefs. "I like this one," I say.

"I'd like to sketch you," he says, smiling and looking me up and down.

"Naked?" I ask, with a grin.

"Would it bother you?"

"Not a bit. To be honest, I like being naked. It makes me feel kinda free. You wanna do it now?" I know I'm coming on to him a bit fast, but why waste time? The opportunity may not occur again for a while.

"Oh, yes," he says, a bit too eagerly, so I kick off my sneakers and unfasten the top of my black jeans. I unzip until he can see the white V of my underwear, and take off my T shirt. His eyes are nearly popping out of his head. This is the moment I've been waiting for. I slowly slide the jeans down, revealing the fact that I'm wearing a pair of Penny's white cotton panties, with my erection beginning to show.

"Dah, dah!" I sing, letting the jeans fall.

His jaw drops. "Holy shit! You're wearing girl's panties."

"You like 'em? I like to dress up as a girl. Don't tell me you've never tried on a pair of panties."

He hesitates. "Once or twice," he admits. "But I bet I didn't look half as sexy as you look."

"One day, I'll dress up for you, all the way, dress and everything. You wanna sketch me in my panties or in the nude?"

"Nude, I think. We don't want anyone else seeing you in girl's underwear, do we?"

"Are you gonna show it to anyone?"

"Would you mind?"

I hesitate. "Not if you draw me as a girl, like cover my dick and stuff."

"Off course."

"Then you'd better take these panties off me," I say, glancing down at my growing bulge.

"May I? Oh, Chris, you sexy little teaser." He pulls the front of my panties out and glances down inside, then hooks his fingers into the waistband and starts to pull them down to just above my knees and my cock pops out. I know what he'll do and I'm right. He drops to his knees and takes my cock in his mouth.

"Oh, yes, Mr. Hawkins, that feels so good. I've been hoping for this for a long time, wanting you to suck me off. You're so handsome, and I think of you every time I jerk off." I'm leading him on outrageously, but I don't care. His lips are so soft on my cock and his hand is fondling my balls. I'm loving every minute of this and I know he's completely in my power. His tongue is doing something intensely arousing with my glans. It isn't long before I feel my cum rush out of my dick into his mouth, and he looks up at me, his lips apart, his mouth full of my jism. Then, with a smile, he swallows it all.

"You taste wonderful, Chris, you darling boy!" I wish he'd called me a girl. I let the panties drop and step out of them, and Mr. Hawkins makes me recline on a couch and drapes a silk scarf across my shoulder, down over one nipple and across my hips, hiding my cock, which is now soft. He takes off his shirt and pants, revealing a pair of white boxer briefs with a considerable tent in the front, and I have to admit he looks pretty hot, but then so does any guy in white underwear. He's gonna look even better when I get horny again, which isn't gonna take long. Most of my class mates wear colored boxers, but the few who wear white briefs really get me going, so that I long to grope and fondle them. Concealing my boner when I'm getting changed before and after P.E. can be a problem. Between looking at the guys and knowing they're looking at me, there's no way not to get hard.

Mr. Hawkins sits down and begins to sketch. I finish my beer and doze off, and some time later I come to with a start as he says, "All done. Come and take a look." I go and stand behind him and look at the sketch. It's me to a T, a sexy preteen little girl with a lovely slender body and a beautiful face.

"You could have given me some tits," I say, and he takes his pencil and on the paper, draws a few curves on my chest, then smears them with his thumb, producing a shading effect which gives me a nice little pubescent tit. I love it. Looking at the image of myself, I start to get hard. I lean over his shoulder, run my hands down his chest. He has nice firm pecs. My hands go down to his stomach, then slowly lower, and I grip his cock through his underpants. He closes his eyes and groans. I slide one hand under the waistband and grasp his dick. It's rock hard, nice and big, uncut and wet at the end. I kneel down beside him and he lifts his hips and slides his briefs down to mid thigh. With his beautiful cock exposed, he looks incredibly sexy. I can smell the aroma of hot dick and it excites me. Lowering my head I kiss the tip of his dick, then lick along its length. This is another moment I've dreamed about. I take the end of his dick in my mouth and begin to suck him off. It's not the first dick I've sucked, but he's my first adult. I discover I like grown up cock much better than my classmates' little ones. Just the first few inches fills my mouth completely and touches the back of my throat, and I have to suppress a gag, but the knowledge that he's completely in my power is a huge turn-on. Then I move my lips back over the tip and grip his shaft, moving my hand up and down, and slide my tongue under his foreskin. He begins to pant and groan, his hips moving up and down, his breath coming in gasps. Then he cries, "I'm cumming!" I lift my head in time to receive several squirts of cum on my face. I keep on stroking is dick until he's empty, then put it back in my mouth and clean it off. Then I look at him and smile, wiping the cum off my face with a finger and putting it in my mouth.

"That was fantastic!" I say, as he tries to regain his breath. "I like sucking you off, Mr. Hawkins. I'm just like any other little girl, I love a hard dick. Thank you, sir."

Hawkins is speechless for a moment, then says, "I`m sorry I came on your face."

"Don`t apologize. That was the best bit. I've wanted to make you cum for a long time."

"You should call me by my first name," he says.

"No," I say. "You're my teacher and I'm your student. You have to tell me what to do and I have to obey." I let him watch as I pull my panties back on and get dressed again, enjoying his gaze on my body, and the feeling of contol that I have over him.

"I think I'm falling in love with you, Chris."

"I've known that for weeks, now, Mr. Hawkins."

It's time to go home and change into something really sexy, while I search the internet for information about anal sex. How am I going to let him fuck me without it hurting? I need to know. What's the use of being a girl if I can't be fucked?

* * *

A couple of weeks have gone by, during which I've been researching anal intercourse. I can't wait to surrender my body to a handsome guy and feel his cock inside me. It doesn't have to be Mr. Hawkins, but he's the front runner. It seems the trick is to fully relax and use lots of lube. I've been to practicing with carrots and baby oil, and then discovered where my mom hides her vibrator, which is about the same size as Mr. Hawkins' dick. The first time I pushed it in, it hurt like hell, but after a couple of practice sessions, I guess my ass has stretched, `cos it hardly hurts at all, now, in fact, it feels pretty good. I know a dick will feel a lot more exciting. Mom wanted to know where all the carrots were going, and I told her I like to eat `em raw. She's gonna feed me lots of fucking carrots now. I guess I'll just have to live with it.

I'm in my room, standing in front of the mirror, in a white cotton dress, through which you can just make out the turquoise nylon briefs that Mom's given me. I pretend that I've just won the Miss World Contest and I'm making my speech to a dozen or more TV cameras, which are beaming my picture round the world. "I want to thank my art teacher, Mr. Hawkins, who taught me how beautiful I really am," I say to a bunch of imaginary microphones, "and also my mom and my sister for teaching me how to dress and for providing these sexy undies." I lift the hem of my dress up under my chin and admire my slender legs in their white stocking, letting my gaze run up to where my naked thighs disappear under the lacey edge of my panties. My cock is so hard, it's painful. In my mind, the whole world is sexually aroused by the sight of my girly body, and the applause is thunderous. I turn from side to side, showing myself off, liking how the edge of my panties follows the curve of the underside of my buttock and I'm so aroused by my own mind-blowing sexuality that I know I'm about to cum, without even touching myself. Facing the mirror again, I thrust my hips forward and my dick pulses, squirting a respectable load of jism into my panties, and a big wet stain starts to spread over the front. Some of the cum leaks through the nylon and beads up on the outside. I scoop it up with my finger and taste it. Mmm, not bad.

I let the dress fall back. Soon my hard-on will disappear and I'll be able to go out. I think I'll walk over to Mr. Hawkins' house. By the time I get there, I'll be horny again. I know he'll want to slide his hand up my dress and feel the wet, sticky cum on my panties. He'll like that. Maybe he'll lick his hand, then kiss me, and then he'll probably ask me to kneel down with my upper body across his couch and he'll lift my dress up, pull my panties down to my knees, and hold my cock with one hand while he lubes up his cock with the other and he'll guide it to my butt hole and gently thrust it in, fucking me, slowly, deeply, passionately, filling me up with his cum and thrilling me in a way I've never felt before. I know I'm gonna love it.

Oh, how I wish I were a girl!

The End.

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