Hello, my name is Beverly, I am in my mid thirtys, 5'7, 122, a career woman I guess you would say. My husband, Larry, late 30's, 5'8, 160, operates an at home computer consultant business. Since my job as sales representative involves frequent travel, my husband usually ends up doing a lot of the domestic duties. We could afford a part time house keeper but he seems not to mind and even pitches in when I am not away on business. We had been married 12 years when what I am about to tell you happened. There have been some bumps in the road since, in the beginning anyway, but those are gone now.

We have always had a good sex life although I usually am the one to initiate it. We have shared fantasies and done some role playing. As you probably know in every couple there is an alpha and a beta relationship and doesn't matter which role is played by whom, the couple is what makes it work. One of his favorite fantasies was role reversal with me on top. He often asked me about other relationships I had had before he came along and strangely enough asked for details. He once or twice asked me if I had every wanted to have sex with someone else or if I had had sex with anyone else since our marriage. Of course you can guess what I answered...no. He even said, I know you may get lonely when your away for awhile and I don't think it would be cheating if your told me about it afterward. Strange or what?

He was right of course, as you can imagine, there are a lot of opportunities or should I say temptations for a woman that travels a lot. Being a healthy person, my appetites are as good as any ones, and I have to admit given the right circumstances, I have indulged myself. I have always justified the associated guilt, with the rationalization that my husband is alone at this time too. So what if he has a fling while I'm gone, as long as he doesn't bring another woman or anything else to our home what we each don't know won't hurt anyone.

I was due home Friday afternoon and Larry was to pick me up at the airport about 3. I finished my last client meeting a day early and called to see if I could get an earlier flight. As luck would have it I rebooked for a Thursday evening flight. I tried to call Larry but the line was busy so I boarded the plane and headed home.

When we arrived I took a cab home, it was the company's money and I would have to have waited over an hour for Larry to drive from home anyway. As it was I got home at about midnight. When I stepped through the front door I sensed something different. There was a light scent of perfume in the air. As I softly walked down the hallway to the bedroom, I thought that bastard better not have another woman in my bed. Looking through the partially opened door I could see that Larry was in bed alone. Well that's good anyway. I got undressed and before taking a shower, I walked toward the bed intending to kiss him to wake him up, as I wanted a homecoming romp. On the way across the room I tripped over something. In the faint light from a street light coming trough the drapes, I could make out a pair of high heels, a bra and panty's lying on the floor. That was it, I walked over and turned on the lights meaning to have it out.

When the lights came on he sat straight up in bed blinking and trying to wake up.

I said what the fuck is with the high heels, panty's and bra. Where the fuck is she? I said as I turned and pushed through the bathroom door. Finding no one there, I turned back to the bedroom.

Finally he said their mine.

I said, bull shit, who is she? To my surprise I saw that he was wearing a yellow satin night gown I had never seen before. Start talking, I said, and this had better be good or you're out of here tonight.

Although I intentionally kept up the stern injured lover routine, his story was fascinating. He had always secretly kept some items of women's clothing and been wearing them in secret for years. He said he was not gay. He just loved women, and the idea of being a women, if only in fantasy, was over powering for him.

He said, he has known there was something different about him from other guys all his life but had not known what it was until the internet came along. He said he felt he was somewhere between a cross dresser and a transsexual. He felt that he has always been more of a woman mentally, than a man.

I had often wondered why he didn't watch sports or go hunting and fishing like his male friends did. Instead he kept immaculate flower gardens and took great care of the house. I wonder why I hadn't connected the dots before, but I hadn't given it any thought.

He could not hold my gaze as I stared at him. He just sat there on the edge of the bed staring at the items on the floor. I wanted to see where this was going so I started another rant.

I said, I so your fucking men then. Great that's supposed to make me feel better? Since you're in a night gown do you take it up the ass too or are you just a cock sucker?

He said, No, I have never had sex with a man. I just wear the clothing for fantasy.

So you just wear women's clothes for jack off props? I ask.

He said, Not exactly but sometimes I guess.

I said, Bull Shit, roll over on your hands and knees.

He looked at me with a puzzled look.

Don't worry, I'm not going to beat your ass, you'd probably enjoy it anyway. I know you're a lying little slut and I want to see if there is cum in the crack of your ass.

He said, But I told already I've never been with a man.

I then slapped him hard enough that his head snapped to the right and a red hand print glowed on the side of his face.

Don't ever question me again you son of a bitch, do what I told you. For the first time I could see anger flare in his eyes. I decided to change tactics.

I said, Come on princess, get on your hands and knees, I know it won't be the first time, now will it?

The anger was replaced by humiliation again and he slowly stood looking at the floor and turned and got onto the bed on his hands and knees.

I took my time enjoying his humiliation. Then I said, Spread em for me sweetie, I'm sure you know how to do that too don't you?

He repositioned his knees wider and I walked behind him. I stood behind him for a minute letting his humiliation consume him. I then put my hands on his hips and slowly rocked him back toward me.

I said, I this is what you like you little slut. At that time I looked down at his ass not expecting to see cum or anything else really. I did notice his anus was red. I then slapped his ass really hard and said, I fucking knew it.

He said what, knew what?

I said there's no cum in your ass, you must have cleaned up afterward. But your ass looks like it has just been fucked. He then started crying like a little girl.

He said, Ok ok, I haven't been with a man, but I did use a vibrator on myself tonight.

I said, Prove it.

He got up and walked to the closet, after some moving of objects on the shelf, he returned with a vibrator. He stood there with tears running down his face.

I said, Show it to me.

He held it out and it was not only an 8 inch vibrator, but had a real looking cock head and what looked like skin was attached to the head of it and was rolled down the vibrator. [Actually I was kind of envious].

I said so this is your stud then. The vibrator is for fucking, I guess the cock head thing is for practicing blow jobs, is that right? I should have you give me a demonstration to convince me but I don't think that will be necessary do you?

He was quite a picture standing there in a yellow night gown holding a fake dick in his hand, face crimson with tears dripping off his chin.

I said, I was going to fix myself a drink. Get up and pick up the items on the floor and put them away. Then go down to the living room and bring my suit cases up to the bedroom. On second thought, I said, put the bra, panty's and heels back on then your night gown, after your dressed then get the bags. I want to see what a sissy husband looks like. His face went crimson again but he just stood there and nodded his head without a word.

I went and fixed a drink and sat in the living room and watched him carry the bags to the bedroom. I must admit the heels gave his butt a nice wiggle as the night gown clung to his body. When he finished he came back into the living room and just stood there looking down at the floor.

He said, Beverly, I don't know what to say, I love you and I want to work this thing out.

I said, action speaks louder than words sissy, you walk in heels better than I do. You must have a lot of experience walking in heels and wearing women's clothes. I need some time to think about this, I don't know if it's savable or not but for the time being you will sleep in the guest room until I decide. We'll talk about it when I'm ready and not before. Now get out of my sight and swish your little ass down the hall and go to your bed.

I sat up for awhile thinking about this change in our marriage. The options were numerous. I could kick his sissy ass out, but that would mean relocating. I couldn't financially manage this big house. Larry makes a lot of money on his company with very little overhead. Besides then I'd be doing all of the house work myself, no chance of finding another Larry to do it. I could forget it, after all this has being going on for years behind my back, in fact, so what. No, kicking him out was not an option. But keeping that knowledge from him would be essential. I decide to go with it and see what happens or better put, see what I could get out of it.

I woke the next morning to the smell of coffee and went to the kitchen. There was Larry wearing shorts and a tee shirt fixing breakfast. He intentionally averted his eyes from looking at me as he served me breakfast.

Finally I said, Lori, look at me.

He was definitely red faced from being called Lori. I hid my smile as I said, I have to go into the office later this morning. When I get home maybe we'll have a talk. While I'm gone I want you to think about a couple of things today. I think you will agree that last night has changed things between us forever. You must admit a man would not wear women's clothes, panties and bra. Hell most women hate wearing a bra. So I think you would you agree that you are not actually a man anymore. There is really no more need a pretense. I'm not saying your gay or even bi. But you definitely fantasize about sucking a cock don't you?

He stood red faced and said nothing.

Lori, I said, You need to answer me honestly, now.

He said, I don't know what to say, I only want to be with you, I'll do or be anything your want.

I said that's not an answer, are you a man or not?

He slowly said, I guess not.

I said, you guess?

He said, No.

I said, damn it, No what!

He said, No, Ma'am I am not a man.

And what do you fantasize about?

He said, having sex with a man.

I said, Then you will agree that I find my self married to a fucking sissy. Am I right Lori?

Just when you think you have seen every shade of red in a face you are proven wrong. With her eyes tearing up, she said, Yes, Ma'am I am a sissy.

I said, The only reason I did not kick you out last night is because we were friends long before we were lovers and married. Your story touched me deeply. I know it's been painful for you to live a secret life. So you need to decide today if you are willing to live a different relationship with me. If so then you must be prepared to live here on my terms which will not be negotiable. Or you can pack your things and leave today before I get home. Do you understand? I expect dinner to be ready by six.

I noticed him slightly flinch as I was talking to him as I have never spoken to him impersonally before, without emotion as if I were talking to a stranger or an object.

He said, Ok.

I just stared at him, as our eyes locked, his face reddened again, he looked down and said, yes ma'am.

I said, thank you.

After a silent breakfast, I unpacked my suitcases and threw my dirty laundry on the bedroom floor. I never did that before, but I thought fuck it, let her pick them up. I then lay the dry cleaning out on the bed and dressed for the office.

Larry was in the kitchen doing dishes. I told him, Lori, there is laundry and dry cleaning to be dropped off in my bed room, do the laundry and take care of dropping off the dry cleaning for me this morning.

To my surprise, Larry dropped his eyes and said, yes ma'am.

I couldn't keep from smiling as I drove to work. I thought to my self, this is too perfect. As soon as I get the bulk of my work done I must start a list of changes for Lori in case he is still home when I get there. Even if he isn't making the list will be a fun fantasy.

I spent a couple of hours thinking about conditions to put on our relationship and before I knew it was time to head home.

Walking in the door I could smell dinner was cooking. I went to my bed room to change from my business suit. I saw that the laundry had been folded and put away and the dry cleaning was gone. After changing I walked down to the living room where the stereo was on and a drink was waiting for me on the coffee table. I could hear Lori puttering around in the kitchen, no doubt still too embarrassed to face me. So I decided to just kick back and let the drink and the music do there magic.

After a few minutes Larry stood in the doorway and said, Your dinner is served in the dinning room. I have already eaten and will wait in the kitchen, in case you need anything just call.

Wow was he being contrite. As I walked past him into the dinning room I handed him a copy of the agreement I had written at work.

I said, You may as well read this while I'm having dinner then we'll talk later.


Relationship Agreement


In recognition of the gender variant conditions of my spouse and husband and in the furtherance of this relationship it is the wishes of Beverly Anderson that the following conditions be abided by.


Statement of fact: Beverly Anderson is not now nor ever has been a lesbian. That being said and through the actions and admissions of Larry Anderson it is no longer possible for Beverly Anderson to perceive Larry Anderson as being a man. Thus in this household there will no longer be the accommodation of a marriage bed. The traditional husband and wife relationship is now void. The relationship will continue for financial and social benefit as a wedded couple but in reality will be that of room mates. This relationship will continue if and only if Larry Anderson agrees to the below conditions which are not negotiable.




Larry Anderson will:


Address Beverly Anderson as Ms. Beverly, Mistress Beverly or Ms. Anderson or Ma'am at all times.


When answering the telephone, you will first look at the Caller I. D. If the caller is not recognized as a business call, You will answer, Ms. Anderson's residence.


From this date forward Larry will be referred to only as, and answer only to, the name Lori.


To keep and maintain an adequate feminine wardrobe, including a minimum of two different style maid's uniforms and including makeup and feminine toiletries.


To be dressed in the maids uniform of your choice when doing domestic duties and other feminine clothing of your choice at all other times, 24/7.


To let your own hair grow out to sufficient length to maintain a feminine appearance.


To wear a wig at all times until hair has grown out.


To shave or otherwise dilapidate all body hair below the eye brows and maintain such.


To at the earliest opportunity have your ears double pierced each. From then on, Lori will wear one hoop and one stud ear ring on each side. Also Lori will endure any additional piercing Ms. Anderson requests.


Toe nails and finger nails will be polished at all times. Finger nails will be allowed to grow to a desirable length as judged by Ms. Anderson and maintained.


To do all domestic duties required to maintain a suitable home.


Sexual intercourse with Ms. Anderson is from this date, forbidden.


Sex of any kind [especially masturbation] for Lori will be done strictly and unconditionally with the prior approval of Ms. Anderson.


To sleep and maintain living quarters in a guest room, preferably in another part of the house from Ms. Anderson.


To provide serving maid duties [in uniform] on any and all occasions when Ms. Anderson entertains guests. Lori will conduct her duties and behave in a courteous and polite manner until dismissed for the evening .


Specifically, when ever the occasion arises when Ms. Anderson should invite a gentleman partner to spend the night. This includes but is not limited to serving drinks or refreshments.


To show the utmost respect to the gentleman visitor. Always referring to him by Mr. _______, or Sir, unless instructed by Ms. Anderson to do otherwise.


To assist, Ms. Anderson in dressing or undressing for such occasion[s] when requested to do so. Also if requested to do so, Lori will lend any assistance to the gentleman visitor, Ms. Andreson deems necessary.


To maintain current business responsibilities and continue all current and seek additional clientele for said business interests.


To arrange for all funds derived from such business interests to be directly deposited into an account of Ms. Anderson's choosing.


Deposits will be made by Ms. Anderson into the current joint account to cover household and business expenses as well as providing Lori with an allowance for personal and wardrobe items.


This agreement may be amended at anytime by Ms. Anderson. Any amendment must be signed and dated by both parties. This agreement may be voided at any time by either party.


I am signing this agreement of my own choice and volition. In doing so I am officially acknowledging that I am no longer the `man of the house'. I voluntarily relinquish any and all husbandly rights or role in this relationship; as I recognize that I am not the man Beverly Anderson married. I remain in this house at Ms. Anderson's pleasure.

Signed ________________________






Dinner was steak, baked potato and salad with a nice burgundy wine, with candles on the table. At one point Lori came in and poured me another glass of wine. I could tell that she had tears in her eyes but I guess that was inevitable.

I finished my dinner and went back into the living room. I noticed that a drink was fresh and on the coffee table for me. I could hear that Lori was clearing and washing the dishes.

A few minutes after the water stopped running I called Lori into the living room. She stood in the door way with her eyes cast down and said, Yes Ma'am? I asked her to turn off the stereo and sit down. She sat on the edge of the love seat opposite the couch I was on. She then handed me the copy of the agreement. I looked at it and she had signed it Lori Anderson.

I asked, Are you sure about this Lori, there is no turning back the clock?

For the first time in nearly 24 hours, Lori looked me level in the eye and said yes. I know it's a big step and there will be a lot of adjustments. I have thought about this all afternoon. I only want to share whatever of your life you let me share. I didn't know about the conditions thing, but I don't want to leave you or our home. I meant what I said last night when I said I want to work this out. I know I'll never be a man in your eyes again and I know you have your physical needs. Your conditions are a little harsh for me right now but I'll learn to live with it. I only ask that you not insist that I help with you and your man friends, at least for awhile, until I get used to the idea and I have my pride under control. I appreciate your willingness to let me dress to match my real gender. I will, no doubt, need some help in the makeup and fashion departments but I will always try to look nice for you and your friends.

She then asked, Tomorrow is Saturday, would you please consider going to the mall with me and help me get started? I thought I would go to the piercing pagoda and then to a department store and get some basic clothes and things.

Now it was my turn to have tears in my eyes. I said, Of course I'd love to go shopping with you like a girlfriend, and lunch is on me.

Well its been a couple of weeks since the agreement weekend. Things are still a little tense at times. Lori is enfemme all the time now and has pretty much gotten the makeup thing down. She has finally figured out that Less is really More. Kinda like watching myself as a teenager try and reject things. She subscribed to Cosmo and some cooking magazine so she has been doing a lot of experimenting with herself and in the kitchen.

It wasn't long before I started exploring my new found freedoms. I started a routine of going to one of those after work bars that several of the people I worked with frequented. Sometimes I would meet a man that interested me and I would flirt awhile before leaving. I quite enjoyed playing the part of the dick tease. I usually only stayed a hour or so after work which put me home after my usual 6. Lori never mentioned it even once. She would just serve my dinner reheated from the Microwave or the oven.

I got a phone call at work one afternoon which changed the routine. Carson, a man that I had been seeing at the bar and had several conversations with, called and asked me to dinner for the following night. The next morning I was getting dressed for work and I packed some extra [sexy] under ware in a small bag to take with me. I considered lying but decided this is inevitable after all. I told Lori I would not be home until late as I had a dinner date. As usual she said nothing.

After work I used the shower in the company gym facilities to freshen up and change into the things I had brought along. I had arranged to meet my friend at the restaurant rather than have him pick me up. I arrived a little early and waited in the restaurant bar for him.

He arrived on the dot and we both had a drink while we waited for our table. I must say he is cute with a dynamite personality. One of those people that makes you feel that you have known them since grade school.

After dinner we went to a near by dance club. After a couple of more drinks I was really starting to enjoy myself. I noticed that during the slow songs he would let his hands roam over my ass which felt terrific. So on impulse when ever he would do it I would grind my crotch into his leg. This got his attention and he started pushing his hard-on against me. We kissed several times on the dance floor. After dances, I told him I needed a break. We walked out onto the open deck at the rear of the bar to get some air. We kissed deeply a couple of times and I could tell he wanted more. He asked me if I wanted to stay for awhile longer or go to his place. I decided to go home with him but I drove my own car and told him I could only stay a little while.

As soon as we were through the front door we were in each others arms and pulling clothes off. We fell onto the couch both of naked. I slid down onto the floor on my knees, I had this urgent need to have his cock in my mouth. I kissed the head, licked the small slit and ran my tongue around the crown several times. Then while looking up into his eyes I buried his cock into my throat. I closed my eyes and pumped up and down on his cock like a true slut. After a few minutes he lifted me up and carried me into the bed room. As he lay me on the bed he immediately buried his face in my wet pussy. We sucked and fucked for what seemed like hours. I lost count of how many orgasms I had had. We dozed off in each others arms and at about 2:30 I woke up not knowing where I was for a minute. When I stood up I was reminded of what happened by the cum running down my thighs. It was heavenly.

I got dressed and drove home. When I got inside I fell on the bed still dressed and went to sleep immediately. I didn't wake up till about noon. I thought F**k I was supposed to work today. At about that time Lori walked into my bed room with some coffee. She said she had called in sick for me, when she saw that I had over slept and she could not wake me. I thanked her and it was then that I noticed that I was under the sheets nude.

Lori saw that I had noticed and said she had undressed me and put me to bed. Since I was nude, there was no doubt that Lori had discovered my gooey panties.

She said, You seem to have a glow today that wasn't there yesterday.

I must admit that I was feeling pretty smug and thought now is as good a time as any to put her in her place.

I said yes I do. Lori come over closer I want to show you something.

She walked to the edge of the bed and waited.

I said, Have you ever seen a well fucked pussy up close? I then threw the sheets back and spread my legs. My thighs and pubic hair were crusted with dried cum. My pussy lips were still red and swollen.

I said, There really is nothing like being seriously fucked by a real man. You should try it sometime.

She stared down at my used and abused pussy as if mesmerized.

I said, won't you be a dear and clean me up.

She started to turn to for the bathroom when I stopped her.

I said, no honey, I think you know what I mean.

Our eyes locked as if time stood still. She then went to her knees beside the bed and started licking my thighs. She then went to my pubic hair and licked it clean. She started on my pussy lips and I stopped her.

I said, no yet Lori.

I then turned over on to my hands and knees presenting my ass to her. I knew that cum had run down the crack of my ass all night while I was asleep. I put my head down on my arms on the bed which lifted my ass high in the air. There was a little hesitation and then she started dutifully licking my asshole along with the crack of my ass. This whole process and the humiliation for her was quite a turn on and I could not help grinding my ass back into her face to give her better access. Her tongue felt marvelous as she enthusiastically licked every inch of my ass.

When I had had enough I stood up on my knees and said, Come her sugar and patted the bed.

She got onto the bed. I then rolled her over on her back and straddled her chest while giving her a great view of my pussy and ass. I pushed my pussy back into her face. She immediately started licking my pussy slit. Paying special attention to my clit. Although it felt great this was not my purpose for this training session.

I said, That feels wonderful Lori, now I want you to suck on my vagina. Lick my hole and suck on it real good for me.

She did and as she did I gently pushed with my internal vaginal muscles. The result was that first there was an ooze of mingled juices, then small globs of Carson's cum was pushed out into Lori's mouth. I know she knew what was happening because at first she stopped then after a second she started sucking and licking like there was no tomorrow. It gave me the best orgasm I had had in weeks. Even better than the dozen I had last night. Maybe, because Lori had past the ultimate test. Licked a mans cum off my asshole and drank a mans cum from inside her wife's pussy.

I eventually stopped her as I was orgasmed out. I just lay there next to Lori in the after glow for a few minutes.

I looked at her and said, Lori what did you think of your first cream pie?

She thought a minute and said, I knew that was a man's cum in your pussy. At first it turned my stomach, not the taste but the thought of you with someone else. Then I remembered the conditions I signed. I agreed to let you do as you wanted. You wanted sex with someone else and you wanted me to clean you up. So that's what happened. I will do anything for you Mistress and I know now that I just as well get used to the taste of cum because I think I will be getting to know that taste quite well.

I said, Good girl, I think you're right.

I must say I wish I had caught onto her cross dressing years ago. Carson and I have had several incounters over the past couple of weeks which were great. I dicided that a Lori `clean up' was to become the rule. She was `broken' to this routine for her in a surprisingly short time and now I think she looks forward to it whenever I date. I must admit even though sex with Carson was great, it was time to terminate the sexual relationship with him. He was becoming too territorial and want more and more time with me. To me it was never more than a physical release with him so I broke it off.

Truthfully, I get more charged up on the way home afterward thinking about being serviced by Lori. I have come to giving her details as she is cleaning me up and have noticed that she now gets a hard on [which I intentionally ignore] when I am recounting a sex romp with a man.

A few days later, I was bored and a little horney but too lazy to go out.

I went back and re read the conditions and found that there was no prohibition to her having oral sex with me, only no intercourse. So that night I invited her to join me in drinks. I asked if she had had any sex or masturbated.

She said, No, even though it has been weeks since I have had a release, I have been waiting for your permission Mistress and didn't know if it was appropriate for me to ask.

I said, Your sex life is mine to do with as I please. I'm glad you did not ask as I would have been offended. I bought one of those male chastity devises for you but I wanted to see if you could use self restraint on your own first.

I said, Well, lets go into my bed room and see what happens. I then told her to strip to her panties and bra. She was sitting on one side of the bed and I on the other. I undid my bra and let it slid off my arms then hooked my thumbs in my panties and slid them down. I must admit that I have grown very used to Obsession, Lori's favorite perfume. It has an intoxicating scent. She started kissing the back of my neck and caressing my breasts. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes and relaxed. Her right hand was stroking down my stomach to my thighs. It felt so good, I lay back on the bed with my head on the pillow. She started kissing and nibbling each of my nipples while her hand found my pubic mound. As I felt her run her fingers over my slit I involuntarily spread my thighs to give her better access. She ran her finger first around the edge of my vaginal opening several times and as my hips would move up she would stop and then do the same thing to my clit. It was maddening. She was at the same time kissing her way down my stomach and blowing softly on my pubic hair. This time as she circled my vaginal opening her tongue touched my clit. The effect sent an electric shot through me. The strokes of her tongue became stronger and more urgent as she also started to finger fuck me. My hips were moving uncontrollably as I used my hands to crush her face into my pussy. I couldn't hold off anymore and one of my strongest orgasms ripped through me. Afterward I lay there dreamily looking at Lori as I stroked her hair.

Lori said, Thank you Ms. Beverly for allowing me to give you pleasure. She then asked, would you like to watch me now or should I go to my own room.

After it dawned on me what she had asked, I said, no, I want you to stay. I want to watch. Laying on my stomach, I pulled my pillow up under my chin and watched.

She lay back on the bed and started to rub her growing erection through her panties. As it grew longer and harder, I could see a small spot of pre-cum soaking through the fabric at her cock head. Lori's breathing became more and more labored as she gently stroked her cock through the fabric.

I reached over and slid her panties down to her knees. I then took her cock in my hand and started to stroke it up and down.

Do you like that? I asked.

Oh yes.

I stopped stroking her cock and gave it a hard squeeze, I asked, Oh yes what?

Oh yes Mistress.

I started stroking her cock again.

Do you like being my maid Lori?

Yes Mistress.

I increased the tempo of my strokes.

What if I were here with a man Lori, what would you think then?

It's your decision Mistress. I am here to serve you only, you can do as you like.

I could feel her cock throbbing and knew it would not last long since it had been several weeks.

I slowed way down on the strokes.

I asked Lori if she really felt that way about me being with man.

She said, I am no longer a man for you and I know you have needs it would make me feel better knowing your needs were being taken care of Mistress.

I started gently squeezing with each down stroke.

She was now thrusting her hips in time with my strokes.

I said, Lori, I worry about your needs also. I am thinking about inviting a man to spend some time with you one of these days. Would you like that?

She stopped thrusting her hips. I had apparently confused her and she didn't know how to answer.

I said, I know a very nice guy at work. I have heard at work that he likes girls with "something extra". I think you and he would get along nicely. Have you ever thought of sleeping with a man.

She started thrusting her hips again.

She said, Well, since we had our talk and I started reading those magazines Mistress I have thought about having sex with a man sometimes.

I started stroking her cock faster.

I said, maybe a nice hard cock is just what you need young lady. Do you think you would know how to satisfy a man?

Oh yes Mistresses.

Do you want to cum now.

Oh yes Please Mistress.

I said, No, not yet. I stopped stroking her. I said Lori you are only allowed to cum if and when I want you to. Is that clear?

She said, Yes Mistress.

I just watched as her cock throbbed. Soon the throbing stopped but her cock was still rock hard.

I said, Do enjoy living as a woman Lori?

She said, Oh yes Mistress thank you.

I straddled her chest facing away from her and I started to slowly stroke her cock again while giving her an unobstructed view of my pussy and ass. I said, You know there is a draw back to being a woman at times. We have periods which are inconvenient.

She said, I know Mistress.

I said, I think you should experience the inconvenience of having a period, even if your can't have a real period. Would you like that Lori?

She said, I want whatever you want for me Mistress.

I started alternating the speed of my strokes on her cock. I said, Starting next week when my period starts, I think we'll go through it together. I guess you really don't have any say in the matter do you Lori.

She said, I'm here to serve you Mistress, if you want me to experience it with you I will of course.

I said, will you do whatever I say Lori?

She said, Yes anything Mistress.

I started stroking her cock a little faster and she was moving her hips to the tempo. I said, kiss my ass Lori, I want to feel your French kiss my ass.

I could feel her lean forward and kiss and rim my asshole. She may never have been much of a fuck but she has a tongue that was made for oral sex.

I could feel her really getting with it and I said, Lori do you want to cum now.

Between licks of my ass she was breathless and said, Oh yes Mistress please let me cum.

I said, then cum for me real hard Lori.

I knew from the way she was thrusting her hips that the thought of being totally subservant had set her on fire.

As the cum spurted out of her cock, I caught as much as I could with my other hand.

I said lori, I know you like the taste of cum, have you ever sucked a man's cock before?

She said, no.

I said open your mouth and drink this.

I then put my hand to her lips and her cum oozed through my fingers. She opened her mouth and licked at my hand and then sucked each of my fingers.

Mmmmm thank you Mistress.

I was due to fly Chicago Tuesday morning for a two day meeting. I thought what the f**K I think I'll give Lori a fling. So I asked Jason, the guy from work if he wanted to come over for drinks Monday evening after work. After he agreed, I called Lori and told her to expect a guest for after dinner drinks and maybe some finger food. When I got home we had a quick dinner and I told Lori to change into something a little sexier and touch up her makeup.

Jason arrived about 7 and Lori met him at the door. I had already told Jason about my roommate Lori. She led Jason out to the patio where I was having my drink. Lori fixed us fresh drinks and we chatted for awhile. I must say that Lori was doing fine and not knowing Jason was for her made it even more fun for me. After awhile I excused myself saying I had an early flight tomorrow and for Jason and Lori to get to know each other.

A few minutes later Lori knocked on my bed room door.

I said, come in.

Lori opened the door and said I don't know what to do. He keeps talking to me but I know you are getting ready for bed do I bring him up to you or what.

I said, no silly. I will be gone a few days and Jason is for you if you like him. If not show him the door. Lori then went back to the patio.

The next morning, Lori had gotten up extra early and fixed me breakfast before the trip to the airport. I said, well, how did it go with Jason. She said he was nice and kissed her a few times. I said is that all? Lori said, Well its not all he wanted but its all he got. He asked me out for dinner tonight, is that ok, Ms. Beverly?

I said, sure but you are no whore and don't let him or anyone else treat you like one. Make sure you always have cab fair home.

On the way to the airport I kidded her about having a date and loosing her cherry. She blushed several times so I stopped the kidding. At the boarding gate, I told Lori I wanted a full report when she drove me home on Thursday.

To be continued.