The Rescuer - Part One


Caroline Jane Bradley

A long weekend

David Sheriff had always enjoyed the occasions when, after a long week at work, he could get home on Friday night and start the process of relaxation. His routine was such that, within an hour of walking through the front door of his small house on the outskirts of London, he was luxuriating in a deep bath containing an abundance of bubbles from his favourite Chanel number 19 bath gel.

This was a weekend to look forward to, no commitments and, this being late August in England, a Bank Holiday to give him an extra day all to himself. He carefully put a new blade into the pink ladyshave holder and, using the smooth gel from the bath oil, proceeded to remove the bristle of leg hair that had grown since he had last shaved himself almost a month ago. Then, after completing the smoothing of his armpits and chest, he rolled over and drank a glass of chilled wine by the side of the bath, finally he washed off all of the foam with the shower attached to the bath taps. Reluctantly getting out he enveloped himself in a warm, welcoming towel and followed the drying by meticulous application of Chanel's latest body moisturiser and talc before he put on his favourite pink towelling dressing gown.

Moving into the bedroom, he filed and varnished his toenails in a dark, reddish brown colour from Elizabeth Arden and, whilst they were drying, cleaned his chest area with an alcohol wipe before applying the adhesive to his silicone breast forms and holding them in place with a brand new white Triumph bra. He loved the feeling of weight that the breast forms gave to his chest and his body responded to the growing excitement with a pressure he knew he had to keep under control. The concentration necessary for the second coat of nail varnish on his toes helped reduce the tension a little.

Waist clincher followed and, choosing a pair of sheer black knickers, he carefully positioned a panty liner into the crotch area before pulling the tight garment up, nestling his manhood back under his crotch and into the liner's soft embrace. A pair of shiny black tights were slowly pulled up each of his freshly-shaved legs, generating a mild shiver of delight as he felt the lycra against his smooth skin. Then, to complete the shaping, a new corset from the USA with special pads designed to give a very feminine contour - it really worked as he admired his wonderfully curved torso.

Donning a sheer housecoat, he completed the transformation with Dermacover and Elizabeth Arden's range of foundation, eyeshadows, mascara, blusher, a light dusting of powder and a dark red lipstick outlined with deep brown liner. Brushing the flowing locks of his new mid-brown "Stephanie" wig he carefully pulled it over his short hair and spent a considerable time adjusting and securing the fit before combing and brushing into a soft style which framed his beautifully made-up face.

Next the fingernails. With care he selected a set of clear false nails to match the shape of his own and gently filed them to smooth the edges, then applying the acrylic cement, each nail was attached and held in place until secure. A final shaping and then two coats of the same nail varnish as on his toes. He looked into the dressing table mirror and smiled at the reflection of a confident attractive woman, he adored the enforced pause as the nail polish dried and he could think about the rest of his wardrobe. Topping the now dry colour polish with a clear top-coat, he replenished his wine glass and opened the locked cabinet which housed his best clothes. Checking the clock on the bedside table, he saw it was already 10.00pm, so all he should do tonight was to put on something simple and enjoy the rest of the evening.

He chose a smart, tailored white blouse with a cowl collar and a knee-length black woollen skirt. A black and gold leather belt fitted snugly around his contours and a pair of plain black court shoes enhanced his trim ankles. Selecting a simple gold chain for his neck and a matching bracelet, he then put on some clip-on hoop earrings, a smart ladies Seiko watch and his two favourite rings. All was ready! He paused and looked at himself in the full-length hall mirror, the gaze was returned by a tall, but well proportioned woman who looked every inch a composed and confident lady. Putting on a well-tailored jacket which matched the skirt the new lady went downstairs.

It was David's habit, once "en femme" to take a gentle drive into the countryside and to stop at a few haunts where he could walk through the village streets without being "clocked" or risking running into people he knew. This evening, he took some cash out of his wallet and transferred it to a smart black shoulder bag which already contained a spare lipstick and powder puff. She checked that there was some tissues and a fresh panty liner in the bag (in case of accidents) and also a tampon - after all a girl had to be prepared! He also had a credit card in the name of Sophie Campbell, which he had received last month having filled in one of the interminable mailshots emploring him to get a card "for a friend".

His shoes clicking on the pavement outside his home, he quickly got into his car, remembering the female deportment video which taught you to sit first and swing the legs in "so as not to show off too much leg!". He started the car and drove off carefully, he always noticed how much more gentle his driving became when he was dressed - the male aggression giving way to his new found femininity. Sophie, as he now felt he was, drove for about half-an-hour before stopping at a roadside in an up-market residential area in a leafy Hampshire suburb. A few cars were driving past and some of the locals were out walking their dogs; she switched on the interior light, checked her hair and make-up, switched the light off and stepped confidently out of the car. Straightening her skirt, she shouldered the bag, locked the car door and almost stepped right into a man walking along the pavement.

"Oops, sorry" he said and smiled

Sophie just grinned and the man moved off, although she thought she saw a questioning look in his eye.

She walked along the road for ten minutes, conscious of the warnings about lone women walking alone late at night, but she had seen a number of people around; walking their dogs or chatting with neighbours, so she felt that she was not likely to be challenged. The sound of her heels on the concrete paving and the feel of her tights as her legs brushed together combined to give an exquisite feeling of excitement. The tension grew and she could feel the pulsating insistence in her groin as she walked along. Deliberately exaggerating her walk t increase the rubbing sensation the pressure eventually burst and she groaned quietly and had to stop as she came inside her underwear in a torrent of throbbing release. The careful positioning of her panty liner should prevent too much leaking; but, after regaining a little composure, she walked very carefully back to the car and gingerly sat into the driver's seat.

She drove on to a nearby deserted parking area and, by reclining the seat, she carefully pulled down her underwear, mopping up the sticky mess with a series of paper tissues before removing the warm, damp panty liner and replacing it with a fresh one. Taking the tampon from her handbag, she removed the wrapper and moistened the rounded end with the semen from the old panty liner, then carefully opening her rectum she slid the tampon home and withdrew the applicator. Pulling up her underwear she stepped out of the car to ensure all was in place, the tampon making its presence felt as she sat back into the driver's seat. Finally brushing her hair and reapplying lipstick, she drove off towards home feeling relaxed, wonderful and completely feminine.

Expect the unexpected

Feeling very happy with her first evening's activities, Sophie drove gently along the country roads, avoiding the motorway network on her way back toward London. Noticing some car headlights in her rear-view mirror, she realised that the car was travelling very fast and it soon overtook her, zooming past on a narrow bend.

A few minutes later, coming around a sharp curve, Sophie noticed the fast car had left the road and was deep in a ditch. Without thinking, she stopped, jumped out of her vehicle and ran over to the accident. One occupant, the driver, had been thrown clear, but there was someone still strapped in to one of the rear seats. Neither of the rear doors would open, but by pushing through the opened driver's door, she could get to a young girl of about 14 who was unconscious - Sophie could detect a very strong smell of petrol and, spurred on by fear of fire, she managed to release the girl and pull her out of the car. Seconds later, there was a terrific explosion as the fuel from the ruptured tank ignited on broken electric cables in the car.

Cradling the young girl in her arms, she heard the driver move and let out a scream:

"Joanna, my God, Joanna"

"Don't worry, she's here" Sophie called back, realising mid sentence to try and drop the tone of her voice as David's normal voice didn't entirely match the way Sophie looked.

The woman driver limped over to Sophie, gently lifted Joanna's frame and started crying.

"Quick, we must get you both to a Hospital, can you walk over to my car?" With that Sophie and the woman carried Joanna to the car and both the new passengers were placed carefully onto the rear seats.

"How can I thank you, I'm sorry I was driving too fast, we were late. Oh God, I hope she's going to be all right" A torrent of words from the woman, who turned out to be the young girl's mother, clearly in shock, accompanied a fast but careful drive to the hospital which Sophie knew was in the next town.

Driving up to the Emergency admissions bay, Sophie ran into the building and emerged with a nurse and a porter who quickly moved the two injured into the waiting arms of the healthcare professionals. Sophie closed the car doors and quickly sped out of the hospital grounds and headed home, her heart racing.

Once home, Sophie surveyed herself in the mirror - what a mess! Her left shoe was missing, presumably stuck in the mud by the accident, and her make-up was streaked with mud. She had lost two stick-on nails from her right hand and the others were badly chipped. Her jacket and skirt were dirty and her tights laddered, what a sight she must have made when she ran into the hospital! Fortunately, her wig was well secured so she should hot have aroused suspicions, but where was her handbag? Oh no, it must still be at the crash site - she thought of driving back there and then, but thinking it through the whole area must be crawling with Police and she didn't want to get into trouble. But they could trace her through the credit card, what should she do?

The telephone broke through her rising panic. Picking up the receiver she said "Hello" in a carefully modulated voice.

"This is Hampshire Police, sorry to disturb you but we understand that you may have assisted in an accident and we have a handbag here which may have been left at the scene" said a young woman's voice.

"Oh yes", said Sophie in her quietest feminine voice "I've only just noticed it was missing"

"Could you tell me what is in the bag so that we can verify that it is yours"

"Well, a credit card, Visa, with my name, a lipstick and compact and some tissues I think" Sophie replied carefully.

"That's right, madam. If you could call round at the Fleet Police station with some confirmation of identity, we can give you back the bag", came the unwelcome response.

"Oh dear, I don't think I can get out there soon - perhaps I can cancel the card - I hardly used it anyway, and the bags and cosmetics are old so why don't you just throw it away". Sophie was thinking quickly and did not want to have to explain herself to Her Majesty's Police Force.

"Don't worry, I understand that you probably saved the life of one of the car's occupants. I'm going off duty soon and could drop by on my way home in say half an hour".

Before she could compose a reply the policewoman had rung off. Christ, someone was coming round in half-an-hour and wanted proof that Sophie was who she said she was. Moving quickly, she ran upstairs and washed off her make-up and removed the remaining, broken false nails. Reapplying some very subtle Dermacover to disguise the shadows on her chin and a little blusher, she then took off the dirty clothes and removed her bra being careful to ensure that her silicone breast forms stayed stuck to her chest. Removing the corsetry, she washed her genitalia thoroughly to get rid of the tell-tale odour of semen and, with a fresh pair of white knickers, rearranged herself. Finally she pulled on a long satin night-dress and the towelling dressing gown before checking herself in the mirror to ensure that the effect was of a woman just about ready to go to bed.

The doorbell rang at 2.30am and she answered the chimes with her hands shaking and heart racing.

"Good evening, or should I say morning, Ms Campbell. My name's Sergeant Jill Anderson, we spoke earlier"

"Oh yes, hello" Sophie muttered

"Here, I think this is yours" she proffered Sophie's mud-covered handbag. "Can you prove the contents are yours?"

Sophie panicked, then remembered that there was a file upstairs with receipts from the credit card company as well as from various mail order companies in her name.

"I'll just get them, please, go into the lounge and sit down, I won't be a minute"

Coming back into the lounge with a sheaf of papers, Sophie found the policewoman leafing through magazines on the table.

"Here, this is the credit card bills and a few mail order receipts addressed to me" she proffered the papers.

"I'm sorry, but I have to ask for official documents, like a driving licence, passport or the like", the policewoman turned and looked Sophie straight in the eye.

Sophie stuttered

"Don't worry, it is not an offence for a man to dress as a woman in England unless for immoral purposes such as soliciting", she said in a matter-of-fact voice. "Besides, I understand that you were very brave this evening".

"If the accident had not have happened, or if you had chosen to drive right by, no-one would have learnt your secret. You certainly look good enough to pass as a woman under most circumstances, but I am afraid that you don't quite make it under close scrutiny" she smiled warmly at Sophie.

"Thanks" said Sophie, "now what?"

"Well, I'll sign to say that I've seen the relevant documents and you can have your handbag back, I hope it'll clean - you must have got really dirty up there, what happened?"

Sophie recounted the evening's excitement, relaxing as she talked to the smiling police sergeant.

"Well, that's quite a story, well done. Tell me, I've never met a transvestite at home, as it were, I've seen the gay hookers in the city but never one like you, trying to be normal. Why do it?"

Slowly at first, but with increasing confidence, Sophie explained the feelings of release and enjoyment that she felt when dressing up. They chatted for hours, downing cups of tea as Sophie pottered about and talked through the trials and difficulties of being a closet TV, the occasional burning of her entire wardrobe in a fit of guilt and the inevitable bingeing to buy new outfits.

Jill looked at her watch "Goodness, it's 4am. I must be off. Thanks, Sophie, you are a really nice person - both of you". They laughed. "I'll keep in touch, you need your beauty sleep."

Sophie led her to the door and, as Jill was leaving, bent down and gave her a light kiss on the cheek. "Thank you, Jill. That was the first time I have talked with someone else about Sophie, you were really understanding and, yes, I would like to keep in touch"

Waving her off to her patrol car, Sophie switched off the lights and collapsed, exhausted into bed.

The Rescuer - Part Two


Caroline Jane Bradley

The consequences

Awaking late the following morning, the events of the night before came flooding back. Had he really rescued that woman and her daughter from their burning car whilst dressed as Sophie, and had he confessed his transvestism to a police sergeant called Jill?

Getting out of bed, he looked at the mud-caked skirt and jacket and the filthy blouse and realised last night did happen. His plans to stay dressed as Sophie the whole weekend needed revision, for a start he had ruined his best skirt suit, laddered his only pair of sheer black tights and broken countless acrylic nails. He had to go shopping if only to replenish essential wardrobe items and visit the dry-cleaners.

Taking off the ankle length night-dress and his wig, he carefully peeled off the adhesive which held the silicone breast forms in place. Heading into the bathroom, he removed the remnants of the Dermacover and had a careful shave before climbing into the shower to wash his hair and dilute the strong smell of the Chanel moisturiser he used last night. Finally back to "normal" he dressed in jeans, a shirt and a jumper over his tight white knickers, he left the tampon in place from last night as it helped remind him of his original plans for the weekend.

Driving into the town centre he was absent-mindedly listening to the local radio when an announcement almost made him come to a complete halt.

"Family and friends of a local millionairess who was injured in a car accident in Fleet last evening are searching for a good Samaritan who selflessly rescued her and her daughter from a potentially fatal crash. Apparently, the rescuer, a woman in her early forties, pulled the daughter from the blazing wreck and then drove both injured to the North Hampshire hospital before disappearing without trace"

David's heart started racing, but he smiled to himself before pulling the car into the shopping mall car park and starting his shopping expedition. After buying food and the household essentials, he purchased more false nails from a bored checkout girl at Superdrug and then deposited his cleaning at Sketchley's explaining that his wife had fallen down and could they concentrate on removing the mud. Then on to Marks & Spencer where, as well as stocking up on a few pairs of black tights, his eyes fell on a lovely burgundy dress with contrasting bolero jacket. Finding the right size he put the items in his basket and moved over to the shoe counter to see if anything would complement the new find; sure enough, there were matching shoes and he found a pair in size 8, the largest size they did in M&S. The new shoes were slingbacks, so they might just fit his size 10 feet - good old M&S!

Returning home, he quickly fixed something to eat and then ran himself a bath in order to repeat the preparations of last night. After two hours of pampering himself, David was gone and Sophie was looking back at herself in the mirror. She pulled on the new dress, it fitted perfectly. The shoes were a little tight, but experience told her that they would "give" a little. So off with the dress and removing the store labels from the new items, a careful final application of nail varnish and a choice of long dangly earrings allowed Sophie the luxury of watching herself in the mirror whilst the varnish dried.

Whilst she was thinking about her plans for the evening, the telephone rang.


"Hello, Sophie, it's Jill, Jill Anderson from last night. How are you!"

Taken aback, Sophie muttered something non-committal.

"Listen, I know it's not strictly allowed, but you aren't involved in any investigation or anything, so I thought I'd ring you up to see if you were doing anything tonight - I'm off duty at 11.00pm - we could talk, I so enjoyed our chat last night"

"I would like that", before she knew what she was saying, Sophie had revealed her hopes that she would see Jill again.

"Great, see you at 11.30ish, I'll bring some food - only a take-away I'm afraid"

With that the line went dead. Sophie looked at the clock in the bedroom, it was 8.30pm, what should she do? Stay as Sophie? Change back to being David? Dress sexily, smartly, casually??

The next three hours were spent like a schoolgirl on her first date, Sophie tried on every item, and combination of separates, in her wardrobe. She had decided to stay as Sophie, this was the "person" Jill knew, but what to wear?

Finally, with 30 minutes left, she pulled on a brown turtle-neck with long sleeves and a pair of cream stretch pants, a pair of low-heeled loafers and simple earrings completed the outfit. Brushing her hair she pulled it off her face into a light bunch behind her neck and secured it with brown and gold elasticated fabric.

The doorbell rang and, checking herself in the hall mirror, Sophie opened the door. Jill was still in her policewoman's uniform and held a carrier bag in one arm and a bottle of wine in the other.

"Hi, my you look very sophisticated. How did you get so much dress sense?"

They ate and talked, drank the wine and opened a second bottle from David's meagre collection. The subject was all Sophie, the why, when, where and how. They laughed and joked until it was past 2pm.

"I've kept you up late again", said Jill, "I'm sorry but I enjoy your company and it's not like talking with other girls who are only interested in men - nor is it like chatting with a bloke when all he wants to do is get into your knickers"

Sophie smiled "Thanks again, you are great to talk with. I've always been shy with girls and I've never been one of the lads - so I tend to keep myself to myself. It really is good to talk openly and freely"

"I must go, can I have some coffee before I leave - it wouldn't do to be stopped by my fellow officers for being over the limit"

They drank coffee in the kitchen in silence.

"I like your outfit. Do you have many clothes?"

"Never enough, do you want to see Sophie's wardrobe?" An affirmative nod brought them up to the bedroom where Jill rifled through the skirts, blouses, jackets and dresses hanging in the lockable cupboard.

"You've got some lovely things, I like the burgundy M&S dress is it new" Jill asked.

"Yes, I bought it today and have only tried it on to make sure it fits. I was going to wear it tonight, but changed my mind after you rang" Sophie smiled

"Try it on for me, I'd like to see you in that", Jill was looking serious

Sophie picked the dress off the rail and walked toward the bathroom.

"You've got a very good figure, how do you get it that way?", Jill asked

Sophie looked at her demurely and slowly took off the sweater and trousers.

"Wow, that some corsetry. I couldn't wear all that, I admire what you're prepared to do to look good - I guess I should think myself lucky that I've got a natural figure", Jill's eyes roved over Sophie's silhouette.

Sophie pulled the dress on and Jill helped zip it up. The shoes and jacket finished the change

"Very nice, I'll have to get one and see if I look half as good" Jill smiled

"Here" said Sophie taking the dress off, "try this one, you look about the same size"

Jill held the new dress to herself and then, without hesitation, removed her police blouse and skirt. Standing there in bra, panties and thick black tights she grinned at Sophie and then pulled the dress on - it fitted her perfectly.

"Excellent, I can borrow all your stuff - that's what girlfriends are for" Jill giggled excitedly. "Go on, try my uniform on for size"

Jill's uniform fitted Sophie well and they both admired each other in the mirror. Jill then tried on a few of Sophie's best dresses, they were both squealing with delight as each new outfit was paraded like a fashion show.

"You'll have to come over to my place and I can return the compliment" Jill said after exhausting Sophie's wardrobe.

"I'd love that, thank you, now look it's too late for you to drive home and you've probably not got your alcohol level down, so why don't you stay the night? After all girls do sleep, over you know, and I can lend you a nightie", Sophie's tone was insistent.

"OK if that's all right with you". They both hung the dresses back and tidied up Sophie's bedroom, Jill took a long black night-dress to the bathroom whilst Sophie put on a shortie pink nightie and knicker set and prepared the spare bedroom. Jill emerged radiant in Sophie's night-dress and smiled, walking into the spare bedroom she stayed Sophie's hand from making the bed and slowly led her back to the main bedroom.

Taking a hairbrush, she sat Sophie down and carefully brushed her hair then she silently gestured for Sophie to get into one side of the bed. Jill entered from the other side and within seconds their lips met and their arms entwined in a fiery embrace. Jill's hands ran over Sophie's body, feeling the smoothness of her body and the strong pulsation of the male member tightly encased in the pink knickers. Sophie made to take control

"No, stay there, you've been dressed as a girl so I'm going to make you feel like a woman and I'm going to make love to you" Jill pulled herself up and started to kiss Sophie all over. She massaged Sophie's knickers pulling them tight over the throbbing penis, then rolling out of bed she went over to her pile of clothes and pulled out a small black truncheon. Opening the dressing table drawer, she found some light moisturising cream and liberally spread it over the head of the truncheon.

"Come my darling, time to lose your virginity" Jill whispered as she lifted Sophie's rear off the bed and onto a pillow. Pulling the pink knickers even tighter, she inserted her finger into Sophie's rectum.

"Ah, what's this? Wrong time of the month or are you just keeping yourself ready" Jill felt for the drawstring of the tampon and gently removed it form Sophie. Then, with increasing vigour she moved first one finger and then a second and a third into Sophie's widening opening.

Sophie was groaning as Jill pushed the head of the truncheon into the waiting orifice and slowly advanced the black plastic into Sophie's waiting body. Moving the truncheon in and out, Jill settled onto Sophie's heaving stomach and withdrew the straining penis from the restraining embrace of the tight lingerie. Increasing the speed and penetration of the truncheon, Jill took Sophie's manhood into her mouth and sucked until, with a scream that would have woken next door, Sophie shot her pent up excitement into the willing throat of her new found lover.

After the moment of ecstasy had passed, and with the truncheon still within her, Sophie rolled Jill onto her back and started to kiss her moist pussy through the fabric of her underwear. Jill was clearly highly aroused from their earlier antics and it wasn't long before she was moaning and writhing. The increasing excitement from Jill arose Sophie's penis and, to mutual orgasms, Sophie pushed herself deep into Jill's embracing warmth.

They collapsed exhausted and Jill carefully removed her truncheon. They cleaned each other off gently and, with fresh lingerie, fell into each other's arms into a deep sleep.

The Rescuer - Part Three


Caroline Jane Bradley

The long arm of the law

They awoke late on the Sunday morning, rolling over and looking into each other's eyes and grinning widely. Sophie opened her mouth to speak and was gently dissuaded by Jill's finger which first held against Sophie's lips and slowly moved into her mouth. Moving gently, Jill continued to run her finger in and around Sophie's mouth whilst her lips began to explore Sophie's chin, neck and chest.

Removing her wet finger from Sophie's lipstick-reddened lips, Jill moved to straddle Sophie's mouth with her hips, the long black night-dress covering Sophie's upturned face. Sophie lay there experiencing the feeling of hands and tongue moving over the surface of her skin, teasingly running along the edges of her tight knickers. Slowly, deliberately, Jill eased the waistband down until the throbbing head of Sophie's manhood was held tightly against her stomach by the elastic of the underwear. A glisten of pre-cum was licked of the head as Jill encased the protruding member within her soft lipstick covered lips.

Groaning gently, Sophie pulled up Jill's black lace night-dress until she could see the fresh black underwear with a tell-tale damp spot. Pulling the knickers high until Jill's moist mound was in strong relief under the straining material, Sophie moved her fingers under the leg elastic and instantly felt a spasm as her fingers started to rotate gently around the welcoming warmth of Jill's pussy.

Looking over at the mirror of the dressing table, Sophie could see two women with their heads buried in each others hips writhing and kissing. She had never felt so good, so wanted, and so much a woman. In all the times she had dressed as Sophie, she had always felt an anticlimax after the building tension of the careful preparation to transform herself. Now she was making love, as a woman, to a woman and it was truly incredible!

They continued to enjoy each other's body until Jill began to increase the pressure on Sophie's bulging penis, her body bucked and rocked until the massive release of tension almost choked Jill with its power and sheer quantity. Almost simultaneously, Jill came with a whimper as Sophie felt a trickle of warm fluid into her waiting mouth.

They fell asleep in each other's arms once more until Sophie was rudely awoken by Jill suddenly leaping out of bed with a shriek.

"Oh, shit, I'm going to be late. Hell, hell."

"What's up? It's Sunday", Sophie said sleepily.

"I'm on duty - quick, where did you put my uniform" Jill stripped and jumped into the shower, emerging minutes later towelling herself and pulling her bra over her ample breasts.

"Can you lend me some knickers and tights, mine are a bit of a mess?" she smiled. Rummaging through Sophie's underwear she found some suitable items and pulled them on

"Thank God you're a transvestite and my size" she laughed as she simultaneously brushed her hair and adjusted her skirt. Borrowing Sophie's mascara and lipstick, Jill finished her return looking the part of an efficient Police Sergeant.

"Sorry love, must go. I'm off tonight at 11.00pm. See you then". Jill went over to the bed and kissed Sophie on the cheek.

All good deeds...

Sophie had a deep relaxing bath and cleansed her face after a careful, close shave. Spritzing her hairless torso with a fine mist of Chanel number 19 she checked the adhesive holding her silicone breasts in place. All well, she decided to dress casually and spent hours gently pottering about the house, cleaning up the bedroom and consigning the dirty underwear to the laundry basket after burying her head into the musky odour of Jill's knickers.

She looked through her wardrobe and selected a short black dress and a pair of high-heeled black and gold patent sandals. Opening another cupboard, she pulled out a long mane of golden blonde hair and brushed the wig thoroughly before placing it on a table lamp to keep its shape. Down to the kitchen, she checked the fridge and freezer, taking out the ingredients for her favourite pasta recipe - when Jill got home tonight she was going to be pampered, Sophie thought.

After preparing the dinner and laying the dining table with the best linen and a central candlestick, she put two bottles of champagne in the fridge and skipped upstairs to get herself ready. Sophie had never felt so happy, nor so confident in her new role as the woman at home, getting ready for her lover to come back from work.

Her preparations were unusually meticulous. A double-check of the smoothness of chin, arms and legs was followed by careful shaping of her eyebrows into a thin arch. Then an all over application of Chanel's body lotion before pulling a short wrap over her naked body, she moved in front of the dressing table and pulled out the entire contents of her feminine make-up bag. Careful facial cleansing and toning was followed by Clarin's Beauty Flash Balm and subtle application of Dermacover to hide the dark shadows. Patting the setting powder on, she then selected Visible Difference foundation and carefully smoothed the matt liquid onto her face and throat.

Examining the clear complexion created by the foundation, she removed two dark false eyelashes and, with the clear glue, attached them to her upper eyelids. Next she opened her eyeshadow palette and applied a bright deep purple, smoothing it out with her fingers to the edges of her eye lids. A lighter pink was added to the upper areas and a white dash applied just under the brows. Sharpening a kohl eye pencil, she carefully outlined her eyes using her fingers to blur the outer edges of her lower lids to give a smoky look. Black mascara and pencilling her eyebrows completed the eye make-up.

She added a deep bronze blusher and a dark brown lipliner before the bright red lipstick. A dusting of face powder and a blotting of the lipstick allowed her the final step of painting on some lip gloss. The face in the mirror showed a beautifully made-up woman clearly ready for a dinner date, the transformation was completed with the long blonde wig cascading over her shoulders and framing her face with masses of curls.

Long dangling gold earrings and a pearl necklace and bracelet were complemented with a trim watch. She then removed her wrap and started to dress. First inserting a tampon into her rectum as part of a ritual she always followed when dressing, she pulled on a black boned basque with red-trimmed suspenders and nestled her breast forms into the half-cups. Then pulling on sheer black 10 denier seamed stockings and attaching the suspenders, she pulled up a pair of very skimpy black knickers.

Stepping into the short black dress, she pulled up the zip and checked herself in the mirror. 5 gold rings, each with a different stone, was eased onto her fingers and she looked critically at her fingernails.

She pulled on the black sandals and then selected a fresh set of acrylic nails, very carefully applying the adhesive and waiting for each to set, they were filed before applying two coats of bright red nail varnish. A final gloss top coat allowed Sophie to stand full-length in front of the mirror and admire the reflection.

"Wow, I hope Jill likes this" She whispered. Walking downstairs, she poured herself a gin & tonic and finished the final preparation for dinner when she heard the front doorbell ring. A quick check of her hair in the mirror, Sophie tripped to the door smiling broadly and released the latch.

Standing on the doorstep was a woman in her early thirties with a tape recorder and a clipboard.

"Good evening, madam, sorry to disturb you. My name's Anne Wright from the Evening Argus newspaper. Were you involved in a recent road incident where a millionairess and her daughter were rescued from certain death by a woman driving a car that answers you description?"

She thrust the microphone into Sophie's face but, before she could recover her shock, Jill's car pulled up and she ran up the drive. After a brief altercation, the newspaper woman was unceremoniously bundled off the door step and sent packing.

Fatal exposure

Their dinner was eaten in a tense silence.

"You look gorgeous you know", Jill ventured

"Thanks, but how did that cow get to know where I live. What am I going to do - for God's sake the local press know a woman lives here - if they check the details they'll see this place is owned by a David Sherrif" Sophie felt near to tears as her disappointment at the ruination of the day's careful preparation was overshadowed by the enormity of problems this latest event had precipitated.

"Who's David Sherrif?" Jill asked

"Me, you fool, me. The one who goes out to work and earns the money to buy this house and survive" Sophie's eyes were brimming and her voice warbling between the male baritone and a high falsetto.

"Who's David Sherrif?" Jill repeated. "I've never heard of him. He's your landlord isn't he, left on a long vacation after a nervous breakdown due to overwork, hasn't he?"

"What. What are you saying?" Sophie's mouth opened wide

"Listen love, I've fallen in love with you already. Last night's lovemaking was fantastic, but I love Sophie Campbell not David Sherrif. I'm sure we can work something out, after all my salary is not bad and we don't yet know what Sophie could do for a living" Jill leaned back in the chair and, oblivious to Sophie's attempts to interrupt, started to plan the detailed deletion of David Sherrif and the birth of Sophie Campbell.

Where do you go to my lovely?

The newspaperwoman phoned the following morning and, as they had planned the previous evening, Sophie answered the telephone and agreed to an exclusive interview in return for a payment of £25,000. The reporter arrived half-an-hour later and, with Jill in attendance, Sophie carefully recounted her story to the probing questions.

"Sophie, none of the sources I looked into had any record of you. This house belongs to a David Sherrif - all I could find was a credit reference to Sophie Campbell and you hold a Visa card. Tell me about yourself", the reporter had been trying to get closer to Sophie who had kept in the shadows of the living room throughout the interview.

"David's my landlord, he had a breakdown and left on Friday. I was out looking for him when I came across the accident", the rehearsed answers sounded realistic to Sophie.

"And who's your ladyfriend? The law seems to be taking a very proprietorial view of you", the questioning was getting distinctly unfriendly.

Jill interjected "Sophie and I are lovers". It was so matter of fact and Sophie felt her eyes smart with restrained tears of emotion.

"How sweet, don't worry my paper isn't into salacious reporting. After all. Sophie's a heroine and the family are offering a big reward to her for saving the lives of their women". Sophie looked up surprised.

"Listen, I'll cover your story and keep your relationship with Jill out of the press. But you've got to let me get some pictures of you and some background for our readers. Can you come down to the accident site tomorrow for a photo session, just wear what you were wearing on the night of the rescue"

"I, I can't" stammered Sophie

"Why ever not, we won't bite you. The woman, Jennifer Rhodes and her daughter are out of hospital and would like to meet you", the reporter looked searchingly at Sophie.

Jill spoke up "OK, well be there, but it can't be tomorrow. Sophie needs a few days to recover as well, shall we say next Friday at 3pm?"

"If the family can make it, OK, but it must be in the morning. My copy deadline is Friday at noon". Jill saw the reporter out.

"What the hell did you agree for, I'll be a laughing stock once the camera sees me in the daylight. I'll never pass in public" Sophie was in panic.

"Look, we agreed last night that Sophie has to come out and act like a woman in public. This is your chance, we've got four days to perfect your voice, walk and mannerisms. A little beauty therapy will help your confidence and we need to get those fingernails a bit more permanent", Jill had a far away look in her eyes.

From first thing the following morning, Jill had phoned to take compassionate leave from the force and then talked with some of her "contacts" to set up a whirlwind of appointments and activities for both of them. They drove out into an area of town Sophie had never visited before, full of massage parlours and dark alleys. Entering a shabby shop front, Jill was greeted by a small man who hardly spoke, but took a flash photo of Sophie when she was least expecting it. Minutes later, the man returned with a brown envelope and handed it to Jill

"That's one less I owe you, good luck" he mumbled.

Jill handed the envelope to Sophie. It contained a driving licence, passport and a social security card all with Sophie's name and some with her photo, she took the proffered pen and slowly signed "Sophie Campbell" in the blank spaces.

Next to a large busy beauty salon where they were whisked into a private room by a tall blonde man who gushed excitedly over the two women. He appraised Sophie from all angles and, without warning, whipped off her blonde wig. For the next two hours Sophie was in bliss as the man tried various make-up styles and wigs before pronouncing himself happy with a subtle blend of brown shades set off by a mid-brown permed wig which framed Sophie's face, making it look soft and rounded. He then laboriously took Sophie's own hair and braided it through the cap of the wig, effectively locking the wig onto her head.

Next he brought in a manicure tray and slowly built up Sophie's natural nails with acrylic until they looked a natural extension of her fingers. A base coat and two layers of a reddish-brown varnish were topped off by a strong, non-chip satin top-coat. Finally, admiring herself in the mirror ahe watched as the man primped up her hair and then, without warning, fired a gold stud into the lobe of her left ear, before she could react a second stud was secured onto her right ear. Sophie had pierced ears! She squealed with delight. Kissing each of the ladies lightly on the cheek, he led them out of the salon and waved them goodbye.

Returning home, Jill was back on the telephone after instructing Sophie to bath and use hair remover cream on her whole body. Whilst Sophie luxuriated in the bath, she heard Jill shout up that she was going out and would be back in an hour or so.

Later that evening, Sophie and Jill watched a series of videos on feminine deportment and voice control.

"Where did you get these from?" asked Sophie,

"They're borrowed from some of the ladies on the streets up town", Jill replied.

They spent the rest of the evening replaying the videos and Sophie trying the various exercises. Exhausted they fell into bed and were instantly asleep. The next day was a whirlwind of clothes shopping to expand the less "provocative" parts of Sophie wardrobe and to open a bank account for Sophie into which she transferred David Sherrif's savings.

The rest of the week focused on walking and talking like a woman, they also bought some specialised creams from an understanding specialist pharmacy to help reduce Sophie's beard growth. The evening before the photo session, they returned to the beauty salon where Sophie was given the complete treatment, leg and bikini line waxing, eyebrow shaping and manicure and pedicure, she left feeling absolutely wonderful.

The morning of the fateful day, they got up early and bathed together eventually making gentle passionate love in the warm perfumed waters of the large corner bath. At 9.30, after Jill having shouted up to her to hurry up, Sophie walked downstairs to an admiring wolf-whistle. She was immaculately made-up in subtle shades and she wore a black woollen suit with a white cowl-neck blouse and black leather and gold belt. Her legs were encased in nearly black tights and nestled in black and gold Bally shoes. Jewellery was limited to small gold earrings, a simple gold chain and bracelet and one dress ring.

"Well, ready then?" Jill was dressed very plainly in jeans and jumper.

"Here, I've got something for you", she opened her handbag and took out a small hinged box. Sophie, eyes wide, opened the box and gasped; nestling in the interior was a gold and diamond engagement ring with a matching wedding band. Their eyes met and Sophie's eyes started to brim with tears.

"Don't you dare cry, you'll ruin your mascara and we don't have time to wait until you get fixed up. Go on try the rings on"

Sophie eased the wedding band onto her left wedding finger and slid the solitaire diamond engagement ring on next. The rings were a perfect fit and Sophie extended her hand to watch the gold and precious stone glisten in the morning light.

"Oh, Jill. Thank you, they're beautiful, what can I say", Sophie smiled

"Well, after today's over, how about yes. Sophie, will you be my wife?" Jill was deadly serious

"Oh yes, yes, yes" they embraced each other, careful not to crease Sophie's new outfit.

Driving up to the scene of the accident Sophie's heart was racing. The reporter ran over to the car and opened the door as an elegant woman walked towards them with a young girl holding her hand.

"Mrs Rhodes, this is Sophie Campbell" Sophie got out of the car and, to the blink of flashguns and sound of camera motor drives the two first shook hands and then embraced warmly. The daughter, Joanna, clinging to them both

"Ms Campbell...",

"Call me Sophie, please"

"Sophie, how can we thank you enough? You saved my daughter's life last week, why did you run off after you dropped us off at the hospital. I suppose you didn't want to get involved, but I'm eternally grateful to you" the words gushed out of Jennifer Rhodes as Joanna clung limpet-like to Sophie's waist.

Jennifer reached into her handbag and took out an envelope.

"My father wants you to have this for saving his two favourite girls"

Opening the envelope, Sophie pulled out a cheque and gasped at the numbers written on the paper.

"I can't accept this, it's too much. I only did what anyone would do in the same circumstances" Sophie handed the cheque back.

"No, you don't understand. My father's very rich and very stubborn. Please take it from all of us", Jennifer's tone was pleading.

They talked for a while and eventually Sophie was persuaded to accept. The two women parted, agreeing to meet again the following week for lunch to get to know each other better. Driving back with Jill, Sophie was quiet and thoughtful.

At home, Jill was clearly bursting to find out what was in the envelope.

"Jill, you asked me an important question earlier. Does the offer still stand?", Sophie asked.

"Yes, my sweet, will you marry me?" Jill looked quizzically into Sophie's eyes.

"Do you want me, as Sophie?"

"Yes, I love you and want you as you are", Jill replied earnestly.

"What if I said I wanted to stay the rest of my life as Sophie and maybe become more of a woman?", Sophie asked insistently

"What do you mean - I love you so much I'll go along with anything you want but what, how?" Jill looked worried.

"Jill, I've always wanted to act out my fantasy to be a woman and you have been wonderful to accept me as I am. I've really become Sophie with you and I would like to make the change permanent. David Sherrif has disappeared for ever, Sophie exists, thanks to you, I want to take the time to become a real woman."

"You mean surgery and everything?" Jill asked wide eyed

"Yes, but not everything. I'd go for breast implants and removal of the Adam's apple, but I'd still want to make love to you and I'm not attracted to men, so we can keep the surgeon's knife above the waist" Sophie grinned and embraced Jill.

"What am I going to do? What are you going to do.....", Jill trailed off as Sophie showed her the cheque from the Rhodes family.

"Where do you want to go for the wedding" Sophie asked as they started to gently remove each other's clothes.

The Rescuer - Part Four


Caroline Jane Bradley

Present perfect?

The reward from the grateful family for Sophie's brave act of rescue was substantial and had allowed her and her lover, Jill, to really plan for the future. Sophie had decided to tender her resignation from the firm of accountants that, as David Sherrif, she (or rather, he) had worked since leaving college. It was difficult to dissuade David's boss from coming over to "talk him out of it", more particularly as most of David's clothes were now consigned to the local charity shop!

Sophie had remained dressed "en femme" for almost two weeks as she played out the fantasy of the heroine rescuer for the family and the local press. The attention had died down and, with the mutual love that Jill and Sophie felt for each other growing, Sophie had made tentative enquiries about making some of the cosmetic changes to herself a little more permanent.

Jill and Sophie's lovemaking had continued passionately. Increasingly, Jill was adopting the masculine role, coming home after her shift at the Police Station to enjoy a candlelit dinner which Sophie had prepared before taking Sophie by the hand up to the bedroom. One evening, Jill walked in and wordlessly handed Sophie a parcel wrapped in a pink ribbon; Sophie opened it and gasped with delight, nestled in the layers of tissue was a black lace-up basque with fine red leather detail and holes for her nipples in the bra.

"Go try it on, and put this on as well", Jill breathed, handing a smaller parcel to Sophie.

"I'll put dinner off till later", Sophie giggled as she ran with her presents into the kitchen and then upstairs.

The corset was a very tight fit and, by pulling the laces in as far as she could whilst still breathing, Sophie achieve a glorious hour-glass figure. Adjusting her silicone breast forms, the dark nipples protruded proudly out of the holes. Provocatively, she reached into her make-up drawer and, with a colour matching her red lips, generously applied lipstick to the nipples.

She took out a pair of sheer, seamed black stockings and rolled them up her waxed legs - she would always get a thrill out of the fine material as it glided up her long legs. Then she remembered the other parcel that Jill had given her, opening the box revealed a curious contraption of a waist band, some elastic a thick condom-like arrangement, open at one end and a wide tube.

The instruction referred to the device as a "V". With mounting excitement, she carefully pushed her penis into the tight condom, which she had stretched over the entrance to the tube. Rolling it on, she then secured the end of the condom to the length of elastic which she pulled between her legs and attached to a hook on the back of the waistband. Standing up, she walked over to the mirror, the effect was stunning. Looking back was an attractive woman, with a very sexy lace-up basque and black stockings. Her reddened nipples were protruding from the holes in the top of the garment, but most exciting of all was the view of her crotch. With no knickers on, all she could see was the recently-shaped triangle of pubic hair - no tell-tale bulge, it was almost as if there was a vagina nestled under the curls!!

The door opened behind her and Jill came in, dressed in a short white night-dress. Sophie turned to see Jill staring intently at Sophie's new shape, they embraced and kissed passionately. Then, wordlessly, Jill moved over to the bed and laid some pillows over the middle of the sheets. Kissing Sophie all over, Jill slowly laid Sophie onto her back, the pillows raising her hips into the air.

Jill gently kissed and caressed Sophie's hips and moved her tongue down through her pubic hair, eventually finding the base of Sophie's penis forced backwards by the V. Moving her tongue downward found the entrance to Sophie's rectum where she pulled a the drawstring of the tampon that Sophie habitually wore when "en femme". A pull released the tampon and Sophie could hear Jill reach down for the tub of moisturiser they kept under the bed for such an occasion. Massaging, slowly at first but with increasing penetration, Jill fully greased and distended Sophie's entrance. Then Jill stood up

"I've another present for you", she said and reached down to the hem of her night-dress. Pulling it up, Sophie's eye widened as a large dildo protruded from Jill's crotch. Jill deliberately wiped the end of the pink member with copious quantities of moisturiser and advanced on Sophie's prostrate body.

Slowly with careful positioning, Jill pushed the rigid member into Sophie's lubricated opening. Sophie felt pain tinged with excitement as the huge penis pushed its way past her opening and moved deeper and deeper into her waiting body. The pent up tensions in Jill caused her to start bucking backwards and forwards, driving the dildo deeper and harder until the entire length was buried into Sophie.

"Oh my God, I'm coming", Jill almost screamed. Sophie realised that the dildo must be double-headed and that Jill had as much in her vagina as Sophie had deep in her rectum. With that realisation, Jill came, shuddering and writhing on top of Sophie's ravaged, tightly constrained, body.

They lay together holding each other, Sophie had not orgasmed but she felt a warm, wonderful glow at satisfying her lover. She was totally at peace and wanted life to stay that way.

Jill rolled over and started to run her hands over Sophie's body.

"Don't worry, my love, it's enough to have you come like that and to feel you inside me, loving me. I don't need to orgasm every time you know, a girl's needs are different."

"Just what are your needs?" Jill asked, "I'm having trouble understanding my own needs and motivations with you. I want to love you and take care of you, but I want you as a woman - but I'm not a lesbian - I'm confused"

Sophie rolled towards Jill and started playing with he free end of the dildo, moving it slowly in and out of Jill's still damp pussy, within a few moments Jill was groaning quietly before she came with a quiet grunt.

"See," Sophie whispered "I have you in my power!", she grinned. Then more seriously,

" What do you want to happen my love?"

They talked for hours. Jill clearly wanted Sophie and Sophie wanted Jill's love. The recent events had confirmed to Sophie that her life as David Sherrif was over and she wanted to become Sophie full-time. Jill's work at the Police was important to her, but she knew how difficult it could get if her colleagues and superiors thought that she was a lesbian, or worse, that she lived with a transvestite.

They reaffirmed their love for each other, Jill carefully taking off Sophie's V and with slow deliberate steps, pushed Sophie's remnant of manhood into Jill's vagina causing them both to orgasm almost immediately.

Future tense?

Their lives continued as "normal". Sophie had applied to join the Chartered Institute of Accountants in her femme name, she did not want any possible trace back to David Sherrif. Explaining that she had been travelling and had trained elsewhere, she gained approval to take the exams in the following term and had enrolled with one of the distance learning schools to brush up on her learning.

Jill had got increasingly frustrated with the Police force. She had been passed over for promotion twice in as many months and had complained to her senior officer who told her to "be a good girl and wait, it would come eventually". The final straw had come at a weekend course for aspiring detectives where she was the only woman officer in a group of fifteen and she had to endure the sexist comments as well as fending off unwelcome attentions after dinner.

Things came to a head one morning when Jill had been feeling unwell. They had put it down to pressures at work, but it was unusual for Jill to be sick. Getting ready for work she turned from the dressing table to Sophie, who was sitting up in bed in a long rose-coloured night-dress and matching wrap.

"Have you seen my pills?"

"Which ones?" Sophie looked up from the newspaper

"My contraceptives, I thought I had a whole load more here, have you moved them elsewhere?" Jill asked

"Er, no. Which ones have you been taking?" Sophie asked quietly.

"I thought you'd decanted them into this bottle" said Jill showing a small brown pill bottle.

"Er, well, actually, I've taken most of them. You see, I read an article which was about this guy who used contraceptive pills to develop breasts. So I've been taking your's for a few months now and my skin is much smoother and I need to shave less often - but no sign of boobs" Sophie grinned sheepishly.

"So what have I been taking - aspirin?" Jill said, a note of panic entering he voice.

"Yes, I suppose so. Maybe the stopping of the pills has made you feel .......", Sophie trailed off as an incredible thought entered her mind.

"Jill, you don't think that you may be...."

"You stupid bitch, what have you done?" Jill snapped back, almost in tears.

Jill stormed out of the house and drove off, Sophie moped about the house for all of the day thinking but not knowing what to do. That afternoon, Jill returned early and explained that she had gone to a local clinic and had a pregnancy test - it was positive!!

After the tears and shouting had subsided, Sophie turned to Jill with a broad smile.

"You know, this is the best thing to have happened to us" She unfolded to Jill the plans she had made throughout the day which dovetailed neatly into their own wishes for the future.

Future perfect

In the months before Jill's pregnacy became obvious they sorted their financial arrangements and Sophie had achieved a very high place in that years' honours for the Accountancy exams. Sophie had visited a confidential gender assignemnet clinic and had progressed well through the hormone treatment; surgery to remove her Adam's apple had been painful but eventuallty succesful and the voice training created a well-modulated if deep tone which was rarely misread even on the telephone.

The final steps to Sophie's changes were helped by Jill's underworld contacts who came up with birth certificates for Sophie and a fresh one for Jill. It all led up to a wonderful day in early June when Jill, resplendent in a man's morning suit and top hat waited for Sophie as she walked down the aisle of a nearby church on the arm of the rich husband of the woman she had rescued all those months ago.

Sophie was resplendent in an off-white wedding gown with heavy brocade and a head-dress which ran to a train proudly carried by Joanna, the daughter she had pulled from the wrecked car. The service was beautiful and the following reception, paid for by Joanna's grandfather, was a happy and joyous affair.

After a decent interval, the new couple retired to the bedroom where Jill swiftly pushed Sophie onto the bed, face down and forced the dildo into the waiting opening of her rectum. Looking at themselves in the bedroom mirror they could see a bridegroom taking his new wife from behind, the folds of the wedding dress enveloping their heaving, thrusting hips. Jill shuddered as she came and withdrew, Sophie stood up, turned and smiled before running into the bathroom to get ready to leave. Changing into her trousseau, an electric blue silk suit with matching shoes and handbag, Sophie walked to the newlyweds car with her arm linked through her husband's. She was giggling uncontrollable and, in the back seat of the limousine as they sped to the airport, confided in Jill,

"Well, husband, I bet that's the first shotgun wedding where the groom was pregnant!!"

They flew first class to Los Angeles where they had booked an apartment for six months. All of this had been paid for by the rich grandfather who had offered Jill a job as his head of security once they returned from honeymoon. Jill had resigned from the force and, using the new papers, had been concentrating on establishing herself as Alan Sherrif, David's cousin. The break into the new job had come after one of Sophie's regular lunches with Joanna and her mother.

The final transformations were scheduled. Sophie entered an elegant clinic and two days later emerged with her well-used silicone breastforms in a suitcase, sporting a pair of perfect 36D breasts of her own. Two months later, Jill went into labour and produced Emily a beautiful little girl. The faxes, Emails and telegrams flew:-

"Alan Sherrif is delighted to announce that his wonderful wife, Sophie, has given birth to an equally beautiful baby girl which we will call Emily. Mother and baby are doing fine"