A Year in the Life

Mr. Hansen, Mr. Ravinka, Part 4

By Bix Meister


This is a story featuring gay men, and gay sex, intended for Adults, not Minors.  It is fiction, and as such is not based on any actual people or events.  It is a fantasy intended purely as a catalyst for pleasure.  No attempts have been made to portray safe sex, but the author encourages you to practice it. 


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Mr. Hansen, Mr. Ravinka, Part 4


Al backed himself against the door. "I'm not letting you leave yet. Once last kiss."

"Gladly." Rudy leaned in and lightly kissed Al on the lips. He expertly flicked his fingers through Al's hair. "Are we, or aren't we?

Al shook his head. "I dunno buddy, not sure which head I should think with."

"It's been so long, what are the rules on the first date Al?"

"I don't know that I ever had rules. Look at me, I ran off with a friend's wife." Al touched Rudy's hip. "Listen buddy, I want this to be different." He pulled Rudy closer. "We both know what we do to each other."

Rudy heard Al's raspy voice crack. It sent another pulse of life to his dick. He looked down at Al. "So if we say goodbye tonight, where does that leave us?"

"Maybe we'll find the answer on the second or third date. Maybe we'll find the answer when I drive you home. From the looks of it, I'll be doing that soon."

"It's a beautiful night Al. I think I'll walk home. Besides, you say this is the one place where you are Al. It would be The Cruncher taking me home. I'm not sure if I can trust him."

"I saw that wink Rudy. But I have to agree with you, I am not sure I can trust The Cruncher."

Al gently pushed on Rudy's chest forcing Rudy to back up. Taking advantage of the available space, Al straightened and tucked his plaid shirt. Rudy couldn't help but notice Al checking himself in the entryway mirror. "So where do we go with this? Are you going to Charlie and Angelo's place home tomorrow?"

"Maybe that is our first test. I gotta warn you Rudy, Kyle is perceptive. He might figure it out about us, if there is an "us." Before the end of the day they'd probably invites us to happy hour on Tuesday, and their softball game on Thursday."

"Do either of those events really count as dates Al?"

"I'm not really sure that anyone dates like they used to. I think I'd like to get dressed up and take you to a place like the Pickwick. I always get the best table there. They know me from my wrestling days."

"Would I be dating you or The Cruncher?" Al chuckled at Rudy's question. Rudy stopped, looked Al sternly in his eyes. "I'm serious. They say you should never meet your idols. I've met The Cruncher and survived. Now I want to get to know Al."

"If that is what you want, Al will take you to the Pickwick a week from tonight. It will be a real date. Do you have a coat and tie?"

"I think I might still fit into mine." Rudy shuffled his feet. "One more kiss before I go to tide me over `til tomorrow?"

With a quick nod from Al, Rudy tilted Al's head then started to kiss him. His tongue tasted the masculine combination of cigar, wine and steak. Al's meaty hands grabbed the barber's thick butt-cheeks, spinning Rudy, then pushing him up against the entry mirror.

"You smell, and taste great" Al said breathlessly. Again he took the time to straighten himself. "You'd better go before I lose control Rudy. Are you still walking? I can take you home."

"I said, the walk will be good for me. I'll work off a little of this," Rudy said, patting his gut. "Thanks for a wonderful first date Al. I'll see you tomorrow at Charlie's place. Maybe I'll hitch a ride with Rolf."


"I think my mind wrote checks, that I can't cover. Angelo, tell me why I decided to host a party on one day's notice?"

Angelo hugged his man from behind. "Charlie, look what you've done. You have every right to be proud of your progress in this last year. As for the party, you know what they say, KISS it. Keep It Simple, Stupid." Angelo lightly kissed Charlie on his neck, then whispered in his ear. "You know I'd like to kiss it, and then ride it Mr. Homeowner."

While still being held by Angelo, Charlie turned to face him. "You do realize that we are going to be homeowners. If I have any say, our names will be on that deed not just mine. And babe, what would you say if I told you that I am feeling the need to ride it? My flat ass hasn't been fucked in months."

"First of all I'd say that you have a cute ass babe. I'm not usually a top, but I'm willing to make an exception for you. After we take care of all of this."


Rudy was half a mile closer to his home, yet his thousands of steps didn't register in his mind. He was still back in Al's gothic home, drinking wine, sharing a cigar, reading a book. He would gladly be back there right then, making love to him, giving himself to the alter-ego of the man he had idolized for decades.

Rudy finally saw what was happening. Al and The Cruncher drew him in, but Al pushed him away. His words said one thing. "I want to get to know you before we do anything." However, his actions said another. "I'll tease you, get you going, but not now."

Fuck! Al was like almost every woman he ever had dated. They'd lead him on, get him all hot and bothered, and then drop him. Hooking up with a man for sex should be easier.

Rudy found a park bench, then sat to contemplate things. It almost infuriated Rudy how quickly his elation was deflated. He was so distracted, he almost missed Peanut coming out of the bushes. "Phew, he can suck a bowling ball through a straw."

As the unidentified blowjob pro, walked off into the shadows, Peanut joined Rudy on the bench. "God you are the worst, Peanut," Rudy shook his head. "You're gonna get in trouble one of these days, going after anonymous blowjobs. Didn't you learn anything from what happened up at the rest stop?"

"Rudy, when I need my dick sucked, nothing's gonna stop me. And the gays beg for it."

"Does that mean you are gay Peanut? It's alright if you are."

"Fuck no. I'm just looking for relief. I like the women, but the women don't like Peanut."

"What don't they like about you Peanut? You are a likable guy. Yeah, you can be a little overbearing but you must have your redeeming qualities."

"The only redeeming quality I have is this." Peanut unzipped and hauled out his dick. Even flaccid it was a good seven inches long. "The f-a-a-a... uh, the gays like it, but when I date a woman, it freaks them out. If they see it on the first date, I never get a second. Well, except for those women who just want to blow me."

"Jeez Peanut, put that thing away. Tell me buddy, do you want something beyond the blow job from the women you date?"

"Doesn't everybody? Rudy, you know me well enough to know I am a joker. That's just there to cover for the shit I deal with. I'm short, not that smart, okay looking, and my body is not half bad. But I've got something the competition doesn't have." Peanut shook the mound in his jeans. "I'm just trying to put my best foot forward."

The emphasis on the word foot wasn't lost on Rudy. "I've heard rumors. Is it really?"

It comes up shy a few inches. Rudy Boy, I was the envy of the locker room, but I can't get anything other than a few guys whose talents are amazing I must say. But that don't help on the cold nights. Hell, it's gotten to the point where people want me to haul it out in a bar just to settle bets."

"So you want to have just a regular date with a woman, why don't you do it?"

"Because I will still be a freak. There's nothing that's gonna change that?"

"You are only a freak because you allow yourself to be. Peanut, how do you get dates in the first place?"

"They are often people I meet at the bar. I figure they have heard about my dick so that is probably it."

Rudy put his hand on Peanut's shoulder. "Is it possible they found you to be funny, charming even?"

"Rudy my man. This is me you are talking `bout. I am funny, but charming? C'mon man. My kinda humor works for guys, and from the looks of things, so does my dick."

"Peanut, that can work if that is what you want. I mean look at Pete and Kyle. You should see how their family supports them. If this is all a cover for the fact that you like men, I can introduce you to Kyle. He knows all the right words to say when it comes to this shit."

"Rudy, the problem is I only want to hook up with men. I want to fall in love with a woman."

"Maybe you need to go on a date, a real date. Peanut, what would your mom tell you about dating women?"

Peanut looked to the sky. "If Rosa were alive right now, god rest her soul, she would tell me to be a gentleman. Treat her like a lady, I would have to be on my best manners and mind my p's and q's."

"What about your dad?"

"Oh my dad Olaf would tell me to be a gentleman too, if Mama Rosa was around. But then he would pull me aside and give me a rubber. They always were a bit on the snug side."

"Wait, your dad is named Olaf? What kind of Italian name is Olaf?"

"When my grandparents came over from Italy my dad was the first son born in the U.S. They wanted him to have an Anglo name so he could fit in, and around here Olaf is as white as it gets."

Rudy chuckled, then slapped Peanut on the shoulder. Peanut, that's your problem. On your first few dates, think of Mama Rosa. Once you get into your third date, or beyond if needed, think of your dad and buy the magnum sized condoms.

"What should I do about this?" Peanut stroked the mound in his jeans.

"Do what I do, and take matters into hand." Rudy made the universal jacking hand-sign. "Look Peanut, I should go. I'm heading to a party early tomorrow and I need my sleep. Tell you what, if there is a woman you are interested in dating, stop by the shop and I will give you a pre-date haircut and shave on the house. You aren't a half bad looking man when you get cleaned up."

"Rudy I told ya I am looking for a woman, not a big lug like you."

Rudy sat in silence for a moment. Suddenly he knew that he needed to heed his own advice. Peanut had something in common with Al beyond the fact that they were known primarily through their nicknames. Maybe Al was fighting the same battle that Peanut was fighting. Their legends, which preceded them, were impossible to live up to.


Charlie broke his embrace. "Why don't you start up the hot tub. I'll be out in a minute." Charlie admired his lover's ass as Angelo walked away. "What the fuck did I ever do to end up with someone as sexy as my man?" Charlie muttered to himself.

Everything was set for their party the next day. He just needed to lug the wine and beer to the basement's fridge. He had to laugh remembering what Hal at the liquor store said, "Damn Charlie, it's been forever since you've been here. I thought you were dead."

"Not dead, sober. Six months and two days now."

"Looks good on ya. I'll have to assume this is not for you then."

"Nope Hal. Celebrating becoming a home owner among other things."

When the last twelve pack was placed in the fridge, Charlie pulled out a bottle. Leinie's was his beer of choice he'd splurge on, on a hot summer payday. The first one would go down so easy as he sat on his lawn-chair soaking up the rays. Unfortunately, the twelve pack rarely would be enough.

He quickly put the beer back, and closed the fridge. He felt clammy as he rushed upstairs, slamming the door to the basement. He could hear his heart beat rapidly, he felt the pulses echo in his head. "You can't throw away six months" he thought to himself. He staggered to the sink where he took a washcloth and drenched it. He closed his eyes as he tried to wash away his thoughts.

When he opened his eyes, he caught a flash of movement out by the hot tub. Angelo was bending down, adjusting the controls. His furry, thick ass looked tempting in the glow of the patio lights. Charlie continued to dab his shoulders with the wet cloth as he looked at his man. He felt his tension fade, and heartbeat return to normal as Angelo got into the swirling waters.


"It can't be his. It's a coincidence."

Rudy sat on his deck. From his second floor vantage point, he could see the flickering light emanating from the loft bedroom of Rolf's church. Rudy had taken the long way home, hoping that lightning would strike twice and he could catch his favorite client out in his secluded side yard. He wanted nothing more than to get some feedback on his date with Al.

However, instead of seeing Rolf outside in his secluded space, he saw The Captain's car. He wondered if the nondescript sedan was in fact FC's car, but the tell-tale chip in the windshield gave it away. Like many of his clients, The Captain sat in Rudy's chair and obsessed about this detail when he got his haircut last week.

Rudy shook his head as he saw the flickering light slowly go out. "It's just a coincidence," he finally thought to himself.


Charlie eased back into Angelo's arms. "I see that you're hard babe," he whispered. Are you ready to celebrate by fucking me?"

Angelo held the big ball-gut of his partner, slowly running his thick fingers through the brillo-pad fur. He unhurriedly started to thrust his dick against the rosebud of his lover. "You know we should do this more often." Angelo felt two inches of his meat enter his man's ass. "I love the feeling of your beer-can dick in my ass Charlie. I forget that you might like being fucked too."

Charlie ease back further, taking Angelo's thick dick completely. "Oh fuck babe. You don't realize how much this means to me. I don't think I'd make it six weeks, much less six months if it wasn't for you."

"Six months and two days Charlie. I saw the calendar. And to be honest I have been counting the days because it was when I met the man of my dreams."

"I'm not the man of anyone's dreams, unless nightmares count. I'm still a drunk. I will be `til the day I die."

Angelo kept pumping into Charlie's ass. "Listen babe, give yourself some credit. You've stayed sober and kept this man happy. Tonight we celebrate that. Tomorrow we'll celebrate Kyle and Pete."

"It hasn't been easy Angelo." Charlie let his voice trail off as recalled his latest brush with temptation. Everything was coming at him at hyper-speed lately. The news of the day, that they soon would be homeowners, was almost too much to bear. Everything great that had happened to him in the last few months, could easily come crashing down.

The jets of the hot tub quieted as the men slowly fucked. Charlie felt safe in Angelo's arms. In the quiet, they heard noises from the trees beyond their patio.

"What was that?" Angelo said, his dick firmly wedged in Charlie's butt.

A flash of fur off to their left caught their attention. "Oh SHIT, it's a bear." Charlie quickly dislodged Angelo's dick and ran naked to the side porch with Angelo on his tail. They bolted the door, then ran to the kitchen for a better view. The bear ambled over to the hot tub where he looked around, then stuck his paw into the hot water. He looked shocked as he pulled his paw out, shook it, then quickly scampered back into the woods.

Angelo hugged his own Finnish bear as they looked into the back yard. "Damn, he scared me. I usually like bears, this one in particular." Angelo rubbed the ball-gut of his lover, then whispered in his ear. "Babe, I could use a drink. Why don't you run downstairs and fetch me one of those Leinie's? I'll meet you up in our room where I'll get this hard and finish what we started."

"Sure thing Ange." Charlie went down to the extra fridge and saw the twelve-packs. "He won't notice if two beers are gone," he thought to himself. However, the same clammy feeling that he experienced earlier was coming back. He grabbed one beer, then headed up to their bedroom.


The dew was still on the grass as Rudy looked at his coffee mug, then Rolf. "So how long have you been dating your man?" Rudy finally asked.

"Off again and on again for a little over a month. Luckily now it's on again." Rolf smiled at his barber. "By the way, he loves the shaved head."

"FC is a great man. I gotta admit, I never would have expected it."

Rolf became quiet. "Wait, you know?"

"I saw his car last night. I saw it leave this morning. What you said to me the other night is all making sense. Rolf, I should say that your secret is safe with me. Believe me on that."

"Fuck, Rudy. I don't know what to do. I'm sick of living with my secrets. He promises me we can be open about it down the line, but it will be hard to keep it secret for much longer. I don't know what it is about him, but he just makes me feel... Look at me, I'm tongue tied. `Lil ol' Rolf is tongue tied, can you believe it?"

"You don't need to say anything; I know exactly how you feel. I saw how you looked this morning when I knocked on your door. I hope I gave you enough time after the Captain left before I stopped over. Besides, I was feeling the exact same way last night when I left Al's place. There, I've said it. Now you know my secret. We are even-Steven."

Rolf growled. "Talk about a bear-porn fantasy. Did our talk the other night, and your ass-training come into play? Damn buddy thinkin' `bout the two of you together makes me so damn horny, I almost wish I didn't have to go to that party today and I could just ravage Francis in my loft."

"Wait one second buddy. Believe it or not we are taking it slowly. Al was the perfect gentleman. Listen, I wanted to jump his bones, or his bone, but he wanted to wait. I was put off at first, but something happened last night that made me realize this was the right thing to do."

"Looking for romance in your fifties huh? That's sweet. I hope it works out for you."

Rudy took a sip of his coffee, then held the mug to his face. "I don't know what's in store for us. I think we are both a bit set in our ways. You should see his place; it looks like a branch of the West Duluth Library. Books are everywhere."

"I'd never expect that. But he is a CPA. Who'd have believed that The Cruncher would be a CPA and a bookworm? I guess it is just like I was saying to Kate about judging a book by its cover."

"That is exactly the analogy he gave me. Rolf this is so new to me. I mean I have played with men before, but he gives me a feeling I've never experienced. I walked about ten blocks without even realizing it last night. And then there is the kissing. Rolf, with our flat-tops and goatees, Al and I are like bookends. At first when I kissed him I felt like I was kissing myself in the mirror. But damn, I've never had a better kisser in my life."

"Ha ha ha. You two do look a lot alike. Francis and I are polar opposites. You, as our barber know this more than anyone."

"Oh, I bet it feels great to run your fingers through his thick wavy hair when you make love to him. Damn, look at me Rolf, I've never said shit like this before."

Rolf raised his eyebrows. "Rudy, this is a safe place for you to talk about your feelings. You know that I always have listened, always will.

"Well I am just wondering if I have finally figured out who I am Rolf. Has it really taken me this long to realize that I'm Bi?"

"It sometimes is a long journey discovering who you are. At least you know you have me as a friend who will help you during that expedition."


Angelo slid his dick into his lover's butt. "I can still feel the load I left in here last night."

Charlie squirmed his ass back. "Remind me once a week that I like to have my butt fucked, Ange. That is, if you are up for it."

"It's Sunday, so this is a new week. I plan to fuck you at least twice this week." Angelo held Charlie's gut as he started to spoon-fuck his lover. "We gotta get busy soon, but this plow-man has his needs."

"Give me something to remember you by Ange. I think it will be hot to mingle at our party with your load up my ass."

"As you wish." Angelo lifted Charlie's right leg and started to plunge his dick in and out of his lover's butt. With the morning's light streaming in, Angelo saw how beautiful his thick dick looked as he fucked his lover's furry hole. "You're gonna make a Top out of me yet Charlie."


Rudy answered his flip phone. "Hey handsome," he smiled. "Yeah I think you are handsome. Maybe not in a traditional way, but you are handsome as hell to me, sexy." Rudy sat down on Rolf's couch. "Glad to hear you feel the same way about me. Al, I don't know how to tell you this, but a friend noticed that I, well, that I was in a good mood shall we say. And I kinda let it slip that I had a date with you."

"No, it's fine. He understands. I'm at his place right now. Yep, Rolf, the guy who performed the ceremony for Kyle and Pete."

Rudy got up and started to pace. He could hear Rolf's shower in the background as he talked to Al. "I'll talk to him. It might be fun to take your project car down to the party if you are ready to show it to the guys. I bet the kids would even like to take a ride."

"Not that kind of ride silly. One of us will have to wait `til at least Saturday to take that kind of ride. Damn Al, I wanted to have sex with you last night. I felt frustrated at first, but now I know why we need to wait."

Rudy heard the "You've got mail" voice from Rolf's computer. He nonchalantly walked over to it, while still talking to Al. A click of the mouse killed the screensaver, revealing Rolf's e-mail box. The subject line said enough. "Safety in your arms." Rudy had no reason to read any further.


Charlie got the chills once again as Angelo slowly pulled out. "What's up babe? You're shaking."

Angelo hugged his man as Charlie tried to put his feelings into words. "It's hard to explain, but I have a feeling of dread. All of these good things are happening, but I just feel that the other shoe is about to drop. Look at me, I have every reason to celebrate, and can't shake this gut feeling. If we didn't have so much to do for this party, I'd just lay here and let your arms try to help me shake what's going on."

"These arms are always available Charlie, you know that. They'll help you make it through today. What does AA tell you? Isn't it one day at a time? We'll make it through today, and tomorrow, and every day after that, because we love each other."

Charlie rolled over. Angelo saw that Charlies ice blue eyes were tear stained. With a thumb, he erased a single tear. "Only happy tears today babe. We have a lot to celebrate. Think about it. Six months and three days of sobriety and love. We are soon going to be homeowners. Your job is better than it has ever been. And damn, four of our friends just tied the knot. A year ago could you ever imagine that?"

"Okay. We'll celebrate today. C'mon, let's get everything set up for the party. I only hope that the bear hasn't been back."


Al looked over at Rolf. "Don't judge it yet, It's still a project car. Mies van der Rohe once said "God is in the details." I have a lot of details left on this one." Rolf walked around the car, careful not to touch it. "Don't worry buddy, you can touch it. I don't believe in owning trailer queens that can't be touched." Rolf fingered the suicide door handles of the '64 Lincoln Continental. "Go ahead Rolf, open it, check it out."

Rolf opened the driver's side door, then shoehorned his large frame into the car. "Now that is the kind of car you should own Rolf," Rudy said. "I don't see how you fit into that PT."

"Oh, it fits me fine, and so does this. I've always liked this body style. They got it right on this one." Rolf rested his arm on the door-frame. "Yep, this is what summer driving should look like. Top down, arm on the door while we cruise Grand."

"We're gonna be doing that today, heading out to Charlie's place, wanna drive it?"

"Oh, that'd be an honor. I almost wish Francis would be able to join us but..." Rolf put his head down, got very quiet. "I don't think he could handle that."

"We're just friends going out for a Sunday ride. He isn't being Grand Marshall in the Pride Parade." Al leaned in, put his mitt on Rolf's broad shoulder. Call him up, we got time. Didn't you say that Martin and Drew were going to meet us here? I know Marty has that cherry T-Bird. We'll make a big splash arriving at the farm house like that."


"You do realize that this is your honeymoon weekend Kyle, don't you?"

"Charlie, you guys pulled out all stops to make my wedding a reality. I can only do you a favor by helping you with your party."

"I, I mean we, wouldn't be having a party if it weren't for you. Look at this house. It's gonna be mine someday. You remember the hell hole you moved me out of don'tcha?"

"This house became yours when you moved in. You just didn't know it at the time." I whispered in his ear. "Remember the time you fucked me upstairs? Still one of the hottest fucks I've ever had."

"That seems like a life time ago. You were just lucky I wasn't too drunk to fuck. I was just a bit, wait, make that a lot, tipsy. You were the last guy I ever had sex with before I got sober."

"How'd you like that Pete. Sex with me was so bad it made Charlie give up drinking."

"The way I see it Kyle, sex with you was so good, he figured it could be even better, sober."

"Guys, did Charlie tell you `bout our run in with a bear last night? I've never seen him run so fast."

Pete slapped Charlie on the shoulder. "Yeah, my buddy here is doing enough living for all of us this weekend. He attended a wedding, started buying a house, and almost got eaten by a bear." Pete looked at Angelo. "Or did he?"

Angelo ruffled the fur on his chest. "Well let's just say that a certain Italian bear got double servings of rump roast last night, and this morning."

"Gawd you guys are so bad. I suppose we gotta get this talk out of the way before your family shows up Kyle."

"An important part of my family is right here," I said. Just then I heard cars arriving, followed by the rapid sound of a car's horn. "Sounds like John is here Pete."

"How do you know it's John? Is that "Shave and a hair-cut, two bits" horn sound his signature?"

"Yep, my dad used to do that whenever he got home from work. John just carries on the tradition."


Francis sat quietly in the rear seat. He had often quietly mused when he saw older couples going for rides in their land yachts. The husbands would sit in front, a respectable distance between them. The wives would take the rear seat, each one stoically staking out a corner spot.

He felt conflicted looking at Rolf in the driver seat. There was the man that he loved, the bull-neck that he kissed so tenderly this morning. The arm that rested on the door, held his legs up the previous night. The eyes that caught his as he looked back to check traffic, were the eyes that bore into him when Rolf finally unloaded in the Captain's ass.

But as he looked at the other two men in the classic Continental, Francis realized that the circle of people who knew of his lover, was widening. This morning Al and Rudy joined Kyle, Pete, The Chief and Nick in knowing about his relationship with Rolf. So far, everyone was welcoming and supportive, but he'd have to deal with the general public's reaction somewhere down the line.

Just then he saw a champagne-colored 1967 Cadillac DeVille convertible. The two couples occupied their positions within the norms of society. The women had scarves on their perfectly coiffed hair-dos. As he saw them drive by, he wondered what secrets were unspoken, in that car.


Jason sat at the stoplight humming along with the click of his turn signal. It was second nature to him, something he remembered his dad doing. Sometimes it would be the song playing on the radio, if it fit the tempo, but most often the tune was the Jeopardy Theme.

He was turning right, planning to revisit the scene of the arrest on Friday night. He needed some space from Ashley, a place where he could be himself. From there he could drive out by Bub's place. Just being close would be all that he could handle, but it was enough for him.

Engrossed by the hypnotic rhythm of the turn signal, he barely registered as the long black car drove by. But, he noticed Rolf first, then the Captain who sat kitty corner in the rear seat. He quickly flicked the turn signal, and when the light changed, he took a left toward the business district of West Duluth.


"All right, who did this?"

Charlie pointed at the small dry erasable board that sat by the hot tub. His menu for the barbecue was erased. It now read:



One Finn

One Italian

Stirred by a grizzly, and heated until boiling.

"We were wondering when you'd find it," Fred laughed.

"Sure, you laugh now. But ask Angelo, it wasn't funny last night. I hope you realize that he could come back."

"Uncle Pete, will that bear come back? I don't want to get hurt by a bear."

"Kerry, I've lived out here for about 30 years and I have only seen two bears in my life. Do you think I would send you out of a scavenger hunt if I worried about them? Besides, you are our little wildlife explorer. You'd figure out how to save us."

"I don't know how I could save you, `cept running real fast. I'll take your word for it. My favorite bear is that preacher-bear Rolf, when is he coming anyway?"


Drew couldn't handle the silence any longer. "What's eating at you?"

"I don't know. Maybe it's the fact that you are leaving tomorrow. I just get used to having a man in my bed, and he is flying back to Bumfuck Montana."

"We both knew this going in, I have my life there, a great home, and a beautiful mountain cabin. You are more than welcome to come visit, and stay for as long as you want, but I can't drop everything, no matter how great this is."

"Shit Drew. I don't know what I want. I'm nearly 70. The kids have it so easy these days. There are teenagers that are out and accepted. Hell, my own grandkid is gay, and his parents don't mind. But how I am gonna tell my son and daughter that I have fallen for a man over twenty years younger than me? Oh shit, did I just say that?"

Martin turned onto the road leading to Pete and Kyle's. In the rear-view mirror, he saw Al's Continental following. Drew looked at him. "You've fallen for me? Damn, I never expected that."

"Neither did I. Now you know why I've been silent. Last night you made love to me like no one has since Walt. Now what am I gonna do when you are gone?"

"We'll have to talk, after the party. We don't want to ruin Charlie and Angelo's bash, do we?"


With the arrival of the two classic vehicles, the party was in full swing. Brett's music was background noise for the most part, until the Captain sang "Ring of Fire." Later, Kerry did her version of "Oops!... I Did It Again" that thankfully, was more comic, than adult.

The food and drink were simple, but popular. We cleaned out our fridge, which meant that porketta sandwiches joined burgers and brats on everyone's Chinet. Charlie ensured that plates were always full, and Angelo did the same for everyone's beverages.

I did my best to mingle with. Al and Rudy showed much interest in our trip up to Gooseberry Falls, so I retrieved three beers and sat with them. After giving them the highlights, I got up the nerve to ask. "So looks like you two have something going on. What's up?"

"I told you he would figure it out Al," Rudy said. "Kyle, we are taking things slowly. I want to get to know this man." He got quiet. "Fuck, this is all too new to me. I doubt I'd be whispering if you were a woman Al. I'd probably be shouting it from my second-floor deck."

Al laughed. "Now I do realize we live in West Duluth, so there might be some of the old broads that closely resemble me. But have you ever seen a woman who looks like me? Hell, neither one of us got hit by the handsome stick. Kyle, I think you took our share. But fuck it. Look at him Kyle. That flat-topped bastard has got my stomach doing flip flops and my mind doing cartwheels." Al noticed his outburst turned heads so he lowered his voice. "I never had to look up to kiss someone before. I kinda liked it."

Al's voice broke as he admitted his attraction to Rudy. The sound went straight to my dick, hardening it as we sat. "So was it mind-blowing?" I finally asked.

"I can only tell you that the kissing was. Al's the best kisser I ever met, you included Kyle. But we want something more than sex. We are going to get to know each other first. I have a feeling it will be worth the wait."

As someone who had played with both men, I knew he was right.


Rolf cleared his throat. "Can you cut the music Brent?" Rolf hesitated as Brent lowered the volume. "Good, thanks Brent. Jeff and Fred, would you do me a favor and make sure everyone's glass is full?" Rolf waited as glasses were filled. "Thanks. Now that I have your attention, I want to take a moment to thank the two men who are responsible for all of us being here today - Pete and Kyle." Rolf looked at Angelo and Charlie who were leaning on the ledge of the hot tub. "I realize that this is your party, I hope you don't mind."

"Go right ahead," Charlie said. "You always know the right words to say, and I would only f-f-f- uh - screw it up. See?"

Rolf smiled. "Yeah, I see what you mean. But I think I know you enough to understand how you feel. Charlie, you've known Pete ever since you moved to Duluth, right?" Charlie nodded. "And he's been a rock that entire time, right?" Again, Charlie nodded.

"Well, if everyone looks up over there, you will see part of the biggest rock in North America. Yep my friends, the Canadian Shield is all around us, and it goes all the way up to Hudson Bay. You can see pieces of it all over Duluth, but much of it is underground, creating a very firm bedrock.

"Hey, we aren't going to hear about Pete and Kyle and how they make their bed rock, are we?" Jamie laughed.

"Not gonna go there my young friend, though that was cute. Inappropriate, but cute. Anyway what I was going to say is that there are cracks in that rock, and as solid as the Canadian Shield is, those cracks are where life takes root, and grows. Kyle and Pete know this, and I am learning that many of you know it too. We are all too aware of, and worried about our faults and inadequacies, but then you find out that these cracks only allow you to welcome someone else in. Then a seed takes root, and suddenly something wonderful is growing. And because it is growing in the biggest rock in North America, it is something strong."

Rolf raised his glass. "So here's to everyone out there who has allowed that seed of love to take root in your cracks." He looked towards the twins and raised his eyebrows. "No comments please." Everyone snickered. "Hell, this has gone a bit off track." He raised his glass again. "Here's to Pete and Kyle, and every life they have made better, and every form of love they have helped nourish and grow. Don't be afraid to allow love to grow my friends." He looked at Frank. "And to those of you young ones, and young at heart, don't be afraid to make some mistakes along the way. Cuz if you do, you might end up with a love as wonderful and Pete and Kyle have."

He raised his glass once again. "To Pete and Kyle."

Rolf barely let everyone finish their toast to us before he started singing. "There are places I remember." I smiled at his acapella version of The Beatles "In My Life." His voice, which usually was booming, was quiet and tender, yet strong. Kate and Mandy sang along, so did Scott's partner Paul. With each stanza, their singing became more urgent, as I listened to the words I knew by heart.

From the corner of my eye I saw Charlie pick up a bottle of beer, contemplate it, and then put it down. This wasn't lost on Geno who slowly made his way over to his friend's side as he listened to the song. Even from my safe distance, I could feel the electricity as Geno put his hand on Charlie's shoulder.

Without a pause, Paul started in on the Elvis Presley chestnut "Can't Help Falling in Love." I had heard him sing it before, so I knew what to expect. Pete came over and stood beside me as Paul pulled out all the stops singing the bridge. There was equal parts Paul, and Elvis in his tone, but every note was true.

I don't know how many people saw Charlie and Geno head into the house. I just knew it was a private moment between an alcoholic, and his sponsor.


Jason took one last look at Lake Superior, then started the truck's engine. He was close enough to he and his dad's favorite hiking spot, and hideaway, that he knew he needed to visit it. It took him two minutes to get there and park, then a quick hike into the woods, and their hideout would be there.

The natural shelter provided by an outcropping of the Canadian Shield made Jason feel secure. He sat on his father's favorite rock, then started to cry. "Dammit dad, what am I gonna do?"


Pete and I lingered at the party as everyone made their goodbyes. We planned one more get together with my immediate family for Memorial Day, then helped Charlie and Angelo clean up. I continued to give Charlie space, sensing he was still overwhelmed.

I broached the subject as Angelo and I ensured their garbage was bear-proof. "Keep an eye on that man of yours Angelo. Something tells me he's be wrestling his demons lately."

"I noticed that too. He's been so good for so long, I just thought his sobriety was a piece of cake. I guess not. Maybe it's this house thing. He is kinda overwhelmed with it. Fuck, Kyle, I'd give up this house in a hot second if I knew it would help things."

"Don't! This is where you two have laid roots, to steal from Rolf. I think he is just worried what other cracks he has that you will discover. We all have these demons, Ange. His might be more than the demons in the bottle."

"I don't know, I just don't know Kyle. I only hope he realizes I will help him no matter what those demons are."

It wasn't long before Pete and I said goodbye to Charlie and Angelo. They offered for us to join them as they stripped, and got into their hot tub. I had to smile seeing the Bear Soup sign that still graced their spa.

Pete held me close, as we took the back trail to our chalet. Through the trees, I saw chinchilla clouds start to obscure the stars.


Okay Jason, thanks for calling me. I'm sure I can handle the interrogation on Tuesday. I understand how you could forget Ashley's doctor's appointment. Take care of the two of them and give her my best."

Jason hung up his phone. This lie got him another day. But someday down the road he would have to come clean with the Captain, about what he saw in the woods.


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