Boy Haiku


A collection of short erotic poems Part 2


This is Part 2 of a collection of short poems depicting homoerotic themes involving boys and men. Please see Part 1 for an explanatory Introduction to the Haiku form. The poems contain explicit descriptions of gay sex involving males and should not be read by those for whom such content is illegal. If descriptions of male-male sex or gay adult/youth relationships offend you, this book may not be to your taste.

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Diver 1


diver stands on high
my eyes admire his physique
assessing every curve




Diver 2


diver down below
muscles releasing effort
tension past for now




Diver 3


diver climbs ashore
adjusting front and rear
checking all intact






who invented these
three sometimes four entrances
hiding unseen beauty



Tree 1


from drooping seedling
engorged by stimulus
tree trunk firmly proud




Tree 2


amidst dark forest
thrusting thick hard and crowned
strongly tumescent






caught through the door
soap-lathered, hands-rubbing, nude sight
my dream brought to life






water falls over him
turns modesty transparent
revealing everything




Ass 1


rounded bubble butt
innocent and unknowing
boyhood perfection




Ass 2


smooth inviting globes
anticipating entry
this is the moment






standing tall and proud
your long thick penis hanging
hands drawn down to grasp






pink sheath of malehood
dripping, protecting, teasing
ready to draw back






twin mounds of smooth flesh
deep hidden valley between
entrance to pleasure






my hand plays on skin
you lie, stretched across my lap
our heats together



------- to be continued shortly in Part 3 of BOY HAIKU -----

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