Boy Haiku


A collection of short erotic poems Part 3


This is Part 3 of a collection of short poems depicting homoerotic themes involving boys and men. Please see Part 1 for an explanatory Introduction to the Haiku form. The poems contain explicit descriptions of gay sex involving males and should not be read by those for whom such content is illegal. If descriptions of male-male sex or gay adult/youth relationships offend you, this book may not be to your taste.

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my hand plays on skin
you lie, stretched across my lap
our heats together








face pressed into groin
oral 6ty9 oral
groin pressed into face






my heat is urgent
do I force open your hole
or take time to love






kneel astride my chest
mouth waiting open to receive
your lustrous jewels






pearly drop of nectar
eager shaft of your desire
tongue reaching forward




Fuck 1


stand between his legs
hidden entrance to explore
my thrusts to release




Fuck 2


stand between my legs
slide down within - don't hold back
let me feel you deep






stroking in the woods
the thrill of a public place
revealed to nature






my mouth on your skin
exploring licking probing
touches your secret place






white seeds of manhood
adorned across your belly
mixing with my own






soaring senses of delight
flaming body lives






smooth slender belly rests
sated with our passions spent
covered in our juice




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