Jason in the Men's Room, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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At 6:15 in the morning, the large grocery store was almost always empty, save for the staff and a few customers here and there. Mainly, it's visited by commuters who stop into the bakery for something to pickup and take to the office. Or by retirees who are given to waking up early to start their day. Or people like me, who stop in each morning after my overnight shift ends, looking for fresh produce and fresh baked bread. Or Jason, the 11 year old boy who frequents the men's room each morning, unbearably horny and hoping to meet men for sex.

So when Jason wrapped his fist around my boner and started to stroke it, neither one of us was worried that we would be caught. We were so sure, in fact, that we shared a long French kiss while his little hand worked its magic. The horny boy was moaning softly into my mouth, the way he does every morning, and I was reciprocating his call of passion. I was seated on the toilet, giving the youngster the latitude he needed to plant his yearning lips to mine and slip his tongue into my mouth. He was always eager to get me off, and I was grateful that he got up at such an early hour to seek out my cock.

When our lips parted, he gave me an adventurous smile and kissed his way down my body, leaving a trail of moist kisses down the front of my work shirt until he was on his knees. He hastily wrapped his moist lips around the head of my dick and started to suck, using his tongue to bathe the crown with a naughty smile. His blue mesh shorts were bunched up around his knees, padding them against the unforgiving tile floor that he was resting on as he moaned hotly around my dick. With his shorts pulled down, I had a perfect view of his hairless little boner. It was sticking up at a 45 degree angle, putting all four inches on display and pulling his little nut sack tight to his groin.

The entire time that he stayed between my legs, the boy was using his small hands to caress my balls. The opening between my ass and the toilet bowl gave Jason the room he needed to slide his right hand further back, and with the certainty of a horny 11 year old boy, he soon slipped it into my hot crack and found my moist hole. He gave it a few gentle scratches, then he used his three middle fingers to rub it in a circular motion, sending a charge through my balls that caused my rock hard shaft to throb in his mouth.

When he pulled off of me, he grinned up and pulled his fingers out of my sweaty crack, then he placed his hands on the tops of my thighs for leverage and stood up. With a knowing smile, I got up and moved out of his way, knowing that he needed the toilet right away. Not because he planned to empty his bladder or evacuate his bowels. I presumed that he had taken care of those needs before leaving his house.

Instead, he needed the toilet for balance. Because as he bent over and stuck his luscious rear end in the air, he placed his hands on the warm toilet seat, right where my cheeks had been resting just seconds earlier. As soon as he had them in place, Jason parted his short legs and grinned over his shoulder at me, watching as I got behind him and parted his firm but plump ass cheeks with my thumbs. As I spread his buns, the deep valley of his crevice opened up and his moist, pink hole came into view. I leaned in and took a gentle whiff, pulling the sinfully wicked aroma of hot boy pussy in through my nose, then I buried my face in his crack and began my indulgent feast.

As always, my feast was heavenly. There are a lot of delicacies in this world for a man like me to enjoy, and I've had them all. From the most expensive caviar to the finest wines, there isn't much that I haven't treated myself to. I've dined in the finest restaurants along the coast of Italy, treating myself to the richest of experiences. But eating at little Jason's back door is by far the finest dining experience that I've ever had, bar none. His boy cunt is always hot and tasty, marinaded in plenty of ass juice and the little boy sweat that lines his crack, trickling down and pooling up in the folds of his puckered entrance. Add to that the remnants of the cum loads that he had taken throughout the prior day, and it becomes a meal fit for a king.

The moaning boy in the stall with me was clearly enjoying my feast as much as I was. My tongue was digging deep into his hot boy pussy, torturing the nerve endings that lined the soft skin that surrounded it. At the same time, my teeth were scraping his pucker and the stubble around my mouth was scrubbing the inside of his ass cheeks, giving him a sweet burn that only added to his bliss. He was moaning with both passion and need, his desire to feel pleasure deep in his rectum growing with every passing moment.

When my tongue started to tire, I reluctantly pulled it from his delicious ass and licked my lips while he moaned and parted his feet a little further. He seductively pushed his rear end up, making it point straight at my smiling face and giving me the angle I needed to place the head of my dick at his back door, which was slick with my spit. I pressed the head of my dick up against his entrance and grinned, loving the heat that was pouring out of his boy pussy and wrapping itself around my glans. He whimpered with horny anticipation, looking over his shoulder as I grabbed his hips and pushed in. His experienced bottom opened up and allowed entry right away, but the tightness that I felt as I pushed in felt as new to me as it did the first time we hooked up.

As soon as I was inside of him, he moaned with delight, then he looked straight ahead while I began to thrust, eager to pump a load up his ass. From the very first thrust, Jason's ass started squeezing my shaft with rhythmic throbs, adding to my pleasure. With my hands gripping his slender hips, I was able to drive in with force, burying all nine inches of my hard cock until my pubic bush smashed into his crack. With every stroke in and out, the boy's pleasure rang into the air and echoed off of the walls of the otherwise vacant bathroom. It seemed like the harder I drove in, the louder Jason moaned. The louder Jason moaned, the harder I tried to drive in. It was a delightfully vicious cycle that we were both trapped in for the duration of our ride, and neither one of us was in a hurry to break it.

When the end was in sight, I tightened my grip on his hips by digging in with my fingers, listening to him moan and pant in time with my thrusting. The burning in my hard cock was the first tell tale sign of my impending orgasm. The second sign was the way my low hangers started to pull tight to my body as they prepared to release a bounty of spunk. The third sign was the powerful heat that began to spread out around my groin, then it filled my stomach and shot down the front of my thighs. At the same time, the final sign was the feeling I got when the cum started to rise up my shaft, telling me that it was time to blow my load. I gave Jason's hot, tight rear end a few more in and out thrusts, then I buried my cock all the way up his ass and froze. He was moaning like a true cum slut when my load erupted, leaving the end of my dick with hard, forceful squirts that shot hot jizz deep into his boy pussy. I counted them as they emerged, one shot, two shots, three shots, four shots, then a final gush of cum that flooded his ass.

When I pulled out of him, he spun around and sat on the toilet. Taking site of my dick, which was coated with a frothy mixture of cum and ass juice, he let go of another hot moan. His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree as he wrapped his tender lips around my dick and sucked lustily, eager to swallow every drop of man sperm that he could find. His hard boy cock was pressed hard against his hairless groin, and his nut sack was pulled so tight that his testicles looked like little almonds inside of it. When he was through worshiping my cock, he spent an extended amount of time licking my heavy ball sack while he let his hand linger in my crack. He used his three fingers to find my hole and rub it forcefully, then he pulled his hand out and grabbed my hips. With a smile, he guided me to face away from him, then he buried his grinning face in my ass and ate it deeply. His muffled moaning was still loud enough to echo off of the tiled walls while he planted his feet firmly into the floor, allowing him to push his face deep into my crack. His eager little tongue was doing its due diligence, lapping away the flavors of a long, hot shift at the plant that he longed to pull into his mouth. When his tongue started to cramp, the horny little guy pulled his face out of my crack and smiled up at me, licking his lips the entire time.

Is that better, buddy?” I asked, and he nodded up at me with stars in his eyes. “Are you planning to stick around?”

I'm going to meet one more guy, then I have to go home and get ready for school,” he revealed, his boyish voice a perfect match for the innocent expression that the boy wore on his cute face.

Without asking him to reveal the identity of his next partner, I smiled and pulled my pants up while Jason stayed where he was, seated on the toilet with his mesh shorts bunched around his knees.

Jason first started coming to the large store each morning when, in a daring act of desperation, the boy answered an ad on Craigslist. It was posted by the store manager, a young man named Clarence who has an affinity for twinks. He posted that he was looking for a fresh faced twink to come to his store for a little fun in the morning, and Jason was eager to be that twink. The dick pic that Clarence posted in his ad made the boy's mouth water and his bottom yearn for penetration. The boy had long ago lost his virginity in a park restroom, and was always on the prowl for his next encounter. The large black prick that dangled between Clarence's legs was all the incentive that little Jason needed to hit the reply button.

When the youngster arrived, Clarence wasn't sure what to expect. The boy hadn't mention his young age when they were arranging to meet, but he seemed to know what he was doing. He insisted that Clarence meet him in the cereal aisle, then he told the man what he would be wearing. When the store manager spotted the little boy standing in the aisle, he thought that it was some sort of mistake. The youngster was wearing an outfit that matched the email, right down to the gray mesh running shorts that hung off of his perfectly shaped hips and laid loosely against his plump rear end. The boy was wearing a pair of running shoes and an orange shirt bearing the emblem of a nearby middle school. He stood at just 4' 7” tall and weighed no more than 70 pounds. Clarence felt his heart skip a beat when he laid his eyes on the youngster, then the realization kicked in for him that this was the boy who had emailed him. His short, chestnut colored hair was a little out of sorts, but not messy, falling just above his perfectly proportioned ears. His bangs rested about an inch over his eyebrows, which lined the top of his brown, almond shaped eyes, When he smiled over his shoulder at Clarence, his lips parted and a set of white, permanent teeth came into view. The top set was spaced by gaps, a sure sign that the boy spent a lot longer than he should have sucking his thumb. Clarence smiled back at the boy, who licked his lips and used his white teeth to bite his lower lip seductively, and he knew then that he was looking at his hookup.

After surveying the store carefully, the store manager quickly led the boy to his office and locked the door. He put his phone on Do not Disturb, then he took a seat at his desk and took stock of the cute boy who was smiling at him. While the man and boy shared a few moments of small talk, Jason started to disrobe. He pulled his shirt off over his head, exposing his smooth torso and his sunken tummy, then he kicked his shoes off and dropped his shorts. Once again, Clarence's heart skipped when he spotted a pair of white briefs that tented out in the front as Jason's hard little boner pushed into them. The cute boy smiled sweetly at the man, then he turned around and hung his rear end out, giving the man a breathtaking view of his toned ass. The horny boy was blowing Clarence's mind, and as his long, thick cock filled with blood, Jason smiled over his shoulder while he used his fingers to hook the waistband of his undies and ease them down.

With the naked boy now stepping out of his underwear, Clarence thought he might blow a load in his boxers. But Jason had other plans, as the man would soon find out. The boy approached the store manager and made his move, wrapping his skinny arms around the man's neck and planting a long, tongue filled kiss on his mouth. Unable to resist the allure, Clarence used his strong hands to grope the boy's horny bottom, wanting badly to slide his 11 inch rod inside and leave a thick load of cum there. And while Clarence was dreaming about fucking the naked little kid in his office, his better judgment was telling him no. He was certain that his long, thick boner would hurt the boy, so he thought to himself that it was best to get the kid to suck on the head.

As Clarence was pondering ways to ease the boy into sucking his dick, Jason had other plans. He was loving the kiss that he was being treated to, and had no inclinations to break it right away. But then he felt the bulge in Clarence's pants pressed up against his thigh, and he felt a powerful shudder run through him. Being an experienced little cock hound, though, the youngster knew that he could access his soon to be lover's dick without breaking their deep kiss. So drawing on his experience, the boy pulled his arms from around Clarence's neck and reached down into his lap. Knowing right where to go, Jason found the man's belt buckle first and started to loosen it. Next, he used his fingers to unfasten the button on his trousers, then he moaned hotly as he carefully eased his zipper down. When he reached into his lover's boxers and felt the warm, stiff cock that he was after, he gave off a series of horny whimpers and pulled it out.

For his part, Clarence couldn't get over how talented the boy seemed to be. The horny little guy managed to keep their kiss in tact while he used his fingers to almost instinctively free the man's hard dick. The store manager couldn't help but notice the boy's moaning as it got more and more frantic, seeming to intensify as he got closer and closer to the hard on in the man's pants. After freeing the man's hard dick, Jason wrapped his left hand around it and stroked it slowly while he enjoyed the last moments of their deep kiss, then their lips parted and the boy sighed dreamily.

Moments later, the 6th grader was on his knees, moaning around the massive cock that he was sucking on. His lust filled purrs were like music to Clarence's ears as he watched the young cock hound work. Jason had a dreamy smile on his face, a smile that was induced by the long, thick cock that he had wrapped his lips around. He was working to take as much of it down his talented throat as he could, loving the way it filled his mouth to the brim. He could feel every vein that lined its length, and he took particular pleasure in tracing along the protruding hoses with his tongue. His little hands were filled to the brim with the large, black balls that they were caressing, and he knew that Clarence had a creamy load waiting for him that he longed to swallow.

But as much as he wanted to swallow a hot, thick load of cum from Clarence's big black dick, the horny boy was desperately hoping that he would be treated to a deep ass fucking. So with a loud slurp, little Jason pulled off of Clarence's dick and smiled up at him, then he got up and engaged the man in another deep kiss. When they broke their kiss, Jason promptly bent over and begged the man for a butt fucking. Unable to believe his luck, the man carefully inserted his cock into the impossibly tight rear end of the moaning boy, taking his time so that he wouldn't hurt the boy. Jason was in the throes of anal ecstasy almost as soon as he felt the head of the man's hard cock pushing past his anal ring. At the same time, though, he was experiencing the agony of a slow entry by the man. His boy pussy was yearning to be filled up with hard dick, and he wanted it as soon as he could have it. So as he felt the man's hard, thick cock ease its way in, getting deeper and deeper by the second, young Jason started to feel his bottom quiver with passion.

When the man had all 11 inches buried up the boy's young ass, he felt a powerful shiver run through him and he had to steady himself. The tight boy pussy was sheathing his shaft so snugly that it felt like he had hot, moist fingers all over it, squeezing its entire length from all sides and massaging the bulbous head of his dick. Jason looked over his shoulder at the man, his face registering sheer desire, and once again, Clarence's mind was blown. He saw Jason bite his lower lip, then he heard him let go of a long, boyish moan, and he knew that he had to start fucking the boy or he would blow his load resting there.

As he began his slow ride, Jason's slender legs started to shake on their own. He was digging his little toes into the cold floor that he was standing on while his fingertips pressed into the oak wood desk that he was hanging onto for support. The powerful shiver that Clarence experienced when he first slid his rod up the boy's ass was now rolling through Jason's young body. It emanated in the walls of his hot boy pussy and traveled down the backs of his legs, then back up his spine and all the way to the base of his skull. His brown hair was starting to stand up on its own, creating a cowlick on the back of his head as his pleasure started to swell. With every movement of the large black cock that he was riding, Jason felt like he could drown in the sheer decadence of the deep butt fucking that Clarence was giving him.

With the constant tightness around his long shaft, Clarence knew that he was on the precipice of a powerful climax. The hot confines of Jason's boy pussy had started to pull the climax from his balls almost as soon as he entered the boy. Now, less than a minute and a half into their carnal union, he was frantically trying to hold on for dear life. But Jason's talented ass was too much for the man to handle, and for all of his effort, Clarence couldn't hang on anymore. The cum that was boiling in his balls had started its journey up his long shaft, making it swell in the boy's horny bottom. Jason's reaction to this wasn't helping the situation at all. Because while he was thoroughly enjoying the deep rooting that his rear end was being treated to, he had plans for Clarence's load that were not going to be spoiled.

So with a song of pleasure that sailed into Clarence's 32 year old ears, Jason begged him to pull out and shoot into his mouth. Still not fully able to believe how horny the youngster was, Clarence obliged his little lover. He carefully pulled his long rod out, inch by long, veiny inch, and Jason was on it like a bitch in heat. He wrapped his dick sucking lips around Clarence's hard shaft and took as much of it in his throat as he could, moaning lustily the entire time. With his spring loaded dick now lodged in the boy's moist mouth, Clarence curled his toes and groaned as his balls gave up their spunk. Jason was in sheer heaven as shot after forceful shot of hot, thick cum filled his mouth while he gulped furiously, eager to take it all down and not waste a precious drop. He was grateful for the massive offering of cum that the man was giving him, and his appreciation showed through his dreamy smile and his hard little pecker, which had only gotten stiffer as their sex act came to its glorious end.

After swallowing the last of his lover's spunk, the horny little boy stayed on his knees and worshiped the man's cock with his tongue. He took nothing but pleasure in licking the man's softening shaft up and down, then taking his time around the head. After ten minutes of cock worship, Clarence's shaft started to fill with blood again, much to Jason's delight. The youngster quickly took advantage of the situation by treating himself to another load of cum, this time by staying between the man's legs and giving him a long, indulgent blow job that they both enjoyed. After swallowing the man's hot load, the boy got up and engaged his lover in another deep kiss, then he got dressed and was escorted back to the cereal aisle.

It was there that I saw him, sauntering down the aisle with stars in his eyes. When he caught my eye, I immediately noticed what a cutie he was, and a smile crept over my face. Reading my lustful expression for what it was, the sexed up little cock hound made his move. Five minutes later, we found ourselves in the men's room, heading into the last stall for the first of many encounters. I left soon after fucking a fast load up Jason's ass, but not before agreeing to see him there the next morning. Not long after I was gone, the boy found himself in the stall with yet another stranger, bending over and accepting another cock deep in his insatiable bottom.

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