An After School Quickie, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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I couldn't help but smile as I watched Jacob ride away on his bike, his pedaling much slower than it had been when he rode up to see me just 20 minutes earlier. As usual, he came to see me at work because he knew that I would make time to get away from the office, the way I always do. At first, he would text me in advance of the mile and a half bike ride, but anymore, he just hops on his bike and heads my way. He knows just as well as I do what we'll do when he arrives, and that's the very reason he shows up. He also knows that no matter what I have going on, I'll put everything on hold and give him what he came for.

I first met Jacob six months ago when his mom and dad happened into my place of employment, looking for a storage unit for their excess furniture. Managing a storage facility isn't a very glamorous job, but the benefits are excellent. I live on site, and as a result, I have no major living expenses. My employer is based out of an entirely different state, and they've trusted me to run their day to day operations for the past two years. I give them dedicated service, and I'm good at two things; collecting monies and keeping operating costs at a bare minimum.

When the Griffins showed up looking for temporary storage, I greeted them the way I always greet a prospective client; with friendliness and concern for their needs. They were relieved to find a place nearby to store their valuable goods, and I was glad to fill an empty unit. Jacob's dad got out of his SUV and walked into the office, leaving it running for his wife and children who stayed in the air conditioned vehicle. Once he was satisfied that I could help him, he agreed to come back to sign the lease agreement after dropping his family off at home.

Upon his return, he was accompanied by the cutest kid I'd seen in a while. He looked no older than 12, with dark, curly locks that resided under a Cincinnati Reds ball cap. He stood right around 5 foot tall and couldn't have weighed more than 80 pounds. His shoulders were straight and his arms lanky, falling down midway past the top of his thighs. He was wearing a pair of camouflage shorts that hugged his supple rear end, a bubble butt that filled those shorts out so perfectly. Covering his upper body was a plain white tee shirt that gave him the appearance of a boy who had gotten dressed in a rushed manner that morning.

The man and boy sat down in my office, and as I explained to Mr. Griffin the terms of the rental agreement, he smiled warmly and asked a few additional questions. When it was time to sign, I handed him a pen and showed him where to initial and where to sign, print and date. While his dad was going over the particulars, Jacob seemed to be in an antsy, almost irritable mood. I could tell that he didn't want to be there at all, and the light conversation that I was making with his dad was only adding to his grief.

Mr. Griffin explained to me that he and his family had just moved to Delaware from Nevada, and that he was about to deploy to Bahrain for six months. I could see the anguish on Jacob's face when his dad revealed what was coming, prompting the man to reach over and rub his boy's back tenderly. When they walked out to their SUV, I thought that I might never see the boy again. His dad returned later on, by himself, and unloaded a large cargo trailer. When he was finished, he drove away and I didn't give it much thought.

A week later, I noticed that the gate opened up, but I didn't see a car come through. Aggravated that the gate might be malfunctioning, I walked out of the front office to inspect the matter. What I expected to see was a half opened gate, preventing traffic from going in and out of the facility. Instead, I saw a very cute 12 year old riding his bike into the yard with his cell phone up to his ear, talking to his mother. I smiled and waved when I realized it was the Griffin boy, and much to my surprise, the boy ended the call with his mother and rode up to me.

Hi sir, I'm sorry to bother you,” he said bashfully, looking down at his handlebars with a shy smile. “My mom said to come look through the boxes in our unit for her social security card.”

It's no problem, pal,” I said with a friendly smile. “Did you ride all the way here by yourself?”

Yeah, it's not too far,” he said, smiling up at me and using his forearm to shield his eyes from the glare of the sun. “Is it okay if I ride my bike back there and get into the storage unit, sir.”

Sure thing pal,” I told him. “But it might be safer if you let me escort you. Just in case there's a car and they aren't paying attention.”

Okay,” he agreed, then he watched me go inside and put the away sign out on the door, along with an emergency contact number in case I was needed for some sort of urgent matter. When I re-emerged, he was on the phone with his mom again, and she seemed quite pleased that I was going to escort her boy through the storage facility. As we made our way toward his parents' unit, he stood up on his pedals and coasted for much of the ride, giving me an impeccable view of his bubble butt. I've heard of the term camel toe in regards to females, but if males could have it, then this boy certainly did.

Upon opening the unit, the boy called his mom again and she told him which box to look in. When he found what he was after, the boy gave me a triumphant smile and pulled a beaten up old wallet out of his front pocket, then he slid his mother's social security card inside and carefully shoved it back in his pocket. Once again he was gone, and I was certain that I wouldn't hear from him again. So the next day, when the gate opened minus a car again, I made it a point to walk out to the lane, where young Jacob was coasting past the office on his bike.

Hey buddy,” I said with a concerned look. “Is everything okay?”

Yeah, I just needed to come back again,” he said shyly, stopping to talk to me.

Okay, did you need something out of the storage unit again?” I asked, and he nodded, so I gave him a friendly smile. “No problem, pal. Let me lock up and I'll walk down with you.”

Once again, Jacob's shapely tail was on display as we made our way down the lane. When we got to the unit, he turned to me and said, “It might be a little while, sir. I have to go into more than one box to find what I'm looking for.”

Do you have the number to the office, son?” I asked, and he shook his head no. Wanting to be helpful, I scribbled my cell phone number down on a piece of scratch paper, then I told him, “Make sure you call when you find what you're looking for. I can't have you riding through the property unaccompanied, okay?”

Yes sir,” he said with a deep blush.

You can call me Sam, buddy,” I said with a wink. This brought a smile to his face, so I offered him a handshake, which he accepted.

I'm Jacob,” he said, his green eyes sparkling in the sun. “I'll call you as soon as I finish.”

With that, I was off to make my rounds through the property. I noted a few items of concern that I could add to my list of chores for the following week, then I walked back to the office. After nearly 45 minutes, I still hadn't heard from Jacob. Concerned that he might have gone against his word and rode his bike unaccompanied through the property, I took off for his family's storage unit to check on him. When I arrived, I found the door to the unit was still up, but Jacob was nowhere to be seen. So I ventured into the unit, where I was greeted by a site that I found curious until it dawned on me what I was witnessing.

Young Jacob Griffin was resting on his knees, behind a stack of boxes that he had arranged carefully to conceal his activities from any passersby, and I found myself almost regretting my decision to walk in. Because Jacob was holding up a gay porno magazine with his right hand and sucking lustily on the three middle fingers of his left hand. His head was bobbing back and forth furiously, and I realized that he was mimicking the movements of giving a blow job. His moans were quite audible, and in the front of his cargo shorts, there was a prominent bulge that he appeared to be neglecting. It felt like I was frozen in time as I watched the boy act out his most secret desires, unable to move, unable to make a sound.

The one thing that wasn't frozen in time was my cock, which started to fill with blood right away. Jacob was blissfully unaware of my presence, mainly because his attention was centered on the images that adorned the glossy pages of the well used magazine that he was holding up. By the time I thought to abandon ship, my one eyed monster had grown to full mast, and I was now sporting a painfully hard 8 inches in my blue denim jeans. I was about to sneak away as quietly as I could when Jacob caught sight of me in his peripheral. He instantly dropped the magazine and pulled his fingers from his drooling mouth, then he slowly turned his head to face me. His eyes were filled with alarm, but then they trained on the bulge in my crotch and the alarm was replaced by something else.

Ten minutes later, I was zipping up and Jacob was wiping the dirt off of his knees with a pleasure filled grin. He accompanied me back to the office, where we slipped inside unnoticed. As soon as I gave him the okay, he got back on his knees, eager to repeat the sex act that he had taken so much pleasure in performing just minutes earlier. This time, I lasted a good 20 minutes before I blew my load. The entire time, Jacob was moaning like a common whore, using his boyish hands to caress my balls while his throat sheathed my cock so expertly. His moans and the pleasurable smile on his face gave away his satisfaction at having a cock to suck, the boner in his pants reinforced that he was indeed loving every second of his carnal fun. Clearly, the boy was experienced, and I guessed that the move from Nevada had disrupted his fun.

As the Summer started to pass us by, Jacob would make it a point to stop in at least once a day and treat himself to a mouthful of hard cock. At first, he was coming two or three times in a day, but eventually, the late afternoon visits started to taper off. I soon learned that the horny boy was visiting a glory hole that he'd discovered at a local bowling alley. He would ride his bike there every afternoon with the promise of sucking at least five cocks, sometimes more if he was lucky enough. When he would visit me the next day in search of the same experience, he would fill me in on his fun from the day before. I knew that this was his way of bringing my cock back around, so to speak, as he never talked about his dick sucking activities until I'd already given him a load to swallow.

When school started, the horny youngster would get off the bus and walk straight home, where he would retrieve his bike and pedal as hard as he could to see me. After an afternoon quickie, the boy would ride to the bowling alley and suck a few more dicks in the restroom, though the traffic at the glory hole was not as heavy as he would have liked it to be at that hour. After swallowing a few loads, the youngster would hop on his bike and ride home, where he would start his homework in time for his mom to come home from work.

For his thirteenth birthday, Jacob asked his mom for permission to join a bowling league. Unable to deny her son the social outlet that he seemed to be craving, she allowed him to join a league that met on evenings and weekends with the caveat that his grades couldn't suffer. Pleased with the arrangement, Jacob worked diligently to keep his grades up. As a reward, he found himself at the glory hole on Monday's and Wednesday's until 9:30pm, when he was expected to ride straight home. So for two and a half hours, Jacob gave as many blow jobs as he could, swallowing load after delicious load while his 13 year old boner raged in his pants.

Friday nights and all weekend long were his time to spend as much time as he wanted at the bowling alley, as long as his chores were finished. He would swing in to the storage facility for an after school quickie, then he would head down to the bowling alley and settle in for an evening of non stop cock worship. When he wasn't sucking cock down at the bowling alley, he was usually in a park restroom, jerking men off in a stall with a hard grin plastered to his cute face.

So it was no surprise when he rode up to see me on a Thursday afternoon with a look of frantic need in his eyes. He used the code to get onto the property, then he made a beeline for the office. As usual, he was surreptitiously scoping the area out for any onlookers who might have seen him go into the office. When he was confident that there were no busy bodies watching him, he rode up to the office and came inside.

Hey Sam,” he said with a husky voice when he came in.

Hey buddy,” I chirped, watching him turn my away sign around and lock the door behind him. “Are you here for a quickie?”

Yeah, I'm heading down to the bowling alley after we're done.”

As soon as the door was locked, he made a quick beeline for my chair and leaned into me, wrapping his arms around my neck and planting his moist lips to mine. When he felt me pucker up, he slipped his moist tongue into my mouth with a moan. While we shared a long kiss, Jacob used his fingers to unbutton my jeans, then he reached into my boxers and pulled my stiffening dick out. As soon as he had it free, he broke our kiss and smiled at me, then he set his eyes on my one eyed monster and licked his moist lips.

Without delay, he dropped to his knees and wrapped his lips around my cock with another moan. He rested his hands on the tops of my thighs and gripped them firmly as he sucked. His eyes were shut tight and he had the same blissful smile on his face that he always has as he worked for his reward. He had a respectable bulge in his pants, one that accentuated the expressions of pleasure that he wore on his sleeve. I felt him swallow my cock whole, then he began to bob his head up and down slowly, settling into a sensual throat fuck.

I gently placed my hand on the back of his head, prompting the 7th grader to smile up at me with appreciation while he maintained his up and down motion. As his moans filled the office, young Jacob's fingers dug deeper into my thighs and his lust filled eyes shined brilliantly. He looked lost in a sea of pleasure when he finally pulled his right hand away from my thigh and used it to caress my balls, then he pulled off of my cock with a slurp. With an almost mischievous smile, the 13 year old trapped my left nut in his mouth and gave it a long, loving French kiss.

When he let it fall from his mouth, he licked all the way up my shaft, dragging his tongue along a thick trail of precum that had drooled down its length while he was sucking on my left ball. When he reached the top, he wrapped his lips back around the head and sucked lustily for a full minute while he continued to play with my balls. After swallowing a bounty of precum, the horny boy pulled off of my cock, then he licked it up and down a few times while he grinned up at me. After taking a few long licks of my painfully hard dick, he moved back down to my nut sack, where he trapped my right ball in his mouth and gave it the same treatment that he had given the left one. After spending an extended amount of time sucking on my right nut, he opened wide and accommodated my entire scrotum with his talented mouth, using his tongue to bathe it with horny purrs.

After spending a good two minutes sucking my balls, Jacob licked up as much precum as he could find along the length of my dick, moving upward in a slow, sensual manner until he was face to face with the crown. He used the tip of his tongue to lick the rim around my glans, then he wrapped his moist lips back around the head and started to suck furiously. As his sucking grew more passionate, he began to bob his head up and down in a rough motion. I felt his throat sheath my cock again, prompting me to place my hand on the back of his head. He used both hands to reach up and grab mine, manipulating my fingers so that I was grabbing a handful of his hair, then he treated himself to a rough throat fuck while my balls started to boil with cum.

With that, he placed his hands back on the tops of my thighs and dug in with his fingers. His hair was practically standing up on the back of his neck, and he was moaning in a primal fashion. As his technique became more aggressive, the cum started to rise up my shaft. I could feel the familiar burn of my approaching climax, and as my shaft started to swell in Jacob's throat, he moaned almost desperately and tightened his throat around it. He bobbed his head up and down as fast as he could, as if he wanted to get my dick down his throat as many times as he could, as quickly as he could. Then, just when I knew that the moment was upon us, Jacob pulled off of my cock and wrapped his right hand around it, then he opened wide and aimed the head into his mouth while he jerked it furiously.

With a strong shudder, I felt the rising cum reach the end of its journey, then I let go of a loud, garbled groan as my nuts pulled tight. With the force of a shotgun, my cock exploded and Jacob's mouth was filled with five hard shots of cum. The rest ran out of the end like water while he moaned like a bitch in heat, feeling his mouth fill up with the hot, gooey cum that he longed to swallow. The look on his face was sheer desire, his eyes fixed on the end of my dick as the bounty of sperm he'd worked so hard for was finally deposited into his watering mouth. When the flow turned to a drip, Jacob gave my cock a few firm strokes with his fist, eager to milk every drop of cum out that he could, then he sealed his cum coated lips and swallowed with a loud, contented sigh.

He licked his lips, pulling in the cum that had splashed onto them while he was taking my load, then he wrapped them back around my dick and began the task of cleaning it. When the head of my dick was clean of all traces of man sperm, the boy spent a glorious afterglow licking my shaft clean of any cum and spit. From there, he moved down to my balls and my taint, where his tongue worked diligently to find all remaining cum strands. When he was satisfied with his handy work, Jacob stayed on his knees and carefully put my cock away, then he dutifully buttoned my jeans and zipped my fly.

When he got up, he leaned into me and we shared another deep kiss while I groped his supple rear end. When we broke our kiss, he pulled his cell phone out and looked at the time. He gave me a sweet smile and fixed the sign on my door before giving me one more kiss goodbye. When he walked out of my office, he got on his bike and rode off, eager to get down to the glory hole so he could suck a few more dicks.

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