part 2




This is an adult story intended for adults. If you are underage or it is illegal to view adult material where you live, please leave now. This is a fantasy, so I remind you that I have done away with the requirements of safe sex, and have included no gestures toward common sense either. Please email me if you have any suggestions or comments. I love to hear readers' reactions to my writing, in as much detail as you like to share.


part 2

"Just kick back, relax, and let me worship your cock. You'll love it." I pulled one of my personal cards from my pants pocket and handed it to him. "Think about it. Nobody will know but you and me. Give me a call anytime." I stood up, closed my locker and wrapped my towel back around my waist. He was still in shock, I think, and didn't say anything.

"Like you said, I'm a cocksucker."

I walked off to the shower room as casually as I could. My mind was reeling from what I'd just done, and my cock was throbbing. Not only had I just sucked off a hot muscular 18 year old stud athlete, but I did it in the University gym locker room, where someone could have walked in on us at any second!

Once the shower room door closed, I finally let my breath out. Damn, that was fucking hot! I turned on the water and got under it, stroking my raging hardon. I closed my eyes and re-lived being on my knees in front of that gorgeous young man! Looking up his ripped abs at his big sexy chest and handsome face was so fucking hot, not to mention the huge slab of hot Latin beef he shoved down my throat, too! Oh my God!

And I could still taste the thick load he pumped into me! Thick sweet load of teenage mancream. I'd been savoring it on my tongue ever since. My dick was rock hard. In no time I was convulsing and shaking. I blew a huge load of my own, crying out, not caring how loud I was. I grunted out the last few shots, and felt all the tension drain out of my body. I slumped against the wall, jiggling my nuts for the last of my load, moaning.

I took my time catching my breath, then took a long hot shower and turned off the water. After I dried off, I walked back to my locker. He was gone, as I figured he would be. While I dressed, I ran the whole scene through my head again still not believing it was real. I was hard again when I pulled up my jeans just from thinking about it. Oh well, I told myself, he probably won't call. But that was one hot scene! I'll be jerking off to that memory for a good long time!

The next few days I made a point to stay away from him at work. I knew when he came in for his lifeguard shifts and swim practice, so I kept away from the lobby and the lockerroom. It wasn't easy, but I didn't want to scare him off by looking too eager. Like a starving cat about to devour its prey. I didn't trust myself to play it cool if I saw him. I was starving for him. I jerked off every night dreaming of his fat uncut cock exploding in my throat!

I really didn't think he'd call, but it was fun to think that he might. Made me hot to think about what I'd do with that sexy muscular body of his. Run my lips and tongue all over his hot muscles, not to mention get more of that fat meaty dick! Take my time with it, too. Worship his hard cock for hours and show him pleasure he's never imagined. Maybe even eat out that pretty ass of his -- fuck yeah! Every time my cell phone rang, my dick got hard in my jeans. I started answering calls that blocked their numbers, just so I wouldn't miss him if he did call.

The other night I was home and I picked up another blocked call. "Hello?" I said.

"Hi," his voice was deep and soft. "Is this Nick?"

"Yes, this is Nick." I said. "Who is this?"

"This is, uh, . . . the guy from the locker room, who . . . who . . . "

"Yes?" I said. Was it . . . ?

He whispered, "You sucked me off!" My mind was racing -- oh shit, he called!

"Oh!" My voice caught in my throat. I tried to recover. "Yes! I hope you enjoyed that."

"God, yeah. It was awesome."

"I thought it was too." I murmered. "And like I said I'd love to do more."

"Um, uh yeah. That's cool."

`That's cool.' That's straight boy for `I don't want to admit I liked it, but I want more.'

"Well, I live just around the north side of campus."

"Cool." He said, sounding unsure. "Um, when do . . . um . . ."

I knew I better strike while the iron is hot. "I'm home now, why don't you stop over." He had the balls to call now. He was probably horny now. If I gave him a half hour to think about it he might change his mind. "I'll suck your cock. Make you cum like that again. And more."

"Man, I never came like that before," he whispered. "I couldn't believe it. And you let me cum in your mouth!"

"Of course, where else?" I waited, letting him think about that.

"OK, where are you?" I gave him the address. He knew the area, so he would have no trouble finding it. "See you in about 10 minutes." He said, and we said good bye and hung up.

Unbelievable, I thought! He called and he's coming over for more! Fuckin' A! First I got on the phone to my buddy Patrick. We had dinner plans and he'd totally understand me canceling. Of course he'll demand a full report, but I'll deal with him later.

He knew it was me when he picked up the phone. "Hey Nick, so where do you want to go for dinner?"

"Sorry, Pat, can I take a rain check? Something's come up."

"Something's up, all right. I know when I'm being blown off -- and not in the good way. What, one of your regular feeder studs call for some servicing?"

"No, bitch, the kid from the locker room. The swimmer!"

"No way!"

"Yes, way! He just called and he's on his way over now. And he's going to get the cocksucking of his pretty young life!" I laughed. "I'm sure an old horndog like you will understand why I'd rather eat him than have dinner with you."

"The eighteen year old? You fucking perv!" he laughed, "You have finally reached Dirty Old Man status!"

"Fuck off, you jealous old queen." I was laughing, too. "Now let me off the phone, he'll be here soon. And don't call here tonight trying to be funny."

I heard "Tell me . . . " as I hung up the phone. Tell me everything, I'm sure he was saying. He already knew I would. Just to be sure, I made a mental note to turn off the phone when Roberto got here, in case Pat tried anything funny.

I straightened out the bedclothes and arranged the pillows so Roberto could stretch out and comfortably prop his head up enough to watch me suck his big dick. Then I changed into sweats and a T shirt. I dimmed the lights, put on some music and got myself a drink. I was going to need something, that's for sure. This was going to be hot.

Before I knew it, the bell rang. I buzzed him right up without asking who it was. I turned off my cell, then stopped a minute to take a deep breath -- damn, this doesn't happen to me every day. I mean I get my share of dick all right, but a hot young stud like him usually wants a girl or another hot young stud! Not a guy like me! But I shook that off and reminded myself that he actually had the balls to call, so either he's gay or he's open minded and knows something good when he gets it!! Or at least, he's fucking horny and needs to do something about it besides his right hand!

When I opened the door, he was just getting to the top of the stairs. He looked up at me, grinning sheepishly. So fucking cute!

"Hi," I said. I dropped my gaze, not wanting to stare and make him feel awkward. Inside I was trembling. "Come on in." I glanced up at him again, gave him a smile, and turned into the apartment. He followed me in, and I gestured to the living room.

As he walked past me, his sweaty scent assaulted my senses. Young, fresh male scent. Oh my god. My dick was already hard in my jeans. I watched his beautiful ass and followed him into the living room. He was wearing only a t-shirt, board shorts and sandals. His broad shoulders stretched the shirt to its max at the top, but it hung loose around his trim waist. The soft fabric of his shorts clung to the cheeks of his ass as he walked.

I gestured to the sofa. "Have a seat." I said, giving him another shy smile. "Would you like anything to drink, water, beer?"

"A beer would be cool, thanks." He looked a little nervous. Hell, so was I!

"Sure, one sec." I moved into the kitchen, looking over the counter at him. While I got out a couple of beers, I figured I'd better keep up some kind of conversation. "Have any trouble finding it?" God, could I be any more boring?

"No, I know this area pretty well. Some of my buddies live around here."

My over-active imagination thought, well you'll have to bring your buddies over some time. But I put that in the back of my mind (for later!) and handed him a cold beer. I lifted mine to clink his. "Cheers."

"Cheers." He murmured.

We sipped our beers in an awkward silence. "I'm glad you called," I started, "that was fun in the locker room."

"Yeah, it was." He said, his eyes lighting up his handsome face.

"Ever been sucked off before?"

"No, nothing like that. The girls I date, they won't do anything more than feel me up, never mind suck it. One tried, but her teeth scraped me so much it hurt - I had to make her stop."

"Yeah, your cock is really big."

He grinned, blushing a bit. "But you, you took the whole thing, every inch. And I didn't feel any teeth! It felt so amazing -- I couldn't believe it."

"Believe me, it feels pretty damn good on my end, too."

"And then you let me come in your mouth. Not just let me," he whispered conspiratorially, "you sucked my cum right out of me!"

"Well if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right. Right?"

"I guess so!" He grinned. He was so cute, so handsome.

"Well come on, let's get started. You didn't come here just to talk to me. Let's go in here. You'll be more comfortable." I led him into the bedroom.

"Take off whatever you feel comfortable taking off, I want you to know you don't have to do anything you don't want to. You can toss your clothes . . ."

I turned around, and he was already stripped naked, stretched out on the bed, adjusting the pillows.

". . . anywhere." His shirt and shorts were on the floor by the door, no underwear in sight. His sandals didn't even make it out of the living room. "Awesome," I said under my breath.

Roberto's body was spread out on my bed like a gourmet buffet, graceful muscles flexing and shifting into each other. He lay back, his abs rippling like nothing I've ever seen before. His pumped pecs were bare before my eyes again, looking so tasty. And speaking of tasty, his fat cock was sprawled across his six-pack, already growing. I crawled up between his legs and rubbed them. He flinched slightly at my touch, but then relaxed into the cushions. I ran my hands farther up, feeling his hard ab muscles. His cock was getting bigger right before my hungry eyes.

"Just lay back and enjoy." I said.

"Yeah, suck it. I've been thinking about this all week."

I wrapped my fingers around his pole, feeling the hot meat pulse with his heartbeat. "Oh, yeah, so have I." I groaned, and stroked his hardening beef. "So have I." His cock was beautiful. I still couldn't believe I was getting another chance at this hot young stud. I stroked it slowly up and down. Fat and long, a real heavy one. Easily 9 inches, maybe more. Hangs straight down when it gets hard. Straight down my throat! I pumped it slowly some more.

His head was just pushing out of his skin, a drop glistening at the tip. I licked at the slit, slurping up the first taste of his juice. Sweet! Pure juice of man-boy. So tasty! I circled my tongue around his head, feeling its heat. I sucked the whole head into my lips, my tongue digging out more of his syrupy honey.

"Ohhh . . . fuck!" His voice was strangled in his throat.

I began a slow up and down on the end of his cock, just the tip. To tease him. We had all night. I glanced at the clock. 7:09. Not that I'm a clock watcher, but, well, I am -- in reverse. I want to make sure I take my time. When I'm doing a marathon suck (like I was hoping to tonight!) I have to pace myself. It's worth it, because when you've got a guy in his third and fourth hour of oral stimulation, it's wild! They go absolutely crazy!

If I wear myself out too soon I don't get them to hit that level. Besides, I hate it when guys think that just bobbing their head faster and faster on a hard cock is good cocksucking. I've had more than my share of blow jobs like that and in five minutes he's tired himself out and is beating me off with his hand trying to make me cum. No stamina. No style!

I learned that many years ago from my first real feeder. I wasn't much older that Roberto, maybe 19 or 20. I was out and having fun and lots of sex. I knew I loved sucking cock, and did it as much as I could! I met up with this older guy (through an ad in Honcho, if you can believe that -- French Passive seeks French Active). He was about 35 or so, in great shape, handsome and hung big and thick. The first time I went over there, he answered the door in his robe. As soon as he shut the door, he threw off the robe and sat on the couch, legs spread, big dick half hard and growing.

I fell to my knees and began to suck. In no time, I was bouncing my head fast and furious on his hard cock. I felt his hands on my head, expecting him to pump me harder. Instead he slowed me down.

"What's the rush, man?" he crooned. "You need to get out of here?"

"No, I'm trying to make you cum."

"Already? You just got here. How about sucking on it for a while first, take your time. Worship it."

"Worship?" I barely got the word out of my mouth before he guided my lips back to his meat. I slurped the head into my mouth, but he pulled it out and slid my lips down the side of his fat cock.

"Lick it. Kiss it. All over it. Play with it. Pump it fast and hard later when you want a load, but now just enjoy it. It'll stay rock hard for you, don't you worry." For the next three hours he showed me more ways than I'd ever imagined to enjoy a hard dick. And his balls! I never knew how much you can drive a man crazy by sucking on his balls! Fuck, I was loving it! And he was throbbing hard all through it. Each time I'd try to get a rhythm going, he'd slow me down again. I didn't hear the word edging until years later, but that's what he liked and taught me to do for him. And for many horny studs since him. When he finally fed me his juice that first night it was a body-shaking explosion that left him panting for several minutes.

And shook me to my core, too! I thought I was a good cocksucker, but he showed me a whole new world. Cock Worship! Of course, I was hooked right away! For the next three years or so I knelt before him as often as he would let me to worship his big stud cock. And over the many years since then, I've practiced and perfected what he taught me on literally hundreds of men, maybe thousands. I can go for hours, keeping a man gasping and shaking with pleasure but not letting him cum. Not until I want to.

Like now, my hands are just lightly caressing Roberto's cock and big balls while I nurse on the head. My tongue is dancing around his ridge and tickling under his slit. He's rock hard, moaning and squirming beneath me from just those light touches. He's so hot I could probably make him cum already in just a few quick strokes. Or I can keep him throbbing hard like this for hours and drive him fucking insane!

I sucked on his cockhead. It was drooling a nicely and tasted so good! Slowly I started to take more of his length -- still only getting half way down it - and keeping my lips tight around it on the slow upstroke. I felt his hand on my head -- oh I love that feeling! "Mmmmmmmm," I said, as he began to guide my head up and down on his dick. Then he put his other hand on me too, and really started to pump my head. I let him for a few, feeling his cock grow stiffer. But then I pushed up, stopping him.

"Wha . . . ?" He looked down at me with a glazed look in his eyes.

"Easy, stud," I said, "I'm all for a good face fucking, especially in a public lockerroom, but now there's no need to rush. Let me worship your cock for a while, you have a beautiful huge cock and I can treat it like you've never imagined. Just put your hands behind your head, relax and let me pleasure you. You'll love it. I know you will."

Roberto looked at me for a moment, then smirked, crossed his hands behind his head. "Sure, dude," he said, "go for it."

I held it in my fingertips, caressing it lightly while I licked up one side of it, then another. Nibbling closer to the head, I felt it stiffen more. My lips reached his slit and latched on, getting a surprised grunt from him and sending a twitch of pleasure rippling through his abs. I circled the head, slowly, and nibbled and licked down the length of it to his balls, burying my face up against his stalk and nuzzling his big hairy cumballs. I inhaled deeply - he smelled so fucking good! Fresh and ripe and all male. Just sweaty enough. Putting my lips and tongue to work, I gave his balls a good washing. His hips squirmed as the sensations rolled through him. I could hear him moaning softly above me. I took my time and bathed his balls thoroughly.

Finally I began to slowly nibble my way back up his cock, along the underside, feeling his thick cum tube. He was so fucking hard! When I reached his head, there was a glob of clear juice on his tip that I slurped up greedily. I dug into his slit for any more, and got more moans from the handsome young stud.

I bobbed slowly up and down on it for a while, gently flat-tonguing the underside of it as I sucked. I looked up at him, up past undulating abs, over his heaving pecs. His eyes were riveted to his cock sliding in and out of my lips -- and it throbbed beautifully on my tongue, too. It was huge! He was drooling lots of delicious precum. I lavished his cockhead with my tongue as I sucked it, slurping up all that tasty boynectar. I worshipped it before his unbelieving eyes.

He was breathing heavy, and I knew he could blow a big load for me any second. He was young and horny and oh so fucking hot! But I wanted to tease him, torment him. In the best way, I mean! Show him a deeper level of ecstasy. One he's never even imagined. And I wanted marathon cock tonight!

So I backed off, slipping his head from my wet lips and nibbling around the ridge. He gasped as my lips waltzed around his meat. His cock pulsed, surging harder and thicker, like it was demanding to be serviced! He moaned in frustration when I let it go. It trembled above his rippled ab muscles.

Gently, I licked the base of his cock. Kissed it oh so lightly. Slowly, gently, I lightly nibbled, licked and kissed up the underside of his shaft, barely touching him with my lips and tongue. "Fuck! - Oh! -- Please!" he uttered, hardly able to form a word. His cock twitched and jumped in my face. His dick was so rock hard! When I reached his cockhead, I skipped around it, kissing and nibbling around the ridge. "Ohhh, fuuuuck!" he moaned. I teased the fat head then traveled all over his meat, my searching lips and tongue exploring all of his beautiful cock.

I kept that up for over an hour. Nibbling and lightly stroking -- varying it up to keep him on the edge and throbbing. Now and then sucking up and down on it, slowly. A couple more trips back down to his balls. He was babbling a constant stream of moans and curses. All my attention was on worshipping the gorgeous thick throbbing studcock on this man-boy. His cock was huge and ready to burst all through it!

He was thrashing on the bed below me, out of control. Every muscle in his sexy body was flexing and rippling for me to watch while I drove him crazy. I memorized each flexing muscle for my future jerk-off fantasies. I feasted on his rock hard meat like a starving man.

Finally I slipped him back into my hot wet mouth, slowly taking about half of him, and then sliding my lips back up to his oozing slit. I bobbed leisurely up and down like that for several minutes, unhurriedly, taking him gradually deeper and deeper. His dick was rock hard and he was trembling all over. Then I took him to the root, his balls pressed against my chin and my lips pushing into his hairy bush. My throat was twitching around his meat. I held him deep in there for a few seconds, feeling his club pulse inside me. He was moaning loudly now.

I swallowed, massaging his pole in my throat. "Oh!" he cried. I swallowed again and again. "Oh, fuck!" but after a few more I really needed air, so I slowly slid up his huge meat to the drooling tip, feeling it pulse with pleasure against my lips and tongue.

I usually like go a lot longer before I make a stud cum, but most of my regulars are guys around my own age, usually only good for one load a night. But I knew this young buck had more than that in his big balls, so I gave into my own selfish desire -- I couldn't wait to taste that first thick load of his cream on my tongue! I knew there'd be more.

I began my final attack, going tip to root and back again, every fat fucking inch of his beautiful cock. I dove in faster and faster, wanting that fat piece to explode like never before. His cockhead stabbed into my throat. Adding a twist to my lips set him off. "Oh fuck, oh fuck!" I picked up the speed even more.

Soon he cried out, and the first taste of his juice hit my tongue. I shoved it in to the root and stayed there. He bucked against me like a bronco, but I held him deep inside me as he spewed shot after shot after shot of cum deep into my throat. His cries of ecstasy echoed in my ears. When he fell back into the sheets, he was twitching like he'd been tasered. I pulled up so I could taste his thick tangy seed on my tongue, sucking him hard, draining more creamy blasts of cum from those big nuts. Oh it was so delicious! As his pulsing orgasm finally abated, I dug my tongue into his slit for any last drops. He tasted so fucking good! He moaned and shuddered, giving me one last shot before he slowed to a trickle.

He was panting hard, and so was I, but I kept my lips locked around his meat, mostly nursing on the head and licking down the underside. My throat was clogged with his spicy cum and my head was spinning! As his breathing slowed, his cock stayed full and thick. In no time it was fully hard again. I changed to a slow sucking up and down, my hands caressing the base and his balls. Those eggs were drained and hanging low in his sack, and I palmed them very gently while I slowly slipped my lips up and down his shaft.

"Fuck," he finally said.

"Uhh, huhh," I murmured around his mouthful.

He watched for a moment as I slowly sucked. He raised himself up onto his elbows. "Uh, I guess . . ."

"Shhh," I pulled off his glistening head for a second, gently pushing him back down. "No rush, man, relax. Enjoy it." I sucked him back in gently.

His head was still up off the pillows, looking down at me. After a moment he let it fall back. His whole body sagged into the mattress. "That does feel fucking good."

"It sure does," I released him to say, then began more nibbling down the side of his hard meat. It wasn't as rock hard as before, but still huge and full and twitching when I hit his spots. And this stud had sensitive spots all over his beautiful meat. This cock loves being worshipped. I savored his root gently and lovingly, enjoying his hard, young, twitching cockmeat.

"That was really great . . ." he said.

"It is," I said. "And I'm just getting started." I looked up at his surprised expression. "Didn't I promise you hours and hours of pleasure, stud?" OK, so I was still laying it on a little thick.

"I thought . . . I mean . . . ," he stammered.

"I wasn't exaggerating. Unless you have somewhere to be, I plan on worshipping this big beautiful cock of yours for a good long while. As long as your cock can stay hard I can keep going." I slipped him back in and bobbed up and down on it. He had softened a bit, but throbbed back to a nice thick hardness in a second.

"Ohhh, fuck," he moaned. He sat halfway up again. "I just thought . . . I mean, I came -- came like crazy, that was fucking intense!"

"Let me ask you this," I slipped off his delicious dick again, "how many times a day do you jerk off?"

"Three, four, sometimes more." He said. Oh to be 18 and full of spunk like this stud!

"Then it looks to me like you owe me two or three more loads before you're done." I said, sucking him back into me. I took him deep, sucking him full length again, slowly taking him to the balls and staying there. His cock throbbed in my neck.

"Ohhh, fuck," he moaned. I still don't think he believed me, but he fell back into the bed and let me suck.

And boy did I suck! Taking my time and taking him from root to tip on every slow stroke. Soon he was rock fucking hard again and breathing heavy. I was amazed at how quickly he rebounded, but I hadn't sucked off anyone as young as he is in some time. Oh to be 18 again!

Newly motivated, I played that skinflute like I was auditioning for Julliard. And I have to tell you again, my horny readers, what a beautiful instrument he has. Thick at the base, and even fatter in the middle of his shaft! The head was wide, but arrow shaped enough to help open me up for that thick club.

His drooling tip slid right into my throat as my lips pressed against his bush, my hungry throat now opening up easily for his fat shaft. Sucked him good and hard for a while, now that I knew he wouldn't cum any time soon. I took him deep and fast for as long as I could, loving the way his fat cock stretched my throat open! He moaned and moaned, paralyzed with pleasure.

But like I said, there's more to good cocksucking than bobbing up and down on a hard dick. So I slipped him out and slid my lips down the soft skin of his pulsing log to his balls. I sucked in one egg, making him gasp. I sucked on the other ball, then went back and forth on them, finally stuffing both huge boulders in together! I sucked harder, wrapping my tongue around them while he panted and tried to catch his breath.

Finally I ran my wet lips along the sensitive underside of his dick and back up to the head. A few minutes of deep throated sucking, slow and teasing this time, had him rock hard and leaking. Oh, it tasted so good! Then I licked down to his balls for their turn again.

I loved worshiping his balls, my fist stroking rock hard meat. He loved having his balls licked and sucked on. After a good ball-washing, his shaft was always even more rock hard - ready for some good deep throating. So I gulped it down deep again and again and again! When it's that rock fucking hard it breaches my throat like a battering ram. Feels so fucking good!

When he started leaking juice and humping his hips up at me, I slowed down my attack, nibbling around the sides of his shaft. His moaning was a constant hum, and I kept him deliciously close to the edge of orgasm. I didn't want him to shoot his next load just yet.

I ran my hand up his abs to his heaving chest, finally massaging those big pecs I'd drooled over so much at work. He moaned, and I rubbed his chest while I worshipped his cock.

Getting bolder, I came off his about-to-spurt prick and nibbled up his rippling stomach, letting his wet cock slap against my face before I grabbed it in my fist. I smacked it against my face a few times -- it was so fucking hard! I stroked his spike and licked the sweat off his pecs, feeling them flex under my searching tongue. His moaning intensified, encouraging me to go on. I licked and sucked on those juicy mounds, my mind frantically recording every twitch and shudder and taste of him.

I teased his nipples with my tongue, small dark hard nubs that brought more sounds of pleasure from the handsome boy-man. I licked and kissed between his pecs, in the sweaty valley between those flexing muscles, slurping up the tasty essence of him everywhere I could reach my lips. His arms were up over his head, exposing those delicate pits to my ravaging tongue. I dove into one, digging my tongue deep into the hairless hollow, finding more tasty boy-man sweat to savor. He quivered and moaned under me, and his prick got harder in my fist.

It was full on body worship now. Stud worship. I divided my attention between his throbbing cock and balls and his heaving muscular torso and drove this handsome stud to new levels of pleasure. His entire body was my playground and he fucking loved it. I fucking loved it! And each time he thought I was going to bring him off, I switched gears and he would cry out in frustration. The babbling and moaning would escalate again, and his cock kept getting harder and harder.

Eventually I focused in on his cock again. I milked it with my lips and throat, from drooling head to thick hairy base. Full length strokes, massaging every thick hard inch of his beautiful meat. His balls rolled in my fist and I dove in for the kill. Pounding my head deep onto him, he screamed out. His hands grabbed my head. I shoved my face deep down on his weapon and felt it explode inside me.

"Oh fuck! Aughhh!! Fuck!" He cried out with each blast of cum, again and again spewing deep into me. His muscles convulsed with ecstasy. I reached up to feel his flexing pecs. They were so rock hard! His second load choked me with as much cream as his first, if not more! Tasty, thick, fresh boycream. Mmmm, mmmm, good!

Finally he stopped cumming. He was panting hard. I was licking up a few stray blasts of cream that had gotten away from me when he went wild. And his dick was still hard, so I continued to slowly nurse and kiss and worship it. It never went fully soft, and in no time was growing harder and thicker again. What a fucking stud!

Like I said, I love a marathon cock worshipping session. By the time he left my apartment it was well after midnight and he'd shot four big creamy tasty loads of teenage studcum down my insatiable throat. Each orgasm was more intense than the last one. I tried to tease and edge him longer with each one, but I'm a selfish cocksucker and had to get his juice! And make him shake and shudder with ecstasy that only total oral worship can give a man. I loved watching his amazing body while he lost control. So beautiful!

And the noises he makes! The constant hum of deep groaning, grunting, sighing -- it's music to my ears. And the last time he came, he was yelling so loud when he shot off that I thought my neighbors would be banging on the walls. But they're probably used to it by now.

As I nursed out the last dregs of that fourth body-racking orgasm, he finally did go soft. I sucked him clean, just to make sure I couldn't bring him back to life once more, but he was done. It was just as well. As much as I was enjoying myself, I was getting tired too, and was ready to stop. I silently hoped I'd convinced him that this was something he'd want more of. I sure did! What an amazing man!

He was still panting hard. "Take your time and catch your breath," I said, getting up from my knees for the first time in hours. "Let me get you a cloth to clean up with." Not that there was much to clean up. I'd sucked down every drop of cum and pre-cum he'd given me and licked him clean as a whistle.

I went into to bathroom and got a warm wet cloth and a towel. When I came back he hadn't moved a muscle. I chuckled to myself, I really drained him good! I knelt next to him and cupped his low hanging ballsack, gently washing him. I washed his cock, then flipping the cloth over, rubbed his stomach and up to his chest. He took a deep breath and his pecs swelled under my hand. I felt him up one last time and marveled again at his beauty.

I took the cloth away and dried him gently with the towel. As I stood up, he started to sit up. "Slowly," I said, "your legs might be a little weak."

"You got that right," he said, giving me that sheepish grin again. He was so fucking cute!! "I don't know if I can walk. You fucking drained me good!"

"You'll be fine in a minute, just take your time." I said.

"That was fucking unbelievable."

"I'm glad you liked it. I sure did. I hope we can do this again."

"Hell yeah - I mean - you were amazing. You really do this all the time?"

"Whenever I can. I mean, not always a marathon like this, but I do suck a lot of cock. I love to suck cock."

He sighed, slowly sitting up and swinging his legs over the edge of the bed. I brought his shorts and shirt to him and sat next to him. "Take your time," I said again, "you don't need to rush out of here."

"What time is it?" He was still king of groggy, so fucking cute, so wiped out.

"12:15." I said.

"Holy shit!" he blurted out. "It was like, 7 when I . . . fuck!"

"Yeah, you've been here for a while - I hope that's not a problem - no girlfriend at home waiting for you?"

"No, just my roommate. I had no idea -- geez, dude, you've been suckin' my dick for five hours!"

"Like I promised - I hope you enjoyed it."

"Enjoyed it? Dude, I never imagined anything like it! I mean, fuck!"

"Well I'm really glad. And any time you want more, just call -- even if you don't have all night and just want a good blow job."

"Fuck, dude, you mean a great blow job. I thought I came like crazy when you sucked me off in the lockerroom, but that was nothing. I never felt my dick so rock hard before! And when I came it was like my whole fucking body was cumming!"

"Like I said, if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right!"

"And four times! I mean, you really must like sucking cock."

"Yes, I do -- and it helps when it's a big fat uncut cock like yours -- you're a real stud, you know that?"

He blushed, grinning. God he's so fucking cute! "Thanks, um, you're . . .uh . . ."

"I'm a cocksucker. No worries, dude, I know you're straight. You don't have to be attracted to a guy to let him suck your dick, just horny. I suck off other straight guys. I'm not trying to turn anyone gay, I just love to suck dick."

"Yeah, I guess . . ." He was trying to process that.

"I have other straight buddies who don't get it from their girlfriends or wives -- they know they can come to me and blow off a load or two, no strings, no drama."

"A load or four, you mean! Fuck!"

"Well, yeah, sometimes four. That was awesome. You're a fucking stud!" OK, OK, stop mooning over the kid. "Anyway, whenever you want that big dick sucked, you just call me."

"Hell, yeah!"

"Great, I'd really like that. And it doesn't always have to be an all nighter -- if you just want to get off and go, that's cool. But any time you want a marathon just let me know!"

"Cool." He was ready to go. I handed him his beer. It was warm, but I figured he'd need the fluids! He took a deep swig and handed it back. "Thanks."

"Anytime. I mean that." OK, OK you said that like three times! I walked him to the door. "See ya soon."

"See ya, dude." And he was gone.

I closed the door behind him and fell back against it. What a fucking hot night! I was exhausted but if he knocked on the door right now for more I'd be on my knees in an instant. I waited a few minutes, savoring the moment. And just in case he did knock - - OK, now I really am crazy -- cock crazy!

I turned out the lights, and headed right to my bedroom. Sorry, no brushing my teeth tonight, I'll go to bed with the taste of fresh man-boy spunk on my tongue tonight, not peppermint!

I crawled into bed and was asleep before I could hardly even think `I hope he calls again soon . . .'


part 2




Dear Readers -- I hope you enjoyed this chapter -- it was difficult to get just right but I think I did it. Hope to hear your comments, good and bad, and your suggestions. As always, I love to hear if and where in the story you shot your load! I love making men hard and making them cum!

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