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The Renaissance Faire

by Æros

Chapers 1-9 Chapter 10 Tom
Chapter 10 Vincent Chapter 11 Tom
Chapter 11 Vincent Chapter 12 Tom
Chapter 12 Vincent Chapter 13 Tom
Chapter 13 Vincent Chapter 14 Tom
Chapter 14 Vincent
Chapter 15 Tom
Chapter 15 Vincent
Chapter 16 Tom


Please let me know if you would prefer the guesthouse or the main house? I would like to get a room for you cleaned before you arrive especially if you are going to arrive late. Dusting everything, getting the bedding changed, and the climate controls set nice all takes time, and if you arrive late Friday you won't want to wait around for the maid to finish.

There are rooms with views of lake open in both the guesthouse or the main house. Both buildings have spacious rooms. The main difference is that the guys in the guesthouse sometimes listen to movies or music a bit loudly until late at night, so the main house is much quieter.

If you can let me know by Thursday, the maid will appreciate it.



I got some bad news today. The project I am working on had its due date moved up, way up, and my vacation for next week is canceled. I was only kidding about quitting my job to come and work for you.   I really need the money right now if I am going to keep my head above water paying for the house and car and still go to Europe next year.

As compensation for screwing up my vacation plans, the company is letting me telecommute from home-- which will allow me to not get accosted with questions from users and other developers as much.  They will have to communicate via pager and e-mail.  Only my manager has my home phone.  I think I will get a lot more work done from home, even though I will be chatting here and there on ICQ (which I can't do from work since the company firewall blocks ICQ). When I am testing, there is a lot of hurry-up and wait, so chatting will relieve that monotony.

It is bliss working from home; no phone calls to speak of, no meetings, talking with friends on ICQ not to mention not worrying about the "Cyber patrol" reading my e-mail.  I think I will request to telecommute more often.

I hope to be done by this weekend so I can go the Renaissance Fair this weekend.

Since you aren't on ICQ tonight I did some random user searches on ICQ, and met this guy in Australia.  I guess it is now time for me to start paying you back for all of the great erotica about you and the boys on the farm, but as opposed to trying to tell you a story about what we talked about.  It is easier for me to cut and paste the chat-session.

Thomas Hi Xiao, I'm Thomas!

I read your chat topic, and just had to say hi.

Are you busy?
Xiao um.. no.. not at the moment.
Thomas My friend reads Tarot, I read palms, but I don't know any who does I Ching.

And you do dream interpretation and use crystals too?!?
Xiao Well, I am just learning.
Thomas You and he have an advantage over me.  I can't read your palm over the net.  You and he can read without the subject being present.
Xiao Hehe
Thomas He and I go to lots of Renaissance Fairs.  He makes money with the Tarot, but I prefer to just walk around in garb and visit.  I tried selling readings one year and didn't like it.
Xiao Really?  I like going to Renaissance Fairs too, but I have never thought about selling readings. 

I really haven't learned enough yet to give away readings, much less sell readings yet.  Why don't you wanna make money at it ?
Thomas I didn't like it for two reasons.  For one, I don't like to take money for readings (Vince doesn't either, but he does anyway).  They say that taking money for a reading buys the reader, not the reading.

The other thing is, I don't like to be tied down.  I like to look at all the people in costume, and to go around and meet people.
Xiao Yeah, I like to meet people too. 

So, what do you do for a living?
Thomas I am a computer programmer... U?
Xiao I go to school.  The age is false on the ICQ details page, I'm 18.
Thomas Everything you read there for me is correct. 
Xiao Well.. I once put the fact that I was an 18 year old Asian, 6'2" with silky jet black hair, smooth skin and gay and nobody would leave me alone.  For a while I liked all the attention and the cyber sex was fun… but after a while I got bible bangers.. I got pedophiles...leather & chain lovers...  Nobody would leave me alone. I had to close that account.  I decided it was better to leave those details off and to put down interests other then sex….
Thomas So... you are looking someone to talk to, maybe even cyber, but finding that one person who is on the same wavelength for cyber-sex is hard enough without all of the weirdoes, judgmental pricks, and sex-fiends.
Xiao yeah, and after a while, even the people that I liked talking to for cyber-sex only wanted to talk about sex.  I was board with them.  I opened two new accounts, one for talking about anything, the other for talking about sex when I am in the mood, and if nobody is around on this list who is into that sort of thing.. 
Thomas I hear ya.
Xiao do U mind if  ask if you are str8 or gay ?
Thomas Gay
Xiao Really?  Then I lucked out this time.  Someone who likes Ren-Faire, likes the para-normal, and is gay. Can I save you on my contact list?
Thomas Sure.  Can I get authorization to save your number too?
Xiao Yeah.. U bet!
Thomas Your details say you are from England.
Xiao I am from Australia.
Thomas Really?  What are the fairs down-under like?
Xiao I guess they are like the ones up there.
Thomas hehe
Xiao So... Do you like younger men?
Thomas It is more a matter of maturity then number of years.  Not that I go looking for jailbait
Xiao So, do you think I am your type?
Thomas Well, you're not jailbait, and so far you sound like you have your head on straight.   My freak-o-meter alarm isn't going off
Xiao Do you have a picture of yourself?
Thomas Sure... I'll send it.
Xiao Damn... your pretty good looking.
Thomas Thank you.  Do you have a photo of yourself?
Xiao Yeah, but I don't have a scanner.  A friend does though he keeps saying that he is going to scan some for me, but never does. 

As I said, I'm 18, and 6'2" 190 lbs.  In addition, I am a member of the swim team, so you can imagine I have a tight abdomen, and strong arms.  My skin isn't as dark as some Asians; my father was half white and half Chinese and my mother was from Malaysia.  I have green eyes.
Thomas You sound very attractive.
Xiao Thanks... I also have a big dick.
Thomas Um…. how big ?
Xiao I haven't measured it... 
Thomas Ha!   What's it look like then?
Xiao I guess it is about 7" long, uncut, slightly curved, about the same thickness down the shaft.  My balls don't grow hair, but I have a small tuft of black hair above my cock. 
Thomas uummmm.....
Xiao are you hard?
Thomas How could I not be?
Xiao Jacking off?
Thomas Do you want me to?
Xiao I am
Thomas Oh god....
Xiao What would you do if you where here right now.
Thomas Imagine I am hiding under the computer desk at which you sit, and you feel me lean forward and begin to gently lick your hairless balls, while I watch you slowly pump your dick.
Xiao yeah... I like it... mmmm…..
Thomas I then start to lick the sides of your balls and where your balls meet your thighs
Xiao don't stop
Thomas I go back to licking your balls, and gently take your hands off your cock and place them on my head.  I pause for a second, then attempt to get your whole cock in my mouth in one thrust of my face against your ample erection.
Xiao oh god
Thomas then I lift up.. to a comfortable depth, and begin to make small circular motions with my tongue firmly planted against the sensitive area on the front of your cock just below the head.
Xiao that's it... don't stop.
Thomas my hands can't help but start to move up and down your legs, and wander onto your chest.  I start to move my head up and down while still using my tongue to the best of my ability.
Xiao I grab your hair, and unsuccessfully try to stop myself from face fucking you.
Thomas I change the angle of my head so that I don't choke as you thrust uncontrollably.
Xiao I try to control it, but I can't.  I fuck your face... faster.. and harder...
Thomas I can handle it.  I keep rubbing your chest and legs with my hands.
Xiao I'm gonna cum... 
Thomas Me too...
Xiao I hold your head still as I start to shoot my load... AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!
Thomas I try to drink very drop
Xiao oh... god.... I don't think you can, I see some leaking out of the sides of your mouth.
Thomas As you start to slow down ejaculating... I start to move up and down on it to milk you for more.
Xiao I try to hold you still.. it tickles.. it is so intense.
Thomas You can stop my head moving, but you can't stop my tongue... I move my tongue back and forth up and down on your cock.
Xiao you make me cum some more..... aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
Thomas I hungrily drink that too...
Xiao I need a towel… uh…. Want… NEED to clean up….... bye… oh, and THANKS!
Thomas Um... okay... me too... hope 2 C U tomorrow (BIGTIME)

Well, I need to get logged in at work to get this project moving or I will miss the Ren-Faire too.



Your new net-buddy sounds scrumptious. Too bad you aren't going to Australia instead of Europe next year!!  And Tom, you don't have to tell me anything you don't want to.  We're not in a sex race or a kiss and tell contest.

Don’t feel bad about not making it this week.   You’re not putting me out any and the offer still stands.   You can come anytime, just give me a day and a half notice.  I hope you can come down the week after the Ren-Faire. If I am upset about anything; it is the hours that you are putting in that worries me. Don't work yourself to death; you are not in a karetsu. I wish I could come up and meet you at your Ren-Faire, but I will be busy this weekend with a catered murder mystery party at the restaurant. For some reason, they want me on site for that party.

Sorry I missed you on ICQ last night. Wade and I took Ben (Wade’s horse) and tent out toward the clearing where we first made out.   We wanted to be alone for the night.   Along the way we found a really pretty spot on the east side of the lake. Even though the spot was directly on the lake you could not see the mansion because of the trees and the curvature of the lake.   You would need to be out on the lake quite a ways to see the house from there.

We pitched our tent before sundown and gathered enough wood to make a small campfire.  We hadn't brought the fishing poles since we didn't expect to be by the lake.  Instead, we cooked hot-dogs and s’mores over the fire as we had planned to do at the clearing.  I had brought some Cognac and we had a nice conversation exchanging stories about growing up while we watched the sun set.  The reflections of the sky in the lake were truly breathtaking.

Wade started talking about what it was like to grow up so short.  Wade's mom and dad weren’t that tall either, so he was bound to not be very tall.  However; he got an illness when he was ten that stunted his growth.  He said that it was tough in high school being the smallest kid in his class.  He wasn't picked on, but he didn't feel like he was mister popular either.  His dad wanted to "Fix" him by taking him to have growth hormone injections.  Wade didn’t want them, but had no choice.  Between the HGH and steroids for Asthma, it looked like he might get a bit taller, but it only gave him muscle tone, a deeper voice and a disproportionately large cock. He also became ill again after each treatment so they gave up. If ever I meet his dad, I don't know if I wanna sock him for forcing his son to go through a medical procedure he didn't want or to thank him for making his dick so big.

He worked at the age of 15 as a horse jockey.  He did that for two years, but there were accusations when he was almost 18 of betting against his own horse.  They were unfounded, and kind of silly since he won the race that it is said that he betted against himself, but he was placed on indefinite suspension for an investigation.  That is what he meant when he said he was "retired".  He kept in touch with his agent up until a few months ago when the agent’s sexual advances started to get to be too much.  He knows that his manager was into some kinky shit and Wade wasn’t too keen on being tied up and tortured or any thing like that.   Wade said he “likes good old-fashioned sex”... which by the way, we had later that night in the tent.

After the s'mores; we started kissing by the fire, and we embraced each other for what seemed like hours.  His hands moved up and down my back and mine his.  I love the taste of chocolate and cognac on his tongue.   He tasted like chocolate truffles. We kissed for an eternity in front of the fire.  I was so glad that we had set up the tent before we ate, because stopping to get a place to sleep ready would have spoiled the moment.  When we broke the kiss, it was more because my feet felt like they were about to burst into flame next to the campfire.  We crawled into the tent and into the two sleeping bags that we had zipped together to form a big sack, and we resumed our embrace.  Truffles again.

We kissed passionately our hands moving back and forth over each other’s backs.  Wade reached under my shirt as I started to unbutton his shirt.  I reached around on his bare skin and ran my hands up and down his back, as Wade unbuttoned my 501's.  I reached under his pants and grabbed his ass as Wade pulled down my underwear and jeans.  I removed my shirt, as Wade removed his blue-jeans.

We resumed our embrace and began to kiss as our hands moved back and forth over our necked bodies; Wade's rock hard cock against my stomach, and my erection between his legs.  The taste of chocolate and cognac once again filled my mouth and my head began to spin.  We rolled so that Wade was on top of me as continued to melt into each other.  We kissed and rubbed against each other slowly as Wade began to slide down and position his anus against the head of my penis.

I couldn't believe how hot his ass felt as he sat up and began to rock back and forth.  Each time he rocked forward, my prick would slide out an inch or so, but when he leaned back, it would go a little deeper then it had been.  By the time it was three quarters in, Wade leaned forward and began to kiss me once more.  As I kissed him back, I pushed forward with my hips slowly pressed deeper.  Wade kissed me deeper and breathed heavily as I worked the last few inches in.

Wade broke the kiss and leaned back again.  He started by rocking back and forth again.  I thought I was in heaven it felt so good.  Then he became bolder, and began to bounce up and down, riding me like a horse.  I moved my hands up and down his legs and his torso, and up as far as I could reach to his chest without leaning forward.  Wade's dick was so hard has he moved up and down on my cock, it hardly bounced at all.  I really wanted to suck it, like I had wanted to all day, but instead I watched as it became slightly larger and Wade began to breathe more deeply.  Suddenly Wade's cock erupted cum all over my face and chest, and his ass clenched my dick so tightly that Wade was no longer sliding up and down on it.  As Wade moved up his ass pulled at my cock but it didn't slide out.  This continued as Wade continued to spasm sperm all over my chest and my own cock began to throb within him.

Wade started sliding up and down again faster and faster, then he collapsed on top of me.  Out of breath he whispered in my ear "keep going…   fast… I want more…   but I am too tired".  I threw off the top sleeping bag and gently rolled over holding his legs firmly with my cock deep within him.  I let Wade get situated and he put his feet on my chest.  I started slowly at first, but before long I was pumping with all my might as fast as I could.  I spit into my hand ,l reached down, and began to masturbate Wade as I fucked as fast as I could.  It wasn't very long before we were both cumming again. 

When I was done, I slowed down, leaned forward, and maneuvered so that Wade was once again on top of me but this time reclined against my chest.  Wade continued to twitch about once every 30 seconds or so.  I slowly withdrew my cock from Wade's ass.  The air felt so cold against my wet cock.  Wade fell asleep on my chest, and still twitched once every forty five seconds or so.  I reached over to my pack and grabbed a towel and gently cleaned off Wade's ass and my cock and was able to grab the top sleeping bag and pulled it back up without waking Wade.

The next morning I woke up with Wade beside me with his raging hard-on against my leg.  I laid there for a second and he rolled onto his back.  I dove under the covers and immediately started to gently lick his dick.  He let out a low "humm" but I don't think I woke him up.  I gently spread his legs and started to slowly suck his cock.  I hungrily took the whole shaft into my mouth once or twice before withdrawing it and licking his hairless balls.  His cock seemed to become more engorged with blood, and looked obscenely large on his petite torso.  I started to suck it again, and lightly ran my hands up and down his torso.

This continued un-interrupted for about thirty minutes before I felt Wade's hands run their fingers through my hair.  Tingles went up and down my spine has he pulled my hair lightly.  I continued to suck at the same pace, and Wade started to match my pace and thrust his hips forward to meet my face moving down.  I felt his cock get harder, as his hands grasped my head tighter.  I prepared myself, but continued to try to suck even though Wade was doing his best to hold me still.  I started to move my tongue in small circles on the underside of his cock as his dick started to explode in my mouth.  Jets of semen filled my mouth, almost faster then I could swallow.  I wouldn't have thought he would have had much left after the performance last night, but ejaculation after ejaculation of hot creamy cum filled my mouth.  Wade's body began to convulse as it usually does, and though he was trying to stop me from moving my head up and down, his body was thrusting his cock uncontrollably in and out of my mouth.  Between his body spasms and his hands instinctively holding my head, he was milking himself for all he was worth, and there wasn't much he or I could do but enjoy it.

It seemed as if he must have cum for ten minutes.  I couldn't believe it.  He let me go, and I withdrew his cock from my mouth, and we kissed.  Wade said, "Can we get rid of that pesky alarm clock?  I want to be woke up every morning, just like that!!"

I threw on a sweat jacket and some sweat pants, kindled the fire and made some hot cocoa.  We had doughnuts and cocoa for breakfast, went riding, and had a nice day away from the rest of the household.



That is very interesting about Wade.  All this time I thought you had exaggerated about his cock, but that makes sense.

I don't mind telling you about Xiao, or any of my other cyber-friends, and I know we aren’t in a race.  But that being said, I thought I would send you another conversation to get you as hot and bothered as you just made me:

Simon Hi Thomas, I am a friend of Xiao.  He told me ALLLLL about you.
Thomas Really, are you in Australia?
Simon Nope, New Zealand
Thomas oh.
Simon It sounds like we are into a lot of the same stuff.  I like doing stuff with herbal remedies, crystals, and I read Rune stones.
Thomas Really ?  I don't know anyone who reads Rune stones.  I saw a guy at a Renaissance faire doing them once, but didn't get a chance to talk to him.
Simon Like Xiao, I am just learning at this point.
Thomas We're all learning Simon, our whole lives.
Simon Xaio said you were nice. 
Thomas He did? 
Simon Yes
Thomas Great.  What else did he tell you?
Simon He also told me you like younger men.
Thomas um... as I told him that it didn’t matter that he was younger.   I don’t go looking for jailbait.
Simon Well, I just turned legal. I am 5'2" with straight medium length blond hair,150 lbs and I do some gymnastics in school. I still have a boyish face.  I have blue eyes, but wear contacts that make my eyes look violet.
Thomas  Violet?  That's different -- cool
Simon And my prick is about 7" long.  I am circumcised.  I wax my balls to make myself look innocent.  The shaft is thinner at the bottom, thicker about three quarters up, and I have a big dick head. 
Thomas oh my.... 
Simon and I got permission from Xiao to share you ... 
Thomas hehe 
Simon He said you were talented.
Thomas not really
Simon Yes you are… he sent me a copy of what you said, and I busted a nut readin’ it!
Thomas LOL… Cool…
Simon Well... I'm on a secluded beach.   Wearing nothing but a blue satin thong when I see you walking toward me.
Thomas okay... I walk toward you, but since I don't know you, I walk a bit past you, taking in all of you with my eyes as I pass you then I sit down on the sand a few yards from you.
Simon as you pass, you hear a "ummmm" 
Thomas  I pretend not to hear it, and smile.  I get out some suntan oil and begin to rub it slowly over my body.
Simon  I ask "Can I borrow some of that?"
Thomas  I walk over and hand you the bottle.
Simon  I don't take it, instead I roll over and ask softly, "can you put some on my back?"
Thomas Stunned, with hand shaking, I start to squeeze the coconut scented oil onto my hands, to warm the liquid before rubbing it softly over your back
Simon "uuummmmmmm" I stretch my shoulders and back enjoying your massage.
Thomas  I nonchalantly start to rub a little more boldly.  Trying to ascertain if you want me to rub somewhere other then your back.
Simon "if you don't mind, go ahead and put some on my butt.  I don't want to get a burn"
Thomas I comply by squeezing some more on my hands.. and start on your calves and work my way up to your scantily clad ass.
Simon as you work your way up, I lift my torso slightly; like I would if you were making love to me and I wanted you deeper in me.
Thomas I have to adjust myself, but there is no hiding the tent in my shorts.
Simon I reach out and wrap my fingers around your shaft.
Thomas I gasp, but don't resist.
Simon I don't let go with my right hand and I turn around as I sit up.   Then I remove your shorts with my left hand... lean forward and wrap my lips around your dick head.
Thomas Oh god... I wasn't ready for that... I rub my greasy fingers over my chest to get the oil off of them, and then run my fingers through your hair passionately, but I don't interfere with your depth or rhythm.  I let you do what you want to do.
Simon I lick your cock for a moment before I beg, "Face fuck me!" as I thrust my face onto your huge cock.
Thomas I grasp both sides of your head gently, and begin to draw back and thrust forward slowly.  I also reach down, and try to remove your g-string.
Simon The thong falls off with no effort.  my hands reach around and grasp your butt. 
Thomas I start to speed up... taking a bit more deeper thrusts. 
Simon I take my mouth off long enough to say "Fuck my face"
Thomas I speed up, but don't dare thrust any deeper I don't want to choke you.  Breathing heavily I say,  "Your mouth is so hot!"
Simon I take my mouth off, and turn around on my hands and knees so my ass is toward your hot wet cock. 
Thomas I lay the length of my shaft in the crack of your ass and ask in a low voice, "Are you sure?"
Simon I plead, "fuck me like a whore"
Thomas I maneuver myself so my head is pressing against your anus, and I squeeze some of the sun-tan oil on both my shaft and on your opening, and slowly push forward.
Simon I back into you, impaling myself on your hard pole.
Thomas I hold onto your thighs, to make sure you relax a moment.. so you don't harm yourself.
Simon I buck forward and back.. harder.. so you feel how hot my ass is.... how much I want it!!
Thomas I try to match your bucks so you don’t hurt yourself for a few times, then I remain still for a few times, then I try to match your bucks so that we are mutually fucking, but not till I feel that you are ready.
Simon "Give it to me daddy!"
Thomas I thrust playfully and say, "Call me Thomas... I ain't your Daddy...."
Simon I buck back pulling you all the way in and say "Call me slut whore!"
Thomas "how 'bout I call you Simon or maybe Adonis ?"  I croon as I start to go into a passionate rhythm.  In, pause, and out.  In, pause, and out.
Simon "Fuck me harder... "
Thomas I speed up... and take longer strokes, only leaving the head in as I pull back.
Simon "oooooooohhhhhhhhh yeah... fuck me like a bitch.   Make me feel it!!"
Thomas I lean forward, reach around your chest with my arm, and pull you back so you are off of your hands, but still on your knees.  I keep the steady rhythm and fuck you passionately while I whisper in your ear, "your my little nymph!  The only similarity between you and a dog is that you like it on all fours… "
Simon "Rape me."
Thomas STOP!
Simon "Don't stop... abuse me... "
Thomas I can't do that.
Simon what?
Thomas Sorry.  I wont rape or abuse you. 
Simon C’mon it’s only cyber-sex…
Thomas I am sorry if that is the only thing that gets you off.  But I can't help you in that way.  I can't even pretend to enjoy it.  It hurts me to think about rape even in a cyber situation. 
Simon it's okay... love me then.  I hope I didn't ruin that hard on... 
Thomas um... well
Simon I wiggle my ass side to side and push back a bit.
Thomas It just came back to full attention
Simon I can feel it deep in me getting harder again.
Thomas I reach down and start to masturbate you as I start to go faster.
Simon uh.. oh... oh.. yeah... babe.. like that.
Thomas I whisper in your ear as I resume my previous rhythm,  "Someone may have hurt you in the past, and you thought you liked it, but I am here to show you how good it can be!"
Simon Don't stop .. yeah.. deeper.. oh yeah.. love me... harder... 
Thomas I comply by speeding up, but at this pace I will cum soon.  I use some oil in my hand and try to manipulate your cock to make you cum at the same time as me.
Simon Your cock is so big.  Do me.. do me... yeah... work my cock...
Thomas I jack your cock as good as I know how... and slow down a bit so I don't cum before you do.
Simon I'm ... i'm ... i'm cuuuummmmming!!  Yeah... cum.. in me.. 
Thomas I thrust in, and let loose... yeah..... 
Simon I feel it... can you feel it?
Thomas Yeah.. your ass is so tight.
Simon your cum is so hot!
Thomas yeah.. i'm done
Simon that was fantastic... Xiao was right... 
Thomas Sorry I couldn't say what you wanted me to say...
Simon um.. it was fine. don't worry about it... I won't ask you to do that again.

but I gotta go.. my doorbell is ringing.
Thomas okay, bye! 

I'm sending an authorization request for the next time you log on.



Geez, Simon’s a little vixen.   I bet he would like Claude & Kirk.

And … Nope, my description of Wade’s dick is no exaggeration.  If I made any mistakes about describing Wade, it might have been his height.  I think I said 4'3", and he is a bit taller, maybe 4'6". His apparent age is dependant on what he wears.  He looks like he is 13 or 14 when he wears his Elizabethan page outfit, about 16 or 17 in blue jeans and a tee shirt, and about 18 or 19 in the buff.   He sort of looks like a cross between David Bennent from “Tim Drum” and “Legend” and Frankie Muniz from “Malcom in the Middle” and “Big Fat Liar”.   He is neither thin and spindly nor stocky.   His torso and legs are very muscular and his chest is broad.   I was amazed watching him hurl hay bails from the flat bed into the barn.   He is deceptively strong for his size, but cover that muscle with velvet and lace and he looks very young.

Speaking of Wade; this morning back he had a big surprise for me.  

First off Wade woke me up the way I woke him up in the tent.   There is something wonderful about having an erotic dream in your waking moments, and it doesn’t stop when you wake up.   Wade was taking his time licking the length of my shaft with his tongue and lips wrapped around about half to three quarters of my dick.   Back and forth, up and down.   Slowly.   Very slowly.   I had no idea how long he had been doing it.   All I can say was that I was so on edge I could explode any moment when I woke up.

When I realized that it was not a dream I smiled at him, I could see a smile in his eyes as he continued very slowly.   My body begged for release, it wanted to buck.   I could imagine folding Wade into a pretzel and filling him up, but I let Wade continue to drive me crazy knowing that when I did cum it would be all the more intense.   The problem was that Wade liked driving me crazy a little too much.   The closer I came to going over the edge, the slower he would go.   I could have   screamed.

I was gripping the bed sheets as if I would fall through the ceiling if I were to let go.   My body started to slowly tense up starting with my hands, then my feet, then my legs, and my arms, then my torso, my neck, and my body slightly arched as my dick lifted itself off of my stomach and began to spew volleys of cum across my chest and face before Wade could cup his mouth over the tip of my cock as he continued stimulating me with his wet hands.   I was starting to tremble I was cuming so hard.   I wondered if it would last longer then the orgasm like it did with Wade.  

Wade kept me going by sucking the tip and stroking me softly, then running his lips and tongue down the front of my shaft like he had when he was bringing me to this point.   The volleys that he didn’t catch shot well past my head onto the headboard.   My head was ringing and the room was spinning and the tremors were starting to shake the bed.   Wade stayed in control milking every last drop he could coax out of me, and yes, even after I was done my body continued to tremble and Wade snuggled beside me with a very proud smile.   We quietly laid there for another twenty minutes or so while my body calmed down.

We took a shower together in silence, and when we were drying off Wade announced that he had a surprise for me waiting in the stable.

I told him, “But the wake up call was enough of a surprise for me.”

“It’s not like that.” Wade laughed.

“Good, I don’t think I could handle Claude, Tim, Edward and or Kirk so soon after that”.

Wade laughed and took me by the hand leading me to a the big dining table with all variety of pastries and crepes spread out on the table.   Randolph and the guys were at the table.   They all said “Happy birthday” in unison.

I had totally forgotten.   “I.. I don’t know what to say..” I stammered.

“How ‘bout pass the Orange Juice?” Claude interjected.

Tim and Edward laughed.   Randolph smiled, almost beamed.

We had a fabulous breakfast, then Wade led me by the hand to the stable.   Even Uncle Randolph came along in his electric wheelchair.

I was led to a stall where a horse I had not seen before was. He was white with large black spots all over him and he had a nice black mane.   He was beautiful.   Wade and Randolph apparently have been shopping around for a horse for me for weeks now, and they finally found one that they thought was right for me.

Wade and I went riding after that to the clearing and a few other favorite make-out spots on the property.

We are going to be going riding again later. We'll have our sleeping bags if we feel like sleeping under the stars, so you may or may not see me online tonight.



Happy Birthday!!

I was on all night last night, but you weren’t on… I guess you and Wade did decide to camp-out again after all…I talked to Xiao again.....

Xiao Hello lover!!

Glad to see you online....


The pleasure is all mine..


I doubt that!!




I talked to your friend Simon


he told me


I'm a bit worried about him.


in what way


well, he seems to have a proclivity for violent sex.  That is okay if you know your partner, but if he gets involved with someone untrustworthy, and can't he could be in a world of hurt.  I don't know what to do.


Don't worry about it.  He was in strange mood last night.  He doesn't normally like it that way.


I hope so.  I just don't want him to get hurt, he is a little guy and I would hate to hear that someone had harmed him.


He'll be okay... so how the hell are you ?


Horny... haha... and busy


busy with what


shit with work... don't wanna talk about it..


can sure understand that...


yeah.... I try to forget about worries while online... 


So, will you be online this weekend ?


Probably not... 




I have been planning to go to the Renaissance Festival for months now.




Yeah.  There is one that is about two and a half hours drive from the city where I live.  I have Friday off, and I will go to a water park that is a bit closer then the fairgrounds.  I will spend the afternoon there and go onto the fairgrounds Friday night.  I will have my laptop and a cell phone; so I will check my e-mail, but I will not have the battery life to ICQ all night.  I have to keep enough juice so if I get a call from work I can log in.


I like going to water parks... I wish I could come.


Well... If I was a millionaire, I would send you airfare in a second. 


How sweet... So are you going to be there just for Saturday ?


Well, I will be at the renaissance festival on Saturday for sure over night.  If I return home first thing on Sunday, go to the water park, or stay at the Ren-Faire will all depend on my mood and how things went Saturday (not to mention, if I get a call from work).


Damn that must suck always having to be in touch with work.


Yeah.  I hide the cell phone in my belt-pack... and there have been times that I wanted to drown it in a big stein of mead!!




But seriously... I need the money.... and... I don't anticipate any problems with the project this coming weekend.




Maybe I will start saving up for a trip to Australia... and meet you at a renaissance festival down there!!


Maybe I will do an astral projection, and meet you at this one.


Um... cool... sex with a truly free-spirit... hehe


haha... yeah.... 


I will miss seeing you online... but... I will check my e-mail.


I will try to send you something then... so... if I astral project to you, what sort of swim suit do you wear to the water park ??


well, they aren't anything special... I have had them for a few years.  They are Nike swim shorts that go almost down to the knee.  They are dark navy, almost black, with a side panel print of swirls of navy, royal, azure and indigo blue.  I like them because they have a pocket that I can put change, id and pass-key in.


I like Speedos.  You can't put anything in 'em, but the make me look good.


I bet you look good in anything and nothing.


So... if we were in a private water park and you were in your favorite Nike shorts and I was in my favorite red Speedos... what would you do ???


that is tantalizing... where in this private water park do I see you ?


You see me getting onto a large inner tube on the rolling-river ride, a stream of water the goes around the whole water park.  I wink at you and hop on the inner tube on my stomach.


I jump in the water and swim with the current.  Then I swim under the tube and hang on underneath with my head in the center of the inner tube.  Once I am steady I let go with one hand and gently run my nails up and down the front of your Speedos.


You see my dick begin to grow.


I trace the outline of your shaft and then make circular motions around your balls.


oooohhhhh yeeeessss


I reach up and untie your Speedos and pull them down letting your cock free.


Oh God!


I return my hand to the inner tube and pull myself up and begin to lick your shaft with my head above the water in the center of the tube.




I start to suck on that beautiful prick of yours.


As soon as you get a rhythm going, I start to gently pump your mouth


Oh yeah... I move my hands to your torso so I can take it all when you thrust.


Um... oh... I'm gonna cum if you keep this up.


I keep it up... I want that love juice.


Uh... Oh yeah... take it all.


So sweet... I drink you dry.


I'm... I'm...  Oh God... you're so good.  As I finish the raft is slowed down by a "traffic jam" of a lot of un-manned tubes.  There is a conveyer belt that is taking the tubes up to a water slide.


Not knowing why the tube stopped, I swim out from under, and can't resist hopping on the tube on top of you..


Um.... I like feeling your hard-on between my ass cheeks.


Good, because I like having it there.  I start to gently push and relax showing you the gentle pace I would love to sometime use on that bubble butt of yours.


I reach behind me with both hands... in-between my back and your stomach, pull your shorts down, and my Speedos at the same time so your necked prick is between my ass cheeks.


I begin to kiss you behind the ear.


I wiggle my ass so that your dick head is closer to my entrance.


I assist you by gently pushing against your anus.


As you push, there is a little resistance.  Suddenly my ass gives way and your prick drives itself in about three inches and I let out an, "aaaaahhhhhh!!!"


I pull back


"Don't... DEEPER!"


I return it to where it was




I leave it there while you get used to it.


The raft is all the way to the conveyer belt, and it is picked up and starts to go up


I hold on to the raft so I don't thrust it all the way in.


The conveyer belt makes the raft bump up and down.... you can't help it; your cock is going in and out in and out very fast... my ass is tight... "aaaaahhhhhhh yeeeeessss" … the raft is going bump, bump, bump, bump… your dick thumping me….one thrust for every roller….


Oh God... I kiss you behind the ear and whisper, "are you okay?  I don't want to hurt you"


The bumping continues, your cock is about 3/4the the way in and each bump makes you take a three or four inch stroke.  "oooooohhhhhh" I can take it though.


If we don't reach the top soon, I'm gonna cum.


We reach the top, and as we go over the edge we are on a twisty tourney water slide... Your cock buries itself all the way in "Ohhh God!" and it pulls back almost all the way out before it plunges deep into me again. "aaaaahhhh!"   I'm getting really fucked here!!   You can tell that I love every second of it.


That did it... I'm cumming!


We reach the bottom and are floating in a large wave pool with gentle waves that keep you fucking me.


I'm still cumming.


and I wiggle my ass to the left and to the right to milk the every last drop.


Damn your good.


So are you... Hey... I gotta go.


Okay.. well.. hope to see you soon.


Yeah... tomorrow... 





Oh fuck... you've taken cyber sex to a new level!!  What an imagination you two have. I hope you don’t mind but I am going to let Wade read this and see how long it takes before he is all over me.

Yes, Wade and I went riding in the evening and we camped by the lake again.  This time we didn't bring the tent.  It was unseasonably warm so we only had our sleeping bags and we did not build a fire.  We had already had dinner at the mansion.  Randolph had catered in some Montreal Steak served with Riesling from the Mosel Valley (my favorite), garlic mashed potatoes, sautéed mushrooms, and some string-beans prepared with some Asian spices and Garlic.  It was a wonderful surprise. 

We rode to the clearing where we first made love.  We had brought another bottle of wine with us, and once again we zipped the sleeping bags together but left them open.  We drank the cold wine and kissed under the stars.  We slowly undressed each other and kissed some more.  A long wile we sat there and stared up at the sky and watched a meteor shower.    The sweet wine tasted as good on Wade's lips as it did in the glass. 

It was so nice lazing there sky-clad together under the stars without a care in the world. 

When the bottle ran dry we began to kiss more and more.  I worked my way down his jaw line and licked behind Wade's ear.  My heart was pounding before Wade moved so that he could playfully bite my left nipple, but when he started to run his hands all over my body and began to massage my balls I thought my heart was going to explode.  My head was swimming from the sensation and the wine as he knelt between my legs and began to perform a felatio similar to the other day that made me shiver like Wade does when I make love to him. 

If I hadn't observed the shooting stars before I was in this position, I would have thought they were a hallucination brought on by Wade's torturously good manipulation of my manhood.  So moist and so slow were the undulations of his movements that It seemed like a waking morning wet dream.  I didn't feel Wade's mouth leave my cock, but somehow he managed to whisper, "This time I'm going to make love to you just as you begin to shake and you will know how good you make me feel!"

I ran my fingers through Wade's hair has he continued pleasuring me in the wonderfully dream-like manner.  I love the feeling of his soft hair between my fingers, and the sweat on his brow.  Somehow his hands could mimic the feelings he was giving with his tongue, but I knew he started to lick around my anus.  The slow wet manner of his movements was sensual beyond compare.  Several times I had to stop myself from reaching down and taking matters into my own hands.   

It seemed like hours passed by as Wade continued his treatment causing me to enter a odd state that was both and neither relaxed or tensed up.  It was hard to describe the feelings I had when he started to lift my legs onto his shoulders and bend me into an "L" shape.  I loved the rock hard feeling of his penis against my ass and his wet and slippery hands as they continued to glide over my moist prick.  My body yielded to his as his potently condensed body pushed forward.  His muscular torso looked like he was chiseled from marble with his sweat in the moonlight.  Indeed Wade looked like a marble statue of Eros in action. Wade's small virile poised for action as he waited for my body to grow accustomed to the disproportionably large cock.   This didn't take long.  He started to slowly fuck me at about the same pace that he had sucked on my cock.  As he did so, he continued to stroke my cock with his moistened hands and his expert manipulation still felt much like his talented mouth.

I felt a tingle in my solar plexus first, then a stiffness in my hands, a numbness in my feet, then a tenseness in my arms and my back started to arch giving Wade better access to thrust deeply into me.  My cock started to slowly lift at a forty-five degree angle away from my torso.  Wade slowed his manipulation, but sped his undulations that were expertly penetrating me to my soul.  Wade's lovemaking was consummate.  We had been together long enough to know where my buttons were, and this time he was pushing them in a different order he had ever done.  He was taking me to a deeper form of ecstasy then I had ever known before. 

Wade was touching me in a place inside that was going to make me cum, and though his hands should have been helping me over the edge, they were retarding my rapture – prolonging it.  Amazingly my body was letting him play me like a virtuoso plays an instrument, it was reacting go his movements and he was reacting expertly to my needs and secret desires.  His thrusts suddenly became more needful and my body started to tense up even more.  It was ready for release.

Another wave of tingly sensations stared at my solar plexus and went down to my throbbing balls.  My ass tingled, and so did my feet.  My breathing was steady, but heavy and the smell of Wade's sweat was intoxicating.  I could smell the sweet wine in his breath, and wanted so much to taste his lips again but these thoughts were interrupted by a sensation of my balls becoming taught, as they seemed to almost withdrawal into my body.  Wade had all but stopped manipulating my cock.  Suddenly I felt my dick-head start to grow even more engorged.  I could see it in the moonlight, and it looked larger then normal.  Seeing the sweat and saliva glisten all over our bodies in the pale moonlight was like a work of art. 

Wade's breath went short and I felt his dickhead swell inside of me as I felt my own anus clamp around his cock holding him still.  My dick relaxed and stiffened in a dry and almost painful ejaculation, followed by a pulsing volley of several arcs of semen that shot across my chest.  I could feel at the same moment Wade's cock explode and the warmth of his seed begin to lubricate his erotic gyrations that were keeping me at the cusp of ecstasy.  My chest began to tremble and my own breath became short as Wade started to take longer and longer, faster and faster strokes.  The purposeful pounding he was giving me was augmenting my orgasm in ways I can't describe in words. 

My body was in rapture.  My arms and legs began to twitch.  Wade's intense lovemaking showed no sign of slowing down as he continued to take strokes the full length of his penis.  With each stroke he withdrew the head and sank his whole cock into my depths until I could feel his cum-covered balls against my ass.  Wade too started to shiver making his thrusts even more primal, almost out of control. My torso both continued to yield, and at the same time trembled in a manner that caused extra variation in the in the speed and angle of Wade's thrusting.  My ears were ringing and my head was spinning as I continued to feel him pulse deep within me, and as my dick continued to shower my chest and face with semen.  Our mutual orgasmic trembling caused our lovemaking to take on a life of its own.

I have never seen such an act in any porno movie.  It was so intense.  Not only was it intense from the unbridled lust we have for each other, it was made even more potent from the deep feelings of love we have for each other.  Not only did we want to be pleasured, but also each was trying to make the other feel the most pleasure we could give the other.  Our bodies bucked in primal passion outside our control causing more pleasure then we could have done on our own. 

I don't know how long our simultaneous orgasm lasted, but we were both spent when it ended.  Not only from our intentional effort, but from instinctual drive that carried us further then we had known we could, and from the loving actions of each other that wore us out.  Wade collapsed forward and we began to kiss once more, our bodies sliding together from the cum across my chest.  The wine on Wade's tongue was still very sweet, and I could feel his heartbeat through his chest.  In between kisses Wade whispered, "Happy Birthday". Both of us continued to tremble for a lot longer as we drifted off. 

I think we rested for a half an hour before deciding to take a short walk to the lake for a midnight swim.  While it felt nice to have the slippery lubricant between us as we embraced each other, I had no desire to wake up glued to my lover the next morning.  The water was cool but refreshing. 

After the swim we dried off and returned to the sleeping bag.  Wade had lukily remembered to pack additional sheets.  I had remembered to pack some cold bottled water which at that moment tasted as good as the wine had earlier.  It was refreshing and clean. 

We embraced again and kissed before we fell asleep in each other's arms under the stars.....

Best wishes for good weather for your extended weekend.  I wish I could attend, but I am swamped with a lot of the startup stuff with running a stable.   We still have a lot of horses housed here due to the fire, and they are happy enough with our facility and service that they have recommended us to their friends.   Wade wants me to talk to Randolph about starting a riding school, or a riding camp.   For that we would need to buy some horses.   It would be nice to have at least four horses so the guys could come along for rides in the woods once and a while

Wade called the father of his former manager from back when he was a Jockey.   He ran a stable and was rumored to have a half a dozen horses he was looking to sell.   Wade introduced him to Randolph and they began negotiations.   We will see what becomes of that in the next few days.




Good morning... I made it to the water park yesterday.  I tried to get in touch with you last night so I could tell you what happened real time but once again we didn't hook up.  You won't believe what happened at the water park.  Xiao was online when I got back to the fairgrounds, and I told him -- so it will be easier to send you our conversation up until the point where my cell phone ran out.  I am right now at my car picking up this battery and thought I would shoot this off to you before going to the ren-faire this morning.


Hey, you there ?


Damn, I thought I saw you flash on and off.  Talk 2 U later, I can't say on since my cell phone is almost toast


Wait!!  I'm on!!




I thought U said you were not gonna be on.


Well, I decided to hop on wile checking work and e-mail, and I had to ICQ a friend about what happened today, but he isn't on.


What happened today?


Well, I got here at the renaissance camp-ground, and set up camp and then went to the water park with some friends.  I didn't want to be setting up camp in the dark.


Yeah ?  Did U have fun... 


We had a BLAST.... going down water slides, tube-slides, inner-tube runs, wave pools and such, not to mention eye-balling all of the beautifully barely clad lads running around the park.


See a lot of guys in Speedos ??


You know... not a lot wear them in the states these days.  UNFORTUNATLY.... 




But I did see two DROP DEAD GORGIOUS guys in Speedos .... that was what I was gonna tell my friend about.


Tell me too ??!?


well... There were these two intensely beautiful lads... they both looked like they might be on a swim team, both probably between 16 and 19.  One was Asian, sort of tall with smooth skin, mid-length silky black hair and red Speedos.  The other had about the same length hair, but blond.  He was a bit shorter, but not by much, and was wearing a blue pair of Speedos if you can call them that.


what do you mean


they were a cross between a satin thong and speedos, that I am sure would break nudity laws in some counties in this area.


Ha... so you liked the blond then?


Actually they were both quite fetching.... wouldn't kick either out of my tent…. But the Asian guy … DAMN…. I’m drooling just thinking about him.


Ha... you’re just sayin’ that because you know I’m Asian.


No, I’m not.   He was … words fail me…


So.. anywayz, I keep bumping into these two all over the park... I couldn't keep my eyes off of them.   I tried to not stare… I didn’t want them (or anyone else) to think I was ogling them…..   but I think I they noticed me.


what makes you think you didn't succeed in hiding your desire?


Well.... At one point, I was going through this pool that is sort of a hedge-maze, and I was going along and I saw them sitting under a waterfall.  We sort of made eye contact, and all of a sudden, they both reached down, pulled their erect dicks out of the leg of their Speedos and wagged them at me.  Their dicks were... Shit... the only word I can think of was "plump" 


what ??


They were totally engorged... obscenely plump... I just wanted to suck both of them dry.... 


Didn't you wanna just fuck them ?


My mind didn't get that far... 


what do you mean....


well, honestly I wanted to suck them… and was just starting to think about how nice it would be to ride one of them while sucking the other, when one of my friends came up behind me and tackled me throwing me into the water.   I hadn’t gotten around to wondering if either of them would have wanted to ride me as much as I wanted to ride them…


did your friends see those two?


nope, and the two were gone when I got my head back above water.... then I got to thinking: Were they just teasing me for ogling them, or was it a come-on of sorts?   Were they showing me something that I could never have in any way shape or form, or did they want me to drink them dry?


I bet it was a come-on


I'm not sure... I almost want to skip the ren-faire and go to the water park in hopes of seeing them... 


I wouldn't.


Honestly, it has been such a long time since I had any physical contact... 


You ??!   you give such good cyber sex!!


Yeah... because I don't get any in real life!!


I can't believe that... a charming, good-looking man like yourself... if you look like your picture…


I do... I mean the photo is recent… but... I just never work up the courage to approach anyone.... especially the REALLY cute guys like that.




I was thinking that I might go to the water park... give it a shot once and for all and find out if they were teasing, or if they needed to be serviced.


But you have been looking forward to the ren-faire for so long.


Well, I think I will go to the faire in the morning, and go for a swim in the hot of the afternoon, and then back to the faire in the evening after the water park closes.


That'll work.


I will talk to you online tomorrow if I can, otherwise I will send you an e-mail and let you know what happened.


So... what are you wearing at the ren-faire tomorrow


Well, I just got in an outfit that I requisitioned from a local tailor... remember Mel Gibson's Hamlet ?




Remember the motley-tunic that Hamlet wears when the troop of actors show up (not when the actors perform)??   It is like that, but done in brighter colors.  Tights that are done in motley patterns, and there are some Celtic knot work embellishments on the tights and on the tunic that quite literally tie the whole ensemble together.


oh my... I want to reach under that tunic right now!


Well... right now I'm necked in my tent.


I wish I knew where your tent was... 


Yeah, I wish you were here too.


What would you do if I was at your tent?


I would drink you in with my eyes.


I would reach under your tunic if you were wearing one, but since you aren’t run my hand up your leg towards your cock


I would start to take off your tunic… and stare at the bulge in your tights.


I grab your thick cock and gently tug it.


My, oh my!…. “Gasp!”.   I run my hand up your tights and start to massage your hamstring and thighs getting closer and closer to your cock.


Ooooo baby… I start to jack you off slowly…


I open your tights slowly and pull them down


My dick gets caught in the waistband and it goes “boing” and giggles back and forth.


LOL…. I kiss it to make it feel better.. .then… lean down and wrap my lips around it…


I lean down in the other direction so we can 69.


I gasp again as you take me into your mouth, and I start to alternate between licking your smooth balls and sucking your wonderful cock.


I am breathing harder… and I start bobbing up and down faster.


Oh… god… I start to do the same


“Yes… that’s it!!”… I start to thrust and into your mouth.


…. I start to gently run my finger around your anus… as I suck you… My cellphone just beeped… batteries


Oh… fuck… yes…. Don’t stop… I want your cock inside me… go until your phone dies.


I rotate my finger and start continue making your dick as wet as it can be.


Oh… I’m gonna cum… I start to rub your balls and I go faster… and thrust into you faster…


I run my tongue around your cock as I suck… coaxing you to cum


Try to imitate you and run my finger gently into your ass as I continue suck you.

My phone went out at that point… Talk about blue balls!

People are starting to arrive at the Faire now in droves.  I'm going to go here at least until it gets hot, then will decide if I am going back to the water park or not.



Sorry we keep missing each other.   Your experience at the water-park is very intriguing.  Your plan of going there in the heat of the afternoon sounds like a good one.  Hopefully you will get to see if they were teasing or truly lusting after you.  Personally, I believe the latter. 

I did a 10 card Tarot reading.  The central card is the seven of cups.  I think you have a decision involving "chance". The Moon overlaying the center and the Sorceress on your right hand seem to be telling me that there is some deception currently clouding your seeing the truth.  The seven of Wands on your left tells me that you are pre-occupied with "arrows of love".  Your fears are "the devil" which is strings attached, and your hopes are the Sun card that means happiness.  The hanged man is in your past – so the feelings of going nowhere are in your past.  Your friends that influence this is the magician.  The emotional path future is the ace of cups meaning an emotional beginning, and the logical path are the lovers; so it seems as if your regardless of following your head or your heart the outcome is the same.  You are going to get into a new, emotional, sexual relationship.  It is all going to turn out!

Hope you have fun at the faire – and the water park!!



Well, it is late afternoon, and I got a page from work.  Since I had to log in, and wait for this diagnostic to finish so I can do the “real” work and restart the services; I might as well catch you up on the ren-faire saga.

I started by visiting all of the artist booths, and you would have loved the new Stained Glass Shoppe.  My God it was beautiful; patterns of dragons, abstract Celtic knot work patterns, other abstract – yet period patterns, griffins, unicorns, and all sorts of mythical beasts; all done in vibrant colors with different textures framed in wood.  He also does custom work.  I am considering commissioning a large piece to hang in my front window, but it is rather expensive.

So, as I was going booth to booth looking at what is new, and drooling over what I decided was too expensive last year (haha), and out of the corner of my eye I saw the tall Asian fellow I had seen at the pool the day before going into the pottery booth.  I quietly looked around to see who he was with.  In the same pottery shop there was also a short guy with blond hair and a tall blond that looked like the guy he was with at the water park. There was also two big guys who were dressed like fighters.

The Asian guy was wearing black tights that had a strip of gold leaves going up one leg on the side.  His shoes were black with curled toes.   He wore a black velvet cloak that looked like it was lined with the same gold leaf pattern and was tied at the waist with a gold belt.  He looked like the son of an aristocrat or a wealthy merchant.   Around his neck he wore a wide necklace made of gold tooled in a French baroque pattern of leaves similar to the pattern that was in his tights.  In the center of the necklace was a medallion with a large ruby.   Under the cloak was a white over sized shirt that looked like a pirate shirt. It was a nice cool morning, but I couldn't help but think how hot he would be by mid-day.   My heart raced to think about what he might take off when that happens.

The tall blond fellow what was with him at the water park was wearing red tights and a over sized white shirt with huge sleeves.   It looked sort of like a Scottish lein, but it the sleeves weren't quite that large.   The shirt was sort of gathered over a black belt that almost couldn't be seen for the gathers of the shirt.  His shoes were brown with slightly pointed toes.  I couldn't help but be turned on as he turned around to reveal that the shirt was gathered high enough in the belt to reveal his large endowment in the front of his tights.  Unfortunately the costume that the Asian guy was wearing wasn't quite as revealing.

The third guy was as cute as a bell.  He was short, maybe five-foot tall give or take.   He wore blue tights, oversized white shirt that was luckily short enough as to not cover a large bulge in the front of his tights.  He had a wide necklace that was sort of like the Asian guy's, but it was made of silver and it had a sapphire instead of a ruby.  He also wore a blue vest that was open in the front.  His hair was sort of long, and had been curled under to make him like sort of like the stereotypical page.

The two fighter type guys left earlier then the other three, so I gathered that they weren’t together.

I decided that I wanted to say hello, but the timing didn't seem right.  I watched, almost paralyzed as the three went from the pottery store to the Stained Glass Shoppe that I had been in earlier.  I waited a few moments more and then mustered the courage to go back to the other store.  When I went in, only the Asian guy was still there, the other two had gone out another door.  I walked over and looked at what he was admiring, it was a small piece that had the pattern of a Pegasus flying between two clouds.

I took a deep breath, and swallowed, "That is very beautiful"

He turned around, almost startled, "Yeah, but I can't afford it."  He smiled and put the piece down.  "I was hoping to see you here."

"you were?"

"Maybe I should introduce myself.... I'm Xiao."

My head was spinning. 'How could this be Xiao?' I thought.  "But, how?  You don't even have an Aussie accent" I stammered.

"Well, that is because I don't really live in Australia.  I just say that so any Internet freaks I talk with don't come looking for me."

"Um... and am I an Internet freak?"

"I couldn't be sure.  So Simon tested you a bit too to see how you would react to.. um... certain situations, and we watched you from a distance."

My head continued to spin.  I considered pinching myself.  I was shocked.  This news could have not been better.  "So when you were online last night?"

"We were at a hotel, wishing we could be here.   I was hoping that we could watch you a bit more and meet you before we leave for home tonight"

"And where is home"

"You know those apartments just to the West of where you live?"

"Yeah, um… where I live?” I stammered, “but how do you know where I live?"

"I did my research."

"So you live... less then a mile... and... So are Simon and you?"

"Close friends.  Not that we don't fool around, but I am not what he is looking for.   Though he will want to have you six different ways from Tuesday like he does with me, I don’t think you are what he wants to settle down with either.   He hasn't found what he is looking for.   Unfortunately, I don't think he is looking in the right places.   I however am… uh….. I am looking for someone.... um.... like you."

I think I blushed.  "Like me?"

"Yes: Attractive, kind, financially stable, considerate, similar interests"

My head was still swimming, but I managed to gain some composure as the salesmen came over. "Can I help you two with anything?"

"This small Pegasus, and how much extra to have the large dragon over there delivered?"

"Delivery is included in all pieces over four foot."

"Okay, I gotta have ‘em."  I said giving my credit card to the man.

The man smiled and took the card to process it.  "I can deliver the Pegasus to the same address at no extra charge if you like."

I looked at Xiao, who smiled and nodded.  "Yes, please." I answered.

Xiao smiled even bigger and said softly, "You don't have to... "

I cut him off, "I want to."  I filled out the delivery information and signed the sales slip.

As we headed for the door Xiao asked, "Is your tent large enough for Simon and I also?   We don’t have money for a hotel again tonight and we don’t have a tent.   I would love to hang out here and maybe go back to the water park again."

"Sure, wanna see it, I got a really nice spot for it."

"Love to, just lead the way," he said with a big smile.

We went through the rest of the faire at a moderate speed pointing out to each other the different booths that we had liked.  We talked more about what shops Simon liked as well, and while on the subject of Simon he told me that Simon has “an insatiable sexual appetite”.  

At last, we came to the edge of the faire where many had set up tents.  We wound through the maze of bushes interspersed with tents and trees until we came to the far side where there was a small stream of water and my tent.  Not as secluded as what you had at your uncle’s farm, but far enough away to be peaceful.

"Geez!  Do you always travel with a six man tent?"


"Do you have that many sleepovers?"


"…and you are sure you don’t mind us tonight?"

"Mind??!?  I wouldn't have it any other way."

Xiao stepped closer to me and looked around to check that my tent and the other bushes was obscuring any view of us from any of the other camp-sites and he gave me a peck on the cheek.   After that he looked a bit more carefully at the other tents and bushes even though for the most part I think they were un-occupied.  Then he reached under my tunic and started running his finger-tips gently back and forth against my balls.  I wasn't expecting it, and I almost fainted.

I leaned forward and kissed him passionately on the lips, and he reached around me with his other arm.  With one arm I reached around him, and the other I carefully lifted his tunic and shirt revealing a long hard-on straining against the black tights.  Xiao broke the French kiss, and started kissing me down my jaw line and down my neck.

I took a deep breath, and gently tugged him toward the entrance to the tent.  This tent is almost like my old one, in that it has a middle-eastern flavor style.   Each of the sides has a deep royal blue outer flap with a keyhole shaped window, and a red solid inner flap to keep the water out if (heaven forbid) it should rain during a fair.   I had the maker sew two concentric mosquito nets from the ceiling plenty long to drape onto the wall-to-wall four inch padding with buttons making a blue silky diamond pattern across the whole floor.

Currently I had the mosquito nets down, two walls as windows, and two walls open.   We moved onto the padding and I lifted the netting without stopping nibbling on his ear.   We moved under the both layers of netting and I let it drop.   Even with two walls totally open, the two layers of mosquito netting provides quite a bit of privacy without sacrificing much airflow.   I kicked some of the red and blue velvet and satin pillows and the red satin sheets away from where we were about to sit.   I unbuckled the belt that matched his necklace and started to lift his cloak as Xiao started to unbutton my shirt, then dropped to my knees, and freed his penis from the black tights and immediately started to go down on the long hard shaft, which was so excited.   My best description was that it was "plump".

"Oh God!"  he gasped.  "I promised that I would wait to do anything with you till Simon was with me... "

I pulled off for a moment. “sorry…” I said and sat there staring at the beautiful member.

"Ohhh!   Don't stop."

I smiled, and started to go down on him some more.

"Ohh!   He was... worried... Oh yeah... that you might.... um.... fuck.... take advantage.... Oh.... Like that.... Yes.... Oh YES!"

I continued to pleasure him as best I could, and it was not long before I felt his urethra flex as my mouth began to fill with the sweetest cum I have ever tasted.  I didn't stop moving up and down.  I didn't stop rubbing my tongue on the underside of his cock the whole while his cock flexed.  Suddenly he grasped my head to stop me from moving, his cock only half way in my mouth.  I wanted more, so I moved my tongue.

"Uh.... oh.... stop... "  His cock flexed a couple of more times, but produced just a little cum.  "You… You… are too… good... " he said between heavy breaths.  "I need... a .... breather"  He gently pulled back, and I let his cock out of my hungry mouth.

I sat down and smiled up at him as he sat down between my legs, and reached forward.  "It's my turn" he said softly has he leaned forward on all fours and lifted my Mel-Gibson/Hamlet “reproduction” tunic, and without hesitation unfastened my belt and started to massage my engorged cock.  With feigned difficulty he took my dick from the confines of my tights, and then went down on it.  I gasped.

He smiled and said, "Now that we got that over with.... " he laughed, and started to run his tongue all over my genital area in an apparently random manner; first one ball, then the underside of my shaft, then the opposite thigh below the scrotum, then the top side of my shaft, then the head, then suddenly back to the other ball.  It all felt great, but with no apparent goal, it became almost torture over about fifteen minutes.  I felt like begging or grabbing his head and fucking his face or at least reaching down and jacking myself off but all I did was softly moan.

After five more minutes of torturous teasing, I reached down and gently ran my hand under his shirt and ran my nails lightly up and down his back.  

All of a sudden, he started sucking my cock with a purpose.  Up and down the shaft, with aid of one hand on the shaft, and the other alternately fondling my balls and stroking my leg.  I ran my fingers through his hair, and played with his ears.  I ran my hands up and down as much of his back as I could reach...and then my pager went off.

"Fuck, not now!"  I exclaimed

"Who is it?"

I leaned back, grabbed my belt pack and pulled it out if nothing more then to stop the infernal bleeping since I have one of those magical fuckers that don’t shut up until you push the goddamned button.

"My boss' boss... damnit!"

"You can't blow him off"

"Yes I can…. Don't stop."

"Call him." he said placing his mouth over the head of my cock once more as deep as the hand that had never left my member would let him.

He reached for the cell phone in my open belt pack without looking as he continued the methodical pace of pleasure and he opened it and handed it to me.   I dialed, cleared my throat and started to steady my breathing, "Dick?  This is Tom" I said as my voice cracked.

"Hi Tom, are you okay?"

"Um... Yes," My voice still cracking, "I got a soar… soar throat sleeping… in the tent… tent last night"

"I'm sorry to hear that Tom.  We have a situation on our production server.  I need you to look at something."

"uh.. Ok"  I managed to get out, as Xiao was relentless with his filatio.  "What’s … THE MATTER?"  I said, almost too loud.

"Two CPU's took a panic at the same time.  I need you to bring up services one at a time and verify database integrity and figure out what the next few actions should be."

Xiao was going to make me cum any moment, "Uhhh" I took a deep breath, "Ahh... Okay... I'll do my best...Give me a few….to get… to my car" I said my voice no longer cracking, but now too loud, and rather shaky and out of breath.

“Why are you breathing so hard?”

“Running…. To … Car…”

“Well, slow down.   If you have a heart attack before you get there it isn’t going to do us any good.”

“Oh…. Oh…. Okay… Ahhhhh!”

"What happened, are you okay?"

Still breathing heavily, I responded, "I just tripped …on the way ….to the car."


"I'll.... I'll  call you when.... When I am done."

"take your time.   We aren’t close to any deadlines yet."

"Yesssss......” A little too loud again, “Yes Sir..."

"I'll make it up to you.  You can have Monday and Tuesday off, and there will be something special in your next paycheck."

I started to cum, "Ohhh... Thank you... Ahhh... will talk to you later"

"I’m a bit worried about you—getting winded running to the car – and you still haven’t caught your breath. You may need to work out a bit more."

“ahh…. Yes…yes sir…. I plan…. Plan on it…”

“Good!   I’d hate to loose you to a heart attack… Bye!”

I pushed the end button, and then focused on the intense orgasm that I almost lost.   Xiao expertly coaxed the orgasm to it's full potential, and I sat there out of breath, almost shivering from the cool breeze on my sweat that seemed to intensify the tingly feeling I got from the orgasm.

After about ten minutes I reluctantly said, "Well, I hope this isn’t too unromantic, but if I am going to keep my job I gotta go back to the car and dial in for about an hour"

"That's okay.   It may suck to tied to work, but at proves you aren’t some unemployed looser who can’t make payments on his house.   I would rather have the interruptions then a boyfriend who wants to come and live with me for a few days that stretch out to be a few months.   A boyfriend who becomes a burden more then an asset… I mean, I wouldn’t mind supporting someone for a while – but there is a difference between that and a bum.”

“You are so understanding…”

“I'll go and try to find Simon and let him know I found you"

"I'll try to find you, but if I we can't find each other in the crowd, meet me here after the joust."

"Bet! Do you know what Simon looks like?"

"You were here with him at the pottery store earlier?"

"Yep, that's him.  If you see him before I do, tell him to meet us here, or for that matter you two can come back here and wait for me."

I went back to the car half dazed, partly from the euphoria from the sex, and partly still from the initial shock that I was in the midst of something unbelievable.  I met Xiao, and was about to meet Simon!

Though it took a half an hour to clean up the system and verify operation, and another five minutes to report back to Dick, it was mostly waiting on the damn slow connection or waiting on processes so I had time to write this note to you in-between.  I am almost done with the last part of validation.

.... So, in about five more minutes I will be going to look for Simon and Xiao.



Oh my.  

My, oh my.

What a pleasant surprise!  

You’ve got to tell me how it all turns out as soon as you can!!!



You have me in pins and needles! 

You haven't written!

What happened?  What is Simon like? Are you home?


Vince –

I'm sorry!! I know it has been a few days since I have last written, but so much has happened, as I shall explain.  Sorry to have left you on a cliff hanger.

I first went back to the art sector, no Simon, no Xiao.

I went past the pony rides, and weapons shops.  Still no Simon or Xiao.

I went on to one of the larger costume shops, and there was the short lad with blond hair that was with Xiao at the pottery shop.


He turned toward me.

"Simon. It's me Thomas."

He looked quizzically at me.  "um, have we met ?"

"Thomas, Xiao's friend."

He smiled and looked into my eyes trying to ascertain something.

"On the internet...."  I added

"Oh... That Thomas!!" He said slapping his forehead in melodramatic gesture.  "But how did you know me? "

"I met Xiao earlier today, and he said you were with him this morning in the pottery store right before we met in the stained glass shoppe, not to mention you look just as you described yourself online, so I put two and two together.”

“Ahh.... " he said knowingly, if not a bit bemused.  "So you bumped into Xiao... and what did you talk about?"

"About how your personae online were only a test to sniff out sexual predators."

"Oh... yeah... well... "

"and that you were still cautious and didn't want him to sleep with me unless you were around the first time."

The cute page blushed, "Well... you just can't be too careful!" He said with a slightly nervous laugh.  I could see an erection starting to form within his blue tights.  "Um.. What else did you two talk about?"

"Well... I didn't do too much talking with my mouth full... "

"You ate together?"

"Um, no... Let's just say that Xiao wasn't worried about me and.. um.. "

I could see his erection become even more firm as he adjusted his tunic a bit to hide it.  "Ah, I see!" he exclaimed with a grin.  "Where did you go?"

"I have a tent."

"Can I see it?"

"Sure, we were supposed to meet Xiao there after the joust."

"I mean now.. um... I wanna see it... uh... sooner.   I’m … uh… not that worried about… um.. you either… and… " He said adjusting his tunic again purposely flashing his thinly masked hard-on at me for a couple of seconds.

I blushed. "This way!" I said, making a grandiose gesture toward the campground.  As we briskly walked I asked, "So, am I what you thought I would be like?"

"Well, you are very attractive, and nice.. but I .. "

"I know... I’m not the sort you want to settle down with.   He warned me that you like to fool around… a lot.”

"Yeah... and I am a bit interested in that tall blond guy that was with Xiao earlier."

"Damn he was good looking too!!" I agreed.

“I hope he is my type…um… and that… I’m his… and… uh…. He doesn’t mind us…”

We arrived at the tent, I could tell that he was excited. "Wow! Your tent is really nice!!"

"Thank you" I said as I lifted the double veil to the inter sanctum.  I sat down before he made his way into the centre.  As he entered I reached forward and loosened his belt which fell to the floor, then I reached under his tunic and untied his tights.  I gently pulled down at the soft blue material as he lifted his tunic and shirt over his head revealing his smooth hairless chest and his surprisingly strong-looking six-pack.  His circumcised prick was obscenely over-engorged-- begging for attention.  It stood almost straight up, about seven inches and very round in shape.  His balls were bare.  I couldn't tell if that was natural, if he shaved or waxed, but he had a perfectly shaped tuft of brown curly hair resting above the shaft and balls. The head looked a bit too big for the rest of it, but it was still aesthetically pleasing.

"Go ahead" he begged.

I didn't realize that I was staring.  I leaned forward and touched my tongue to the front of his shaft right above the scar from his circumcision and licked upwards toward the head.  His prick was hot against my tongue.  He let out a low moan as my lips enveloped his large head and I started to take him half way into my mouth.  I raised my head and then impaled my face deeper onto his shaft about three fourths of the way.  I tried several more times before I was able to get it all the way in.  I reached around and started to squeeze his soft round butt, which seemed to make him relax more.  He started running his fingers through my hair as I started to concentrate more on driving him crazy.

What seemed like hours went by and then suddenly, he gasped.  Without warning his prick jerked and my mouth was filling with cum as sweet as casaba melons.  I drank it and sucked.  He continued to cum for a few minutes before he announced, "I want to fuck you!"

I was surprised that he was still erect after the volume of cum he had produced — much less continue having sex!  This may have been what Xiao meant by an insatiable sexual appetite.   I sat back, and he gently started removing my tights.  I pulled off my upper garments as he started to lick my balls.  It was like fire as his tongue touched my hard-on.  He paused for a moment, “Do you think Xiao will mind us starting without him?”

“Probably not.   He said for us to wait for him here, and I suppose he didn’t expect us to play gin-rummy while we wait I’m sure he knows your appetite.”

He laughed and gave a devilish smile has he began to lick my balls again.   He didn't waste much time.  Moments after I was nude, his hands rubbed over my thighs and he pressed my knees to my stomach.  He withdrew his mouth from my excited cock and kneeled between my legs.  I could feel the wetness of his still rock-hard prick against my ass as he pressed expertly forward.  It slid in first an inch, then another. "Ahhh! Your ass is so hot" he sighed as it slid deeper and deeper.

He then started to take longer and longer strokes at a faster and faster rate.  His cock seemed the perfect fit, it felt so good.  Even the entry of that oversized head wasn't painful.  I reached around and grabbed his buns and felt them get taught when he was all the way in.  He was so potent, so virile.

"Oh Simon!" I exclaimed.

"Yes Thomas?"  he panted.

"Oh... you are so good!!"

"You're... not... so... bad... your... self.... "

He leaned forward, and I leaned forward and our lips met for a brief kiss before his thrusting forced us back to our previous positions.

"Oh Simon!"

"Yes.... Thomas ... " he panted.

"Oh... Oh.... Simon!"


I watched him holding my legs and his prick going in and out of me.   His torso undulated like a belly dancer with each stroke.   It was so erotic how he would take two long strokes then seven shorter ones then four medium ones in a pattern.   His motions were so beautiful to watch and it felt so fantastic. I will never look at a belly dancer or a hula dancer the same way again.

"Oh... Yes.... Oh.... Oh.... Simon... Oh!   SIMON!!"  I could feel his prick thicken, and it start to pulse.  This time even harder then when it was in my mouth.  I could feel the warmth and the slipperiness inside me as he sped up even more."

"Oh!....  Thomas!"

"Yes... Simon !"

"Yes… Yes… Oh... Yes... "

“oh fuck….ahhhhhh”

"Don't stop!..." I said, my balls starting to raise up.   I was going to cum soon.

He sped up even more.   "Don't... Worry!"

"Oh... Ahhh.... Yes.... SIMON!"

He was still pulsing deep within me when I noticed Xiao and the tall blond that was with him this morning in the first shop standing in the tent looking down with large smiles on their faces.

"Simon?" Xiao asked with a tone of almost incredulity to it.

Startled my lover pulled out making a popping sound as the oversized head exited.   Then he attempted unsuccessfully to grab a sheet and cover himself.  The sheet covered his leg instead of the throbbing hard-on that was still ejaculating an unbelievable amount of semen across his chest. With each ejaculation his dick moved from a thirty degree angle till it was almost parallel against his torso, making wonderful arcs of cum on his chest.   When he was inside, it was this movement that felt so intense.

“Who is this?” Xiao asked.

Confused, “this… this is Simon”.

The tall blond spoke, “No, it isn’t.”

I looked at the startled Adonis. Who smiled and shrugged trying unsuccessfully to look innocent like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar and his dick still pulsing even though it has ceased to arc semen over his chest and onto the pillow beside him.

The tall blond added, “I’m Simon”.

The heart-throb of a page smiled still trying to look innocent as he said, “um… I-I-I’m I’m … W-W-William.”   As he finally successfully pulled the sheet over his still-raging hard-on.

“Pleased to meet you W-W-William” the real Simon said with a smile.

Xiao knelt down beside me and asked, “How and where did you find him?”

“Well… I saw him in the big costume store and he looked like how Simon described himself online… and he was with you and Simon this morning in the pottery and glass stores…”

William’s expression alternated between a feigned innocence, genuine apology and a deviant devilish smile as I recounted the events that led up to this.   “I’m sorry… I just couldn’t resist Thomas propositioning me thinking I was Simon,” he said convincingly, looking to each of us for acceptance.   “Once I figured out that the ‘Simon and Xiao’ that Tomas was talking about were the same guys I was with in the pottery store this morning, and that Thomas thought I was Simon…”

“You decided to get a free blowjob?” Simon said with a smirk.

“Well…. Um… Yeah, Thomas is hot, plus I figured that I would eventually get to meet you two too.   I was trying to get your attention this morning in the pottery store, but… um… I didn’t know what to say”

“How about, ‘damn, is that a flashlight in your tights or do you find me attractive?’” Simon said with a silly smile.

“You aren’t mad at me are you Thomas?” William said sweetly.

“I think I am still a bit to shocked to be mad, and I must admit it is sort of funny.”   I was so close before the unexpected interruption, and now my balls we starting to ache. “and in William’s defense, I also found it difficult to approach the three of you.”

“Why?” Simon asked.

“Because you’re all so hot.   So… I don’t know… each of you could be models, and I’m … I’m just…” I trailed off.

“And you find William in this same ‘model’ category?” Xiao asked.

“Hell yeah.” I replied.

“And William, don’t you find it interesting that Thomas finds you just as attractive as me and Simon?”


“and I’ll bet that you find Thomas in that ‘model’ category too.” Xiao added.

“yes, he’s a hunk” William answered.

Simon looked at both of us.   “Don’t you get it?” Simon asked.

“I think I do” I interjected, “William and I were both afraid to approach each other and you guys because we’re insecure when we don’t need to be.   We both put each other up on a pedestal so high that we thought it was impossible that the other would be doing the same.”

“So, you have to get used to the idea that you don’t need to be afraid of trying something you want to do.   Keep in mind that we may want you to do exactly what you want to do.” Xiao said.

“Except if your partner says ‘stop’ you stop.” Simon added.

William sat up on his knees.   The sheet fell to the bed as he moved closer to Simon.   William raised Simon’s garments better exposing the outline of the long cock hidden within the red tights.   “Well I know what I want to do” he said with a smile as he pealed down the tights and underwear to reveal Simon’s beautifully engorged member.   William got closer and took Simon into his mouth, but I was the one who groaned.   My balls were throbbing as my erection came back in force.

Xiao smiled as he knelt down and started to gently lick my tender balls.   I was torn between watching him service me, and watching William start to deep throat Simon.   It was unbelievable watching William go to work.   I would have not thought it possible for the petite young man to take on such a long member.   I groaned more as Xiao continued to tease me, licking around the edges of my balls.   Pausing only to remove his doublet.

Simon followed suit and removed his over garment showing off his nice chest as his white shirt fell open.   William was still going to town on Simon’s prick.   He didn’t stop as he pealed down Simon’s tights the rest of the way. Xiao paused a second time to peel off his shirt, then he took the length into his mouth making me groan once again.

  I reached down pulled him toward me so that we could sixty-nine. Xiao moved around closer and I pulled down his tights as he started to straddle my head.   I took Xiao into my mouth as he started sucking on my cock once more.   It felt so good.   Suddenly I felt Simon’s long fingers on my legs rubbing up and down.   I felt him lift me a bit and I felt his hard member against my ass.   The sight must have made Xiao more excited because he started to speed up.   Next I saw William’s cock from above positioning itself between Xiao’s buns.   It was so hot watching the plump member gently pushing forward slowly penetrating my lover.  

It was so nice to feel Simon’s large cock pushing its way into me.   I had not realized how ‘deprived’ I had felt after William had unexpectedly withdrawn himself from me.   Now I felt filled once more.   Simon was both thicker and longer, but William was such a good lover that I was ready for Simon.   He slowly pushed forward, deeper and deeper until I felt his hairless balls resting against my buns.   William above me was already slowly pumping in and out of Xiao.   It was close to over stimulation between having Xiao in my mouth, seeing William fucking Xiao, feeling Xiao suck my dick, and feeling Simon thrusting his long cock in and out of me.   It was heaven.

I wrapped one arm around Xiao and started to run my hands all over his back, through his hair, over his ass.   My other hand I reached around and squeezed Williams taught ass as he lunged in and out of Xiao.   I was on edge, I could feel a tingly sensation in my balls, and a twinge in my solar plexus.   With the hand that was touching Xiao I reached out and placed my hand on Simon’s ass.   The hand that was kneading William’s ass I moved to Xiao’s back.   The twinge in my solar plexus moved its way down to my stomach and I felt my dick go extra stiff.   I felt Simon’s dickhead swell as well.   Each thrust was so intense.  

At almost the exact same time Simon started ejaculating deep within me, I started to cum into Xiao’s mouth.   Almost as if the energy had gone straight from Simon into Xiao.   I was ejaculating so hard that I felt my balls raise close to my body, like I was about to spew them as well.   The moved my right hand from Simon’s ass to William’s balls just in time to feel his ejaculation begin. Seconds later Xiao started to fill my mouth with his hot sweet cum.   I was still going pretty hard, and could feel the semen starting to drip from Xiao’s mouth onto my balls and stomach.  

By the time I was done I was pretty spent, but Simon still wanted more.   He moved over to William and lifted his ass by his thighs and gently drove his very slippery wet cock into him.   William gasped as Simon expertly slid it in deeper then anyone would have thought possible in one thrust.   He leaned forward and William hugged Simon.   They kissed for a moment before Simon began to stand up lifting William into the air resting on his long prick.   I watched in amazement as Simon would pull back and thrust with such force that William’s ass rode up three or four inches on Simon’s dick only to let gravity pull him back down onto it.  

This vertical fucking went out for about ten minutes, when Simon came so hard I would not have been surprised if he shot William through the roof of the tent.   First the muscles in Simon’s legs locked, his balls started to raise a bit.   He let out a low moan, and tilted his head back.   I could see the underside of his cock flexing as he pumped his juice deeply into William as he had done to me.   The lack of motion drove William crazy and he started to wiggle and move up and down forcing the issue, he rode up and down a few inches almost making Simon almost loose his balance.

A few moments later I saw semen shooting out from between William and Simon.   William was spurting so hard that it was shooting Simon in the chest and ricocheting onto Simon’s biceps, and back onto William’s chest.   Simon was still ejaculating hard enough that cum was starting to drip from his balls.   I was in awe, and starting to feel horny once again.  

I was paying so much attention to the vertical fuck that I had not noticed that Xiao was straddling me.   I was taken by surprise when I felt the warm moisture of his ass as it slid down onto my sticky member.   “Ohhhh” I exclaimed has he rested with the whole thing within him.   God it felt so good. I wrapped my arms around his back and started to sit up lifting his thighs up and his ass off of the floor.   I didn’t stand up like Simon, but I did start driving it strongly into Xiao who grinned from ear to hear.   He leaned back arching his hands back to the mat as I fucked harder and harder.

I left one arm holding his back, and moved one lower to feel his hot ass.   Xiao’s dick was so hard that it looked like it was ready to explode.   I wished that I was limber enough to suck it without pulling out.   It was heavenly.   His ass was the perfect fit.   I sped up once more.   Xiao let out an intoxicating “mmmm” and started to ejaculate all over the place.   Across his stomach and chest, to the right, to the left.   His ass felt even hotter as I felt his butt cheeks clench with each ejaculation.   I felt the familiar tingle in my balls only a few seconds before my orgasm burst forth in what seemed like one long ejaculation followed by a series of smaller intense ones.  

When we were done, we were truly spent.   We four curled up together in a heap of flesh an drifted off to sleep.  

We woke up several hours later, when the post-ravel had started and people were starting to party around a bonfire in between a few of the neighboring tents.   We got dressed and attended together, meeting each other’s friends.   Simon made a joke that with a six man tent we needed two more, but then kissed William assuringly.   Maybe Simon finally found who he was looking for – or more accurately, maybe what he has been looking for found him.

The I had no more pages, in fact I got a voice mail that I had the whole week off—not just an extra two days.   The four of us spent the next few days in my tent alternating between the faire and the water park before we convoyed back to town.   I got back the night before last, but was too tired to write.   Xiao, Simon and William came over yesterday and were over again earlier today.   I think I have had more orgasms in the last week then I have had all last year!   The great thing is that we not only have great sex in groups or pairs, but we also enjoy each other’s company when watching movies and stuff.  

If you don’t mind, I would like to bring them up to your farm next week.   I need to work next week, but have been assured that I can have the following week off.   We’re going to get a few more senior-techs in to keep me from getting burned out.   We would only need one room with a king bed.   We get pretty noisy ourselves, so the guesthouse is probably best.


Thomas –

I am so happy for you.   Sure, bring one or bring all, doesn’t matter.   I will have two adjacent connecting rooms in the guest-house, each with a king-sized bed on the top floor and each with a lake view prepared for your arrival.   That way you can have “private time” or “group time” how ever the spirit moves you.