Pledging the Jock Frat




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Pledging the Jock Frat

Part 1

Why I decided to rush Alpha Alpha Alpha - the Jock Frat - is beyond me. Alpha, as it's called, is the most competitive, secretive frat on campus. I mean, I'm a jock all right - but a swim jock, not one of the hulking hunks of muscle you imagine when you think of a college athlete. Football, basketball, even baseball - huge muscle guys. Alpha males. Alpha men are alpha males, a comparison the Pledgemaster has been driving home all week. I'm just not like that - 5' 8", slender (some would say skinny) and weigh about 150 pounds. Swimmers build, literally. I may be small, but I'm a champion. Went to nationals every year in high school, finishing in the top 5 in four events junior year, and senior year I took number one in free and the relay. Not too bad, if I do say so myself. But I still feel out of place here with my "fellow" pledges - guys from football, basketball. These are all big guys, well over 6 feet tall and built like brick shithouses.

So here I am, with nine other pledges, in the final stages of Rush Week. We 10 are the survivors of about sixty guys who started Rush, but either dropped out or were eliminated by the Brothers by now. Most of the others survivors are big boys, but there's a wrestler about my height -- and packed with at least 20 pounds more muscle than me -- and a tall skinny guy who runs track. The others are all gym big tall, built, bulging with muscle, jock studs -- I know, cause during Rush we've seen each other in everything from underwear to buck naked many times.

Like now. We're all stark naked, lined up on a platform on our hands and knees. 10 of us in a row. Our wrists and knees are tied down to rings on the platform, which is padded - thankfully, because we've been here about an hour already and haven't even started whatever this is yet. I guess the waiting is part of the humiliation. We're tied so our knees are spread wide apart, pressed against each other, and our wrists overlap the guys' on each side of us.

The large basement we're in is lit by torches ringing the room. Medieval, but effective. About twenty guys brought us in here and tied us down, including the Pledgemaster, Mike Brennen, the President of the Frat. Big Man On Campus, Football Stud Mike Brennen. Then they all disappeared out the side door, leaving ten other guys in Roman Centurion uniforms guarding us. Again, medieval, but effective. We aren't supposed to talk or anything, just wait. Against the wall in front of us is another platform, higher up with steps leading up to a big chair at the top. More like a throne, really. It's hot in here, because of the torches I guess, and we're all sweating, pressed up against each other, side by side. Naked. Shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip. On one side of me is that wrestler, Matt, and on the other is a big dude from the football team, a huge, hulk of a guy named Evan.

Not that I mind in the least, actually. My only worry is that I might throw a hardon and someone might notice. You see, I was actually enjoying being tied up with these hunky guys, sweating and naked against each other. Yeah, I'm gay, but none of these guys know that. We're all freshmen, so don't really know much about each other yet.

I've known I'm gay since freshman year of high school. Guys have always attracted me, especially jocks, since long before that afternoon when I walked in on my swim coach getting sucked off by another guy on the team. I'd thought Coach Peterson was sexy from the first time I saw him, and jerked off at night imagining him naked and hard in front of me. So when I saw him sitting on the edge of that desk, his throbbing cock disappearing in and out of Billy's mouth, and heard the groans of pleasure they were both making, I just knelt down next to Billy and joined him to make that sexy jock blow his load. They were both surprised for a sec. But, man, what a load he blew, that's for sure! Billy's lips and mine sliding his fat pole between us, almost kissing around his big dick until he cried out. A fountain of cum spurt from his plum sized cockhead. Billy and I nearly bashed heads both trying to catch his spurting cock in our mouths at the same time, but he beat me to it and sucked down Coach's cum, making him groan and curse. I licked around his shaft, feeling it pulse with each shot. When Billy's mouth overflowed with the stud's juice, I pushed him aside and gulped down the bursting cock. I got the last few shots on my tongue, causing Coach to moan some more as he pumped my share of his cum into my hungry mouth. And that wasn't the only time we serviced our sexy Coach. That was just the beginning. We kept that hot jock stud hard and cumming all through our four years of high school! He taught me and Billy all kinds of things besides swimming! I know for sure he taught me to love sucking cock!

So here I am, enjoying the smell of sweat and testosterone, while most of these other guys are probably hating every moment of being tied down, naked, humiliated, overpowered. I felt my dick start to swell at the thought of it, and had to think of something else to distract myself or else I'd be rock hard and throbbing in no time. I fixed my gaze straight ahead of me and tried to calm down. But right in front of me is one of those guards. Williams, his name is, Bobby Williams. 6' 2", handsome face, broad shoulders, big pecs and arms. Baseball player. His Roman uniform only made a sexy guy like him look hotter! Gold colored armor plates over part of his chest, but exposing his big pecs at the same time. Leather boots and gloves. A bulging codpiece made out of chain cloth between his big bare muscular hairy thighs. His chest and arms are hairy, too. A major weakness of mine. My dick started to grow again, just looking at this sexy stud. I had to close my eyes and breathe, willing my dick to stop rising and calm down.

By the time I'd regained control of myself, the side door opened and the Brothers came back in. Now they're all stark naked, too. This was common during a lot of rush events, so it's no surprise. I guess these guys like being naked together. That's cool with me. I've been loving the parade of naked male muscle all week! But this time, they were not only naked, but every single one of them had a hardon and was stroking it! Rock hard and sticking out straight in front of them! The Brothers marched into two lines in front of us, parted in the middle, and the Pledgemaster himself came through the ranks and planted his feet in front of us, his fists on his hips. His legs were spread wide, his enormous cock throbbing in front of him. He was an intimidating figure of a man. I heard a couple of my fellow pledges gasp in surprise. Some of the Brothers smirked at us and whispered to each other.

"Silence!" He roared. The Brothers snapped to attention, their hands dropped to their sides; their big hard dicks swinging in front of them. You could hear a pin drop. Brennen's massive cock throbbed in front of him as he slowly strolled up and down the row of us. I'd never seen such a big cock! When he passed by me, I could smell the rutting scent of him and it was all I could do not to take in a big whiff.

"You pledges" -- he said that word like it was the most disgusting thing he could imagine -- "may think you've survived Rush, but you're not done yet. Alpha Alpha Alpha demands the utmost loyalty, dedication, and secrecy from its Brothers. In order to pass this final challenge, you must prove to the Brotherhood that your loyalty, your dedication and above all your secrecy are unfaltering. No matter what! This Brotherhood will provide you with the closest bond you will ever have in your life -- Brothers who will be there for you, do anything for you, now and for the rest of your lives. And you will be there and do anything for your Brothers as well. Without question." "Without question!" He roared again.

His cock throbbed obscenely in front of him. Like he was getting off on this, I thought. Fuckin' perv! But it made my cock come to life and start to grow again. He did, anyway. He's a big muscle stud, built big for a quarterback, smooth, pumped pecs, big rock hard arms, handsome face. Tall, dark and handsome. And that huge fucking cock. My mind started imagining what I'd do if I had a chance at that fat piece of meat. . .

He paced up and down the row of us again, his beefy arms crossed in front of his massive chest, his prick still pulsing in front of him. "Tonight is divided into two parts. First, you will show your complete submission to your Elder Brothers. You will submit without hesitation, without complaint, and without question. Without question!!" he roared. "Second, if you are successful, you will be granted admission to our Secret Order of Fraternity. At that time, you will be given knowledge of our most private principles and ideals. Our Hierarchy will be explained to you, and your new place within it. Then we celebrate!" The Brothers around him snickered and laughed.

"Part One of tonight's ceremony is called The ClusterFuck. It is the most secret and protected ritual of our Brotherhood. You have all taken The Oath to protect the secrets of the Brotherhood. After participating in this ritual, should you for any reason wish to leave the Brotherhood, you will be allowed to leave, providing you keep your Oath and take our secrets to your grave. If any of you should ever disclose this or any other private matter of the Order, you will see your life crumble before your eyes. It has happened before. Each time a former Brother has even threatened to divulge our traditions, he has regretted it deeply. Careers are stalled. Political aspirations are crushed. We have Alumni Brothers all over the world, in every industry and political arena. Don't make the same mistakes some former members have. But hopefully, you will see the wisdom of these traditions and you will participate gladly, whole-heartedly. The next hour will show what you're made of.

"Gentlemen, take your places."

The Brothers alongside him moved to us, half of them disappeared behind us, the others stationed themselves in front of each of us. Brennen himself took the head of the line.

"You will now totally submit to your Superior Brothers. As a show of your absolute and complete subjugation, you will receive the Alpha Cock of each of your Elders and do your best to please each Alpha Stud. Your mouths and assholes will be given to your Brothers as a symbol of your dedication to the Loyal Order."

I could hear some of the other pledges grumbling and muttering -- I'm sure they had not bargained on anything like this -- hell, neither had I. What the fuck were these pervs up to?!?

"Silence!" Brennen bellowed again. "You have come this far, do not let fear and ignorance prevent you from completing your task. Your Superior Brothers standing in front of and behind you will present their Alpha Male Erections to you. You will actively and dedicatedly please each Alpha Cock presented to you. You will have three minutes with each pair of Superior Brothers to prove your total loyalty. At the three minute bell, your Superior Brothers will remove their Alpha Erections from you and will step to their right to the next pledge. This will continue until each of you has received all twenty Elder Brothers front and back. If you successfully accept all elder Brothers' Alpha Erections without incident or rejection, you will be granted the position of Novice of the Brotherhood, and be one of us for life.

"Alpha Brothers, I remind you to refrain from orgasm in this exercise. If a pledge makes you cum, you may be removed from the remainder of the evening's rituals and celebrations, which I know you do not want to miss." More snickering amongst the Brothers, who were all now openly stroking their throbbing hardons.

"If any of you pledges" - again, he practically spat out that word like it left a bad taste in his mouth - "enjoy this ritual so much that you shoot your load, you will be disciplined and believe me, you do NOT want that to happen." He laughed, and so did several of the other Superior Stud Brothers, stroking their hard cocks. "Your only goal here is to pleasure Superior Men." They grinned lewdly at us, tied down before them for whatever debauchery they were willing to dish out to us.

"Gentlemen, prepare your first pledge." The stud in front of me stepped closer. Danny was a tall guy, about 6' 6" at least, from the basketball team. He was handsome with dark hair, a hairy chest, and stroking at least 9 inches of fat meaty cock right in front of my face. It was all I could do not to lick my lips. I didn't want to let them know just yet how much I was going to enjoy this. He smacked me across the face with it, precum flipping from his plum colored head and landing on my lips. As I licked it off, I felt my ass being slapped with the cock of the Stud behind me and all around me I could hear the sound of cock flesh smacking faces and asses. A finger probed my asshole, cool and wet with some kind of grease, thank god, and I pushed back with a groan deep in my throat. I heard him growl behind me, "Oh fuck yeah, that's a tight hot hole, pledge." But all I could see was the Brother in my face, cock throbbing obscenely, dripping precum like a hose. He smacked my face repeatedly. I tried to catch his cockhead in my mouth, I just couldn't help myself ! OK, so much for holding back. He pulled back, laughing. "Oh yeah, this one's ready to please." He was enjoying teasing me.

Finally, Brennen spoke again. "Brothers, Alpha Studs, let the ClusterFuck begin!" A bell rang.

The Stud Brother in front of me stepped in closer and began to press his fat meaty cockhead into my lips. I eagerly sucked him in, wishing I had my hands free to fondle the hairy ballsack swinging at my chin. At the same time, a blunt greasy cockhead behind me pressed against my puckered hole and a fat cock shoved into my ass. I moaned, but that just allowed the Stud in my mouth to plug in deeper. In no time they were both thrusting and plowing at me with a regular rhythm. A big pair of hands held my head and another held my hips and these two hung studs worked my holes over good. Damn, these Brothers knew how to fuck! I pushed back at my fucker and dove my face as deep as I could onto the cock in my front of me. I did everything I could to please these horny studs. My cock was rock hard and dripping, and I knew if this fucker behind me had more than three minutes, he'd make me blow my juice -- if I didn't make him blow first!

One of them said, "What'sa matter, Eagle, having trouble with yours?"

Several studs laughed as a guy down at the end shot back, "He's struggling, but he'll get it. All of it." More chuckles from the crowd. "Looks like yours isn't haven trouble."

"No," my face fucker said, in a deep sexy voice. "He's eager all right. Just wait til you boys try this hot deep throat."

"His ass is a treat too." The guy behind me spoke up, thrusting harder into me for emphasis. They all laughed again. "He sure can take a pounding!"

My ass was milking that fat cock like my life depended on it! And loving it! All I could think was, if this is Frat life, sign me the fuck up!!! Other pledges were spluttering and choking -- Brothers were growling at them to take it, shut up and take it like a man, like an Alpha Man. I heard someone retching, and raucous laughter from the Brothers.

Suddenly a bell rang. Both cocks quickly and unceremoniously pulled out of me, leaving both my mouth and asshole gasping and empty. Gaping. I heard coughing and panting all around me as the other pledges struggled to recover. My face fucker moved off to my left and another Stud Brother took his place, this one not as well hung, but standing before me was one the most gorgeous men in the Frat. Brother Wilson, John Wilson. Blond, blue eyes, of course built like a brick shit house. His smooth chest glistened with sweat as he stepped up in front of me. Handsome as any model, and with a wicked grin on his face he stroked his hard meat at me. I opened up and he plowed right in to the balls. As he fucked my face, I felt a new Stud Brother in my ass stretching me open wider than the one up there before him, and I pushed back to meet his thick dick. I braced myself for their assault. Their balls banged against my chin and ass as they grabbed me and went to work. I swirled my tongue around Wilson's cock as best I could around his rough face fucking. And the stud in back ripped me a new hole with his fat cock! Fuck yeah! He knew how to use that thick tool. These guys were going to town on me! I could hear the others around me, the Stud Brothers groaning and cursing as they fucked, telling their pledges to open up for them. I was just getting into a good rhythm with these two Stud Brothers and beginning to enjoy them when the bell rang again. Without hesitation, both cocks ripped out of me as before, leaving me feeling like two gaping holes needing to be filled. Filled with hard Alpha Stud Erection meat!

Fortunately, I didn't have long to wait. The Brothers stepped to their next pledge and in no time my throat and ass were plugged with fat throbbing cock, this time the Stud feeding me his prick was Marcus, a tall black stud, one of the few black guys in the frat. A football player. Hung like a horse and not shy about using it, he raped my gasping throat like I've never felt before. My new ass fucker plugged me with equal vigor, a nice big cock on him, too. Three minutes of heaven between these two studs! I choked down the horse meat plunging down my throat and his buddy pounded the hell out of my asshole. I thought I'd blow my wad for sure this time, but then the bell sounded. Saved by the bell! This pair of Studs pulled out roughly, the big black cock in front of me pulsating like it was just about to blow its load. He looked down at me with a huge grin as he stepped to the side for his next pledge.

By now Brennen had worked his way down the row to me and presented me with his enormous pulsing manmeat. I tried to catch it in my mouth as he waved it back and forth in front of me, teasing me. He laughed and shoved it into my mouth just as I felt another blunt cockhead piercing my asshole. I gasped, and he slid his big throbbing meat right down my throat, his balls pressed against my chin.

"Oh fuck, take it!" he growled. "Yeah, now that's more like it." I guess the other pledges had trouble swallowing his enormous cock. But I took him to the root effortlessly and began to suck. He humped his hips at my face, but didn't grab my head and face fuck me like the others had. He leered down at me as I serviced his dick, obviously loving what I was doing. He leaned down closer to me, almost whispering. "You like sucking that big hard cock, don't you pledge? I can tell you've done this before." To answer him, I impaled my face fully down onto him, lashing my tongue at his balls when I bottomed out. "Oh, fuck yeah, we got us a real cocksucker here, boys! Shit, yeah! Take it, pledge!" He started thrusting to meet my efforts and I could feel his prick swelling harder and fatter in my abused throat. His balls started to climb up, and I began to hope for a thick load of Alpha Stud Cum down my throat when that damn bell rang again! He ripped himself out of my throat, laughing. "Almost, cocksucker. I know you want my Alpha Seed, but this ain't about what you want." The Stud reaming my ass had pulled out just as harshly, and I was panting and gasping. Two gaping open holes twitching and throbbing. Empty! Fuck me!!

Two more men took their places as Brennan and my latest ass fucker moved on to their next holes. The rest of the ClusterFuck was a blur. Big strong hands grabbing my head, hard fat cocks raping my throat. My ass was getting the same treatment, only rougher. Then it was all taken away from me, abruptly torn out of me just when things were starting to roll. Then two more. Again bringing me to the brink, and again denied, left empty and twitching. Gaping. And again and again and again! I was transported to a place where all I wanted was to make the cocks inside me happy, make them cum, feel them shoot their loads in me! And hopefully get to shoot mine. The need to cum built up in me to a level I'd never imagined before. But each time I got close, that damn bell would ring! Cocks would be ripped out of me just before I crossed that line. It just made me more hungry and horny for the next pair of studs. I attacked each cock in front of me more fiercely than the last. I pushed back to open my ass up to each drilling prick behind me.

After a while, the sounds of struggling around me subsided, as did the chatter of our captors, and the room fell into a hum, an undercurrent of the rhythms of sex, men thrusting and receiving. It seemed all my pledge brothers had accepted their place. Every three minutes the bell rang and the studs moved to their next pledge and kept fucking.

Finally the bell rang and kept ringing. The last pair of studs pulled out of me and the room fell silent, except for the panting and gasping of forty horny young men. You could practically taste the testosterone in the air. The cock that had just pulled out of my throat left a tasty trail of precum for me to savor, but no cum. The stud waved his rock hard prick in my face, grinning down at me.

After a minute, Brennan spoke.

"Brothers, return to your places." The Alphas slowly moved back into their formation, hard cocks swinging in front of them, balls pulled up tight ready to fire their thick creamy loads.

"You have all performed well." Brennan began. "And now you have earned the right to know our most deeply held secret, the reason our Brotherhood is so clandestine, so secretive."

"We are Men." He began. "Men need sex. I'm sure that is no secret to you. Alpha Men need Alpha Sex -- in quantity and quality. You have all heard cases of men who have had promising careers, in all walks of life, leaders in their fields, whose futures were destroyed when some sexual indiscretion of theirs became uncovered. An affair, a prostitute. These men's lives were destroyed because of one problem that they could not resolve -- they needed more sexual satisfaction than their wives or girlfriends were willing or able to provide. Without proper release, they turned to clandestine sexual activities, only to be discovered at some inconvenient point in their career. Then their lives crashed to a halt.

"Our Brotherhood has recognized this lack of satisfactory sexual fulfillment. To expect our women to meet this need, no matter how sexual they may be, is unrealistic. Many years ago, the leaders of this Brotherhood found a solution. And this is our greatest secret. We turn to each other to fulfill this need. This does not make us gay. We are sexual. We are Brothers. We provide our Brothers with the relief they need to keep their lives on track.

Also, none of us will ever have to push and pester the women in our lives to satisfy us. We appear to them the model of restraint and gentlemenly behaviour. How many of you have lost a girl because you've pushed her too much to fuck, or tried to get her to suck your cock or do other acts she may not be ready for or comfortable with. No more. Nor will you have to resort to using prostitutes or an affair to meet your sexual needs. You will never take the risk of such actions being discovered and ruining your career, your life. You will always be able to turn to a Brother to blow off steam, literally. And in return you will provide for them. And your secret will always be safe.

"This can take many forms, from a quick fuck or suck to relieve your craving, to pairings and friendships that can last a lifetime. Each of you will find your own comfort level. As Novices, however, you will be assigned to provide for all your Superior Brothers according to the hierarchy that has been developed over the years.

"As freshmen. you enter the Order as Novices. Novices are the sexual drones of the Fraternity. You will each be assigned duties to provide relief for your Superior Alpha Brothers when they are in need. The only exceptions are classes and your team duties. The Brotherhood will not tolerate poor grades that may endanger our standing with the University. Nor will your athletic performance be affected. Other than those two priorities, your life belongs to this Order for the next four years.

Sophomore Brothers will now be promoted to Workhorse status. They will be relieved of their sexual duties, and will assume the daily operations of the Frat House. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, all of that will be taken care of for all of us by the Workhorse Brothers. They are the backbone of our Brotherhood, freeing us to pursue our studies, our career and athletic goals. Workhorse Brothers may now partake in the services of the Novice Brothers as well, and will still be called upon to service Elder Brothers.

All Brothers have fulfilled the duties of Novices and Workhorses and know the value of those places in our Order. We have been where you are right now. We have done what you will do in the next two years. This is what bonds us together.

Junior Brothers will oversee the Workhorse Brothers' operation, assigning their chores and schedules. Juniors will monitor both Novice and Workhorse Brothers' academic progress, providing or obtaining any tutoring or academic assistance to help all Brothers succeed.

Senior Brothers are now responsible for External Fraternal Operations, including all University Relations and managing the House Finances. They will also serve as our own internal Court of Brothers, which will decide any and all disputes between Brothers in conflict.

"The House is also divided into ten Families -- each consisting of a Senior, Junior, Workhorse and a Novice. Your Family is an extremely close-knit group within our Order that will support each other in everything you do in the House and in Life. You Novices will, of course, service your Family Elders in any way they might ask, in addition to providing sexual service to all Elder Brothers of the Order upon demand.

If there are any of you who cannot or will not participate in our ways, you will be allowed to remove yourself any time in the next three days without penalty, as long as you keep your Oath of Secrecy and do not disclose our private policies. But I promise you, you would not have made it this far through Rush if you did not have it in you to understand our needs and our solutions. If you haven't already, you will soon appreciate the benefits of our Society. It is rare that a Novice asks to be released from his service to the Brothers. You Novices have performed well. Exceedingly well, in some cases. And I can see by the hard cocks on most of you and by your performance over the last hour that you see the value in what you are being offered.

"But enough talk. It is time for our new Senior Brothers to step forward and choose their new Freshman Family Members. Brothers!"

The front row of studs stepped forward, stroking any lagging erections back to life. Brennan climbed up the tower and stood in front of the throne. He towered over the crowd, looking even more impressive than ever. His cock was still rock hard, he was obviously loving this. "As Alpha Brother, I make the first Selection. I choose Novice Tadpole." He pointed down at me, using the pledge name I'd been given at the beginning of Rush, now Novice instead of Pledge Tadpole. The Roman Guard Williams and another Brother from the ranks dispatched themselves from their formation and came to me. They unbuckled my restraints and, before I could try to move on my own, lifted me by my hips and shoulders and carried me to the front of Brennan's throne. Planting me on my knees before the Pledgemaster, they stepped to either side. One by one, the other Senior brothers stepped in front of each of the remaining Novices, still tied down to the stage, until all were chosen. Their Junior Brothers took places beside them, and then the Sophomore Roman Guards took their places, until all the Families were complete.

Finally Brennan spoke.

"Novices," he boomed. "Before we celebrate the new House with tonight's final activity, you must accept your place in the Order. You will still be able to exercise your three day option to leave, but I know you won't. After tonight, you will be one of us for life, a life that will be much more fulfilling, more complete, and a hell of a lot more fun. Does any Novice object to Novice Tadpole speaking on your behalf in the Ritual of Acceptance?"

No one spoke. The room was silent. The torches crackled. You could hear the ragged breathing of the men, agitated, stirred up. Horny.

"Novice Tadpole," Brennan's sexy deep voice continued. "Do you and your fellow class of Novice Alpha Men seek Final Acceptance to the Order of Alpha Alpha Alpha and all that has been offered to you?"

"Yes, sir." I replied, as we had been taught always to respond.

"Novice Tadpole, do you and your fellow class of Novice Alpha Men swear to uphold your Oath of Secrecy, taking the Private Beliefs and confidential inner workings of this Order to your grave?"

"Yes, sir."

"Novice Tadpole, do you and your fellow class of Novice Alpha Men swear to dedicate yourself to the fullest in developing yourself and your life into a Man, an Alpha Man, that this Brotherhood can be proud of?"

"Yes, sir."

"Novice Tadpole, do you and your fellow class of Novice Alpha Men swear to service your Brothers' every need and want, now and forever, as described to you tonight?"

"Yes, sir."

"Very well. You have all proven yourselves worthy of being called Alpha Men. We welcome you as the new class of Novice Alphas. Congratulations. After Novice Tadpole completes the Final Act of Acceptance, we will celebrate with tonight's final activity, a complete free-for-all. The Feeding Frenzy!"

The room erupted into cheers! The Elder Brothers and Guards whooped and clapped and whistled for several minutes. Brennan seated himself on the throne, his muscular legs spread apart. His huge cock throbbed ominously. He looked over the room like a king surveying his kingdom. He leaned back and summoned me. "Novice Tadpole."

"Yes, sir."

"You will now suck my cock and bring forth the first Alpha Orgasm of the New House Year. Your submission to me will serve as a symbol of your entire Class's Submission to the Order. Your ability to satisfy an Alpha Male represents you and your Novice Brothers' acceptance of our Great Philosophy and willingness to serve your Superior Stud Brothers. You may now begin."

I leaned in, placing my hands on his rock hard marble thighs. I was trembling with excitement -- and nerves. To suck off this handsome hung muscle stud is a dream come true, but to perform in front of the entire House, almost 40 other randy, horny men, was daunting to say the least. I could feel every pair of eyes on me. I grabbed the base of his prick, feeling how rock hard and ready he was. I lashed my tongue around his dripping cockhead, tasting his salty precum and getting a low moan from the stud. He leaned forward and in a low voice growled, "Make this good, Tadpole, and put on a hot show for the Men. Something tells me you'll have no problem doing that." He grinned as he sat back.

I nodded my head, already slurping on the first several inches of his cock. I palmed his balls, pulled up tight against him from the evening's festivities, and knew this would be hot and quick. His big balls filled my hand. I milked his shaft with my fist while I sucked him. "Ohhhh, fuck yeahhhhh," he groaned, reclining back into his throne. He apparently was accustomed to being serviced, his hands planted on the arms of his throne, his legs spread wide. I was only too glad to be able to show him what I could do, especially now that my hands were free! My nerves disappeared and I began to really enjoy his cock. Thick and meaty, it had to be at least 10 inches long. I could appreciate his meat now like I couldn't during the ClusterFuck.

In no time he was squirming and a constant stream of profanities poured out of his mouth. My lips wandered up to his drooling tip and slurped it clean. I began to bob on the end of it, steadily going deeper and deeper. A true show-off, he groaned and growled and described for his Brothers how good my tongue, lips and throat were making him feel. The room was electric with his sexual energy. I looked up and saw him staring down at me, his deep dark eyes boring into me as he raced, like a train out of control, to his climax. I locked my gaze into his and began my final assault. Sucking him deep with each stroke and pulling back to the very tip, tasting his dripping juice as I brought him to the edge of a massive explosion. I kicked it up into high gear, my hands and mouth working in rhythm with my lips and tongue to bring him over that edge. "Ohhh, fuck . . . " he gasped, his prick throbbing and getting even harder in that way that I know so well.

Just before he blew, I pulled off his head and slipped my lips down the underside of his shaft, stroking him hard with my fist and lavishing my tongue around his bursting meat. "Aughhhh!" he cried as he blew! His first shot, a thick rope of Alpha Stud Cream flew high into the air, a fountain of sperm, a testament to the Alpha Stud that he is! I pounced on his spurting dickhead as the room erupted in cheers again. He fired more and more into my sucking throat, seven or eight shots of thick cum that I gulped down hungrily. His body tensed with each burst, every muscle flexed to its fullest in this most public moment of ecstasy! His groans carried out over the cheering crowd as he came and came and came down my sucking throat. Eventually as the crowd's ovation died down, his twitching body slumped down, relaxed and spent. "Let the Feeding Frenzy begin!" he commanded, then collapsed back into his chair.

The room burst into an uproar of activity. Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores leapt into action, pouncing on the Novice Brothers still restrained to the platform. The two studs who dragged me up there grabbed me again, but Brennen raised a hand and halted them. He reached out, lifting my chin with his hand. My eyes met his. "Great work, Tadpole." He grumbled, still panting from his orgasm. "I know you'll be a terrific asset to this house."

"Thank you, sir." I said. My throat was clogged with his cum, but I managed to croak it out.

"And a nice touch, making me shoot out over the crowd like that -- the boys fuckin' loved it."

"We have been anointed by the Alpha Stud's Seed." I said and I bowed my head to him. "The new House has been blessed."

He cracked up. "You fuckin' perv -- you'll fit in here just fine. Take him away, boys. Have your fun with him!"

I was dragged back down to the crowd, with a wink and a smile from the depleted Stud. Williams and my Junior Brother carried me back to the floor. Our Family's fourth brother was a handsome Italian stud named Tony from the volleyball team. They wasted no time. Williams tore off his chain mail codpiece. His pulsing hard cock sprang out and smacked me in the face. He was hard with need, having been deprived participation in the ClusterFuck. I took a quick look behind me and saw Tony stroking a thick uncut cock, felt him rubbing his dripping head at my slick hole. I moaned as he sank his rigid prick into me. Williams grabbed my head, turning my attention back to his leaking cock. I sucked him down eagerly, anxious to please my new Brothers.

As the two of them proceeded to take their pleasure, I saw around me the other Novices, most still tied down, but a few had been freed from their restraints. Each was surrounded by his new Family, hard cocks jousting for a hot wet hole to plug into. I sucked Williams deep into my throat, my hand cupping his balls. They were drawn up tight, ready to fire. I could feel Tony behind me, ramming me deep and getting close to spewing his thick Italian cream up my ass. As the two studs raced towards explosion, I noticed Brennen had descended from his throne and was standing behind Williams. I looked up to see his big meaty hands come around Williams' beefy chest and grab his pecs. Williams moaned, "Oh yeah, dude, slip it to me."

I reached one hand around Williams' butt to pull his thrusts deeper into my throat and felt Brennen's big dick nosing around between the baseball jock's round buttcheeks. He was already hard again and soon found his target. In one swift move he slid every thick inch into William's muscular ass. I felt Bobby's cock get harder in my throat, if that was possible, and Brennan and I began a double assault on the handsome stud that I knew was not going to last long. His head was thrown back against Brennen's shoulder, rolling side to side while he moaned in pleasure.

As if on cue, Brennen and Tony intensified their thrusting even more and the four of us became one pulsing rhythm of sex. Without missing a stroke of his rock hard prick in my clutching ass, Tony reached between my legs and grasped my cock in his greasy fist. Oh Fuck!! In my eagerness to please my Brothers I had almost forgotten my own need! Tony's hand around my cock -- the first time anyone had touched it all night -- put me right over the edge! I bucked back into him, growling around William's thrusting meat and saw stars. My orgasm hit me like a fucking freight train! Cum exploded from my dick and my ass twitched and trembled around Tony's fucking cock.

He cried out, rammed in deep, and blew his load, too! Jet after jet of hot cum coated my insides. He pumped me deep and hard as we both soared high with ecstasy. Williams grabbed my head and cursed, plowing into my throat. His fat cock spewed deep into my sucking throat as he grunted with each explosive blast. As the three of us trembled with aftershocks, I could hear Brothers all around me feeding their Alpha Stud cum loads to their new Brothers, cries of pleasure and satisfaction echoing throughout the dungeon room.

Brennen bent Williams down over me, my lips still around his dripping spent prick, and hammered him deep. Soon another Alpha Orgasm racked his body and he filled Williams' ass with his Alpha Stud Cream. The moans and groans subsided into quieter sounds of panting, as forty sexy studs recovered from the intensity of the Group Orgasm. The Feeding Frenzy.

I'm gonna love Frat life!

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