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The Third Roommate
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Chapter 2
The Third Roommate

CHARLIE didn't know what to make of it. He was pretty sure it was just a dream... but it felt so real. The man's touch... his tongue... his warm, wet mouth... it all felt so real.

He shivered a little when he thought about how the man just vanished right before his eyes. That definitely couldn't have happened, could it?

He tried to get up, but he felt so tired. He felt the skin on his wrists burning a little. He looked at it and saw an imprint of a hand... like someone had held his wrists a little too tight. He got up and looked at the mirror and saw bites and kiss marks on his neck and nipples... right where the man kissed and sucked his skin.

He suddenly felt weak at the realization that it might not have been a dream at all. He sat on his bed and saw that his blanket was tossed down on the floor. He saw the wet spots on the bed where his cum had landed. He wanted to cry but he couldn't. He was freaking out at the thought that something he couldn't see had done this to him. But at the same time, he was getting angrier and angrier at the thought that somebody molested him in his sleep... and he couldn't do a damn thing about it.

"Fuck!" he cursed. "Just my luck... losing my virginity to a fucking... I don't even know what that damned thing is!" he muttered under his breath.

The longer he thought about it, the angrier he got. His fist was clenched tightly. He wanted to hit something. "Fuck!" he cursed under his breath.

He looked at his alarm clock and saw that it was 5:30AM. He got up and put some clothes on. He needed to clear his head and decided to go for a jog.

It was pretty chilly outside, but he didn't care. His body was still producing enough heat from his encounter a few minutes ago to sustain him. He started to run slowly, just taking in the beautiful sights of the campus.

He knew he could just go around the Academic Oval of UP, where most joggers go, but he decided he didn't want to see too many people right then. So he went and ran on the smaller streets on the outskirts of the campus where the residential areas were. Since it was still very early on a Sunday morning, it was a very quiet run for him.

DANNY Castillo had a hard time waking up that morning. He had nightmares again the night before and it took a long time before he could fall asleep. But he knew he had to get up and get ready. Today was the day he would move in to his new dorm.

Living in a dormitory wasn't new to him; he lived in one all throughout high school. But he knew he would have to adjust to his new roommate and that could take a while. And classes would already be starting the next day, so he had to get to the dorm early and try to get to know his roommate today.

It was very important for him to get along with his roommate. His studies was very important to him and the last thing he needed was a negative vibe in the place where he would be staying for the rest of the year.

"I hope he's not an asshole," he groaned as he finally got up from his bed. "Well, I could always just stay with Angela if things don't go well between my roommate and me."

He got along really well with Angela, his older sister, and he just loved being around his nephew, Tyler. He would've just stayed with her, but she insisted that he should get the whole college experience. "And living in a dorm with all the other freshmen is part of that great experience," she said.

He knew that she had a deeper reason for pushing him to live in the freshman dorm. But he also knew that Angela wouldn't tell him anything even if he pleaded. She would just say that he would know when the time was right. She was always cryptic like that. And it used to drive him nuts.

He took a shower and put some nice clothes on. "I have to make the best impression," he thought.

His bags were all packed last night and were already in his car. He had already brought most of his school things when he checked in to the dorm on Friday.

Angela had set the table for breakfast by the time he got out of his room. "Well, look at you," she said smiling at him. "All nice and clean. Ready to impress the roommate, I see."

"Well, you know me," he replied as he sat on the table and got a couple of pancakes and bacon. "I have to get along with my roommate if I'm gonna live with him for a whole year. I really don't want a repeat of my junior year in high school. I really hated that guy!"

His roommate before was a total jerk. He bitched about everything and was constantly on Danny's case. Danny could've really lost it and broke every bone in that asshole's body. Instead, he just decided to spend the rest of the year living with Angela.

"Oh, don't worry," Angela said reassuringly. "Your new roommate is gonna love you. I'm pretty sure you're gonna love him, too."

He didn't like the tone in Angela's voice when she said it. It was like she was matchmaking or something. But he just let it go. There was no use calling Angela on it. She would just go all mysterious on him again.

He drank a glass of pineapple juice before he got up and went to Tyler's room. The little boy was still sleeping and he didn't want to wake him up. He quietly walked towards the sleeping boy and kissed him on his head. "I'll see you soon, bud," he whispered.

"I gotta get going," he said to Angela when he got out of Tyler's room.

"Okay," Angela said. "Be good and drive carefully."

"Yeah," he replied. "I'll see you next weekend.

He texted his girlfriend, Abby, as soon as he got in his car. He hadn't seen her in a while because she went home to the province to visit her parents before classes started. She was supposed to get back and get settled in her new apartment today as well. Unfortunately, she got in a different university, so they wouldn't be seeing each other as much as they used to.

Abby was his high school sweetheart. They had been together since their sophomore year in high school. And even before that, they were best friends. Danny knew he had a good thing going with Abby. And he was certain that the fact that they wouldn't see each other as much anymore wouldn't really matter.

As much as he missed Abby, though, she wasn't really the one on his mind right then. He started the car and began driving towards UP. He tried to drive within the speed limit, which wasn't hard considering that the traffic was starting to get pretty heavy. He was excited to meet his new roommate. "I wonder what he's like," he thought. "I really hope he's not an asshole," he groaned.

AFTER a couple of hours of running, Charlie decided to visit the UP Chapel. He wasn't really a religious guy. He went to church every Sunday just to please his parents. He even joined the church choir back home. But when anybody asked him what his religion was, he would always say that he was baptized in a Catholic Church, but he didn't believe in a lot of bullshit that the priests preached.

But this time, it was different. He wanted to draw some strength... strength to go back to his room and confront whatever it was that was in there with him.

There weren't a lot of people there. And he didn't care much what they thought of his outfit. But he was still pretty much sweating like a pig, so he decided to sit in the back. He sat there trying to listen to the priest, but he couldn't. Visions of what happened that morning... the things that he felt... the pleasures that it brought him... the fear and the anger... everything was clouding up his mind. Confusing him. Torturing him.

After the service, he jogged back to the dorm, which was only two blocks away. He stood for a while in front of his door, trying to gather up the courage. Then, he stuck his key into the knob and opened the door.

Charlie sighed with relief when he saw a tall boy standing by the window looking at the trees outside the room. The boy was wearing a white button-up shirt, tucked into his black pants. Although his body was completely covered with clothes, Charlie could tell that the boy had a great body underneath all of that. He could also tell that the boy's ass was round and firm. Aside from that, Charlie also noticed that his shoes were shiny and neat. His hair was black as night and was neatly combed from the side. It contrasted well with his fair skin. Charlie thought he looked a lot like a Stepford Son. Goody-two-shoes.

"You must be Danny," he greeted. The boy looked at him. Charlie thought he had the most beautiful eyes. But the look that the boy gave him was full of confusion and questions.

Charlie smiled at him, trying to make the boy feel comfortable with him. "I'm Charlie. Your roommate," he continued. "I'd go over there and shake your hand but I'm all sweaty and smelly right now. So I'm just gonna get in the shower real quick and we can talk after that." He opened his closet and started to toss his clothes in there.

"So, how was your weekend at your sister's," he was trying to make small talk as he got undressed. The boy didn't answer. "I'm guessing it's quite hard to get away from the family," he said as he reached out for his towel behind the door.

As he wrapped the towel around his waist while he was facing the door, it suddenly flew open and there was a really cute boy standing there with a traveling bag on his shoulders.

"Hi," the boy in the door said. "You must be Charlie. I'm Danny," the boy smiled and walked to Charlie, sticking out his hand for Charlie to shake.

Charlie's jaw fell open. He quickly swung around to look at the boy standing by the window. But he was gone. There was nobody there. He felt his face drain with blood and his heart was hammering on his chest.

He turned around again to face the real Danny. "I, uh..." Charlie stuttered.

Danny smiled, still sticking out his hand for Charlie to shake. When Charlie realized he had been staring at Danny for a little too long, he noticed the hand and immediately took it.

"I, uh... I'm sorry," Charlie said finally. "I just got back from a jog and, uh, I thought I saw someone who I thought was you. But... uhm... never mind that. I, uh, I'm just gonna take a quick shower and maybe we could talk after that."

"Okay," Danny said. His smile was still plastered on his cute face. Charlie realized that he was holding Danny's hand and he was staring at Danny's face for far too long. He immediately turned away his gaze, withdrew his hand, bolted out of the room and went to the showers.

"Fuck!" he cursed under his breath after he turned on the shower. "I am such a dork," he thought. "But who was that guy by the window? And Danny... ahh..."

He felt his dick stir at the thought of Danny's smile... and his strong grip. Danny was an inch or two shorter than he was. But the boy was much beefier than he was. He could see Danny's muscles flexing as he shook his hand. Danny's shirt hung on his body beautifully... showing just enough muscles to make him want to see more. And the smile... he couldn't take his eyes off it. Danny had got to have the most beautiful smile. His teeth were perfect and white. His lips were red and full... and he could just kiss them forever. Danny's skin was smooth and tanned. Usually, Charlie liked his guys fair, but for Danny, the dark skin just seemed so perfect.

Charlie's dick was now rigid with excitement. He got some soap on his hand and started to stroke his cock, all the while thinking about his gorgeous roommate. He imagined himself kissing Danny's supple lips... caressing his firm ass... licking the nipples that were poking out of his shirt. He imagined Danny on top of him... slowly taking his virgin ass for a ride of a lifetime. He imagined Danny's dark skin contrasting perfectly against his fair skin tone.

"Ahh..." he moaned as his cum exploded on the bathroom wall and floor. He quickly finished up his shower and dried himself up.

When he got back in the room, Danny's things were already set up and he was sitting on his bed waiting for him.

"Hey man," he greeted Danny with a smile. "Sorry it took a little longer than it should." He proceeded to his closet, got a pair of clean white briefs and put them on. Then he put on a pair of walking shorts and a plain white cotton t-shirt.

Danny was smiling at him. "No problem," he said. "So, you wanna go grab some lunch? I was told that we won't have food in the dining hall until tomorrow."

"Sure," Charlie said. "I haven't even had breakfast yet."

Then he caught something moving by the side of his eye. He quickly turned to see what it was... but there was nothing there.

"Something wrong?" Danny asked.

"Nah," he answered. "I just thought I saw something. But never mind that. Let's go for lunch. I'm starving."

They both stood up, got their keys and wallets and headed for the door.

Before they got out, Danny turned to him and said, "When I got here earlier, you said you thought you saw someone who you thought was me. And now you said you thought you saw something right here." Danny was pointing at the spot that he looked at earlier.

"Do you have a sixth sense or something?" Danny continued. "'Cause let me tell you, I'm a little bit freaked out."

Charlie tried to give him a reassuring smile. "I'm sorry, man," he said. "To tell you honestly, I never thought I had a sixth sense or anything like that. I certainly haven't seen anything out of the ordinary before. But since I got here yesterday, I got this really, really bad feeling..." he paused.

"What kind of feeling," Danny urged.

"I really don't wanna freak you out," he looked at Danny intently. Danny nodded, urging him to continue.

Charlie sighed and said, "I feel that there aren't just two of us who are staying in this room. And I think I might have seen our other roommate just before you got here."

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