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 Funny Feelings
 The Third Roommate
 Closet Graffiti
 Making Contact
 Names and Possibilities
 Big Mistake
 Bits and Pieces
 The Picture on the Wall
 A Taste of Heaven
 Déj Vu
 Hamlo Dow
 Ghost's Kiss
 Body Snatcher



Chapter 1
Funny Feelings

IT WAS a bit of a cliché, but it did feel like he was moving on to a new chapter in his young life. Charlie Gonzales was going to college! He was excited... and terrified at the same time.

"Do you have everything you need?" Charlie's dad asked him as he unloaded the last bag from the van.

"Yes, dad," he replied with mock exasperation. "And if I need anything else, I'm just gonna get it from the mall."

He understood his dad's concern, though. Charlie was a firstborn, being sent to college for the first time. He had never been apart from his parents for long periods of time before. It also didn't help that the University of the Philippines, to which he was accepted, was a 6-hour drive from home. It wasn't like his parents could visit anytime they wanted nor could he go home anytime he felt like it.

The trip to his new home was anticlimactic at best. His father was uncharacteristically quiet as he drove the van that contained most of Charlie's clothes, school things and other stuffs that he deemed valuable. His mother was trying to hold back her tears of joy and excitement as she retold her own college experience for the nth time. His little brother was extra-cheerful and seemed as if he was even more excited than Charlie was. And his little sister tried to fight the urge to sleep, but lost after less than an hour on the road.

They stopped midway to get some lunch and Charlie tried not to look annoyed as his dad reminded him about the dangers of alcohol and partying too hard.

"Remember, it's okay to party as long as you don't forget why you're in the university in the first place," his dad said. "Your priority is your studies. Everything else comes second... even your love life."

"Yeah right," he thought, "As if I'd ever have a love life." He sighed.

It was mid-afternoon when they finally arrived at the dormitory where he would be staying for his freshman year... his new home. He quickly checked in and they began to unload his things from the van and brought them up to his room on the second floor of the Boys Wing.

His mother, little brother and sister were all in his room busy setting up his things. He didn't really have a choice on which side of the room he would take because his roommate had already been there the day before and had taken the left side. But he didn't really care which side he was getting anyway.

The rooms at Kalayaan Residence Hall were not exactly roomy. It only had enough space to accommodate two single beds, two closets, two study tables and just enough walking space in between. Each floor on the Boys Wing had 25 bedrooms, one laundry room and two common toilet and bathrooms. It was good that the showers were on separate cubicles. Although he would've wanted to check out some of the guys on his floor in the showers, he wouldn't want them to see him sporting a hard-on, which would probably happen since he had absolutely no control over it.

Charlie was still pretty much in the closet. He hadn't told anyone, not even his best friend in high school, Joseph, that he felt really strong attractions for boys. But the fact that he never had a girlfriend or even expressed any interest in girls at all was a dead giveaway to anyone who was paying attention.

His parents just thought he was too focused on his studies to have girls on his mind. He was their wonder kid. The smart one. The driven boy who was both good in academics and sports. He didn't have the heart to burst their bubble.

However, being a closet case in a small town where everybody knew everybody also meant that he never had any semblance of a sex life. He couldn't even let himself look at a cute guy longer than necessary for fear that he would be found out. It helped a lot that he looked and acted just like any other boy in school. He even engaged in a lot of sports and even more academic competitions, which provided him a convenient cover for his secret desires.

After everything was set up in his room, his family said their goodbyes. His brother made him promise to email him everyday. He was only two years younger than Charlie and he wanted to know all about Charlie's college experience. His mom and dad were almost in tears as they hugged him. And they had to pry his six-year-old sister from him because she didn't want to go home without him.

When he walked back to his room, he suddenly felt so alone. He slumped on his bed and surveyed the small room. When his eyes rested on the empty bed on the other side of the room, he saw the small note that his roommate had left him.

Hi Roomie!

I got this side. Hope that's okay with you. I'll be staying at my sister's house and be back on Sunday. See ya then!


 It was only Saturday. He felt more and more alone when he realized that he had to spend his first night away from home by himself. He closed his eyes, trying to shake the loneliness away.

Suddenly, he felt a prickling on the back of his neck and a cold shiver ran down his spine. He felt as if somebody was staring at him. He looked around the room again and confirmed that nobody else was there. But he couldn't shake the feeling that he wasn't alone in the room anymore.

"I need to get outta here," he muttered under his breath. He got his cellphone and dialed Joseph's number.

"Hello," Joseph answered after a couple of rings.

"Hey, man," said Charlie. "You settled in already?"

"Yup. Been here since early morning. I was trying to catch some sleep before some asshole decided to call me."

Charlie chuckled. "Sorry," he said sarcastically. "Would you like to go to the mall? My roommate's not here yet and I really need to get out of this room."

"Just let me wash my face and put some clothes on," Joseph replied. "Meet you outside in five minutes, okay?"

"Okay. See ya!" He grabbed his keys and headed for the door.

As he was reaching for the knob, he felt a cold blast of wind that made the hairs on his arms rise. Then he felt that somebody was staring at him again. He looked back in the room, but he couldn't see anything out of place.

He breathed deeply and shook his head. "Must be my imagination," he said to himself.

He turned off the lights and closed the door.

He didn't have to wait long before Joseph came out of the dorm. Joseph was staying in the same dorm, one floor below his. They were hoping that they'd be roomed together, but the dorm manager wasn't exactly entertaining those requests.

"So, how's your roommate?" he asked as Joseph was approaching him.

"He's okay, I guess. Kind of nerdy. Name's Tim. Dunno much about him yet 'cause he'd much rather read his textbooks than talk to me, which is kinda odd 'cause classes haven't even started yet," he chuckled.

Charlie had known Joseph since kindergarten. They were always in the same school, in the same classes. And now, they were both in UP living in the same dorm. He knew how smart Joseph really was. But he also knew that Joseph didn't care much about grades or school for that matter. They actually have that in common. The difference between him and Joseph was that he'd at least try to keep his grades above the passing mark. And when he was sure that he had enough credits to pass a class, then he'd party. Joseph, on the other hand, would rather just party.

"How about your roommate?" Joseph asked.

"Haven't seen him yet," he answered. "He got here yesterday, secured the left side of the room and left a note saying he'd be back on Sunday."

"Hmm... early bird. Bad news," Joseph laughed.

"I dunno about that. I mean, he did get the side that the rays would directly hit in the mornings, which means I could sleep in all I want," I grinned.

Joseph laughed some more and then he went serious and said, "Okay, so how do we get to the mall?"

Since neither of them have cars, they had to wait for a taxi to drive by. Luckily, there were many taxis around on account of all the students moving into their dorms.

The mall was just a short distance away. Charlie thought they could even just walk to get there if they wanted to. Both he and Joseph loved long walks anyway. But there were far too many people in the mall that day for them to enjoy walking around. So they decided to watch a movie and then buy some groceries that they thought they'd be needing. They were back in the dorm by 8PM because neither of them wanted to break the 9PM curfew on their first night there.

Charlie invited Joseph up to his room. He didn't tell Joseph the real reason why he wanted some company. He couldn't tell him the feelings that he got in the room earlier that day. He just said he was feeling lonely being alone in the room.

Joseph obliged and stayed there talking with him until it was almost midnight. When Joseph said he was beat and he needed to go back to his room and get some sleep, Charlie figured he was also really tired and sleepy.

After Joseph had left, Charlie stripped down, wrapped a towel around his waist and went to the bathroom to get a quick shower. Since it was already late, he didn't see anybody down the hallway. He was quite lucky that the bathroom was right across his room, so he didn't have to walk far. The dim lights in the hallway kind of freaked him out.

While the warm water trickled down his lean body after he soaped it down, he felt a streak of cold air running down his back. And then he got that familiar feeling that he wasn't alone anymore. He quickly turned off the showers, grabbed his towel and dried himself up.

He quickly ran to his room, locked it, hanged the towel behind the door and hurled himself on his bed. He didn't bother to put on his boxers since his roommate wasn't there anyway. He just covered his body with a blanket. His heart was ramming within his chest as he tried to calm himself down.

"Just my imagination," he repeated to himself over and over again until he slowly drifted off to asleep. He didn't dare turn off the lights.

Soon, he was dreaming that somebody was kissing him, caressing his naked body. It was a man. He couldn't see his face, but the man had a gorgeous swimmer's body... lean and muscular. Just the way he liked it.

He wanted to move and touch the man as well, but he found that he couldn't move any part of his body. He just felt the full weight of the man on top of him.

He felt the man's tongue licking, suckling his neck... then going down to his right nipple. The man's tongue was doing marvelous things to his body. He let out a groan of pleasure. He felt the man's hands exploring his nakedness... caressing his ass... cupping his balls... stroking his now fully erect cock.

The man let go of his right nipple only to lick and suck the left one. After spending sometime on that, the man slowly licked his way down to his flat stomach. He was now breathing heavily as the man licked his way to his balls. He squirmed in pleasure as the man licked and sucked each ball. Then he felt the man's warm, wet mouth enclosing the mushroom head of his dick... gently licking and suckling it. Then, without warning, the man plunged into his dick and he felt his dick touch the depths of the man's throat.

He wanted to shout his pleasure but no words came out of his mouth. The man slowly went up and down on his dick. His eyes were shut as he tried to comprehend the pleasures that the man's mouth was giving him. He never felt anything like it.

He knew he was getting close as the man sucked faster and faster. He felt like he was going to explode and he wanted to warn the man that he was cumming... but he couldn't speak. Finally, he felt his dick swell up and he felt the rush of thick fluid coming from his balls and flying out of his dickhead.

His eyes flew open in time for him to see the first shot of his cum flying through the silhouette of a man right on top of him. As the second and third streams of cum shot through the air, the silhouette suddenly vanished like a puff of smoke.

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