Jayson Outed
Chapter 35


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Chapter thirty four

I don't suppose that I will ever fully retire, not as long as this darling duo have nut batter to share. Yes, they are young, but they are not dumb, but for sure they are full of cum. Carl asked me to put on my cloak of invisibility and go to Albany with the boys for a visit with their families over the Thanksgiving weekend of 2011. That is an assignment that I will never turn down, it is a task undertaken with love. Carl told me something on day, he said that the longest distance that most men travel is from their mind to their heart. I will always follow my heart when it comes to Carl's boys, I love to watch them grow up. I wish, like Carl does, that they would stay forever young.
Along with the boys was, of course, Renée and her two babies, five and half year old Jaybee Emily Adams and leap year baby, thirty four month old Bradley Garcia Adams II. Renée has taken over the raising of Brad's son, BJ since Lou and Becky are gone from the home.

    Brad sat next to his Abuela Garcia as she held his hands in her lap. The love that Brad has for his aged grandmother tells a lot about the man that he has become. Brad appears to be the strong one, but he leans on Jay for his strength. The two boys compliment each other in their daily life, where one is weak the other is strong. Renée saw that in the boys from the very first day and she has built on it to keep a solid foundation in her home for herself and her three youngsters. Even the most complacent outsider can see the love that the three kids share, only a few dare to shake their heads at them.
    Brad has put a bit of a spread about his middle as he enjoys the good life. Jay is on his lover's back in more ways than one, but he wants to grow very old with his boyfriend and not loose him to sickness or disease.
    Jay was sitting to one side of the room visiting with his grandfather Seth. He does not consider it to be a dual standard where his grandfather and Chris Dickson are concerned. Chris loves boys, but he cares about them quite deeply as well. He provides food, shelter, and an education for the boys that he takes into his home. He does make love to the boys that seek his attentions, but he is never abusive to them and he never turns them out afterwards.
    Seth Adams, on the other hand, uses boys for his own gratification without regard for the boys' well being. He has shown a great penchant for compassion with the Johnson boys. He took those boys to his heart and protected them until Chris came along and the boys moved to Tucson. Seth did not want to leave Albany and the only home that he had known for many years. Ricky and Ray sat down with the old man and Chris and drew up a contract that allowed Seth to live in the Johnson family home and take care of it for the boys.
    Visits to Albany are the only times that Jay can sit with Seth and share the deep love that the two have for each other. Jay was laughing at Seth as the old man loosened his belt and unfastened the top button of his slacks to give his overfull belly room to expand. "I shouldn't have eaten that second piece of pumpkin pie, but your dear mother is such a good cook." He told the boy.
    "Grandpa, how is mom really doing? I mean she has been alone for so many years. She needs a man in her life.".
    "She don't want one, son. She is content just knowing that you are safe and happy. I talked to her some about getting a guy friend, but she always just shushes me and changes the subject. I think that she is really content with her work and her time spent at the church. She loves the Lord, son. She is really devoted to His work and prays for His quick return everyday." Jay was looking at his mother as she busied herself cleaning the table of the empty dishes from the huge feast and tiding up the leftover food still on the table. He knew that Seth was correct, but he wanted his mother's happiness above all else.

    Alby looked up to Brad as his hero. He thought that Jay was the coolest guy that he knew and he wanted to be just like them. In his defense of his older cousins he got carried away and let his mouth be his own undoing. "Brad has done more in life than you ever did. He was class president, he was a straight A student, and he runs his own business in Tucson. You never done nothing but beat ma and me and get drunk. You lost more jobs than I have socks, and I wouldn't have those to wear if ma didn't work to buy them. I think that Brad is brave to tell everybody that he is gay. I hope that I can stand up when I come out…" He realised what he was saying and turned to look at his fourteen year old cousin, Trejo.
    Trejo couldn't bear to see the fear on his boyfriend's face, He turned to Alby and placed his arms about him in a protective gesture. That was a gesture that Alberto did not like. He rose up and crossed the room faster than anyone thought was possible for the drunken man. He raised his hand and swung at his small son, but he connected with Jay's shoulder. Jay was faster than the biggot as he dove in between the attacking man and his target.
    Words were flying about over the two boys' embrace. Alberto screamed at his son to go away. He told the boy that he no longer existed as far as he was concerned. He told his son that he was dead, and his wife agreed. Trinny wasn't much better, he told his son to take his hands off of Alby, he just couldn't abide with having a queer in his house around his other children. Trejo leaned over and kissed Alby and told everybody that they were in love and that they would run away together. Jay is quick acting, though sometimes not clear thinking. He pushed the two younger boys out of the door and toward his rental car parked at the curb in front of the house. Once they were safely inside the car Jay sped away and tried to think of what to do next. His cell phone rang with Brad's ringtone. Reassured he answered the phone and listened to the mayhem that he had escaped from. He and Brad talked in code as they decided to take the boys to
Empire Canal for the time being.
    The guards at EC knew Jayson by sight and admitted him to the large estate without any problems. Pytor Jeftichew opened the door for Jay and the two boys and showed them to the kitchen for a cup of hot chocolate to take the chill from their bones. His son Fedor and his boyfriend, Garth Dabny were sitting at the large kitchen table feeding each other a thick piece of pumpkin pie with a large mound of whipped cream on it. When they saw Jayson enter the kitchen they jumped up to greet him. Jay told them that he needed to call Chris Dickson in Tucson to figure what he should do with his two young charges.
    Michael Salzburg was entering the kitchen and heard what Jay said. He directed Jay to the office at the front of the house and placed a call to Chris over the video conferencing system. Mic stepped from the room when Chris came on the line so that he and Jay could speak in private. Jayson laid out the day's events to Chris and he asked to speak to the two boys, he asked Jay to ask Mic to return to the office as well.
    Trejo had turned fourteen in October and Alby was only thirteen. Both boys were in the eighth grade at a junior high school in Albany and too young to attend BAG Boys. Chris talked to the young pair for more than thirty minutes before making the decision to move the two boys to Tucson. He asked Mic to start the paperwork process at once to make him the boys' legal guardian and to be able to move them out of the state of New York. In the meantime he told the boys that they could stay at EC, if they so desired.
    Chris asked Mic to show the boys a bedroom for their stay at EC and he asked Jay to sit at the desk so that they could talk for a few more minutes. "Jay, I want you to cancel your reservations with the airlines, I will dispatch Pete to you for your return flight home. You not only have extra people to return to Tucson with, you will have their personal belongings. I am sending the local head of the FIS office to see you. He will need as much information on Brad's uncles as possible so that he can get the necessary court orders to enter their houses and remove the personal items that belong to those two boys. Is that agreeable with you?".
    "Dad, why do I always fuck up. I outed Brad in the hallway at school. It is always me that fucks up.".
    "Jay, listen to me, you did not fuck up this time. You are the hero that rescued two boys that were about to be at the mercy of their families. I think that from all that you have told me that they may be physically harmed if they return to their homes without an escort. I may be wrong, but Mic has a good detective force at his beck and call, he will uncover the truth of the matter before dinner time tomorrow. In the meantime I want you to return to Brad and Renéee, Brad has called me because he is worried about you. His call alerted me to what was happening there so that when you called I was a little bit prepared.
    "You are right about the boys being harmed if they return to their familes, Brad told me that this Alberto fellow is a mean drunk and that he beats the boy and his wife all of the time. Mic will get the facts on that and if we have too we will bring charges on behalf of Alby. Trejo has had a comfortable life, but his father will not allow him to live in his house any longer, he has two other young sons that he is thinking of. We both know that it is an irrational thought, but it is the common thinking of parents that their gay offspring will molest the other members of the home. You did right in taking the kids to EC, there they are safe while we investigate what is actually right for them.
    "Jay, I love you very much. I don't like to see you feeling guilty about saving two little boys from sure pain. Suck up your tears and go to the ones that love you and let me do the worrying.".
    "Thanks dad. You are always there for me and I know that you love me. I will cum to you when we return to Tucson. Maybe you can cum over to our house and spend the night with me and Brad?? we would like that very much." Chris said his farewells to our darling boy and sent him on his way. The two little guys are into each other so we will go spy on them while Jay returns across town to his family.

    Alby and Trejo were into each other, about four and a half inches. Both boys love to bottom for the other, but it was Alby that was taking it when we slipped into their room. Alby was on his back with his legs wrapped around Trejo's thighs and his arms around his lover's neck. The two boys were in a very passionate kiss as Trejo pumped himself into the only butt that he had ever been inside of. He loves his cousin with all of his heart and soul, and his cock and balls love their playground too. Trejo has a little more maturity than his younger cousin, his ball batter has gotten thicker and more plentiful. He discovered that his cum tastes better than Alby's and it tastes even better when he probes his lover in an ATM after they make love. Alby loves the feel of Trejo's tongue at his backdoor and he begs for his boyfriend to stroke him while he seeks all of the spent nectar that is available.
    Alby's ejaculations are strong and his emissions are getting more plentiful. He lets his licker know when he is about to climax and, like a good cocksucker, Trejo moves up to catch every drop of the juice of life that he can nurse from the pumping boi meat in his mouth. When Alby is drained he lets his legs fall to the bed to each side of his young love. Trejo moves up to lay on top of the smaller boy and they return to kissing each other until Alby is fully recovered and ready to take a ride on Trejo.
    Trejo loves to be fucked. He was fucking another boy at school in the seventh grade. The other boy was older and had a very large five inch cock that really stretched the virgin boy's world for him. The older boy was a user that only wanted his own release. In the beginning the boy had to almost force Trejo to suck his cock, after a short time Trejo was eager to suck it and get it wet for its trip into the his nether world. Trejo found out that he really liked to suck that big cock and taste the wonderful cream that ended their time together. When the older boy started fucking Trejo he missed the chance to get at that cream. It was after their second time that Trejo got enough courage to suck the older boy's cock after it had been in his ass. He learned if he placed a finger under the older boy's balls and applied pressure in a stroking move that the boy would stiffen up and give him a second load. Trejo felt that he was in heaven with two loads of that wonderful cock snot inside of him.

    We will leave the two guys to enjoy their first time of complete privacy and unlimited time to learn about boi sex and travel back to the Garcia house to observe the events that are unfolding there.
    Jay could hear the angry voice of Consuela Garcia as soon as he approached the front door of the Garcia home. He opened the door cautiously and looked around before entering. Brad's seventy three year old abuela was on her feet with her walker between her and her son's brother-in-law as she shook her finger in his face and told him that he had never been anything but a bum and a wife beater. She told him that the only good thing that he ever had he had just run off. She said that she wouldn't be surprised if the boy never returned to his home. Alberto Rodriguez came back with a statement that sent the entire family into total silence. "I don't got no fag kid and if that little shit ever comes near me of my house again I will shoot him on the spot. That goes for your kid as well," he said as he pointed to his own brother, Trinny and sister-in-law.
    Alberto grabbed his wife by the hand and literally dragged her out of her chair and out of the house. He tried to slam the door on his way out, but Ric was already at the door and put out his hand to catch it. Ric stood and watched as his brother-in-law drove away from the curb in a cloud of tire smoke and dust. He slowly shook his head at the scene and wished that things could be different, after all they were family. Trinny stepped past him and shook his hand, "I'm sorry about Al, you know how hot headed he gets with a few drinks in him," with that he and his wife and two younger sons left the house and headed for their car. Trinny and his family stopped in the middle of the yard and stared down the street. Ric and Carlos walked out to see what they were looking at. Two blocks away Alberto was sitting in his car with a lit up police car behind him. Everybody turned and went their own way.
    A sickly silence hung over the Garcia household in the aftermath until Consuela said that she was ready for a piece of the apple pie. Brad looked at Jay and shifted his eyes toward the staircase, the two boys rose and disappeared to Brad's old bedroom for the rest of the afternoon. Once alone Brad made Jay tell him what he had done with his two little cousins. He was relieved when he learned that Jay had talked to Chris Dickson and he told his lover that Chris was the man that could work everything out. Jay got a coy look on his face and said that he knew something that Brad could help him work out. Brad got up and removed his pants after he checked that both bedroom doors were securely locked. The boys fell to the bed and began to kiss passionately. Jay whispered into Brad's ear that he wanted to take it first. Brad was hard enough to drive through a six by six oak beam, he was certainly ready for his boyfriend.
    Their union didn't last very long, both boys were keyed up, but Brad seemed to have something bothering him. Jay tried to get Brad to tell him what was going on in his mind, but Brad only turned his head away. Finally Brad said something that Jay seldom hears from his lover, "Fuck me. Fuck me hard and from the back. Hurt me, Jay, make me know that you have been inside of me in the hardest way that you can." Brad hardly ever uses the "F" word and almost never in the context that he just had. There was something going on that Jay wanted to know about. He knew that Brad would tell him in his own time and meanwhile he would be there for his best friend of more than seven years.
     Brad turned to his stomach and moved his knees up under himself so that his shoulders were flat on the bed and his head was turned to the left. He didn't say another word, he just used his hands to spread his butt cheeks apart. Jay could not believe what was happening with his boyfriend as he moved into position only to have Brad shove himself backwards impaling himself fully on Jay's very large manhood. Brad got his point across without words as he violently met Jay's every thrust with a forceful thrust of his own. Jay decided to give Brad what he wanted and began to pound away. Jay sort of enjoyed riding Brad as fast and as hard as he was going, but he was crying as he thought about how much he was hurting him.
    At long last both boys reached their end. Brad let his legs straighten out as Jay fell on top of his back. After a few seconds Brad began to realize that it was not Jay's sweat that was running down his neck and dripping onto the bed under his chin. He turned his head so that he could see, Jay was almost asleep and he had the most twisted face that he had ever seen on the love of his life. He slowly moved out from underneath Jay and turned to face him. When his arms went around the younger member of the couple Jay's eyes opened a bit. "You should know, I guess," Brad told him. "It is uncle Alberto… Jay, he is going to hurt Alby, bad. He is mean, but he is meaner when he is drunk.".
    "Alby and Trejo are safe. I took them over to that mansion where we got married. I called dad from there and he has that lawyer friend of his that lives there doing papers to get the boys into school. Your uncle won't be able to find Alby and even if he does the boys are safe with dad's security people around them.".
    Brad just looked at his boyfriend… no, husband. He had not thought of Jay as his husband in many months, what with the pressures of the store and everything else. He knew that he had just hurt the one he loves and that should never have happened.
    "So what happened while I was gone that makes you think that Alberto will hurt his son?" Brad went into the story that ended with his abuela on her feet and shaking her finger in the man's face, Jay had seen that and he wondered what had led to that happening. Alberto had gone off on Ric and Carlos as he told everyone how his future brother-in-law had sucked his dick when he was fourteen and when he was fifteen how both brothers had fucked him for more than a year. Brad told Jay that he should be proud of his mother, Em looked at the drunken man and told him that he must have enjoyed himself to take it for a year and then never telling anyone about it until now, more than twenty years later. That led to a shouting match and Alberto called Jay every gay name that he could think of. Consuela had heard enough and she had the final word, that was what Jay had heard when he returned to his father-in-law's house.

    Friday was quiet in the Garcia household. After breakfast Jay and Brad went over to Emily Adam's house and had brunch with her and Jay's grandfather, Seth. Jay took his husband, wife, and children shopping and drove around Albany looking over many of their favorite old haunts. They ran into a few old schoolmates when they went to the mall. Jay was proud to show off his wife and kids and Brad showed off his strikingly good looking young son. When asked Brad just told his friends that he and Lou were separated at the current time. Those that knew Louise could believe that, 'She just wasn't the motherly type, was she?'.
    Saturday afternoon, after attending their old church with their families, the boys went to Empire Canal to see Brad's young cousins and learn what was happening with them. Fedor met them at the door and told them that dad wanted to talk to them at three o'clock, local time. That was the first time that they had thought of the time difference between New York and Arizona. They played video game with the youngsters and were able to hold their own with Jay actually winning a couple of games.
    At three everyone gathered in Chris's office so that they could see and talk to him on the large video array. Chris told them that he had the report from his investigators. Mic and two FIS Captains had photographed Alby's bruises and turned them over the the city prosecutor's office, charges were being prepared against Alberto Rodriguez. His wife had filed charges after she was beaten on their return home from Thanksgiving dinner at the Garcia house. She had told the investigators that she was going to file for divorce for the years of abuse from her husband. She also told anyone that would listen that she had no son, he was dead to her, forever, she had quickly signed the papers that Mic had prepared for her to grant Chris guardianship.
    Chris told the four boys that he was sending flying Peter to them. Pete is known as flyboy now, but when he first joined the family at Christmas time in 2004 he was flying Peter. He was sleeping with Chris in those days when Cory was a kid, like them.
    Sunday morning the Emily. and Seth Adams along with the entire membership of both Garcia households shared the breakfast buffet at the Golden Corral located at 1901 Central Ave in Albany, NY. By the time that the young folks had to leave for the FI Security hanger at the airport they were more than full of the plentiful food that had been available to them. Brad and Jay had talked to Chris on their cell phones and told him that they would bring him a large container of the chipped dried beef and a half a dozen biscuits. Chris told them that he wanted to thank them for thinking of him, but that the gravy would be old and crusty and the biscuits would be as hard as hockey pucks by the time that they could get them to him. He told them to just eat another large helping each for him. They both gagged at the thought of putting another bite of food into the mouths.
    The small children clung to their grandmothers and didn't want to go fly anywhere that they couldn't go with them. Jay showed his skills as a father when he told Jaybee and BJ that we would take them out for an ice cream when they got back to Tucson. The little ones bought it and ran to find their jump seats aboard FI-2, which Bryan and Mike strapped them securely into. The flight home took less time aboard Chris's private plane than the flight east aboard a commercial carrier. The time traveling to the airport was the biggest time saver, add to that fact that they did not have to go through security screening or baggage pick-up.
    The flight was the first time that Alby and Trejo had never been in an airplane and they wanted to walk around. Jay winked at Brad and went to sit with the two younger guys for a few minutes. Both boys were giggling and looking at Renéee. She caught on to what Jay must have told the boys and nodded her head toward the restrooms at the rear of the plane. Both boys quietly sneaked away, but the noise that they made in the restroom was a bit of a tell tale of what they were doing. When it was clear what the two had done Brad called Jimmy Watkins and told him that he had two Flying Golden Pole Pins to award later that evening.
    Brad and Jay are back at their home in Tucson and Alby along with his boyfriend, Trejo are living in Chris's house across the street from BAW. As things rush toward the annual Christmas holiday gathering of all of Chris's school we will go and take a long rest so that we can be ready for anything else that Carl Dickson has for us to do for him.

    Of major concern to us in this story is the declining health of our benefactor, Carl Dickson. Carl is very ill and is now moving into a Hospice. Of course if he dies we will die with him. I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much we have enjoyed sharing our story with you and we wish you health and prosperity in your life.
    We have made arrangements for you to be advised of any changes in Carl's situation. Our hope is that the person to whom that effort has been entrusted will be able to send you this final message.