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Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a SAFE home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm
A tidy quote from chapter 137
"titles belong on books, not people"© Carl Dickson–2007

Disclaimer: The ongoing saga of Traveler© is pure fiction. This entire fantasy is the result of one man's mind. That mind may need help or praise depending on the attitude of the reader. All readers reporting to this author have, to date, heaped praises on his head. However, there are those in the world's society that see this story, and others of its venue, as pornography and feel that it has no purpose other than to excite or arouse sexual deviants around the world. Our contention is that this story is being written for adults only. Each episode of this story carries its own disclaimer prohibiting minors from attempting to read it. We have no way of policing who reads our story and God help the world should that day arise where our personal choices are legislated to us.
If you are underage then please don't read any further. As it is your childhood and your innocense will be gone before you know it, so enjoy it while you still can.

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys, It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children. If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away.
If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story.
Life doesn't always work out like a story. The characters, places, and incidents in this story either are purely the imagined images of non-existent entities or used fictitiously. Any similarity to any person living, dead, or yet to come, business establishments, events, or locales is purely coincidental.
This story is copyrighted 2005-2006-2007-2008-2009-2010-2011-2012© It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

These dickless ones don't deserve listing, but so that you know who they are I mention them here.
Nineteen year old Sherl Cravens had been a nine year old victim of the movie makers. When she grew up she told Margaret Peters and Sally Anderson, the ladies from the two child care centers, how they could make some really big money. They dressed the youngsters in their care for stardom and posed them for Tiffany and her cameras. All three women will have time to think of ways that they could have spent that money as they look at the world from a five by seven cell for twenty five years.

My name is Carl Dickson. I have many stories appearing in this forum including the supporting stories of the Traveler©. It has been my great honor to work closely with young Chris Dickson as he has penned his story, but now he has come to me with a proposal. I have been given the most amazing assignment of my life. Chris Dickson has engaged me to interview each of the people that are a part of his story Traveler©. Of course our interviews with the boys will be up close and personal because you, the reader, want all of the facts that I can give you concerning each and every one of them. I am sorry, there is one thing that I can not share with you and that is the actual taste and feel of their young hard cocks as they demonstrate to me exactly the way that Chris prefers to have them use them when the two of them are together. I will be as descriptive as possible so I would advise those of the readers that have come this far that this narrative will include a few of the sexiest sex scenes between man and boy that I, in my own right, am capable of putting on paper.
   No one knows for sure what makes one person homosexual and the next hetrosexual. These differences are even found amongst identical twin brothers, which goes a long way to disproving environment. However a recent press release seems to cast a bit of support to the environment side. It seems that "intersex" fish, that is fish with both male and female characteristics, have been found in the Potomac River and its tributaries, raising questions about how contaminants are affecting millions of people who drink tap water. I have often heard Chris tell his boys that one problem or another was because of the water. The biggest problem Chris has with water is that which is used to make ice which some people insist on putting in his mixed drinks. That water seems to cause hangovers. Now he has scientific evidence to back his statement.—see Associated Press release, September 7, 2006.
   This will be a fairly long narrative so I suggest that you either plan to have plenty of lubrication and material to clean up with.—Best scenario would be to have a tight human orifice around your organ thereby precluding any external clean up.—I would suggest that you may wish to take this in stages, unless you are of exceptional stamina . Multiple orgasms are extremely fun, but can be painful for several days afterward if precautions are not taken so as not to harm oneself.
   Thus being said let us begin. My task was to interview each young man, but for your ease in reading I have listed each person's story in alphabetical order by first name. For the sake of total confusion I have placed my introdutory comments inside of the box at the beginning of each lads story. My comments within the narrative will be in BOLD ITALICS. I hope that you can get around it.
   Some characters were originally introduced in other stories then migrated to Traveler©. I have tried to remember to let you know that. You may want to read the other story to get more background on one cute hunk or another.
   You may use the point and click links in the table above to go directly to the story of a particular character. At the end of each section you will find a link that will return you to the top of the page.
Since the semi-retirement of Carl Dickson I have taken over writing the updates to this index as well as writing the main story. Some of the comments in this yellow box were Carl's initial remarks, but as new boys came to my family I have added the remarks. That seems to make it difficult for some readers because of the lack of continuity. I apologize and will have Jimmy set to work on editing this problem as his time permits.
Love ya,
Chris Dickson

On your mark, get set, let's stroke.
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Aaron Mason James for more details see Blues Club
DOB: 1974 Stats: "Were he to walk down the street naked and boned his cock would come around the corner long before he would."Ryan Miller– Blues
His name means
Aaron grew up with a group of neighborhood boys that were inseparable. They gathered at each other's houses daily and spent most weekend nights on group sleep overs. As puberty began to reshape their young bodies the boys began to experiment with each other, sexually. By the time they were fully into puberty oral sex was common place. The home of Randy Koch was their favorite gathering place for their activities. By the time the boys were in their teens they had began to call themselves the Blue Balls which eventually became the Blues Club.
   I am an English teacher at Woodrow Wilson Highschool. I have…well so many of Chris's boys in my class that I have lost count. Let me go back to when I was in highschool in these same halls of learning and when I met Chris. Chris was a leader, he was the kind of kid that other's looked up too. I would give anything just to get him to notice me. He was a year head of me so I thought my chances were slim and none. Well our paths crossed and I am so glad that they did. We had a common friend, Randy Koch. Don't tell me, I was one of the kids with a juvenile mind that liked to tease the guy, and we never let up on him. Randy lived next door to the Dickson family. Lisa Graham lived to the west and Chris on the east. Well, Randy and I got to be really good friends in middle school and I started hanging at his house. I got to see Chris nearly everyday. We played ball, rode bikes, all the things that pre-teens did.
   There were six boys, all the same age, living within a few blocks of each other. We had started in kindergarten together and had the same class together all the way through elementary school. As we got old enough our parents let us ride our bikes as a pack to and from school This gave us time to get together and plot mischief. By the third grade we were having sleep overs. Randy's house was huge with a basement that was cool in the summer and comfortable in the winter, that is where we met several times each week. As boys do, we started playing naked games in that basement early on. I think that I was in the fourth grade when somebody took someone else's cock in his mouth. Before the evening was over we were all doing it to everybody.
   As we grew older we discovered just what a great game we were playing. We heard the older boys talk about blue balls and we thought that would be a great name for our club. Our parents were so naïve that they did not believe that we actually knew the what our name meant. By the time we began to shoot we knew full well what it meant. Two or more of us were in the basement sucking each other's cocks every day. I have to admit that I loved doing it and I would suck at least two guys everyday. They all liked to let me do it and they always sucked me, but they didn't always get any cum. I wanted more from them, but I cumed out early.
   Randy brought a kid named Ryan Miller to a party on New Years of, I think it was like '89. For some reason Bobby Feldman fucked Ryan, I guess Randy and his brother, Robby had already fucked him. That started a whole new era for us. By then we were all fifteen or sixteen and we were randy ourselves.
   By the time I hit highschool Chris was a sophomore. He walked up to me the first day of highschool and wrapped his strong arms around me. He told me that if I needed anything at all to tell him, he was going to watch over me. Well of course by that time my dick suffered from the teenage malady of constant erection. Chris had centered himself into the main feature of my fantasies, of course he did not know that.
   Chris was too old to hang with us children, but we all liked to look at him. He had a five meter high board at his large back yard pool, he was a perfect diver. I remember once watching him at the ten year old and under competition where he walked away with first place in every event. In his own pool he always swam nude and he would most always have at least two pairs of eyes hiding in the bushes, or up in Randy's tree house, watching him. I know Chris now and I think of all the time we wasted by not going up to him and asking to be friends. He was always surrounded by older dudes that intimidated us so we stayed away.
   Randy's dad had an old man staying with his family, we all knew that the guy was queer. He always told us that when he got in our pants we would be the happiest boys in town. One night we got some boys from other schools that we knew to come over for a party. Chris was staying with Randy while his parents were out of town and Charley was watching the two of them. Charley let us have some beer, nothing else, but with sixteen year old boys that had no experience with any kind of alcohol that was enough. Bobby had a big dick and he pulled it out and waved it at Charley, he told the old man that he was a lot of talk. He was always saying he wanted in our pants, well here we were. Charley proved that he was a fag, he sucked every boy there, several times, all night long.
   I learned that Chris was really fighting with gay thoughts so that night he just let go. He had not had any beer or anything, but he looked at that old man's cock and just went down on it. Charley had to teach him how to do it, but he wouldn't pull off. Charley paired us off and we sucked each other, we were an even number so there was always someone to suck Charley. We had a ball, at least two at a time, right in our young faces. By seven o'clock six of us had taken a dick up our asses. We had discovered this on our own before, but it was just in our group. Now we were fucking everybody. I counted and I got fucked eleven times that night. Charley spread my legs wide, but I had watched Chris get fucked by the old man three times and if he could do it I would, I wanted to do anything that Chris did.
   Yes, I still hold a torch for him. He loves boys and he has a houseful of them, but I love it when he has a party and I can get off with him for a ride on his monster pole. Some of his kids came to me about being a sponsor for their GLBT group that they wanted to start at our school, I didn't hesitate. If we had such a group maybe we could stop some of problems that several boys and a few girls had suffered in my past.
   A couple of years ago I found out that our old burger and soda hangout was in trouble. I met Chris there and got him to talking about old times. Before the night was over I had so much of his cum in me that I was sloshing as I walked, and I wasn't walking well either, that guy is a butt stretcher. He bought the burger joint and made it the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß meeting hall. He kept the old man that ran the burger place on to fix the best old fashioned burgers and malts for a whole new generation.
   My current love life? Well, that part of my life is kind of private. It's no secret that I live with my college roommate and former Blues Cluber. Dr. William Theodore Hamm and his young son. Yeah, he has a Hamm Bone, I guess that he has a boyfriend that lives with Chris and he calls him Boner. Father and son are in serious contention with Chris, as far as the length of their major weapon. Will quit growing right at a wonderfully fulfilling nine inches that gives me such a full feeling. The young Hamm Bone is fourteen now and has mighty sweet seven. I haven't done him, I promised Will I wouldn't, but damn that boy makes my mouth water.
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Abel Thornton for more details see Pat and Me
DOB: Stats: 13
His name means BREATH
The son of Dr. Tip Thornton, an old friend of Chris's.
Chris has accepted the boy as a new student to BAW for the fall of 2008 term.
   "Hi, I'm like and me and Pat been like buds since we was little. So like dad said, "Boys, what do you know about sex?" and we didn't know nothing 'cept that is was nasty and we would go to hell in a handbasket if we did nothing."
   So dad he goes like, "Have either of you boys ever touched each other's penises?"
   "Ew, no dad, that would be sick. I think a kid at school did that and they said he is gay." But now Pat and me do it and we like it so we must be gay, but I love Pat so it is okay and we can go to hell together and play with each other all the time."
Abe and Pat are a very cute couple.
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Adama Leighton Meeker
DOB: Dec 13,1990 Stats: 15
A nice uncut 6" cock gives this 5' 5" boy a nice handle, or lollipop.
His name means EARTH
Adam and Turner Youngman had shared mutual j.o. sessions before Turner ran away to find Tyler. When Turner got back home all hell came down in Adam's house and he found himself living in California. After a time he was sent to a group home that was visited by Chris and the family at Christmas time of 2005. Adam saw Turner in the group of visitors and set about arranging to live with his old neighbor. Chris took Adam back to Arizona and the two boys became a lovely couple.
   What's to tell? I'm cute and you're queer. You want to do me and I want you to do me, anything, but up in me, got it? I choose who does that and when. I found out that I really like sucking cock and cum is about the best thing that a guy can get from a true friend. I think that when two guys share their cum with each other they are showing that they care about how each other feels. I mean if some dude wants to get sucked, but won't suck in return he is an ass hole out for himself and could care less about others. But when a guy goes down on me and takes the time to make me happy then he is doing it because he does care. I would rather sixty nine some young fine dude with a big cock than anything else I can think of. Older guys like you, I don't care if you do me, if the guy's clean and not too ugly I'll do him just to show that I'm not an ass.
   If you want to get naked I'll get on top and fuck your mouth for you and you can finger fuck me while I pull your cum out of your toes, I expect you to eat my ass afterwards to make it feel better after you stretch it all out with your rough hands. No, I wasn't always like this, I was a normal little kid.
   We moved into this new house and Turner lived next door, I stayed over at his house one night and we looked at each other's dicks and I liked the look of his. I reached out and touched him, he flinched, but he let me keep on, he liked it. He touched me and then we turned around so that we each had a dick in our face. We began to jack each other off. I loved the long skin that Turner had, I had never seen anyone else with an uncut cock.We sucked, then jacked each other off all night. I got off four times, but Turner, he managed six. I fell asleep, but Turner woke me up bouncing the bed when he jacked off one more time. From that night on I dreamed about what I could do with a boy. I jacked off everyday until I learned how to shoot. I always thought about doing it with another boy.
   Turner's mom died and he was gone somewhere for a long time, but when he got back in Chris's big Traveler I went over to him and we got to be really close, he had learned a lot while he was gone and we had a lot of fun the rest of that year and all summer. Just after school started up in the tenth grade all hell broke loose in my house.
   I tried to defend Seth, he's my older brother. Turner liked sucking his big cock, but Seth is an ass hole who only wants to get off and just sucked on Turner a little bit, but when Seth cummed then he quit, but that left me to suck Turner which I liked to do anyway. Our mother caught Seth in a compromising position with his best friend. I was nearly hysterical as mother beat on Seth and I ended up outing myself and Turner in the process. Seth and I packed everything in the house into a rental trailer and were on the road out of Tucson by three thirty in the morning.
   We were not allowed to contact anyone. Mother yanked the phone from the wall when I went to call and say goodbye to Turner. The following afternoon we were at our aunt's house in Fullerton. My aunt had, unknowingly, been married to a homosexual man for eight years. She questioned his lack of a normal sex drive in that he would only have anal sex with her, or have her fellate him, he told her he did not want children. When the shit hit the fan she was glad to be childless. Her husband is serving seventy two years as a guest of the state of California, over at Chino for continued sexual molestation of nine boys, aged twelve to seventeen at the time of the arrest.
   Mother and aunt Mettie were going to "Set us boys straight or kill us trying." They actually made us watch pornographic movies of lesbians and straight sex, but had found someone to doctor the pictures so that no penises would be seen. We were made to read romance novels from the masculine perspective so that we would learn how to approach a girl.
   Seth managed to smuggle one of the tapes out of the house and gave it to his school counselor and told her how we had to watch those films every night. We were put into a shelter and mother and her sister were brought up on charges of providing pornography to minors. During the trial Seth turned eighteen and as soon as mother was sent to prison for two years he left town.
   I was being abused in the group home as the other kids learned that I was gay. I got sent to this house where Mitch Gordon was asked if he could take me in. It was almost Christmas time and this bunch of people from Tucson were coming to visit. I saw Turner's new dad first, he had brought Turner home after he ran away to find Tyler. Then I saw Turner and I ran to Mitch to ask if we could go talk to them about me going back to Tucson. Now I, little Adam Meeker, am a member of the greatest family on the face of the earth. I have many boyfriends and many many great brothers whom I love dearly. Chris is still trying to locate Seth, he says that when they find out where he was he has already left.
An update: Adam spotted his brother, Seth Meeker, in the crowd that had gathered on the beach behind cliff house for the weddings. I told Adam to bring Seth to me and then I asked the boy to join his brother and attend college in Tucson.
Adam and Turner Youngman are togather as a couple. Adam plays with others, often.
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Adin Бажуков—Adin Bazhukov
His name means Delicate
Adin is the son of a Russian war hero. He was caught with an older man in his village. The man was beaten to death by the other men of the village and Adin was cast out.
   "I walked over one hundred kilometers to Moscow. I was alone and sleeping in the doorway of an old building when the police found me. They took me to this man that had me do sex and things with him or I couldn't get any food.
   "An American by the name of Chris came and put the bad man in jail and he bought a large building then turned it into the school where I am now going. I love this school and I am learning a lot there."
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Adrian Jeftichew
Stats: 21
His name means DARK
Both Adrian and his father were falsely imprisoned when an incompetent investigator decided that it had to be the two of them that had violated thirteen year old Fedor.
Not only did Chris push for all records of the false arrest be expunged, he also secured fifty thousand dollars, cash, for the pair for false imprisonment.
Pytor and Adrian Jeftichew were freed with no record, anywhere of what had happened. I even had a check for the father and brother from the state. They had each been offered fifty thousand dollars for lost wages and suffering for their one year ordeal. I suggested that they accept the money. To try to get more would only mean years of pain where the entire story would be played out in public by the news media. For Fedor's sake they should not do that. Fedor had already been gang raped because of the false story. That made both older men cry and hold the boy closer.
   "I was in prison for molesting my thirteen year old brother, I never touched Fedor, I would never touch Fedor. I was in love with Jessie and he is the only guy that I ever messed with, but they wouldn't believe me.
   "One day this guard comes up to me and tells me to pack my shit that I have been released. I stood there in shock because I had twenty years to serve, but he told me that if I didn't move it that he had a nice dark cell for me, but that I couldn't stay there no more, I moved it.   "I was taken to this one place where I met with my dad who had also been released and we answered hundreds of questions then we went to see Chris. I could not believe that man and what he did for us. I tried living in Tucson, but I missed Albany and Chris offered to let us live at his big house here so here we are and I have never been happier in my life."
   Our young attorney, Michael Salzburg, had worked very hard to clear Pytor Jeftichew, and his son Adrian of the charges of illicit sexual activities with Fedor and now was the time to reunite the family. A few properly yanked chains and Mic found himself moved to head up the office for the Doggs of Warr in Albany, New York.
   I had to beg and plead with Mic and Pytor to move into Empire Canal and have Pytor take over the duties of caretaker there. I kicked a few cogs loose in the slow moving gears and was able to get both Adrian and Jessie enrolled in the spring classes at SUNY at Albany. Fedor would attend BAG Boys and would have to live on the campus, but he would be able to take a bus down to stay with his father on weekends.
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The name means Fawn Ugitsiha's mother and the mother-in-law of our hero, Quis.
Gvnigetsuli speaks only Tsalagi to his mother and her family, he calls Fawn Elisi–grandmother.
As if the family did not have enough to do to prepare for their trip to see the young Queeing seated upon a real throne, and not one made of porcelain, Quis received a phone call that crushed him to bits. This wonderful lady met with a freak accident and died.
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Aimé Caïn
Aimé Caïn lives in a virtual palace of his own in an established part of the old city of Nice. I have checked and no one knows the man's true name, aimée means much loved. All records that I could find showed the sixty year old fat man with that name. I believe that his last name has to be his birth name, nobody would name himself as a treacherous person. The name may be a form of the Biblical name of Cain, but records indicate it as being hundreds of years old and the home where he lived had been in the Caïn family for four hundred years.
This slime was passing himself off as the head of the school that boys around Europe had heard of. He trained the boys to service men with sexual favors then smuggled them into Russia via Kiev. It was several days after the family returned to Tucson that Chris learned that Aimé was in Kiev to oversee the training of new boys, Rusty and Ronnie Cramer.
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"Rocky" Allen Bertwald Bowers
DOB: Aug 24, 1988 Stats: 18
5.75" of uncut meat that is 5.25" around
His name means HANDSOME
Rocky to his close friends, has dark blond hair with, but his pit hair is almost non-existent. Al is cut, his glans is an alarming angr,y red when excited. His cock is millimeters longer than Greg's uncut cock at five and three quarter inches. He is a decent mouthful with a good five and a quarter inch girth.
Chris was on his way to New York for a series of court trials. On the way he and the boys stopped over in Akron, Ohio where he found himself snowed in with ten horny boys and nothing to do, but stay in the motel room–it's a rough life, but somebody has to live it. Dinner was served by two young college students that were studying naked boy butts as they served. Chris wanted personal service and he expected the cream.
   An excerpt from an e-mail from this boy and his boyfriend:
Nad:   Daddy , We love you with all of our hearts. It is hard to believe that you swept into our lives a month ago and changed us forever. Rocky is so much more than I ever dreamed that he would be. I have had my fantasies about him for almost four years, he has kept my tiny buddy so very happy on a daily basis and more often.
Rocky:   Nad is the hot one, daddy. My boy is the best thing that has ever happened to me. You showed us that it was okay to love each other and I really believe that Nad fantasizes that it is you he is making out with sometimes. I can tell, we will be laying there sucking on each other's cocks and finger fucking each other's butts when all of a sudden his cock gets super hard and he attacks me with super filled lust.
Nad:   Shit man, Rocky does the same to me. I get to playing with his prostate and he fucks my mouth as if I were the best piece he ever had. He makes me feel his love then he demands that I fuck the living shit out of him. I only wish that I could reach inside him the way you and Cory do.
   Rocky is too much of a gentleman to tell me that I have my short comings and can't quite reach his best parts. He pretends to love what I do for him.
Rocky:   Like Nad doesn't? He grabs me and breathes hard as he tells me how much he loves me and what a wonderful lover I am and all of that. I know he wants it deeper and with more stretch.
Nad:   No fucking way. I can do without the stretch and the way Rocky plays my prostate I don't need any more length. Big cocks are really not all that, if you know what I mean. I love your huge cock, but it is not the size that you have that moves me, it is the way you move in me that lights my fire. Okay, so you only fucked me once and Cory fucked me once, but that one fucking will always be remembered.
Rocky and Nad are a solid couple. They reside at the βφτ house.
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"Alec" Alexander Dillon Thomas
DOB: Sep 20, 1990 Stats: 14;
cut cock six inches long; 5'5", but he only carried a 102#s on his thin legs.
His name means
Chris met the Thomas family on his first trip after Charley died. When the boy's mother died his father brought the boys to Tucson, they both moved in with Chris where they remain at this writing.
When Alec was sixteen he had a steady girlfriend with whom he had to have sex in order to determine who he was. He had a scare that turned him back to boys, she told him he was going to be a daddy. Fortunately it was a false alarm.
    Chris? What can I say about Chris? I met Chris while we were on vacation in Yosemite National Park. Chris parked this huge motor home next to our little Pace Arrow, we could put our RV inside Traveler and still have room to party. Chris had just met Turner and Tyler, two of the cutest brothers you ever did see. They were up in the woods to fuck and suck each other as much as they could. The boys showed Trey and me a thing or two and Chris turned my old man on, big time. For the next two months mom was sick then she died and dad wanted to go live with Chris and get fucked every night. Trey and I thought that was funny, but then dad told us that he knew we were fucking every night, why shouldn't he. He was right, of course so here we are. I didn't know my dad was like that, (he swished his wrist).
   Trey had just come to live with us and mom and dad wanted us to really get close and become like real brothers.She didn't know how close we really were already. I was a kid, Trey was my cousin and he was or, shit he is, gay. He and I kind of, like, you know, messed around with each other every time we got close to one another. I sorta liked it I guess, but it was kinda gross too. So this one time his mother catches him doin it and she like throws him out. My dad is his uncle and he takes Trey into live with us. Well once in the house Trey is sucking my cock every night. I mean, hey, I'm a guy and I get horny and I's like fourteen then and I can't just let him do me all the time without, you know, ah, well, I had to help him out too. I mean fair is fair, right? So then Trey goes. "put it up in me." Now that I liked. I could close my eyes and see a girl and I would get so boned that I fucked him every time I could.
   Well my mother died and dad just couldn't stand to live in the old house. His job was kind of sucky, but he found out that he could go where Chris lived and he could make more money with the same company. They couldn't get anybody to stay there or something. Trey and I moved in with Chris and dad got him a boyfriend. So I'm like, okay.
   There were other boys at Chris's house and they all messed around then one day Chris said that he should spend the night with just me. Chris told me that I wasn't gay that I just went along and when the right girl winked at me then I would leave Trey. That made me cry because I really love Trey, but when he told me that he was fucking me. Now I know the other boys talk about Chris fucking them, but what he does when he does it is so different than anything else than what anyone else does. I wanted him to fuck me, I wanted him to fuck me again and again. I have gotten into bed with him so many times now, I can't get enough of his fucks. And now I like it when Trey fucks me, I had never let him do it before, but Chris got him in bed with the two of us and he worked with Trey and taught him how to do it. He taught me too. I got up in Trey and Chris had his face right in my balls telling me just what to do.
   Trey and I sorta split up, oh we're still great friends, but we just found somebody else that we could be with. I was the main problem in that I just wasn't happy with the way things were going in my life and I thought that I needed girls to make me happy. Evan was into cross dressing and wearing makeup so I moved in with him, he was okay, but I still wanted a real girl, or so I thought. I had this girl at school a few weeks ago, she kind of made it so that I had to do it.
   When it came time to get it on I chickened out, but then I really wanted to do it. We dated for a long time and she took me to meet her mother who liked to push the Bible into our faces. Finally she wanted to do it more than I did. I closed my eyes and pretended it was Evan, but it just didn't feel right, and she didn't smell like Evan. I like his smell, she smelled sweet. I am gay, at least for now. I am only sixteen and I have time to work things out and I do, everyday with Evan. Yeah, we're a couple. We don't mess around too much, but sometimes…and if Chris says to come to his room we run. We both love it with him.
Alec and Evan Anson Dickson are a solid couple
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"Lexy" Alex Smith Introduced to you in What Movies
DOB: Stats: 14, 5'6", 130#s
His name means
Alex and Dwane didn't like the way their football coach talked down to everybody. He called the players girls and sissies, but when he called the two boys pansies they knew that they could not respect the man. They talked to Mr. Wern about their options, he called me and I interviewed the boys. They have both been accepted as day students at BAW.
Ajex and Dwane Wern live together with their fathers.
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Alexandre Dumoît
DOB: Nov 14,1993 Stats: 15
His name means
Chris first met this youngster aboard his small one hundred and thirty foot yacht, Voyageur Marin. Athos had brought eight boys aboard to serve the powerful men that Chris had to sit down with as he laid out his plans to end the reign of Murat al-Hadi; aka: Count Sighisoara Corvin—Seigy.
   Alex and Jourdain Lobb were attending a competition for young muscians around Europe. It was the first time that the youngsters had ever been in Vienna, Austria so they took a tour with two friends that they had made that came from England
   The four boys were kidnapped from off of the streets and held captive before being rescued by Athos and his men. Athos turned the boys over to Chris to take home to Tucson where their musical talents were quickly recognized.
   Alex and Casey Montgomery sang a piece from Puccini's Madame Butterfly to a rousing applause that lifted their young hearts.
Colin tells us, "Brice, Casey, Elliot, Eugene, Joshua, Sergé, Alexandre and Jourdain ended up chained to beds at a training farm in France where we just got close and held onto each other and cried all night. The next morning this big old fat bastard came in to wake us up, he peed on us, I mean he stood at the foot of the bed and peed all over us. He was talking in some nother language that I didn't know," but this one kid told us that it was Greek and that I was going to learn how to take a big dick up my ass. I had been told that I would have to fuck anybody that they told me too or I could not have anything to eat, I was so fucking hungry I would have fucked a bear."
Fifteen year old Alexandre is spending time with fourteen year old Eugene Connolly
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Alexei Putin from Paul Walker's story
Stats: 15
His name means DEFENDER
When four assissins tried to take Chris in the dungeons of Cullen's castle Alexei stepped forth and began to question them in perfect Russian. Chris saw the value that the boy could offer in an instant and began talks with his father.
When Chris made a trip to Russia in August of 2008 he took Alexei and his father, Boris, with him. It was one of his better choices of traveling companions because with the help of both father and son he was able to reach all age groups easily and established schools at St. Petersburg as well as in Moscow itself.
Alexei and Keith are a solid couple.
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Alexio Osequeda
DOB: Stats: 16, 5'6", 110#s
His name means DEFENDER
Chris rescued this boy and his brother, Andru, from a boy fight club in Mexico. The boy is a U.S. citizen and asked to attend BAW
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Alfred Gan
DOB: Oct 9, 1996 Stats: 12, 4' 3", 61#s
His name means ELF COUNSEL
A classmate of Rodney and Dane, this little fellow needed help. He was being raised by his grandmother, but her health was worsening. She talked to the school and they recommended Chris to her.
Chris spent several days with the boy, away from the school and the family. He wanted to know where the boy stood on homosexual matters. The subject never was broached to the grandmother, but Alfred felt as if he could be around a bunch of fags, as long as they didn't try to mess with him. He awakened Rodney when he began to suck the sleeping boy's dick. He is now a happy fairy himself.
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Alim Dickson
DOB: 1990 Stats: 17
His name means WISE
A son of Murat that had been marked for death. Chris first encountered this little fellow as he rested over before the final leg of his trip to the mountain castle of Murat.
   Alim said, "Ibrahim told us our father takes young boys to his bed, but he is afraid for his western wife to find out so he kills the boy afterwards."
   I asked Alim if he thought that this was true. he began to cry. Basil, the brave, moved to hold his brother, "It is true sir, only it is worse. He serves the boy to the family for dinner the next day." I ended this whole scene right then and there. I got down on the floor and pulled the boys close. I made eye contact with each boy and told them that their bodies were their own. I told them that no one could ever touch them again without their agreement. I told them that sex is a sign of love that one person has for another and to just have sex because their dick was hard was wrong. I told them that if they ever had sex with anybody that did not want them to that I would make them move away, forever.
   I cain not beliff how I am so lucky to be here. I am so happy, like I neffer were happy before. First there were Kardal and he tooken me to Athos who give to me food and bed and he tell me that great man was to come from American and that he would give to me home and sent me to school. When I sat Chris I cried, my brothers, they cry too cause we are so happy.
   I tell to Chris that my sperm maker he going to kill me cause I old to take his throne, I no want his throne, I want to liff and be happy. I now liff in big house with many brothers that are not of my blood, but I love them all and wilt protect them wiff my life forever and I will all waze love Chris.
Seventeen year old Mark surprised everybody when he moved in with seventeen year old Alim during the family's Christmas vacation trip to Tulsa.
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Fritz Allenrod
Stats: 16 with the body of a jock, firm, chiseled, and buff. Fritz Allenrod, Joseph Jefferies, Thane Crampton Jr., and Tad Halstrom. All four boys have known that they were gay since they were in the eighth grade together. All four boys wanted to play football in New York, but after watching BAG Boys play they weren't too sure. Each of them decided to move to Tucson and join a winning team.
They were good. They showed that they knew how to play several different ball games and were each given a full ride scholarship to college.
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Alonso is the contractor that operates the laser cutting system that Chris used to cut a tunnel between his house and granite house and later BAW. Andy also used the man's company to cut a tunnel from the school to base A.
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Alvin Cline
DOB: Stats: 14
His name means ELF FRIEND
Sitting on the bathroom lavatory was a girl who was not equipped like a girl. A very well endowed young man sat with his ass in the lavatory. He had the handle of an electric toothbrush in his hand and he was fucking himself like a horny teenager.
With his hair cut and the make-up removed from his face this boy turned out to be a fine looking lad.
Alvin is my first cousin, the son of an aunt that I never knew about. With a hungry butt like he had I knew that he had to become a part of my life, as often as possible.
   I learned a lot about my family by talking to my paternal grandmother for the first time in my life. I had been an infant the last time that I saw her. I learned that I had an aunt, a sister of my dad and of Carl. That was news to me. The sad part of the news was that the aunt was a drug addict. I thought of Cory's mother and knew that I had to care for her two sons.
   She had died, leaving two sons for her aging mother to raise. The old woman was not of good health and would not live to see the boys reach adulthood. I knew my duty and I was more than willing to take it on as I took both of my cousins into my house as part of my family.
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Amadahy Conwaya%ch
His name means
Amadahy, Gigage, Onacona, and Gynigeyona. Steven said, "They are from Tahlequah, they had a restaurant there that wasn't going good, er well, so they moved to Tulsa to start up a catering service. They are going to cook for us," then he scampered away.
   "Yeah, his mother squatted to take a pee in the woods and he fell out."
   "I didn't fall out, you were sucking my dick and I wanted to get closer."
   "I wasn't sucking your dick, I was eating your old lady's cunt and you got in the way."
   "You were eating her cunt while she was pissing? You are sick."
"Cory and I sat and stared at each other as the man before us finally revealed himself to us. We have accepted him in our family, but as a cook, not as a member of our family. When he told us that he was Chief Steve's son and Cory's uncle we didn't know what to think. Why had he kept that from us for almost six months?
After almost six months of serious negotiations ach–Adahy was restored to the tribe with his name. His birthright as the next in the bloodline to lead the tribes after ahKWdsfAhkawidisgi past is forever gone from him. That honor has now passed to Ym g4gYonv Gadoga–Standing Bear.
DNA tests confirmed that 8QRTequasi is in fact my cousin being the son of my mother's aunt.
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Androv Dickson for more details
DOB: 1991 Stats: 16 Chris first encountered this poor little fellow as he rested over before the final leg of his trip to the mountain castle of Murat. Androv had molested Kardal when, as a curious four year old child, he had watched the thirteen year old Androv pissing on a tree. Androv enticed the infant sized child to touch him then suck on him. Kardal told his older brother, Arman, what had happened and Arman struck Androv as the three boys stood at the city market place with their fathers. Arman explained why he had hit the older boy, but the end result was all three boys being sold to scum junior,Jacque.
The boys were trained as sex toys for bad boys. Androv was sent to service a very large black minister from an influential African country and grew sick, he threw up on the customer. As punishment slime ball, dimitri cut the boy's cock head and balls off.
Androv has amazed everyone with his knowledge and gifts of God. He has studied his Bible everyday and he studies with Cas as often as possible. His work of healing has made many people, both in the family and in the church, pay attention to him as he discovers this Gift of the Holy Spirit.
At the time of this writing sixteen year old Androv has found love from sixteen year old Jawhar
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Andru Osequeda To be introduced
DOB: Stats: 12, 4'9", 79#s
His name means Warrior
Chris rescued this boy and his brother, Alexio, from a boy fight club in Mexico.
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Andrew Michael Foss more details
DOB: Oct 20, 1979 Stats: 28
His name means
Andy had been kicked out of his home by a drunken mother on his eighteenth birthday. Carl Dickson found him and befriended him helping him to grow and realize his potential. Andy developed an encryption chip for computers that revolutionized computer security. Together with Carl and Chris Dickson he established a world wide security empire. His grandfather left Andy billions of dollars and control of a large oil company.
   Do I have any feeling about Chris? That is a loaded question mister. I was born into money, I didn't know it. My maternal parent was, shall we say? different. I met a wonderful man by the name of Carl when I was eighteen. He took me off of the streets and made me make something of my life. He found out that my real dad had millions of dollars hidden away, and it all belonged to me. My grandfather, on daddy's side, owned an oil company in Tulsa, when he died he left me billions of dollars. Read our story in Andy Finds Daddy. Along the way I met his cousin Chris. Chris is about seven years older than me and he too had met a man who set his feet on the path to greatness. Chris and I have become great friends over the years. Chris just happens to be extremely rich and very interested in what Carl and I were doing. Chris got a dump truck full of money and poured it on me every time I needed it. I actually have more money than Chris, on paper, his money is in cash holdings.
   Chris is a partner in Foss International, we are an International security organization with world wide connections and amazing power. The two of us just broke up the most disgusting piece of slime that the earth ever produced, a world wide child slavery ring with customers in every country buying children stolen off of the streets of America for their sex toys. These children were being reported as runaways. etc. and all the while their young lives were in jeopardy. We can't find them all, but so far we have recovered about four hundred boys and girls. The part that is so sad is that when these children are too old to be useful to this slime they are disposed of. You know…permanently, like forever.
   I love Chris as a man. I love him as a friend and I happen to love him in my bed from time to time. Sometimes I get a little close to Chris. That schlong of his makes me sing, soprano. Carl was murdered by the slavers, but he had a grandson that he had never met. Sean is Tom's son. Tom was in the car with his dad and they were both killed at the same time.
   Thanksgiving week of 2005 Sean, Troy and I went to the reading of Carl's will. Carl left Troy a very healthy trust fund in addition to the one he established back in 1999. Troy would receive a thousand dollars a week with taxes paid by the estate. He could take large amounts in a single payment with the approval of the executors, Chris and me.
   Carl gave me back my house that I had sold to him in 1999. He also gave back to me the lake property that I had sold him. He had amassed a small fortune of his own by investing money that I gave him. He left most of that to Tom for Sean. Tom wanted his money to be invested with Chris for Sean. Dividends would be placed into an existing million dollar trust with his dad and me as executors, Chris and I control nearly fifteen million dollars for the little love.
   I thought that I would love Sean forever, but he is so much like me. He is an orphan with nowhere else to go and he has a thing for Chris. I have made it clear that he has the option of living with Chris's family or anywhere else he chooses. The little scallywag loves me, but wants something more. Sean is living with Chris and he says he has never been happier. He told me that Chris fucked him from Malibu to Tucson on New Years eve and that his ass will always be indebted to the man. I know the feeling well.
   I found out that I really have a big thing for mature men. One of Chris's highschool buddies came home from Iraq Christmas week I fell in lust with him at first glance. I stood and stared as Randy Koch removed his clothes. The dip shit knew I was watching and with everybody being naked at Chris's house it was difficult not to let him see what he was doing to me. He did the sexiest strip tease before me as he revealed layer after layer of muscles in places I have never seen muscles, except in retouched pictures in magazines. The dude has a deep tan with a very pale modesty strip. He told me that he and his buds play football everyday wearing nothing, but thongs. Fuck, I would so like to root for that team.
   Randy is one fucking sweet lover. He is the top that every bottom boy wants. No he doesn't have the equipment that Chris has, but he told me that Chris taught him every love technique he knows when the two were in highschool.
Since I interviewed Andy things have changed for him.Randy Koch is suffering from his days of combat. He has sought out help from Sven Engblahm, Pete's dad. Andy is living alone, but has visitors with him every night. He tells Chris that he is okay. He is a busy man and does not have the time for a relationship. BULL SHIT. Excuse me, Andy needs a lover. –see Andy Finds Daddy this is the story that started this saga.
   Andy wants to tell you about his toys. The government leases three bases that are operated by his company, Foss International. "New York was started last, we had just become operational at Base Andy. Like that? There's Base Boy because of our proximity to Bradford Academy for Gay Boys, daddy loves a joke. And Base Chris, because Chris owns the mountain we're in.
   "Base A: Daddy had wanted to get the Arizona complex up first. He wanted a place close by that we could get to on short notice. He stayed with that complex and had it up and fully functional by the end of August. The runway into the complex was due to the ingeniousness or youth of Jeff and Tom. Daddy was complaining about there not being anyway of hiding a runway long enough for a 747. Jeff said hide it in the mountain. Tom shoved his dick in Jeff's ass and said, "see, most of it is inside. You don't get anywhere with it all out in the open." We laughed, but daddy and I looked at each other.
   "Daddy loved his old decilog log slide rule. He could whip out his figures as fast as I could with my scientific calculator, and be right to two or three decimals. A 747 should have at least a mile and a half of good concrete under it, but there are many instances of much shorter runways being used safely. A good pilot can land in a mile. Heavily loaded he might need a mile and a half to get off. I can get off in much less distance. Excuse me.
   "We had level ground a quarter of a mile wide and two miles deep into our Arizona mountain. The thing was one massive rock and very little shoring was needed throughout. Mammoth structures were erected inside to support the roof on eighteen inch steel I beams of three quarter inch thick alloyed steel. Five hundred foot long bolts were driven up into the mountain from inside anchoring the I beams to the ceiling creating a span of five hundred feet. A six hundred foot tall opening was made a quarter of a mile back into the cavern where it slowly lowered to four hundred feet.
   "A mile and a half of three hundred foot wide runway was constructed outside the cavern with one and a quarter miles of the concrete covered with four inches of packed sand. Some concoction of one of daddy's engineering friends. He told us that it would break up into chunks rather than grains if great weight were put on it. The idea was to not have loose sand that would cause the plane to slide and it should not blow away, but hide the extra pavement from the air. Most of Arizona is government land so it was not unusual for signs to appear forbidding trespassers around our complex.
   "The concrete runway was colored and the edges treated so no sharp lines appeared. Landings had to be by instrument until almost on the ground. Sight landings would be hazardous as there was really nothing to sight on until a plane was on the ground and could see into the swiftly arriving cavern ahead. All of the electronics were buried and even the lights were disguised. The lights were only turned on when a plane was on final approach as a courtesy to a very nervous flight crew. After a few landings the pilots asked that the lights not be used to prevent their accidental sighting by unauthorized persons in the area.
   "Camouflaged tarps were lowered over much of the cavern mouth making it more difficult to see. The nearest access by land was at the end of the runway, at the top of a fifty foot climb full of electronic sensors to detect intruders. A person could get up on the mountainside across the river, some seven miles away. High powered lens could be used to snoop us out. We took some very hard looks at the lessons learned at the so called Area 51, which of course does not exist.
   "With all that we have put into this base I feel it is the most secure place on earth. No one, or thing larger than a tit-mouse can get within five miles of us without our knowing it and what we have in our own private satellite makes crispy critters out of them in an instant. Not even ashes are left. We had to play so Chris and I found some old derelict cars over the edge of a cliff within our range. There are not even melted remains. This puppy is hot. I better shut up.
   "Base B is the only one that most people know about. It is kind of hard to hide with our international flights coming and going around the clock.
   "It is from this base that most of the government agencies beleive that we communicate to the world.
   "Granted, it is the largest of our bases and it is the only one on which we have a complete Air Force squadron permanently stationed.
   "Actually base B is the only one that is not built into a mountain, it is buried inside hundreds of miles of old coal mine tunnels.
   "Base C Arkansas proved to be a breeze. There were very large caverns deep underground with great drainage. The site was perfect for our needs.
   "This is the actual hub of our communications network and the only employees work directly for me. No one can get near that base without our knowing it because, like I said, Chris owns the entire mountain that straddles the state line between Arkansas and Oklahoma.
   "We made an extraordinarily secure entry way from a small cabin that we built at about five thousand feet up the side of a mountain so that Chris has his own private access. I don't even know how to get into the mountain from that cabin."
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Anita Garcia Introduced    Brad's mother.
   I married a gay boy. Yeah Ric thinks that I don't know about him and Carlos, but a wife knows. Ric is a good provider, a great father and a fantastic lover. He just has to have his itch scratched so he and his brother take off for a weekend here and there to scratch each other.
   Our son is the pride of our lives. Brad has just graduated highschool, but he had to leave town to do it. He is like his father in that he likes a boy. He is a father now and his little baby boy looks just like him. We get to see him anytime we wish
   Brad's boyfriend, Jay, had a hangup about something that happened with the girls and Brad's getting it on with his girlfriend. He stood up in school and told everybody that Brad was his boyfriend and they better keep their hands off of him. Ric is always on top of things so he sent both boys to take care of a new store in Arizona. I guess the boys have a good friend out there that has given them a place to live and helped Brad finish school He won't let the boys move out onto their own until Jay graduates this year and I applaud him for that.
   The girls have told me that the boys bought an almost new tirplex apartment building for almost nothing. They intend to let the girls come to live with them so that they can be real fathers to their babies, that makes me happy. The kids were married last month and were with the girls when their babies were born. As I understand it Lou and her girlfriend will live in one end apartment with the boys in the middle and René on the other end. René has another year of school to do and I do so hope she finishes.
Jay and René had another baby daughter born in March. She is named Emily Rosalie after her grandmothers.
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Antuan Mc Alister
DOB: Sep 09, 1992 Stats: 16,
9" of semi-cut meat, 6" around
His name means INVALUABLE
I found a pitiful looking boy laying in bed. The boy had been beaten and stabbed by street punks that harass the homosexuals that habit the beach area. I pulled the sheets back and looked at the body of a healthy boy of sixteen years of age or so. He had a large bandage across his left side that was stained with old, dried blood.
We set out to inquire of the street punks what they knew of the circumstances surrounding Antuan. Within an hour we learned that a boy and an trollop were seen working an area that is prone to violence from a group of street thugs. The leader of the street thugs was none other than the sixteen year old son of the local constable.
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Anwar al-Hadi
DOB: Aug 3,1991 Stats: 16
His name means
The first son of the second wife of King Khaldun al-Hadi. He was sent to Chris to acquire an American education.
17 year old Ramin is with his cousin, 16 year old Anwar
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Archie Carbone
DOB: Stats: 16
His name means GENUINE COURAGE
I don't know if I would call it courage or foolhardiness, but this boy has the moves on and off of the football field. He was a true asset to the team for the 2008-2009 football season, but he had five speeding tickets in the same period and almost lost his driving privileges. That would have curtailed his time with his girlfriend that he plans to marry after high school.
Like most straight boys Archie thinks himself immune to homosexuals hitting on him. I have learned that he is often the first to suggest a hot circle jerk in the shower room and he always aims the cock in his hand at himself then rubs the emmision into his skin. I will watch this boy.
   "I was happy to see you at our story time last Friday night. You seemed to enjoy the story and judging by the line of greasy kid stuff that you shot across your abs, three times, I think that you were turned on. Was it the story or watching the boys having sex with one another?"
   "I sorta didn't listen to much of the story. When I saw that Kyle dude…Man is it true that he has a fourteen inch cock? I heard those guys in England say that it was Thirty five and a half centimeters long. That's like fourteen inches, I think. That thing was huge and I saw so many guys swallow that whole piece down their throats. And that one guy that he fucked…I think that his name is Chad, he took all of that cock up his ass and he had the biggest cock ever and he sucked on himself when he started to cum."
"Where does Kyle live? I sorta want a big cock in my hand, if you know what I mean."
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HRH Arif al-Hadi
DOB: Apr 9, 1991 Stats: 16
His name means
Second son of the first wife of King Khaldun al-Hadi and second in line to the throne of his kingdom. A cute and very desirable young prince.
16 year old HRH Arif is with his cousin, 15 year old Tayyib Dickson
King Khaldun's eldest son, Amir, fell from grace with his father when he formed a military action against his own people with whom he did not agree. A battle insued which left the Royal Prince dead and Arif next in line to the throne. More details as available.
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Arman Dickson more details
DOB: 1992 Stats: 15
His name means
Chris first encountered this little fellow as he rested over before the final leg of his trip to the mountain castle of Murat. Androv had molested Kardal when, as a curious four year old child, he had watched the thirteen year old boy pissing on a tree. Androv inticed the infant sized child to touch him then suck on him. Kardal told his older brother, Arman, what had happened and Arman struck Androv as the three boys stood at the city market place with their fathers. Arman explained why he had hit the older boy, but the end result was all three boys being sold to scum junior,"Jacque". The boys were trained as sex toys for bad boys
At the time of this writing fifteen year old Arman has found love with seventeen year old Trey.
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"Arne" Arnold Ashe
DOB: August 1, 1994 Stats: 13
4' 11", 4.75" of uncut BBC
His name means
Chris was walking about watching the boys play soccer against the staff of BAF when he spotted this little lad that he had seen in the company of Tom Bradley in London several months earlier.
   Chris walked into the office of Tom Bradley to see the Head of Station-London buggering this tiny lad who's raisin sized testes had not yet dropped, his skinny four inch cock looked more like a thin cigar and he was totally hairless. Chris wasn't there to sit in judgement. One look and he knew that the hairless boy was not old enough to be where he was, but he said nothing, something he learned to regret.
   Chris says, "My heart was filled with joy as my hard filled with stiffening blood when the boy jumped to be with me and tell me about his treatment at the hands of Bradley. I was happy for him that he had escaped his captor and found his way to BAF and the eager arms of his first true love."
   A few days after I had seen Arne in Tom's office the boy had returned for more action from the man. His mother was chasing some gigolo across the continent and had no time for the yoke of a strange child that always wanted her attention. Arne was happy with the attention that Tom gave him, but he was not happy when he was abandoned at a cheap bar and hotel in Brighton.
   A week later he was driven over to Franççais and introduced to a very fat old man that paid him to have sex with him. Arne said that the man was rich, but that didn't cover up the fact that his belly covered up his tiny cock. When the man tried to make Arne suck him off he could not stand the smell of body grease and old piss on the man's balls. He made his leap for freedom through an open window on the second floor; fortune smiled at him as he was able to land on the top of a large truck that was stopped below the window.
At the time of this writing thirteen year old Arne has found love with a fellow from England, fifteen year old Bert Parnby.
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"Arnie" Arnold Palido
DOB: June 17, 1991 Stats: 16, 5' 9", 155#s
His name means
This boy stood up at a church potluck and asked, "Sir, when will our applications for admission to this school be approved?" He started classes the next Monday morning and is doing very well.
"I don't know if I am gay like them or not, but I don't hate gays. I got kicked out of school last year for helping that one kid that was getting picked on. I am still virgin, but I think about things, you know?"
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"Art" Arthur Hendon
DOB: August 31, 1990 Stats: 15
Sweet little five and a half inch uncut cock on a heavenly boi body of five foot five at 110#s. His blonde head and cock hairs set off his startling blue eyes.
His name means
He has deep issues and is still very shy outside of the family.
   I always thought I was, you know, like gay, but I never did nothing. We got this house next door to Turner and he and I jacked off when he spent the night back in sixth grade. I always wanted to do it again, but we went to different schools when I moved away, we move a lot. I used to hear my folks talking 'bout victions all the time, I guess we get victed more'n anyone else. So this one night my parents got in this big fight and dad stormed out of the house and drove away. The rents fought all of the time, my mother is such a nag so dad took off and left me behind. I never saw him again, I hate him. He could have taken me with him, but I got stuck with the she wolf, she eats people alive.
I knew he was talking about evictions, but I let him tell his own story. The part of his story that caught me off guard was that he lived in the house next door to the Youngman's. Ironic that two homosexual boys should live in that house, one before Turner ran away and one after.
   Me and she moved to this small house by ourselves where we stayed for about three years, that was where I started to feel funny about myself. and my mother started in on me, everyday. She was nagging me about not having a girl friend, I told her it was none of her business what I did. She told me that she wanted to meet my girl friend or it would be hell to pay. I told her I didn't like girls in that way. I had some friends, but I really didn't like girls. I told my mother that I was having these weird feelings about boys, I thought that I might be gay. She asked me if I had sex thoughts about boys. I figured I would shock her and told her, "yes." Mister, she hit me, she hit me so hard I woke up in another world. She was screaming at me about being a faggot and hitting on me, she just kept on hitting me so I ran. I ran for my life.
    As I was running I could hear her calling me a queer and all kinds of nasty names and telling me that I could never go home again. Some kids that I knew rode up on their bikes and they were calling me a fairy and a faggot and all kinds of stuff so I just kept on running. There was an old man trying to get on a bus so I ran up the steps behind him and put out my hands to help him, he smiled at me and paid my bus fare and gave me five dollars. I didn't want his money, but he winked at me and told me that he had heard what everybody was yelling and he thought that I could use some money.
   Three days later I went to this place that a kid on the street had told me about. It was supposed to be a safe house for gay kids. I went in and my heart jumped out of my body. Standing there looking at me was Turner's new dad. I know that Turner had run away and then came back home with his brother then they moved out. The two men that moved into their house told me that Turner and Tyler had a new dad. I had seen him when I rode my bike over to see my old house and see if Turner still wanted to be my friend. Turner and his new dad was getting into this sweet white convertable with a wide blue stripe on it, it really looked nice, so did his dad. Now here his dad was standing there looking down at me, he was so good looking that I felt like I was melting jello in front of him. He asked me if I wanted something to drink and I told him I wanted a cum and coke. He told me he would like one too. He told me he was gay and that he wanted to suck my dick, right there in that office, with the front door unlocked and everything. He stood me up and pulled my pants down and sucked my dick and stuck his finger up my butt. Then he took me to the back and gave me a shower. He sucked me again and I sucked him He has the biggest dick in the whole world and I sucked it and later that night he fucked me, I love him.
   I found out that there are guys with bigger dicks and we have a couple of them living in our family, but for the best time, call on Chris. He makes a boy feel good, all over.
and Chad Jones have the solid foundation of a lasting relationship.
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Arthur Kraus To be introduced
DOB: July 12 1992 Stats: 16
His name means BEAR-MAN
From his actions on the field he is kin to a bear, a huge grissly that fears no one and nothing. He is the best tackle that the team had for the 2008-2009 football season.
Arthur had enough of his coaches belittling the players and calling them dirogitory names. He wanted to play football, not berate somebody for making a simple mistake. His team had two of the worst seasons in the history of the school and Arthur wanted to play ball for a winning team. He approached the Administration office at BAW and applied for admission. After interviews with coach Mac and coach Ollie I interviewed the boy. He seemed honest and sincere in his desire to get a solid education and to be able to play ball.
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"Arty" Arthur Johns
DOB: Jan 31, 1991 Stats: 18, 5' 8", 130#s, 6.5" uncut
His name means BEAR-MAN
I met this boy during a business trip to St. Louis in January of 2009 as I sought permission from the Brazilian government to conduct a covert raid on the boy traffic tied in with the fight clubs there.
I offered Arty a chance to finish high school in Arizona. He was happy to go. He was very happy when he learned that Forbes loved him and wanted to be with him.
His class mates called him "Johns". He is a smug, conceited jock that likes boy butt. He takes it or forces himself on those that he considers weak. He had been fucking Karl Forbes for four years when the taller boy turned the tables on Johns and beat him down. From that point on Johns got his ass fucked each time that the two boys could get together. Karl loved to have Johns fuck him, and they continued that practice regulary, he just didn't like being forced to do it.
   "Me and Forbes and Jacobs and Anderson got caught having sex in the wrestling room during school hours. It was the coach and the vice principal that caught us and we got expelled for the remainder of the school year. I had just turned eighteen so that meant that after repeating the eleventh grade then doing my senior year that I would be twenty before I could graduate.
   "My old man blew a fit and punched me out for being queer on the school grounds. He knows that I fuck some of the boys and he thinks that is better than I fuck the girls and get them phat and all. But he blew his stack that I got caught and branded a fag. He knows that I ain't no fag, I just get horned and a boy's butt beats jacking off anytime.
   "I was just walking by Karl's house hopping to get up him when he comes out with all of his shit and says that he is leaving town. I don't know, that hurt. I never knew how much I loved him, I always thought that he was just a fuck. He is the only one that ever beat me up and he hurt me very bad then he fucked me and said that if I wanted to keep on fucking him then he was gonna fuck me too.
   "Okay, so I had someone else fucking me sometimes. It isn't bad and I…I sorta like it. Karl fucked me and he can't fuck worth shit, but he has the best ass around so I let him do me then I would do him four or five times throughout the night and all. So when he said that he was leaving I felt sick. Then he asked me to go with him and Chris to a hotel for one last fuck and I went.
   "Chris showed me that night that I am in love with Karl. Then Chris showed me how great sex can be when he fucked me while I sucked Karl's cock. I aint't never sucked no cock in my whole life, but I sucked Karl three times that night and once was when I was getting fucked by the best fucker in the world and a second time was as Chris fucked Karl as he leanded over me getting his ass plowed. Let me tell you that there ain't nothing like watching a guy get his ass fucked as you lay on your back looking up between his legs and suck on his cock. Karl went soft and got hard and shot massive loads of cum in my mouth, twice. He always gets off when he gets fucked, but I never knew him to shoot so much and twice at that.
   "I sorta got all shaky and all as the night was over and I knew that I would never see Karl no more then Chris asked me what I was gonna do and I said that I would get a job flippin burgers till I could get back to school and he told me that I could return to school the following week if I wanted too. I got all happy then he told me that I could go to school with Karl and that I could live with him in a dormitory at a school that he owns and shit. Man, that was just too kewl. So here I am. Karl and me is together and I suck him and let him fuck me as much as he wants. He loves to fuck me and we lay together afterwards and suck each other until I get hard again and fuck him some more. We get Chris to fuck us sometimes and there is a lot of boys with huge cocks that we like to let fuck us sometimes."
Arty and Karl Forbes have remainded together.
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Astin Summers
DOB: June 11, 1987Stats: 21, 5' 11", 155#s, 8.5" of thick, long cut cock Astin was the FIs security agent on duty when Chris and RD visited the lakeside pier where RD's mother told him that she was dying.
Chris saw potential in the boy, even though he showed his ass on their first meeting. Astin was sent to the city's sewage treatment plant to see shit. He was transferred to Tucson when Chris and the boys returned from their summer vacations.
Since that summer encounter we have run young Astin through the mill. I had everybody of position in FI evaluate the boy, he did not disappoint me. I had seen something in his application interview and I am seldom wrong about people. Astin gave a good accounting of himself and he left that room with the toughest assignment of his young life, I sent him into a prison.
Astin had passed that test. Next I had a job for the man as a close and personal guard for my young queeing.
Astin and Seth Meeker are very tight.
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Enquêêteur Athos Henley
Athos an old Scotland Yard detective, and a boi lover, was born to a French father in England. He grew up in London and became one of Scotland Yard's finest and shrewdest detectives. His now aged body has a serious dunlop of his belly, stretching his white shirt taught and hanging over the top of his belt and the first four inches or so of his pants. He wore the badge that declared him enquêêteur, police detective, senior grade.
He could solve the crimes, he just couldn't commit them. He likes boy's, young teenage boys, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, big cocks and tight asses. That doesn't make him all bad, but the Yard kind of frowned on one of their own being caught by the press with two lads in, shall we say, not so complementary conditions. Now he was a paunchy man in his late fifties or better, wearing the uniform of a Gendarmerie Enquêêteur–Inspector General. This man is the chief of police of the St. Tropez, France region.
The Prime Minister called Athos and Dr. Saltzman to himself. Chris was asked by the Secretary of State to join them as a man in the uniform of the Romanian government came over. First the PM read from a document to Athos Henley, in all of the years I have known the old reprobate I never knew he even had a last name. By order of the Queen herself Athos was once and for all pardoned of any and all crimes committed in any part of the British Commonwealth. The same accord was given to Dr. Saltzman then the French liaison spoke, Dukey translated for us, Athos and Dr. Saltzman were forever forgiven any crimes that either had committed, past and future.
   I met young Chris when he was a, but wee laddie looking to make the old gents have a good feel. I spent some time in the colonies with his benefactor, me friend Charley. He put me in bed with wee Chris every night. Chris loves a man to love him and he makes a man feel good to be a man.
After his pardon was granted Athos adopted two young brothers, Frank and Peter Henley. I had occasion to meet these young and hungs the day of my maiden cruise with Paddy in my Bentley after a terrifying trip under water in the Chunnel. Frank was on his knees before Athos giving the old man head. The boy looked as if he was good at what he was doing. Athos and Frank have a history going back a number of years, he had placed the boys' family in Calais after they had some problems in England. Pete had never had sex with anyone, but his brother Frank. I took care of that for him and he really took care of me. He was another young Christopher. The fifteen year sprite supported a turgid cock that was every bit of seven and a half inches long, almost a long as his thin little forearm. His foreskin was slightly retracted showing about half of a huge plumb shaped head.
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Avgustin—Августин—August Abelev
His name means VENERABLE
August was afraid to remove his undershirt. He was afraid that Chris would beat him as he had been beaten by the two men that ran Chris's school in Moscow.
August was arrested for stealing an apple when he was ten. He was placed into a jail cell with adult men who used his tiny body for their own needs. August was eleven by the time that he was released and returned home to his family. By that time he had developed a real taste for sex. At twelve he was strong enough to attempt life on his own. He made his way to Moscow where he was found by a boy loving man. At fifteem he was replaced by a younger boy. He ended up being sent to Chris's school by a city magistrate.
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Bradford Academy for Girls
Juanita was a street girl with a three month old Hispanic baby that Chris helped Al & Clara Cranston to adopt along with nine year old Shea.
The other street girls: Carrie, Janice, Juanita, Pam,Toni are now safely off of the streets and are enrolled as students at BAG.
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Bahir Dickson
DOB: June 4,1990 Stats: 17
His name means
Bahir and his twin brother, Hmcal, served as guides to lead Chris and his small force across the mountains of northwest Romania to the castle of the infamous Count Corvin
   "I told much little, Petro say to me that I should cook food that Ameircan mans comink to free de boys in de castle und me and Hmcal are happy.
   "I cook Ripchen mit kraut und Jawhar to bake fresh brot which ve make to eat with kase und fresh butter. Beer wast dranked around und Ein Prost wast made to de Americanisch Marines.
   "Hmcal come to me and give me rucksack, he say dat ve need get over mountain before tageslicht when can ve be seed by guards in castle. Ve go with Chris und show to him safe way to walk den ve schlaf…oh, da, sleep till sun make de tageslicht.
At the time of this update Jay Jay and Bahir are spending time together between the sheets.
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Baris Dickson
DOB: Aug 20, 1996 Stats: 10
His name means
Chris first encountered this little fellow as he rested over before the final leg of his trip to the mountain castle of Murat
This tiny urchin was rescued by officers of Interpol when they raided a house used to train boys as sex slaves. We have learned that Baris was taken along with his older brother, the brother was not in the house when this boy was rescued. Chris found the brother in Russia when he established a school there.
I led Latif to the dining room at BAF where the boys were gathered for their noontime meal. Baris was feeding Tahir with a spoon as his boyfriend pretended to be a little baby. The boys were so engrossed in their game that I had to call out the youngster's name. He looked up and saw us then ran so fast that he knocked Latif to the floor then curled up on top of him as he cried massive tears of joy. The family pulled back and went on about their business as the two brothers cried and talked for hours.
At the time of this update Tahir and Baris are together
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Bart Miller more details
DOB: April 15, 2000 Stats: 7
His name is often confused as a nick name, but this is his full name without the Biblical reference
Youngest son of Ryan Miller He lives with his brother, Britt, and their father along with Bobby Feldman, Ryan's longtime boyfriend.
"Ryan was shocked to learn that he knew nothing of his own sons' talents. The boys are both young prodigies at the piano, Bart is by far the more accomplished player. When the two boys stepped out on stage in Paris and began to play Sonata in D major for two pianos–Allegro con spirito by Mozart their father cried. I know my long time friend's heart, but I know boys better, I had two Yamaha baby grand pianos delivered for the boys to play to their heart's content."
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Basil Dickson
DOB: Stats: 14
His name means BRAVE
Chris first encountered this little fellow as he rested over before the final leg of his trip to the mountain castle of Murat
   Alim said, "Ibrahim told us our father takes young boys to his bed, but he is afraid for his western wife to find out so he kills the boy afterwards."
   I asked Alim if he thought that this was true. he began to cry. Basil, the brave, moved to hold his brother, "It is true sir, only it is worse. He serves the boy to the family for dinner the next day." I ended this whole scene right then and there. I got down on the floor and pulled the boys close. I made eye contact with each boy and told them that their bodies were their own. I told them that no one could ever touch them again without their agreement. I told them that sex is a sign of love that one person has for another and to just have sex because their dick was hard was wrong. I told them that if they ever had sex with anybody that did not want them to that I would make them move away, forever.
At the time of this writing fourteen year old Basil has found love in the arms of Tazzi
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Behrouz Dickson more details
DOB: Oct 1,1991 Stats: 16
His name means
Chris met this boy at the castle where he was chained to the oven cooking meals for his brothers and his father's guests.
   "My fodder…"
   The boys began to laugh and throw their food at Behrouz and tell him that the word was father, they explained that fodder was grass and grain fed to animals.
   Behrouz grinned at the family and continued, "MY fodder, cause that what he is doing now, he feed the pigs. He was a very bad man that make for me to cook boys he no like and he make us all eat…"
   The boy broke down and began to cry, Chris went to him and held him as he smothered him in kisses. He told Behrouz that it was all over and that he should try to never remember those times, ever again. I hate to see Chris when one of the boys talk of that day, I was there, remember? I know full well what happened, but Chris does not like to hear the boys talk about it.
16 year old Behrouz is spending time with 16 year old, Fakhir Dickson
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Benjamin Bosque  for more
Stats: 5' 8", 135#s, 5.5" uncut & skinny, a little larger around than a quarter, very little. Sweet cum and cock hungry, red spiked hair and a fire colored bush. This was the man who at seventeen had seduced Carl and caused Carl to have to spend a year in prison and be registered as a sex offender for the rest of his life.
Ben was a gay chubby chaser, he had been involved in sex with large older men for three years. He had been trying to get to Carl, but he made a mistake. He told a friend that he thought would be in favor of getting together for a sex party.
The friend was homophobic and told his mother. She was a victim of incest by her father and brother and made her son take Ben to the police department to report Carl for messing with kids. I guess seventeen is still considered a kid in some states, unlucky for Carl that he lived in one of them.
   "I really hate what happened. I would so take it back. I loved old man Dickson. When I saw his huge cock I knew that I had to have it. It took me two years to get him to take me to his home, I wish that I had never gone there. No, that's not true, I loved being with him, I wish I had kept my mouth shut to my, so called, friend."
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Ben Caruthers To be introduced
DOB: Sep 1, 1993 Stats: 17
His name means
Ben and Leighton Cromwell were being seriously harassed for the blatant homosexuality. Their parents rejected them, but allowed them to be enrolled at BAW.
   "Yeah, I carried the bastard's mark of my mother's maiden name. It is for sure that she is no maiden. I don't know how I came to be as prudish as she is. If it has anything to do with sex, even by innuendo…I had better not let mom hear me, I have had my mouth washed out with soap so many times because I repeated a joke or statement that I had heard. There was no way that I ever let her know that my body had changed and I have a dick. I am sure that she would freak out."
Ben and Leighton Cromwell are a solid couple
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Benjamin Hartsock
DOB: May 31, 1992 Stats: 16
His name means
Another straight boy joined the football team, but within a week he found that boi balls were fun to play with.
Benjamin had an issue with a gay boy at his former school and asked to transfer to BAW. I had an issue with that. I was told that the boy was relentless and approached all of the jocks in the school. He was known to go down on his knees in a hallway to suck a cock. I told Benjamin that he could expect that at BAW, but he told me that at least we had a winning team and winning coaches. He had been in school when Ollie was his coach and he liked the man very much. I asked him if he knew of the incident with Mitch Evans, he did. I asked him if he had stayed by to watch, did he try to break the orgy up, or did he leave. He hesitated and I knew that the boy had tendancies. Finally he sucked in a chest full of air and admitted that he stood in the shower and jacked off.
   "Okay, so I'm not like gay and all, but if you know little Zeb. That guy can suck a boulder through a straw. I mean he…oh fuck, I get hard just thinking of him. I don't do him though, I ain't like that. Well, I sorta let him lay on top of me and suck me while I stick this one vibrator that he likes up his ass and like fuck him with it and his stuff is right in my face and all and I sorta been thinking about maybe taking a lick, but what if he cums? I can't take that stuff in my mouth that is just too queer."
I have seen several pictures of you and Zeb kissing and I saw you sitting in the corner during story time with your tongue deep in his throat.
"Fuck, that dude is the best kisser in the world. I had this one girlfriend that I loved to kiss. She was better than any girl I had ever kissed and I kisse a bunch of them, but Zeb has her beat to hell. That guy gets me so hot when he kisses me…"
I know that you have kissed him after he has been sucking your dick. How do you feel about that?
"I mean, like, well, fuck, he is so good with his tongue, either on my cock or in my mouth. And he gets me so hot…"
Has he licked your asshole yet?
"You want to know everything don't you. I see your smile. Like yeah, he did that to me last night and he sorta stuck his finger up my butt and messed around in there while he sucked me off. And yeah, I got the best cum of my life. It really felt good and I sorta know why he likes that vibrator thingy in his ass while he sucks me. He told me that it really turns him on and all."
Are you ready to have anal sex?
"Me take it or him?"
Both. I think that you should take it first, kind of like showing him how much you do care for him.
"I have heard stories about you. Would you…like…maybe…"
Read about that in the story, pervert.
Benjamin and Zeb Rockfield are a new couple with promise.
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Benny Holt
DOB: Nov 23, 1993 Stats: 14
This is the boy that was sucking Edgar's cock the night that Ed ended up in jail for child molestation.
   In chapter 150 Benny experienced his devirginizing at the hands, er ah, cock, of sweet little Salman
   Benny had not been accepted back home after his encounter with Edgar. His father is terminal and his mother is stressed as she tries to make her husband's final days as comfortable as she can. Benny has a twelve year old brother that looks up to him with adoration and everybody concerned thought that the best shot for the family was for Benny to be removed from the house. I determined to help him to regain his family's respect, but it was going to take a lot of work from the boy himself.
   "So you know, like, I really like to suck and men like to see me do em and they pay me money and stuff. Chris told me that I am good looking and that some men would hurt me cause they's sickos so I promised him I wouldn't go looking for no men in the parks if he would let me go to his school.
   "He told not to make promises that I would probably break, he only wants for me to try to do what is right and to have good grades. I will do that for him, and anything else that he wants.
   "Yeah, I sucked his dick that first night and he sucked mine better'n anybody ever did to me. When we went over to that France school I saw Eddy and I wanted to do him. He took me to Chris and asked him if it was alright then he asked Chris if he would fuck him. I have been, like you know, I done that shit and it's okay, but I sorta wanted to have Chris in me, I knew that was gonna hurt.
   "Chris told me that he was too big, but I begged him and he told Eddy to do me while he sucked on me and I sucked on him then he did it. Like dude, you can't believe how good that shit is. I mean, like, Nate and me like do it to each other and I done it with some other dudes and they was okay, but when Chris was done with me, I don't never want to ever move away. I felt so warm and like I knew what love must be cause I really loved that man and I am glad to call him dad.

   "I sorta like slept with Nate. He don't know shit about nothing, but I guess that is just because of his life. Do you know that his mother locked him out because she had a boyfriend that didn't like him? He lived on the streets, with nothing to eat and no place to sleep. I told him that I would protect him and let him sleep with me forever more."
Benny's father passed away during the summer. His brother turned thirteen and has been a terror to his mother, he got in her face and told her he was gay. She lost it, she slapped him so hard that he fell and hit his head hard enough to be knocked unconscious. Frightened of what might happen next she called Chris and had a long talk with him, she agreed that she needed to recover from the loss of her husband and enrolled Freddy in BAW.
At this early point it seems that Nathan Burbank has Benny's attention.
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"Benny" Benoît Couture
DOB: June 11, 1992 Stats: 15, jet black hair, blue eyes. Four inch uncut nail and a high bubble butt make this little French cream puff very desirerable.
His name means
Chris met and bedded this friendly boy when he went to stand at the side of his of old friend François in his final days.
Chris was fairly certain that Sergé Couture was closely related to François Couture, but he had no proof until the death of his old friend. In a quiet moment Chris talked to the man and asked for a DNA sample so that he could confirm his thoughts. François confided another secret to Chris, the boy, Benoît, is also a son of the old man. François was fifty nine years old the last time he was with a female, that night he was with sixteen year old twin sisters, both of whom bore his sons.
Sergé's mother died just before the boy was taken by Dimitri and François lost track of him. When Athos told him that Sergé had been found the two plotted together to see the boy raised by Chris. Benoît had only come to live with François at the end of the old man's life and he wanted to stay in Franççais. Chris helped the boy to change his mind when he saw his favorite cousin when Chris and his entire family visited after the coronation.
Benoît may not remain with his cousin Sergé, but for the time being they have a lot to talk about.
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Bernard Swain
DOB: Feb. 9, 1994 Stats: 14, 5'6", 139#s
His name means
Boy from the second round of students assigned by the state of Arizona to BAW
Bernard loves to show his ass, literally. He does have a nice, well developed ass, round, firm, and kissable.
Bernard will pull the back of his pants down to show off, what he feels is, his greatest asset. It is no assette, it is a butt to be admired. However the establishment doesn't think that his actions are appropriate for public places, such as the main corridor of his junior highschool.
He is a great kid with a winning personality and a sharp mind. He knew he liked to show his ass, but when he got into the system he found out that he liked having hung boys make love to him. He isn't a very good cocksucker, but damn, is he a fine bottom boy.
   "I was like thirteen and they locked me up in juvie for public indecency. Now I ask you, is this indecent?"
He turned his ass to my face and my tongue had to taste his magnificent glutes.
   ""I wasn't in there no more than a couple of hours when this big ole dude with a monster dick put his hands on my butt and rubbed on it and I got so hard that I thought that I would pop right then. What came next was pure heaven. Sure it hurt like a mother fucker, but he was gentle and slow. That next day he got these two sixteen year olds to fuck me and I learnt that I really like that. They wanted me to suck them and I did, but only to get their big ole cocks all wet and stuff 'cause we didn't have no lube to make them go in me easy like. I learnt that I don't care 'cause I like the pain of a huge cock going up in me all dry and stuff. Damn, that's fine.
   "I want you to fuck me good. I heared that you is like the best butt fucker ever and I really like the look of that big ole cock of yours."
He rolled to his back and raised his legs, who am I to deny a boy his fondest dreams?
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Bert Bartholomew
DOB: Aug 1, 1992 Stats: 15, 5' 2", 114#s
His name means BRIGHT
Bert was one of the first students from the church that enrolled in BAW. He has been a model student and has helped the football team to many vicitories. He will graduate with the class of 2009 and has not yet committed to a college. He has been scouted and we hope that he chooses to go to school nearby so that we can watch him play. We might even watch him on the gridiron once in awhile.
   As Chris was answering the questions that Arnie had asked Bert stood up and asked, "Like you are helping Cal and Thom?"    Chris asked, "What is your name, please?"
   "Bert, sir, I am in their Sabbath School class and they told us last week that they were wards of the state `cause they're queer, but now they live with you."
   "What do you think of that?"
   "I think that it is kewl that they gotta place to live."
   "I mean about them being…"
   "Queer?" He cut me off before I could finish. "I don't mind. My best friend is a cock sucker…" suddenly he looked at his mother.
   "And we think he is a great kid, we don't judge anybody in our house," she said as she put her arm around Bert.
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Bert Parnby
DOB: 1993 Stats: 15
5' 4" 112#s of pure boy with a perfect 5.75" uncut BBC
His name means
Chris met and bedded this friendly boy when he went to stand at the side of his of old friend François in his final days. On his trip after the coronation he learned more about the big guy.
   Bert was a pampered boy, being raised by a single father, one would find that strange, but Bert never wanted for anything. Until his best friend was convicted of public indecency with a grown man.
   Bert suffered the last beating that he would ever allow his alcoholic father to give him. Once the man was finished wailing on the fourteen year old boy he went to the other room for one more pint of bitters and fell asleep.
   Bert quietly gathered as many of his clothes that he could manage to stuff into his backpack then very made his way past his sleeping father and out through the front door. He had it in his mind that his father would not search for him if he made it across the channel into France where he eventually found his way to BAF.
Fifteen year old Bert has found that a fellow from England, thirteen year old Arnold Ashe, was street wise so he hid behind the tiny boy for protection until fear turned to love.
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   Although she is only a third cousin to Quis he looks on the matriarch as his GREAT aunt. This grand lady is the eldest progeny of Chief Steve Conway and Elisi to Quemela. She is the aunt of Sagi and Ugitsiha, and great aunt to young Gowi.
   Her only daugher, the mother of Quemela, had passed away, and she was raising her two young sogainisis–grandsons–Ita and Inagei. With both nieces pregnant with their second babies the old woman packed the two boys up and moved to Tucson to keep the family of happy fairies in line.
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Betty Louise Dickerson
Chris found the mighty midget with the giant widget standing in the middle of a deserted state highway in a Midwestern Kansas wintry wind storm. He took the boy to the police to report that he had been abandoned. The police got in touch with his grandmother, Betty, then had Cris talk to her. Chris had Betty fly to Wichita while he helped to clear the mess that surrounded the tiny little fifteen year old boy. The end result was that Chris drove Chrisy to his home in California and became great friends with Betty.
   "I really don't know how someone would describe Chris. The man is an absolute saint. He really cares about those boys that are up in that house with him. Society says that he is the kind of person that should be locked away for ever and never allowed to be near another boy, but they don't look at what is actually going on in that house. For example Chris found my little Chrisy standing in the middle of the road. In the middle of the road, out in the country, in Kansas in a blizzard. Can you imagine? His mother, his very own mother left him there with twenty dollars pinned inside his thin little coat and drove off and left him, to die, alone. Miles from nowhere the little fellow was abandoned.
   "Excuse me, do you want some coffee? Chris loves to drink coffee with me. I need some more tissue, excuse me.
   "Now, where were we? Oh, Chris came over the top of the hill at top speed and there was my little Chrisy, in shock, standing in the middle of the road. Oh, there I go again. I just bawl my eyes out when I think of the sweet little lad out there and what could have happened to him. Alright, I have listened to Chris and Chrisy tell me that nothing did happen because God was with my angel so I guess it turned out okay, but Grace? If that woman weren't dead she would be bald because I was going to snatch every hair off of her head.
   "Chris gave Chrisy shelter. He bought him some clothes and a coat then took him to the police. The police arrested Chrisy's mother, Grace, and that piece of garbage that she lived with. After we went to court to get Grace's great choice of husbands his due for hurting Chrisy we found out that he had murdered some highschool buddy many years ago. He had raped the boy then killed him leaving behind semen for DNA tests. When they arrested him for leaving my baby in the cold they discovered that his DNA matched their old unsolved case. They were happy.
   "Grace got hit by a speeding truck so I sold my house and came to live near Chris. Look it's like this. I'm not really out to put my boy in harms way, I just know him and what he is. My husband was a boy lover. No one knows that, I have never told anyone this story. My husband had a big penis and he liked to sleep with young boys. He had sex with both of my sons before they became teenagers and both of them are homosexual, I guess gay is the politically correct way to say that now a days.
   "Chrisy's daddy was fifteen when he got Grace pregnant. Someone said he was pure queer so he proved that he could have sex with a girl. I whipped that boy so hard that he stood up for three days, then I whipped him again. Anyone can use a gun to shoot someone, it doesn't mean they have to do it to prove it. So anyway I have this piece of trailer trash having my grand baby that I will have to raise because neither of them is worth shit. Grace was a nineteen year old floozy with a following of boys like an Army General, and she didn't care about any of them. She treated my son like trash. Never called him by his name, called him queer and faggot all of the time.
   "Mike could care less about her or the baby. Yeah, all of my boys are just like Michael. My husband loved the name of Mike. Had he been alive when Chrisy was born I would hate the think what he would have been named. Now, Mickey is the oldest, let's see, he is forty No Chrisy is fifteen so Mike would have been thirty one and Mickey is forty three. He has himself a twenty year old boyfriend, Clay, the skinny kid with the big penis. They have been together for over six years now.
   "So where was I? Oh, Mike had a boyfriend who came home to find Mike in bed with a much older man. Sal always carried a gun, which scared me. He killed the old man and Mike. He cut off Mike's penis and threw it in a pot of sausages that he was fixing for a big spaghetti dinner they were hosting that evening, and went shopping. When one of the guests arrived he checked the sausage and found the penis. He checked the bedrooms and called the police.
   "Chris is the only stability that Chrisy has ever had in his life. The two really love each other. Chris is a father figure, but he takes time to care about each of his sons' personal needs. I know that it sounds sick and deranged, but if you take time to know the boys and talk to Chris it is not. They have needs that each will fulfil one way or another. This way they are safe and clean. We don't worry about disease and there is true love between them. All of them. I don't know. I just know that I have held everyone of those boys in my lap and listened to their tales. They love Chris with all of their hearts, but the strange part. Not a single boy would ever let one other boy leave that family so that he could be alone with Chris. They all love to be alone with the man, but they love their brothers very much also.
   "I guess Eva and I have become grandmothers to all of the boys. Of course I am much younger than Eva so I guess I am more like a mother. Eva passed on right after the New Year, I miss her friendship and her smile. Her little grandson Jimmy misses her so much. She was all the family the little guy had in the world. Chrisy tried to move in here with me, but I made him go home after a few days. He needs to be with his family. I will get by.
   "I know I have rambled on for too long and you can't use all of this, but when I talk of my Chrisy, I just can't shut up. Okay, it's Christopher now. He said he wanted a man's name. Chris tried to call him by his middle name, Will, for awhile, but the boy didn't really take to that too much. He never told Chris that his namesake great uncle William is a true homophobic bigot and Chrisy hates the man. Are you sure you don't want anymore coffee? I can make another pot."
"Can you imagine a girl not being able to cook, or sew on a button? Well you could have blown me over, let me tell you. Chris came to me and asked me for some simple recipes and I knew that he was a good cook so I made him tell me. Lord, I was shocked. Those tiny girls that Chris finds around the town that have left their homes can't do anything that a wife will have to do. Well I told Chris that that just would not do and that he couldn't have my recipes without me being there to show those little ladies how to use them.
I have never thought of myself as a teacher, but I have a class three times a week where I teach those fifteen young ladies at BAG how to be a mother and a homemaker. Sarah is a great teacher and she has two ladies helping her to give those girls an education, but I think that I am giving them something that will really help them along in their lives."
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Clarence Hooker aka Biff for more details
Stats: At seventeen he stood six foot three inches and weighed two hundred and forty five pounds. He has a seven inch, tight cut cock.
His name means
This is one big fucking boy. He is head and shoulders taller than any boy in the house and now carries a full one hundred and sixty pounds on his sturdy frame. He hangs a solid seven inch, tight cut cock on his beefy frame. Golden hair over dark with sandy colored eyebrows and a brown bush.
   What do you want from me man? I ain't shit. The only person who ever cared about me is dead. His old man finally learned how to use his fucking ball bat. We heared 'bout that group 'o fags gonna have this meeting at school one night so me and Bubba was gonna go. We did a little, you know, humpa humpa, up in his room. I been livin there cause my old lady's a drunk and didn't never buy no food or nothin. Anyways, the door busts open and I'm up in Bubba. His ole man cracks me 'cross the shoulder with his ball bat. He's always gonna fuck somebody up with his fuckin ball bat. Well he fucked Bubba up. He shoved that bat right up his ass and fucked it in and out till he got blood coming out then he came at me with the bat. The phone rang and he went to answer it and me and Bubba split. We grabbed our clothes and went to the school
   When we walked in that meetin we seen all these guys we been pickin on fer years. We was bullies I guess. We told em we's sorry and that we's queer too and then Chris, he saved Bubba's life, he goes and calls some doctors to fix up Bubba cause he was hurt pretty bad. His old man went to prison, but he got his self a new trial and was out on bail. He found out that some old men let us live in a house in back of their's and he comes at us with a gun. He knocks on the door and shoots Bubba down when he opened up. Then he shot me then took his bat and began to beat on Bubba cept he's dead already so he's beatin me.
   Our friend what owns the house came in and fought with ole man Wieldman and the gun goes off, twice like, bang, bang. And ole man Wieldman goes down with blood coming out of his face. And Mr. Feldman was shot too, in the gut. He right neart died, so'd I, I guess.
   I was in the hospital for a long time then I went to this other place where I found out I couldn't walk no more and my hands didn't do what I wanted. I guess the ole man busted my brain so they had to learn me to eat by myself and walk again. I got outta there and Chris had me come to his house fer a big after Christmas lunch that he had for all of his friends. He let me stay I got my rocks as all them fags did me nice and gave me presents and stuff.
   Then Chris put me in this room of my own where I get lots of care. This guy named Ray worked with me every day. I get around pretty good now and Chris or some of the guys come by and take care of my little man for me, but we were all lookin for a guy just for me. Then this kewl cowboy came here to live. I guess Chris fucked the guy when he was in Amarillo and Chuck had to have more of super cock, that's what I calls Chris. But me and Chuck got it on and we both went to college here. Now we are going to live on his ranch and chase cow pussy. Yeah, I fell in love with this big tall Texan, Chuck Boswell.
Biff is now riding Chuck Boswell's pony, er ponies, at the Amarillo ranch.
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Bill contractor #1
The plumbing contractor that Chris uses on his properties.
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"Tiny" William Randolph Baker Sr.
DOB: March 1972 Stats: 35
His name means
"His name was "Tiny" and he was, he only weighed three pounds at birth, his family considers it a miracle that he survived At fifteen he was four foot ten and only weighed ninety two pounds, the tiny little boy had a six inch man cock that I loved to suck, I so wanted to drag him down to the Blues club to show him off, the boys would eat that dude alive.
   Fifteen year old Chris wanted a boyfriend very badly, he loved Charley, but he was but a boy with boy needs and restrictions. Tiny was a close friend and Chris loved the little guy.
   Chris tell us that, "I have only had an after shower with one boy in my life who had regrets about what we had done. We were both fifteen, I had been introduced to boi sex three weeks earlier when I spent the night with a really good friend and I fucked his virgin butt raw.
   "After school we had gone to his house where we had a rousing devirginizing. Tiny had some serious religious hang ups over our activities as he shed more hot water from his eyes than the shower head poured over us. The water had long grown cold, thank goodness we lived in Tucson where the incoming water is warm enough to stand under for hours on end. Tiny wouldn't let me go, he held on tight as he told me over and over how wrong it had been to do what we had done."
   We dressed and headed to the kitchen, his dad was at the table with his coffee and newspaper. "Boys. I am glad to see you bright eyed this morning." He smiled at us, I was scared that he knew something. "Come, sit down, we need to talk." Now I was scared. Tiny's mother set a plate full of eggs and bacon in front of each of us, the toaster was on the table and Tiny buttered toast for each of us. His mother set glasses of juice and milk before us and sat down next to her husband. She looked at us with tears in her eyes. We were busted, big time.
   "I know that the two of you have become really close friends lately. Chris, Tiny's mother and I have come to love you and think of you as our own, that is why this is so difficult for us," he took a deep breath. I sucked in my ass hole, I was about to shit my pants I was so scared. "We, me…I, have been offered a new job, we are going to have to move." I had been so keyed up that I almost slid out of my chair. I didn't have the wherewithal to look at Tiny to see how he was taking the news, I just sat there rejoicing that we weren't busted
Keith Hall told me, "Tiny's father was my father's junior high school fuck buddy. When I came out to my dad just before he died he told me about him and Matt Baker.
   "Dad and I were out at the mall one day and we met Matt and Tiny. They were like two best buddies. They had planned the meeting. Nobody said anything about them being lovers, but I knew about it and I felt so good. I wondered if I could get into Tiny's pants."
   I asked him if he still wanted to get into Tiny's pants and the look he gave me said it all. I called Bill over. He walked up to me and looked at Keith, it took him a minute and then he remembered him from high school. He was fifteen when he had to move away, but he still remembered Keith after all of these years.
   "Our dad's were fuck buddies weren't they?"
   "You knew about that?"
   "We met you and your dad at the mall, he came to me after he learned that Chris and I were getting it on and told me about it. He really liked your dad. He told me that he loved Chris, but if I ever needed anybody then I should hook up with you. I told him that I was pretty sure that you and George were doing the deed and he just laughed and told me that boys were nothing, but hormones."
   Bill needed Keith in his life. He had been alone for too long and the chance meeting, then death of his old time boyfriend was weighing heavy on him. Keith needed Bill just as much as he struggled with his failed love life.
Bill and Keith have been together for two years now and they are more in love than ever.
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"Billy" William Randolph Baker Jr.
DOB: Jan 3, 1993 Stats: 14
His name means
This youngster knocked on the door of βφτ house as he tried to earn money for a trip to a swimming party. Chris recognized the boy as a carbon copy of his own childhood friend.
The family calls him Tiny Too
   Dad told me to go up and knock on this one door and to do whatever the people inside told me to do. I thought he was weird then I met Chris and he just stared at me and had me answer all those dumb questions then he showed me a picture of him and my dad, even I knew that my dad and I looked almost identical in that picture.
   Chris took me and my old man up to his house in the mountain and I was so happy to see all of the naked boys and everything then Chris had this other old man there that knew my dad from highschool and all of them had been queer for each other forever and dad went off to live with the other guy and I got to live at Chris's house with Cody and I love him so much. Cody don't have no rents no more cause his mother poisoned his dad and he died and she is in jail and stuff, but Chris loves me as much as I love him and he is good to all of us and don't never yell at us or nothing. I love Chris and I want to have, like, you know, sex with him.
Billy and Cody Polerd make a cute couple.
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Gynigeyona Culpf/bYn–Black Bear
His name means Black BearGynigeyona, Gigage, Onacona, and Amadahy. "They are from Tahlequah, they had a restaurant there that wasn't going good, er well, so they moved to Tulsa to start up a catering service. They are going to cook for us," Steven scampered away.
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Blake, Blain, Blair Crossly for more details on this family see their individual stories Blain Blair Blake
The boys had twin bodies about five six, one ten with great six inch uncut cocks. Auburn hair brown eyes. And the lads were hungry for each other.
Blake means BLACK
Blake invited Chris and the boys out to his house in the Hamptons when they made their first trip to New York city for a little sight seeing in the summer of 2005.
When the trails began in March of 2006 Chris told me that it was good to see a boy lover on our team. Blake Crossly was the Federal Prosecutor in Everett Rothsfeld's trial. Blake is an old time visitor to Charley's boy parties. He had invited Chris and the boys out to his Hampton's beach house the previous summer. Blair's two boys would be about fifteen and fourteen by now.
I went to a private meeting at Dogg's house. It was not a business meeting, it was sex with his new son and Blake's boys. Those two are so into each other. We three men sat at the table and watched the youngsters suck each other repeatedly. Blain is an eager bottom and he had his older brother up in him three times. His dad fucked his cute ass as did the Dogg and of course I was up in the feisty bottom boy, twice.
I have invited them to come out and spend a couple of months with us when the trials are over. I really hope they cum, lots.
   "I have nothing, but the highest praises for my friend, Chris Dickson. We have had a personal encounter from time to time, but for the most part, he is all business. That relationship changed once and for all when he helped me through a serious legal battle of my own while at the same time bringing my sons and me closer together. I will always be indebted to this man. If you don't remember this story you may want to start with my phone call to Chris."
In early October of 2007 butt hungry Blain allowed his school teacher to have him. Blake could not abide by that and beat the man senseless and packed both of his sons off to live with Chris. Chris proved to his old friend, Blake, what a lot of TLC with a boy can do and returned the boys to their father as loving and caring sons. You may want to read the outcome of this part of Chris's saga in chapter 141
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Bobby Leavitt
DOB: May 23, 1993 Stats: 14
With the aid of Rick Carlson Chris has taken twenty nine boys off of the street and enrolled them in his school, he has housed them in the new dormitory there.
Chris sent this boy off for a month of fishing with his newest teacher at BAW, Norman Ellis
   I had already learned that his father was only nineteen when Bobby was born and that the father had a younger brother that had been his main love interest for most of his life. The father wanted to be normal so he married right out of highschool, but he moved his thirteen year old brother in before the honeymoon was over. Bobby was a breech baby, his mother hemorrhaged and died during birth. The hospital tried to talk the father into giving Bobby up, but he wanted to raise his son in memory of his wife. He had his kid brother at home to help with a baby. He was the father and there was nothing that could be done.
   The uncle was convicted of molesting a thiteen year old class mate of Bobby. The father molested a street boy that later hanged himself then the father drowned himself in the toilet in his jail cell.
   Bobby took to the streets and came to BAW in January of 2007. I learned that he liked older, hairy men and I had just the man for him.
   I have a long history with Norman Ellis. I know and trust the man enough that I had recruited him to teach at BAW. I even trusted him enough to give him Bobby. Norman is a boy lover and Bobby needed a steady man in his life, the two make a great family. Norman has started the proceedure necessary to adopt Bobby and neither of them could be any happier.
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"Bobby" Robert Feldman for details see Blues Club
"That cock had to be over nine inches." Ryan thought.
His name means FAMOUS
Sixteen year old virgin fag boy new to town, got broke in at the Blues Club. He met his life partner, Ryan Miller, on New Year's Eve 1993. After both boys tried marriage and kids they settled in together to raise their three sons. Ah, true love always lasts.
   I had just moved to town. Some highschool boys invited me to their after party on New Years eve. I had been over to Randy Koch's house before and had been accepted into their Blues Club, but New Year's eve of 1991 was the turning point in my life. This big party had just ended at Lisa's house and we all went down to Randy's basement. He had a bunch of beds down there where we got together and sucked each other's cock after a dead end date. We'd all be horny and didn't get any relief so we just kind of took care of each other. I mean why jack off and have to clean up when you can help a friend who is willing to help you and you can help him too?
   So we had just got down there and were kind of pairing up when Randy came down. It was dark and we couldn't see shit. Randy asked who was alone and I just kinda blurted out that I was. Somebody climbed in bed with me and began to suck my cock. I was so worked up over that tease, Trish England, that I was ready to go. I grabbed at his stiff cock and began to suck like a starving baby. We slept close to each other for the next four or so hours. I know it was after two when we laid together cause I looked at my watch. I awoke needing a piss so bad, it was almost six.
   Two of the guys were fucking, I had never thought of fucking. I learned that I had just spent the night with Ryan Miller. There was something about the way he held me all night, I really loved the guy. Then I made some wisecrack about daddy loves his boy or something and Ryan fell apart. I found out that his old man was raping him, every night. I don't know why, but I wanted his big cock up my ass so I spread my legs and asked him to fuck me. That was the beginning of our new life.
   We went to his house and found out that our mothers were sisters and that we were cousins. It may be incest, but we are still lovers, thirteen years later. We both married, for our families' sake, but neither marriage worked out. Ryan and I are raising my twelve year old son, Jules along with Ryan's eight year old son, Britt. and five year old Bart.
   Ryan saved my life two years ago when Ronnie Wieldman's dad showed up with a gun. He killed his son and shot Clarence, his son's lover. I fought with him and took a bullet to the lower intestine that nearly ended my happy life with my wonderful family. Ryan took care of the boys and was with me as often as possible. He is the best nurse I had. He really mothered me when I came home and was laid up for eight weeks before the doctors would let me go back to work.
read about Bobby getting shot
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Bolek Thwaites
DOB: No 1992 Stats: 16 Nothing is known about this boy at the time of this posting. With the aid of Rick Carlson Chris has taken twenty nine boys off of the street and enrolled them in his school and has housed them in the new dormitory there. We do know that Stewart Ackerly loves this boy and wanted him to live at the school with him. As quickly as Chris updates my records I will pass all that I know to you.
Sixteen year old Bolek is with fifteen year old Stewart Akerly
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JB led a boy to me, I stared at him for a few minutes then I said, "Ah, got you. New York, winter of 2003. You were at a party in New York City and I fucked you for two hours, you love big cocks. You were a computer expert at thirteen so I sent you to JB in August of 2004. You're the man behind the school's webite. Fantastic work, son, fantastic."
Following their hearts Bones took his lead from Jay and Brad and led his boyfriend, Skinny through the halls of their school in an open display of affection. JB welcomed the two boys to BAG-Boys as full time students.
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Borne Heintz Introduced
DOB: 1990 Stats: 17 JB was talking to Brad and Jay: "That little kid is fourteen and has a nine inch cock, everybody up here stands in line waiting for him to fuck them. All of these guys want a big cock up their ass. He has everybody else in camp beat by three inches or better."
   "Yeah, but there's nobody to fuck me. I need a big cock too. I ain't got no good fuck since my old man got busted," the kid said
   "He's a runaway and was living with a forty six year old man. They were caught in bed. The man went to prison for fifty years."
   "And they don't give no fuck about me, I need a big cock."
Little thirteen year old Eric Stubbens was on his knees in front of seventeen year old Borne Heintz. Borne is very popular amongst the student body because of his super thick ten inch cock. Tiny little Eric had mastered it and his lips were buried in the seniors very thick pubic bush. Both boys had strong Aryan genes from their immigrant families. The finely defined bone structure and perfect symmetry of the musculature made the boys absolute stand outs in a school full of cut and ripped faggots. Sorry, I get a little carried away. There is not a boy in this school that I would not like to get in bed with. In fact I don't think there is a boy in the world that I would deny the right to fuck my throat all night and most of the next day, but back to the story.
Jayson was pointing and laughing at one boy. Eric rushed over and sat in the boy's lap to defend him. Jay had to tell his story. "We were clearing brush and took a break. This dude had a monster dick and we had been watching him fuck one of the teachers. He was whining because no one had a big dick to fuck him. I told him that Luke had a big dick and he almost killed himself trying to get Luke up in him."
   Luke walked up and shook hands with the handsome senior. "And you were one great fuck, dude. You have grown up since then. I hear that you are a senior now. What are you going to do?"
   Eric was all over the guy, "Borne broke me in so that I could ride daddy. I had a small fuck chute and he stretched me out." Borne rubbed the boy's head.
   "I ain't no senior no more. I graduated last week. I am trying to find some place to live. I gotta find me a job and all that." Sixty pairs of eyes turned to me.
   The family enjoyed having Borne in Tucson, but as Chris says, "He is one of those eskymoes that has to have snow around his neck from time to time…" Borne is making himself useful to the family at Empire Canal in Albany.
Borne has returned to Albany along with Fedor Jeftichew
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William Theodore Hamm Jr. aka: "Hamm bone"
DOB: June 14, 1991 Stats: 16
His name means WILL-HELMET
I'm sorry to be so ignorant, I have watched young Will grow up, his cock has grown faster than the rest of him, or so it seems. During his years in junior highschool the boys in his PE class called him Hamm Bone, his appendage did make an impression on gay or straight boys. When he became boyfriends with another young and hung, Jeff Farley, he earned the name Boner, his current pseudonym.
   Okay, like I ain't so bright, but I got a big cock so I got lots of friends. Chris and my dad have a long history and I sorta rode on that, but it weren't working much. My dad has the greatest boyfriend in the world and he is also an English teacher, he goes like bananas when he hears me talk and dad makes me suffer for it, but I just can't seem to talk right, or well, or…well fuck good at all.
   Chris has forty four of his boys doing their highschool work on their computers in his living room and he talked to my dad and Aaron about me going to school there too so I do and I like it, a lot. Everybody is naked and comfortable with each other, but Chris don't allow no sex until break times. He is hard on all of us, but I guess it is a good thing, my grades have gone way up and my dad is proud of me again, that is important to me.
   Several years ago I learned that my cousin is really Chris's son, but my aunt Sylvia did not want him to know about it. Everybody told me that they would do horrible things to me if I ever told Chris about RD, but then aunt Syl got sick and she was gonna die so dad brought her to Tucson then took Chris down there and he got to meet his own son for the first time and it was so neat that I cried. Chris loves RD so much and he does everything with him, yeah that too. I love to see Chris with his sons, Rodney and Rd, they look so good together.
   Sure, Chris has adopted like tons of the boys and all of kids in his house call him dad cause we all love him, he is really good and nice.
   I hooked up with this one dude that I have known forever, but I never knew that he had a killer dick that I really like to ride on several times a day. Jeff is about the best boyfriend that a guy like me could ever hope for and I am proud to be with him, it doesn't hurt that he is one good looking dude and when we go out everybody checks him out. I get all fuzzy feeling when they do that.
Boner and Jeff Farley are keeping house together.
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DOB: 1986 Stats: 21, blonde Brit boi, uncut 16cm–6.25 inches This is the young security guard that worked security at the front gate of El'sHouse.
He was on duty the moring that Paddy arrived at El's to pick me. Paddy had been beaten to a pulp. After questioning it was learned that Paddy had caught Tom Bradley in the act of raping a seriously underaged boy.
Boswell had been with Paddy a few times in the past. He willing drove Paddy back to London and took him to bed. It seems sad that his love is unrequieted. Paddy is in love with seventeen year old Aaren
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"Iggy" Boy in AtlantaIgnacio Heaphy
DOB: Mar 9, 1990 Stats: A sweet fourteen year old boy that wanted to suck for food. He hung a nice seven and a half inch, thick, uncut cock. Sometimes I think I should be a private dick. I am so good. I located a single boy in the Atlanta area that Chris spent a few hours sucking and fucking two years earlier. Chris told me the area of town he had been in and gave me a startlingly correct description of the boy. He was sixteen now and still hustling in the same area. He is HIV positive now. Chris was furious when he learned that the boy was hustling and passing on his misfortune.
Iggy looked like shit, he had been on the streets for almost three years when I found him. What I found was a skinny, pimple faced kid that would suck my cock for only five dollars. He was so emaciated that it was a wonder that he could stand. I called Chris and aimed my camera phone at the naked form of a once beautiful boy. I could hear Chris gasp as he saw the boy. I handed Iggy the phone.
   He and Chris talked for quite awhile. I was told to get naked and set the phone where Chris could watch me get a blow job from the kid. I'll give the kid one thing, he knew how to suck cock. Then he lay back on the bed and did a long, slow session for Chris's and my pleasure. He slow stroked a nice seven and a half inch, thick, uncut cock. He rolled himself back and finger fucked himself with three fingers up his ass as he sped his strokes on himself. He took most of his cock into his own mouth and swallowed his own sweet load. I so wanted to suck that cock, but I am terrified of HIV. I know, Chris has given me tons of material about how sperm in the mouth dies instantly and unless one has an open wound in his mouth then he is fairly safe from getting the disease from sucking a guy's cock. I didn't like the phrase, fairly safe. Iggy shot most of his load into his mouth then scooped up the rest to be licked off of his fingers.
   Chris sent the boy to a health care facility in Florida to be treated and recover his strength. Iggy wanted to show his gratitude to me for locating him. Double wrapped I took advantage of his sweet little bubble butt three times before dawn. Sometimes I really hate my job, but this wasn't one of those times.
   I am always ready to help a boy that wants to work to better himself, I won't give a boy anything. I had met this young man in Georgia as I pondered whether I should go meet Jimmy Watkins' grandmother. Iggy had run away from home and wanted no one to boss him around, he was a good head and I wanted to do more for him, but we parted ways the next morning. I sent my bird dog to ferret the boy out and found out that he was sick. After a year and a half of rest and good nourishment Iggy has sprung back to a very spry and healthy youngster of seventeen with no diseases, he was only exhausted and suffering from malnutrition.
   The two of us have talked at length over the telephone and I have agreed to help him with the condition that he lives by my rules. I have located him in the dormitory and placed him in the ninth grade class there and he seems to be doing well. So far I have had no physical contact with him as I wait to see how he is going to adjust.
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Boy in Texas
DOB: Stats: 14, creamy 5" cut cock and a nice butt. I traveled through Texas, very quickly. San Antonio was the only high spot in that desolate state. I spent a day on their River Walk, it was worth the time. I had a cute native boy stay with me all day, pointing out places of special interest. He was quick to spot big packages on cute boys with nice butts. I spent about a half an hour with him in my hotel room six times that afternoon. He loved to suck cock and I was glad to reciprocate on his really creamy five inch cock. He spent the night and I showed him how to really feel good as he held his legs tight to his chest and I opened up his being to a huge realm of adventure. He walked funny for several days I'm sure. I didn't see him walk much, he had to leave early the next morning so he could be home before his mother got off of her all night shift. I would have liked to hang around, but if he was all of that, there had to be more down the road.
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"Brad" Bradley Carlos Garcia Introduced
DOB: August 13, 1988 Stats: 16
8.5" uncut cock of serious thickness. 6', 157#s, firm and cut
His name means
What a joy it is to be able to be with this Latino hunk. What a bod! What a boi! I am really grateful to him for letting me spend the night with him and Jay, another hot boi, I may never walk normally again. Dark skin of a Latino, with jet black hair, and deep brown eyes. His legs are power houses. Football and running are his sports.
Brad was happy to learn that he was soon to be a father. His heart's desire had always been to have a grandchild for his abuela. Although he had been tricked into sex by his beard, Louise, he knew that she had given him what he would not have been able to have for many years. Of course he would not have his son born without a proper name so the couple married in a large ceremony.
Scared and with no place to go they came to live with Chris.
Brad and Jay now share a triplex apartment with their wives raising their babies and living at each end apartment unit. One big happy fag family.
His son, Bradley Jason Garcia was borh on June 21, 2006.
   What's there to tell? You get what you see, the world's most perfect boi rolled into one gorgeous hunk, standing in front of you. Oh, they can't see me, sorry, I guess words will have to do. Well, I'm eighteen, I graduated high school here in Tucson in May of 2006. Jay and I took a vacation back home to see our families. Guys, I have the most beautiful son in the world. Yeah, René and Lou's little stunt in the park worked. Nobody at school could believe that I would let a fag like Jay Adams near my perfect bod when I had such a fantastic girlfriend and she was carrying my baby. If they only knew, Jay and I would carry each other's baby in a heartbeat, he makes my heart beat when he makes love to me.
   I had my first boi sex experience when I was nine. A friend of mine and I were messing around, you know, comparing sizes and…hehehe, taste. So his brother like walks in on us, he was thirteen and he had a big dick, that sucker had to be almost four inches long. Well, to a nine year old it was big. He made me suck him and he squirted, not much, but I tasted something that I have never been able to get enough of. My only problem is that I am shy, okay, scared, so I kind of hid who I was for several years.
   Well, there was this one kid named Ryan that lived down the street from where we lived at the time. Ryan was a year younger than me, but he loved big cocks. I was twelve and had started into puberty, Latino boys start younger, you know, that's why we have bigger cocks than white boys. My bod was shaping up nicely. Ryan and I were at my house alone and I was changing clothes after school, Ry goes, "If you'll let me see your dick I'll give you a blow job." Now tell me, would you have passed that up? I didn't think so. Anyway the kid was good, but the next thing he wanted set me, for real, on a course that I hope never changes. I mean let's face it, having a son is nice and fucking Lou wasn't that bad, but there is nothing in this world that can compare to a tight boi butt.
   I fucked Ryan everyday, sometimes twice. We sucked each other and then I would fuck him again, he really loves it. He is still with his old man who I've heard has an eight inch cock, he should have stayed with me. Ryan has a major problem, if he doesn't have a cock in his mouth he is talking and he talks shit about everybody and tells everything he knows.
   We had been doing it for just about a year when one afternoon I had to go to my dad's office and get some money for a school fee that had to be paid that day or I would be in trouble, Ryan rode along with me on the bus. On the way up in the elevator two men were kissing each other. Ryan just blurted out, "Why don't you ever kiss me like that when you suck my dick?" The only problem was that the elevator doors had just opened and we were facing an office full of twenty or so people. My dad was at the elevator to give me the money, his boss was standing beside him.
   The two guys that were kissing were fired for inappropriate conduct in the work place. My dad packed our family up and we moved out of town. I had already heard the receptionist talking to the women within a mile and a half or her, "Ric has a fag son. If my son were a fag I'd have him sent to a mental hospital. They know how to treat that kind." Yeah, I still want to treat her kind, but they never learn.
   So like two years later we moved back to Albany. My cousin René has this real hunk for a boyfriend. He had just been outed by Ryan the big mouth. I like see red so I go to my old highschool and I out Ryan so that it looks like he is the fag that seduces everybody else. Man, like six guys stand up and confess that they fuck Ryan because he is a tight ass and they wanted to get off. Ryan is so outed.
   Me and René are laying on her bed with her boyfriend Jayson, it was Thanksgiving or Christmas or some holiday. She and Jayson are snogging along and she opens up his pants and lays his soft cock out. She then tells me to kiss Jayson, man, that was just okay with me, I wanted that dude so fucking bad. Jay's cock like goes to wood in record time. She tells him he is gay and she still loves him. Jayson and I slept together that night, well we slept a little in between fucking and sucking each other all night. We fell in love and have been together for more than three years now. We both have kids, he has a daughter and I have a son. Bradley James Garcia–BJ and Jaybee were born on June 21 with Jaybee being forty seven minutes older. Our wives are going to raise them to get married. Yeah, me and Jay got married to the girls, they do have our kids. We want to get married to each other, but we will have to see.

Read about the wedding in chapter 93
The boys added another to their household in March of 2008, a stray puppy that Brad named dicklick
Jace and Frankie wanted the couple that had made their lives together possible to stand up with them at their wedding ceremony.
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Branden Dubois Dickson Read me for the fuck itself
DOB:April 30, 1991 Stats: 14, 4' 10", 80#, 5" uncut. Creamy sweet treat.
His name means
Branden was eager and curious about boy sex. He hero worshiped an older neighbor boy by the name of Frank Rothsfeld. Unknown to these two boys they were biological brothers, stolen in infancy and raised by people who used them as cover without ever sharing love with them.
The two boys had an exciting afternoon together, but in their excitement Frank ripped Branden a new ass hole. Branden spent a week in the hospital recovering as he brought Chris and the family into a whole new world of espionage and intrigue.
   Well, I don't know where to begin really. I guess I never was anybody until Chris rode in on his black horse and saved me, it was a black Cadillac actually, but he charged out of that thing ready for action. This cop tried to stop him and he just pushed the guy aside and kept on coming. About that time the man who had me over his shoulder dropped me on the ground and I kind of landed on Kyle. We held on to each other as guns went off everywhere then when it was all over Chris was shouting the orders. Kyle and I had no idea what was going on as we were thrown into this big truck and hauled off.
   Chris came to us later and held both of us and all of us cried together. I had only met him when he would come to visit Kyle in the hospital, but Kyle told me that he was the best guy around. I had to agree. I kind of fell in love with him, does that sound weird? I don't mean like love, but I really liked him and wanted to be around him some more. He told me that he was going to have me join his family and live with him, that made me happy.
   We spent a month or so getting to know everybody and Chris was always busy then he took us to England. Cullen lives in England and we went to his house where we had so much fun. We were supposed to go to see a lady get a crown or something, but were told that Chris was dead. I cried. Everybody cried. I guess we all love him. But he wasn't dead, he was hiding.
   We stayed in this really great castle like house overlooking the ocean and it was so cool. I got to spend a whole night in bed with Chris. I wanted him to fuck me. I know it sounds queer, but I really did. I finally got him to do me and I loved it. He made me really love it. I do it with most all of the family now, but I really like it when just Chris and I can be alone together.
   I didn't really have a boyfriend yet, but then one night we were in New York for the trials. and there was this loud sound of somebody getting the shit fucked out of him. Me and all the guys go to Chris's room and he is fucking this kid that is really loving it, major big time. I look and it is this one guy from my old school that really likes talking to me. I told him that we were kind of weird to some people, but if he could take it he could come live with me. He is really hung, for a young guy and he loves to suck my dick while I suck his. He watched the guys at home and got down on his knees and sucked me, right there if front of everybody, while we watched TV, he sucked my dick and swallowed my cum. The guys all watched, but acted like it was no big thing. He sat down next to me and we kissed, he told me that he loved me so I took him to my room and let him fuck me then I fucked him. We didn't come out until breakfast time.
   I only have one year of school left. I don't know what to do. I always wanted to go to Harvard and be a lawyer. I know I could be good at it, but I don't know if I can leave the family for that long. I'd miss the all the banter and the camaraderie, the just out and out fun that we have. No one hardly ever fights, yeah, I have seen a few bloody noses and a black eye, but as soon as it happens they are hugging and crying and telling each other how sorry they are. Everybody really loves everybody. I still love Frankie very much, he may have hurt me, but he didn't know any better, he is my brother, by blood, so we have a close relationship. But I love him as a boy and I get off big time when we get it on together. Is that incest? If so then vive la incest!!!
16 year old Branden and 17 year old Victor Sharpe are exactly what the other needs.
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Brice Foorgate more details
DOB: May 31, 1993 Stats: 14
His name means
Brice and Casey were attending a musical competion for highschool students from around Europe. There they met two young French boys by the name of Alexandre and Jourdain and decided to tour the streets of historic Vienna, Austria.
   Pavel Storovich, the former lover of Pytor Jeftichew, and his young boyfriend, snatched the four boys up and took them for training under the tutelage of Dimitri's twin brother at a secluded farm in the northern forests of France.
   Casey Montgomery and Brice were attending a competition for young muscians around Europe. It was the first time that the youngsters had ever been in Vienna, Austria so they took a tour with two friends that they had made that came from France
   The four boys were kidnapped from off of the streets and held captive before being rescued by Athos and his men. Athos turned the boys over to Chris to take home to Tucson where their musical talents were quickly recognized.
   At the command performance in Paris Brice and Randall Dickson sang a duet from Puccini's Madame Butterfly to a rousing applause that lifted their young hearts.
Colin tells us, "Brice, Casey, Elliot, Eugene, Joshua, Sergé, Alexandre and Jourdain ended up chained to beds at a training farm in France where we just got close and held onto each other and cried all night. The next morning this big old fat bastard came in to wake us up, he peed on us, I mean he stood at the foot of the bed and peed all over us. He was talking in some nother language that I didn't know," but this one kid told us that it was Greek and that I was going to learn how to take a big dick up my ass. I had been told that I would have to fuck anybody that they told me too or I could not have anything to eat, I was so fucking hungry I would have fucked a bear."
thirteen year old Casey Montgomery and fourteen year old Brice grew up together and suffered captivity together, it is only natural that they still cling one to the other in love.
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Britt Miller for more
DOB: July 4, 1999 Stats: 9 Second son of Ryan Miller, who calls the boy a fire cracker. He lives with his brother, Bart, and their father along with Bobby Feldman, Ryan's longtime boyfriend.
"Ryan was shocked to learn that he knew nothing of his own sons' talentsS. The boys are both young prodigies at the piano, Bart is by far the more accomplished player. When the two boys stepped out on stage in Paris and began to play Sonata in D major for two pianos–Allegro con spirito by Mozart their father cried. I know my long time friend's heart, but I know boys better, I had two Yamaha baby grand pianos delivered for the boys to play to their hearts content."
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Brock Jeffery Burke II
DOB: Nov 14, 1995 Stats: 13 Brock II is the son of a great uncle of Brock the first. He admired his spunky nephew and named his son after him. The father's pride swelled his chest as he watched his grand nephew rise as an upcoming movie star. By the late nineties Brock confessed to being gay and the uncle was devastated.
He watched his son's every action and when the boy began to show tendencies his father laid down the law to him. Young Brock had made friends with a twelve year old classmate, Larry Callahan. Larry attended the local junior highschool where all of our seventh and eighth graders were attending for a short time. The two boys stayed in close contact and Larry introduced Brock to his hidden passion, boi milk.
Brock has adjusted well to the school's surroundings and rules. Larry Callahan may be one reason.
Brock and Larry Callahan are a solid couple.
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Bryan Adam West Dickson
DOB: Dec 5, 1991 Stats: 14
5' 4", 110#s, Bryan has 7" of uncut meat at 5.25" around.
His name means
What a perfect boy. Small compact, loving, and warm. Sweet, clear blue eyes that remind one of a mountain lake. This boy is a joy to sit and hold and he loves to lay his head on a man's shoulder and feel strong arms protecting him. He has many fears which Chris is trying to help the boy to conquer.

Jonathan Baird had found Bryan living off of the food stolen for him by an older boy who pimped Bry's small body to men for sex. Jon took Bry to his home where he began a new life, that life ended when Jacque kidnapped him in an alley in New York City.
He has a blood disorder caused by a lack of vitamin B12. Patients who have this disorder do not produce a protein in the stomach that allows the body to absorb vitamin B12. Pernicious anemia is usually diagnosed when a patient with a low red blood cell count has large red blood cells and white blood cells with large, multi-lobed nuclei. The patient often has antibodies in the blood called intrinsic factor and parietal cell antibodies. A test that measures that lack of absorption of B12 can be used to support the diagnosis. Pernicious anemia is therefore one of the types of megaloblastic anemia The word "pernicious" means highly injurious, destructive, or deadly.
Nowadays, pernicious anemia is not so pernicious. Pernicious anemia is simply treated with vitamin B12. The vitamin has to be administered by injection because people with pernicious anemia do not have adequate protein intrinsic factor (or an effective form of intrinsic factor) and so cannot absorb B12 taken by mouth.
Aren't you glad that you are tuned into the educational porno channel?
   I like don't remember so much about who I was. I kinda just put it outa my mind like. I had this man that found me living on the streets. Another kid was charging men money for me to suck their dicks, but wasn't given me nothin. I like split on him and this man took me to a real nice house and made love to me. I went to work with him, but got kidnaped and taken to France. The man who took me was fat and smelly. He kept me on a dog leash, and naked. He liked to pee on me and made me suck him afterwards. He led me through town. Some man would give him some money then open his pants. The man who took me would choke me with the dog leash until I sucked the new man off and let him cum in my mouth. Sometimes I had to bend over and take it up my ass, right out on the street where people was all walking by could see us.
   Chris found me and tortured the man who hurt me. Chris took me into his house and made me very happy. I do like to suck dicks and I like to take it up the ass, but I like to choose who I am with and I like them to be clean and to love me. Chris sees to that. He loves me and kept me beside him for a long time. He found out that I have some sort of a disease and have to take a shot everyday. I feel so much better now. I do have a boyfriend now and we sleep in each other's arms and kiss and talk all sweet and stuff to each other. I do like to get it on with Chris and he tries to be with each of us every few weeks.
   So you're staring at my dick. I guess you want to suck my seven and a quarter inch monster, huh. It is kind of thick at just over five and half inches. I have grown some since Chris found me last year. I am five foot eight and I weigh one hundred and forty six pounds. Fifty pounds of it is in my cock so lighten my load already.
   You aren't a bad cock sucker for an old man, but there are some old men in wheel chairs in France that could teach you a thing or two. You want me to fuck you and show you how it's done?
   Easy touch, that dude. He loves my boi cock.
   Bryan didn't think that I heard that comment. He will laugh when he sees it here on this page.
For an update on this perfect boy read this.
Seventeen year old Bryan appears happier than we have seen him before. One never knows the affairs of the heart, case in point is his deep love for our very happy fourteen year old Hani Dickson
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Ronnie Wieldman–aka Bubba for more details
Bubba was the sixteen year old boyfriend of Biff Hooker. The two had a reputation as school yard bullies who liked to pick on faggots. That is until they outed themselves at the first planning meeting of what would become the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß. Ronnie was shot then beaten to death by his father. His boyfriend, Biff, was seriously injured and spent months in rehabilitation.
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Bud Hooker
DOB: Stats:
His name means
Bud is a young attorney in Bull's office that defended Chris against the state'S charges of building at Camp Christopher without the proper permits.
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"Bull" Bosley Pitt
Bull was studying law and was in his final year when eighteen year old Jeremy Combs came into his life. They were quite an item until about 2003 when Bull became a junior partner in a law firm called "Doggs of War", one of the nations leading law firms dealing with sex crimes and crimes against children; the firm is also very strong as child advocates. Bull got a major conviction against a child predator that Jeremy had uncovered. The two of them split as a couple during the ongoing trial and never hooked up again.
Bull has a sixteen year old boy living with him. The boy was a thirteen year old throw away that Bull rescued from the shelter and foster home system. He has since adopted the boy who loves the man dearly.
      "I have represented Mr. Dickson through his dozens of adoption cases and I never tire of hearing the praises that his boys have for him.
   "Chris is a straight shooter that is always out to see justice done with the rights of the down trodden upheld."
Bull took in twelve year old Billy Pitt into his house and heart. The boy loves his father.
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Byron Poletek
Byron is one of six boys that were rescued from the training camp in Vermont. He is a large, strong looking boy, but he is very frightened. I took over forty five minutes with him trying to convince him that he is now amongst friends that will never hurt him.
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Calvin Eastman
DOB: Sept 4, 1992 Stats: 15
His name means
Chris will tell me nothing about this boy at the time of this posting, he only winks at me and tells me that the boys that the state has sent to live with him are special young men to be protected at all costs.
   "Cal, I am amazed at your musical talent, with your life how did you learn to play the violin?"
   "I didn't learn, I just play it. I hear a song and I can play along as I learn the notes then I never forget it."
   "When did you start playing?"
   "When I found a violin at school one day."
   "How old were you?"
   "Bout twelve, I guess, I was in the sixth grade."
   "Did anyone hear you play."
   "Yeah, the dumb old music teacher, so when he started chasing me I ran away then they sent me to some other home when I got found."
   "Did anyone ever talk to you about that, the violin playing I mean."
   "Nobody never knew. I made this one nerdy friend who played the violin and he used to let me play his axe he called it, but he said that I didn't chop the music up like he did."
Cal may be a prodigy, but he is one fine violin virtuoso. He loves to play for the family as they dance and sing to his sweet refrains. Chris is blessed with many boys with musical talent in his household, but his greatest blessings came when the family appeared before a command performance in Paris. Cal and Willie Wilson were a highlight of a magnificent evening of masterful music by the entire family. This duo played a duel between piano and violin that they had written themselves, Chris wants to have it recorded for the world to hear.
   "I don't remember my ma or paps, the first I ever remember was being moved from this one home where I was always cold and all and put into this place where this old woman yelled at me when I walked in the door. I got beat a lot and always told that I was a fag like my paps, but I don't know him attall so I cain't say if I am or if I ain't, like him that is, I am a fag I spose.
At the time of this writing fifteen year old Cal has found love from thirteen year old Gilbert
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Cameron Langley For more details also see when he was first introduced
DOB: August 3, 1989 Stats: 18
His name means
Sometimes I have to wonder what Chris is made of, this boy was so abused that I had to cry. Cameron was a play toy for his father and various men that belonged to an organization that advocates man-boy love. While that in itself is not all bad it should always be the boy's choice and never should sex be forced on his young body, and surely not with absolute strangers.
   Look me over faggot, I know what I am and I have learned to live with myself. I had a selfish bastard for a sperm donor that liked to let everyone that he knew go up in my tiny ass since I was big enough to hold my own legs open for them. I learned that I had friends that loved me and not for sex, but for my heart.
   I used to have this cool boyfriend when I lived in Tucson, but my dad moved us to California where he had more men with young boys that would have sex with him. When the shit hit the fan it was Carroll's dad that came and got me and took me to his house. I saw Chrisy and Cory there and I felt really good because I knew them when we lived in Tucson. Carroll had a new boyfriend, but I felt happy for him, but I had to sit down at a table with Mr. Templeton and all of the guys as we talked to Chris on the computer.
   I had never talked to anybody on the computer before and I thought that was neat. But anyway Chris said that the guys should wait around for a few days until I turned eighteen then they could take me over to live with him. I was happy, but I didn't know what I was going to do there.
   A boy never has to worry about his life around Chris, he takes the time to sit down with him and learns what he wants and doesn't want. I wanted to go to college and Chris enrolled me the same day that I got to Arizona. A few days later Chris learned that he had this bitchin son named RD and fuck he's cute. RD and I are a couple now and I am so fucking happy and glad to forget everything that I ever knew before.
Cameron reached out to the man that murdered his father by testifying in court on the man's behalf then visiting him in jail. When Lemuel Swanson was released Cam was there for him. The two have become a couple and spent time at Chris's mountain cabin in Tucson.
At present Cameron is keeping time with Elias Holden.
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Carl Dickson also see Andy Finds Daddy
Stats: 62, very fat, bald, with a twelve inch uncut boi butt loving cock.
His name means
Carl and his son, Tom, were killed when a car driven by men hired by Ibrahim, the Sheik's right hand man, ran them over the edge of a mountain roadway then threw a bottle filled with gasoline on top of the wrecked vehicle, it was first degree murder. The state of New Mexico would not believe that and refused to file charges against the two men. The two mysteriously appeared in France where they met with a different kind of justice than that dealt out in the U.S. of A. I can't say that I am sorry for their hardship.
   What can I say about Carl Dickson? There are not enough adjectives or adverbs in the English language to properly describe this man. He was everybody's friend, he would literally give you his last dime if you needed it. I have seen him give an old bum a hot meal, he won't give cash to beggars, but he will take them into a restaurant and let them order anything they want, including drink and dessert, he pays for it, plus a large tip, then leaves while the beggar eats his fill.
   I met Carl many times and I was always impressed with the man. He was an honest man and a man of integrity. He got himself in trouble at forty eight years of age when he took a young man home who was crying cause his mother was out of town and he was hungry. Carl fed the seventeen year old kid then stopped by his house to keep cool on the hot July day. The boy wanted sex with Carl and they had a little fun with each other. The boy left Carl and told his friend, hoping to go back for more, the friend made the boy go to the police. Carl did nine months in state prison and was a registered sex offender for the rest of his life.
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Carlos Garcia Introduced
Carlos Garcia is the uncle of Brad Garcia and the father of René Garcia, young Jayson's wife.
       Chris is a major investor in a large school adjoining our family property on a small lake in the upper Adirondack mountains. My brother Ric and I had gotten many of the people in the county to invest in the school. Chris thanked us for our involvement and he was very pleased with the boys' work and praised them highly.
   I met Chris when he walked over to our lake cabin to see our boys in July of 2005. He had brought his family along with him for a summer vacation trip and for the dedication ceremony for the school. I think the man is a little light in his shoes, if you catch my meaning. He is surrounded by beautiful boys who seem to want to hang on him. I know that my nephew swings that way with Jay. I wish Jay would grow out of that stage and realize what a wonderful chica mi René is. She would make for the hijo a muy fine esposa.
   The two kids did get together then the boys left town rather quickly. Ric tells me to let it go, but something is going on between those two little boys and that man Chris. He did send the boys home to be with us at Christmas then he brought all of his boys to see Jay marry mi pocito René. Brad married his highschool sweetheart, Louise. Both girls had babies just days later and only a few hours apart then the new fathers left with that man Chris again. The man has more than thirty young boys that all live in his house with him. When they are here they run around the lake naked. Brad and Jay are no different, they are naked too. I see these boys kiss each other. I have seen them kiss Chris. I watched Brad kiss Chris while the man squeezed on his ass cheeks and they were moving together like they were making love. Ric and I have been lovers since we were teenagers and I understand that, but Chris is as old as me and he has all of those boys. I don't know about this.
   Brad told me that he had to get back to the new store in Tucson. He said that it was really doing well. So far I don't see the papers that say it is doing so well. I think that they are doing some nasty things with Chris and I don't think that I like it. Now mi pocito— my little bit—has moved out there to be in the middle of this perversion. I am of half a mind to hire an investigator, but Ric, he says to let it go. He says he knows what it is all about. I love my little brother and I will do whatever he wants, but I don't think I like it.
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Carmen De Soto
DOB: Stats: 14, 5'7", 134#s,
His pride is a sweet 6.75" x 5.5"
His name means
Boy from the second round of students assigned by the state of Arizona to BAW.
Carmen De Soto was born into money. His father was a very successful businessman that traveled around the world leaving Carmen at home with his mother. Alone most of the time Mrs. De Soto sought companionship from a bottle and killed herself in a traffic accident while under the influence, Carmen was eleven years old. His father provided for the boy by placing him in boarding schools around the country, but Carmen had a dark side to his nature. He was gay.
Carmen was dismissed from five different schools before he was thirteen. His father could not be bothered with the boy any longer. His father had married a woman in Spain and neither of them wanted to be saddled with a child, especially a homosexual child. Carmen was sent to live with an older woman that had served as his nanny during his youth. He could not handle the woman's constant badgering so he ran away. The fourth time that he took off the state's Child Protective Services stepped in and placed him in the foster care system where his homosexuality posed a serious problem for him and for other boys in the homes where he was placed.
Carmen fell in love with Pépin Lacrosse at first sight and the two boys are doing well together.
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Carroll Templeton for more see Mitch and Carroll
DOB: 1989 Stats: 18
His name means
Carroll Templeton grew up in Tucson, but moved to California when his dad bought a small bait shop and motel on a lake there. Cory and Chrisy set off on an adventure to see the world and spent time at every beach up the west coast and at one of their stops they met a old friend, Carroll.
   "Uh, dad. I, uh need to like uh tell you something." My dad's eyes were fixed on me. "Dad, I am going to disappoint you and you are going to hate me." I was crying by now and I could not get control of myself. Everybody stayed in their chairs as this became something between father and son. I wanted to hold on to Mitch for support, but knew that that would be so wrong at that time. "Dad, I'm gay."
   My dad looked at me with no change in his expression. He tilted his head to one side and I could see a thought pass before his eyes. "Okay."
   Okay? Just okay? What the fuck here dad. Hate me. Kick me. Beat the fuck out of me. Okay? "Uhh, dad…I have a boyfriend."
   "I hope it's you Mitch." my dad smiled at him. "Honey, don't listen to this." He smiled at my mother. "Carroll, I'm a man who was once a boy. I know what is going on with you. It might pass, it might not. I'm not going to get upset until you're about forty and I don't have a grandson or four."
   I wanted to go to college at the university in Tucson and was struggling with finding the money to pay room and board. As an out of state student the tuition was extravagant, but I really wanted to go home to school.
   Chris told me and Mitch to move to Tucson and that he had a home in a private house for us with other college boys from his family. When we got there he had another big shocking surprise, he had managed to get his fŗĩęñďş Çłųß to grant us a full ride scholarship as long as we maintain a 3.GPA, and he got us registered as in state students as well.
   No wonder everybody loves him.
It's Mitch and Carroll guys, period. They reside at the βφτ house.
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Casey Montgomery details
DOB: Aug 31, 1994 Stats: 13
His name means
Casey and Brice Foorgate were attending a musical competion for highschool students from around Europe. There they met two young French boys by the name of Alexandre and Jourdain and decided to tour the streets of historic Vienna, Austria.
   Pavel Storovich, the former lover of Pytor Jeftichew, and his young boyfriend, snatched the four boys up and took them for training under the tutelage of Dimitri's twin brother at a secluded farm in the northern forests of France.
   Casey and Brice Forgate were attending a competition for young muscians around Europe. It was the first time that the youngsters had ever been in Vienna, Austria so they took a tour with two friends that they had made that came from France
   The four boys were kidnapped from off of the streets and held captive before being rescuted by Athos and his men. Athos turned the boys over to Chris to take home to Tucson where their musical talents were quickly recognized.
   Casey and Alexandre Dumoît sang a piece from Puccini's Madame Butterfly to a rousing applause that lifted their young hearts.
Colin tells us, "Brice, Casey, Elliot, Eugene, Joshua, Sergé, Alexandre and Jourdain ended up chained to beds at a training farm in France where we just got close and held onto each other and cried all night. The next morning this big old fat bastard came in to wake us up, he peed on us, I mean he stood at the foot of the bed and peed all over us. He was talking in some nother language that I didn't know," but this one kid told us that it was Greek and that I was going to learn how to take a big dick up my ass. I had been told that I would have to fuck anybody that they told me too or I could not have anything to eat, I was so fucking hungry I would have fucked a bear."
fourteen year old Brice Foorgate and thriteen year old Casey grew up together and suffered captivity together, it is only natural that they still cling one to the other in love.
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"Cas" Emmitt Casper
DOB: Jan 20, 1986 Stats: 17
6.5" uncut, with an amazing 6 plus inches around, a real stretcher. 5' 7" blonde head brown bush
His name means
Cas was a power house. He was strong and wiry, his body was trim with a narrow waist and bulked chest. His upper body almost looked like a young body builder. He played tackle, he was built for it. He was fast and could outrun anyone on the team. His legs were a thing of beauty with their taught muscles. Cas laid there with a respectable six inch uncut hard on. His cock was an amazing six plus inches around, a real stretcher. He is strictly a bottom and he was in major need of help.
   "My name is Emmitt. My father chose my name from an old book of prayers in the Dutch language. I don't remember what it is supposed to mean. It is not that I am stupid it is just that I chose to remember very little of that part of my life. Okay, I fucked my life up. I didn't need any help and I don't need any help now. I am quite capable of doing the wrong things or the right. Chris has taught me so much and I think I am well on the path of doing most things right.
   Most everyone already knows that I was twelve and had a sixteen year old boyfriend, the Bishop's son. He liked sex as much as I did and he taught me everything he knew. I loved to suck his big dick and the feelings that I had when he sucked me were indescribable. I had only been jacking off maybe two or three weeks. I was in the woods at my favorite spot when I looked up and there he stood smiling down at me. He pulled his pants down revealing the mother of all dicks. He lay down beside me and he sucked me off. Later he let me suck him too. I loved the taste and feel of his cock in my mouth so we got together everyday.
   On my sixteenth birthday I gave him my ass. We had talked of doing it and he had let me fuck him many times. My cock was growing thicker instead of longer and he really loved the feel of my stretching him. We were also fucking two other boys from a neighboring township, but we had both wanted for me to get fucked. He was actually doing me for the second time that afternoon when his father walked in on us. He was sent to be cured.
   Please don't take this wrong. I love Chris with all of my heart, I am just not in love with him. Does that make sense? I mean the man rescued me from a fate far worse than anything you can imagine. My church has ways of dealing with sexual deviants. Anything other than straight, missionary sex, man on top, woman on bottom, is a monestrous sin against God.
   Man was created, complete and whole, but he wanted more. He wanted a mate. This was not God's plan, but He loved Adam and made a woman from man. Woman was not created separately, but from the rib of man. This makes her lower than man, his servant, his property. A man is to hold it over a woman. Anything less and the elders of the church will take you to a secret place to be trained.
   An uncle of mine once had his wife suck his dick and he fucked her ass. He was in training for six months. When he came back to our community he was a different person, hollow and drawn. He was more like a dead man, obeying orders from the elders as if he were their chattel. I have only heard of what they do to a homosexual.
   There is one old man in the community that supposedly was caught in an unnatural act with another boy when they were thirteen or fourteen. The man is very unhappy, but he serves his wife and his eighteen children. I am told that the elders gather at his home every few weeks and watch over him as he services his wife. I like to talk to this man and he likes to talk to the young boys in our town, but he has to do it in a secretive way so that he won't be seen.
   There's no leaving our community. Everyone who has tried returns in a very short time and their home is watched after by church members. It is a kind of prison. It is no place to be born. Only one family that I know of has ever moved there by choice. Their kids seem to fit right in though so power to them.
   Now don't go speculating. I won't tell you what our sect is. I don't want you judging them. They are doing what they feel is right. Our state has a lot of Amish and Quaker churches and towns. There are a lot of Mennonite people around. Our town believes in Saturday as the Sabbath. Our men dress mostly in black suits and our women in plain dresses with little white bonnets. We don't really follow any one group's teaching or another's, we follow the teaching of our leaders as they believe the Bible tells them how to live.
   We do have electricity for lights and a refrigerator, but no TV, no radio, and no cars. We travel by horseback or in wagons. My favorite joke about my people goes like this.
   Joshua, his wife and his young son Jacob went to the city to see the doctor. While the wife was in the doctor's office Joshua and Jacob looked around. They came to a big silver wall that seemed to part in the middle. In a few minutes this really large woman came up to the wall in a wheelchair. She pushed a button on the wall. The silver wall split into and opened. She rolled her wheelchair inside and smiled at the man and his son as the wall slid together again. Joshua and Jacob backed up a bit and watched the fancy numbers over the door as they counted from two to forty six. A few minutes passed by and the numbers started counting down. When the numbers stopped the wall slid open and out stepped a beautiful blonde woman, tall and lean. As the wall closed again Joshua nudged Jacob and said, "Quick, go get yer ma."
   We are not really that backward, but I like the joke. Yes, we do have cars, just not in our community. We have a secure lot at the foot of the hill that is guarded day and night. We can ride our horses down, or if we will be gone for along time, overnight or more, then we can get a ride in a cart. My father has a nice Mercury and we have an RV. I always thought that it was huge until I met Chris. Our RV is only twenty seven feet long and it is kind of close at bedtime, but we are used to being together as a family.
   My little brother had to run for his life when he and dad got into an argument. Chris bought him a ticket to come to me. He is so happy here. He never even wants to go visit our parents, but Chris tells him that he needs to go. Our parents were run out of the community because they had two gay sons. Lew and I bought them a house in Ohio where dad got a job working in a furniture factory. Dad loves working with wood and he makes some really nice pieces. Chris sent us to see them at Christmas time. They were really happy to see us. Mom cooked so much food. She said we were too skinny. We just didn't have on all of those old woolen clothes that the order made us wear. Our clothes fit us and we looked hot. We had a lot of girls looking us over and mom writes to us to tell us that some of them would like to get to know us. She thinks that I am getting so old. She says that I should be married with children of my own by now. She can't handle the gay part of our lives. She will never have grand kids by me unless my darling Tyler has a secret he hasn't shared with me. I do love Ty so much. Our wedding day was the happiest day of my life. I want to tell my mother that I am married to the most wonderful man on all of the earth, but I know it would only cause her pain.
   Dad had a big surprise for me. Wednesday night is mid-week prayer meeting. At around three thirty dad had Lew and me get dressed in all black. He gave us black ladies stockings to pull over our head and face. We drove for about three hours till we came to a small church across the state line. He told us his plan and what we were to do. Lew sat on top of the car as lookout. Dad and I carefully took the window sash out of the bathroom then set back and waited. At eight o'clock Isaac jumped through the window and we all charged back to dad's car.
   Dad had found out where Isaac was being trained. The two of them made a plan and that night it all came together without a hitch. Isaac is so frail and drawn. His eyes were sunk back into his head. He was so skinny that he looked like pictures of the victims of concentration camps.
   We slept in the same bed that night so that we could talk. I told him that I was married and asked him not to tell. He is so different. I don't know if he even remembers what sex is. He didn't even get an erection all night. I know, I held him close and told him I loved him. I did him wrong and he ended up in prison. The church got him out of prison somehow. Dad says he is now a free man. He has talked to people and made sure. Isaac doesn't even have to register as a molester. He lives with my parents in the room where we slept that night. He works with dad at the furniture factory. When mom writes she tells me that he is doing very well and she thinks that he has a girlfriend. I do so hope so.
Cas and Tyler Youngman are married guys, period.
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DOB: Jan 22, 1990 Stats: 18
Built like an older Cullen, thin, but defined, he hung a juicy looking six and a half inches of dripping uncut cock
His name means
We won't reveal Cecil's family name here because his father is widely known throughout the banking world as a major player in the Exchequer Bank of England. Cecil is another victim because of his proximity to Chris and . He was taken into Chris's family after assassins tried to destroy him believing he was Cullen.
   I 'ave got to be the lukiest bloke wot ever lived. Me mum wants to be a scullery maid for this rich old lady wot been her friend all me life. The friend got this lad name o' Cullen that I fell bonkers for. The boy fucks like a wild man, top or bottom. He can snog the slime off a booger and suck cock…mate that lad'll suck yer toes up through your cock head.
   During me Christmas Holidays with me mum Chris got me in Cullen's bed and I knew I had to be with them, but they was off to the states. Me mum and me used Duke Pxxx–sorry, I ain't supposed to say that bloke's name–we used their car and somebody put a bomb in it thinking they could kill Cul. Chris's guard people sent me to hide out whilst they found out who tried to do me in and Chris let me stay when he found out that me and Cull is in luv. I ain't never been so happy in me life. I ain't got, but one time with Chris since I been living with his family, but he got like more'n fifty 'appy fairies wot Cull and me like to do. I sleep with Cull, but we get it on with two or three other blokes most everyday.
   Cecil fucked up Right mate, I buggered it bad and got me arse sent a packing, it were awful cause nobody in the 'ole world liked me none. Me da wouldn't talk to me. Me mum just looked at me and cried so I ended up staying with some other family wot I didn't not know.
   Cecil was restored Chris came back to see me and we talked and I told him wot a sorry arse I were and he told me that he knew that, but he told me that I could go live with him again and the next time I fucked off that I would have to swim back to England with him behind me with a shotgun. I think the bloke'd do it too, but I ain't givin 'im 'alf a chance, I do love 'im and I want to do good by 'im.
"Cecil remained very quiet and guarded around me since he had returned from his short exile. I had to learn from the other boys that he had gone to Sao Palo, Brazil with the Wild Boys.
"When we were at BAF I learned that the little sot had met and bedded Nigel Masters. I looked at the boy and told him we needed to go fuck, he laughed like a school girl all night long. He does like it, long and hard, and he doesn't mind if the cock in him is long either.
Cecil and Delbert Francis Thompkins are behaving themselves.
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Cedric Temblor
Cedric is one of six seriously abused boy from the training camp in Vermont. He arrived as a very sick boy with a severely damaged kidney. His spleen is torn and will have to come out and his liver is damaged. Most of his facial bones were broken and all of his teeth had been knocked out.
After several sessions in the waters of Aqua Caliente he was fully restored to a very healthy and virile boy that now attends school at BAW.
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Chad Jones
DOB: June 30, 1990 Stats: 15 Chad has been given hormone shots all of his life. At fifteen he is 5.5' and 105#s. He now has a 12", skinny, uncut cock.
His name means
Chad has asked me not to interview him for this article. He is very embarrassed by the whole incident and would rather keep his thoughts to himself. He was raised as the son of "Exiter" and Emily Jones, when in fact he was the son of Richard's deceased aunt.
Emily is a transvestite named Emil Koch, Isaac Koch's kid brother. Maxine Snell was the school teacher that pushed for Wilbur and Emil to raise the infant boy. She was Richard's great aunt and she had enthusiastically pushed for Chad to be adopted by her nephew. She also knew that Emil was a boy, she had managed to get the boy kicked out of school in his senior year for his sexual deviancy. No one knows why she did that. She won't be placing any more babies with any families after her run in with Chris.
The boy was subjected to homosexual rape from his own father and his father's friends from the time he was old enough to walk. He was drugged and his body was used as his mother took video pictures to be printed and sold on the internet. She also had anal sex with the prechool aged boy as he lay unconcious after having sex with his father and other men in their group.
Chris had stumbled on to the group when he was sent some of the movies they had made. Chris cracked the code to unlock the really bad parts of the encoded DVDs. By accident he stumbled onto the room in Chad's house where the movies were made and was able to make a case against the people who had hurt these boys.
Chad came to live with Chris for six months as the machinery was put into place to send Wilbur, Emil, and all of the rest of the movie makers to prison. Emil didn't make to trial. He was gang raped and hanged in his extra secure jail cell. Wilbur Jones murdered his cell mate when he feared the man was a plant who was going to testify against him. He was given the death sentence for murder one and three hundred and eighty seven years for the molestations. I am pushing for the long sentence to be carried out first. He can spend eighty five per cent of three hundred and eighty seven years then be eligible for parole. After being granted parole he can sit for his death sentence. Of course under state law all prisoners under death sentence must serve their time in solitary confinement
Chad was not alone. His four best friends were also featured on the DVDs as well as his all time best friend that had moved away. All six boys lived with Chris until the trials were finished then they had the chance to go and live with other family members who loved them. Now if you think that I will tell you what they chose you better think again. You will have to read Traveler for that information.
17 year old Arthur Hendon and 17 year old Chad have the solid foundation of a lasting relationship.
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Chase Boswell
DOB: 1993 Stats: 14
His name means
Chase Boswell is the son of Chuck's father's brother. Chase's father was killed by a kick in the head from an irritated horse when Chase was nine years old and the boy has been a pain in the ass to his poor mother ever since. His mother has always been in poor health and has gotten much worse since the death of her husband and the boy is much more than she can deal with. When Chuck returned to run his father's properties his aunt asked him to let Chase live with him and learn the value of hard work.
   "I guess I was driving my mother crazy so she sent me over to Chuck's ranch for awile, but he thought that I should go to school at this place called Bradford Academy West in Tuscon, AZ. The man that own's that school came up to let some of the boys from his house learn about farm life and we had a real blast with them up there, but then I was excited to go to Tucson with Chris and I got to ride back to his house inside the biggest RV I ever saw and it was named Taveler Too and it was so kewl.
   "I got down to Tucson and Chris has moren a hunert boys living in his house and he has some of his Indian cousins living with him and I met Steven who is a real Indian and I really like him so we kind do it together all of the time. I like living here and I really like Chris and I like what he does for all of these kids that live here. Everybody tells me how much they like to have sex with him, but he is all going that we don't need to have sex with him to live here, but he does want us to get good grades and keep ourselves clean, He makes me call my mother twice a week and he got her a camera and everything so that we can see each other and I can call her from my room or anyplace that there aren't any naked boys that would get into my picture, that would freak her out, but I did tell her that I am gay.
Fourteen year old Chase is playing cowboys and Indians with fourteen year old Stiwani
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Charley Weston
His name means MAN
I can't interview Charley. The man passed on in the spring of 2004 leaving everything he owned to his young lover for the last seventeen years of his life, Chris Dickson. Charley was well known for his boi parties. He supplied old fags with wall to wall, hot and cold, naked, running boys. All of the boys were anxious and eager to let the old queers suck their young cocks which were kept at full ready by an injection, directly into each side of their young penises. An experimental drug called Sildenafil® kept the boys up for several hours so that they could service the old queer's well fucked, sloppy asses or give them a good tonsil massage. Most of the boys from the Blues Club have been interviewed for this article and each one of them tell the same story.
Charley moved to Tucson and stayed with his old friend Isaac Koch during the construction of his six bedroom mountain side home. The boys of the neighborhood provided the old man with his heart's delight and he turned several boys onto a whole new lifestyle.
Chris was his better known convert. Chris moved in with the old man within a few months after a party where he lost his cherry to the man and realized that he really enjoyed the lifestyle. Chris lived with Charley until the man's death. As a result of his loyalty and love Chris is a very rich, insatiable boy lover.
Charley was the forty five year old former lover of the father of Randy and Robby Koch. Charley and their dad, Isaac, had been roommates during their freshman year in college and Charley showed Isaac the lifestyle of a homosexual. The two parted after their first year, but Isaac began to think about what he had learned and he shortly found Mike Long and began a relationship that has withstood the test of time.
   Isaac married and fathered Robby and Randy with "Uncle Mike" in the wings. In the meantime Steve had also married and had two children, Stevie and Marcy. In 1989 Charley came to Tucson with the word that he was going to retire here. He had purchased a large lot in the foothills above Tucson and was having his dream house custom built. During construction Charley moved in with the Koch family.
   Mrs. Koch was a socialite, always on the go. During her time away from the house the boys came out to play. Randy Koch ran with a small group of boys that met in his basement each day to escape the heat. Somewhere around their eleventh year these boys began to masturbate together. Oral sex was the next obvious step and occurred somewhere about their thirteenth year.
   Shortly after my fifteenth birthday I spent the night with thirteen year old Randy while my parents were out of town. Randy's parents were called out of town at the last minute so Charley was left at home to take care of the boys. Randy had been telling me that he and his group had began to suck each other's cocks, they called themselves the Blue Balls Club.
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Chet Hunter
DOB: 1995 Stats: 13
His name means
This boy is still in juvenile lockup. He cut his ankle braclet off and met his boyfriend for a three day tryst.
Chet and Hugh Murphy will more than likely be together later on.
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Chief Steve Conway Woha'li Ahkawidisgi Tsu'la'–OUl ahKWdsf OUi
   Quis found Gowi in a laundromat in Tennessee then the two headed west. They stopped to fish alongside of a wide river in Oklahoma where an old man stepped out of the woods and sat down to talk. The man turned out to be the grandfather of Gowi.
   Christmas day of 2004 Chief Steve walked into to Quis' house in Tucson. He was in his usual blue jeans and flannel shirt with a thick flannel jacket over that. His hair was a little more gray as it hung to his waist in a pony tail. The brightly colored bead band around his head held a small, downy chicken's belly feather. Sadly he had come to die, but he wanted to die with his grandson nearby.
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Christopher Stevens Dickson QuisFs
DOB: June 23, 1972 Stats: 32
Six foot two, 135 pounds. He will claim a 9 x 5.75" cock. I know for fact that it is 10.5 x 6.5" of uncut all man meat and sweet.
His name means
As a fifteen year old virgin Chris met Charley Weston. Many would say that the boy was molested, but he went into a sex act with the old man that changed his life, forever. Charley educated the boy and provided for his every need and on his death he left everything he owned to the boy that had been his lover for almost seventeen years.
Charley bought Chris a large motor home that he named Traveler©. After the death of his lover Chris began to travel in his RV and he gathered castoff boys, first to his bed then into his heart. Collectively Chris and these boys are known as the House of Happy Fairies
   Chris knew that his grand parents on his mother's side were Indian, but he had never learned much about them or their heritage until a chance encounter with a frightened boy named Cory and a series of events led him to an old Indian Chief. Cory stayed with the old Chief as he learned about his own heritage and origins.
   While there Cory met a young Indian girl by the name of Sagi. Later they married and they had a son. Cory and Sagi told Chris, "You are called Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe. Sagi brought her cousin Ugitsiha to Quis and they married. Chris fell in love with his nine year old stepson Gvnigetsuli and he quickly adopted the boy. Ugitsiha began to change Quis and teach him of his Indian blood. Her first task was to introduce Quis to what he really is, a Waya–wolf. Quis has an Indian name that is comprised from both his Anitasata-Choctaw- blood and his Tsalagi-Cherokee- blood.
   Chris surprised all of us when Ugitsiha bore him a son whom he named Cory Stevens, born on March 11, 2007. Ugitsiha calls the baby Aioli Wahya–young wolf. Now Ugitsiha and Chris are expecting a second son sometime in August or September, a new member of the ever growing Waya family. ùdyi wahya, Cullen James, was born September 23, 2008
   Well where do I start? I guess I was like any of these other guys, I had these weird thoughts. I found the pleasure that could come from playing with my dick when I was about twelve. I found some magazines that had been hidden in an alley down the street from my house. There were pictures of dicks squirting their love juice on big tits and women's faces. The dicks grabbed my attention, real quick. I used to squat over a mirror so I could see the underside of my dick and try to see what it would look like to someone down there sucking on me as I sucked on him. I didn't discover my ass hole until I met Charley.
   I had been fighting my feelings for years, but I knew that I loved to swim naked while the Koch boys sat up in their tree house and watched me. Randy Koch lived in the house next door to the west of me, although he was two years younger than I, we had a friendship of a sort, well we still do.
   Randy and some of his friends had this little club they called blue balls. All of the guys were fourteen or so and they wanted sex, with anything. They really tried getting it on with girls, but all they got were blue balls. Practically the whole group spent the night at Randy's house on the week ends since they were little, then one night one thing led to another and they started helping each other get off.
   The sex part started innocently enough as five little ten year old boys played a little show me yours and I'll show you mine type of play, but as the boys grew older and bolder they had to get a taste of a good thing. As only boys can do they began to explore and experiment and they quickly learned that if they would turn about then two boys could take care of each other at the same time.
    I knew that there were many times when some of the Blue Balls members were also watching me from the tree house. I was narcissistic enough to love showing off for them. I was already well hung for a boy my age and I learned that I could elicit funny sounds from those in the tree house if I would lay down on my pool deck and take my massive cock in hand.
   Randy had this old queer staying with his family, the guy really liked boys and he wanted to have a party. Shortly after my fifteenth birthday I spent the night with thirteen year old Randy while my parents were out of town. Randy's parents were called out of town at the last minute so Charley was left at home to take care of the boys.
   While Charley prepared our dinner for us Randy was trying to get me to let him see my cock up close and hard, he had been telling me that he and his group had began to suck each other's cocks, they called themselves the Blue Balls Club. Charley looked at me and told me that he had seen me jacking off when I knew that the boys were watching me. He told me that I was as gay as I could be, but I was living in denial. I was a smart ass and told him that I live in Arizona where there are no running rivers and that the Nile was in Egypt. He swatted my briefs covered ass, hard.
   I don't remember all of the events, but after dinner Charley called some boys that he knew to come over for a party in the basement of the Koch's house. I should be so lucky, a forty five year old, openly gay, boy lover chaperoning a teenage boy party. All of us were naked in no time then Charley came down to the basement and was sucking all of the new guys' cocks, I could not keep my eyes of off of Charley's cock and he knew it. With less encouragement than I recall Charley Weston convinced me to suck his cock, one taste and I was hooked. After I sucked Charley's cock he had Randy and me sucking each other. I was fifteen years old and virgin, but I gave it all up that night. He taught us to suck and fuck each other then he fucked me a week later.
   Ten boys stayed over for the weekend and everyone of us got our cocks sucked for two nights and two days. Charlie taught us how to suck and fuck each other and I never heard a single complaint from any of us that stayed over. If anyone of the boys had any virginity or qualms about boy sex it was overcum that weekend. I had Charlie and ten teenagers—ranging from a sweet fourteen year old to his seventeen year old brother with the eight others about fifteen and sixteen years old, plus my best friend, Randy—fill my mouth and ass with cum as I filled theirs. It was the wildest orgy I had ever heard of.
   I was drawn to Charlie from the first and I was the first to suck his dick. Randy was shocked, he had sucked Charlie off before, but he didn't think that I would. Randy and I had a whole new focus for our friendship for the next two years of school.
   Monday morning we could hardly walk about the halls of our school. Only two of the boys from the party went to my school. We didn't speak to each other, just nodded and smiled at the way the other was walking.By the time I graduated highschool Charlie was settled into his new house and I moved in with him, my parents had no control over me I was so sex driven. My dad passed away during my junior year and my mother never fully recovered. She died when I was twenty one. They never knew I was gay.
   For fifteen years Charley took me around the world, nearly every night in bed and three times a year on an airplane. Charley introduced me to lots of men who gave me big money to let them suck me and they paid more if I sucked them. Then I found out how much I could make by taking it up the ass. I met and bedded some of the world's most powerful men in fourteen foreign countries and almost every state in America. I was everybody's favorite young and hung and everybody wanted to ride my meaty pony and suck the juice out of him.
   Charley died on Valentine's day of 2004 doing what Charley liked to do most, suck boi cock. He was in bed with identical twin fourteen year old cupids when he had a heart attack.
   I was born in June of '72. I graduated highschool in 1989 and went to the University in my hometown. Charley pushed me to get my MBA–business administration. He taught me day trading and we made a bundle in the stock market. I got turned on to commodity trading when I visited a broker's office in New York, that man taught me that I could control vast amounts of everything that the world uses daily for pennies. Like everybody else I took the safe road with coffee and orange juice, but I didn't make the big money I wanted. I did whup some butt in '93 when coffee left the charts, but I wanted more. I studied the trends and I just had a gut instinct that unleaded regular gasoline was going to be my meal ticket. I don't like to tell…well, put it this way, at present I have the accounts of the young men of my own household under my control. Our combined leverage is pushing tens billions of dollars. These boys are very rich, but please don't discuss that with them. I'll do that with each one as the time is right.
   I don't understand the fascination with me. Okay, but I'd rather talk about the boys though. I stand six feet two inches tall, I have a thin build, almost like a boy. I am fair skinned by nature, but I spend a lot of time naked by the pool. I weigh around one hundred and forty pounds on a bad day. I like to keep it a little less although my doctor says that I need more weight for my health. I like a firm, flat belly. I love slapping ugly with a boy's sweet bottom against my firm abs. My cock is really no big thing, the boys get turned on by it and they try to make me so horny that it really stretches out there. At fifteen I had me a sweet neat seven, that made the old queens shiver, by nineteen I was pushing nine. My growth spurt hit me in the winter of my nineteenth year. I jumped from a nice five foot eleven to six foot two in just over five months. I kept my boyish looks, but I would rather be small so that I can mingle at the parks and arcades with the cute ones.
   The boys are growing up and finding themselves and will someday move on. Turner was the first in my house. He is now a seventeen year old senior and I am pretty sure that he has his eye on a little girl that he spends a lot of telephone time with. Three of the boys are married, to the dickless gender. Others are dating regularly. Most of the boys have female interests, some of them…not yet. Me? I love my wife, Daylight, and our sons RD, Rodney, Cory Stevens, and Cullen James, born September 23, 2008.
   I do love my Cory man with all of my heart, he is good to be in bed with. We make time to be with each other every day, I need my Cory fix and he needs me.
Married life has been good for Chris. However…middle age spreada has started to change his beautiful body. He is still very buff, but he has bulked out to a hefty 154#s (70kg). The weight looks good on him, but he complains that he is going to get fat.
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"Chrisy" Christopher William Dickerson
DOB: Aug 24, 1989 Stats: 15
four foot seven, 79 pound, tow head blond hair, sea green eyes with a row of freckles across his nose, 8.5 inches of uncut man meat, five and five eighths inches around.
His name means
Chris found the mighty midget with the giant widget standing in the middle of a deserted state highway in a Midwestern Kansas wintry wind storm. He drove the boy back to his home in California where two days later young Christopher stood in the middle of the street watching his mother drive away for the final time. At a traffic light two blocks away a gasoline transport truck careened out of control and landed on top of her car, killing her before the boy's eyes. Christopher begged his grandmother to move to Tucson so that he could be with Chris. Of course Chris took him in and into his bed, often. Tiny "Chrisy" Dickerson became boy number eight to move into Chris's house.
   "Christopher William Dickerson, my sweet hung brother. I, we, have something to ask you, dude. I hope you know how much I love you and my wife has grown to love you very much also. You have been a very special person to me since the first day I saw you get out of the car at my grandfather's house.
   "Chrisy, our daddy found you at the center of the world. You don't know how you were being used to build a family. Sarah and I have seen things about that day and we think that the Spirits, sorry daddy, put you in the middle of the road in the middle of America to draw all abused and used fag boys to daddy for protection.
   "Chrisy, daddy has told me that he was cruising for young cock and had no direction in mind, but finding you awakened him to hear me pleading in the distance for him to come and love me." He scooted close to me. I had never heard this before and I sat with wide eyed amazement as he and Sarah shared their story. "Sarah and her mother taught me how to petition the Spirits to gather our families safely before us. The day daddy found you we had been singing old songs of family bonding. I missed my daddy so much that my heart ached in my chest. I could think of no one else. Steve loved me and gave me everything. My mother tried to help me, but she…well she is what she is. Sarah and her mother could feel my need.
   "I knew that daddy had found the cement that was going to hold me too him. I knew that he was on his way to me and I already had my bags packed. I have never ever regretted one moment that I have spent in this family with you. I love being with you, but most of all I love you.
   "Sarah and I have named our son after you, but I would like to ask you to allow us to call him Chrisy, in your honor." Chrisy was overjoyed, to the point of tears.
   The mighty midget with the giant widget, that's the way everyone knows me. Well I am no longer a midget since I started growing last year, I now stand five foot seven. I am almost eighteen and am a freshman at the university. I can't leave Chris, he is just so special to me, he saved my life you know? I had been abandoned in the middle of nowhere in the freezing cold. He took me in and blew new life into me, wow that man can suck cock, I will crawl up into his bed any day, any time, any place. I don't have any desire for girls. I learned when I was about twelve that a boy's ass is the finest place to be. Some of the fags in our house are swinging either way, but they still want me to give them a good long scratching. Yeah, I have grown down there a little, I'll tickle your liver for you if you'll bend over. It's as big as Chris's now at nine and a half, I am about an eighth of an inch skinnier than he is, but I'll still stretch you out so that you can't hold your shit for awhile.
   I still see my grandmother twice a week or more. she lives by herself now. She misses Eva Watkins. they got to be real good friends in the short time they knew each other. I guess living in the same house you either become friends or you move out. Jimmy seems to be okay with his grandmother's passing. I worry about him though. he seems to be on a self destructive sex kick. He has to ride a big dick, often. I think he is trying to compensate for the loss of all of his family before he reached the age of majority. He hangs on everything Chris says or does, it is like hero worship.
   Me? Well, I don't really know what I want to do. Like I said, I am at the city college. Chris and I talked and he suggested that I do a semester or two there and see if anything lights my fire. I am a good student with very good grades. I have a scholarship to the university, but I don't want to waste it on some course that I might not like, it is only for ten thousand dollars which is only about one or two semesters.
   No, I don't have a boyfriend, nobody takes me seriously, well there is this one guy. People think I am too young to be in college and that I am jail bait. The one or two guys that I have gotten it on with love my big cock, but they don't want a steady diet of it. Someday I'll meet the man that needs my meat, I'll just bide my time. Okay, yeah, I am so very lonesome, I live in a house full of fags, but most of the time I sleep alone. Chris tries to drag me into his bed, but that is not always right, all of the family want him, I can't hog him. I'll be fine.
   Christopher, look at me. You are about to cry. What is going on? Please tell me.
   Well, there is this one guy. Oh fuck I love him, I can't stand not being with him. I mean did you ever love somebody so much that no matter who you were with you were comparing them to the one you love? The boys in the house have sweet, very tight, and hungry asses. They just can't take a full diet of me, or Chris, or Chad, Kyle, Mark, Jeff. But all of them like a big cock up their ass once in awhile. Believe me, I am there when they want it.
   Chris brought this one guy to us in California and I fell in love. He is an old man, but I have done old men. I busted a sixty three year old man's cherry for him one night in New York. He is paying my way through college, now. But this one guy, I thought that he loved me. He was always wanting to be with me, but then he just moved out of the house with this other new dude and they got an apartment together. I hardly ever see him. We haven't had sex together in, forever.
   You're talking about Timmy aren't you, Christopher?
   Am I that obvious? Yes, I love Little Timmy Tuttle, I want him so bad.
   When do you turn eighteen, Christopher?
   Not for two more weeks yet. Uhhh, are you…do you like…know something. I see that smile on your face. I heard Chris and Andy talking one night about somebody being in love with a kid and dreading having to stay away until the kid was of age. They said it was hurting both the kid and their friend really badly. Do you think that they were talking about me? I mean do you know something? I mean, I would so like walk across the ocean for Timmy and I am sure that he loves me. The way he looks at me.
   I never thought about it, he is a Federal Cop, he works for Andy and Chris. If he were with a kid the system would kill him. Is he waiting for my birthday? I am so going to stay celibate for the next twelve days, nine hours and eleven minutes. Well, starting after I give you the best of myself as a reward for helping me.
   I hate to kiss and tell, but Christopher knows how to love a man. He will have a late start on his celibacy, I kind of had to spend the weekend with him in my apartment. It would be very easy to fall in love with that boy, but at sixty two I don't stand much of a chance. It was physically taxing for me to keep up with him, but I got lots of boi cum as he let me nurse his sweet cock as long and as often as I wanted. As he puts it, he is no tease, he sucked on my soft and wilted meat as often as I sucked him. I let him slide up in me four times. I was so exhausted that I couldn't get off, but it still felt so good. I almost felt like I was a highschool kid again.
A very happy update for those of you that are not reading the saga of Traveler Chrisy got his fondest wish when Little Timmy Tuttle took the boy to their very own love nest, a brand new three bedroom condominium over the book store, Tomes of Time.
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Chris Martin Chris was introduced in Sad Song of a Gay Teen by our friend Paul Walker
DOB: Nov 22, 1992 Stats: 15
His name means
Chris is a sex starved straight boy that wants to be taught. He is curious and wants to learn everything, but he doesn't want anyone to know what he knows, especially his girl friend Carla. He has known Jason Russell almost all of his life and the fact that Jason is gay does not bother him in the least, now he wants to know just how straight he himself is.
Three boys that have been friends since their first day at primary school. were accomplished musicians and together they formed the group know far and wide as The Wild Boys. Chris is a master drummer, while Steve Thelwell makes a bass guitar sing, Jason Russell heads up the band on his keyboards. They pulled Gary Russell in to be their lead singer.
Young Chris has been e-mailing me almost daily since our brief encounter in his briefs that afternoon at the Grand Canyon, the boy was trembling in fear. I put my arms around him, "Chris, we are friends and I will never hurt you or go any further than you want to go. You set the boundaries and I will abide with your limitations," I told him.
"There ain't no boundaries with me and you, mate. I am scaret, but I do know ya and I trusts ya all the way. Just please don't never tell me mates, they would just not ever understand. I would like to have one of them pins, but if they ever saw it…me life would be over, Chris." I grabbed him up and held him tight against me as he began to kiss my face, over and over.
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"Chuck" Charles Franklin Boswell
Stats: Six foot two, brown hair and golden brown eyes. A long drink of Texas water with a long Texas water hose of eight and a half lean inches, cut short.
His name means
Chuck was eating dinner at the Pizza Hut™ and overheard the boys teasing Damien about his school choice of animal husbandry. He came to Damien's rescue and was asked to be seated with the family. After lunch he joined them and was invited to bed down with the randy bunch that evening.
   Sometimes I just can't figure out how things happen. I was killing time and stopped in for some food when I met this whole group of fag boys. I always wanted to do more, I mean all I had ever done was suck some cock. I had one dude that would suck me til he got his nut then he would jack me, but I kept on sucking him. Most times he would go a second time, but nobody ever took my nut juice.
   These guys took me to the movie with them then took me to their motel and took me to bed. There were seven of them that did me, I lost my cherry butt and I fucked three of them before my eight inch wonder wore out. The next morning he was good to go again so I fucked two more of them dudes, I was in love with them.
   School was over and I wanted to move to Tucson. I needed some action and there are not a lot of open gays in Amarillo, they're there, but they don't compare to what was with Chris in that RV of his. I e-mailed him and told him I wanted to move. Chris called me and asked me to fly to Tucson to meet Timmy, I had met him before and he is nice on the eyes. Chris was in New York for a wedding and Timmy was going to escort an ill member of the family on a medical flight. We talked and I told him that I had enough medical training to be a Veterinarian so maybe I could help.
    I flew to New York where I found out that Chris has sixty two fag boys living with him. We stayed in New York for two weeks and I fucked, sucked, and was fucked and sucked by all of them. Then we went to his ranch or something in Oklahoma and I got to get it one with a bunch of Indian boys that are related to Chris. They all wanted to ride the cowboy and I didn't mind at all.
   I met this one guy that was just the man. He had been beaten because he is queer and he didn't walk very well. He loved me and started to work so that by the time I moved in with Chris he was able to walk a hundred feet without help.
   Yeah, I have been with Chris, he is the man to sleep with. I really learned what love is from him. He taught me to quit seeking sex and to love the one I am with. I had felt it from all of his boys before I got to sleep with Chris, but he showed me what I was missing in my life. I learned to make love to my partner and that is what cemented things between me and Biff.
   My dad died and left me our ranch in North Texas. We moved back there and Biff has taken to ranch life with a passion. He hopes to finish college, he is studying to be a veterinarian also.
Chuck and Clarence Hooker are doing the pony rides at the Amarillo ranch.
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Cindy James-Miller more
   Cindy James went to Berkeley for an education in the arts and humanities. She ran into Ryan Miller, a sophomore who had gone to her highschool and been close friends with her brother Aaron. She was overjoyed to see a familiar face from home. The two married after she graduated then they moved back to Tucson and into Ryan's family home.
   Widower Bobby Feldman's parents were off to new fields of endeavor. Bobby was struggling to raise his son on his own so he was living in the small guest house at the back of the huge Miller estate.
   [This is the house where Biff and Bubba from chapter 76, were living when Bubba was murdered.]
   Ryan came home to find his wife, Cindy, and Bobby at each other's throats. He had seen Aaron James drive away. Nobody wanted to tell Ryan what was going on. Bobby moved out and in with his parents. Aaron never came around and was only slightly courteous to Ryan when they met in passing. Cindy would not even acknowledge her brother, if they crossed paths somewhere he would turn red and walk away.
One afternoon Ryan came home to find a video tape of him getting fucked in the ass by Chris Dickson while Ryan sucked Robby Koch's cock. It had been filmed in Randy Koch's basement nine years before.
   Two years later Cindy took her small sons to her parents to raise, she was getting married and signed over total guardianship to the aging couple. They had no problem with Ryan raising his own sons with his homosexual lover in the house. They returned the boys to Ryan. Britt and Bart enjoy having Julian for a big brother and the three boys love their two daddies very much.
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Al & Clara Cranston
Owner operators of Clara's Cafe located to the west end of the building which houses Tomes of Time and Chris's condominium project in the downtown area.
Chris helped this couple adopt a three month old Hispanic baby girl from young Carrie Leighton as well as a nine year old runaway girl Shea, that had come in from the streets.
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Clark Riskind
DOB: June 9, 1994 Stats: 14
cut 6" skinny dick
His name means CLERK
This boy was caught in a hot sixty nine by the father of his thirteen year old neighbor. The neighbor's father called his father and Clark was brought to me. His father did not want a fag around his other three children, all under six years of age. I welcomed Clark as a new resident student to BAW.
   "I was like so lost and I cried a lot. I really missed Ross then one day I hear this sound of a suitcase being dragged through the dormitory and I looked up to see Ross standing there looking back at me. We grabbed each other and got on my bed and made out like crazy. A few hours later somebody came and told us it was time to eat and we told him that we had been eating all afternoon. We went down to the cafeteria for regular food then returned to my cubicle and moved Ross's stuff into the lockers.
   "I had been watching guys fucking each other since I got to the school and I had thought about doing it, just to see. I am glad I waited because Ross and me took each other's virgin holes that first night."
There is true love between Clark and Ross Gage.
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Claude Fithen
DOB: 1991 Stats: 16
His name means LAME
Chris first met this youngster aboard his small one hunded and thirty foot yacht Voyageur Marin. Athos had brought eight boys aboard to serve the powerful men that Chris had to sit down with as he laid out his plans to end the reign of Murat al-Hadi; aka: Count Sighisoara Corvin—Seigy.
Chris told me that Athos found this boy chained to the same bed, at a boy farm run by dimitri, that Niel Dickson and Roger Dickson were chained too.
   Athos had told us that a rich American was coming and that he would take us to live with him in America. He gathered eight of us together that spoke French to serve on that man's yacht, but I was not prepared to see such a man in the person. I fell in love with Chris when he stepped off of the airplane and walked across to the yacht, but when Athos took us to England to meet with Chris and his family I was never so happy before in all of my life. There was Lance and Lester and Bryan that we had all been through so much together with before when we were made to sex up nasty old men for to make money for bad men that made us do to them whatever they told us or we could not eat. Lance held me close and told me that I was safe and that he would never let no thing ever hurt me for ever more and I know he won't and I will no to let no one to hurt him either.
Claude found love from sixteen year old Lance Kelly, a boy that he had known when the two of them were chained to the bed at night. The pair have a lot in common, such as an undying need to be together.
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Clay Hiller
DOB:August 9, 1994 Stats: 14, short and cute
His name means ENCLOSURE
Clay stood up in our first meeting with the church family and asked, "Will you take more applications, sir?" His father told us that they wanted their son to attend BAW and they thought that they might help his best friend, Glen Fleet with his tuition.
The two boys are lovable clowns that everybody in the school loves. We are happy to have them attend classes, but at present they do not live on campus.
The living situation changed after Glen was harrassed by the neighborhood boys. Glen's mother called Mr. Hiller and they came to me. I gave the boys a cubicle to share in the dorm at BAW.
At the end of the school year of 2010 the twenty year old boys have completed their first year at the local city college where they are taking creative writing courses.
Clay and Glen Fleet are doing the nasty with each other.
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Clayton Johnson
DOB: May 4, 1992
16, 5' 7", 7.5" cut
His name means ENCLOSURE
This boy was found at the funeral of Oma and Ash Johnson, Shikoba's parents.
Orphaned at ten years of age the family of Shikoba had taken the boy in and raised him as their own son.
   "I didn't know what was to become of me. My pa was kilt in that war and my ma never got over him. Then she went off and died when I was ten years old. I was lucky that ma's best friend gave me a home and I had a brother to make my life easier.
   When Oma and Ash died I thought that I would have to go live on my own, but then I met Chris and life don't get no better."
Boys being boys Clayton and Shikoba have been long time suck buddies.
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Cody Polerd
DOB: 1993 Stats: 14
His name means
Cody, had been raped in the locker room at school the week before. It was Curtis and Eric that found him tied around a wooden bench with an ass hole big enough to put the space shuttle inside.
George Polerd Senior brought his diminutive fourteen year old son to the house. He is still in shock more than a year since the tragic incident that took the life of his older son. Now his baby was a being victimized and he was devastated.
This little youngster lost his older brother in the most senseless of accidents when George climbed into the back of his father's pickup truck on the return trip home after a weekend of fishing. Nobody wanted to take the time to deflate the rubber raft in the back of the truck and George thought what fun that it would be to ride in the raft on the way home. A stiff gust of wind sent the raft skyward as the vehicle was traveling at over fifty miles and hour. George was lofted to a height of some forty feet above the pavement before plummeting down and to his death.
A year later Cody's dad, George Sr. took sick and died, an autopsy showed arsenic poisoning as the cause of death. Cody now lives with Chris who has adopted the boy while his mother serves the state from a prison cell.
Cody and William Randolph Baker Jr. make a cute couple.
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Colin Tompkins more details
DOB: 1993 Stats: 14
His name means
Chris first encountered this little fellow as he rested over before the final leg of his trip to the mountain castle of Murat. Colin had lied to Athos and continued with that lie all the way through and up until Chris finally confronted him one afternoon in the house in Tucson.
Chris packed the youngster up and took him home to England where he learned that the slave dealers were not out of business, just slowed down a bit with no head.
Colin tells us, "Brice, Casey, Elliot, Eugene, Joshua, Sergé, Alexandre and Jourdain ended up chained to beds at a training farm in France where we just got close and held onto each other and cried all night. The next morning this big old fat bastard came in to wake us up, he peed on us, I mean he stood at the foot of the bed and peed all over us. He was talking in some nother language that I didn't know," but this one kid told us that it was Greek and that I was going to learn how to take a big dick up my ass. I had been told that I would have to fuck anybody that they told me too or I could not have anything to eat, I was so fucking hungry I would have fucked a bear."
   I fucked up and Chris was ready to toss me away and I deserved it, but Chris is too good to do that. He took me to my mother, but I had killed her by running away and then she didn't know where I was and she got sick looking for me and she died. My dad was killed in the war and so was Tad's dad, but Chris adopted both of us and brought us back to Tucson and he loves us and takes care of us and we go to school and we love him.
Fourteen year old Colin is happy to be rejoined with fourteen year old Thaddeus Stevens
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"Colette" Brett Jackson
DOB: Stats: 15, 5' 8",
126#s red hair
"when Brett was six his mum found him dressed in a nurse's uniform trying to cut his dick off with a pair of plastic scissors. He had said that little girls shouldn't have a dick and that he wanted to get rid of it. By the age of twelve, Brett was getting really depressed and tried to commit suicide, as a comprise, he was allowed to dress as a girl at home and had a second bedroom that was his 'girlie' room."
Quote from Sad Song of a Gay Teen by our friend Paul Walker.
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Gowi-qWCory Allen Conway Jr. Dickson Yonv GadogaYmg4g–standing bear
DOB: March 11, 1988 Stats: 16
with a good thick seven uncut inches
His name means
He was cute, he stood five foot six inches, he may have weighed a hundred pounds, if he had a large rock in each pocket. His soft cock hung three and a half inches. His little frame was frail and all skin and bones. He had virtually no color to him just an even pale white from neck to toe. His legs had a light dusting of light colored hair. His hair and eyebrows were a medium brown and he had a dark little pubic crown. He wore a size eleven shoe, his birthday was March eleventh and he had just turned sixteen.
   I'm Cory Conway Dickson, I am the son of a crack whore and a brave Indian. My father disappeared early in my life and my mother supported me by fucking every man she could find. When she got too ugly from the crack cocaine eating away at her body the men began to fuck me. I found out that I really liked to suck cocks and began to look forward to it.
   Chris actually pulled me off of the street, he gave me a name and showed me nothing, but love. Some people believe that Chris is some sort of monster and that he has to get every boy he meets into his bed, well he set my feet on a path of growth and a full life. Because of him I met my grandfather. My grandfather found my mother in jail and brought her to live on the reservation. She married another Indian and is happy now. My grandfather found my birth certificate so I know my birthday. I was born March eleventh of nineteen eighty eight so I just turned eighteen week before last. All the guys in our house gave me their candles to blow then they snuffed them out up my ass. You take forty randy faggots up you in one weekend, I'm going to be bow legged forever.
   I got started in school for the first time in years and I am doing well. I have grown an inch or so and I have gained weight so I feel good all of the time, I can't remember being sick a single day since Chris saved me.
   I couldn't live without Chris. He left me and was gone for two months, I almost died I was so miserable. Then one day, I look up and there he was, he missed me just as much and he came to get me, I will never leave him again. Chief Steve, my grandfather, helped Chris to adopt me so I am his son. I may only be eighteen years old, but I know what I want and I want my daddy, Chris.
   I got a little frisky with this girl, Sagi–Sarah–We were on a short visit to the family place in Oklahoma after we had scattered grand dad's ashes over Georgia–so Sarah and I got married in April and we have a beautiful baby boy that was born on May 16, 2006, we named him Christopher Cory. I call him little Chrisy and his mother calls him by his Indian name, Yonv Anida which means young bear. I guess my Indian name is Yonv Gadoga which means standing bear. I want to raise the boy, but I just can't leave Chris. Sarah does not want to move to Tucson. She wants to raise our son in the tribal ways. I guess that is better for him. I have enough money that I plan to go see them about once a month.
   Pete found a trophy case at the university. Can you believe it, "Chris was a champion diver and they wanted him to go to the Olympics?
Sagi and Christopher Cory moved to Tucson to live in a house that Cory purchased for the girls and babies. AwinitaaW/t—Fawn was born the twenty third day of September of 2008.
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Coy Barnett
DOB:Nov 30, 1994 Stats:16 Nice 6.5" cut cock. Coy loves cock. Chris found this boy drifting through life when he went to Guča, Serbia for the annual Dragačevski saboris—Trumpet Festival. The police approached Coy and questioned him about solicting sex from men.
I was astounded by the boy's quick thinking. He called me uncle and I played along with him. The two police officers regognized me as a minister from Mundedavia and let the boy go.
   "I was really at the end of my life. My dad seen me holding this guy's cock as we kissed, I had just sucked him off for ten Euros. I was taken back to our hotel and told to get all of my clothes that I wanted to carry and place them in my backpack. Dad loaded us into his rental car and took us to a mountain park at the base of the Alps. He knows that I love to hike so he planned his escape from me while I was gone. I returned to where we had eaten lunch and found my backpack and no parents. They left me in Switzerland with nothing but a few clothes. I was glad that I had stuffed my passport ino my backpack.
   "I met other young Americans on holiday and they let me travel with them. Two weeks later we were in Serbia where I met Chris. He went ballistic when he heard my story. He took me with him and showed me the most fun that I had ever had without sex being involved. I met his wife and nephew. Did you know that his nephew is a King? We flew back to the states on Chris's private plane. After we took his wife home he showed me his school and all of the hot, sexy boys that go there; they're all gay like me.
   "Chris took me to Texas where I had to stand before a judge. My parents were there and they were on trial for child abandonment in a foreign country. They each got ten years and I got two million dollars and the large mansion where we lived in Houston.
   "Chris told me that I could go to school anywhere that I wanted. I had enough of living on my own. I am just a kid, okay. I asked him if I could go back to Tucson and attend school there. He hugged me. We went back to court and my parents lost their rights to call me their kid. Chris made sure that my old man had me listed in his will then he asked the judge to grant him guardianship over me. So here I am in school with four hundred boys that love sex as much as me so we do everything everyday."
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Craig Allen DeLong
DOB: Nov 25, 1992 Stats: 14
five foot five, at one hundred and twelve pounds and a nice five inch very cute uncut cock.
His name means ROCK
Craig Allen De Long, the younger brother of Harry's first gay experience, Thomas Wayne De Long. When he came to us he stood five foot five and weighed one hundred and twelve pounds. His little body was chiseled of stone. His boy stick was a nice five incher. The boy was smooth and hairless. As he has grown his abundant and very cute uncut cock has developed a pronounced sharp 45 degree curve to the left. This condition is known as Peyrone's disease, more commonly called Bent Penis.He says he broke it trying to fuck Theo. OUCH
   Craig is so busy fitting in that he couldn't sit down to talk to me. He is in Thespians and he plays baseball and he is a cross country runner. I thought his story was so cute that I have placed it here exactly as he wrote it.
   I gotta be the luckiest fag boy in the world. I was the pride of my parents until they found out that I was gay. It nearly kilt the old man when he found out my brother Tommy was a fag. Dad had him appointed to West Point. But cause he's gay he ran off to the Army and got hiself kilt in Eyeraq. I was being groomed by dad to take Tommy's place.
   I wanted to meet Tommy's boyfriend so the rents let me come to Tucson. I called home and figured out that they didn't want to meet Harry, they wanted to kill him. I was scairt to go home, but Chris said I hada. So like when I got there my house'd been blown away by a tornado and my mom was dead. She had all Tommy's letters tellin bout him and Harry so I dug those out of the wreck from our house and had my friend Sven mail them to Harry. I had some letters too so I mailed them.
   Chris talked to my dad and he let me go back to live here. I love it. I don't got one boyfriend. Most of these guys been on the street and worse and they don't got a boyfriend. We all just kinda do whoever wants to get it on. I have sucked some amazing cocks and I found out that I really like cock up inside my pooper.
   I got me a Golden Pole Pin when I let Chris do me. I love him for helping me, but since I slept with him that one night I am so in love with him. I love to have his big cock up in me, but I really love being held by him afterwards. His kisses make me feel so good inside and I want him back in me. He likes to suck my cock and as soon as he fucks me he goes back to sucking me. I don't mind sucking cock, but Chris is not really a good size for me. I like to suck a smaller cock, but I can fuck just about any size up in me. I know I am going to love it here.
Fifteen year old is Craig is spending time with fifteen year old Umit Dickson
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Cruz Hiller
DOB: Dec 9, 1994
Stats: 14, 5' 2", 120#s
His name means CROSS
Located in a sweep of street boys from the south side of town, Cruz found a home and love at BAW.
The weather had remained mild with moderate nighttime temperatures, but that was due to change. After our return from our Christmas trip to BAB I asked some of the braver and stronger street boys to search out the south side of town for boys that may want to come in out of the cold. Cruz was amongst the seven boys that now occupy beds in the dormitory at BAW. Others that joined him are Francisco Rios, Jeremy, Luke, Marty, Ron, Stan, and Tilo.
Cruz and Franco Naify found love with one another.
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Kuckunniwi—Little Wolf—Cullen James Dickson
DOB: Sept. 23, 2008
His English name means YOUNG PUP
His Tsalagi name means LITTLE WOLF
Cullen James is my youngest son. I only mention him here becuase of the remarkable things that we see in him. I believe that he is headed to greatness, and very soon.
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King Cullen LeRoy Muneday
DOB: Mar 5, 1991 Stats: 14
five foot one inch tall, eighty pound blond waif with an uncut five inch boi stick ready to cut through solid rock.
His name means YOUNG PUP
Chris says,"Before me stood this youngster of about eleven or twelve, a pale piece of skin stretched over a pile of bones. Altogether the combination could only weigh eighty pounds, and stacked up to sixty inches or less, very tall for his extra lean build. The ship sized sneakers that encircled his tiny ankles told of his impending growth spurt at some distant point. I have seen chicken legs that had more meat on them than this boy's legs. The calves had a smattering of blondish hair on them so I had to figure him to be a bit older than he appeared. His face was right out of a pixie photo book. A cute little upturned nose with a row of freckles drew attention to two piercingly beautiful blue eyes. His major asset was a very cute five inch uncut boi stick."

In 1968 Chris's dad worked for the United States Government on assignment in Germany. He met his little pearl, a girl by the name of Gretchen Ludwig and married her. He was not swayed by the story that little pearl told of her father, king Muneday, she was hiding under her mother's name and had been successful until Seigy found their trail. Eloise was conceived before Gretchen's father found out about the marriage and had it annulled. He wanted Gretchen to return to his palace, but she had a new life with a husband that her father approved of and left her alone. He did not learn about the true father of the baby who had grown up and had a son, Cullen, until the death of his daughter and the abdication by Grand Dame Eloise.

Cullen reads, writes, and speaks three major dialects of Chinese plus Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Russian without an accent.
He speakss Farsi and seven different dialects of Arabic and his fluency in MSA is flawless as well.
   "Did you talk to me mum yet? I hope she didn't give you that house of happy fairies routine of hers. Oh, she did? God, I am so embarrassed. Honestly, that woman, she means well, but she could embarrass the devil. She's wicked she is, I love her anyway.
   "Me mum got this bug that someone wanted to off me because I am like the crown head of her mother's old country. I knew all of that and she raised me to take the crown someday and I might, when I grow up. Anyway she had a brother in the colonies that didn't know she or me existed. We just up and knock on his door one day and say "Hi, here we are."
   "Me uncle Chris is the greatest man in the world. No one knew that I was a bent in half poofster, as Chris calls it.I could tell that he would not mind then he told mum and me that I could not live with him because he was bent. Mum shocked the shite out of me when she told him that I was too so we should get along okay.
   "Chris watches me like a hawk. He guards me and has guards to guard me. I don't sneeze, but what Chris gets a report. It shows me how much he loves me. I will tell you something though, he doesn't love me half as much as I love him.
   "He goes out of his way to do special things for each member of the family. This past Christmas he surprised the shite out of me by taking me home to be with mum and dad on boxing day. We spent four glorious days just being a family. We went over to Manchester with some old schoolies of mine. We were disguised, but somebody saw me anyway and tried to blow me and mum and dad up with a bomb. We were in the states then and they killed some really neat people that didn't deserve to die.
   "One neat thing is that I got a boyfriend from that though. Cecil is me mum's maid's kid and he loves me, but I love him more. He has a big dick and he likes to make me feel good with it. He likes for me to be in him too so we go at it. Chris says that dogs in heat don't fuck as much as we do. We would fuck more if Chris would come to bed with us.
   "I don't know what I will do with my life. I think that Chris wants to see me on the throne. He is showing me how the people have been used and suppressed and the new queen is worse then her old man was. I found out that she is married to the man that tried to kill dad and it just gets uglier and uglier the more I learn."
   A lot has happened in Chris's house since this index was first posted, e.g. Cullen has gone through two boyfriends, but I am so happy to see him with Jimmy Watkins, if ever two people were made to love one another those two boys are.
   Cullen will be crowned King on his seventeenth birthday in March of 2008, there is a lot of fear and joy for that event.

   Cullen is not a man to stand on tradition where that tradition stands in opposition to his beliefs and values. A Sabbath keeping pastor placed the crown upon his head as the religious majority of all of Europe stood by, robed in their magnificent trappings, clucking their tongues.
   At his coronation His Royal Highness, King Cullen Muneday assumed his throne. In a loud clear voice he announced that the first order of business should be the machinery necessary to elect me as president of the USA. I threatened the King with bodily harm, His Hiney had to intercede before I was thrown into chains.
   Cullen did start all tongues to wag when he laid out his plans for a constitution for his country, he proclaimed me as Lord High Minister and second in command in all of the land through the tedious process of changing his government into a constitutional monarchy or limited monarchy. We think that Cullen still has some growing up to do, not because of his idea for change, but because of his choice of leadership.

Before leaving the castle after his ninth day in office, Cullen announced that he was returning to school so that he could graduate with his classmates. He wears his crown, but he will not live in his own country. He may be a King in exile but, even with what I know now, I feel that if he is to stay alive that he will have to live like this for many years yet to come. My hope is that I can get the little fop into bed with a worthy lady and they will produce an heir. That is going to be tough for awhile yet.

Jimmy has been pretty much a loner for the last few years as he carries a torch for Chris that can never be completely extinguished. It was when Chris put him in bed with the queeing on New Year's eve that Jimmy found the most sincere form of love that he has ever known.
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Curtis Powers
DOB: Nov 19, 1992 Stats: 14
Soft and sweet with a smile that would melt down a glacier in seconds. Dark brown hair, 4' 9" of boy with a thick five inch uncut tool ever ready for loving. Virgin back door, but eager to open up
His name means
Chris and the family found Curtis in a shelter for battered women and children at Christmas time 2004. The traumatized twelve year old Curtis was in shock. Chris sat with the boy and had him up in his lap, laughing and telling him what he wanted for Christmas in minutes. Chris became a hero to Elizabeth who feared for her son after his ordeal.
Elizabeth asked Chris to move Curtis into his home when she remarried a man who did not want the boy around.
   No one who knows Chris has to ask why we love him. My mother's husband had his name on a piece of paper that says he donated sperm to her so that he can call me his relation. I tore that certificate up, but I found out it is only a copy and I have to have it for just about everything. Well you can take this to the bank, mister, that piece of paper says he is my father, but I'll never call him that. He thought it was his right to come and get into my bed and fuck me in the ass anytime that my mother didn't give him the satisfaction that he wanted. He had been doing that since I was in the second grade. Chris is astonished that no doctor ever reported my condition, but I tell him that I can't recall ever having a doctor look at my ass before my mother found my dad on top of me at Christmas time in 2004.
   Mom and I ended up in a shelter while that man ran like the scared shit hole he is. I guess I was being a baby because I wouldn't talk to or look at anybody. I felt dirty because the police and the doctor and everybody had played with my ass and told me how bad it was that the man had done that shit to me. Chris came to me and sat down and started to talk, his voice made me feel so good, I knew he was my friend. I got up and sat in his lap and he took me out and bought me a CD player and a Bible and lots of CDs. Then he had me come to his house for Christmas and he gave me tons of gifts.
   He helped my mother find us a place to live and gave her a job. My mother's husb…oh well, who am I fooling, okay, my dad, there, you happy now? The cops found him and he got twenty eight years times the hundreds of times that he did me, he'll never get out of jail. Chris has a list of men in prison who are lonesome and like to get letters, he calls them his pen pals. I send them letters with pictures of me when I was little and tell them that my dad is up there too because he liked to stick his pee pee in my rear end. Chris assures me that that is all that I need to say.
   Well anyway my mother told me that she knew I was gay and she had no problem with me having a boy friend. I moved into Chris's house after Christmas last year. Some of his boys are moving into another house so he has room for me. The other boys told me that he likes fourteen year old boys best so I am going to love the fuck out of him, and with his dick I am sure he will love the shit out of me too.
The bodies of Paul Sharpe and Elizabeth Powers were found in February of 2006, they were badly decomposed. The coroner said that they had been dead at least forty five to sixty days. Paul Sharpe's car turned up Kansas City. Two men had personal items that had belonged to the deceased couple, including their credit cards.
Chris has chosen not to tell Curtis of his mother's death at this time. He said that he would wait until the boy begins to question why his mother has not contacted him.
Curtis cracked me up when he came in with his new Scottish boy friend, 14 year old Elliot McTyler. Both boys were wearing a kilt , "A guy could get kilt wearing one of these."
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Dallas Bond
DOB: 1991 Stats: 16
His name means
Chris came across this youngster when he was at low spot in his life. Cory was in Tucson and Chris was in Albany. Chris had arranged for Sarah and Christopher Cory to surprise Cory, but he was still troubled. He went for a long walk and ended up laying on the top of a stack of wrestling mats in the basement of the local YMCA. I think that Chris could find boys almost anywhere, that afternoon he quietly watched as Zane got the better of this bully and the two became boyfriends and members of Chris's family.
   I thought that my life was over. My folks got killed on their way home from the best football game that I had ever played in all of my life. I was only a thirteen years old, but in Midland, Texas every boy plays football straight out of the womb. I am fast and I was pretty small, but I can catch a ball better than anybody on the team and I had just made my first touchdown ever. My folks were so proud and they had no problem letting me go to a pizza party with the rest of the team. I went to my best buds house to spend the night and the next day my dad did not pick me up so I walked home, there was a police car sitting in our driveway. I ran to the house and old Cletus came up to me and told me that some ass wipe had crossed over the double line so that when dad drove over the top of the hill he killed my folks.
   I wasn't given much of a choice, I had a brother living in New York and I had to go live with him. Nobody knew that he left Texas because he rode side saddle, he was so light in his booties that dad hated him. I guess that I should talk, huh? I slept on his sofa and I had to listen to him let anybody that he dragged in fuck him, I got a couple of blow jobs "if I would keep my mouth shut", but I hated him and all that he was. I have learned that to be gay does not mean that a boy has to dress and act like a girl, every dude in my new house acts like a man and I am proud to be around each of them.
   I met Zane one time when I went to this restroom under the bleachers at the ball field. I had heard that some kid loved to suck cock and he would do everybody that showed him a hard on. I was standing there watching all of these kids give it up to the queer when I saw this little boy in the corner, I thought that he was in like grade school or something so I walked over to him. He told me that I should pull my cock out and beat it so that I would be hard and ready when it came my turn.
   Zane just stood there and stared at my cock as I whipped it up then he just reached out and grabbed me and told me that he would suck me, if I wanted. Hell, I didn't much care, I was horny and tired of jacking off. Zane sucked me almost every day and I got to where I had to have him. His mother didn't want him and made him live at the YMCA, but there was always somebody going in and out of his room so we went down to the basement and my life changed in such a good way. Zane whipped my ass, the tiny little boy proved to me that fags are not wimps and he whipped my big football playing ass bad, then he let me fuck him. I am never going to leave Zane and I hope that he will marry me when he turns eighteen.
Dallas and Zane Worden are as tight as two school boys can get.
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Damien Heart
DOB: Feb 13, 1989 Stats: 17
and what a boy. Dark hair solid build. Tight cut seven with much smaller glans. Yummy!
His name means TO SUBDUE
Chris was seeking Tran Ngo when he stopped at Heart's Café. What he found was a 17 year old boy in trouble. Damien was being raised by James T. Heart, an escaped convict that had assumed the identity of his deceased brother Mark that died in infancy. Chris sat with the boy when the detectives from Albuquerque flew into Tucson to interview the boy about what he witnessed when his father murder his mother.
Everything is quiet now and Damien is a part of the Dickson family of happy fairies and is going to college. He and fifteen year old Tran Ngo are a real pair to admire.
   Tran was so excited about sucking my cock that he told Damien all about it. He wanted to suck fourteen year old Damien and Damien sucked him. The two boys became a regular item. Tran was still living in the little camper trailer at the back of the tire store and Damien would spend time in the trailer with the boy every evening.
   During the Christmas school break the two boys were spending most of their days in the small trailer and they aroused some curiosity. Suddenly the door opened and their was Damien's father and the tire store owner, Oscar, looking at the two naked boys having unnatural sex with each other.
   Both men went off on the two boys. The police were called, but the age of consent in New Mexico is seventeen with sex between consenting minors over thirteen being legal. There was nothing for the police to do. Oscar berated Houng until she could no longer stand it and she left with Tran. Damien's father could not abide a queer in his house so he put the boy under his constant watchful eye until he turned seventeen then he was to move out and not come back.
   You saw this coming, I know. We were sitting and talking to Damien on his seventeenth birthday. He did not know where he was going. He had no friends left, thanks to his dad and his big mouth. Every time someone came in to eat the old man would tell them that his queer waiter would take care of them, but be sure to keep a grip on their goods cause the boy was a cock sucker. Damien turned to me with eyes full of tears, "Can I go with you, sir?"
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Dane Shannon
DOB: August 5, 1997 Stats: 10
His name means
Chris will tell me nothing about this boy at the time of this posting, he only winks at me and tells me that the boys that the state has sent to live with him are special young men to be protected at all costs.
I suppose that if we really want to know anything about this freckle faced cutie we could ask little Rodney, these two boys are very cute together.
   Dane had never revealed the reason that he had run away from home so when his grand parents told us that they wanted the boy to return to thier house nobody thought anything of it.
   Roddy awakened from a nightmare and asked if Dane was okay, he had been dreaming that his boyfriend was in trouble. A few hours later the call came that Dane had just been molested by his grandfather as they stayed in a motel in Tucson. It was learned that the man had been molesting the youngster for a long time.
Teenage boys can be as fickle as women sometimes. Dane is now twelve years old, but he has been the victim of a long term incestuous relatonship with his maternal grandfather. Dane feels that Rodney is not old enough to know how to give him the love that he is seeking. Dane has sought out fourteen year old Luke Tanner as a lover.
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Danek Hamstzhelm
DOB: Stats: 14, 5' 3", 125#s
His name means
A Czechoslovakian student at BAF
Danya Widmar walked up to me leading a cute little guy by the hand. "C'est mon ami, Danek," he told me.
   We learned that fourteen year old Danek Hamstzhelm left home after he was caught with homo-erotic literature by his big brother. Danek stowed away on a barge loaded with the sugar that was being transported down the river into Germany. It was in Dresden that he met one of the staff members from BAD who was on his personal holiday before the start of the fall school session.
   Jürgen gave the boy a hot meal and talked to him before taking him with him to BAD. Danek has been happy at the school, but his mother is French and he is better versed in the French language than in Deutch. Danek wanted to know if he could go to Nice where the weather is warm and he could see the big ocean. I put everybody to work on making that happen for the two boys.
Danek and Danya are a solid couple
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Daniel Sims
DOB: Oct 9, 1995Stats: 13
His name means
Nothing is known about this boy at the time of this posting. With the aid of Rick Carlson Chris has taken twenty nine boys off of the street and enrolled them in his school, he has housed them in the new dormitory there.
Daniel was four years old when his father cut the three smaller toes off of Danny's left foot with the hedge trimmers that he was using.
Danny and thirteen year old Freddy Holt are a couple
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Daniil Truhitte
DOB: Mar 28, 1988 Stats: 20
His name means
Daniil was a young college graduate that hoped to become a teacher at BAW. Chris took the man to bed then to Paris for the big concert. After the program Daniil mentioned that it had been the best birthday that he had ever had, wrong thing to say. The entire assembled group of homosexual boys showed the new school teacher what a creamy birthday was like as they fucked and sucked them man till dawn.
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Danya Widmar
DOB: Stats: 16, 5' 5", 130#s
His name means
This student at BAF is a Polish refugee.
Danya and Patrik Wilchinski are the sons of Pierre Widmar. It was these two boys that were doing the dirty with Henri Ducasse when Henri's father walked in on them. Mr. Widmar questioned his boys about the beating then told them that he would have no homosexuals in his household.
The boys had nowhere to go and began to drift toward Paris where they learned of the school there. Afraid that their father would find them and hurt them they used their mother's maiden name and claimed to be runaways from Poland.
   Danya Widmar walked up to me leading a cute little guy by the hand. "C'est mon ami, Danek." Danek wanted to know if he could go to Nice where the weather is warm and he could see the big ocean. I put everybody to work on making that happen for the two boys.
Danya and Danek Hamstzhelm are a solid couple
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Darryl Landers for more details
DOB:Aug 10, 1989 Stats: 18
His name means
Our first exposure to Darryl was in chapter two when he stood by watching his boyfriend, Derrick, suck on Chris's super long cock.
Darryl knew it was a sin to suck cock, but he took a long look at what Chris hung, when Derrick moved aside he got down into a sixty nine and spread his legs wide for his best friend to go where only he could go, and did every day, two or three times on weekends.
Darryl is the son of a strong Christian woman that shoveled the Bible out in large doses to her son. His father is a biker that runs with his crowd and is seldom around for the boy. When the father found out that his son had been homosexually raped he had each perpetrator eliminated in a spectacular way then went after Darryl for allowing it to happen.
   I sat there sucking on my coke and wishing my fucked up life was anything, but what it was then there was Cory and Will sitting there. I was never so glad to see anybody in my life and I went over to talk to them then learned that Will had taken back his first name and they now called him Chrisy, but that is not the good part. The good part is that they took me back down to the house on the beach where I first met them three years before and they called that guy with the long dick and he came out and brought Derrick with him then they took me back home to Tucson to live with them and I am so happy here. I got to go to college and I have this neat boyfriend and my life is no longer fucked up.
Darryl has learned that he needs Derrick Hardwick They reside at the βφτ house.
These two boys stood on the beach where they first met Chris and were married by a city court's judge.
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Da'ud al-Hadi
DOB: 1992 Stats: 15
His name means
Son of King Khaldun al-Hadi sent to Chris to acquire an American education.
15 year old Da'ud is with his 15 year old cousin Qays
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David Thatcher
DOB: 1986 Stats: 20
Five foot ten inch David is a twenty year old hard bodied biexual blond haired boy. A nice cut cock on the short side of seven inches with a nice thickness. David is very quiet, almost melancholy. You know the sneaky type. Wear a jock.
His name means
David caught his young brother sucking a small boy and panicked as he remembered what had happened to his best friend. He took his brother to the home of the little boy to make him apologize. There he found his old suck buddy, Tyler, after six long years. Tyler and his brother Turner were living with Chris and the family. He was shocked to find out that Tyler was legally married to Cas.
David tried to act innocent as he made his brother Donny face Chris and Kenny to apologize for molesting the youngster. His act was quickly unveiled. David was known about the university campus as an ass hungry cock sucker. Tyler told his old friend that there would be no lies in their house. He welcomed David who became a distant member of the family.
Fifteen year old David Thatcher was curious about sex. His best friend was laying on his bed beside him as they talked about their day at school. Clad only in skimpy nylon shorts and an old tee shirt the boys were looking at each other with longing in their eyes. David was wondering what Tyler Youngman's cock looked like. He was aware that he was getting a hard on and that his pride and joy could easily be seen poking out of the leg hole of his loose fitting shorts.
Fourteen year old Tyler Youngman was staring at his cock and licking his lips. Without a word Tyler leaned forward and took the turgid rod into his mouth. The feeling was so awesome that David screamed out in ecstacy. At that very moment his mother had entered the hallway with towels to put away in the linen closet. She heard her son's cry and pushed his bedroom door open. She saw the act of perversion and began to scream at Tyler.
Tyler bolted and ran home. Two days later David went to Tyler's house. He was as horny as he had ever been and he couldn't get the feelings of Tyler's mouth on his cock out of his head. He wanted to have Tyler do it again and he was going to suck Tyler too. The two boys were naked in Tyler's bed and had just enjoyed their first taste of ball juice as Tyler's mother came home early and caught the two boys. Tyler disappeared and David had not seen him since.
   I was so happy to find him again, then I found out that he was married, to a dude, dude, but Tyler still likes me. He goes to the university where I go and he knows people that I know and he has been over to ΔΛΦ, Delta Lambda Phi, where everyone knows that I love to suck cock. I wish I could live in the frat house, but I have to take care of Donny.
   Yeah, like okay. No, I haven't done it with Chris. I don't know, he hasn't asked me and I don't really know him. Everyone tells me that I need to get it on with him. I can't just walk up to the man and go, "So dude, you want to fuck my ass?" Ty says that Chris won't come on to me unless I let him know that I am okay with it. He told me that Chris respects everybody's space. He is one hell of a hunk and I have seen that pole of his. I hope he never falls when he is hard, he'll pole vault into the next state.
   I'm not into kids, I like a real man. I like Tyler, but he's married, I still want to do him. He and Cas fucked me stupid one night, just for old times sake. I never had the chance to really get it on with Ty. Doing him that night makes me understand what I want and I want a man who can fuck.
   Okay, so I'm not like, mister young and hung, but I think that I have a pretty nice cock. It is seven inches, on a good day, and about five and a half inches around. I am cut where Donny is not. I do lust after Donny, but only in my solo time. He's my kid brother and I am supposed to look out for him, but that boy is so sweet.
   Well there was this older guy staying at Chris's house, he is some sort of cop or something. He came to me and we talked, he couldn't stay at the house. If it was discovered that he was living there he could loose everything he had and look at the world through bars on the windows. He loves to get fucked. He begged me not to say anything, but he is so in love with a seventeen year old kid that lives there. The only way I can tell you now is that the kid turned eighteen last weekend and Timmy asked him to move in with him
   Anyway, I wanted to live at the frat house. We have a chapter of ΔΛΦ, Delta Lambda Phi, on campus. I pledged there two years ago, before it was officially sanctioned by the school. I want to live in the house, but I had Donny to think about. Well this year Donny is very happy at Chris's house, Timmy is going to ask Christopher to move in with him so I got in line last summer and have a room at the frat house. Now you talk about hot cock, these college boys really turn me on. Yeah, it is not like at Chris' place, nobody runs around naked and you don't find guys going down on each other in every out of the way corner. I like to think that we are college boys and have outgrown the need for constant sex. Well, maybe not the need, but we can control ourselves, a little. I think that there is one dude who likes me. He has come to sleep with me four times now.
   Okay, so like things get really weird in life. I thought that I had found the man for me when the house dude at ΔΛΦ took me to his bed for the whole semester then he dumped me for a youngster. I moved back to Chris's house, but I was lonely and I started drinking heavily. There was this one dude that did pot all of the time, but I don't like drugs, but then he died when all of us were on a hike in this canyon during a rainstorm. That really fucked up my mind and I had to get away before Chris found out and shit canned me forever.
   I took off to Florida, but something woke me up and I called Chris to come and get me and he did. He made me stay with some friend's of his and they introduced me to this cool dude that went to highschool with Chris and he learned that putting his cock up my ass was more fun than fucking his wife so like now we are getting it on.
David and Jeff Taylor legaly married in the June weddings at cliff house.
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Dawson Farrell
DOB: Aug 31, 1994 Stats: 13, 5' 5", 130#s
His name means
Dawson was quite overweight; his dad had been talking of ways to introduce the fourteen year old youngster to a bit of physical labor. Bucking bales is hard work that can help a boy to build confidence, as well as muscle, in a short time. Two weeks would not develop a large body, but it might trigger a desire within the boy to work on his own physical development.
The boy not only developed his body, but he changed himself into a new person. He worked alongside Cody, Billy, and Eric for two weeks. When he saw the body that Eric was still sporting he wanted to build his own muscles up. He changed his eating habits and began to workout some.
I hired his mother to work in the kitchens at BAW where she learned to prepare more nutritious foods for her family. She had no contact with the students at the school, but she was impressed with the staff and the work that goes on there. When Dawson asked his parents about attending the school they had no objection.
   "I didn't know no fags before, but they was going to my church and I sorta liked them and when they helped me and my grandfather with his hay harvest I got to know them and they was good guys so I asked the rents 'bout going to school there and they said okay. I like it there and I workout longside Eric 'cause I want big muscles like he got.
   "Yeah, (he he he) he got that big muscle down there and I been thinking… I don't know if I want to do some of the stuff that those fags do, but I'm…"
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Dean Russell Fowler I havIntroduced
DOB: 1987 Stats: 20
His name means
What a surprise when Ray Johnson led this young Adonis to Chris with the news that he was moving himself and Ricky into his house in Albany and was planning to live there with his highschool suck buddy, Dean.
Ray and Dean had been fuck buddies until Dean's father transferred overseas and made Dean accompany the family.
      "Ray led me to Chris and placed my hand in the hand of the man that meant so much to him, "Make my boy a family member, daddy. I want him to know all of the love that you have for all of us." I looked at Chris and saw strength as I have never seen in the face of any man before and I knew that I wanted to be loved by him more than anything in the whole world.
   "Now, fuck me, make raw, unbridled pure ass fucking sex with me, no holds barred. I don't want any fucking pin, I want to know that you love me and want me in your family," I told him.
   He smiled at me and told me that he didn't do things that way then he grabbed my heart, "I love you, more than you can comprehend. I don't have to fuck you to show that, you do not have to fuck me to live with me, you only have to be happy with us, as we are, no holds barred." Ray had already told me many times that the man was a saint, but as I sat there looking in his eyes I could see it for myself and I would do anything, go anywhere, whatever it will take, I will do for daddy.
Dean and Raymond Johnson compliment each other very well.
They reside at the βφτ house.
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Deke Padilla
DOB: Stats:
14, 5'4", 122#s
Deke and Zeke are twin brothers born from a mulitple rape of their thirteen year old mother. The boys have been raised by the state's Child Protection Services. Their sur-name was computer selected.
   "Now we's regular kids that live in a school and have a family that cares about us and everything."
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"Del" Delbert Francis Thompkins
DOB: May 9,1990 Stats: 17
6' 1", 152#s
dirty blonde hair with almost white eyebrows that form a frame over searching blue eyes.
Uncut 4 ½ inches over pecan sized balls
We all know that Chris leads a life like no other and that life is full of surprises, Del is one of those. The young cutie is the son of Eloise's foster father, her legal half brother
   "Well, I suppose that wot I done were wrong a bit, but wot's a lad to do to get 'is jollies, as it were. I were known 'bout the skate park as a puff and I put me name in the turlet to tell the other lads that I were ready to do 'em.
   "I got this 'ere disease that is called gimmecum and there is only one known treatment for it. There were this one turlet wot was back away from the main park area and that were me best cottage, if ya know what I mean."
   "Yeah, we know what you mean, you were a right puffing poof in the cottage off the lane," Cullen cracks himself up with his jokes.
   "Well, me laddie buck, I do a bit more than a puff, you know, you like to have a good stuffin' at your arse and that is wot got me 'ad. This right jolly old fellow 'ad a sweet piece on 'im and I were so 'ungry for a good shagging. I 'ad 'is 'ole joint down me gullet when 'e up and goes, "A quid if you bend over." I made 'im give me ten, but I would 'ave done it for nothing for the joint that 'e 'ad. 'E were right in there with the old Newton's Cradle bit going and 'e 'ad me singing his tune.
   "I guess I were a bit loud cause luck weren't with me that day. This 'ere bobby wot always climbed me arse 'bout 'anging 'bout the loo so much looked 'is self over the top 'o the cottage where we was up to it and we both got a trip to lock up. I got me two years for being a pervert, can ya imagine, me a pervert. All I done was give the old queen a good time and they call me a perv. Weren't so bad though, I met me a lot of right 'ung lads wot done me up good while I cooled me 'eels a bit.
   "Me sister weren't so keen on wot I done and she got da to bring me over 'ere to learn me to be a right proper fag boy, 'ow'm I doin' da?" I gave him a thumbs up and listened to the boys laugh at his story.
   I didn't rightly know wot was to 'appen to me. Me sister came to me and tole me that she 'ad this other brother wot lived in the colonies and that I could go and live with him in 'is 'ouse o' 'appy fairies she said.
   Now I am a 'appy fairy meself as I love to live with these Yanks. Me new da got me some shots from this doctor and me main parts is growing and me voice is changing so I guess I am doin right fine. I know that I am 'appy like I never were before and Cece is so much fun to love with.
Chris says:    I had Del come and sit his six foot frame down in my lap so that I could fondle Dr. Will's handy work. Doc knows how to administer male growth hormones so that a boy's body develops as it should without getting out of proportion everywhere else. Del had a very nice body when I first met him, he just didn't have a developed man package, hormone treatment has began to turn that around.
   Del's boi cock has grown from a petite four and a half inches to a man sized six inches of normal thickness in the six months that he has been living with us. He still suffers from his gimmecum virus, I suppose that it is a naturally occurring disease in males of our ilk, everyone in my house has to be inoculated several times a day.
Del and Cecil are behaving themselves.
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Dennis Kittiwake
DOB: 1993 Stats: 14
Chris first encountered this little fellow as he rested over before the final leg of his trip to the mountain castle of Murat. All that I have been told is that this young man is Cullen's countryman.
We have learned from Eric that Dennis' mother was from Germany and his father was from England, the two boys speak to one another in fluent Deuthsce so that no one else knows what they are saying, they hope.
Dennis is finding ways of making "Sonic" yodel.
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Denny Glack
DOB: Dec 5, 1992 Stats: 16,
5' 7", 130#s
His name means WARRIOR
Denny came to BAW from a two year existence on the streets as a runaway.
The sixteen year old boy is far more physically mature than most boys his age, but two years on the street have made him tough. He is more than street wise, he is a bully.
Denny Glack sat in one of the more private conversation areas around the house. He sat in a chair facing me as we talked quietly about who he was and what he expected from his time as a student at BAW. You may want to take a few minutes to read this update to his story.
I knew that if anyone would know the identity of Denny's beach bum then Derrick Hardwick and Darryl Landers would. I was surprised to learn that Fearless was the elusive Joel
Denny and Scotty Hardesty are a solid couple
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Derrick Hardwick
DOB: Aug 1, 1988 Stats: 17
Derrick sports a solid eight and a half inch cock with five and seven eights inches of thick, throat stretching meat the entire length. He is long cut with just enough skin left to keep his glans covered when soft, but it will draw back to the edge of his cockhead when fully erect.
His name means
I want to take a moment here to let my heart overflow. I for the life of me don't understand how Chris maintains himself through the stories that these boys have to tell. Derrick is one of the saddest that I have heard and I still have thirty boys to interview.
Derrick awakened to the screaming banshee that was his step-mother. She wanted him out of her house. Derrick knew that Chris was at his beach house and actually prayed that he would be allowed to live with the man. Chris can not say no to a smooth bodied boy that wants in his bed, but he wants to know what is happening in the boy's head. He dug until he found out that Derrick's step-mother had murdered his father because Derrick had confessed to his dad that he was gay. Sick isn't it?
   I first met Chris in like April when I was like fifteen. There are signs on his part of the beach that says it is a private nude beach. We saw two kids naked in the surf so me and my friends got naked and joined them. They took us to the house to meet their friend, Chris. Do you believe in love at first sight. I took one look at that tall lean man. His huge uncut cock was sticking out above the waist band of his shorts. I knew I was in love. I got close to him and pulled his shorts down so that I could suck him. My best friend, Darryl, was there and he just stood and looked at me.
   Chris had ordered pizzas. When they arrived I ate as fast as I could then I went back over and began to suck Chris off. He turned me around and sucked me at the same time. I was in lust for this man and I told Darryl he was only a boy. He got mad, but I got laid. Darryl climbed on top of Chris as soon as I got off. Darryl had his legs spread wide and I know how much he likes my cock up his ass so I just knelt down and fucked him while he and Chris sucked away.
   Chris spread Darryl's legs and began to suck at his ass. That really turned me on. I have needs too that Darryl wouldn't handle them for me. I laid down next to Chris and asked him to ride me. I received the best ass fucking of my entire life and I was hooked. I wanted more.
   Darryl couldn't believe that I had let this strange man fuck me. I told him that I didn't feel fucked. I felt fulfilled.Darryl lay down to take it up the ass, he is a cock in the ass junky. We still suck each other, but Darryl wants it up in him all of the time. He lays on his side and has me get up in him from the back. He won't do me. He has this thing that to fuck a dude is queer, but then he wants to get it…. He says that getting it from behind is just helping his buddy get off, but if we faced each other then we're like substituting for a girl and that would be queer. He says there is something in the Bible about a man should not lie with a man as a woman. But he thinks that from behind is okay. I don't care, his ass is German, goot-n-tite.
   Anyway my old man split after I told him I was gay. Then my step mother ran me off. I ran too. My step-mother told me that my father wanted nothing to do with a fag son and she had no obligation to me. She told me to get my things and get out.
   Chris was at the beach for Christmas vacation and he found out that my father didn't split on me, my step-mother murdered him. She split his head open with a skillet. She'll be going to jail for a long time so Chris got custody of me. I was just past seventeen so he got me emancipated and I live with him and the family in Tucson. I never was much good at that school stuff. Chris told me that he had a big thick belt that he would use to beat some sense in me or I could go to school. I had to go to the tenth grade, but I did good, excuse me, well. And I will be able to graduate before I am twenty. I guess that's okay. At least I am not a quitter.
   Okay, fag. The other boys told me that you were like this. Yeah, I got sweet meat. You want a romp in the hay with me. I can see it in your eyes and the drool on your chin. This little puppy is a sweet cut eight and a half inches of butt loving cock. I will open your airways then make you suck air as I plow your tight ass. I will do you doggy style. Nothing personal you understand, it's just that you aren't really my type. My type?, young looking, firm bodied, long cocked. Uncut is a real plus to me. I love to dock with a long skin. Cory, Mike, Turner, a lot of the guys have long skin, but no one can compare to Chris. I wish I could have him, but I see something that a few others see also. Chris is so in love with Cory that he hurts. Chris and Cory get off alone for an hour or two nearly everyday. We think that it is nice.
Update: Derrick worked hard, hard enough that he finished high school in May of 2007 and began his walk through life as a college student. When Darryl asked to join the family Derrick ran to him to renew a long relationship with his former next door neighbor.
Derrick is glad that Darryl Landers needs him in his life. They reside at the βφτ house.
These two boys stood on the beach where they first met Chris and were married by a city court's judge.
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DeShaun King
Stats: 16
His name means
This young man's family attends the church where Chris and boys go. His parents asked about him attending the school and Chris was happy to have him. He was even happier when DeShaun became one of three students to garner Alltate positions in football.
"DeShaun continued to live at home until the new dorm was built at BAW. At our open house during the Thanksgiving holiday we all learned that DeShaun was in love with his fifteen year old best friend Jack De Boné. Jack had been taken from his parent's home and was living with his aunt and her husband, they knew that he was gay and were okay with it. His uncle brought Jack to BAW around the middle of November and the three of us talked at length about his sexuality and what he expected from the school. I promised both boys the right to choose their own quarters as quickly as the dorm could be occupied.
   "My folks knew that I was gay and I think that it embarassed my dad cause he says blacks ain't supposed to be fags, but he still loves me. I was so happy when I got to go to BAW and play football and nobody there gave me any shit if I boned up in the shower, there are some hot fucking dudes in my school. Say whatever you want about black cock, but some of them white boys got a lot more'n me or Jack. When I got to move out of the house and go live with Jacknoff, my ancient fuck buddy, I was really happy. That boy can suck your ears out through your cock and what an ass he got. I don't mind his cock in mine either, but I would much prefer holding him forever and ever.
DeShawn and Jack De Boné are a couple of true lovers.
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Dewy Kavanagh
DOB: 1994 Stats: 13
His name means
Chris will tell me nothing about this boy at the time of this posting, he only winks at me and tells me that the boys that the state has sent to live with him are special young men to be protected at all costs.
I hope to interview this lad and his boyfriend, Owen a boy that Chris brought in off of the streets of Tucson.
"Daddy, Owen got a butt plug," Dewy was bending over to look between the youngster's legs.
"I have to take you to see a doctor, Owen. Is there anybody that you would like to take along with us?"
"I want Warren to go with me, he takes care of me. Oh, and can Dewy go too? I like Dewy."
Owen told us how his mother's boyfriend beat him and sometimes raped him. Owen is so small that any adult would be large to him, but he described the boyfriend as a man mountain.
Dewy stayed as close to his new friend as was allowed and after Owen's surgery the two boys became unseperable. Ah, young love.
Dewy and Owen Caulder together as a are cute as a picture.
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Dezi Sanchez
DOB: Mar 23,1995 Stats: 12
His name means
Chris will tell me nothing about this boy at the time of this posting, he only winks at me and tells me that the boys that the state has sent to live with him are special young men to be protected at all costs.
This little sweetheart has won the heart of Gus who is very protective of the boy and won't let me talk to him. Chris just smiles at me, he says his boys are their own masters.
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"Dickie" Richard J. Heakin II
dedicated to the memory of Richard J. Heakin–October 13,1965-June 6, 1976
Friday the thirteenth, October 13, 2006, will begin Gay Pride week in Tucson. Richard J. Heakin's memory will be featured at planned ceremonies. Me and mine ccept his difference.

Nineteen year old Dickie was named in honor of his cousin who was beaten to death on the streets of Tucson, AZ on June 6, 1976. Fifteen and seventeen year old assailants beat the namesake cousin to death in the parking lot of a gay bar where he had spent his last evening in town with his friends.
Esther introduced me to Richard J. Heakin II. The boy was blaming himself for Zach Roberts' death. Zach left behind a devastated young friend that could not understand what had happened. I put my laptop and paper work down on the desk and took Esther Roberts in my arms as she began to cry. She turned slightly and for the first time I saw the gangly kid trying to hold the front of building up as he leaned against the wall. He looked as if he didn't have a friend in the world.
I fixed Rich a cup of coffee as I poured the last of the pot into my cup. I waved at Esther as she slipped out leaving her smile behind her.
Dickie had been fighting serious depression and guilt for almost a year. He had lost all interest in life. He hid in his room, refusing to eat, or talk with anyone. He had lost sixty pounds from his already slim build. His biggest fear was that his father should learn the truth of Zach's accidental death. His love for his father runs deep in the boy and his fear of disappointing the man has him in a psychological turmoil. I pulled the boy to me and told him that he was not responsible and that he was loved. I told him that I would show him more love then he had ever suspected existed in the entire town. I led him to my car and up the hill to be with the family.
Dickie let his body come into our home and family, but his mind was never there. He drifted aimlessly in his thoughts as he dwelled on the life of his close friend, Zach. For a time we thought Dickie was the medicine that I had sought for Biff . Biff was a shot in the arm for Dickie. The two boys struck up a friendship that night. Depression took root again in Dickie as he withdrew into himself.
   I opened the door to Dickie and a new face. Dickie could have used the thumb pad and he could have used his code to alert us to a stranger. There had to be a reason for this. We took a seat in the front room. I was introduced to Ted Folley, a man of about thirty eight or nine. Christopher offered us refreshments. With sodas and coffee in hand Dickie looked at me. "Chris, I want to thank you so much for what you have done for me." Every ear in the house was stretched to its limit as the boys strained to hear what their brother had to say. He was not talking as a family member. I am proud of the fact that even the younger boys pick up on special situations quickly and guard themselves and their actions.
   "Chris, I am going to have to move away. I…" He turned his head as he pretended to shed a tear. He eye talked me that all was good. "Chris, I am gay. I love it here but, well, I just don't trust myself around all of the cute boys here. I would never hurt any of them, but my tendencies… I think about them sometimes. You know when I think about sex and stuff. Ted is a counselor that I met a few years ago. We were at the mall and began to talk like old friends. I told him that I am gay and that I like him. He told me that he was attracted to me.
   "We have talked about my being here and the danger that I pose to the boys if I should loose control. He has asked me to live with him and I have accepted. Chris, I am so lustful that I don't even want to go get my things. Could I ask if you could pack them for me and Ted will pick them up in a few days?" His eyes told me that he was being honest and really liked Ted. I agreed as I told him how much we admired him and had enjoyed his input to the family. He left with a firm handshake and the promise to stay in touch. I am glad that he has found someone. He has been lonesome in a house full of fag boys who have tried to draw him out of his self imposed shell.
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