Sad song of a gay teen 33!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Characters Chris D 34, Tyler 22, Lew 17, Cullen 16, Cory 18, Cas22, Turner 17, Jim 16 and Christopher 17 all appear courtesy of the story Traveler by CARL DICKSON.The story can be found in the adult youth section on nifty. Andy Foss, from Andy Finds Daddy, is on the job with his security team.
Jayson Adams and Brad Garcia, two young electronic geniuses from Jayson Outed also appear, courtesy of Carl Dickson.
Thanks Carl!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note, I checked back in Carls story and there was a chapter were each of his boys are talking about how they became a part of the family. In that chapter, Cory said that he was born in June 1988 and so at this point in time he is still only 18.

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From the previous chapter!!!!!!!!!!!

Before I knew it Gary had my cock in his mouth and was sucking away as if his life depended on it. He was also working away at my prostate with the two fingers that he had shoved up my arse. That was one thing that I really loved about Gary. He was always finding new ways to pleasure me. The feelings that I was experiencing at the moment in time were some of the most intense that I had ever felt. It was just so amazing that I can't really begin to describe it in words. Needless to say, I couldn't hold out for very long with the intensity of the moment and I soon found myself emptying a massive load of my hot boi juice in to Garys throat. After I had finished, we kissed and snowballed the cum between us for a few minutes before we each swallowed a roughly equal amount.

Things were going well for me at school and I was maintaining reasonable grades in all my subjects. I also had my mock GCSE music exam, which I passed with a mark of 94%. Mr. Morris and Mr. Noels were very impressed with me.

The weeks flew by and it was soon the Thursday of the last week before half term. I was really excited about this holiday. It would be my 15th birthday on the Sunday and I would be in Las Vegas to see our great friend Elton John live in concert. We would also be meeting up with our billionaire friend from Arizona and his family. I was really looking forward to that. I knew that our friend had organised a surprise party for me and so I was also looking forward to that.

SAD SONG OF A GAY TEEN 33!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was Thursday 22nd February 2007 and we had dropped all the other guys off and Liam and I were sat in the limo and felt totally pissed off due to the fact that the traffic was so heavy and we had taken thirty minutes to cover half a mile. “ I'm going to ask Chris D to buy me a helicopter for my birthday,” I said.

Isn't that your billionaire American friend? Is it really true that he has a nine inch cock?” Liam asked.

Yes, he's a billionaire, but he only claims a nine inch cock. He's a little modest in a cute sort of way. I was there when Cory took a tape measure and showed us that it is really ten and a half and it stretches even more when he's not tired out. I have also deep throated that huge piece of man meat and had a damn good ride on it. Gary had a ride on it too,” I said with a huge grin on my face as I remembered going to the Halloween party as a guest of Crown Prince Cullen.

Crown Prince Cullen was a nephew of Chris D and also held the title of Duke here in the UK. They were on their way to the coronation when Chris' and Cullen's car was blown up by a rocket. They went into hiding for a month or so and Cullen's great aunt was crowned. Having said that, he was still the Crown Prince of a European country that cannot be named for reasons of security . If I remembered correctly, he would now be about 15, possibly even 16. Cory was Chris' son by adoption as well as his cousin. Cory's grandfather had been a wealthy Cherokee Indian who had died at the ripe old age of 92. To prevent the family from getting their hands on Cory's inheritance, Chris had adopted him. He would be 18 now. I told Liam about the other boys but left Christopher until last. He was special. He would be 17 now or maybe 18, I wasn't sure? Anyway, he was special in that he stood at just over five foot but had a huge cock that was over eight inches. Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. By now Liam was calling Nick and finding out how he felt about having some fun with these guys. Nick was more than anxious for us to get to the US so that they could have their fair share of the fun.

Last time we had met them, Gary and I had a few hang ups at first about sex with other guys but we both realized that it wasn't really cheating as we were both willing participants. And we did it with the other one right beside us, so it wasn't as if we were hiding anything. It was just fucking sex and fun as hell. And anyway, we were a couple of horny teens that had a real hunger and appetite for the taste of cum. Gary and I were looking forward to seeing them all again. Liam also called Callum, Aaron, Ross and Shane and told them about the possibilities with these guys. Needless to say, Steve and Chris would stay in Las Vegas with Kate and Carla and do their own thing. They would probably want a blow by blow account though, ( they had when we got back from the Halloween party ).

The reason for the trip was two fold. First, there would be the world premiere of my piece ECHOES THROUGH THE CANYON and we would also be enjoying our Xmas present from Elton John. This was two weeks deluxe accommodation at Caesars palace, our return air tickets plus front row seats and back stage passes for his RED PIANO SHOW. The added bonus for me was having my birthday in Las Vegas.

It was six o'clock when we finally got home. due to the extremely heavy traffic and an accident on the motorway. Thankfully we were all skipping school tomorrow, as we would be on the flight to Las Vegas ( and we did have the permission of Mr. Noels to not be in school). Besides, it was the last day before the holiday and that would mean that we wouldn't really miss much in the way of normal lessons.

As we got out of the car, Liam asked , “ so do you think that this Chris will buy you a helicopter?”

It's quite possible. Last time we met he asked if there was anything that he could do for the band. I know that I always say that you gave me the idea for the foundation but I was thinking about it before I met you. Chris made a big donation to get it off the ground. After being stuck in that traffic, I think a helicopter would be cool for getting to school. As it is, Eddie picks us up at 7.15 and then we have to get the other guys and we still don't arrive at school until 8.30 at the earliest. With a helicopter we could stay in bed for another hour, leave at 8.15 and be at school in ten or fifteen minutes,” I said.

That's one cool idea,” Liam said.

As we were so late in getting home, Liam and I barely had time to change out of our school uniforms before dinner. Once we had finished eating, we both decided on the ' fuck it, the homework can wait until we get back from the states' attitude. I spent some time in Liams room playing on the x-box 360 and telling him more about Chris D. I explained that Chris was a boylover. Chris would never hurt any of the boys that he had living with him and if a boy said that he did not want to do something, then Chris would respect that. The other thing was that all of the boys had come from abusive homes and many had been thrown out by their parents due to the fact that they were gay. Not exactly the sort of loving environment to be brought up in? Chris had given each and everyone of these boys a loving home and set them up so that they would have the best possible start in life from a financial point of view.

Some of the boys parents had been abusing them from a very early age. Drugging them and allowing older men to use them for sex and filming these disgusting acts for distribution to other sick bastards who would get off on that sort of thing. The worst part of this is, that once the boys became teenagers and discovered their true sexuality, they had been severely beaten by their fathers. To me, this was a pure case of hypocrisy. So in my book, Chris D was not the bad guy that some people would make him out to be. He was doing more for these boys than their own parents had ever done.

The twelve of us that were going on this trip met at the airport on the Friday morning. We were being accompanied by some security people from the Manchester office of FOSS INTERNATIONAL. Liam still found the concept of flying to be exciting but for the rest of us, we had all been traveling this way all our lives and so it was just a necessity. During the ten hour flight their was a stream of gay teen boi couples disappearing off to the bathroom to join the mile high club. We finally arrived at the hotel in Las Vegas at around 3pm, ( taking into account the seven hour time difference and the time that it took to clear US customs ).

After getting checked in to our rooms we went off in search of some food and then spent a few hours riding on some of the roller coasters before going off in search of dinner. Saturday was spent in much the same way. Sunday soon arrived and I was awoken to a nice birthday treat form Gary, who had his cock buried deep inside of me. His first words were, “ happy birthday Jason.”

This is just how I want to wake up on every birthday from now on,” I said, as a huge grin spread across my face.

We were soon joined by the rest of the gang who entered our room wheeling a couple of trolleys that had breakfast on them. As I ate I opened my cards and presents from everyone. They were mostly gift vouchers for various stores back home. At least that avoided the problem of having additional luggage when we went home. For lunch on Sunday we pigged out on Hamburgers and fries and other junk food before having an afternoon of fun on some more of the coasters. We got back to the hotel at around four thirty, so that we could get showered and then meet Elton and David at six for dinner before the show.

They had booked a table for us all at MIX, a very expensive French restaurant that was owned by a famous French chef by the name of Alain Ducasse. Not that any of us was concerned about how much dinner was going to cost, we were not paying for it. All of us boys were wearing Armani suits. Those of us who had actually been at Eltons party had bought new ones, ( we could hardly wear the same one twice in the presence of our friend ). The girls looked stunning in their Versace dresses and Jimmy Choo shoes. I had the perfect finishing touch for the girls, the diamond necklaces that I had bought for them.

You didn't have to buy us a present,” Carla said, “ it's your birthday, so you didn't need to do this.”

They're not a present,” I said, “ they're a bribe.”

But why would you need to bribe us?” Kate asked.

I explained about the party that had been organised in my honour tomorrow night. I explained that it was an all male party and the dress code was birthday suits, ( excuse the pun ). Steve and Chris had already agreed to go. The girls said that they understood how important it was for me, for my two oldest friend to attend this party. I told them that we had made a reservation for them at the CRAZY ARMADILLO Mexican restaurant at the Stratosphere hotel and then we had also got tickets for them to see one of the many other shows here in Las Vegas. They thanked me for the ' bribe ' and promised us that they would have a great time while we went to the party. The show that we had arranged for the girls to see was called LOVE by CIRQUE DE SOLEIL and was based on the music of the Beatles.

As we were looking at the menu, Liam asked, “ Jason, you said that Cullen holds the title of Duke in the UK but where is he the duke of?”

Cocksuckington,” I replied.

I'm sure he told me that he is the Duke of Rimminghim,” Gary said.

Jason told me it was Assfuckinghim,” said Steve.

And I was told that he is the Duke of Cumming-in-the-mouth,” Chris added.

By now, we were in fits of laughter. David had to make a comment too and said, “ Jason, you may know a Duke but I get two for the price of one, a Knight of the realm and a queen.”* this got even more laughter form us all. The food was excellent. After dinner we all headed off to the huge theater where the concert was taking place and had time to meet all the guys from Eltons band before going to our seats.

( * A note from the author!! Elton John actually made this comment about himself on a TV chat show here in the UK a few years back!!! ).

Carla and Kate had stopped off at the florist before we went in to the show. We had seen several videos of Elton John concerts and one thing that people sitting in the front row did was to give Elton flowers as he first came on stage and walked along the front row, shaking hands with the audience. The opening song was, of course, FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND/LOVE LIES BLEEDING. This was definitely my favourite song by Elton. This was followed by hit after hit, including, CANDLE IN THE WIND, GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD, DANIEL, SAD SONGS ( SAY SO MUCH), I'M STILL STANDING and SORRY SEEMS TO BE THE HARDEST WORD. About an hour and a half into the show Elton leaned in to the microphone and said, “ tonight we have some friends of mine sitting in the audience who are from the UK. Six of those people, Jason, Gary, Steve, Chris, Liam and Ross make up the young rock band WILD BOYS, who some of you may have heard off. It is also Jasons 15th birthday today and so I'd like you all to join in on this.” Elton and his band began to play and sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ( as in the song that is sung at birthday parties ). Needless to say that the entire audience joined in and it made me feel really special.

During this section, I noticed a second piano being wheeled on stage. A couple of the security guys approached those of us from the band and invited us on stage. Chris made his way to one of the drum kits, Ross made his way over to one of the keyboard rigs, Steve, Liam and Gary were handed instruments and I sat down t the piano that had been brought on stage. I played a few arpeggios and chord progressions and then Elton asked, “ so which song would the birthday boy like to play with us?”

How about this one?” I said, as I played the opening chords of CROCODILE ROCK. I was soon joined by Elton, my friends and the rest of Eltons backing group. It was a really great feeling to be playing live with someone who had become a good friend in such a short space of time. After we finished and returned to our seats, the show lasted for around another hour and finished with the classic YOUR SONG, which had been Eltons first single back in 1969. We finally got back to our hotel suites at around one in the morning after spending a couple of hours backstage.

Monday morning, after breakfast at the hotel, we made our way up to the heli pads on the roof of the hotel. We where headed for the Grand Canyon, supposedly to check out the preparations for the show. Needless to say that Chris, Steve and their girlfriends stayed in Las Vegas and were planning on riding some of the fantastic roller coasters that they had here. That left eight of us, Gary, me, Liam, Nick, Ross, Shane, Callum and Aaron going to the Canyon in two helicopters. We had other plans for the day that straight boys would not really want to be a part of, ( well, not unless they were serious closet cases ).

The trip to the Canyon didn't take long at all and we were soon over the Canyon and then I spotted him, Traveler, the huge RV that was owned by Chris D. ( For a detailed description of Traveler , please read chapter one of that story in the adult /youth section on nifty ). The helicopters had been arranged by FOSS INTERNATIONAL, one of the worlds leading security companies that was run by Andy Foss, a friend of Chris D. On boarding the helicopters, we had each donned headsets so that we could communicate with each other. There was also a loud speaker system that allowed you to broadcast to the outside world. I had some fun when I saw Traveler and I got the pilot to patch my headset through the speaker system and said, “ this is a raid, come out with your cocks held to attention.”

We then began throwing the padded packages out of the chopper. These contained signed copies of the latest album for Chris D and his boys. I saw the door of Traveler open and out came eight naked teens and Chris, who was also naked. The only thing any of them were wearing were their trainers ( sneakers to American readers ). They began to scamper around and collect the packages. I took off my headset, so that I could remove my tee shirt and then removed the rest of my clothes and put my trainers back on. Gary, Liam and Nick were quick to follow my lead. I had radioed the guys in the other chopper to do the same. By the time we touched down and stepped out of the choppers, we were ready to party with the rest of the naked teens. They all ran over to us and began to fondle mine and Garys cocks as we both received kisses from them. We then introduced the other guys and made our way in to Traveler. Liam and Nick went off to the large bed at the rear with Chris, Cas and Turner. Callum and Aaron paired off with Tyler and Lew. Ross and Shane were with Christopher and Jim, ( and most definitely for Christophers huge cock). That left Gary and I with Cullen and Cory.

So Cory, will you show me how to programme Travelers horns? You know I'm planning on using them in this new piece that I've composed?” I said.

Cullen appeared in front of me with his stiff cock in full view and said, “ How about you programme my horn instead?”

I giggled at that comment and then said, “ I was hoping to get the chance to make sweet music on the Royal organ.”

The four of us were in fits of laughter. Once we calmed down Gary said, “ If you'll let me, I want to eat at the Royal lunch counter.”

You can eat as much as you want from that counter,” Cullen responded.

Cory asked, “so were do I fit in?”

I grabbed a hold of his cock and said, “ I know just the place were this will fit nicely.” As I gently fingered my boi hole.

I lay on the floor and Cullen got in position over me with his cock hanging just above my open and eager mouth and his mouth hovering just above my stiff cock. Gary got in to position behind Cullen, spread his ass cheeks and got to work with his tongue. By now Cullen and I were hard at work on each others dicks. I was really enjoying the feeling of this young Royal fucking my mouth. Cory had disappeared briefly but when he returned , I noticed that he was wearing a pair of boots, (he heard me tell Gary that I wanted to be fucked a real cowboy). He started to work on me by licking and sucking my toes, which felt like I had thousands of volts of electricity running trough my whole body. I felt him pull the black socks on to my feet and then he pulled on the boots that he had brought with him. This was apparently an even bigger turn on for him. Then he began to finger my boi hole and I felt like I was in paradise. I was sucking and being sucked, my boyfriend was giving a gorgeous young ass the attention that it more than deserved. Once he felt that I was ready, Cory lined his cock up with my hole and I felt him push forward, as I pushed back to help make his entry a little easier. I do remember that one of the boys had put our CD on in Traveler and we all listened to the music as we made love. The feeling of Cory buried deep inside me and making long, slow strokes was just awesome. As I have already said, to Gary and me, this was not cheating due to the fact that we were willing participants. By now, Cullen was getting his young ass fucked by Gary, right in my face. I loved looking at that sweet cock of his going in and out of this Royal piece of ass who's cock I had pushing my lungs aside, from deep inside, as I watched two sets of balls swinging like pendulums and banging away at my nose. Chris had told me of their family curse of huge dicks and Cory suffered from the family malady, much to my delight. Cory told me that Chris had adopted another boy from the tribe that was now fifteen and he was a real shower. He asked if I remembered the two boys who had been raped and were recovering when we were together last. I vaguely recalled them. He told me that the giant one, who is now sixteen and six foot three was being given growth hormones when he was a little boy of five to around the age eleven. He now has a thirteen inch dick and it's so thick that most of the boys can't take it. They have revised the rules for their Golden Pole Pin, which Gary and I both proudly wear on the inside of our flies flap. I think Liam is the only one that we ever showed the pins to. He, ( Cory ), told me that the rest of his brothers were over at the seating area helping Andy Foss install the security equipment to keep us safe, and that Brad and Jay were installing the secure server with Andy's super encryption chip in it. Andy takes no chances whenever Cullen is out near the public. Cory said that I could meat, ( or did he mean meet?), all of them this evening.

I don't know how long this all went on for but I do know that we were running like a well oiled machine. I think it was Gary who triggered things off with a final thrust against Cullen's prostate. As his arse was being filled with my boyfriends cream, Cullen began to empty his load deep in to my throat. This sent me over the edge and I began to shoot deep in to my Royal friends throat. Finally, Cory emptied himself in to me. Once the orgasms ended, Gary and Cory swapped places. Gary was licking the cum form my ass, which started to bring my dick back to full attention. At the same time, Cory was lapping up the cum that Gary had deposited in Cullen. After this, Gary gave Cullen a long, deep Kiss, so that Cullen got a taste of his boyfriends cum . Meanwhile, I was getting similar treatment from Cory and getting a good mouthful of my boyfriends cum.

By this time I had spotted a very happy looking Liam and Nick. “ I guess you had fun back there with those guys?” I asked.

We definitely did,” said Liam.

It took some doing but we got that big piece of meat all the way down our throats,” Nick said.

And we both had a ride on it,” Liam informed me.

He came over and whispered in my ear, “ and I got my Golden Pin Pole and Nick did too.”

Chris said he would prepare lunch. All of his boys were vegetarians but Chris D was aware of the fact that none of us were, so as a comprise he offered to cook thick, juicy Tuna steaks, medium rare and some whole stripped Bass. This met with our approval. Chris informed us that lunch wouldn't be ready for around an hour and a half and so Cory suggested we go for a ride on the ATVs that he had in Traveler. I wanted to ride on one with Cory. Gary had said that he would stay and help with lunch, so Cullen and Christopher would go with us on the other ATV. Turner and Lew asked if they could come. I made a joke out of this and said, “ it can't be that long since you did cum.” There were howls of laughter. Turner and Lew would be riding the motorbikes.

We headed off towards one end of the Canyon. This was the stage where Chris' gear was set up. We spent some time at this area of the set up for the production and I explained to the guys what everything was for and then we headed back towards Traveler and stopped off at the seating area, so that I could meet the rest of the brothers. Some of them wanted to play around, in a sexual way but I told them I didn't want to. I told them that it wouldn't be right for me to do so. It was one thing for me to have had Cullens dick down my throat and Cory fucking my ass on Traveler but Gary was there and I wasn't hiding anything from him and he wasn't hiding anything from me. I told them about what I had done at Elton Johns party and most of the boys were surprised that I had done that. They understood the way things were. Sure, I wanted to get a taste of some of these really good looking boys but not while I was on my own. That really would put an end to my relationship with Gary. The fact that I was riding naked on an ATV with Cory, who was also naked, ( apart from the cowboy boots that we were both wearing ), made it really difficult not to have an erection but somehow, I managed not to.

While we were at the seating area, I also got to meet Jayson Adams and Brad Garcia, a couple of electronic geniuses, ( these characters appear courtesy of the story Jayson Outed , also by Carl Dickson ). These two guys were helping out our team with the setting up of the sound system, which also involved lowering speakers into the Canyon itself, so that we could take advantage of the natural echo and reverb on offer. This would be fantastic on the recording of this piece that we planned to release. Opposite the seating area, there were four large screens. Two of these would show the two musicians performing and the other two were for some video projections that Jamie had put together.

Whilst at the seating area, I was approached by someone who was maybe around the age of 26. He approached me and said, “ so at last, I get to meet the legendary Jason Russell.” Then he held out his and said, “ I'm Andy Foss, chief of Foss International.”

I wouldn't describe myself as a legend,” I said.

The boys that met you at the Halloween party told me about what happened to you and as far they are concerned, you are a legend. After what you've been through, you've really taken control of your life and made something of yourself. That makes you a much better person than those bastards who hurt you will ever be,” Andy told me.

One thing that I talked to Andy about was a few concerns that I had. We always had a nagging worry that the relationship that Gary and I had would be discovered by the press. Having been adopted he was legally my brother and that made our relationship incest, ( even though we had no blood tie ). The press would rip us to shreds if that piece of information became public knowledge. It would also have a serious effect on mum and dad. After all, they were allowing the relationship to happen. The other concern was that I was underage and Gary wasn't, this could also have serious consequences for us.

Andy said that if this did all become public knowledge, then he would be able to quash the story before any serious damage was done. He told me about the time that someone had leaked some photographs of someone that was supposed to be Cullen at a party for boylovers. The boy in these pictures was covered in cum and it was at a time when Cullen was still in the position of being crowned king. Needless to say, this created something of an international scandal. Andy and his team got to work and put an end to the rumours and speculation before any real damage could be done. It was also proved that the photos were fakes and things soon died down. Knowing that I would have the help needed to deal with this situation if it ever did become a reality came as a huge relief.

Once we arrived back at Traveler, Christopher, ( who also liked to be known as the midget with the widget ), dragged his four brothers inside and I heard him saying something about needing their contribution for the family salad dressing. It was a short while later, I was putting some salad on my plate, that Lew started to spoon something on the salad.

And whats that?” I asked.

The special family recipe dressing. You'll love it,” replied Lew.

As soon as I tasted the salad, it dawned on me and I said, “this is just pure cum.”

It was Christopher who said, “ and its fresh from the source of origin. We often do this at home or Chris ( D ), will prepare big platters of fresh veggies for us when we get home from school and then we all cum in a bowl and use it to accompany the veg.”

It's unusual,” I said, “ but I like it.” Gary and the rest of the ( English ) guys did too.

Later in the afternoon, I noticed that the two choppers had gone but in there place was a much lager one that I guessed would carry 12 to 14 people, ( one of those being the pilot ). The eight of Chris Ds boys that had been at Traveler when we got here were standing around the chopper and Chris D said, “ happy birthday Jason .” Needless to say that all of the boys were totally naked and by now had flaccid cocks due to the activities of the day.

You really did buy me a helicopter for my birthday?” I asked, as I began to swoon.

Chris D caught me and I gave him a toe jam cleaning kiss that came from deep within my heart. The chopper was painted in a metallic green colour and, as the boys began to sing Happy Birthday, they began to peel away the sheets of paper that were on either side of the chopper, (the sheets of paper having been painted the same colour as the rest of this bird), and revealed the WILD BOYS logo that had been painted on either side of the chopper in gold lettering. As they peeled away the sheets of paper, the boys all sang happy birthday to me. Gary walked over to Chris D and asked to be picked up. Gary threw his legs over the mans shoulders and shoved his cock in the mans mouth and rewarded our friend and benefactor with a huge mouthful of something that we both knew he would enjoy, sweet boi cum.

I had already admitted to myself and Gary that I was in love with this man and had some deep feelings for him. Nothing of a sexual nature but the sort of feelings and love that a son has for his father. As a way of saying thank you for the fabulous present, I allowed him to suck me off and rewarded him with a good load of my own boy cum, while he fingered my golden spot in my ass.

Chris then carried us both to the new chopper and said that he would see us later at a party he was hosting for my birthday. As we lifted off and headed back to Vegas, we waved to the FAG FAMILY, ( as they liked to be known ). I was on my knees in front of Gary, giving him a blow job. The pilot kept telling me to sit in my seat but I took no notice.

The party that Chris had organized was being held at the Stratosphere Hotel and Tower. Chris D had tried to make reservations here but was told it was fully booked. He contacted the owners, made an offer they couldn't refuse and bought the place. He walked in to the hotel and the first thing he did was fire all the reservation and reception staff. Then he cancelled a whole load of reservations so that his gang would have rooms, ( although he did book everyone in at other places and made them a very generous compensation offer ).

The party itself was to be held in the tower which stood at 1,149 feet. Chris and Steve agreed to be at the party, which was all male and the dress code was NUDE. Out of love and respect for me as a friend, they agreed to this. Once we arrived at the party, they introduced themselves and told all the guests that they were straight. Much to my surprise, they said that if anyone wanted to suck their cocks, they could. However, they also said that they would not return the favour and that their asses were strictly off limits. Chris explained that if we said no to anyone, then NO most definitely meant NO!!! If we had any problems we were to signal one of the guys that was wearing a red or blue sash. These were Andys security people and were there to protect us and to prevent any trouble from occurring.

The first thing that we did was to go up to the roof to ride on some of the rides. One of these was called INSANITY. It was around 10 or 12 chairs that were attached to a sort of crane. Once we were secured in our seats, they were swung out over the edge of the tower and the ride began to rotate at a fast speed. We all took a hold of the cock next to us and wanked our partner to orgasm and let the resulting shower of cum rain down to the ground below. It was fucking great fun. After getting off the ride, a waiter asked us all if we wanted anything to drink. I said I wanted to have a cum and coke. Those were the first words that one of the boys had said to Chris when they met for the first time. Needless to say, Gary, Cullen and Cory said that they would supply the cum. It was an interesting combination to say the least.

After having our fun on the roof top rides, we headed back inside. The first thing I heard was someone playing the piano. I recognised it as an instrumental by Elton John and it was CARLA ETUDE. To my surprise, there was a naked Elton sitting at the piano. He announced that, now that I had arrived that he was going to perform a new song that he and Bernie Taupin, ( his lyricist ), had written specially for me. I sat next to him on the piano stool as played and song. The song was really beautiful.

Once it came to end, I turned to Elton and said, “ you know, I'd really like for us to do that song on our next album.”

Elton agreed to this and we agreed for him to come and visit us in Manchester sometime so that we could record the song. We were all feeling hungry but we couldn't just eat. Oh no, Chris D made us sing for our supper and we did a half hour set of songs from our two albums before were allowed to get any food. Once we did get to the buffet, I noticed Chris and Steve eyeing up the special dressing. “ I'm not sure that you two would like to taste that,” I said.

Why not?” Asked Steve.

It's the special family salad dressing,” I told him.

And why is it so special?” Steve asked me.

It's pure cum,” I informed him

You mean that Chris D and his boys use that stuff as a salad dressing?”

Oh, they certainly do,” I responded to this latest question from Steve.

Needless to say that my two friends gave that stuff a wide birth.

After we had eaten, we got involved in some action. I had Turner sitting on my chest with his cock fucking my mouth, while Lew was eating my ass before fucking me. Gary was lying next to me and getting much the same treatment from Christopher and Jim. After getting our mouths and butts filled with boi juice, I had to sit cross legged on the floor and was surrounded by fifteen boys, ( Gary, Callum, Aaron, Nick, Liam, Ross and Shane plus the eight of Chris D's boys that had been on Traveler with us ). They were all stroking their dicks. I noticed that Chris and Steve were standing back a little way but they too were stroking their cocks. After around ten minutes all the boys erupted and I had a cum shower. Chris and Steve then stepped forward and shot their loads over me and they all said, “ Happy birthday Jason.”

Then Cullen told me that it was time to blow my candles. Each boy including Chris and Steve came forward and had me lick their dicks clean. After doing that they each licked a big load of cum off me and shared it with me as they kissed me. Once again, I got a huge surprise as even Chris and Steve did this. They did tell me later that it was most definitely a one time only thing and they had done it purely out of their love and respect for me as a friend. Of course, by now I was stiff and throbbing. Gary, Turner, Lew and Cory all took turners in sucking me. Gary allowed Turner and Lew to share the resulting protein shake.

This was most definitely the most interesting birthday party that I had ever had. By the end of the party, Callum, Aaron, Ross and Shane had also received their Golden Pin Pole. I knew that a few of our other gay friends at school would here about this and the green eyed envy monster would show his ugly head. To achieve this you had to be in bed with Chris D and two of his family, with a third member of the family in close proximity. Chris would not force anyone to do anything that they did not want to do and if the boy was in anyway uncomfortable with what was going on, then he would put a stop to it. You still got your GOLDEN POLE PIN.

I had noticed that Liam and Nick seemed to spend a lot of time with Jay and Brad. I was to later find out that Brad had been born when his mum was only thirteen and he was the result of a rape. His father had been killed in the first Gulf war in the early 1990's and so, like Liam. Jay had never known his father. I think that this created a special bond between the two of them.

We all spent a lot of time talking about what had happen at Traveler and at the party and none of us felt in the least bit uncomfortable with any of it. We just put it down to our rampant teenage hormones.

The day of the performance soon arrived and the day was spent with last minute rehearsals and fixing last minute technical problems. The whole concept of the piece was the creation of the universe, not from a religious perspective but from the perspective and idea of the Big Bang Theory. The lighting and visual effects had all been designed to help create the necessary images within peoples minds. The whole piece seemed to be very well received by the audience in attendance and we, ( well, this was a team effort between me as the composer and the two performers), received fantastic reviews in the papers the following day.

Of course the one thing that I never did get to do was create the intro that I was planning using the horns on Traveler. Never mind, the whole piece had sounded fantastic and I felt as if I has compose something that conjured up the kind of mental images and pictures that I wanted too. It was too late to change things now anyway.

After the performance was over, I was approached by Cullen and Cory, ( who were wearing clothes for a change), they told me about the family band and it was Cory who said, “ we have made a demo CD that we would like you to listen to and maybe you can help us to get it released.”

You could be in luck there, Gary and I are setting up our own record label to handle the release of my classical music projects. We are also working on an album with Callum and Aaron, those two guys are fantastic singers and we think that they could have a great career,” I said to my American friends. “ If I like this, I'll definitely offer you guys a contract. It'll be the first thing that I listen to when I get home.”

Thanks Jason,” Cullen said, “ you really are one amazing person. If I had been through all the crap that you have, I think I would be suffering from some serious depression.”

I do suffer with that but the medication helps,” I told him. “ They did try to take me off it but I just couldn't cope, I think I will be taking it for the rest of my life but it's a small price to pay to be able to lead the life that I do.”

It was time for us to board the choppers back to Las Vegas, so that we could get packed for our flight home tomorrow. My own chopper had been shipped home and so we were using the ones that had been organized by FOSS INTERNATIONAL. We said our goodbyes to our friends and then headed back to Caesars Palace. It had been a great two weeks and probably the best birthday that I had ever had. I didn't see how anyone could do anything better for my birthday in the future.

I certainly felt happier than I ever had in my life when I fell asleep that night.

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