Chapter one


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    I have a custom built forty five foot motor home with five slide outs. It has a front mounted diesel engine that makes for more bulk and noise up front, but I wanted the storage for bikes and ATVs under the rear bedroom. The tall space needed for those vehicles necessitated a hump in the back section of the roof. I call this monster RV Traveler©, because that's what I do in it.
    I have two four wheel ATVs and two trail bikes in a five foot high compartment accessible through a drop down rear door. A queen size bed sits over that along the back bedroom area. Over the bed a one foot high section of the ceiling raises up creating the hump in the roof line to give enough head room for me to stand up by the bed, it also provides a nice panoramic view of the road ahead through the small window. A slide out in the wall opposite the foot of the bed moves the dresser away to allow for walking around room.
    In front of the bed area is a step down, a large bath sits to the street side of the RV. A nice feature there is that it contains a two man, or man/boy, shower area as well as a toilet with enough room around it that I can actually reach around and wipe my ass. The wall opposite the bath area is closet and storage space with an outside door tucked in beside it. An access panel under the step allows entry into the ATV storage area for emergencies.
     Traveler© also has a middle bedroom consisting of twin beds to either side of a narrow walkway, under each bunk is a pull out trundle which can be raised to make a king sized bed. Over each lower bed is a drop down which can serve as a padded wall side, or can easily be raised to make a single sized bunk bed over the lower beds. The bed area is situated inside a three foot slide out to make a nice sized double bedroom seventeen feet wide, a privacy curtain can be drawn down the middle of this area, when wanted.
    Along the curb side of the big boy is a seven foot galley style kitchen that contains a twenty cubic foot freezer and a twenty five cubic foot refrigerator sitting side by side. A four burner range top, that is large enough for four, ten inch skillets to sit on it at the same time, sits alongside a convection oven large enough for a twenty five pound turkey, a large microwave oven sits on top of that.
    To the street side of the galley is a real double sink with a small dishwasher under the cabinet. I insisted on adequate cabinet space since I plan to Travel extensively. A small breakfast bar, with three stools, sits between the galley and the dining area that has a seating capacity of eight and a queen sized sleeper sofa sandwiched into a shared four foot slideout.
    The remainder of the living area is wedged in between the thirty inch wide main entry door and the front passenger seat, which can swivel backwards to face the rear and add an extra seat to the living room for small gatherings. That area has the largest slider allowed a motor vehicle and contains the queen size sofa/bed to make an overall living room that is twenty one feet wide and ten feet long. Two oversize recliners complete the sitting area A sixty inch plasma TV is attached to a ceiling mounted, swing down frame, behind the driver's area making a very comfortable mobile theater with eight hundred watts of surround sound piped throughout the unit.
    My boy is equipped with a thirty inch elliptical satellite dish, with five LNBs that are aimed by a computerized motor control to receive signals from five satellites at one time, those feed into the TV and the high speed modem. It is not easy to watch TV while driving because I can't keep the antenna aligned so there is a very large collection of DVDs, along with a state of the art PVR system with a two hundred and fifty gigabyte hard drive hooked to a DVD burner that can record movies off of one or the other satellite feeds when I'm stopped.
    This unit cost a little over one and a half million dollars to build, so how could I afford it? Well I had a very wonderful old man that truly loved me. He was quite wealthy and always wanted to buy me something. I told him all I ever wanted was hot and cold running boys, preferably naked and well hung. He told me that he was too old to get out and find any of them for me, but he would build me a play house for them to run naked in.
    I really don't want to settle down in any one place, I like to travel and I want to see as much of our great country as I can. Charley and I sat down one night as I put together my dream castle on wheels. I had no idea that the other two dudes at our sex party were actually designers for a well known coach company. They were such good eye candy and fine fucks I never caught on. Yeah, it had been unusual to have men as old as they were at one of Charley's more private parties, but I didn't think anything of it at the time.
    About a month before he died Charley had me fly with him to New York to pick up this coach. On our way back to Arizona we stocked it with all of the amenities that I could imagine. We bought the trail bikes and ATVs in Illinois, I choose their Foreman model, a 475 cc, 4WD drive, with a 5 speed tranny and reverse, a little seven thousand dollar model. I also chose a Foreman Rancher model with the 329cc engine for a mere five thousand dollars, of course it also has 4WD drive, 5 speed tranny /w reverse. The plasma TV was installed in Ohio, we purchased a washer-dryer in Wisconsin and, my favorite, the air horns, in St. Louis, Missouri.
    Yeah, air horns, a complete symphony orchestra powered by air. Traveler© has eight air horns ranging in length from one foot long to four foot. The horns have electronic stops which allow for a full four octaves, half and full steps all connected to a laptop computer. A one hundred and fifty psi air supply helps these puppies play just about any musical piece you can name and all at a full one hundred at ten decibels of super loud volume.
    When we returned home Charley sold me the complete used vehicle for one dollar. He sold me his house for five hundred dollars. The fifth avenue apartment in Manhattan was already in my name as well as the cliff house in Malibu. Charley had a good chunk of cash hidden where only the two of us could get to it. He had quite a bit of life insurance, much more than I had ever imagined. At his death there had been no probate, his known estate was well under the IRS limits.
    So here I am, thirty one years old, an adequate income from my own investments to allow me to live well for the rest of my life. A twenty six hundred square foot, four bedroom apartment located on the upper floors of a five star hotel in New York City, a five bedroom cliff side home over looking California's best boi beach. A thirty two hundred square foot six bedroom house, with a two bedroom guest house. The patio contains an extra large in ground pool, with separate spa, and a large two room pool cabana—all located on a mountainside twelve hundred feet above the mean altitude of the nearby city in southern Arizona. Add to that a five hundred square foot home on wheels that can take me virtually anywhere on this hemisphere that I care to go.
    I knew when I was in high school that I was gay. I met forty five year old Charley Weston when I was fifteen and I loved him, I met him at a party one of my friends had. Charley was a family friend of this boy and was staying with the family.
    Charley ended up as chaperone for a party of kids while my friend's parents were out of town. I should be so lucky, a forty five year old, openly gay, boy lover chaperoning a teenage party. Ten boys stayed over for the weekend and everyone of us got our cocks sucked for two nights and two days. Charley taught us how to suck and fuck each other and I never heard a single complaint from any of us that stayed over. If anyone of the boys had any virginity or qualms about boy sex it was overcum that weekend. I had Charley and ten teenagers—ranging from a sweet fourteen year old to his seventeen year old brother with the eight others, about fifteen and sixteen years old, including my best friend—fill my mouth and ass with cum as I filled theirs. It was the wildest orgy I had ever heard of.
    Monday morning we could hardly walk about the halls of our school. Only two of the boys from the party went to my school, we didn't speak to each other, we nodded and smiled at the way the other was walking.
    I was drawn to Charley from the first time that I met him and I was the first to suck his dick. The host, my best friend was shocked, he had sucked Charley off before, but he didn't think that I would. My friend and I had a whole new focus for our friendship for the next two years of school.
    Charley had just retired and was building a house in town; by the time I graduated high school he was settled in and I moved in with him. My dad passed away during my junior year and my mother never fully recovered, she died when I was twenty one, they never knew I was gay. Mom just assumed that I had moved out of the house because of dad's death.
    Charley trained me to become a stock broker and how to trade in commodities. By the time I was thirty I had amassed a very comfortable port folio. Charley got me on the trading floor at the NYSE; the two of us spent a week each month fucking New York's youngest and finest while making tons of money on the exchange.
    I cashed out almost everything I had when Charley died and set off to see America. It was April, 2004, I was looking for love, I didn't want another old man. Charley was the only man I ever wanted, I wanted some greasy kid stuff, cream of some young guy, twink juice. One investment I held on to is with a man that Charley introduced me to at a party in Albany, New York; Mr. Jerrod Bradford was going to open a school for gay street youth. He showed us the statistics and I was surprised at the number of children that were thrown away by society, and by their own families, for being a little different. I decided that I wanted to drive to New York and see him.

    I called Jerrod Bradford, he had been pulling strings, beating on doors, and tearing down walls and things were beginning to look pretty good for a trial run. He had been given permission to operate a summer camp for forty gay youth at a private lake in upstate New York. "A wealthy old queer," as JB called him, had given permission to use his one hundred and forty acre lot at the lake. The boys were going to rough it in tents for the summer to see how things would work out. He hoped everything would work so that he could get the state behind him then he would build a permanent school for the boys. I wished him luck and told him that I would get back to him in a few months. I had only given the man one hundred thousand dollars, but if what he had just told me was to come to pass he would need a lot more than that.
    I knew that it was a little early to head east, I hate cold weather. Traveler© was stocked with food and clothing, I had filled the two fuel tanks with diesel. The only thing Traveler© needed was me, the driver. I steered his head west on Interstate 10. I decided to turn at Eloy and go across I-8 to San Diego, good choice. I crossed over into California at Yuma then stopped in the suburbs of the town on the California side of the state line. I didn't need to stop, but felt like I wanted a cold coke. I pulled into a little service station and climbed down from the driver's side door, I decided that I would not use that door too often, it was just too fucking hard to get out off. I wondered what it would be like to get in, I thought I would just use the side door.
    I walked into the station's small store area and bought a one liter, ice cold Coca Cola. As I headed back across the drive a man nearly knocked me over as he ran to his car and sped off, a young boy was running after him yelling obscenities. For some reason I made a mental note of the tag number and car description.
    As I approached the side door of Traveler© I realized that I could take a piss. I didn't have to go, but if I went now I would not have to stop down the road for awhile. I didn't want to use the toilet in Traveler© except when necessary, why fill the holding tank with water? I headed for the restroom at the side of the station.
    When I came out of the toilet I spotted the boy who was cursing the fleeing car earlier. He was sitting on the edge of the sidewalk with his feet on the driveway and his face resting on his closed knees. A sign at his feet said, "Anaheim". I asked what was in Anaheim besides Disneyland, he told me his brother was and that he worked at Disneyland. I told the boy to stand up and talk to me like a man.
    What stood up was much more than a boy. Calvin Klein would go ape shit over this kid's body. There is not a model in the industry that could hold a candle to the natural beauty that this boy claimed as his own. The expression on his face told me that he was hungry. There was a mom and pop diner next door so I offered the kid a hot meal, he accepted. As we ate I played twenty questions and learned the boy's story.
    His name was Turner, he was fourteen and a runaway. He knew he was gay, but did not like to be forced into anything, especially sex. His mother had died two months before. Because of his age young Turner had been placed into a foster care home. The first night he was gang raped by the four boys already there. He complained to the foster mother, she slapped his face and told him that she would not stand liars in her house, Turner ran away that night. He used a hidden key to get into his house and searched for anything that would help him find his brother.
    His brother, Tyler, had told the boy's parents that he was gay four years earlier. Their mother threw a fit when she had discovered him and another boy naked in his room. She made her husband throw the boy out at only fourteen years old. Tyler left, never seeing or talking to Turner again. The father couldn't live with what he had done and proceeded to drink himself to death. He was drunk when he hit a gasoline truck starting a fire that destroyed several businesses. That had been a little more than three years before, leaving Turner alone with a very bitter and vindictive woman.
    According to Turner, she literally nagged herself to death. She died of liver cancer, it had come on quite suddenly, as the disease does, and she was gone just five months after she had been diagnosed. The house had been left to the boys in the father's will. The parent's life insurance would pay the house off, but Turner couldn't live there alone. He wanted to find Tyler and bring him home to live in their own house together.
    Turner found a bundle of postcards and a few letters from Tyler stating that he had found a home with a friend in California and had gotten a job at Disneyland working on the cleaning crew. For the most part the letters remained unopened and Turner wondered if his mother even read the postcards. There were three unopened letters that had been dated very recently. Turner read them and he felt as if his brother knew that their mother was ill. He was begging her to let him come home to see her before it was to late. She never knew his desires as she hadn't read the letters herself.
    Turner determined to go to Disneyland and seek out his brother, to bring him home. I was shocked to learn that the boys' home was in my home town, they lived in a nice, but older neighborhood of fine homes. It had taken Turner four days to hitchhike the hundred and ten miles to Yuma. He was trying to offer sex for rides, men would use him then dump him along the way, he was tired and frustrated.
    I asked about the man in the car that he was running after earlier. He told me that he approached the man for a ride and told him that he would blow him for ten bucks to boot. The man took the small lad into the restroom and let him do his thing. He then told Turner to pull his pants off and he would do him. Turner took his shoes off and pulled his pants off, the man ran out the door and drove away, no money, no ride. The man had stolen Turner's underwear and put them in his pocket.
    I offered Turner a ride to Anaheim, no strings attached, he smiled and accepted. I paid our check and hit the remote to unlock Traveler©. I sent Turner on ahead as I excused myself for a minute, Turner thought I was going to the restroom. After he was out of sight I ducked into a phone booth outside and called the sheriff. I told them that a man had just molested a boy in the restroom of the service station I said that the boy ran one way, the man another. I told them that the man would have the boy's underwear in his pocket and gave them a description of the car and the tag number, I hurried over to Traveler© and moved on westward.
    About an hour later we came upon a group of police cars surrounding a car matching the description of Turner's assailant, a helicopter was circling overhead. As we drove past Turner yelled out that that was the man who ran out on him, I just smiled and kept on going. I don't know if they could do anything to him without the victim or a witness, but I felt better, I hate men who use boys. Yeah, I'm a boy lover, anytime I have contact with a boy I am going to leave him in a better position than when I found him. He will have money, a full belly, and be happy with what we did together. I don't think that I am wrong, suck 'em and leave 'em, but leave 'em happy, and never ever, ever hurt them.
    As we drove I asked Turner more questions. He knew he was gay, but didn't dare tell his mother. He and a friend had sucked each other, but he preferred the friend's older brother. He really liked older men in their late twenties and thirties, I asked him why. He told me that they knew how to make a boy happy. His friend, and even the brother, only wanted to get off, He liked to lay close and feel the other person's body. He looked at me and told me that he would do me if I wanted, I told him that he didn't owe me, I would not do anything with him that he did not want. He asked me if I wanted him, I assured him that I did.
    I told him that we would be in Anaheim by late evening. He told me that he couldn't find his brother if the park were closed. I told him that we could pull over and spend the night together if he wanted. He made it very clear that that is precisely what he wanted. We talked sex for awhile as I drew out his fantasies. He had never been rimmed, he had never sixty nined an adult. He liked to be fucked and had always used protection, except with the friend. The brother had never fucked him, he only liked to get sucked.
    I asked him if he had a particular cock fantasy. He told me that he would like to suck a big cock. He had never done more than six or seven inches. One or two restroom blow jobs had been on men with big dicks, but they never pulled their pants down so he could get a real feel for them. He told me that it was not fun trying to deep throat a guy with a zipper and folds of underwear in the way, I laughed at that.
    I asked about cut or uncut and thickness, he had never met a mouth stretcher and he loved an uncut cock. He was uncut and he was sure Tyler was. He had sucked a few guys who he thought were uncut, but they always had the skin pulled back and he didn't get to play with them. I asked him how he wanted to play, he told me that he had this fantasy of pulling the skin over his tongue and running it around and round the dude's dick head, "to drive him crazy." I asked him if he had ever docked, he had never heard of it, but wanted to do it. I asked about his staying power. He told me that he and his friend had sucked, then jacked each other off all night one time. His friend got off four times, he managed six before his friend fell asleep, then he jacked off one more time. He woke up hard and jacked off while he sucked the cock of his sleeping friend. I asked him if he was raw or sore the next day, he told me no, he had made sure to keep the skin over his head and if it started to get dry he would spit on his cock head. I asked him if he was sure he was fourteen or if he was really a forty year old midget. He told me that he could prove his age by his school ID. He went to the same high school that I had attended, fifteen years before.

    I used my GPS to locate a beach side pull over where we could spend the night. Turner was a whiz at the computer and was pounding the keys of my laptop, in just a few minutes he had a course laid in and displayed on the GPS. Thirty minutes later we were off of the road and close enough to the water to hear the waves breaking. It was still a couple of hundred feet across the sand to the water, but the air coming in was sweet and refreshing.
    I asked Turner if he wanted to play in the water for awhile. He told me he really needed to get off first, if I didn't mind. "Well I might mind, but not too often and the dude that was ordering me about better be bigger and meaner than me," Turner was roaring in sweet boy laughter. I set the automatic levelers then hit the buttons to close the shades over all of the windows and shut off the lights leaving only the back bed lit.
    Turner took no time at all to get himself naked and spread out on the bed to display his sweet body for my inspection. Before me lay a five foot five inch thin buff body of about one hundred and fifteen pounds. Nicely shaped with all of the attributes of a man in miniature. His sweet uncut cock lay as a rigid log extending toward his angelic face for about six inches. He was longer and much thicker than I thought his age would bear. His balls were a good two inches each hanging in a sweet purse like, hairless scrotum. His dark brown pubic bush mirrored the thick head of closely cropped brown hair on his head. His thighs and torso were hairless, his calves being lightly dusted with a smattering of boy defining growth. He had one arm under his head revealing a small tuft of underarm hair that smelled of several days of boy sweat.
    He did need a good cleaning, I hoped that he was not so strong as to preclude my cleaning him, orally. His eyes never left my long, thick, uncut cock from the minute that I dropped my pants until I was on the bed beside him. His hand reached out and encircled my mighty main member almost touching his tiny fingers tips together. I leaned in and kissed him as he stroked me, pulling my foreskin back all of the way to reveal my moist, purple head to the cooler air of the air conditioned motor vehicle. He moaned, deep in his throat, as our lips locked together and our tongues raced pall mall into the sucking orifice of the other.
    I began my oral assault down his body, I started with his eager mouth and worked around his face to reach his neck and ears. Moving down I paused, first at his left nipple then slowly moved across to the right one. My next area was his beautiful arm pits, I love the time I spent laving those perfect pits with their heavy boy sweat flavor and smell. His aroma was an aphrodisiac to my already horny body parts.
    I left his pits well soaked and his body wracked with his laughter. The boy was ticklish, but never once did he ask me to stop my actions causing his reactions. His firm torso was a real treat, he didn't have an ounce of baby fat on him. He told me that he rode his bicycle a minimum of twenty five miles daily and most weekends he would ride the twenty five mile trip to the ski slopes on top of ten thousand foot Mount Lemon in under two hours. As I rubbed my face back and forth over his firm wash board abs I could well believe him.
    I bypassed the main part of interest to both of us to work down one leg and back up the other, stopping to totally enjoy his sweet, sweaty feet. A good boy scent covered his feet with no foul odor, which I found unusual after four days in the same clothes, night and day. I found myself at the point of decision as I moved to his throbbing erection. I used my hand to retract his ample foreskin, watching as his little flowered end opened to reveal a moist, purple glans waiting for my mouth to take it home.
    He was clean with virtually no smell at all, I let my fingers rake up through his sweaty crevice. I sniffed my hand and found only sweet boy sweat. Turner figured out what I was doing, he told me that when he goes to the bathroom he takes a wad of toilet paper and washes his ass and cock head. He had met guys who's cocks stunk with smegma and old piss. He did not want to get an infection so he kept himself clean. I asked him if he ever cleaned his ass out with alum and honey. He didn't catch on until I told him that this practice would make it neater for the peter and sweeter for the eater.
    As he roared with laughter I introduced him to rimming. I had a very hard time keeping him from breaking my tongue off at the root as he wiggled about in his ecstasy. His pucker was sweeter than honey and he was in no need of an astringent, such as alum, to tighten himself up, he was tight. I had never eaten a sweeter ass hole, this boy was so fine, I was ready to get a spoon and dine til dawn—I was tempted to say nine, but that's just stupid.
    I continued with my oral attack and moved around his world. He was ecstatic over the ass chewing he got, but by the time I had moved to his balls he was in tears, he was begging me to get him off. His young cock was flowing with precum as I moved two fingers in and out of his tiny back door, making sure to rake his prostate with every stroke. I made it to the top of his mountain and slipped over the precipice taking the entire pole of flesh to the very root in one swift movement. I rested there as I relished the feel of such a fine specimen of boyhood deep in the back of my eager and hungry mouth. I applied all the suction I had and sped up the movement of my fingers across his semen factory. His young sperms were moving to his prostate to mix for the ejaculation of his lifetime. I kept my mouth still and let my throat muscles manipulate his expanding glans. He was trying to fuck my mouth, but I rode with him, not letting his straining cock move a centimeter at a time. I could feel his butt nut growing harder as it filled with the juice that I so sought with all of my heart. I was well rewarded.
    Turner began to fire his load straight into my esophagus. I let it shoot straight into my stomach until his fourth shot, I knew that he was going for a personal record. I moved up his throbbing cock and began to fuck it in and out of my mouth, milking four more strong spurts of extra thick boy milk. I kept it all in my mouth as he slowed to the final dribbles of his testicular nectar. I took it in as I held my suction on him and let him pump his final wad into me.
    He fell back onto the bed, exhausted. I slowly pulled my fingers from his butt as I swallowed his offering then I proceeded to lick and suck him clean. He began almost at once begging me to fuck him. I had his pubic bush clean of any signs of cum and worked my way back to the private entrance of his Y. I applied lots of saliva as lube to his spasming pucker and slowly crawled into position to align my pulsating cock to his center of desire. With no extraordinary preliminaries I pushed my full nine and a half inch cock into the tiny opening so begging to be stretched.
    Stretched he was, his eyes flew open as tears welled up in them. I froze in position and stared deep into his eyes, I watched as his face relaxed and he smiled at me from deep inside his soul. His body released his taut muscles into a stance of submission. Slowly I withdrew my thick fuck stick to the edge of my glans, just feeling his sphincter hold me inside. I rested again as he processed all of the data he was receiving. His brain finally said that it was enjoying itself and he moved beneath me opening his rectal cavity to my invading male member.
    The boy knew how to fuck, but he confessed to me that he had lied. He had only had his fourteen year old buddy fuck him twice and the older brother had tried it, but didn't get off, he had said it was too gay. Turner wanted to get fucked more than anything, but had been so afraid to do it with strangers. When I reminded him that I was stranger than anyone he had ever been with he pulled up and kissed me. He told me that I was the kind of stranger he had always sought.
    I lay still with the boy pulled up alongside of me and his small head resting in the crook of my arm pit. I had not had sex with a boy this young since I was fifteen or sixteen years old. I have seldom ever had sex with any boy under eighteen, I was always sought after by the men that came around Charley and I was quite satisfied with him. I had never considered ever needing to find anyone but Charley to sleep beside and take care of my sexual urges. I am basically a top, but will take a ride from time to time, I would be more than happy to ride Turner, the boy had awakened something in me that I had only dreamed of for many years.
    I turned so that I could watch him sleep.

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