Teen Boi's World

Chapter 4

-       By -- Teen Boi

After auntie had dropped me off, I decided to go and grab some munchies and shift from 7-11. I was wandering around looking at what to get, when I looked up and saw the pizza delivery guy walk in. I stared at him, but quickly turned back, as he came down the same aisle as me. I could see him looking at me out of the corner of my eye. He was looking right at me.

"Hey how's it going?" He asked.

"It's going good." I replied.

"I delivered pizza to you last night...names William."

"Yeah I remember...I am Christian."

"What are you up to tonight?"

"Just gonna chill at home."


I finished grabbing stuff and head to pay. William was right behind me. He followed me out of the store.

"Hey Christian...maybe I could come keep you company." He suggested.

"Yeah sure...I could use the company."

I was gonna walk home, but William had a car. He motioned for me to get in. I only lived a couple blocks from the store, but who was I to turn down a free ride, from a hot stud.

Well William is a few years older than me. At the time he was 19. Now if mom had found out he was there I am sure she would have flipped. William is roughly 5'9. He has more muscle on him. I say he works out. His features are similar to Bennie, but more defined. Not too much else to say about him.

We kind of just chilled, until he looked at me. I could tell he was gonna ask me something.

"You know my brother Bennie?" He asked.

What the fuck, he was Bennie's older brother? I almost shit right then and there. I began to panic. He saw this, and was concerned.

"Did I say something wrong?" He asked.

"Y-you are Bennie's b-brother?"

"Yeah...dude calm down, I am nothing like him."

I was still a bit freaked, but when I looked at him, I could see the sincerity in his eyes. What did I have to lose? I prayed he was telling the truth, and that he was nothing like Bennie. I let myself relax a bit, but I did not really let my guard down too much. I looked over at William, and he was looking down at the ground now.

"Umm...I know what Bennie did to you...I just cannot believe what an ass he is...and this is not the first time he has done this sort of thing." He said.


"Yeah...he has done it to several other guys...he find out they are gay...befriends them...them once he has their friendship...he does this...then ditches the guy for the next round."

Well to say I was not surprised would be a lie. I totally was shocked and sickened but what William was telling me. What the fuck do you say though? I honestly wanted to kill Bennie for what he did to not only me, but the other guys as well. I looked again to William.

"He got his though...once...a plan he had made backfired on him...he got the bad end of it."

"Good... I really want to kill him or something...sorry."

William did not say anything. He just kept looking down. Then he turned and looked at me.

"Umm...can I touch you?"

"How do you mean?"

"Umm...you know...your cock?"

Shit he was either gay or bi. My cock liked the idea, it was hard.

"Yeah sure go for it."

William moved over to where I was. His hands were shaking and he was having some problems getting the draw string undo. I reached down and helped him. Then I pulled down my track pants, revealing my hard cock. He took his hand and began awkwardly jacking me off. Shit he had never done any of this stuff before.

"Have you ever done anything like this before?" I asked him.

"No not really...you are my first." He replied shyly.

Shit I had a virgin to the beauties of gay sex. Damn I could really have fun...but I knew better than to push.

"What are you Bi?" I asked.

"No I am gay...just never been with a guy yet."

"How about I do you first...then when you are ready you can do me." I suggested.

"Yeah...I think that would be good." He said, with a sound of relief.

"Come on."

I stood up, and offered him my hand. I guided him up to my room. I took him to my bed, and told him to undress. I helped him remove his clothes. I looked down at his hard cock. He was a bit bigger than me, but nothing I couldn't handle. He was uncut, which was a first for me. I decided I needed his cock in my ass. Never mind sucking and all the shit about me doing him first, I wanted him inside me...and now. I looked at William.

"Dude I need you in me and now!!!"

I turned around and offered my ass to him. I pointed to my side table, and he walked over and grabbed the lube. As he walked back, he worked his cock, and lubed it up.

"Are you sure you want this?" He asked.

"Hell ya!!"

He walked back behind me. I felt the similar sensation of lube on my hole, and then he awkwardly but somehow, worked it into my hole. Then he lined his cock up, and pushed it in me. It just plopped right in. (I will always be thankful to Benin) Slowly William began to pump in and out of me. I used the edge of the bed to support myself. He was really giving it to my ass once he got his groove on. I damn near lost my balance a few times. He was riding me hard and fast. I wanted to stroke my cock but I needed both hands to balance. I should remember that I do not need to really touch myself to get off, but you know I like playing with my cock. Well I heard William grunting, and then he gave a final thrust and I felt him fill me. Shit he kept shooting and shooting. Once he had finally finished, he pulled out of me. I felt his spunk running down my leg. I lay down on the bed to recover. William came over and lay next to me. He was breathing heavily.

"Well so much for you starting things for us." He said.

I turned and looked at him, and laughed. He was right. I was supposed to be the one giving it to him, and well I got carried away when I saw his cock. Well what can you do? We lay there and rested.

About half an hour later, William sat up. I thought he was going to leave. He turned and looked at me, and then down to my cock. Then without even a hint, he moved and took my cock in his mouth. He swallowed my flaccid cock, and soon he had me hard again. For someone who was inexperienced he sure knew how to suck cock. He had me to the hilt, and would suck my, then he would slowly move up to the tip. A few times he would run his tongue to the base of my shaft and then back to the tip. He gently yet forcefully sucked on the tip, and then he swallowed me again. Shit he was bringing me to orgasm.

"Oh...shit...I am gonna cum!!"

No sooner than I got the words out, I was filling his mouth. He swallowed. I was amazed. He let my cock fall from his mouth and looked at me. All I could do was smile.

"How was that?" He asked.

"Dude are you sure you never done this before?"

"Umm...okay I used to suck Bennie off all the time...he made me do it...when he found out I liked cock."

"I really hate your brother you know."

"Well I do for that part, but I wanted to do this so it was different."

He leaned over and kissed me. I could taste my jizz in his mouth, but I did not care. I admit it I eat my own juices. Who of us has not tried it, and shit. Will iam moved up on the bed, and I went and lay beside him. We dozed off.

I awoke about 4 in the morning, and looked to see William fast asleep. He was on his back and his cock exposed. He was semi-hard. I gently took his cock and started to stroke him. He moaned, but did not move. I continued until I had him hard. Then shifting a bit, I took his cock in my mouth. He was a bit bigger than I was used to, but I manage to swallow his whole cock. William began to moan. I could not tell from my position if he had woken up or not. I slowly worked his cock. I used my tongue on mouth to suck him, while I had him deep throated, and then slowly I want back to the tip. Once my jaw completely relaxed, I began to go a bit faster. William was really moaning.

"Oh...yeah suck my cock!!"

Well I knew he was awake now. I continued to suck him to the hilt and then to the tip. I sucked on his knob for a bit, pulling the skin down, and I knew how sensitive that would be.

"Oh fuck...yeah!!"

I used my teeth and gently pulled his fore skin, and then I went back down on him. I was getting hard again, and I hoped not to blow my load. I was holding William's balls, and I could feel them tighten. I pulled back a bit and was rewarded with a mouth full of his jizz. I sucked him till he was soft, and then let his cock drop from my mouth. He looked at me and smiled.

"Fuck me...I have never had my cock sucked before...it was fantastic!!" He exclaimed.

I moved back to lie beside him. He had taken my cock in hand. He was stroking me, and then he stopped and looked at me. He had a glint in his eye. I knew he wanted something.


"What's up dude?"

"I wanna ride you cock."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I am most definitely sure."

Who am I to argue? Besides he already had the lube and was applying it to my cock, as well as a liberal amount to his ass. The straddling me, he lined up my cock to his hole and sat right down on it. Something was not right about that. I was too lost in the moment, and would ask him after. He was going up and down, and I was thrusting into him, every time he went down. He began playing with my nipples, as he rode my cock. He was really good at it too. I reached and began playing with his cock, and got him hard again. He rode me for about ten minutes, not tiring out at all. He was good.

"Oh...shit I am gonna cum again!"

He sat right down on my cock, as I started to fill him. I gave a few more strokes and he came yet again. He sat on me until I went soft, but even then made no effort to get off me or let my cock out. He actually began to slowly go up and down again. Shit I was not sure if I would be able to cum again. I felt my cock growing as he went for another round riding my cock. He was a horny boy. Sadly though I came too sooner than I wanted too and the ride was over. He climbed off me, his ass leaking my jizz. He sat on the bed. I moved to sit next to him, and looked at him.

"Shit dude that was awesome...but WTF?" I commented.

"I know...I should have told you sooner...but I was scared." He said.

He told he in short the Bennie used to come in his room and ass rape him while he thought he was asleep. He had liked it, but he wanted to see what it was like to really do it, and not have it forced. Well I felt a bit guilty about my comment earlier. However he was not in the least upset about any of it.

"Christian...I want to thank you for letting me have fun with you." He said.

"Hey no worries my man...my door is always open." I replied.

"Umm...I need to get cleaned up...and get going."

I showed him where the shower was, and I took the bedding downstairs to wash. When I came back up, William was dressed and waiting for me. He gave me a kissed and then got up. I threw on my bathrobe and walked him downstairs. At the door he turned to me.

"I would really like another go sometime." He said.

"Hey whenever you want man." I replied.

He ran down the stairs to his car and drove off. I went back in and cleaned up.

On a side note, a few days after William came over; I saw something on the News about Bennie. According to the News, he had been the victim of foul play. Although the details were sketchy, I found out that he had tried to bed another guy, but it back fired and his life was taken. Nothing more was every reported on it. I felt inner warmth to this news. The son of a bitch got his just reward. I know it sound callous of me, but for what he did to all those people...including me an William...you can understand.

I saw William at the 7-11 a week later. He was on a quick break. He never mentioned anything about Bennie. I had the courtesy not to bring it up. If he felt anything I would let his mourn or celebrate is his own time.

2 B Continued...


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