My Little Brother's Feet

by: Kewl Dad

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My Little Brother's Feet
Chapter 23


               I went through each day after Dommie and I split up like I was in a dream. I know I shouldn't have taken it so hard. I knew Dommie loved me and I also knew he was a horny boy, just like most of us. What I couldn't deal with was that he sneaked around and did that stuff with Jason. If the jerk had just told me he was wanting to hit the new kid next door, I'd of said sure just leave me some for later and it would have been no big deal. I almost died when he keeled over in my floor and I just knew that if anything ever happened to him, I could never get over it. So why was I being a jerk and making him suffer? Well, I have feeling too.
         I know everyone thinks I am this really tough kid and nothing bothers me, but Dommie nearly broke my heart when he cheated on me and I just couldn't get over it, at least not right then. I know I only made it worse on myself, but I just couldn't help it. I may not be as tough as people think, but I'm stubborn as a mule and I just wasn't ready to forgive Dommie yet.
          That first day he came back to school I felt really bad when he dissed me and sat up front on the bus, but it was my own fault. I should have been a little friendlier but my big fat pride got in the way and I caused us both to get hurt more. After that day he wouldn't sit with me anymore and I was too stubborn to do anything about it. I tried to act like it didn't bother me and even talked to other kids around me, but I was hurting every minute of the ride home. I was glad he got off first cause then I didn't have to look a the back of his head and think how cute he was and how much I missed holding him and kissing him and...the sex of course.
        Sex...that was what caused all the trouble to begin with and I hadn't had any since before I got grounded, unless you count my hand while dreaming of Dommie. I swear I never think of any other boy when I do it, and that's the truth. I know I have had sex with other boys, but always with Dommie there and part of it and my love for him has never been affected by it. I never once thought of doing what he did to me and never would and I guess that made me wonder about other things we might not agree on.
        I mean he had to know he was doing something wrong. Maybe that made it hotter for him, forbidden sex, or As if gay boy sex isn't forbidden enough. Whatever the reason it changed everything between us. I felt like I didn't know him anymore. That day I caught him and Jason in bed naked and knowing what they had done was the worst day of my life. I went straight home and bawled like a baby. Yeah, I said it, I bawled like a baby and I don't care who knows it. I don't cry much, but Dommie brings tears on me worse than anyone I know.
        Take that day at the hospital, when I sang to him: I really wanted him to know that I still loved him and that was our favorite song and that made me cry, but I didn't mess up and he cried too and for one minute I almost broke and forgave him. But my damn stubborn pride kept me from doing what I should've and then it just got worse. He makes me so mad, but I love him sooo much that it hurts and yet I couldn't get over my hurt enough to fix our broken hearts.
        I spent a lot of time at home those days, and my parents must've thought I was an alien in Buster's body cause they had never seen me as helpful or good as I was those days. I kept my room clean and I helped with the dishes and did my homework and even washed both of the cars. There was nothing else to do and it helped to keep my mind off Dommie and the ache in my heart and the pain in my gut. I didn't sleep worth a damn at night for thinking about how Dommie had laid right there in my bed with me all those times and I didn't let my mom wash my sheets that first week cause I swore I could smell him on them and even though it made me sad it was all I had of him.
       My days became a blur. School hurt most and I couldn't wait for the weekend, then I wanted Monday to come so I could see Dommie again, even if he wouldn't talk to me. I knew all I had to do was say I forgave him and things would be okay again, but I was just so damned stubborn and a real idiot and things just got worse.
         One Monday I decided I'd had enough and when I climbed on the bus instead of going back to my (our) usual seat I stepped past Dommie and plopped down beside him. He looked at me with big sad eyes but didn't say anything and after a minute or two he just closed his eyes and ignored me. Man, that made me so mad I almost hit him  but instead I did the worst thing I could've done, I ignored him.
      Imagine how we looked sitting there puffed up like two peacocks and both hurting and so stubborn we wouldn't even talk things out. I look back on that shit now and I am so pissed at myself, but I was a jerk back then and I got what I deserved. Of course it didn't seem that way back then, I was the injured party and no way was I giving in. If you think that was bad though wait till I tell you what happened that day after school.
        Dommie and I had two classes together that year, one after lunch and 6th hour PE and of course PE was the worst. I had to see Dommie dressed down in shorts and sometimes I'd even see him shirtless if we played skins and shirts and of course the shower was the worst, cause I might catch a glimpse of him naked and I had such a pain in the pit of my stomach then that  almost made me throw up. God, love does awful things to a guy, but it's an awesome thing too and I knew if we ever got over this thing it would be awesome again.
      Anyway that day was especially bad in PE. We played a game of b-ball and Dommie was a skin and I couldn't take my eyes off of his naked chest and his cute legs and I messed up every time I tried to make a play. He was like really on his game that day and that bothered me a lot, cause it seemed like he was over me even though I wasn't over him. I didn't think I would ever be over him, but I didn't know if I could do what I needed to do to fix things again. I finally did what most jerks like me do, I turned my sadness into anger and I went after Dommie like a bulldog on a pork chop. He didn't stand a chance when I started and I could see the hurt and anger in his eyes and I still kept on dogging him. He couldn't score a single basket and finally the other boys quit handing off to him and he just hung back and steamed, shooting me go to hell looks the rest of the game. To make matters worse I grinned like a moron and let him know exactly what I had been doing.
       Finally when no one was in ear shot I said, "Hey, what's the problem? You're playing like a little girl today."
      Maybe it was because of all that shit bottled up inside him or maybe he just wanted to hurt me, but for what ever reason he pulled back his fist and punched me right in the nose. I gotta say it hurt like a mother and when I felt my nose I pulled back a bloody hand. I was so mad I saw stars and then I was on Dommie and pounding him with my fists and cussing him and it took three kids to pull me off of him.
        The only thing that saved our bacon was that Coach had gone to the office for a few minutes and didn't come back till we had cleaned up the mess of my blood. Of course I couldn't hide the fact that I had a bloody nose, so I told Coach I got elbowed accidentally and he bought it cause he hardly ever had any trouble out of us boys in his class. Dommie didn't  have any injuries that showed, I had mostly just slapped him around but I could see the fear and hurt in his eyes and it broke my heart all over again. What is it about love that makes us want to hit back when our hearts are broken?
        I skipped showering because I didn't want to face Dommie or any of the other boys and when the bell rang I sprinted to the bus and fell down in the back seat and kept my head down the whole time. I bled a little and used my tee shirt to soak up the blood and got heck for that at home, but I didn't tell them the truth about what had happened.
        I took a shower, did my homework, ate supper and went to bed that night sure I would never be with Dommie again but I didn't cry, not then anyway. I was too tough for that, I just accepted my fate and tried to think about what came next. In time I guessed I'd find someone else, though that sounded impossible at the moment. I hadn't thought of anyone but Dommie for a long time and no one came to mind that I even remotely liked. I guess I knew that you didn't just get over something like that over night but I still couldn't see myself ever loving anyone like I loved Dommie.  I know I was only 13 and as green as grass, but I knew my love for Dommie was something special and there would never be another like it.
        The next day I conned my mom into letting me stay home. I told her my nose hurt and it was swollen so I guess she believed me and anyway I did have a headache so I was only half faking. I laid around and thought about Dommie and replayed that cluster fuck in the gym in my head and it was almost funny when I saw it for what it was. We were two stupid love sick boys who had hurt each other so much that we had to resort to violence to
soothe our bruised hearts and it was just a matter of time till it happened. It could've been worse, we could have been caught fighting and got suspended or really hurt each other and I don't think I could have lived with that if I had hurt Dommie more than I did. I did cry a little that day as I lay around moping and licking my wounds but by the end of that day I was pretty much convinced that it was over and I had to move on.
           You must wonder what my parents thought about Dommie and I not seeing each other any more, but I think deep down inside they knew it was more than two best friends having a fight and I don't think they wanted to accept what that meant. I mean when we were together they just played it off but now that we weren't friends anymore it was the elephant in the room and neither of them was going to mention it until they had too.
         That week was a living hell for me. I couldn't even look at him without wanting to cry and it hurt inside so bad I thought I was going to die. I hardly ate lunch any more, I just hung out in the halls or the parking lot and acted like nothing was wrong.  A lot of my other friends knew something was wrong and a few asked me what had happened but I played it off and no one pressed me on it, not cause they believed me, but because they didn't want to risk my kicking their ass like I had Dommie's.
          I even stopped fapping because I kept seeing Dommie's cute face and the look he had when I was pounding on him in the gym that day and that hurt so bad I lost my boner every time. I was a mess and things just seemed to get worse as the weeks passed. You would think the pain would go away after a while such luck.
Eventually I began to loose weight and I looked so bad my folks couldn't ignore my problem any more. One night after supper they sat me down in the living room and had a talk with me.
         At first I thought it was about something else, my grandma had been sick and I thought maybe she had died or gotten worse, but when they started talking about how bad I looked and how I was moping around I got worried. What if they had figured things out and hated me cause I was gay? I was shaking as they kept talking and I guess they saw I was freaking and my dad came over and sat beside me and did the most amazing thing. He put his arm around me and said, "No matter what, we love you Buster and you can trust us. We only want you to be happy and right now, you are one miserable boy. Now, what can we do to change that?"
         I didn't know what to say at first, I mean how do you tell your parents you are in love with another boy and he broke your heart by cheating on you? I just sat there staring and if my dad hadn't started things I might never have spoken at all.
        "It's about Dommick, isn't it?" he said sounding embarrassed, "I mean you two used to spend all your free time together and now....Did you two have a fight....or something?"
       I almost laughed, a fight or something? I sighed and considered what to say and suddenly words started pouring out of my mouth and it was like I was hovering above the three of us and watching some stupid gay kid tell his folks the biggest pile of bullshit they had ever heard.
         "Yeah, we had a fight. I found out he...that he is....,uh,  Dommie is gay and I don't want no faggot for a friend. I guess he's in love with me or something and wanted me do sex stuff with him but I told him, no way and I didn't want to see him anymore." How could I say those things about Dommie just to cover my own ass? I hated myself but I still couldn't stop my stupid mouth from running on, "He....he even punched me in the nose in gym class and I...I, ummm I fought back but no one but the other kids saw it. I...I, just want to forget about him....okay?"
           I was crying then, and my mom came over and sat beside me and put her arm around me too. I could see the look of surprise and disbelief in their eyes and I wondered if they somehow already knew the truth. Maybe they had talked to Dommie's folks but had just been letting us handle things until I started getting sick over it. My mom pulled me against her and my dad let go of me and that made me feel a little bad. Was he disappointed in me for being a fag, or for lying?
          "Dommie is such a sweet boy," my mom said after a few minutes, "are you sure that's the problem?" she asked and I knew she knew it was bullshit.
            "He's okay I guess.....I just don't," I blubbered.
           "That's not how we raised you son," my father finally said, "gay or straight Dommie was your friend and that shouldn't affect your friendship. I mean if he...umm...came on to you, wasn't there some way to turn him down without ending your friendship?"
          I shook my head and cried harder. I couldn't go on with this lie any longer. Dommie already hated me enough, if I let this lie stand he would never speak to me again and I couldn't live with myself.
         "I....I...I'm sorry," I sobbed, "I lied about the whole thing.....well, most of it....the reason we are fighting is....because....because....he...he cheated on me with another boy. I'm sorry but I....I...I'm a faggot too and I ....I love Dommie and I know that don't make no sense and you probably hate me....." I had to stop there to wipe my eyes and my nose, "but it's true. It aint how I wanted things to be, but I.....can't help it....I guess I was born this way. It's not your fault mom and dad, I'm just sick, that's all and.....and...I love Dommie and it hurts so bad...." I broke down then and collapsed against my mom and she held me like she  used to when I was a little kid and I just cried for a long time.
            My dad put his arm around me again but didn't say anything but I could tell he was trying to deal with  this new information I had just laid on them. My mom already knew all this, but I didn't know that until later and she had already accepted it. She kissed my hair and soothed me and I felt two years old again. I just wanted to crawl up in her lap and let her hold me forever and never have to face life again but eventually my tears dried up and I had to face the consequences of my confession.
           "Buster," my dad began, "first of all, son...we don't hate you. We love you with all our heart and soul. You are my son and no matter what I will always love you and be there for you. I will admit I don't understand exactly how you feel, but I know the feelings are real and painful for you and I respect you for telling us the truth, even if you did take the long way around."
         I sniffed back some snot and said, "I just couldn't let you think Dommie was bad and I was good. I....I..I'm the one who...who....made the first move."
          "So those, uh...rumors at your old school...they were true? You and that boy...."
          I nodded. "I guess I've always been a faggot. I....I....wish I liked girls but I just don't and when I met Dommie I just knew he was the one for me. him, he is like the most wonderful boy in the world and I can't live without him but I....can't get over what he did to us....I...don't know what to do," I said crying a little again.
         "We can't tell you what to do honey, it's your life, but if you really love him, no matter how much he hurt you, if he is truly sorry, you have to try to forgive him." my mom said stroking my hair gently.
        It sounded so easy when she put it like that, but she wasn't considering my stupid pride. I was still trying to deal with the fact that I had just spilled my guts to my parents and I was still living. Anyway, I thought, Dommie probably hated me now after the way I had treated him the last few weeks since he got out of the hospital.
        "I think you are too young to have this kind of relationship, but obviously it's too late to stop it now. I do want to have a talk with you about being safe and responsible, but I...uh, will have to do some research on that since this is a little different situation than I had imagined," my dad said sounding embarrassed again.
          "The real question here sweetie is, how can we help you to fix this situation?" my mom said pulling back and looking me right in the eyes. I had never really noticed her eyes before and they were nice, and they seemed to be looking right through to my soul.
         "I...I don't know. I've been such a jerk to him, but I was hurting so bad...I just..went nuts. But when he was in the hospital I was so scared he was going die and I had to see him one last time, but then I found out he was gonna be okay and I....I let him face all that stuff alone. I'm no better than he is...he just made a mistake and I wish I had just...I wish I could just forget it but I can't."
          "It will take time, but in the mean time there is no reason why you can't at least be civil to one another. No more fighting young man," my dad said grinning, "and no more name calling. It has to start somewhere, and I suggest it starts with you. Be a man and admit you were wrong and if Dommie is truly sorry accept his apology."
          I nodded. I still couldn't believe he didn't hate me. I mean we had never really talked about stuff like this but I just figured he wouldn't want a fag for a son. My mom, well....what can I say? Moms love their kids no matter what and mine loved me enough for anything I could do.
        "I just don't know if I can....face him again...not yet. I've been a real jerk and hurt him as much as he hurt me....maybe more. I don't know if I deserve him anymore." I said finally admitting what I had been thinking all along.
          "Do you love him son?" my mom asked cutting right to the chase.
        I thought about his face, his body, how his hand felt in mine, his lips on mine, and how much I loved just being near him and I nodded as tears ran down my face. I wanted to run all the way to his house like he had to mine that day he passed out and throw myself at his feet, but I knew the time wasn't right yet.
        My mom squeezed me tight and my dad patted my back, "Then tell him how you feel and get things right before it's too late."
       I gave her a weak smile and sniffed back the tears. Why couldn't I be a man and quit blubbering like a little girl? I pulled myself together and hugged my mom then my dad and stood up, "I love you both so much and I want you to know that...that I don't deserve parents as cool as you. I...I thought you would hate me if you knew and I kept it a secret for all that time and now that you know....I...I feel so free."
          "We could never hate you son," my dad said looking a little teary-eyed himself.
         My mom smiled mischievously and said, "It really wasn't as big a secret as you may think, I have suspected you  two might be closer than friends usually are, but I didn't want to interfere." My dad looked at her strangely and I wondered if they had ever discussed this or if it was a complete surprise to him. He sort of had that, 'we'll discuss this later' look on his face and that made me smile.
         I hugged them both and went up to my room and took a long hot shower. Things might not have been perfect yet, but at least I no longer had to worry about keeping my deepest darkest secret from my parents. I felt liberated and happy for the first time in a long time, but eventually I came back to reality. Dommie and I were still apart and I had treated him like dirt and for all I knew he hated me now. Maybe him and Jason were kicking it now and I was old news. I didn't know if I could stand that, but there wasn't anything I could do about it, but I was going to find out if it killed me.
        For the first time since the fight began I called Dommie's house. His mom answered and sounded surprised but happy to hear from me.
        "Buster,'s good to hear your voice. Do you want to talk to Dommie? He will be so happy. He just hasn't been the same boy lately. Hold on I'll get him," she said rambling on about a mile a minute. I heard her yell at Joey to go get Dommie and then I heard footsteps and Dommie answered the phone.
        "Hello.." he said, his voice sounding shaky but as sweet as I remembered.
         I had to stop a minute and get myself under control before I spoke, "Hi, it's me...Buster," I said realizing how lame that sounded.
        "Oh, yeah...hi, what's up?" he asked sounding a little cool.
       "I...need to talk to you....not now, but maybe tomorrow sometime.....after school or at lunch or something...I  got some stuff to tell ya."
        "Uh, is it good or bad? he asked sounding worried.
        "Good, I think....I mean I promise I won't hit ya," I joked and laughed a little.
        He laughed too and I could imagine  him rolling his eyes like he always does, "Good, cause I'd kick your ass if you did."
        "Lick my ass...did you say lick my ass?" I teased.
        I could almost feel the tension go out of him even from a mile away over the phone line, "Is that what you want?"
        "I...I want know...I'm sorry for being a jerk. I won't lie and say I'm  over what happened but I'm really sorry about the way I've acted. I want to talk about it if you do."
        "I want to! I can't stand being apart," he said sounding like he was starting to cry.
        "I wish...I wish I could come over there right now and talk to you, but it's so late and all...."
        I heard him sniff back tears, "I know, I wish it too, but we can talk tomorrow and.....uh, sit together on the bus, right?"
        "Yeah, from now on....I....hated you sitting somewhere else. Hey, I gotta go, but I had to call and make sure you'd talk to me. I got a lot to tell ya and I think some of it will be a big surprise." I said mysteriously.
        He tittered, "Now what?" and I pictured him rolling his eyes again and I laughed. Man it felt good to laugh again.
        We said goodnight for about 15 minutes cause neither of us wanted to hang up first but when we finally did I felt like a load had been lifted off of my shoulders and everything would be alright again. I considered going in and telling my folks but decided to wait till I had better news. Maybe tomorrow when I came home I'd have my boyfriend back and now that my rents were cool with it it would be even better than before.
        I fapped again that night and thought of Dommie and came so hard I just fell asleep afterwards. I was nervous when I woke up that next day and went off to the bus stop early and waited for the bus. It seemed like it took forever but finally there was the bus and I climbed onboard and walked back to our seat and plopped down. The next stop was Dommie's and as we got closer I could see him standing on the corner pacing and looking nervous. He climbed in and took one look at me and headed my way. He was grinning nervously and when he sat down beside me he looked at me and shrugged. It was the first time I'd seen him since that day in the hospital and it was all I could do to keep my hands off of him, but there was still some things we had to work out and that would have to wait.

Chapter 24
Friends again?

          Man, oh man, I can't tell you how excited I was that night when Buster called. I was so sure I would never hear his sweet voice again unless he was screaming at me or calling me a little girl, and then out of the blue he was on the phone and apologizing and telling me he had stuff he wanted to tell me. I didn't want him to hang up and we just kept talking and saying goodnight and that we should go and then finally we did it both at the same time and even after the phone was dead I just held it and thought about Buster and how much I loved him. If he gave me the chance I knew I would make up what I had done to him even if it took the rest of my life.
          The last few weeks had been hell for me, especially after I bloodied Buster's nose. I was like a different person that day. I really wanted to hurt him, but when I did I felt so bad and then he was on top of me and pounding me and all I could think about was how good it felt to have him on top of me even if he was gonna kill me. Crazy stuff huh? Well after that day I pretty much figured it was over. I mean I had hit him and he had tried to finish me off so it was obvious he didn't love me any more. Every day I saw him at school but when we passed each other or made eye contact I couldn't tell what he was thinking or how he felt. He is so tough that he can get over anything really fast and I figured he was over me for sure. But somewhere in the back of my mind there was a little hope hiding out and when Buster called that nigh it ran to the front and said "I told ya so" and I guess it just goes to show that sometimes when you think things are not going to get any better somehow they do.
         I was floating on air and my mom noticed and smiled at me. She is on my side no matter what and she wants me to be happy and being with Buster makes me happier than anything on earth. I couldn't wait to tell Joey and he jumped up and down and we held hands and jumped together and then hugged. I love my little brother so much and he had my back all during that trouble with Buster and now that things were starting to look up he was as happy as I was.
        I took a shower and Joey kept me company chattering the whole time like he does and it sounded so good to hear his voice and be happy again. I was nervous too though, I mean things still needed to be fixed and I didn't know what the news was he wanted to tell me. Maybe he just wanted to be friends but not boyfriends. I didn't know if I could handle that but I knew anything was better than nothing and if that was what he wanted then I'd try it and try to get him back eventually. A million things went through my head that night but mostly I was just happy that I would see him and talk to him tomorrow and finally decided that things would be fine and to quit worrying so much.
        I decided to fap that night and I did it while looking at a picture of Buster my mom took at DL. It was Buster clowning for the camera with his shirt pulled up and his tummy pooched out and it was adorable. I fapped for a long time and when I came it was so intense I  shook all over. I wiped up the mess and put the picture away and fell asleep and I had the best night's sleep since the breakup.
        The next day I got up extra early but I was so nervous I had to force myself to eat a bowl of cereal and drink some Sunny D. I didn't want to keel over again and the doctor said I shouldn't skip meals. Joey walked with me to the bus stop and I thought how nice it would be next year when he rode the bus with us. See, he would have been with us that year except the stupid school board decided to move the 7th grade to elementary that year and so Joey wound up going one more year at his old school. If he had been on that bus with me everyday I had to be apart from Buster it would have made things a lot easier and maybe he would have even helped us work things out. But it was great just having him around at home when I needed him and that day when he walked me to the bus stop I was so happy and I hugged him goodbye even though there were other kids around. I watched him skip off on his way to his school and I knew of all the people on this earth my little brother was the most awesomest of them all.
        A girl that rides the bus with us smiled at me and threw her hair back over her shoulder seductively and smiled at me and I smiled back but not cause I liked her that way, it was because I was going to see Buster in just a few minutes and maybe be his boyfriend once again. When I saw the bus coming up the street I had a gnawing feeling in my gut and was afraid that cereal I ate was going to make a comeback, but I kept it down and when the bus stopped I was one of the first to climb on board.
        As I climbed the steps and swung to the left I saw Buster in our favorite seat and he was grinning like that cat in Alice in Wonderland and I grinned back and headed his way. Before I even got there he was up and cuffing me on the shoulder affectionately. I wanted to grab him and kiss him but of course that would have gotten us both thrown off the bus so I cuffed him back and we fell down in the seat, so close together that I could feel his heat and smell that musky boy scent of his that drove me crazy. It was all I could do not to throw myself on him and rip his clothes off, but some how I managed to control myself and settled for touching his leg with my hand.
        "Hey, how you doing?" he asked as the bus got moving.
        "Great okay?" I said and I hoped he knew I meant about the cheating and stuff.
        "Almost there,  but I'm not gonna be a butt about it any more. Things may not be exactly like before, but no reason why we can't.....uh, you know be (whispered) boyfriends again."
       That was the best news I'd heard in weeks and I smiled despite the disclaimer that things weren't exactly back to normal yet.
         "I'm not gonna waste your time saying I'm sorry over and over, cause you know that right? What I did was bullshit and I know it now. I'm the worst boyfriend in history and you deserve better, but if you'll let me make it up to you, it will never happen again....and, I will never ever take you for granted again.," that was a lot for me to say and I looked at him for his reaction.
        He had a little shit eating grin on his face and crossed his arms and leaned back before speaking. "I love you Dommie and you're worth a little pain, but I'm still a little hurt and mad and that will take time to get over, but.....I don't want us to be apart a minute more," at the last part he looked serious, maybe even a little sad and I nodded feeling happy but a little worried. Could I ever make this right with him?
         "So here's how it's gonna be," he said as I hung on every word, "We are going to sit together on the bus, eat lunch together, play b-ball and not foul each other, and still come to each other's house, but....
           Awwwk, the dreaded "but" I hated that word unless it was referring to a  boy's rear end. sex, not right now anyway. That could change later, but for now....just touching and hand holding."
            " about kissing?" I asked feeling like a starving man given only bread crumbs and water.
           "Kissing is okay, but not making out," he said looking thoughtful. It was obvious he had given this a lot of thought and planning, " Can you live with that?"
          "I can live with anything as long as I got you," I said fluttering my eyelashes and looking cute. How could he resist that? I'd have him naked and on his back in no time.
          "Right....stop trying to seduce me Dommie, this is serious shit. If you don't want to live by my rules then we can just call it good and go our own way." he said suddenly turning angry on me. God how I loved him when he was angry. He was soooo cute.
           "I'm sorry. I'll be serious. I meant what I said though. I'll do whatever you say, I just want to be with you, that's all." I said with tears in my eyes, real tears...not bullshit tears.
        "Okay,  look I'm not trying to be mean or hurt you, but it's got to be my way so I can fix things, okay?"
          I nodded, I was afraid if I spoke I'd start blubbering like the little bitch that I was and alert the whole bus that a gay boy was on board.
       That seemed to satisfy him and he sat back and looked out the window for a minute before turning around in the seat to face me, "Oh, I forgot. My folks know I'm gay and about us." he dropped the news on me like a ton of bricks and my tears disappeared as my mouth fell open and I had a million questions and he tried to answer them all. We were still talking about it when the bus pulled in to the school and we picked it up when we got inside at our lockers.
          I saw Cody and Kenny as I headed off to my first hour class and they asked me if me and Buster were back together again and I smiled and said "YES". Even if it was on his terms I was happy again and anyway, I figured once he got a look at my bod and we got to kissing he'd give in. Unfortunately I overestimated my charms and discounted Buster's stubbornness and it didn't exactly work out like I had planned.
        Cody had lost like 20 pounds since him and Kenny had been together and he looked hot, not that I lusted after after him or anything, but he was a nice looking kid to begin with and I could still remember how that uncut dick of his looked and felt and it made me a little horny. If Buster didn't give me some sex soon, I might explode.
          Lunch time was great. We each brought sandwiches, his was a PBJ, and mine turkey and swiss and we split em and each had half and mixed our chips together and shared them too. It was so nice being near my lover again and not having to pretend everything was okay, but now it was and I couldn't help but smile like an idiot.  We talked some more about him telling his folks about us and I began to realize that we must be the two luckiest gay boys in the world with both our rents understanding and not freaking and disowning us or trying to split us up, but it would still be a little weird the first time I had to see them again.
         I was floating on air as we went off to class together chatting and laughing and when I slipped into my seat I gave Buster a wink and he smiled. The class was math and it brought back memories of the first time I'd met Buster and those other times we'd slipped off to the bathroom and enjoyed each other and I got a raging boner. I kept pushing at it to keep it under control and this kid named Josh kept looking over at me and grinning. I must've blushed and I tried to keep my hands off it after that or at least make sure he wasn't looking, but it was a long and painful 45 minutes.
        PE was a bust that day. Coach had us running laps around the gym and doing push ups and crunches and though I got to be Buster's spotter and hold his cute feet while he did crunches not much else happened until the showers. Coach asked me and Buster to help him roll up some mats and put them away and it took like ten minutes and by the time we got to the showers most of the other boys were gone. My heart was beating like a hummingbird's wings and wondering if we'd shower together or if Buster would pick a shower far from mine. I let him decide as I stripped off my clothes and stepped into the first empty shower stall. Those stalls hold 4 guys, but usually we go 2 to a stall so we don't crowd each other.
          There were at least 3 empty stalls but when I saw Buster head toward mine my heart lept for joy and my boner He just smiled as he slipped in all brown and naked and he looked so good I wanted to drag him to the floor and devour him but I played it cool and just kept on soaping up my fabulous bod. But it wasn't too long before my eyes were drifting his way and that's when I figured out what he was doing.
The shit was torturing me with his hot body. He had made the rules about no sex and now he was flaunting his hot perfect body in front of me and probably laughing his ass off inside his head.
         Well, two could play at that game. I turned and began to soap my perfect little ass and I could feel his eyes on it, wanting it and knowing that because of his stupid rules he couldn't have it and it was my turn to laugh. I couldn't resist taking a look over my shoulder and was pissed off to see he was turned the other way soaping up his just as perfect ass and I did stare and was so hard it hurt. I wanted to just fap right there and get it over with but didn't want Buster to know how he was affecting me so I finished up and toweled off and went to get dressed.
         Buster came in a few minutes later while I was still in my undies but he didn't even act interested. How could he do that, be, casual when I was practically aching for him? Boy this was going to be harder than I thought.
       On the bus he was his old funny talkative self, but unlike most of our conversations before, this one didn't include sex. It's hard to go from an active sex life to none and when you're 13 it's even worse. I had just discovered the joys of boy sex and now I was cut off and even though I had no one to blame but myself, it was still killing me. My hand was definitely going to get a good workout when I got home...unless Joey and I did something. That thought brought up another nagging question. When I did sex stuff with Joey, was I cheating on Buster? I mean he knew we did it and even joined in sometimes but things were different now, what if he meant I couldn't have sex at all?
        So, I decided to sort of feel him out. First I started talking about how much help Joey had been to me since our breakup and he seemed interested.  He even told me I was lucky to have a cool kid brother like Joey and he wished he had one half that cool. Then he surprised me by practically reading my mind.
         "Must be nice to have a hot little bro like that whenever you need him," he said suggestively.
        I didn't know how what to say, did he think I'd been sexing Joey all those nights without him? That just wasn't true. Sure once or twice we did let go and comfort each other that way, but not every night.
        "What do you mean?" I asked nervously.
        "Oh, I aint knocking it. Joey don't count. You're not cheating if you kick it with him, he's your bro and you and him been kicking it long before you met me. I'm just saying, wish I had some relief like that at home." He said sounding harsher than his usual self.
        "It's not like we did stuff every night since...since we been apart. Only a couple of times, the rest of the time Joey was just there to help me get through this. It hurt a lot Buster.....what happened between us, and Joey understands cause of what happened with him and Joe."
        "Yeah, I know. I'm sorry I brought it up. Don't trip on it, okay," he said acting strange. It was if I didn't know this Buster. Was he planning on making my life a living hell to pay me back?
        "If you say I shouldn't, I will never get with Joey again," I said knowing full well it would hurt Joey if I had to do that, but I was willing to do that to keep Buster.
        "I would never tell you that. I love Joey as much as you do and I know it'd kill him to be cut off from you. Just don't use him to make up for not being with me, okay? It's not fair since I got no one but my hand." he said sounding a little annoyed.
          Stupid me, I never know when to keep my mouth shut, "That's not my fault. You could have me if you weren't" I slapped my hand over my mouth as soon as the words came out and knew I had just screwed up big time by the look on his face.
           Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you looked at it, we reached my stop about then and I had to get off before the bus driver got mad.
          "Call me, please." I begged giving him a sad look, "I'm sorry, okay...just call me okay. If you don't I'll call you."
         He shrugged and turned to look out the window and I slunk out of there feeling like every kid on board knew our business and they were all watching me. Of course that was stupid, but my face must've been as red as a beet anyway.
        I went inside and Joey was already home fixing himself a snack, "Hi Dommie, want a samwich? He said holding up a butter knife with peanut butter clinging to it. I didn't want him to worry or know I'd been an idiot and maybe made things worse, so I smiled and said yes. He was so proud of the sandwiches he made and I complimented him on it and even though it wasn't perfect it tasted really good. We sat at the table and talked while we ate and of course Joey wanted to know everything about what had gone down that day and I filled him in omitting the slip up at the end and he was all smiles. He gave me a sticky high five and I just couldn't disappoint him by telling him what had really happened, so for the first time in a long time I kept something important from him.
         After the snack we went up to wash up and change and Joey came bouncing into my room in his undies and fell down on my bed, "Wish I had a boyfriend like Buster," he said looking thoughtful.
      "I thought you and Amy were a couple?" I said wondering if he was missing Joe again. Sometimes I could tell he wasn't as over Joe as he claimed he was.
        He pursed out his cute little lip and frowned, "I thought so too, then she sort over me and I sort of got over her...and I miss boys," he said sighing. He wiggled his cute feet then and my attention was focused on them as he continued, "But....I sorta...(sigh) like....Jason now."
        I jerked my eyes to his face and he blushed bright red, "I...know, I shouldn't of done it," he was starting to cry now, "but...but...I...I did stuff with him. Don't hate me Dommie, I'm sorry," he said crying harder.
       I fell down on the bed and pulled him to me and smoothed his hair back and kissed his forehead, "Don't be silly, I think it's cool, you seducing an older boy," I said smiling. Truth was, I wasn't really sure how I felt about it, but I wasn't going to make him feel bad by dissing him over it. "He's a nice guy and I bet you had fun. That's so cool...little bro. Don't worry, I'm not mad."
          He stopped crying and wiped at his eyes and smiled feebly," Really, you aren't mad?"
        "Don't be a jerk," I teased punching him gently in the arm, "I'm soooo over him, it was just time thing, that's all."
        "He didn't think so," Joey said and I had that bad feeling in the pit of my stomach again, "he really liked you a lot. I...I...think he only got with me cause I sort of look like you. It's not my business Dommie, but I think you sort of hurt his feelings by at least not talking to him after...after Buster caught ya."
        "It is your business and I'm glad you told me this. I guess I was a real jerk. I'll have to tell him I'm sorry, but I want Buster to know so he won't think I'm sneaking around or anything."
        Joey nodded and rubbed his cute nose with the heel of his hand, "I'm sorry I cried Dommie, I just didn't want you to think I was sneaking around. I can't stand keeping secrets from you."
         Well, that made me feel about six inches high, here I was keeping stuff from my little bro and he had just cried and spilled his guts to me because he was obviously a better person than I was. I'd have to tell him the truth about what happened on the bus, but I'd wait till bedtime. It would make interesting pillow talk.
            The evening was agony as I waited for Buster to call and just when I had given up and decided to call him, the phone rang and practically killed myself getting to it first. I was breathless as I answered and Buster coolly said "Hey."
            "Thanks for calling," I said catching my breath and trying to control my beating heart.
            "So, what did you want to say?" he asked sounding impatient.
            "That I'm sorry about that crack on the bus. It just slipped out. I know it's my fault that all this stuff happened and I will do whatever you say from now on and I won't talk back." Man, was I groveling? Sometimes I can't believe how Buster had me wrapped around his little finger back then.
           "Can you come over this weekend?" he asked as if nothing unpleasant had gone down between us and at first I wondered if it was some sort of trick.
            "Whaaat? Well, yeah...I'm sure my parents will say it's okay."
            "Well, do you want to or not? You're acting like you don't want to," he said sounding angry.
         "No, it's not that....I was just surprised, that's all. I mean yeah, I want to come over more than anything in the world. I can't wait," I said with excitement and joy.
              "Well, don't expect a lot, okay? The rules still apply," he said sounding normal again.
              "I don't care as long as I'm with you. That's all I care about. I promise I will whatever you say from now on."
             "Okay, well...I gotta go, but I'll see ya tomorrow, okay?" he said sounding happy for the first time since he called.
              "Okay, hey...wanna share lunches again?" I asked feeling soooo happy, "I got left over meatloaf for tomorrow."
               "Yeah, okay....I'll bring some left over chicken and we can have a picnic," he giggled.
                That sounded more like the old Buster and it felt so good to have him back even if we couldn't have sex...yet. I hung up and was floating on air as I went up to bed. Joey came in later and I told him what had happened and that everything was alright now and he only stayed for a while before going back to his bed. Things were certainly looking up and I couldn't wait for things to be like they used to be. I made a promise to myself to never do anything as stupid as what I had done with Jason and to this day, I have managed to keep it, despite being tempted over and over. Sometimes it takes a disaster to make you realize how much you have to loose.

End of Chapter 24
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