My Little Brother's Feet
by: Kewl Dad

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely a coincidence. This story depicts sexual acts between adults and minors. If reading such is illegal where you reside or you are not at least 18 years of age, please go no further. To all others, enjoy. This work of fiction is the property of the author and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission.

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My Little Brother's Feet

Chapter 33

Aaron sleeps over!

Boy was I glad Dommie took the news so well about Aaron spending the weekend, not to mention the party. He really is a cool guy and I don't know why I was so worried, but I guess it was because of all the stuff that had happened because of Jason. Course I was over all that and Dommie and I were back to normal. Well, actually better than normal cause it seemed like we were more in love than ever. It did kind of suck though, because that was supposed to be me and Dommie's weekend to exchange gifts and stuff and the wrapped ones weren't the only gifts we were gonna exchange, if you know what I mean..he he. But we figured we'd have some time alone since Aaron would be sleeping in the guest bedroom, or at least that's how we had it all planned out.

It was kind of cool that we'd be seeing Cody and Kenny again, and of course Aaron and Donnie and even though it had kind of messed up our weekend I was sort of looking forward to the party. It was cool that Joey and Jason would be there too, but I gotta tell you I wasn't really looking forward to seeing Joe again. After what he did Joey I didn't like him much and if it hadn't been for causing trouble and stirring up stuff I'd of probably decked the dude. But since no one except us boys knew that Joey and Joe were more than friends it would have not been cool to call attention to that stuff so me and Dommie let it slide.

The week went by slowly but finally it was Friday and Dommie rode the bus home with me as usual and boy were we both excited. I was afraid Dommie would change his mind and I kept waiting for him to say something or get mad, but I guess he really was cool with it. We even talked about what we were going to do if things know sexy and Dommie surprised me by saying he definitely wanted a shot at Aaron. I was cool with that, I was totally 100 percent totally unjealous ever since Aaron had almost tripped me and hit the floor before I did (I read that in a book and thought it was funny) so if Dommie wanted to play with Aaron or anyone else there I was cool with it. After all he wouldn't be sneaking around and I'd know what was going on and besides I might want to try some new stuff too.

We got off at my stop and walked the short distance to my house and my mom met us at the door.

"Dommie, sweetie give me a hug," she said opening her arms for my bf. Boy did I feel left

She kissed the top of his head and hugged him and then held him at arm's length and said, "Merry Christmas sweetie."

"Merry," he said then gave her that famous Dommie smile. 

She ate that shit up like a turkey gobbling corn, "Oh, you little darling. You are like another son to me. Go look under the tree Dommie, I think Santa left something here for you."

Dommie smiled really big and his eyes got bigger and he looked at me and I nodded and he was off running toward our big-assed Christmas tree that me and Dad hauled home from a tree farm. There was like a gozillion presents under it and he had to dig a minute but when he found it he came running back with it looking like a little kid with a handful of cookies.

"What is it?" he said shaking the package, "Can I open it?"

"Of course, that's why I told you that it was there, so you could open it here with just Buster, before all the craziness starts," she laughed, "And speaking of that, Aaron's mom called, she's on her way with Aaron and they should be here in a little while."

Dommie tried to carefully unwrap the thing but in the end he was too impatient and he finished opening it by ripping off all the paper and digging at the box till he got it opened. Inside was another box and he tossed the bigger box down and opened the smaller one. Inside it was yet another smaller box and Dommie was giggling by then.

"What is it? A set of empty boxes?" he giggled.

"Nope, keep digging," I said.

Dommie opened the box and inside was a suede drawstring bag. He looked at me and blushed and then at my mom and she just smiled. I had helped her pick it out and so I knew exactly what it was but I wasn't gonna give him any help.

With shaking hands he opened the drawstring and peeked inside then I  swear to God he squealed like a little girl, "Oh My God, it'' perfect...." he said as he pulled out the little gold frame with a picture of the two of us in it. It was one of the pics we had taken at DL and she had had it cropped and framed and it looked awesome.

He was staring at the picture trying to figure out where and when it was taken then it dawned on him and he smiled, "You guys are sneaky, but I love it." he said giving my mom a big hug again.

"Hey, what about me, I helped," I said opening my arms. I didn't mind if my mom saw us hug, just not kiss know...

Dommie looked at mom for one second and saw the look of love on her face and jumped me and hugged me to the floor and OMG he started smooching all over my face, but not nasty...just silly like a kid would do and we both started giggling. My mom rolled here eyes but she was laughing too and then the doorbell rang and we hopped up to go meet Aaron at the door.

Aaron's mom is really nice and she doesn't really have an accent, not like Aaron and that made me wonder if Aaron didn't just use that accent to be cute...well, it worked if he did. Dommie seemed as friendly to Aaron then as he had at the Skate Rink and I relaxed a little. And what's more he seemed to be genuinely interested in what Aaron said and he was watching him closely, maybe too closely, like he was studying him or something.

I shook it off and decided he was just perving on him..he he, and later when he got his chance he's do the deed. I couldn't wait to see Cody and Kenny again and I hadn't seen Donnie since he got his car and I heard it was really cool. If my rents would let us, I was gonna see if Donnie would take all of us for a ride, maybe go get ice cream or something. My folks knew his folks pretty well and they liked Donnie but I didn't know if they trusted him with a bunch of kids in his car.

Aaron's mom left and my mom went off to take care of some laundry so the three of us went up to my room to play some video games only it turned into something else pretty fast.

As soon as we got up there I said, "Just go ahead and start, I gotta change out of my school clothes."

"Yeah, me too," Dommie said grinning at me. He is such a flirt sometimes.

"Well, don't let me stop you mates," Aaron said grinning, "I don't mind if you strip off nakers, if you know what I mean."

"I bet, you Limey pervert," I teased and Dommie burst out laughing.

"I am not a Limey," Aaron snorted, "but I may be a bit of a pervert, if you know what I mean mates."

"Well, you can watch...if you want, but no touching," I giggled.

"Speak for yourself," Dommie giggled.

Aaron raised an eyebrow comically, "So, are you two alright with a bit of messing around now? Wouldn't want to mess things up for you two." he asked getting serious.

"Dommie says it's cool and so it's cool, we already had this discussion, didn't we Dommie?"

"Yep, and I told him I wanted a piece of that sexy Brit," Dommie laughed.

Aaron blushed and looked even cuter than before, "I am a bit of a sexy beast and my mojo is working overtime," he said and we all three cracked up.

"Mojo," Dommie snorted with laughter, "Is that the same as being horny?"

"Sort of, it's your...ummm...sexual drive, if you know what I mean," every guy has one, and well, mine is huge," he laughed and Dommie keeled over with laughter.

"Stop," he said between guffaws.

"Want to see it then, my mojo?" Aaron teased, grabbing himself and causing us both to look where he was grabbing. "Just go on then and change and see what happens," he said menacingly.

"Maybe I better use the bathroom, it has a lock on the door," I teased but I was already starting to strip off my stuff. I started by sitting on the bed and unlacing my Nikes then stripping off my socks slowly and wiggling my toes at Dommie who licked his lips. Aaron was watching Dommie's face as much as he was watching me and when he saw his interest in my feet his face lit up.

"Oh, like them piggies too then?" Aaron said in his cute voice.

"I love them piggies," Dommie said lustily. I knew he probably wanted to mention Joey's feet about then but he held back.

I stood and pulled my shirt over my head to reveal my naked washboard stomach and six pack, would you believe four pack? Oh well, I was smooth anyway. Aaron watched with interest but didn't jump me...yet, so I unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them down to my thighs. 

"Are you going to change too mate?" Aaron asked Dommie eying him like a piece of meat.

"Sure, just watching the show first," he giggled but he soon stripped off his shirt and I swear Aaron was staring at his nipples.

"By the time Dommie got down to his undies I was starting to redress, but Aaron wasn't going to let that happen if he could help it.

"Come on mate, give us a look why don't ya...before you cover it all up with those fancy pants of yours."

I grabbed my briefs and pushed them down quickly giving him a glimpse of my pubes and the top of my dick then pulled them back up, "There, that's a preview. The big show is tonight."

"Ah, come on mate, can't I at least touch it. If it's alright with Dommie that is," he said eying my bf hopefully.

"Sure, it's fine with me. Just don't pull it off, I need it later," he giggled.

"Oh, don't worry mate, I won't pull it off, but I'd like to suck it off," he quipped.

"Be my guest," Dommie said seriously, "He's got plenty more for later."

"Hey, don't I get a say?" I said trying to pull my pants on while both Dommie and Aaron tugged at them.

"Like you don't want to," Dommie scoffed.

"What? Well, I mean....if it's okay," I finally said giving in to the inevitable.

"Why wouldn't it be?" Dommie said, reminding me that we'd already had this conversation and there was no need to re-hash it.

"Okay, okay...I got it," I said finally giving up and falling back on the bed as they drug my pants down my legs and off my feet. My boner was tenting my undies and Aaron was squeezing it gently through the material and getting the fly wet with my pre-cum. 

I reached down and snugged them off and my boner popped up, "Be gentle," I said tragically and Aaron laughed then snarfed it down, the whole thing and I forgot all about my protests.

Hey, one thing I can say about Aaron is: the kid knows how to suck cock. He can deep throat it and use his tongue like no one I've ever had the pleasure of being sucked by. He had me squirming and moaning and suddenly I remembered we hadn't locked the door. In a panic I told Dommie to go lock it and he left just long enough to do that then he was back watching his bf get a British BJ.

Toward the end I grabbed Aaron's head and when he didn't try to pull away I started face fucking him and even though he gagged once or twice, he didn't give up and soon I was blasting down his throat.

He pulled up and let me shoot the rest on his tongue and he gobbled it down and licked me clean then stood up and looked at Dommie and said, "Next?" And it was Dommie's turn.

Dommie was naked in a flash but instead of laying on the bed he stood there expectantly and Aaron took the hint and dropped to his knees and started licking Dommie's cock and balls. I think Dommie was trying to show Aaron that he was somehow in control and superior  but it didn't seem to phase Aaron at all. Like I said he was a good cocksucker and Dommie was moaning and thrusting up against him in no time flat. I saw Aaron's hand snake around Dommie's backside and eventually he began to rub his finger against Dommie's hole. He came off Dommie's dick long enough to lick his finger and then it was back at Dommie's hole and eventually he worked it inside.

I knew how good that felt and that Dommie wouldn't last long but Aaron was prepared to keep things going and he let Dommie's dick slip from his mouth and started licking his ball's again to slow him down. I sat up and moved down on the bed so I could see the action better and reached over and started rubbing Aaron's shoulders and back. I wanted him naked and I guess he sensed it because he reached down with one hand and undid his pants and I helped him. He had to stand to get them off but he kept a hand on Dommie's goods the whole time and never missed a stroke as together we got him naked.

Looking at Dommie for permission and getting a thumbs up, I started playing with Aaron's dick until he was super hard. He went back down on Dommie and I dropped to the floor and wormed in between them and started working on Aaron's dick with my mouth. I loved that foreskin and the tasty cheese that it holds and I was lapping at it like a cat at cream. Aaron was moaning around Dommie's dick and trying to bury his dick in my throat but I was in control using my hand to control him as I ran my tongue all around that slick tasty dick head and gave him my best.

Dommie was close, I could tell by the way he was breathing and moaning and this time Aaron let him go. I felt Dommie push against me and felt him shiver and I knew he was unloading in Aaron's mouth and for a minute Aaron was busy gobbling down all that tasty Dommie juice. I wanted some juice of my own so I sped up on Aaron's cock and let my hand fall away and let him shove it down my throat and that's all it took. Suddenly hot sweet cum was gushing down my throat and I choked for a minute then pulled off a little and took that next blast on my tongue. I savored the taste before swallowing and was ready for the next smaller blast and rolled it around my mouth before swallowing. His next blast was more of a dribble and then he was done except for a little oozing which I cleaned up greedily.

I stood and kissed him and gave him a taste of his own cum and he smacked his lips. Not to slight Dommie, I kissed him too and let him taste Aaron on my lips and he seemed to like it. We kissed a while as I felt him up rubbing my hands all over his body as Aaron watched from the bed where he lay on his side resting. His dick was still semi-hard and the tip peeked out from beneath his neat foreskin making me wish I had one too.

"Let's get dressed and go get a snack," Dommie suggested when we had both gone soft.

I was suddenly starved and so the three of us dressed and headed downstairs. Mom was baking cookies and she let us have a couple of the ones she had just taken out of the oven and we washed them down with milk. Boy sex sure does work up an appetite.

The weather was unseasonably warm that December and we went out in the back yard and messed around for a while. We had this big yard swing out there and the three of us sat side by side and talked for a while and I was happy to see that Dommie and Aaron seemed to be getting along really well. Aaron was in the middle and we were kind of squashed together, the three of us, and our legs were touching from the hip to knee and it was pretty stimulating. I was already half hard and from the looks of my two buddies crotches so were they.

"So, what are we gonna do tonight?" Aaron asked looking from me to Dommie.

"Play video games, watch a movie, maybe play some cards...." I said trying not to crack up.

" that all?"

"Well, maybe....after the rents are asleep....and if Dommie agrees, we might have you come back to my room for a little fun. I already knew exactly what we were going to do and I was just ballsy enough to pull it off."

"I'm cool with it," Dommie said grinning, "If I can get some of that bum or yours."

"Oh, yes...plenty of bum to go around, know what I mean?" he laughed.

"Listen, if we do gotta be cool about it. Don't be loud and let us run things okay?" I said wanting him to understand we were serious about keeping that stuff private.

"I promise mate, anything you want, just.....let's have some fun...I been wanting to for soooo long and with the two of you it's like so hot," he said sounding desperate and excited.

"As long as you understand that we only do stuff with other guys together, no one on ones without the other," I said reminding all three of us about the rules Dommie and I had laid down.

"No problem there mate," Aaron said lustily, "two hot boys instead of one, why would I want just one when I can have two?"

"Zackly," I laughed.

"What time does the party start tomorrow?" Dommie asked reminding me that there was a lot more to the weekend than just Aaron's visit.

"Uh, mom said around six, but Donnie might be a little late, but we wont' eat till 8 or maybe later anyway."

"What are we eating, pizza?"

"Nope, mom is going all out. She's making chicken nuggets and nachos and all kind of neat snack food for us, and a big cake. Then she and dad are going to lock themselves in their room and the whole place is long as we don't burn it down...he he."

"We gonna have an orgy mate?" 

"Shhhh....don't use that word, someone might hear ya," I said grinning, "let's just say that there will be some naughty fun if we keep it quiet," Buster said raising his eyebrows comically.

"Where will we....uh...have fun?"  Dommie asked almost shyly.

"In the game room in the basement. It has a bathroom and the door locks, but no worries, my folks trust us, so they won't come down."

"Wow, I can't believe your folks are gonna let us use the game room for your party." Dommie said curiously. 

My dad sort of considered it to be his private get-a-way and though we sometimes played pool down there, Dommie and I didn't go down there much when dad was home. I think my mom had a lot to do with us being able to use it for the party. It was almost scary how easy they had made it for our little orgy.

We ate dinner with my folks and Aaron seemed very quiet and was extremely polite to my rents. I just sat back and smiled and I winked at Dommie once and he smiled, talk about a suck up..he he.

After dinner we all went into the family room and watched a movie but I don't think our heads were in it. I mean I know mine wasn't cause Dommie was sitting right next to me on the couch and I could feel his soft warm leg against me and I was totally hard the whole time. Aaron was sitting beside Dommie and every so often he shot me a look and grinned but I couldn't really tell what was going on with him and Dommie. 

The movie finally ended and mom and dad went on up to bed and we grabbed some snacks and headed up to my room. Dommie and I always took a shower together when he stayed over, but there wasn't enough room for three in there so we let Aaron go first. He took a quick shower and when he came out he was wearing just a pair of boxers. We both cracked up laughing cause they were red with green Christmas trees on them and looked really silly on him.

"Merry Christmas mates," he said giggling, "I'm your present and you can unwrap me later if you fancy."

"I've already seen the present once," I said laughing, "better show me something new next time."

"Yeah, like your brown eye," Dommie giggled.

"Oh, you want to see my bum do you? Well here, take a look why don't you?" he said spinning around and dropping his boxers in back to reveal a meaty looking but cute ass. It was smooth and pink and as we watched he reached back and spread his cheeks to reveal a pinkish brown pucker. It looked tight and wet and my dick jumped in my jeans.

"Oh...can I touch it?" Dommie giggled.

"I don't mind mate. Have a go at it if you want."

"Just a minute lover," I said, "Let's go take our shower and let the Brit cool off while we get clean then we'll see about some fun."

Dommie and I took a long time in the shower, scrubbing each other and teasing but we were definitely saving ourselves for later. We were both super hard and leaking but the only touching down there was to wash. It sort of made it more exciting to hold back like that. I mean we really didn't know about foreplay or edging back then but we did all that stuff without even knowing the names.

When we got back to my room Aaron was stretched out on the bed thumbing through a comic book and when we walked in dressed in boxer briefs he looked up and smiled.

"First, we gotta take you down to your room and you gotta stay in there until I come get ya," I said seriously. I wanted mom and dad to think he slept in there even if he didn't plus I wanted him to get all worked up so when I did go get him, he'd be horny as hell. "We gotta wait till my folks are good and asleep, probably around midnight, okay?"

"That long?" Aaron whined, "I'm so horny mate, I don't think I can wait."

"No touching yourself either," I said laughing, "and don't t think we can't tell either."

"Alright mates, but it won't be easy. You've got my mojo all worked up. But I guess it will be worth it, won't it?"

I nodded, "Oh, yeah...very worth it. Right Dommie?"

"Um, yeah...very worth it. I can't wait to get at that bum of yours....he he." Dommie said falling down on the bed and grabbing for Aaron's butt. Aaron rolled over to give him better access then giggled and shook his rump.

"Enough for now, save it lover boy," I said breaking them up, I wanted this to go a certain way and I sort of took charge and well, they both let me so I guess it was cool with them.

I walked Aaron down to the guest bedroom and we messed up the covers just in case, though I was planning on sending him back there after the fun, I didn't want to take any chances. We sat around on the bed for a minute and talked but I didn't want to stay too long and worry Dommie. I knew he trusted me, but after all we're only human, and I probably wouldn't have liked it if Dommie was alone in the room with Aaron.

"Just stay here till I come to get ya, okay?" I said finally as I got up to go, "And no wanking, don't even touch it except to adjust it. I know it's hard...he he...but trust me, it will be better this way. I should be back in about an find something to read or do, but no it?"

"Alright mate. If you say that's how it should go, then that's how it shall go."

I left Aaron and when I got back to my room Dommie was sitting on the edge of the bed looking anxious. I walked over to him and pulled him up and put my arms around him and started kissing him and he melted into my arms. We were both so hard and wet, but besides a little grinding, we didn't touch our dicks. Like I said we didn't know what all this stuff was called or what it meant, but I did know that holding back could make it so much better when the time came to get serious.

We laid down on the bed and continued to kiss and make out but we were careful not to touch each other between the legs, though we did grab some After a few minutes of this we just snuggled up and laid there talking quietly, I think it's called pillow talk, and planning the rest of the weekend. After tonight there would be the party but hopefully we'd find some time alone to exchange gifts and each other with anyone else around. Boy was I wrong.

I must've dozed because next thing I remember was Dommie shaking me and I looked at the clock and it was 11:55. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, stood up and stretched, and went into the bathroom to pee. When I came back Dommie took his turn and I heard him gargling with mouthwash. I laughed and went to get Aaron.

He was wide awake and pacing the floor when I slowly opened the door and the grin on his face was one of relief and excitement.

"Come on then, you British stud and let's go have some fun," I said slipping my arm around him. 

He scooted against me and tried to kiss me but I turned my head and he only got my cheek, "Later, when we're with Dommie. I told you...nothing without the other. I know it sounds weird, but that's just how it is. We can both live with that and you have to to."

"No problem, mate. You're both sexy little monkeys and I get to snogger both of you. What more could I ask for, know what I mean?"

We quietly slipped down to my room and Dommie met us at the door. I put my one arm around him and motioned for Aaron to join us and we all hugged each other and this time we didn't hold back. There were hands everywhere, on dicks, on asses, even in our mouths.. as well as some toes, he he, and we were dripping wet by the time the undies came off and we fell down on the bed in a pile.

I let Dommie kiss Aaron first then I kissed Dommie and finally Aaron just to show both of them where my love was and that I wasn't bothered by them kissing. I let Aaron go down on me while Dommie sat on my chest and fed me his delicious cock and I was in Heaven. No way did I want anyone to come yet though so I gently pushed Aaron off and Dommie took the hint and slid off my chest.

"Here's how it's going to work," I said taking charge again, "Dommie is going to fuck you Aaron and then I'm going to let you fuck him. When you're done I'm going to fuck both of you."

Dommie looked at me and grinned, but Aaron looked doubtful, "You can come twice in a row mate?"

"Sometimes, but that's not what I meant. I going to start in you and then switch back and forth and I'll come wherever I am when I get to that point."

"Ah, that sounds so sexy," Aaron said, "I'll all for it."

I went down on Dommie to slick him up and I helped them get into position, Aaron flat on his back with legs high and Dommie looking down at him. He looked as me as he slid in and I nodded and he leaned down and kissed Aaron deeply. I heard a little sigh escape Aaron's mouth (or maybe both of them) and then Dommie started moving. He went slow at first and as I positioned myself at eye level with the action he began to move faster. I was hard as hell watching my lover's cock penetrate the hot Brit boy and I was afraid I'd blast off just watching. I was careful not to touch myself or even let my hard cock rub against the bed for fear of shooting. It was just too hot.

"Oh, Gawd...mate that feels sooooo gooood," Aaron said between pants.

"," Dommie gasped before leaning down to kiss Aaron again shutting off any further comments.

I decided to try something wicked and stood up and leaned down so my face was level with Dommie's butt and on the upstroke I poked my tongue between his cheeks and finally after a few tries I hit his pucker and he came unglued. 

"Awwwwww.....Gaaaaa......ohhhhhh...shhhhiiiittt," he gasped and I couldn't help but laugh but apparently that only made things hotter, cause about then he started to moan like a French Whore (not that I had ever heard one moan).

Aaron was bent up like a pretzel and the little extra weight at his tummy was causing him to breath really heavy, but I could tell he liked what was happening and wasn't about to complain. I fell down on the bed then and started kissing Aaron and he was chewing on my lips and tongue fucking my mouth as he moaned and cursed.

Dommie must've held out for almost a  half hour cause I remember looking at the clock and it was 12:33. Not bad considering how much teasing his dick had gone through. I guess he was learning what I had already learned, how to pace yourself, and that would pay off in the future.

I knew Dommie was ready to come when I saw his back arch up and he began to tremble and tense up. How many times had I been beneath him and felt that surge of energy as he entered into nirvana? I smiled and looked down just in time to see his cock be buried deeply in Aaron's ass and then he began to shudder and moan louder as he began to come. His body danced like a man being electrocuted as Aaron's body thrust up to meet him and then the most amazing thing happened. Without even touching his dick, Aaron began to come. Squirt after squirt of his boy juice came flying out of his enraged piss slit and I quickly moved down to get a taste. 

The last volley hit me squarely on the tongue and the rest I licked up off his and Dommie's chest and belly. It was sweet, with very little salty flavor, and I wondered if Aaron got his extra weight from eating candy and sweets. Dommie collapsed atop Aaron after a while and I swarmed up and put my arm around him and rubbed his back as he wallowed in his post orgasmic bliss. I knew exactly how he felt, tired but happy, like a hot bath and a good meal and then a cozy bed. Sex rules and I feel sorry for those poor bastards who think it's dirty or just for making babies. Fuck them

Eventually Dommie rolled off Aaron and they both rested. I kissed them both and we rubbed around on each other but I was careful never to pay more attention to one than the other. Maybe I'm a devious s.o.b, but I knew how to handle things even then.

When they had rested I suggested we get a drink and maybe a snack and the three of us sneaked downstairs in our undies and raided the fridge. I wasn't surprised to see Aaron go for the cookies while Dommie and I chose chips. We grabbed sodas and headed back upstairs and sat on my bed talking quietly as we ate our snack and replenished our liquids. 

"That was lovely Dommie, you really know how to work a bum hole," Aaron giggled, "I shot my load without touching myself."

"I know, and it was tasty too," I said smacking my lips.

Dommie just smiled, "Only time I've ever done that was with Buster, he knows just how to hit that one spot inside me."

"That's cause I'm your man," I teased and he threw an arm around me as if to claim what was already his then and forever.

We rested till one o'clock and then it was Aaron's turn to fuck Dommie. I was surprised to find he wanted to do it the old fashioned way, Dommie face down and him on top, but I liked that way a lot myself, so I could relate.

When Dommie stretched out and wiggled his cute ass I knelt down and started licking his hole to loosen him up and he moaned softy. I kept on till he was good and slick then motioned for Aaron to take over. Aaron surprised me again by taking up where I left off and tonguing Dommie's hole a little longer till he was ready. I guessed he was still trying to recharge after blowing his load all over the place a half hour ago.

Finally Aaron crawled up and took his position between Dommie's legs and I moved down on the bed so I could see the action. I watched as Aaron pulled back the foreskin to reveal an angry red head slick with his pre-cum and then without much effort at all he was inside my lover. His pubes touched Dommie's butt and then he withdrew as he let out a breath and then slowly he sunk back in again. 

Aaron liked to take it slow and only toward the end did he speed up and even then he wasn't moving that fast. Several times he laid down flat on Dommie with his dick buried in him, his feet and hands entwined with Dommie's as he slowly gyrated his hips rubbing deep inside him. I was so horny watching the two of them that I was temped to start fucking Aaron even as he was fucking Dommie, but I had made the rules and I was damn well gonna follow them.

Aaron took almost a half hour to nut, largely because of his earlier orgasm, but I got the impression that he liked it that way, taking his time I mean, and he finished up in that position flat on Dommie as he rubbed his feet against my lover's and rubbed out his orgasm deep with him. For a half second I was jealous, then I shook my head to clear it and began rubbing Aaron's back soothingly, anxious to get at the cute ass of his.

I let them rest all of ten minutes and we peed and washed up a bit before the next session. Laying on the bed side my side with me in the middle, we kissed and rubbed on one another and finally I couldn't wait another minute.

"Okay, you two, on the floor and lean against the bed doggy style. You can bury you head in the covers and moan as loud as you like," I teased.

As they knelt on the floor at the end of the bed resting their arms and head on the soft quilt I slapped their asses playfully and then bent down and began licking them, first Dommie then Aaron until they were wiggling and begging me for my dick. I slapped them again and mounted Aaron.

To say Aaron had a tight ass was an understatement. It was like some warm wet soft tunnel that completely surrounded my cock and fit it perfectly. I was afraid to move too fast, and mentally kicked myself for not getting off earlier to make things last longer, but I had my will power and stamina and  that would have to be enough. 

I fucked Aaron for about five minutes and pulled out slowly, no chocolate sauce, so I guessed Aaron had come prepared, I knew Dommie and I were clean, but hadn't thought to tell Aaron until it was too late.

I pushed into Dommie quickly. We fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and I actually sighed with contentment as I sunk deep inside him. He felt so good and so right that I was tempted to forget Aaron and finish right then and there in my lover's prefect ass.

But like I said, I made the rules and I was gonna follow them. Sometimes that's what it means being a leader, you have to do stuff you don't want to just to show other's you are serious.

I took a little longer in Dommie, maybe ten minutes, kissing his back and shoulders and giving him an awkward sideways kiss on the lips then pulled out slowly and licked his ass a little just to hear him moan. That gets me soooo hot.

I scooted back over and slapped Aaron's ass again and plunged back into him causing him to yelp, but I knew he liked it anyway. I really let him have it then, fucking fast like a bunny till I was almost there, then stopping and leaning down on him and rubbing my face in his back and nibbling at his spine.

I did that maybe three times but I knew I couldn't last much longer so the next time I got to the apex, I pulled out and quickly went to Dommie and pushed my dick inside him. Two strokes later and I was almost blacking out as I shot the biggest load of my young life. I could literally feel it hit Dommie's guts and I wondered what it felt like for him. I nutted for what seemed like fifteen minutes, the kind of orgasm that makes your nuts hurt afterwards, but it was damn well worth it. Thankfully I had Dommie to hold me up or I might have collapsed on the floor. It was that intense.

I stayed in Dommie till my dick was only dribbling them pulled out and wiped my dick on Aaron's butt and laughed, "Sorry you didn't get the whole load, maybe next time."

"I'll hold you to that Mate, and you damn well better not be teasing," he said grinning.

"Oh, I'm sure there will be plenty of other opportunities, if not tonight, then tomorrow."

We cleaned up again, peed and crashed for about two hours and woke up and talked a while but surprisingly enough none of us felt like trying to repeat what we had accomplished earlier. As it turned out, it was a good thing, because we damn well needed our strength for the party.

I suggested Aaron go back to the guest room and he didn't protest so I guess he really was as wiped out as Dommie and I were. I walked him to his room and broke the rules a little by kissing him goodnight, but I told Dommie about it when I climbed back in bed and he was cool with it. Boy, I really did have the best boyfriend in the whole world.

End of Chapter 33

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