Nifty Archive Laureate Author Award

This document describes the Nifty Laureate Author Award Program rules.

  1. Award of $50 per month for best story or $100 per month for best series.
  2. Maximum of $250 per year per author.
  3. Prize payment transmitted through PayPal.
  4. Using multiple names, email addresses or aliases disqualifies author.
  5. Awarded to completed story or series.
  6. Additional chapters will be accepted and published after the award, but the story will not be eligible for another award.
  7. A story may win the award once.
  8. Sequels that are published as independent stories instead of a series are not eligible for multiple awards.
  9. A wholly new sequel can be considered for a separate award.
  10. The prize will be awarded to romantic stories depicting adult relationships in the Adult-Friends, Beginnings, Relationships, and College categories of the Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian or Transgender Sections of the Nifty Archive.
  11. Extreme content (incest, raunch, urination, scat, authoritarian, BDSM, torture, rape, etc.) will disqualify a story from consideration.
  12. Playful, light bondage or watersports can be present.

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