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May 2024: Check out the beta version of the new Nifty Archive in testing, user accounts, new logo, and updated donation site.
Apr 2024: Author Comicality has passed away.
Mar 2024: Nifty Archive Gay PornStar Harem Story Contest.
Mar 2024: Josh donated in honor of Leland Dirks.
Mar 2024: Author Gary Rawnsley has published Alexandrian Knights and Another Ephesian Tale.
Feb 2024: Kenneth donated in honor of Timothy Lane.
Feb 2024: Nifty Archive Valentine's Day Story Contest
Feb 2024: Thomas donated in honor of I Dusk.
Feb 2024: Jeff donated in honor of Eric Murphey and Zero Moss.
Feb 2024: Robert donated in honor of Wes Leigh.
Feb 2024: Philippe donated in honor of Griz, William Marshal and BndDawg.
Dec 2023: Nifty Archive Winter Season Story Contest
Nov 2023: Kenneth donated in honor of Donnie Mumford.
Oct 2023: Gerald donated in honor of William Marshall.
Aug 2023: Keith donated in honor of the Nifty Archivist, who is looking for a new job in the tech industry or academia.
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Jul 2023: Ray has donated in honor of Chris James.
Jul 2023: Philippe has donated in honor of Tag Michaels.
Jul 2023: Kenneth has donated in honor of AP Webb.
Jul 2023: Chao has donated in honor of Eric Murphy, Wes Leigh and Donny Mumford.
Jun 2023: Curtis has donated in honor of Eric Murphy.
May 2023: Michael has donated in honor of Donny Mumford.
May 2023: Mark Peters has published The Seventeenth Summer.
May 2023: Alex has donated in honor of Blackscar.
Apr 2023: David has donated in honor of PJ Alexander.
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