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Feb 2019: Author Finley Cooper has published Dinger!.
Feb 2019: Rex has made a donation in honor of author Rob Williams.
Feb 2019: Roger has made a donation in honor of author David Lee.
Feb 2019: Author Tim Trent has published Queer Me!
Feb 2019: Author Barney Bumpkin has published Finding Friends.
Feb 2019: Author Nick Brady has published many of his stories through Lulu.
Jan 2019: Author B.J. Black has published Workout Buddies.
Dec 2018: Frank has made a donation in honor of Nifty authors Chris G., James R., and GanyMede.
Dec 2018: Author Natty Soltesz has published My Sister's Boyfriend.
Nov 2018: Author D.K. Daniels has published Chasing Christmas.
Nov 2018: Author Wayne Gray has many books published through LuLu.
Nov 2018: Author Rob Wolfsham has published Wild Male.
Oct 2018: Author D.K. Daniels has published Light the Night.
Sep 2018: The Nifty Archive Alliance donations interface has been updated.
July 2018: Author Mary Ramsey has published Dakota Son.
May 2018: The Nifty Archive mirror at ASSTR has been decommissioned. We thank ASSTR for the many years of hosting a copy.
May 2018: Author Gustav Renneck has passed away. We extend our condolences to his friends and family.
Apr 2018: Author Arthur Carkeek has published Drummer Boy.
Feb 2018: Author Chezdon Mitchell has published Innocence Waning.

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