Interracial Submission – Loving Black Master


By D.O.



My hands gripped Lavar’s buns tightly as I knelt before my Black Master, his cock sliding rapidly in and out between my glossy lips. I could tell he was getting close to nutting and I wanted nothing more than to bring my man to the orgasm he so desperately sought. I had already shot my own load into the lacy panties encasing my petite clit. I was wearing a sheer, pink lace peignoir with the aforementioned panties, in matching pink of course. 


I could taste the pre-cum on my tongue, but I still wasn’t done savoring the flavor of Master’s prick. I love the salty, briny, faintly unwashed scent and taste of Var when he comes to breed me. I heard him groaning as if his cum were close at hand and I moved quickly to pull my mouth off him and clamp my fingers around the base of his erection, staving off his jizz for the fourth time in this suck-off session. His big hands grabbed at my long silky hair and tightened about the top of my head as he let out a moan of disappointment. I looked up at him with a big smile on my face as I ran my tongue seductively all over his low-hanging nut sack. The only thing Master Var likes better than cumming in my mouth (other than cumming in my asspussy) is cumming in my mouth after I have assisted him in holding off his impending orgasm for several minutes, thereby making it that much better for him. He blesses me with a smug smile, knowing the power he has over me, power that has turned me from my previous life as a normal, heterosexual 30-something man content to have vanilla sex with my then-girlfriend, into a submissive girlie-boy, dressed in lingerie and slobbering all over the relentlessly stiff maleness of my new Black Master.


Var grunted again, as I continued my ministrations, laving his proud manhood with my warm saliva, letting it run down the shaft and drip upon his lust-heated balls. I took him into my mouth again, relishing the opportunity to use my oral skills to bring him pleasure. Soon my nose was buried in his thatch of pubic hair, as his cock snakes it’s way down my throat. I go down on him like this several times, loving the feel of his manliness invading my lips, forcing my jaws farther apart than I had ever thought possible. Each time up I inhale deeply the pungent aroma of his crotch before plunging back down on my Black God’s rigid flesh. I am enthralled with my own power that I hold over him, able to draw out the bliss for my lover, eliciting sighs and grunts of absolute rapture as he empties his nuts in his endearingly compliant pussy-boi.


On the eighth time feeling my throat glide up and down his dick, Var finally can’t take any more and I recognize my queue to let him go. I quickly slide a finger up into his ass to push firmly on his prostate. I pull off my desired ends, as his asshole goes taut around my finger and I feel his knees go weak for a moment. He cries out with a deep-chested roar, like that of an ancient warrior claiming the spoils of war, and I immediately pull back so that his now swollen cockhead is lying flat on my tongue as he begins to discharge his semen. I feel the pisshole expand and then that first ejaculation. The opening barrage is remarkably immense, spraying across my licker with a consistency like warm, gooey mayonnaise, and I taste the brackish tang of my Black Master’s breeding sap. It is followed in rapid succession by the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth shots. Master is shouting out this whole time, calling me his white slut and his pussy-boi and telling me to make sure I swallow his jizz. I always do; it’s a white whore’s place to ingest her Black Master’s sweet nectar and I would never dream of wasting any of it. The only place for Master Var’s sperm is inside my mouth or my asspussy, or if Master prefers, sprayed all over my face or my buttocks when he’s done fucking me or whatever he decides is most demeaning to me.


In the meantime, I had gotten hard again and fired another clittygasm, as Var calls them, into my tiny panties.  I always cum when I’m sucking off Black Master, but my pleasure is inconsequential to our relationship; his satisfaction is the important thing, the only thing really and we are both 100% focused on getting to that point for Master Lavar. He has had to punish me numerous times when it appeared that I was worried about my own fulfillment instead of His. I always take the punishment and promise to refocus totally on Black Master, as he deserves and demands. This time I barely noticed my own cum, so thoroughly was I centered on my man’s needs. Var was continuing to grunt loudly, trying to push the last few droplets of his gooey man seed through his distended pisshole, with his girl dutifully coaxing those same last precious dribbles from his aching, spit coated manhood. I drink of his essence as if a man dying of thirst in the desert, so unquenchable is my longing to have every part of him inside my body.  I love my Black Master so very much. I thank the gods every time I’m in his presence for sending him aggressively smashing to bits my formerly male being, for giving me the gift of feminization for his enjoyment and for allowing my total existence to revolve around pleasing him and serving him as his obedient slaveboi. 


He is still erect as I pull away from him completely, at his command. I fully expect his arrogant black prick to shrink away after showing proof of his virility. I look longingly at that dark anaconda swaying seductively in afterglow, shimmering with the residue of my oral slathering mixed with his own cum, the shaft appearing almost divine. And it is most assuredly, heavenly. Surely to a BBC worshiper such as I, it dwarfs my own white appendage by several inches of both length and circumference. I am nothing but a Caucasian worm, born to be ground under the boot heels of superior Black Masters. I revel in my identity as a bottom bitch for black studs, but still it is a paradox for me. I simultaneously hate myself for allowing things to get this far but also can’t stop the feelings of utter submissiveness that course through my body and soul whenever Black Master is near. I cannot stop my overwhelming love for him from consuming my every waking minute; I am powerless against his irresistible sexuality, his uber-dominant persona and his complete loathing for what I am.


I was shaken from my thoughts as Master Var instructed me to assume his preferred pose on the bed. I did as he bid but snuck a quick look at his cock before turning around. It was truly startling that he was still fully aroused, just a minute or two after a huge nut. I knew it had been several days since we had been together, but I was completely taken aback by the intensity of his fervor to dominate me. But Black Master is a true topman and now his aggressive instincts were taking over and he was going to take complete control of the proceedings from here on. I pushed my face into the pillows while tilting my shapely buttocks into Var’s direction. The gossamer negligee was clinging to my svelte form and I felt Master push it up my waist to get it out of the way. A second later my panties were torn off in one violent motion and I knew then that this would not be a gentle sexing, not that they ever were. Black Master was in the mood to fuck.


I heard Var’s gruff voice, telling me how I was his good little girl and how he was going to fuck me hard. He instructed me to pull open my asspussy for him and I did so, peeling apart my smooth buns to reveal the bright pink rosette hidden between them. I was so ready for my master to take me and he knew it. He whispered to me how my ripeness turned him on so fucking much, while at the same time running the tips of his fingers lightly over that crinkled pucker, eliciting moans of fervent lust from the depths of my core.  I was literally in heat, wanting my muscled lover inside my asscunt so badly, even as the taste of his cum still lingered in my mouth. I needed to be bred by my strong, unflinching Black Master, needed to feel the scorching fuck-slime coating my rectum and making me pregnant with his black baby. I longed to arch my back into his unyielding, inexhaustible fuck strokes, surrender myself to his infinite sexual appetite. To submit to his vast understanding of how to bring his bottom bitches just to the brink and then forcibly hold off their cum and then when they were begging for release, the ecstasy would boil over sending them both into a sweaty, searing and utterly draining orgasm. My butthole would clutch around his greasy man flesh, clasping and gripping in a climax of rasping screams and guttural grunts and gasping bodies and a gaping crevice.



And then, he was in me. One ferocious stab and rigid blackness was piercing my soft, yielding pink hole. I screamed out my love and my lust for Master Lavar as his cudgel sank into the blistering heat of my asspussy, fusing us as one in sexual rapture. I shrieked myself to a hoarse throat both from the initial pain of the rectal violation and from my crushing desire to have the man that I loved more than anything inside me, taking me, owning me. Lavar did just that as he began to lever his muscle-bound body in and out of my sucking boipussy. Black Master is a demanding top, expecting his bottom-boys to be capable of keeping up with his ravenous vitality. He’s spent countless arduous hours training my asscunt to pleasure his ample cock, and I put that instruction to good use now as I undulated the muscles in my guts to perfectly match his fuck-tempo. I loosened my grip as he pressed in and tightened up as he pulled back out again. I could tell from his grunts and groans that I was pleasing him and I beamed with pride as Master settled in behind me and twisted my head around so he could force a knee-weakening kiss upon me. His lips met mine and he practically devoured my mouth, pushing his tongue in deeply and making clear in no uncertain terms who possessed whom in our ballet of adoration and domination.



The sweat-soaked peignoir clung to my slim form; I always felt like such a whore when I dressed in the pretty, feminine lingerie that Black Master required. The gossamer, lacy barely-there nightie turned him into even more of a furious sex-brute, loving the idea of turning a straight white young man into a girly-boi slut for black dick. Neither of us could have known when we began our affair those months ago, that our couplings would wind up being the best sex we ever had. Lavar had not been completely open to the idea when I had first approached him. But he soon saw what dedication I had to him and to the role I was born to play: his female. I sucked him and took his cock and did things for him that no real woman would ever do. And he soon came to appreciate my lust, my obedience, my surrender all directed at him.

            Our fuck continued on, his black inches filling my guts, wrenching it’s way through the soft, pliant flesh of my bowels. I arched into his strong thrusts, loving the roughness with which he was taking me, forcing me to submit to his iron will. My breathing came in small gasps, as I was squealing and mewling like a virgin schoolgirl, the very core of my being invaded by my thug lover. His unyielding horn of flesh drilled into me with a propelling force getting rapidly stronger by the second. I could feel the greasy knob destroying my sphincter, mashing into my prostate. Our bodies were fused as one at the point of penetration, and I felt as if our souls were also merging, becoming one with each other. I was so in love with him, so in love with submitting to his every demand that I found myself crying out of sheer bliss as Black Master rode me hard into the silk sheets beneath us. He was everything to me at that moment, his muscled flesh covering mine, his sweaty tang in my nostrils, the sweet, salty taste of him in my mouth and his aching, stiff manhood melding with my pussy. He was my everything and I cried out my love and devotion to him at the same instant I came in a searing second of ecstasy, my jizz firing into the mattress I was being pounded into. Lavar loudly groaned out an earth shattering orgasm of his own and I felt that final, brutal thrust and felt him bite down hard on the back of my neck while he grunted out his nut. I felt proof of his virility as he drenched my intestines with his blistering hot man-sap. Blast after scalding blast coated my guts, making me pregnant with his thug seed. We were both still gasping, gulping down lungfuls of air as our climaxes hit and then slowly subsided. I could feel his slippery, sweat-soaked stomach and chest sticking to the gossamer peignoir, still clinging to my slim figure. His erection was beginning to shrink, finally, as he started to pull himself out of my distended rectum with a loud squelching sound. My cunny was completely full of his sperm, his baby-juice. He rolled over onto his back on the bed beside me, still breathing hard, his chest rapidly rising and falling. I eyed his glistening prick; now limp but still much bigger than my little clit even when I’m aroused. I knew it would be likely that Black Master would want an encore performance later that night. I would be ready for him and I fingered some of the jizz dripping from my quim as I grabbed my butt plug from the nightstand and reinserted it, making certain to keep as much of Master’s sperm in me as possible. I licked the residue from my fingers and crawled into the crook of Lavar’s arm to lie beside him as his conquered female.

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I hope you all found this little episode to your liking. I am working on bringing you more of my full-length stories that you all have responded to so whole-heartedly! Sometimes, as a writer, you get a bit tired of trudging through all the varied storylines you have going on and you just want to write about two people fucking. I hope I was able to capture in short order, the intense sexuality between the protagonists. I wasn’t really into putting a plot down on paper; I just wanted the Black Master and his White Pussyboy to get it on! So that’s what they did. Suck, fuck and cum. Simple as that. Hope you enjoy putting it to use as much as I did writing it. Thanks for all the feedback on my other tales and keep checking back to Nifty for further updates! Best always…

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