A Stir in Ian's Bottom, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Young man, don't say a word!” the irritated mother snapped as her son tried to plead his case. “We've had this discussion too many times, Ian. March straight upstairs, get out of those wet clothes, and get in the shower.”

From the look on Ian's face, it was clear that he knew how badly he'd upset his mother. His brown eyes were moist with welling tears, and his bottom lip was quivering. The smile that he normally wore on his cherubic face had turned into a sad, regretful pout. His head was hanging, but he was peering up at his mom with a look of near shame, prompting her to soften her own expression as she waited for him to comply. I watched him nod in defeat, his damp head of brown hair glistening from the light that shined down from the ceiling.

Yes ma'am,” the ten year old muttered with a crestfallen expression, then he turned and moved up the stairs with his shoulders slumped and his lanky arms hanging at his sides. We both watched him take a right turn at the top of the stairs, then the sound of the bathroom fan rang out and we heard the door close, telling us that he was following his mother's orders.

Thank you for going down to the creek and finding him, Phil,” she said with a warm smile, leaning into my side and wrapping her arm around my waist. She planted a kiss on my cheek, prompting me to pucker up and plant one on her lips, my reward for being such a good father figure to my girlfriend's son.

It's no problem, babe,” I said with a slight chuckle. “I knew right where to go.”

I don't know what it's going to take to keep him from jumping into that damn creek with his clothes on,” she lamented, then she rolled her eyes and gave me a wry smile. “At least he was wearing flip flops this time.”

Why don't I go upstairs and have a talk with him, Cindy?” I suggested as she rested her head against my torso. “Maybe while you're at the store, the two of us can sort it out.”

That would be great,” she said, her voice laced with a mixture of frustration and hopeful optimism, then she smiled up at me. “You really love him, don't you?”

Of course I do, honey,” I said, returning her smile with one of my own. “I love both of you more and more every day.”

I love you too, Phil,” she said, letting go of a contented sigh. “I hope we stay this way forever.”

So do I, babe,” I assured her, holding her close as we listened to Ian start the shower.”

Ian's mom had plenty of reason to be concerned. Her ten year old had developed the curious habit of riding his bike down to the nearby creek and jumping in with all of his clothes on. He would often be drenched upon his return, adding to the loads of laundry that his mother would have to deal with. The first couple of times it happened, Cindy was slightly amused at her sons adventurous antics. Then it began to happen with regularity, so the doting mother sat her son down and had a talk with him. He promised to try harder not to wear all of his clothes when he went in the water, and his mother felt relieved.

Unfortunately for the pretty young lady standing in my embrace, her son didn't keep his promise at all. In fact, as soon as Spring break was upon them, she found herself coming home from work to a townhouse that stunk of creek water. That was because her son took off for the creek almost as soon as she left for work, eager to get back down there. The first day, she took a few deep breaths and calmly told Ian that he was no longer allowed to ride to the creek without her permission. The next day, she grounded him from his bike, prompting a teary eyed Ian to swear that he wouldn't get in the water again if she ungrounded him. Unable to cope with her son's misery, the single mom gave in and Ian rewarded her with a big hug and a kiss.

The next day, she thought she could smell creek water in the townhouse, but Ian was bone dry, watching TV with an innocent look. She surreptitiously inspected his room, but came up short. That was because her crafty little boy had stuffed his wet clothes at the very bottom of the hamper in the bathroom, the one place his mother didn't think to look. As the week wore on, though, the bundle of wet clothes got bigger and bigger, and Cindy busted her son on Friday. After a lot of tears and begging for forgiveness, Ian swore that he would behave, and by the time I arrived for our Friday night date, all was forgiven.

Which is why Cindy was less than forgiving this afternoon. After a Saturday morning filled with chores, the little boy donned a pair of red sweat pants and a gray tee shirt before taking off on his bike. When he checked in for lunch, his clothes were completely saturated with creek water. When she asked him for an explanation, he provided her with a simple, “I forgot.”

Not wanting to make a mountain out of a molehill, Cindy let her son off the hook by telling him, “It's getting cold outside, honey. I want you to stay in for the rest of the day.”

After his shower, Ian dressed in a pair of blue cargo shorts and a green tee shirt, then he joined us for lunch. When the sun came out, he begged his mom for permission to play outside, and she reluctantly gave in on the condition that he not go past the end of the cul-de-sac. Unable to resist the urge, the naughty little boy immediately made his way down to the creek with one thing on his mind.

Cindy was furious when she discovered that her son wasn't playing in the neighborhood as agreed. She made a beeline for the garage, where she found his bike still resting against the wall, then she stormed back inside and went on a stress filled mini rant. Eager to diffuse the situation, I offered to walk down to the creek and collect her son. She gave me a grateful smile and accepted my offer, asking me to call her on her cell phone when I was on my way back with Ian in tow.

When I arrived at the creek, I knew exactly where to find the boy. I simply followed my ears, cutting through the thick brush that had grown over the years in the undeveloped area. The sound of the running creek was all I could hear at first, but as I made my way along the path of trees and fallen branches, that all changed. At first, it was a faint noise that was drowned out by the water as it coursed over a grouping of medium sized rocks. But as I stepped over a downed oak tree, taking care not to trip, the sounds of boyish moans and skin slapping against skin became more and more prevalent.

I pulled back a quartet of thin, leafy branches and stepped into a clearing that was no more than 500 square feet in total, providing privacy for anyone who happened to be there. On this day, it was Ian who had sought out this private area, as he had every other day since discovering the spot. In fact, the boy couldn't seem to stay away.

When I stepped out of the bush, I was greeted by the site of Ian, laying flat on his back with his left leg sticking straight up in the air. He was naked from the waist down, his shorts and underwear trapped around his right ankle. He was moaning almost uncontrollably around a shaft that was being fed to him from above, courtesy of a cute high school senior that had caught his eye a couple of weeks back. The little brunette had a glowing smile on his face that I could make out from a distance, even as he accepted full strokes of hard dick that ran back and forth between his lips. His throat was expanding with every downward stroke that the cute 18 year old fed him, then it would retract as the boy pulled it back.

Adding to Ian's bliss was the boy's older brother, who was holding his left leg up by the ankle, using one hand to keep it in place while he ran his dick in and out of the boy's tight rear end. Both Ian and the 19 year old who had taken up the task of servicing Ian's horny boy pussy were loving the ride, and they both knew how it would all end. With every inward thrust, the teenager could feel the oven like heat of Ian's welcoming love tunnel envelop the entire length of his shaft. With every outward pull, he felt the head of his dick dragging along the hot, moist lining of Ian's boy cunt, making him shiver with lust. He could feel his still developing package churn with the impending orgasm that was not far away, so he picked up the pace of his ride, eager to reach the Nirvana that was within his grasp.

Ian could feel his ten year old body sizzle with passion between the two hunks he had made plans with. He knew that his lovers were climbing the heights of teen aged ecstasy, and he was hot to accommodate their thick loads. He'd taken so many of them over the past couple of weeks, and with every one he accepted, he found himself craving more. Ian used his talented throat and tongue to pull the climax out of his high school aged lover's balls so that he could experience the joy of taking yet another load down his throat. The almost daily rendezvous with his lover were addicting, and when he had to leave his older lover, he took solace in being able to ride home with one of his warm loads in his tummy.

Over the course of Spring break, Ian had the added bonus of being introduced to his lover's equally cute brother, who was home from college on Spring Break. He knew that the older boy would be leaving soon, and was eager to spend as much time as he could between the brothers, taking their cocks and being their eager little pussy boy. For his diligence, the 10 year old was rewarded with a twice a day split roast, courtesy of the two teenage boys whose cocks filled his dreams night and day.

While he was being fed hard cock at both ends, Ian's tummy was heaving up and down beneath his shirt, which I noticed was splattered with what appeared to be three shots of cum. As he moaned hotly around his 18 year old lover's hard dick, he reached up and lovingly caressed the boy's balls, sending a shudder through the teenager. The little boy's hard dick was sticking straight out from his groin, a sure sign that he was enjoying his visit with his two tops. When he felt the 19 year old start to quicken his pace, Ian's moans started to pick up, keeping time with the inward thrusts of his top as he prepared to accept his reward. With the promise of another hot load of cum filling his already well fucked bottom, Ian doubled down on the dick he was sucking. Longing to take his lover's load as soon as he could, Ian wrapped the bottom of his talented tongue around the hot shaft he had in his mouth. This sent an inferno of heat through his 18 year old lover's balls that spread quickly through his midsection, hastening the onset of his climax.

From my vantage point, I saw Ian's facial expression change and I knew what was happening at the other end. He let go of a slutty moan and panted hard around the dick in his mouth, his typical reaction whenever a load of cum is filling him up. I let my gaze travel to the boy who had his cock up Ian's ass, noting that he had pushed all the way in and was grimacing in ecstasy as he gave up his load. Watching his brother achieve his orgasm, the cute 18 year old was driven past the point of no return. Soon, Ian's slutty moans turned to gargling as his mouth filled up with a hot, thick load of spunk that was too big for him to accommodate fully. He opened wide and used his little hands to take a firm hold of the 18 year old's cock, then he gave it several firm strokes while he let his mouth fill up with warm cum. When he closed his mouth and swallowed, a final offering of cum poured out onto his smiling face, coating his lips, chin and cheeks as he sighed with contentment.

Ian spent a glorious afterglow kneeling in front of the two teens, sucking their dicks clean while his cum drooling bottom rolled around in the air. While I was watching him take care of his lovers like a good little pussy boy should, I started to undress, eager to please the horny little boy before returning him to his mother. The boys spotted me watching them and grinned, just as they had so many times before over the course of the week. Ian, being the dedicated bottom boy that he is, stayed obediently on his knees with his eyes trained on their cocks, eager to worship at their alter of lust. I watched with some degree of amusement as Ian frowned when they declined his offer to eat their asses, knowing that he was eager to please any man or boy, anytime he could. I also knew that he was trying to entice his lovers to stick around so that he could enjoy taking three tops on at once.

Unfortunately for the horny 10 year old, the boys had to get moving. So after planting a grateful kiss on the end of each one of their teen cocks, Ian stayed on his knees and watched his lovers get dressed while I approached him. He was watching his lovers with lust filled eyes, his mouth watering as he dreamed about taking another hot load from each of them. His hard, hairless little dick was still sticking straight out from his body, revealing his yearning deep down for more sex. When he saw me approach him, he smiled lovingly and licked his lips. My cock was rock hard and drooling with precum, and I knew that he'd want it right away. So as soon his two teenage Adonises made their exit with the promise of seeing him again, Ian wrapped his lips around my dick.

With my flow of precum filling his mouth, the 10 year old sucked like a baby drinking from a bottle. I reached down and caressed his cheek, prompting the horny boy to smile up at me, his brown eyes sparkling in the sunlight. He used his tongue to bathe the head of my dick, then he pulled off with a slurp and moved down to my nuts. With a mouthful of my sack, Ian let my hard cock rest against his brown bangs while his soft hands rubbed up and down on my outer thighs. My flow of precum hadn't subsided at all, and as a result, a liberal pool collected in his hair while he sucked my balls for what seemed like a full minute.

When he pulled off of my nuts, he reached up and wrapped his right hand around the base of my hard cock, lifting it from his bangs. A strand of precum hung on, stretching from his brown hair to my piss slit until it broke free and landed on his face. He smiled up at me with satisfaction, clearly enamored to have a slimy trail of my precum painting his cute face, then he wrapped his lips back around my dick and gave it a long, sensual French kiss. I reached down and ran my fingers through his hair, letting them run through the pool of precum that he had there. I lovingly massaged my juices into his scalp, earning me a moan of desire from the horny youngster, then he pulled off of my dick and looked up at me with a hopeful smile.

Without a word, I nodded my approval, and he was on his feet in an instant. He quickly bent over, placing his hands against a tree for support while I grabbed his hips and lined up. While he moaned with the certainty of a cock hound who was about to get his way, Ian's hole started to bloom as soon as I placed the head of my dick up against it. A warm river of cum greeted my glans as they pushed into his sphincter, easing the way as they practically melted into his reactive boy pussy. I felt the moist lining of his tight bottom give way as I buried my shaft all the way, watching as the youngster grinned over his shoulder at me and bit his lower lip.

I've been inside of Ian's hot rear end so many times that I've lost count, but the experience is always intense, almost overwhelming. So when I finally felt my pubic bush smash against his deep crevice, I placed my hands on the small of his back and rested. While I was enjoying the hot, moist confines of Ian's boy pussy, he was moaning with passion, eager for his fuck to get underway. I felt him roll his rear end around, making my hard cock stir in his bottom and creating enough friction to give us both a thrill, and I knew that he was frantic for the ride to begin.

I knew it wouldn't be a long ride; it almost never is. That's because Ian's talented boy cunt has a way with cocks, a way to hasten the orgasm of any top who's inside of him. I wondered if he did it intentionally, or if he was just blessed with an ass that's designed to give men and boys the maximum amount of pleasure.

Ian had been taking cocks for a lot longer than I had known him. His fun started when he was just 9 years old, barely out of third grade. The boy had an unmistakable attraction to males, and with no male role model in his life, he sought out the attention of a neighborhood retiree. Unbeknownst to his mom, Ian was quickly groomed by the man and found himself sucking the man's dick on a daily basis. After a few days of careful preparation, the youngster was deflowered in his neighbor's bed. Much to the man's delight, the horny nine year old was at his door on a daily basis, eager to bend over and satisfy the constant stirring that he felt in his bottom.

Soon after taking his first cock, the youngster found himself craving the touch of other men and boys. He learned from his lover that he could frequent various spots in the city, where he would have his craving for cock satisfied. By the time the school year started in September, Ian was a regular in the park restroom. He took particular pleasure in sucking men and boys off while he sat on the toilet with his pants puddled around his feet and his little hard on sticking straight out. When he was lucky, his day of fun would include a few ass fuckings, usually in the stall or behind some bushes. But no matter how many dicks he sucked, or how many men serviced his yearning boy pussy, Ian felt a constant craving deep down to see his older neighbor for some action at his back door.

Sadly for both man and boy, the day came when the old man was unable to live alone anymore. So he was moved into a retirement community by his children, who were concerned for their father's ability to take care of himself. It was then that I came into the boy's life. He was just turning ten years old, and he took an instant liking to me. His mother, being the caring but busy professional that she is, saw that her little boy was soaking up my attention, and soon, my affection. The first time that she found herself in a pinch, needing to work later than she usually would, she reached out to me, concerned that she wasn't home to cook dinner. I stopped off and bought the boy a pizza, then I joined him for supper while his mom called and gave us updates on her progress at work. When it became apparent that she was going to be home after Ian's bedtime, I urged him to get ready for bed, then come sit with me so we could watch TV.

With the pajama clad boy in my lap, I found it hard to concentrate on the TV. He had taken a spot right on my crotch, and he seemed to be grinding his bubble butt into it. Soon, my dick started to fill with blood, but the youngster made no move to cease his grinding. Instead, he smiled over his shoulder at me and gave his rear end three deliberate churns while we made direct eye contact, then he said, “It feels good.”

With that, the cute boy turned his attention back to the TV while I tried to process what had happened. His little bottom was still grinding against my painfully hard dick, and he seemed to know exactly what he was doing. So when he turned his head so that he was looking deep into my eyes again, it wasn't such a surprise when he leaned in and planted a kiss on my mouth. As if I were in a spell, I found myself melting into his advances, and soon, we were sharing a deep French kiss while he ground his butt with even more force. Five minutes later, the cute boy was grinning up at me from the missionary position as I gave him the first of many ass fuckings in his own bed. After planting my seed deep inside of him, I held him close and he fell asleep in my arms. I carefully pulled his pajama bottoms back up and tucked him in, then I washed my dick in the sink and returned to the living room.

When Cindy came home from work, we went into Ian's room, watching as the little boy slept with a dreamy smile on his face. She smiled at me and said, “He never goes to sleep this easily for me. He loves you so much.”

After that day, I was sure to service Ian's bottom on a nightly basis. His mom was glad to let us have our “guy time” in the garage or even at my place, if I was off work for the day. When he would crawl into my lap and let me hold him on the couch, she gushed and resolved that she never wanted me to be out of his life.

So when her baby boy started to frequent the clearing by the creek, a clearing I had taken him to for the first time, she didn't see it as anything but mischief on the part of her 10 year old. And while it was certainly mischievous of her boy to visit the creek each day, it was far from the innocent adventure that Cindy had imagined it to be. Each day, Ian would lure as many sex partners down to the clearing as he could, knowing that soon, I would arrive and he could have his bottom filled with my cock. In the meanwhile, he was hot to suck a few dicks and take a few loads up the ass while he waited.

Which was exactly what he was doing when he made plans to see his two teen aged lovers. Because while Ian is always hot to service a few cocks, he knew that I would be there soon. That I could never say no to his charms, and that after getting his fill of cock and cum from the cute brothers that he felt so attracted to, he would be treated to a ride on my hard cock. The horny 10 year old was unable to control his desire as he first reached out to the brothers, then defied his mom and made the trek down to the creek. But it was all worth it for the boy, who was presently hanging onto the tree in front of him as my cock throbbed in his boy pussy.

I placed my hands flat against his hips, feeling my fingertips press into his fleshy mounds until I had a secure grip. Knowing that his ride was starting in a matter of seconds, Ian licked his lips seductively and gave a needy whimper, then he panted and looked straight ahead as I started our dance of passion. His ass was so tight around my cock, which had been pouring precum out that his hot membranes were absorbing, giving him an added sensation of horny lust. I could feel the heat that was being generated by the friction between his needy rear end and my veiny shaft. Ian could feel every vein that lined my cock tearing along the lining of his boy pussy, torturing the nerve endings that had come alive so many months ago when he gave into his nature. A minute into our ride, the boy's tight ass started to queef. He gave me a wry smile over his shoulder as his noisy bottom filled our ears, but his moaning never ceased.

As I pushed air in and pulled it out, I felt a strong shudder run up and down my legs, then it spread through my chest and my stomach. At the same time, my balls started to boil with cum and I felt the hair stand up on the back of my neck. When I felt the spunk start to travel down the length of my shaft, I tightened my grip around Ian's hips and drove in harder and faster. Ian's moaning and panting started to pick up as he was treated to as many thrusts as I could give him, then the moment of reckoning was upon us, so I pushed my entire length up his ass and froze. As usual, Ian's expression gave away the fact that he was taking a hot load of cum in his ass. He was panting hard through his pursed lips while his slutty moans replaced the queefing that had been filling our ears. I could see the joyous look in his eyes as my hot load squirted forcefully into his rectum, sending a shiver through his already pleasure filled body.

When my balls were drained, I pulled out and the youngster was on his knees in an instant. Ian started sucking lustily on my cock while cum ran down the backs of his legs, running down into his shorts, which were still wrapped around his right ankle. With the loads of two lovers now soiling the outside of his blue shorts, three hot shots of cum splattered across his green shirt and my sticky precum matted in his hair, Ian smiled naughtily up at me and pulled off of my dick. Knowing that his mother was expecting him to accompany me, he dutifully got dressed and waded into the creek. He spent about five minutes soaking in the water, washing all of the cum away from his clothes that he could, then he came out and we walked back so that Ian could face his mother.

I was still downstairs as I listened to Cindy go into her son's room and plead with him to stop going into the creek with his clothes on. After a few minutes of haranguing her son, Cindy emerged with an exasperated look on her face. I immediately wrapped her up in my arms and held her close, wanting to ease her worries.

Honey, he's a little boy,” I reminded her. “He's going to do things like get messy and find mischief. He probably doesn't see what's wrong with that.”

You're probably right, Phil,” she conceded. “Maybe I should take it a little easier on him.”

Why don't you go to the store and forget about all of this,” I said in a soft voice. “Let me go upstairs and have a talk with him. Maybe we can sort all of this out later on.”

With that, she planted a kiss on my lips and took her grocery list out the door. I watched from the front porch as she backed out of the driveway and pulled off, then I waited a few more minutes just in case. When I was sure that she was gone, I made my way upstairs to Ian's room. He was laying in his bed with his legs spread wide, his white briefs cast to the side as soon as he heard his mom's car start. His little boner was back, sticking up at a 45 degree angle as he set his eyes on my package, which was still tucked away in my pants.

You've been a very naughty boy, Ian,” I said, raising an eyebrow and unbuckling my belt. “What do you think we should do about that?”

Maybe I need to be punished,” he said in a small voice that was dripping with desire.

What kind of punishment do you think you deserve?” I demanded, and he responded by sitting up and turning over, exposing his bare rump to me.

I think I should have my bottom punished,” he said, placing himself on his hands and knees and pointing his rear end my way. “It's a really naughty bottom, and I think you should teach it a lesson.”

I agree,” I told him, unbuttoning my pants and letting them fall to the floor. He let go of a quiet moan when he heard my pants hit the floor, then he bit his lip and gave me a hungry gaze. “You have a very naughty rear end, Ian. One that needs to be taught discipline.”

Okay,” he agreed with a whimper, watching as I eased my boxers down. I stepped up to the boy and grabbed his hips, lining my cock up to his hole, which was still oozing fresh cum, and pushed in.

Tell me how badly you think your bottom needs to be punished,” I demanded, and he moaned hotly.

It needs to be punished really hard, Phil,” he whined through a series of pants. “You should punish it until it learns not to be such a naughty rear end.”

With that, the boy started to thrust his hips back and forth on his own, treating himself to four hot back and forth strokes of hard dick until I grabbed his hips and took over. Keeping the momentum that Ian had started, I held his hips so that I could drive into his bottom over and over, giving him the hot, dirty fuck that he was after. The look on his face was sheer pleasure as he took every thrust as deep as he could, his bed creaking loudly the entire time. His slutty moans were back, and as he felt my hard dick stabbing in and out of his boy pussy, so was his panting. His hard little cock was pointing down at his blankets, as hard as it could be as he moaned gutturally with every motion that my hot dick made inside of him.

As we settled into our fuck, I spoke to him.

I hope that you're learning a valuable lesson, young man,” I panted, and he nodded his head.

This is a really good lesson,” he moaned, our banter getting him hot. “But I need to be taught lessons like this all the time, Phil.”

I'm glad that you see that, Ian,” I said, feeling a strong tingling sensation run through my cock. “Every time that you go down to the creek like that, you'll have to be punished just like this,” I said, then I felt my legs start to burn with pleasure.

Then I'm going to need a lot more punishment,” the naughty boy said with a hot, passion filled moan. “Because I'm going back down there tomorrow.”

You have a very naughty boy pussy, Ian,” I admonished him, feeling breathless as my orgasm started to build. “Do you think you've learned your lesson yet?”

No, not yet,” he panted frantically. “I'm going to need more punishment after this one.”

How do you think this punishment should end, Ian?” I asked him, watching as he bit his lower lip and smiled over his shoulder.

I need to have my naughty rear end filled with cum,” he moaned, prompting me to pick up the pace as a hectic flurry of passion filled my loins. I gave him five hard, fast thrusts until I drove in for the final time and froze, firing my load up his ass with force. While I unloaded my man spunk, I watched as his lips pursed and he panted hard, then a long, needy moan that was loud enough to fill the house escaped his lips. When I pulled out of him, he rolled onto his back and sat straight up, then he wrapped his lips around my dick with a lust filled smile. After spending a long afterglow sucking my cock and balls clean, Ian fetched his underpants and got dressed, then he joined me downstairs in the recliner.

Exhausted after so much sex, he climbed into my lap and we shared a deep kiss. After a long, tongue filled kiss that made him moan into my mouth, our lips parted and he smiled with a contented sigh.

I love you, Phil,” he said softly.

I love you too, buddy,” I told him, giving his underwear clad bottom a tender squeeze. “Are you all set back there?”

For right now I am,” he said, then he rested his head on my shoulder, so I held him close until he fell asleep. Seeing that the horny boy had settled into a late afternoon nap, I planted a kiss on his head, then I looked for something to watch. Soon, I was overcome by my own exhaustion and fell into a deep slumber with the youngster in my arms.

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