Tickled to See You


This story was told to me in part by one of my readers who loved to be tickled and was tickled by his friend's stepfather and others. The added details of the sessions in the basement are mine.

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Tickled to See You

I'm super fucking ticklish, and by that, I mean I'm SUPER fucking ticklish. Just look at me like you're going to tickle me, and I collapse into fits of laughter. Actually tickle me, and I'll writhe, giggle, and plead with you to stop, but I don't really want you to. Tickling for me is sexual. I get an erection, and if you brush my dick while tickling me, and I might squirt. It's happened more than once.

Andy's stepdad discovered that soon after I started going over to his house.

I had worn a tight-fitting nylon track suit that day, and while Andy was playing a PlayStation game, I wondered down to the basement where his stepdad, Ed, had his den. It was Ed's own little world, but he sometimes let me come down. He liked to tickle me, and I guess I kept coming back for more. Anyway, he was watching the Cowboys play the Washington Redskins on TV when he looked up and saw me.

"Come back for more, huh?" he said. He had often greeted me by tickling me when I came over.

"Nooo," I said, my arms wrapped around me, my hands protecting my ribs, but I was already starting to giggle. Jumping up from the couch, he grabbed me and threw me down on it, pried my hands away from my ribs and started tickling me, his hands sliding easily over the slick nylon of my jumpsuit. "Nooo...stoppp," I cried, but I really didn't want him to stop. My dick was already hard, and I knew if he kept it up, I'd cum.

His hands roamed all over the upper part of my body, my neck, my armpits, and my ribs. Then, I saw him glance down at my erection which was outlined by my tracksuit, a reason I'd worn it I think. His hand wondered down toward it but didn't touch it. Instead, he tickled that part of me below my balls, and for the first time, I found out that was as ticklish as any place else on my body.

From there, his hand roamed higher, and it was rubbing my dick, no longer tickling but rubbing it in a circular motion. I squirted almost at once, my giggles turning to moans, and he was soon on top of me, dry-humping me until he came. After which he went back to watching the football game, and I went back upstairs to Andy's room.

For the next few weeks, we settled into that routine: I'd go down to the den, get tickled, have a climax when he rubbed my dick, and get dry humped afterward. Neither of us talked about it, and I never said anything to Andy about it because it was just between his stepdad and me.

I don't know, whether at the time, I wanted more. For me, at that stage of my sexual development, it was enough. Other than jacking off by myself, I'd never done anything. I'd never even seen Andy's dick hard. I'd certainly never touched it, but I was yet to see or touch Ed's either, at least, to touch it with my hands. I had only felt it pressed against me as he dry-humped me.

One day, about a month after that first time, I had again gone downstairs to his den and got tickled, but this time, as he tickled me, he took off my clothes. I came before he even touched my dick, and by the time he undid my pants, my underwear was stained with a huge wet spot, but my dick was already hard again.

I lay on the couch naked as he took off his clothes, and I saw his dick for the first time. It was huge I thought. Maybe, it wasn't huge compared to some men's dicks, but mine was only a little over four inches hard, and his was inches longer than it was. Too, he had a bush of pubic hair above it which traced a line up to his bellybutton, and he had a thick mat of hair on his chest. I only had a little hair rimming top of my dick and didn't even have underarm hair yet. I was only twelve.

He lay on top of me again, this time with his bare cock against mine, and dry-humped me again until he came, this time his spurt getting smeared on our bellies along with mine, because I squirted again before he did.

Again, neither of us said anything about what had just happened. He got a towel out of the basement bathroom, cleaned himself off and handed it to me so I could. I got dressed and so did he, and I went back up to Andy's room where he was still playing a videogame.

The next time I was over at Andy's and had gone down to the basement, I ended up naked before the tickling had started in earnest, although it had still tickled when he was taking off my clothes. After being tickled and cumming the first time, he took my hand and placed it on his dick. I grasped it and began stroking it, amazed at how big it felt in my hand. He stroked my dick and we both came that way. When he humped me, he stuck his dick between my tightly closed legs and came with it between them. Again, neither of us said anything about what we'd done afterward.

Things progressed from there. The next time, he took the head of my dick into his mouth which made me squirt right away. It shocked me to see him let me squirt into his mouth and to see him swallow it, but curious afterward, I jacked off and tasted some of my own cum. The taste of it made me a little sick at my stomach, but the next time, I took his dick into my mouth. Grasping the back of my head, he humped my mouth until he came, and like he did, I swallowed it.

I blew him again the next time I was over and swallowed it again. The taste no longer made me feel sick to my stomach. I won't say I liked the taste of it, but the pleasure it seemed to give him for me to swallow it was worth it. That was the first time he stuck his finger up my ass.

It surprised me, but I soon got to like how it felt, one finger -- then two -- plunging in and out.

The next time, he stuck a lubed, dick-shaped vibrator up my ass, and I came with it in me. I loved having an orgasm with it up my ass. After a few weeks of that, he lay on top of me, and it was his dick that was probing my hole trying to gain entrance to it. My butthole resisted, but he persisted, and was soon inside me, fucking me. His dick had hurt going in but not unbearably so, probably because he had been preparing me for the day when he would fuck me. I went back to Andy's room with his stepdad's cum leaking from my ass. Andy still had no clue what we were doing in the den and was so wrapped up in his videogames, he probably hadn't even known I was gone.

After that time, I got fucked every time I went over, but tickling was still a prelude to whatever other sex games we played, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. I wanted to be tickled and fucked in that order. At home, I jacked off fantasizing Ed had his dick up my ass, sometimes sticking other things up it, the handle of my hairbrush even. I wanted one of those dick-shaped vibrators, but I had no way to get one. Ed's dick had found a home, and I was glad to welcome it home any time. I loved being tickled, but I loved being fucked even more. I knew enough to know that some people would call what Ed did to me child abuse, but I didn't see it that way. He had given me a gift, allowing me to be whom I was meant to be. Some boys are meant to fuck others, other guys, or girls even, but I was meant to be fucked.

I fantasized about Ed's hairy body all the time. I dreamed about his big dick. To the contrary, nothing about Andy turned me on. His slender body was a smooth and as hairless as mine, and although I had seen him naked, I'd never seen him with a hard-on. I was sure his dick had grown like mine had, and his dick, hard, might have been a little bigger than mine, but it would have never matched Ed's, and just beginning to grow pubic hair, he had less than I did, which was damn little. I loved how Ed's pubic hair, splashed all over his groin, was traced in a line up to his navel. I loved his chest hair.

He felt just the opposite about me. "I love your hairless body," he said once, and as soon as I got home, I pulled out what pubic hair I had, and kept it pulled out from then on. I don't know if he noticed, because I had so little to start with, but he often said how much he loved my smooth body. No doubt, if I'd been older and had a full bush of pubic hair and a hairy chest, I would have never been fucked.

One weekend, I came over, and Mr. Petersen from next door was down in the den watching a football game with Ed. Shocked to find someone else there, I didn't even notice who was playing. "Oops. Sorry. Didn't know you had company, and turned to leave.

I had on my tight-fitting tracksuit because Ed seemed to like it so much. I'd had a hard-on on the way down to the basement, but upon seeing Mr. Petersen, it had begun to fade, although it was still leaving its impression on the crotch of the tracksuit, and I'm sure that's about all Mr. Petersen had seen when he had turned to look at me. The look on his face had been that of a starving man allowed into an all-you-can-eat buffet.

"It's all right, Luke," Ed said. "Come on over," so if for nothing else than to be polite, I walked over to the couch where they were sitting. "I've been telling Pete" -- never learned what his first name was, but Ed called him Pete -- "about how ticklish you were."

With that, Pete grabbed me, pulled me onto the couch and started ticking me. Ed joined in, and it was like a tag-team match, one tickling me before tagging the other and letting him tickle me. Sometimes, they cheated and tickled me at the same time. I was paralyzed with laughter. I wasn't even sure when it was they took off my clothes, but I was on the couch naked, and it was Pete's dick that was staring me in the face. He slapped my mouth with it, and I dutifully opened my mouth and let it in. He face-fucked me, soon shooting into my mouth. The next thing I knew, I was bent over the arm of the couch with Pete's dick up my ass and Ed's cock in my mouth, and they were fucking both ends at once.

I don't know how I would have felt had they not ticked me first, but they had, and I was loving it. I begged for more when they ran out of gas. "Fuck me again," I said, but I had to settle for more tickling.

Anyway, I was late getting back to Andy's room, and he said, "Where have you been?"

"Down watching football with Ed and Mr. Petersen," I said.

"Oh? Who was playing?"

I hadn't noticed. I'd been too busy sucking dick, getting tickled, and getting fucked to see who was playing.

"Uh...uh...you know me. I don't know one team from the other."

"What'd you go for then?"

"Better than watching you play videogames," I said.

"I let you play."

He did, and I had, but playing videogames wasn't why I'd gone over to Andy's house.

We were about to get in an argument, so I changed the subject. The last thing I wanted to do was to piss off Andy and to no longer get invited to his house. I guess I even kissed his ass a little, something I wouldn't have done before going down to the basement where Ed was that first time. Even Andy would have been suspicious if my reason for coming over to his house was to visit Ed.

Sundays over at Andy's got to be routine, and more often than not, that routine included Pete, and I would get fucked in both ends at once. One Sunday, though, when I'd stayed too long in the basement, Andy came down and caught me bent over the couch with Ed's cock up my butt while Pete was fucking my face. I don't know what happened at his house afterward, whether he told his mom or not, but he no longer talked to me at school, and he never invited me back to his house.

I never heard from the cops, so they must have kept it quiet, but I had to go looking for other men who liked tickling boys.