chapter I


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Prelude: Tomas was scared out of his mind. He had never done anything this daring or this nasty before. In all of his thirteen years on this earth he had been taught that his pee pee was dirty. It was not to be seen or touched except to pee and to wash. And never, ever was it to be seen by anyone else with the exception of a doctor.
"Why don't you two boys come with me." Tomas looked up. The principal of the school was looking down on them from the top of the cubical.

     Tomas had grown up in a house full of women. His mother had been too young to have a baby and the nasty boy that hurt her had left her without a word. She would never tell who he was. She had to live with her shame in her aunt's house with three other spinster ladies who looked down on the fact that she was obviously in a very family way. They had made her feel so dirty that she choose to hide in her rooms for days at a time venturing, out only to seek food in the middle of the night.
     When Tomas had been born he was secreted away with her. Tomas was four years old when his mother died and it was only because of hunger that he cried and drew the attention of the other four residents of his damnable prison. His mother's body had lain on the floor next to the bed until it had become bloated and started to stink. When his aunt had the neighbor boy break down the door the crying and terrified young Tomas was curled in the corner hiding under a filthy sheet.
     Many people came and his mother had been taken away. Tomas was moved to another room with open windows, air and light. He was overwhelmed. He had never been outside of the two little rooms occupied by him and his mother. She had bathed him in the little sink in the corner. She fed him scraps that she could find on her nightly foraging. At the end there seemed to less food and she had given everything to Tomas and let herself starve that her bastard spawn should live. Oh yes, his aunt was a spiteful woman full of venom and she spread it about in thick layers to anyone who could hear.
     Tomas enjoyed the freedom of his new room and even went out to play in the beautiful garden in the back. He was allowed to dig in the dirt of an unused flower bed. He was carefully washed and his clothes kept clean but the ever present taunting of his forbidden body part clearly rang in his head.
     Over the years the three old women had died. Each death brought a kind of relief to Tomas in that their individual type of taunting was now gone. Each woman would berate him as it came their time to look after the growing man child. It was unknown to Tomas why they would speak to him as they did. He thought it natural being this is the only life he knew.
     Each of the old women had been school teachers who upon retirement had moved into this large old estate and given over their worldly endowments to live out a life without consequence or care. All of their needs were met by Tomas' great aunt who had taken all of their money and holdings as her own and housed and fed the women in her home. When Tomas was of a proper age the old ladies felt a purpose in life to educate him. His studies began early each morning and continued until bedtime.
     It was not without benefit to young Tomas, however. By the time he was thirteen he was fluent in twelve languages and a master in the more important ones. He knew his geography and history was his favorite subject. He shined in mathematics and was well advanced for his years. The last of the dowagers had passed away the summer of his thirteenth birthday and pressure was brought upon his aunt to send him to Charles Edmond Academy, an all boys school, that his personality be rounded out and he learn socialization.

     Never having peers Tomas was in turmoil for much of the first semester. It was only when he and Frederick became friends that he started to ease into a world filled with people. Frederick, whom he liked to call Freddy in private, was almost a year older than Tomas. His birthday came in late September while Tomas was in early June. Frederick had not been allowed to start school until two weeks before his seventh birthday.
     At fourteen and growing up in a different world Freddy saw life in a much more open way than Tomas ever could. The most amazing thing to Tomas was Freddy's fixation on his dick. Freddy had pointed out the dicks of other boys at the school and always had a strange comment about one or the other of them.
     The two boys had their bunks at the end of the row in the main dorm. The lower classes had open sleeping arrangements in a dormitory setting while those from ninth grade and up had two person rooms. Tomas was so far ahead of the other boys academically that he was actually taking high school classes and could have been graduated. It was felt that his incarceration in his house of terror, as it had begun to be called, had left him sorely lacking and that in his still innocent years he should learn the lesson that being around other people could bring.
     It probably was socialization but then it was also much deeper. The boy had a real need to relate to others. He lacked any form of communication skills. He was shy and withdrawn, almost as if he expected recrimination for his every act. He was slow to respond to questions and his new teachers knew that he was more knowledgeable than they in most areas and would use patience to draw the answers from him.
     In order to form relationships, and hopefully friendships, Tomas slept with his age group. He was encouraged in the play of the other boys and he found it most exhilarating. His body had taken on its mandatory trip to adulthood and emotions and stirrings were moving in him that were confusing. How about this pee pee thing? Freddy called it a dick. It never seemed to want to lie down. It was constantly stiff and upright. Freddy loved to look at it and he had, at first, had to force Tomas to let him see it. Now at night he would lay on this side, facing Freddy, with his sheet pulled up slightly and his underwear pulled down underneath his balls. Freddy faced Tomas and stared at the hard appendage of his friend only three feet away from him.
     Freddy was always trying to feel Tomas in the shower. This made Tomas shake, violently. He would push Freddy away and when the unwanted attention would continue Tomas would begin to cry. Freddy knew that another tact was going to be necessary if he were going to get the prize he so eagerly sought after.
     Freddy was, shall we say, very sexually active. He had began having sex with his brother, who was four years his senior. At the age of nine he was first introduced to fondling, then fellatio was introduced. By the time he was ten he was taking care of his brother and four of his friends everyday after school. It was when he was twelve that he was sent to this school. His mother had found him, on his knees in the bathroom fellating her husband as he sat on the toilet, She of course got rid of this, her third husband. I believe he is making licence plates and is married to Bubba.
     Freddy made the next move on a Friday night. As the boys around them fell asleep Freddy and Tomas had their young appendages exposed one to the other. Tomas was intrigued with what he saw. He just had such and ingrained fear of what might happen if he were seen that he refused to allow himself to go farther. Freddy pulled his foreskin back and exposed a large purple head. Tomas reared up to see better. "This is good," he thought. The dim lighting in the room was just enough that both boys could see each other quite clearly. Freddy, aware that he had the undivided attention of his quarry began to stroke his dick, left handed.
     Tomas was mesmerized as he watched the hand go up and down on the object of his intense concentration. The purple head of Freddy's dick was covered and uncovered by the rapid movements of his hand. Tomas found himself drooling into his pillow. In just a few minutes something white shot out of the end of Freddy's dick and landed on the floor between their beds. Three more spurts and it was drooling out of the head like saliva was drooling down his own cheek.
     Tomas looked into the eyes of his friend and saw a beaming smile there. Freddy pulled his spunk covered hand to his lips and licked his palm and every finger clean. Tomas eased out of his bed and scooped some of the mess off of the floor and hurried back under his covers. He looked at the stuff on his fingers. He smelled it. It was gross, yet somehow...He wiped his hand off on his sheet and turned over and went to sleep. He dreamed about what he had seen and awoke several times that night thinking about it. His dick just wouldn't go down. He slowly began to move his hand as he had watched Freddy do. It made him tingle and feel really weird in his stomach. He could hear his aunt and teachers chastising him. The voices echoed in his ears until it was making him mad with anxiety. He closed his eyes and thought about being a little boy and digging in the flower beds. Dreams of lying in a field of flowers and kissing Freddy filled his head.
     Saturday morning was free sports time for the whole school. There were ball games of every sort being played around the spacious grounds of the academy. Most of the boys had gathered at the football field either as participants or spectators in a rousing game. Freddy dragged Tomas toward the football field but at the last moment veered off to an ivy covered building with an open door marked 'boys'. Once inside Freddy looked out to see if anyone had seen them enter then he shut the door and locked it with the heavy slide bolt at the top. Fortunately there was a paint bucket there that he could stand on and just reach the bolt as he stood on his toes.
     Freddy grabbed Tomas and pulled him to himself. He kissed his friend on the lips. Tomas swooned. He had never experienced anything like this. No one had ever placed their lips against his body that he could ever recall. He seemed to remember his mother...again Freddy was pushing against his lips. Forget mother. Tomas kissed back. He could feel Freddy's tongue pushing at his lips. He opened his mouth to tell him to stop it when the tongue darted inside. This caused Tomas' head to spin as again he swooned. Freddy held his little friend up and continued the kiss.
     Freddy's tongue tasted so sweet. He got bold and pushed his tongue into Freddy's mouth. This was the most amazing sensation ever. The inside of Freddy's mouth tasted wonderful. He was licking at Freddy's teeth. Licking on his tongue, tasting his saliva. It was so good. A tear formed in his eyes as he probed and sought more of the boy who held him in his arms. He wrapped his arms around Freddy and the two of them began to grind their crotches together. This was more than he could ever imagine.
     Freddy pulled the boy into a cubicle and locked the door. He put his hands on Tomas' shiny sports shorts and pushed them and his underwear down leaving the boy's tumescent penis pointing to his belly. He stepped back and looked at it. Tomas blushed. It was just at four inches long, give or take a bit. It was a little better than a half inch wide. It had a covering of foreskin that formed a flower at the end.
     Freddy pushed his pants down and let Tomas look at him. He was almost six inches long and thick, maybe an inch and a quarter or more. His foreskin was back just a little showing a tiny slit of his pee hole in the purple head hidden below. Freddy pulled Tomas back to him and began to kiss him once again. As they battled tongues Freddy took hold of Tomas' sweet little cocklet and began to stroke him. Tomas nearly fell to the ground as his knees buckled and wouldn't support his weight. Freddy held him firm as he stroked the enraged meat in his other hand.
     Emboldened, Tomas reached for Freddy's dick. His little hand wrapped around it. It felt so warm. It was hard and stiff yet soft and silky to the touch. He began to move his hand back and forth as Freddy was doing to him. The kiss never broke and they were breathing the same air back and forth between them. The air from Freddy's mouth was hot and tasted so sweet as he pulled it into his lungs. He could feel hot air from Freddy's nose as he realized that he was taking some air though it also. He breathed in through his nose and the air was stale old bath room piss smelling. He much preferred the air from Freddy. His whole body was tingling. He was pumping into the stroking hand of his friend as he continued to bring pleasure in return.
     Suddenly it was over. The tingling became so intense that he could not control himself. He felt if he was going to pee all over both of them. He was trying to pull away but Freddy held him close. Freddy's dick enlarged, spreading the tiny fingers of Tomas' hand. Tomas could feel it pumping and felt movement in the large tube on the bottom of Freddy's dick. Then he felt the hot wetness as the white fluid he had seen last night splashed against his leg. He could not wait he began to pee. But it wasn't pee. It was pulsing. It was pumping his whole body with such good feelings that he wanted to cry out.. He felt as if he was drifting into the clouds. He recalled his dream of a field of flowers and of Freddy. He felt love. "Love that's what this is. I love this boy."
     The kiss lingered a moment more than Freddy took some toilet paper and wiped Tomas' leg.
      "Why don't you two boys come with me." Tomas looked up. The principal of the school was looking down on them from the top of the cubical.

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