chapter III


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This story contains scenes of young teenage boys engaged in sexual acts with older teenage boys and an adult.
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     The boys undressed and took a long hot shower bathing every part of each other's body. Sure that each other was clean and dry they crawled up in the middle of the big bed and sat naked and cross legged, their knees touching as they talked the afternoon away.
     It was time for dinner so the boys dressed and went down to eat. Saturday night is free swim night. The boys decided to go to the gym and join the pool madness. What better way to check out all of the hot cock than at the swimming pool. Yes, you have it correct. This is an all boy's school so it is nude swimming only. There are four shower heads by the door into the pool area from the locker room. Everybody coming in is funneled into the shower where they must soap their intimate parts in front of anyone who cares to look. Freddy set up a station where he had an amazing vantage point.
     As each boy entered he and Tomas would rate him. A one was most definitely suckable and fuckable. A five was best left to the dogs. A three could be just too young but maybe...It was during this rating study that fifteen year old Christopher overheard their banter. He maneuvered to a better position to hear. Twenty minutes into the ratings game Chris began to add his comments. At first the boys were startled until Chris pointed out an exceptionally fine sixteen year old junior with a killer body and a nice hanging four inch dick.
     Chris bet the two boys a blow job each that he could get the junior hard without touching him. He was given ten minutes to accomplish his task. Chris walked up to the older boy and started talking. In seconds the targets cock started to twitch and rise. He was well on the way to full erection when he turned and dived into the pool. He lingered by the pool's side as Chris walked back with a semi of his own.
     With still over an hour of swim time left the three boys headed for the locker room and the showers down there. Chris guided them to the back of the room where he could stand with his back against the end of the wall and his cocksucker could get down in front of him. This afforded the best protection from discovery. Tomas was chosen to go first. He got down on his knees and looked at a beautiful six inch long, fat, uncut cock. He placed it in his mouth and began to suck. He was thoroughly enjoying his task. Freddy was kneeling beside him, encouraging him to hurry as Chris filled his mouth with hot cum.
     As Freddy moved to take over the sixteen year old from the pool stepped from around the wall behind Chris. His hard cock pointed out before him and he said, "I'll go next." Frightened, Freddy took the older boy into his mouth. Once he had a cock in his mouth all caution was thrown to the wind and he began to do what he liked to do best. He deep throated the seven inch cut cock in his mouth and sucked the boy's balls dry.
     They all four dressed in a hurry and left the gym. Tomas was a little afraid of them still being with them. As they got away from the buildings Chris told them to sit down. They sat in a circle with knees touching. The older boy put out his hand to Freddy, "Thanks dude. That was awesome. My name is Chad. I owe you a big one. Know where we can go?" It turned out that Chris and Chad had been suck buddies for three years. They had just discovered fucking this year but didn't have much opportunity to do that. Chris had set them up when he heard their obvious fascination with cocks. "Everybody needs an extra cock sucker around," Chad told them.
     Freddy and Tomas looked at them and asked them if they could keep a really deep, dark secret. They told them that if they told all of them would get kicked our of school and branded as queers. Chris and Chad both swore the most solemn oath they could think of. The boys took their new friends to their room.
     All four boys got naked and on the bed. Tomas had never fucked or been fucked. He wanted Freddy to be his first but he relented and agreed to fuck Chris while Freddy fucked Chad. Tomas got on his knees between the older boy's legs and lined his stiff little four incher at the hole. He moved in closer and pressed his cock head against the pretty pucker. He pulled his foreskin back and pushed his naked head into the awaiting orifice. He was not disappointed. The sheath around his cock was hot, tight, and silky smooth. He began to thrust in and out. As he fucked he moved his knees closer to Chris' thighs and bent over. He was small and agile so he was able to take all of Chris' cock into his mouth as he continued to fuck. The double whammy was too much for Chris and he fired off a load that sent the little boy over the edge. As the cum ejaculated into his hungry mouth Chris' rectum muscles contracted. The intense squeezing of the contractions pulled the cum from the very ends of Tomas' young body as he tried to shove his whole pelvis into the small hole beneath him.
     Spent he pulled back. Freddy was inside Chad but he was sitting on his heels watching his little buddy with his mouth wide open. "Man that was awesome. Do me that way sometime."
      Tomas grinned and wiped his lips, "You got it, Babe."
     Chris pulled the boy on top of him and they began to kiss as Freddy started to fuck Chad. Tomas asked Chris if he loved Chad and Chris said yes. Tomas told Freddy to stop. He had Chad move over on top of Chris so that they could sixty nine and Freddy moved in and fucked Chad from the rear. The older boys really liked that. They sucked each other as Freddy fucked and he and Tomas kissed each other. It was a hot, hot session.
     When Freddy was done he started to move down to suck out Chad's ass. Tomas was a quick study and he remembered this afternoon. He told Freddy to lay down and had Chris sit on his face as he moved down and guided Chad's ass to himself. The two little guys drained each other's cum from the older boy's butts. The older boys were enjoying this new found pleasure and bent over and sucked the little guys' cocks into their mouths.
     As each boy recovered this play ended up in a pair of sixty nines going side by side. Finally drained of all available cum the kissing started and the snuggling began. They heard the cry through the hallways, "Ten minutes to lights out." Quickly donning their clothes Chris and Chad hastened to their rooms before bed check with the promise to return, many times.
     They did. The four boys spend a great deal of time with Tomas' tutoring. He taught them conversational Spanish. They did their homework together and with the help of Tomas all four boys were straight A students by the end of the year.

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