chapter IV


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     Tomas and Freddy stayed at school year round. The summer session had a much smaller enrollment, mostly consisting of boys whose parents traveled extensively, movie stars, military, diplomats, and assorted snobs that couldn't be bothered to raise a boy. It was amongst this group that Tomas found the relationships that shaped his personality. Freddy introduced Tomas to the art of cock sucking as a profession. Freddy had good tutelage from his escapades and was proud to pass his knowledge on to his young friend.
     Cock sucking was not foreign to Tomas but he did not like to bottom. He felt that his ass belonged to one and one only and that was Freddy. He was most put out with Freddy when the boy informed him that he lived for a big cock up his ass and he needed it several times a day. Tomas was a small boy and grew just as slowly. By the middle of his fourteenth year he had just achieved a proper five inches of boy cock. This just wasn't enough for Freddy.
     The boys split up during the semester break of what was officially Freddy and Tomas' freshman year. Tomas maintained the staff room while Freddy moved in with an older boy more physically endowed to Freddy's standards.
     Tomas began the life of an academic within his highschool setting. He was welcomed by all of the staff and encouraged to assist in their classes. The other students made full advantage of the knowledge that Tomas had to impart to them. They reveled at his ability to explain a problem to them in such a way that they could grasp it. Tomas explained things in childlike simplicity so that the childlike minds of his peers could understand. His mind was not cluttered with the problems of day to day survival of the adult staff and therefore clear to handle problems more effectively.
     Many boys made use of Tomas' desire to tutor. His tutoring sessions would last well into the night and the tutoree would most often end up spending a pleasant night availing himself of the very talented mouth and throat that Tomas had developed during his tutelage under Freddy's leading.
     Tomas developed a longing for long cocks that could reach the deepest recesses of his young throat and he became a total cum whore. He wanted cum. Lots of cum and very often. He enjoyed group tutelage where he would have to instruct five or six boys on a single subject and get down to the root of their problem several times during the night.
     An amazing fact was discovered about Tomas during this period. Tomas was a cum bag. He was a veritable fountain of the creamy boy juice. He had no problem giving up eight of nine loads during an evening of tutoring and still be able to carry on the following morning. One long weekend he managed to take care of the principal and Freddy during a Saturday study session. He then took five boys to his room for an all night study session of Latin that left the five students dragging and sore the following morning. Four lads cornered Tomas at breakfast and asked for his help with their biology studies which lasted until mid afternoon when they were replaced by two boys wanting to get into some anatomy lessons. Those two dragged their weakened but satisfied bodies off at dinner time when Tomas agreed to special lessons with five seniors trying hard to get through their mid terms. Tomas got to the middle of their problems and by Monday morning there was not a bit of life in the lower bellies of the exhausted and smiling upper class men.
     Monday night was a planning meeting of the student council. Two staff members attended this meeting along with the six elected officers from the student body. Tomas showed the assemblage that the root of the problem in the school was an ECB in most of the students. He explained, as well as demonstrated the best way to drain a boy of his Excess Cum Buildup. Wanting to make sure that he drove his point home he took on all eight of the schools policy makers and drained them at least five times each.
     Tomas was a very happy and perky boy. Those in the know were sure that this was a result of his very high protein, liquid diet. Several of his classmates tried to emulate the youngsters actions but most could not handle more than ten or twelve loads of hot boy cum without experiencing stomach cramps. Tomas maintained the title of champion cock sucker for all of the years that he lived at the academy.

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