chapter V


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     Charles Edmond Academy had been founded in the mid eighteen hundreds as a place for the training of young men for college and a life of affluence and influence. Most of the young men that attended were...well, for want of a better descriptive, spoiled rotten brats. These youngsters had grown up in opulence and were accustomed to the gratification and satisfaction of their every whim. At the time of entering CEA the lads were on the cusp of sexual awakening. CEA was a fertile training ground for a young deviate. While outwardly disapproved of, sexual contact was rampant amongst the students and, more often then one would think, the staff.
     Freddy fit right in with the students in this school Word got around amongst the senior boys that he could take a big cock, in either end. He was a closely guarded secret, a national treasure, so to speak. He only serviced the seniors and was passed to three members of the junior class as their legacy to the school when they graduated.
     The juniors hadn't passed him on. As a sixteen year old sophomore he was getting to an age where it would be uncomfortable were he to be found out. Two of the staff had received news of various activities in dark and hidden corridors of the school and had set out to put an end to it. The principal had been the one to find Freddy and he secreted the boy to his study before the others were exposed. The two staff members came upon a group of ten senior boys, in various stages of undress, waiting in a seldom used hallway. No satisfactory explanation could be offered by the boys until one of them blurted out that he was only waiting to get a blow job. It was assumed by the faculty that they were preforming unnatural acts on each other and the lot were set down. It was late in the year and after many meetings with the board of governors and the boys' parents they were allowed to test out and go home. Their diplomas were mailed to them but none of them participated in the commencement ceremonies.

     The principal had been made aware of Freddy's home situation when he arrived here and he had kept a close eye on the boy. He had let things slide the first year because that class had been astute enough to keep things quiet. This class had a bunch of braggarts and blow hards who liked to shoot off their mouths. The two staff members were closet boy lovers themselves and a plan was put into place to expose them. The principal had been left out of the loop and he was capable of vindictiveness. He arranged for the two staff members to be caught, separately with a young lad in his study. The boys were protected and their parents were not notified nor was any of the other staff. The two men had quietly submitted their resignations and disappeared.
     Most of the live in staff were cock suckers and with a school full of cum filled boys they had ample opportunity to fill their needs. Freddy had identified each of their particular perversions to his friend and uncle, the principal. His principal was his mother's brother Dr. Michael Boward. Dr. Boward knew about the situation at home and had encouraged his sister to send Freddy to this prestigious school to round out his personality. Of course Michael had partaken of Freddy's services for over five years.
     Freddy was now fifteen and a sophomore. Academically he excelled. Michael was sure that this was a result of his friendship with Tomas. He was in a quandary as exactly what to do with these two boys. CEA had nothing it could teach Tomas. From the day he arrived he was head and shoulders above the other students and even the faculty. It was not uncommon for Tomas to teach a class while the teacher himself was engaging in some form of sexual exercise with one or more of the students in his study. This activity was having an effect on discipline throughout the Academy.
     The Dean of Boys at the local University had been a student then later a faculty member of CEA before the position at the University made itself available to him. Michael called on him to come and visit. With no fanfare or preliminaries he allowed the Dean to discover Tomas in a teaching role in fourth year Latin. After sitting through some thirty minutes of his favorite subject, as taught by this precocious fifteen year old, he was in awe. Michael and the Dean enjoyed lunch with Tomas being the topic of all of their dinner talk. The Dean wanted to see more of the boy wonder. Michael had this day well planned. He took the Dean on tour of the Mathematics department and just happened to find Tomas in an in depth explanation of quadratic equations to a group of fourteen year old freshmen. The boy's methods and examples were so simple that every boy in the class was able to grasp the subject with a complete understanding. The Dean was more than impressed, he was overwhelmed.
     Michael took the Dean to his study and over coffee he laid out his dilemma. It was decided that the University's Dean of Admissions should be witness to the prowess of this young prodigy. Thus it was that the following Monday the trio witnessed an intriguing instruction of logarithms to a class of juniors, an excellent class in Japanese sentence structure, and a revealing study of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. As the coup de grace Michael took the Deans to the swimming pool to watch Tomas in his diving exercises from a five meter board. Both Deans were in love with the boy.
     Tomas was invited to visit the university. He was very excited to see with his own eyes the astute center of advanced learning. As one would guess, Tomas made his mark on the world of academia. He was listening to a lecture by one of the schools most prestigious mathematicians. The professor was explaining how one of the world's favorite theorems had never been able to be proved. It was certain that this formula was in fact correct and that its solution would open a world of new direction. But so far none had been able to solve the equation to less than a twelve decimal, rounded off solution.
     Young Tomas startled the entire audience when he walked up to the stage. Picking up a piece of chalk he changed the predicator to the square root of AB. A simple symbol changed the entire syntax and the solution could be solved to two decimal places and proven as an absolute, a postulate.
     Crowds gathered at the black board studying and checking. Working and re-working the formula for hours it was determined that a simple symbol of the square root had been left out of the formula for years but with its inclusion the problem was solved.
     Tomas was not to be found as realization struck the witnesses. A prodigy was amongst them. He must be found. He was found. The Dean of men found out how much the boy had learned at CEA and he had his cock buried, balls deep in the youngsters cute little rear end. The Dean of Admissions was availing himself of the youngsters oral prowess. Tomas had been accepted as the university's newest student.
     Tomas needed to be protected and it was therefore decided that he would continue to live at CEA. He would commute to his new school daily with the aid of one of the three men who made constant use of his young body. By the time he was eighteen he was doing graduate work in nuclear physics.
     Freddy was doing nicely in his studies as an English major. He had grown up and made the first steps to reconcile with Tomas. The two boys shared of themselves and grew to be good friends. By the time Tomas had reached twenty two he wanted a steady relationship. He and Freddy determined to be life partners. They settled in together in a small apartment on the edge of the CSE campus and took full professorships at the school. Both felt that their talents should be used in shaping the up and cumming youngsters and let the university handle their own upstanding problems.
     So it is today that Tomas and Freddy are celebrating forty years of tenure at CSE. They are still in awe of the greasy kid stuff but find that it is harder to get the greasy kids to give it up to two old men. They have therefore gone into retirement. The school did give them life time use of the apartment that they have shared for forty years and there is a constant stream of youngsters that still avail themselves of the men's special tutoring techniques which help to keep both old professors young and happy themselves.

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