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I hope you have enjoyed my previous two stories (judging but the number of responses).  Here goes the third in our series.

State Trooper

So that you know, I have always had the hots for men of power and authority in their uniforms.  Firemen, cops, state troopers, emergency medical technicians, what have you!  Something about a rugged, brut man who just radiates sexual drive dressed in those uniforms.  I'm sure the designers of those uniforms is gay, or why would he make the attire so damn sexy?  Too bad none of my ex-boyfriends worked with a uniform so that he could satisfy my urges...

Our story takes place in one of those hot summer days in mid-August.  A few friends and myself were hanging out in the nude-gay part of Fire Island all day, enjoying the sun and the beach.  None of my friends is terribly attractive; nice guys though.  And the rest of the people on the beach were a whole bunch of out-of-shape men with their chicken legs and big bellies who absolutely felt compelled to come to a nudie beach and bear it all!  Yet something about all these naked guys was arousing, and I felt very horny by the end of the day.  Especially since I haven't got laid for a good few months, I really felt an urge!

The day came to an end, and we all headed back to our homes.  I just put on a pair of short shorts and no undies, no shoes, knowing I will be home soon.  I knew the first thing I would do when I got home is to take care of this animalistic craving I've had all day.  In fact, couldn't wait to get home and jerk off real bad! When, oh shit, I must have been speeding and the state trooper car is now signaling me to pull over.  Damn, there goes a whole chunck of money, and all I get in return is few points on my license.

I pull to the side of this particularly deserted stretch of highway.  The state trooper car pulls over right behind me.  He gets out and approaches my car.

"License and registration, sir."

I give those to him, and get a chance to inspect him while he is inspecting my documents.  Standing at 6'2", built like an adonis, and towering above my car.  Clean cut type, buzz haircut and gorgeous blue eyes.  Wearing those big state trooper hats which do a number on me.  He's wearing a tight bleach-white undershirt (I think that this is very sexy when athletic straight guys do it).  His uniform shirt is so tight on him that I can make the outline of his tight, chiseled abs through the fabric.  Wide shoulders with well-defined deltoids.

"Sir, do you know why I stopped you?"

Even though I would have loved to prolong the conversation with my newfound dream-man, I felt that chit-chat with this no-nonsense straight-as-an-arrow state trooper is out of question.

"I guess I was speeding, officer.  I'm sorry."

"Sir, sorry is not going to change what was done already.  I'm afraid I will have to issue you a summons for speeding and reckless driving."

I was not in the mood to be a smart-ass.  I just counted my losses, lest I say something witty and get myself into deeper trouble with this Hercules.  Meantime, he leaned his clipboard on his chest, at the level of his nipples, so that he could write all that stuff down.  This left me an unobstructed view of his belly and down.  Man, those tight, non-pleated pants showed what and ENORMOUS package this guy had!!!  I was getting mesmerized by his basket, which conveniently was staring at me at eye-level as I was still in the driver's seat.  I just felt like reaching out and grabbing it, but I knew better.

Well, all this was enough to wake up my cock into a full blown boner.  Not wearing any underwear, my cock was kinda pressing against the fabric in a very uncomfortable way.  I put my right hand into my pocket, so that I can inconspicuously adjust myself.

The officer suddenly dropped everything he was holding, pulled his pistol and aimed it at my head. "FREEZE!!!!  Take your hands out of your pocket, drop your weapon to the floor, and place your hands on your head."

I took the hand out allright, but this is not the kinda weapon you just drop.  I put my hands on my head, trying to minimize his agitation, all the while that I still haven't managed the boner in my pants.

With one hand he opens the door.  "Get out of the car and maintain your hands on your head."

And I do that.  How am I going to explain to him that it was not a gun in my pocket?  At this point I don't know which one he would have hated more: a gun or a boner in my pants.  As I get out of the car, he very carefully inspects the seats and the floor: no gun.  And that other gun in my pants is going away too.

"Listen, Officer, I think--"

"Sir, do not say a word unless specifically questioned.  In the event of an arrest, anything you say can and will be used against you."  What the hell did I get myself into, getting a boner in front of the straightest state trooper in the whole world?

Still trying to locate the gun, he orders: "Sir, proceed to the trunk of the car, put your hands on the trunk, and spread your legs."

Did I have a choice at this point??  So I did what he told me.  I figured with no gun to be found, and the boner gone, he'll realize the misunderstanding and let me go.

"Sir, I will now search your body for a gun."

He put his pistol back in his belt.  He started with my hair.  With two hands, he ran all his fingers thoroughly all through my hair, then behind the ears.  He then touched, from behind, every bone in my face.  His rugged, man-sized hands were the type I have been craving for quite some time.  He then gently lowered both his hands and inspected my neck,  muscle by muscle.  Oooh, that felt real good.

"Sir, I will now, search your arms."  And I'm not even wearing a shirt, why does he need to frisk a shirtless man?  He put one palm under my armpit and the other on top of my shoulder.  He then glided both arms all the way down my arm and my hand, making sure not a single spot was missed.  He then repeated the same on the other side.  A totally unnecessary move, but his masculine hands felt so good all over me that I was not going to object.  And that boner had come back.  If he'll see that, I'm in so much trouble!

"Sir, I will now search your legs."  He knelt down, started by running his fingers in between my toes, while holding my ankle with the other hand.  Then he did that hand-sandwich thing again, one hand inside and the other outside my legs, all the way up my thigh.  And he didn't stop where would otherwise be appropriate.  He went all the way into my shorts to where my balls meet the inside of my thigh.  My balls brushed against the backside of his hand; surely he must have felt that!  He then repeated the same move on the other side, now my balls rubbing on the back of his other hand.  I'm sure I must have had some pre-cum coming out from being so perversely aroused by the whole thing.

"Sir, I will now examine your torso."  Sure, be my guest.  Torture me some more, why don't you!!  He now placed himself directly behind me.  He put his hands, under my outstretched arms, on my pecs.  He started by inspecting my chest, then worked his way down to my belly.  He repeated the same thing on my back.  Well, no gun found, I had some more material to jerk off to as soon as I got home.  And now that he realizes the whole thing was a misunderstanding, I can get on my way.  But I did not dare move until specifically told to do so.

"Sir, I will now inspect your pockets."  And with that I just saw black in front of my eyes.  As soon as he finds a boner of a gay man instead of a pistol in my pants, that would be the end of me!!!!  I just had no idea how a genuine potential gay-basher like this officer would react when confronted by a boner after a complete body search!

From behind, he put his left hand in my pocket.  That was not the side where my boner was pointing.  He retracted the left hand.  So then put his right hand in my right pocket.  Shit, moment of truth.  My heart was pounding so fast I could have died.  He finds the thing he, by sheer mistake, was looking for all along.  Shit!  A pause, nothing happens.  He probably still is trying to digest what has been going on, and is out of sorts how to react.  I am so dead now!

"Sir, it seems I found the weapon in your right pocket."  Huh?  Is he really so dense that he can't tell the difference between a boner and a gun??

No, he ain't.  Because right after that I felt his brawny palm grab my cock, with only the fabric of my shorts pocket intervening.  A few seconds of holding tight, and he started a slow rhythmic massage.  I am still frozen in the same posture, hands out on the trunk, and legs spread apart.   He then came closer, his basket touching the my butt through my shorts, all the while that my manhood is being massaged by him.  Even though I liked the turn of events, I was still so scared to say something or do anything that would make him snap.  I just let him take the lead.

Shit!!  Why did he pull back.  He was just toying with me, and now he's gonna let me have it!  Without any warning, he slid his fingers under the elastic waistband of my shorts, and he so forcefully tore my shorts off that the whole thing came off without me moving at all.  I was now completely naked, still spread eagle and bending down in front of him.

He got close again, resumed massaging my cock with his right hand, this time with no fabric between him and my cock.  With the left hand he (very expertly) found my crack and my butthole.  He proceeded to rub my rosebud with his two fingers.  After a while, he pushed his thumb inside, and under my legs, reached over to grab my balls with his other fingers, rolling my balls in between them like some Chinese magic balls.  Let me tell you, what his thumb lacked in length compared to the many cocks that have been up my butt, it more than made up in girth.  I felt like he was gonna tear all my muscles.  Ah, the feeling of being worked on both ends by his brut hands, like a dream come true.

He suddenly stopped again.  I was intrigued, what is he going to do next?  He bent down, spread my cheeks with both his hands, and started to work my butthole with his tongue!!  Ah, I was just melting, waves of pleasure traveling from my ass all over my body.  I started moaning loudly.  His tongue was so forceful, and knew all the erogenous zones exactly.  With his right hand he bent my boner all way down, so that the tip of my cock was pointing at him in between my legs.  Just as I suspected, he took my cock in his mouth and licked it all over, then licking my sac, back to my ass, then the whole thing repeated again.  A few cycles of this and I was climaxing in his mouth.  My body contracted, pulses of pleasure took over, and I shot a huge load.  My officer took the whole thing in his mouth and started moaning in excitement.  He sucked me dry, and let go of my cock.  I was overcome with pleasure and was exhausted with this steamy session.

The officer stood up now.  From behind, I heard the sound of a zipper.  I knew what was coming, but did not dare to look back and be frightened by the size of his tool.  I just froze, and dreaded the moment he was going to put his monstrosity in me.  Sure enough, I felt like I was going to fall apart as he put his huge rod into my ass.  He entered gently, yet the stretching was unbearable.  Once he was all the way in, he started pumping it.  Back and forth, for what seemed like hours.  But his thrusts had a soothing, massaging way about them, making it a very  pleasurable to have his huge cock in my ass.  He grabbed onto my waist as he picked up the pace.  Suddenly I heard him shriek behind me, followed by massive squirts of hot cum filling my bowels.  And the contractions continued, and the cum kept coming out.  He collapsed on top of me, as I was still frozen in that same position.  He only took his cock out after it was limp.

He zipped himself up and went to the side of my car, where he had dropped all the papers before.  He picked them up, made a few more notations, and came back towards me.  He put a few pieces of paper next to me on top of the trunk.  He then turned around, got into his car, and drove off.

For the next five minutes, I was still frozen in that same position I had been all along.  Finally, when I was convinced that he was gone, I stood up.  I looked over the stuff he left on top of the trunk.  My license and registration were there.  He had written me a ticket for speeding.  And he had written another ticket for indecent exposure in public!

That bastard!!!


Hope you enjoyed this story.

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