Andy Finds Daddy
Part 2 Chapter 8

as told to CARL DICKSON

Warning: This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between a man and teen boys.
If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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My name is Andrew Michael Foss. I still like the name Andy. I am called that by those that love me. I'm twenty two and a college graduate. I'm a multi-millionaire and I have a wonderful life with my dad. Everything I have and am is because of his love for me and I want to tell you my story. I'm not eloquent with words the way daddy is so I told him my story but the generous person he is, he said he would only publish it if we shared the byline.
We would like to know how you like our story and will welcome any comments, we want to know how sick we are in the eyes of the world. We will try to respond to all e-mails, she-males, and he-males as the case may be, fe-males, leave phone number and picture, daddy says I need a wife so I can have sons of my own.

We left off in chapter seven with:
      I did four semesters at MIT then dad sent me to Europe. I spent nine grueling months in England then I headed to Bonn, Germany for another eleven months. All the time I was immersed in study. I learned things about electronics that I had never imagined. I had ideas of my own but I was very careful about how I discussed those ideas with others. I improved on our cipher chip and I am sure that we can take it to unheard of levels of encryption. Two hundred and fifty six bit, five hundred and twelve bit. I think that the imagination is the only limitation...

     In January of 2003 I came home. Dad and I put together the largest high tech security company in the world. Dad is a completely silent partner. His name can not appear on any documentation or paper work of our company. Felons, especially those with sex or violent crimes of any kind are not allowed to be in this line of work. Tom and I run the company while dad stays home and raises eighteen year old Eddy.
     I got off of the plane in New York. Dad and the boys had flown in to meet me. I saw Tom and Eddy at once. Eddy had grown so much and if anything had only gotten cuter. He spotted me first and ran to meet me. I was still looking for dad as I was dragged over to Tom by a very exuberant boy. There was a tall thin man standing next to Tom with his back to me. Suddenly I stopped and just stared. I did a slow appraisal as I walked around him. Tom moved away so that I could stay close.
     The man was pushing six feet tall. He weighed about one hundred and sixty pounds. His hair was almost white but full. His face was thin yet firm. His eyes twinkled. It was my daddy. My precious daddy had lost tons of weight. He looked so fit, so healthy, so fucking good. I couldn't wait to eat him up. I cleared customs and hired a sky cap to push my trunk and two large suitcases out to the curb. Dad had a stretch limo waiting. My things were loaded into the car and we sped off to the island.
     Chris Dickson let dad use his New York apartment for the week.—See Traveler—We had a whole week in New York to get reacquainted. I know I needed to get acquainted with this tall, dark, handsome man. I love him so much but I really didn't remember how much until I fell into his arms and let him hold me all the way into town. We arrived at the hotel and rushed right up to the apartment. My baggage could come later. Dad and I went straight to bed. He closed the doors and left Tom and Eddy in the living room to do as they pleased. We pleased to get naked and get it on.
     Dad spent six months at a health spa. They worked him and starved him. They helped him learn how to eat better and had an exercise routine laid out for him. He swore to me that he was faithful to his routine and that I could join him or not, he would be walking morning and evening. He told me that his evening walk was at the same time everyday. With there being three hours time difference between New York and Arizona he walked Central Park at ten each night. He preferred company so that he didn't have to kill a mugger or two. The funny part is, I know that he could do it. This man is strong and quick.
     I took in his cock. It was so much longer. He told me it wasn't, he just didn't have the fat around it. I took the ever present tape measure that I knew Chris had next to a box of condoms and a box full of tubes of KY lube and bottles of Wet. I laid the tape down the length of daddy's sweet meat. He was on the edge of fourteen inches. All of that fat was gone and a very hard abdominal wall remained. He told me that he had undergone several surgical procedures to tighten up his skin. He told me that they had actually removed sixty pounds of skin from his body. He showed me where to look for the scars. They could hardly be seen unless you looked for them. The only notable difference was the hair. The pubic hair was sparse and other body hair didn't grow as one would expect.
     I asked him why he had done this. He told me for two reasons had he undergone tremendous torture. Both of them had to do with his health and me. He was feeling the effect of the weight in his heart and lungs. He worried about diabetes. He had developed type two diabetes and was having trouble breathing. The biggest problem, as he saw it, was that he couldn't bend over to put on his socks. Now he can stand up straight and look down to see his cock. He worried about not being there to watch me grow up. He worried....I love him but he worries, way to much.
     We had nothing but time. Eddy was now eighteen and looking to what the future held for him. Dad and Tom were secure and I am sure as hell secure with my daddy at my side. We did what any extraordinarily rich men in New York would do, we partied. We hooked up with our two young protégées, Mark and Jeff, then sought out New York night life. We had so much money flashing around that no one even gave Eddy a second look. None of us were drinking alcohol anyway so I guess the clubs just looked away.
     We saw things that had only been revealed to us in the movies. Jeff knew so many gay clubs where anything goes. All of us were serviced with dad being the cock of the walk wherever we went. Mark, Eddy and I attracted the more lecherous bunch but we had fun seeing just what these men would do to get at our young meat. Dad was physically drug onto one stage with his pants around his ankles. Three young college boys had their mouths on all of daddy's good parts. The crowd wouldn't let the bouncers near the stage to get dad off of there before the police raided the joint. I was a little jealous. Dad managed to get hold of his pants and did a dive into the heavy crowd in front of the stage. He was passed hand over hand back to me but he told me he was raw and sore from so much groping.
     I got him in bed and his beautiful cock even had teeth marks on it. Those cock suckers tried to eat him. A big bite mark on his ass was bleeding. Jeff called up the house doctor. We all worried about AIDS or rabies or anything else. I cried so hard that I had to be sedated.
     I insisted that we go home. Jeff and Mark agreed with us but they had something to say. We had breakfast in the hotel restaurant. We had been seated in one of their very high back, circular booths so that we were very private. Finally Jeff spoke, "We feel like we owe you so much. We have been working hard and have saved nearly seventy thousand dollars. We are trying to get a hundred thousand together before we give it to you. That is no where near what we feel we owe you but we hope that you will accept it as a down payment.
     Dad tensed up. I watched as the veins at his temples swelled and pumped with blood causing his face to turn crimson. He was mad and I could feel it coming. The water goblet in his hand shattered into hundreds of tiny pieces as he glared at Jeff. Jeff looked terrified as he shrunk back in his seat. "So! My gift is not good enough for you. You want to give it back. I have...I will...." He pushed his way out of the booth causing Tom and Eddy to have to stand up. He stormed out of the restaurant.
     Jeff was pure white. Mark was trying to get him to breathe. Tom and Eddy looked around trying to decide what they should do. "My dad hardly ever gets that mad. I don't know what to expect." Tom was near tears as he looked at us with his body trembling.
     "We told you four years ago that we wanted to help you as friends. We gave you a gift. A gift is not to be paid back or returned. You can not give a bigger gift to pay for what you received in love. You have hurt that man more than you can possibly ever imagine. I don't know him well enough to know what he will do but I think that from what I know of him that he will take this as a very personal affront. I don't know if he'll ever speak to either of you again." I was mad but I kind of think that they thought they were doing the right thing.
     I was pleased when I saw dad come back through the door. Tom ran to him and put his arm around his father. Dad pushed him away, easy. He walked back to our table and looked at Jeff. He reached out his mighty hand and pulled the hotel's concierge out of the booth and almost dragged him out of the hotel. He said something to Tom as he led Jeff away and was out of our sight.
     Tom guided Eddy back to the table then he scooted in and sat down. "Dad said to order dinner. He said that they will be back." The four of us ate in silence. A half hour passed and Tom's cell phone rang. Tom listened. When he hung up he signaled the waiter and asked that dad and Jeff's dinners be delivered to our rooms in half an hour. Tom signed the tab and told us that we were going for a walk. He led us across the street to Central Park and along the darkened pathways.
     Dad and Jeff sat together with Jeff almost in dad's lap. He had been crying. Dad had his arms around our friend and held him tight. Dad pushed Jeff toward Mark. I offered my hand. Dad took it and pulled himself upright. He put his arm around my shoulder and led all of us on a short walk through a quiet area and back toward the hotel. We arrived at the room just as the bell boy stepped off of the service elevator with his and Jeff's dinner.
     The two of them sat beside each other and talked like old friends as they ate. The rest of us removed their clothes and made them comfortable. Dad wanted a big fire and lots of blankets and pillows. He opened the French doors onto the balcony and lay down in front of the fire with me in his arms. His kisses were never ending his hands were never stopping as we lay there until the fire burned low. Everyone broke and with his boyfriend headed for their own beds and sleep, or whatever.

     January of 2003 was one of the coldest winters on record. Snow storms ravaged the American Northeast. There were trees down. Hundreds of people were without power because of downed power lines. Dad had not fully recovered from Jeff's statement, though I think only Tom and I knew that. Dad was his own sweet self as we packed up to leave. He told Mark how proud he was of the work he had done and how much we looked forward to having the two of them come to live with us as soon as their school was finished. Mark had two more years as he was going for his Masters. Jeff now had his Master's degree but was working on some post graduate work. He was working on a system design that dad had me propose to him a few years earlier. He was sure that he was on the right track. We had not shared our resources with him so he was using the school to be able to design and build his break through. Dad cautioned him about letting the school get too involved and laying claim to his work. They would be entirely in their right to do so if he didn't take proper precautions.
     Daddy was the most anxious amongst us as we climbed into the big Lincoln SUV to begin our drive home. Yeah, the old boy flipped. He loves to drive to relax. There was snow and ice from here to the Mississippi River and he wanted to relax behind the wheel of a big luxury vehicle. He had bought it over the telephone, sight unseen. He talked to the salesman for several hours over a two day period until he got just what he wanted. It was comfortable. We could stretch out. I had my trunk and suitcases from my two years in Europe but they only had a small suitcase each with very little clothing. Dad told us to stop our sniveling. He said that when our underwear got crusty we would stop and buy more.
     We had a great trip. None of us had ever driven through this country and it was great to see. The snow covered forests and fields were beautiful. I could never have imagined their true beauty. Pictures did not do justice to what I saw with my own eyes as the miles slid behind us. Dad kept a slow even pace. I don't think that he ever drove over forty miles an hour. He was in no hurry. He stayed off of the freeways choosing winding, narrow roads that took us from one tiny village to another. We stopped so many times and bought shit that we didn't need, would never use, and had no room for. Dad had it packaged up and shipped home so as not to clutter the car.
     We ate so many varieties and variations of mom's apple pie and drank so many cups of the world's best coffee that each of us would weigh over two hundred pounds by the time we got home. We grazed our way almost all the way through Ohio when he took a road that led us back east and through Kentucky. Then he wound around the Virginias and into North Carolina before he headed west again. I was ready to shout for joy when we finally crossed the Mississippi River at Memphis.
     My joy was short lived as he turned north on some hill billy road trying to get a good look at the river. He was fascinated at the chunks of ice floating along. He couldn't find a road that would let him follow the river so he turned around and headed back toward I-40. "Well, I guess it's over boys. It was fun while it lasted. When I was a kid, fresh out of the Army I wanted to buy a motorcycle and crisscross back and forth through all of the states east of the mighty Missisip. My wife thought I needed to be home bouncing that sweet young thing in the back seat on my knee and taking my turn at changing his shitty diapers. I don't regret one minute of being a daddy to that boy and now I have gotten to zigzag through the eastern states.
     "I always planned to get a car on this side of the river and drive home but I am not up to it now. I really want to thank each and every one of you for putting up with me for these last five days. I know that you are weary and tired of riding. Let's go find a four star hotel and get laid and relax then get on home." We were ready for anything at that point.
     Dad had to piss. He stopped in a truck stop and rushed inside. He came back with a huge smile on his face. "I didn't want to stop here but I was led to it. I couldn't not stop here. Now I know why. I know it's not four star, hell it's probably not even one but let's stay here tonight. I think that we might fly home." Okay, bring on the men in the white coats, dad's gone round the bend.
     The old man almost ran as he got back out of the car and headed for a huddled family beside a car on the back of a wrecker. He was animated as he talked to them then he led them into the motel office. He stuck his head out and waved at us to drive over to him. He handed me a key and told me to pull around back to our room. He asked Tom and Eddy to help him. They got out of the car and I drove around the motel. I found our room and parked the big SUV by the front door.
     I unlocked the door and found a nice suite with two bedrooms and a kitchenette in the small living room. I made sure the heat was up high and went in search of the family. I stepped out of our room to see Eddy carrying a suitcase and a kid of about six or seven. The kid looked tired as he lay his little head on Eddy's shoulder. Tom came around the corner with two suitcases quickly followed by a young woman who appeared to have been crying. I walked over to where Eddy was waiting at a door as dad and the man came up leading a little girl of about eight. Dad unlocked their door and led everyone inside.
     "Please, don't think anything of it. We are only to glad to be able to help. What if were me or one of my boys. We have to help each other as we can." The woman hugged him. He pushed us toward the door and back to our room.
     In the room he told us, "He's been out of work since July. He's only getting part time and temporary jobs that don't pay their bills. They lost their house and everything they owned. Their old car had two hundred thousand miles on it but they had to try. He has a solid job in Dallas, if he can get there. Their car threw a rod, it's shot. They barely have money for gas and food. I couldn't let them sit out in the cold so I got them a room." He looked at us waiting for a response. I was the first to open my mouth.
     "So now what? Are we taking them to Dallas." I asked.
     "Hey, that's an idea. I hadn't thought of that."
     "No, knowing you you're going to give them the SUV and fly us home." Tom had hit it on the nail head. Dad grinned at him.
     "No way. That's awesome," Eddy chimed in. I stood and stared at him and shook my head.
     "If I were to do that we would have to lug all of Andy's luggage through the airport and then fly to Dallas to change planes. Then lug the baggage through the airport to our connecting flight and then on into Tucson. We'd have to get a taxi and haul all of our stuff across town as we sit on top of each other and complain."
     "So what are we going to do? Fly them to Dallas? They have no car, a strange town, no way to get around. He could lose his job if he can't get to work everyday." Dad was smiling. He knew how to egg us on to think of what he had already determined to do, with or without our approval.
     "I like Tom's idea." We all thought for a moment. We remembered what he had said. "And...I like Andy's idea." Again silence. "Let's do both. Let's ship Andy's trunk home. Drive the Pearson's to Dallas. Have them let us out at the airport. We'll fly home. Catch a limo in Tucson and go home happy that we done did good." High fives went around the room. Dad had the perfect answer. None of us were sad to see the Lincoln go. It just wasn't us. We had a nice adventure in it but that was over. The car would never mean anything to us after that. It would mean a lot to us to help someone who needed it.
     Dad called a common carrier. I asked him how he knew whom to call. He pointed out the window at the trucking company across the road. An hour later a truck was outside our door. Each of us had gathered what we needed for two nights, just in case. We put it all into one suitcase. We made absolutely sure that we had no forbidden stuff to take on the plane. Security is a bitch now and we wanted to go home with no delay. The truck took four suitcases and my trunk. He told us that it would be in Tucson in seven working days. Eddy wanted his CD player out of his suitcase. Dad told him to buy a new one if he couldn't wait. He pouted. He was eighteen but he was still a kid.
     Dad called the Pearsons and asked them to join us for dinner. He insisted. We all showered and changed then headed to the hotel's buffett. It was Thursday night. Roast beef carved to order was the highlight with shrimp and Maine Lobster. Dad wanted to see what they would do to lobster on a buffett line. He had it pegged. Little chunks of frozen lobster that had as much flavor as the box it had been shipped in. The rest of the line was covered in good food and everybody had their fill.
     Dad laid it out for the Pearson family. He had reservations for us to fly out of Dallas Sunday morning at eleven a.m. He left plenty of leeway for our travel. He wanted to leave as early as possible Friday morning but we had to wait for the bank to open so that he could find a Notary to sign off on the Lincoln to the family. They couldn't believe what they were hearing. Mrs. Pearson was crying and thanking him over and over again.
     A well dressed man with a nice looking woman came up to our table. He apologized but he and his wife had heard what dad was saying. Dad has one of those voices that carries wide and far. Dad explained, in brief, the situation the young family was in and that we had determined to try to be of some assistance.
     "Some assistance he says." A man behind him snapped our picture. The man was the city editor of the local newspaper. He wanted to print our story in his paper. As a bonus, his wife was a Notary and had her seal with her. That decided the matter for dad because we could get out of town earlier and get home even sooner. The newspaper man took notes. His camera man took more pictures. The car title was notarized and everybody was happy, until.

     Dad told him no names. He told the newspaper man that we worked top secret security for companies that would not like to see our name in print. He told him that the family should be the focus of the story and that they were simply helped by a helpful traveler, or some such happy bull shit. Dad promised massive law suits if any of our names or pictures appeared in print. He reached in his pocket and pulled out his digital recorder that showed it was on in record mode. He told the newsman that he had recorded proof that he had not given permission for this information to be printed. The newsman had to agree. The personal interest story with the family's pictures would be a great story without subjecting us to hundreds of people seeking our benevolence in their tragic situations.
     The morning papers featured the Pearson family in front of their tired old car with the banner line story of how this traveling family had fallen on hard times and traveled for greener pastures only to be stranded in a strange town with no connections for help. The good news was that an anonymous donor had heard of their plight and provided an almost new vehicle for the family to complete their exodus. The paper was proud of the citizens of their town and their willingness to assist those in need with no hope of personal gain. We liked that part. Dad told us that he had chosen his words very carefully so that there was no hint that we were from out of town. He reminded us that he had never given our names or any personal information except to the wife in her duty as a notary. By law she is bound to silence as to any information she may have about us without a court order to reveal it. Where does dad get all of the information that he just carries around in his head?
     We were able to head out of town early Friday. The roads were clear. Our heads were clear. Eddy and I took the third seat with the Pearson's little guy. The Pearsons sat in the middle seat with their daughter and Tom sat in my seat up front. Oh well, he's entitled. He did know daddy first, he he. The forecast called for icy road conditions so dad pulled up in Texarkana for the night. We took two suites at a Holiday in and had a good hot shower and a decent dinner. Saturday morning we were on the road again and Dallas bound.
     As we came into Mesquite, TX Dad saw a sign pointing to Dallas Love field. We were on I-30 so he cut off to I-635, the loop around Dallas. There was a large shopping center at the same exit. He pulled in so that we could stretch and get something to drink. He had his cell phone at his ear before he was out of the SUV. We headed to a Denny's and were being seated when he came in all smiles. "There is a direct flight to Tucson in three hours. We can eat, rest up and get to the airport in time to clear security. Andy, you're buying."
     The Pearsons were all smiles and tears as we said good bye to the constant badgering of the cops for them to move the vehicle from the passenger unloading area. Dad would not give them our address. He said he did not want any thanks. He did what he felt he needed to do. Who can't admire a man like that? We were home in our own beds by mid-night. I was home for the first time in nearly four years. The house still looked the same. Dad had redone a lot of it when we first got together so that I would be more comfortable but it was still the same old house that my biological father had built when I was just "a wee bit of a sprout". I hadn't thought of that pet name he had for me in years. I had to share it with daddy but he was asleep. I curled up next to him and felt his body. I let his warmth waft over me. I put my nose to his shoulder to smell the phemerones that so turned me on. My cock was hard in an instant. I didn't want sex. I just wanted to lay there and love my man.
     On the plane Eddy looked at dad for a long time. He had a broad smile on his face and tears were gathered in his eyes as if they would fall in an instant. Dad looked at him. He held his arms out and instantly they were full of boy. "I saw what you did. You are too good to be true. I want to be just like you someday." Dad simply smiled but kept quiet. Tom and I looked to Eddy for an explanation. "Dad slipped a bundle of hundred dollar bills into Mrs. Pearson's coat pocket as it hung over the car seat. What is that? Ten thousand dollars?" He looked at dad. Tom and I looked at him. He smiled as he turned to stare out of the plane window.

     All hell broke lose Monday morning when dad told Eddy that he was going to go enroll in school. Dad didn't care if it was a trade school, the boy was going to get an education. He argued and cussed and pitched a real bitch. He acted like a spoiled brat. He looked to Tom or me for support. We sucked our coffee and ignored his pleas. Dad let lose on him. "What do you want to do with your life, be a whore? You want to hang around here sucking our cocks. Let us fuck your young tight ass. Is that the way you want to pay your way through life? Let me tell you something, pretty boy, your looks are going to leave you. Your tight young body is going to age and become flabby. You aren't all that up front. You are getting older and there are a lot of young boys out there that would love to have what you have had for the last four years."
     "Three and a half," he retorted.
     "Four. You were with Tom six months before you moved in here." The boy sat back in his seat. Dad left the room. He came back with two suitcases in his hand. "Here it is. The door or school." Eddy looked at Tom. Tom just sat totally dead pan. Eddy glared at dad. Dad stared him down. I watched Ed melt into a puddle before my eyes. I gripped Tom's hand as I felt his body shake. Eddy's lower lip began to quiver. His eyes glistened as the tears built up. His resolve was broken. The tears broke forth and he was out of his chair and wrapped around daddy.
     "Please don't make me leave. I'll go to school. I will, I'll make you proud of me. I love you. I love Tom. I can't live without him or you. Please let me stay."
     "Get your ass showered, shaved and dressed, smartly. We're going to educate you, starting today." Ed ran from the room. In moments we heard his shower running. Dad sat down. He was shaking like a leaf. Tears were running down his face. Tom and I each took a side and hugged him. "I hate tough love." We both kissed him.
     "What if he didn't submit?" Tom asked.
     "Then I would have been on your shit list because you wouldn't have a boyfriend living here. You would have to choose to leave or let go."
     "Daddy...." he wrapped his arms around dad as he cried. "I have learned that you know how to do what is right. If Ed is to be any good to himself he has to learn to support himself. If he has to leave I will deal with it." Dad and I both read between the lines. Eddy was getting to old. Tom was a boy lover but he loved the boy he was with as long as he remained a boy.
     Eddy came back in all spiffed up and smelling nice. We all began asking him what he wanted to do. What his dreams were. What excited him. We really were surprised when he told us that most of all he liked English. He thought of himself as a famous writer. It took some prodding but he produced some excellent short stories that he had written in long hand because he is intimidated by the computer. Dad suggested two classes for him. English composition and a basic computer literacy class. He thought that those would be okay classes. He asked him who should go with him. Tom or me. He wanted dad to go. Dad told him that he didn't need to have total control that Tom was his lover and I was closer to his age and a mentor. Eddy got all of us when he told us that dad was the power, the shaker, the mover.
     Ed has done very well with the last three semesters. Dad suggested that he may want to consider moving over to the university and get a bachelor's degree.

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