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Chapter 17

IT HAD BEEN going on since they left the dorm to hang out and have dinner outside. Stolen glances. Sickeningly sweet smiles or soft laughter when their eyes met. Some part of their bodies touching at any given moment. One of them will say something and the other would ogle lovingly.

But when Danny wiped the side Charlie's lips with a napkin while they were having dinner, Joseph couldn't stand it anymore.

"Okay, that's it," he snapped. "What's going on between you two?"

Danny and Charlie just looked smilingly at each other before Charlie looked at Joseph.

"What do you mean?" Charlie said with mock innocence. "Nothing's going on."

"Aw, just spill it," Joseph pushed. "You're finally together, aren't you?"

"Well, we're not apart, are we Charlie?" Danny offered.

"Definitely not," Charlie seconded.

Joseph's look of frustration was just too much for Charlie and Danny and they both laughed heartily.

Tim came in the restaurant and immediately saw them.

"Hey you guys!" he hollered as he approached them. "Thanks for inviting me and sorry I'm late. I just dropped off my things at the dorm before I went here."

He quickly sat down beside Joseph and noticed Joseph's crumpled face.

"What's eating your sorry ass?" he asked. "Shouldn't you be happy that Charlie and Danny are now officially together?"

Joseph's eyes widened and he stared at Charlie incredulously.

"How come he knew about it and I didn't?" he demanded.

"You're slow, that's why," Tim answered. "I felt their souls unite the night before they went home for the break."

"You were spying on them?" Joseph said.

"No, dimwit," said Tim. "I felt this intense positive energy emanating from their room. It was so powerful it probably knocked on heaven's door."

Joseph was just gaping at him. Then he looked at Charlie and Danny.

"So... does that mean you've already... uh... I mean, you're uh... not uh... virgins anymore?" asked Joseph.

Both Charlie and Danny laughed out loud at Joseph's stuttering.

"We just kissed," answered Danny after a while.

"Incredible!" said Tim, fascinated.

"It really was," said Charlie, looking lovingly into Danny's agreeing eyes.

"No, I mean... well, yeah it's probably an amazing experience for both of you, but just imagine the power that you two will create when you finally make love," said Tim as if calculating the magnitude of such an event. "If a kiss between you two can generate that much power... what more if..."

"Tim, shut up now," snapped Joseph.

"Yeah, Tim," said Danny, smiling. "Shut up." Then he leaned over to Charlie and whispered, "Would you like to test Tim's theory later?"

Charlie blushed, but his smile widened. He looked Danny straight in the eye and softly said, "We probably need to run a few tests just to make sure... if you're up for it. Hehehe!"

"I am so up now, if you really wanna know," Danny said naughtily.

"Ooooohh... down boy," answered Charlie. "We're in the company of straight friends."

Then they were both giggling like school girls, until they'd noticed that Tim and Joseph had already stopped arguing and were already staring at them. They blushed and chuckled nervously.

"Oh well," said Joseph after a couple of seconds. "At least we know which place to avoid later."

"Thank heavens we're not staying right next door to them," added Tim. "We'll probably have a hard time sleeping with all the jungle noises they'll probably be making."

"You do realize that this is the first time that you both agreed on something," said Danny to Tim and Joseph.

Tim and Joseph looked at each other and they all burst out laughing.

"Oookay, moving on," Tim said after the laughter died down. "While you bozos were having a great sem break..."

"Not so great," interrupted Charlie. "I was apart from you for too long," he said looking at Danny.

"And I thought I'd never see you again," answered Danny.

"Okay, fine!" said Tim sharply. "While you were having a crappy time during the break, missing each other terribly, I was busily researching about the crystal."

"Crystal?" asked Joseph.

"The crystal used by Oliver to trap Spook in," clarified Tim. "This crystal," he added as he pointed at the crystal dangling from his necklace.

"Oh, cool!" said Charlie. "You made a pendant out of it."

"Yeah, I thought it'd be easier to carry around if it's around my neck," replied Tim. "Anyways, seems like our old friend bought it from a witch down in Kamuning."

"Witch?" asked Joseph again.

"You know... Usually dressed in black, with a long pointed hat and ugly nose; flying on a broomstick and eats children; really old," said Tim sarcastically.

"There are witches in Kamuning?" Joseph said with a little shiver.

Tim just looked at him with disbelief.

"They're not really magical Charmed-like witches," said Charlie. "Just Wicca practitioners."

"Wicca?" said Joseph again.

"These one-word questions are really getting annoying, don't you think?" said Tim.

Joseph pouted and just sulked in his seat. Charlie looked at him with an I'll-explain-everything-later look.

Tim saw his expression and sighed. "Fine. I'm sorry. Just let me finish what I wanted to say and then you could ask all the questions you want, okay?"

"Go ahead," mumbled Joseph. "I'll just pound your stupid face later."

Tim looked at Joseph sharply. He fell silent for a while, focusing his psychic energy on the palm of his right hand. Then he waved his palm on Joseph's face and said, "Sleep."

Joseph's eyes fluttered and his head felt heavy. He suddenly felt so tired and he couldn't keep his eyes open. He rested his head on his arm above the table and then fell asleep. In a few seconds, he was already snoring.

"What did you do?" asked Danny.

"Hmm... I guess I need more practice. It shouldn't have taken that long," said Tim. "I may not be as powerful as Danny but I do know a few spells. I just put this loud-mouth to sleep."

Danny just shook his head, half smiling. He looked at Joseph and snapped his finger in Joseph's ear.

Joseph's eyes suddenly flew open. He immediately sat up and looked at his friends questioningly. His eyes fell on Tim and he saw a little fear in Tim's eyes.

"You and me have a lot to talk about later," said Joseph menacingly.

"Uh... yeah, I guess we have," said Tim. Then he turned to Danny and Charlie and said, "I guess I'm really a light-weight compared to you."

"Don't feel bad," said Charlie. "It's easier to dispel than to induce sleep. Takes a lot less energy." Then he looked at Joseph and said, "I've been reading a lot about supernatural and psychic phenomena on the net. You should, too. It's pretty interesting."

"Charlie, my brother," said Joseph dramatically. "I do fear the influence that this vermin has on you. You're turning into a geekazoid of the worst kind!"

"Hey!" Danny protested. "He's my geekazoid."

"And you're my freak," said Charlie as he smiled sweetly to Danny. Danny couldn't resist Charlie's smile and gently kissed him.

"Ugh!" exclaimed Joseph. "I think I'm gonna be sick!"

"Shut up, you bigot!" scolded Tim.

"I'm not a bigot," countered Joseph. "I'm just not comfortable with uhm... public displays of affection."

"If that's true," said Tim. "Why was I always seeing you swapping spits with Miss Perfect Lea Urrutia at the Sunken Garden at nightfall last sem?"

"A. It's at night and it's really dark; you won't really see what people are doing there unless you're just a few feet away. And B. Even if there were a lot of people there, they are mostly couples who only have eyes for each other. The only real audiences are the few lonely perverts like you," explained Joseph.

"Can I just put him back to sleep," pleaded Tim.

"You just try, Harry Potter, and I'll put you to sleep," threatened Joseph. "And since I don't know shit about spells and stuff, it ain't gonna be pretty," he added while crackling his knuckles.

"Okay," interrupted Charlie. "That's enough! Both of you."

Tim and Joseph fell silent, not looking at each other, like scolded children.

"I can't believe it," said Danny jokingly. "We've only just started having a relationship and we already need to take care of a couple of kids and tear them off each other's throats."

"Tim," said Charlie, "what were you saying about the crystal?"

Tim let out a deep breath before he spoke. "Well, as I was saying, our old friend bought the crystal from a witch in Kamuning. I tracked down the witch and asked her about it. Turns out, it's really just an ordinary crystal."

"So how come Spook was trapped in it?" asked Danny.

"Well, for one, even ordinary glass can trap energy," answered Tim. "I mean, think of fiber optic cables. Once the light that carries data enters the glass cable, it can't escape. So even the most ordinary crystals are natural traps for spirits."

"However," Tim continued, "Spook is no ordinary spirit. The fact that he could apply energy on a living matter and actually throw a couple of thugs around means that he possesses great energy within him and he could also harness the energy around him."

"Which means that he could've easily broken out of the crystal if it was just any ordinary crystal," concluded Charlie.

"So we go back to the question. How come Spook got trapped in it if it was just an ordinary crystal as the witch claims?" asked Joseph, getting interested.

"The witch says that, in an effort to sweeten the deal, he gave Oliver some fake chants to supposedly activate the crystal. Oliver ate it up without question," said Tim.

"Fake chants?" asked Joseph.

"Some nonsense rhymes that were meant to masquerade as spells," replied Tim. "Chants or incantations are really meant to focus one's concentration so that one could accumulate enough psychic energy to actually make things happen. There are real chants, however, used by Wiccans in their rituals. Then, there are also some hokus pokus chants that really don't mean anything. The point is... fake chants are not supposed to work."

"But it did," said Danny.

"Which means that Oliver could've found a very powerful psychic who had made the fake chants work..." said Tim.

"Or Oliver used the fake chants himself and made it work," added Charlie.

"Which would mean that Oliver was latently psychic himself," concluded Tim. "A powerful one at that."

"Fuck me!" said Joseph. "Am I the only one who's not psychic?"

"Thank God for small miracles," replied Tim.

They all laughed.

The rest of their dinner went smoothly as they each took turns recounting their sem break.

Danny kept quiet about his little trip to Apo Gusting's and the fact that he was now practically fatherless.

Charlie didn't say anything about her grandma's condition.

Joseph took all the attention as he told his two-week vacation with Lea in Pangasinan. He blushed profusely when Charlie asked if he was still a virgin. He didn't say anything, but he was obviously keeping something from them.

Tim put his hand over Joseph's head and closed his eyes. "Nope," he said. "He's not a virgin anymore."

Joseph blushed some more as he slugged Tim on the shoulder.

"Ouch!" Tim shouted as he rubbed his shoulder.

"I could've told you that without reading his mind," said Danny. "It's in his eyes."

"What do you mean?" asked Charlie.

"You can tell a lot about a man by looking in his eyes," replied Danny. "Joseph here has lost a certain spark of innocence. He had acquired some experience and knowledge, and he had lost his innocence for that. Fair trade, if you ask me. Haha!"

"Let me look in your eyes then," said Charlie, holding Danny's face and looking directly in his eyes.

And he found what Danny was talking about.

He gasped. "You've been together for three years and..."

"Nothing," Danny said. "We almost did on our third anniversary but somehow it didn't feel right."

Danny continued to look in Charlie's eyes and bowed his head.

"I see you've had some experience," said Danny, almost inaudibly.

"I wouldn't really say that," said Charlie, lifting Danny's face to meet his gaze. "I've had some pretty unpleasant experiences in that area. But I'm still whole. I want you to be my first and I wouldn't have it any other way."

Danny smiled and kissed Charlie tenderly.

Joseph smirked. "I wonder if the drama would ever stop between the two of you," he said.

"Hmmm... I dunno," replied Charlie. "It would seem kinda boring without the drama. Don't you think?"

"Yeah. But not too much, though," said Danny. "Let's try to keep it on a light-romantic-comedy tone."

"With a little action-suspense-horror-thriller," added Tim.

"Which we'd try to avoid as much as possible," said Danny.

"But can we?" asked Charlie.

Danny sighed. "I would really rather have a normal life as much as possible. Being a gay couple would be hard enough without all these weird stuff going on."

Charlie kissed him softly. "But you're not gonna bail on me if we keep on running into the weird stuffs, are you?" he asked.

"Never," replied Danny, looking lovingly into Charlie's eyes. "I'll always be where you are. Always." And he kissed Charlie again.

"I don't hear you raising another protest," Tim snorted at Joseph.

"They're not gonna stop anyway, so why try?" replied Joseph. "Besides, they do look cute together."

Charlie and Danny couldn't help but laugh at the remark. Tim and Joseph joined them in the laughter.

They almost broke curfew when they got back to the dorm. Tim and Joseph said goodnight as they proceeded to their room. Knowing smiles were thrown Danny and Charlie's way.

Danny was obviously nervous as he inserted the key to their room. He turned on the light and proceeded to put his keys on top of his study table as Charlie locked the door and began to undress.

Charlie was only on his boxers when he felt Danny hugging him from behind. He gasped as he felt Danny's lips suckling the side of his neck. It was so glorious!

He turned around and met Danny's lips with his. They kissed long and hard... tender and passionate.

He looked into Danny's eyes and he saw hunger and longing. Danny wanted him. And he wanted Danny more than anything else in the world.

He took off Danny's shirt, unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants. Then, he slowly slid Danny's pants down, brushing his cheek on Danny's erection in the process.

Danny moaned at the touch. He got off from his pants and led Charlie to the bed. He lay down on the bed and Charlie lay on top of him. He moaned again as Charlie's warm body touched his. And he moaned some more as Charlie's hard dick brushed against his thigh up to his crotch. Then he felt Charlie's tongue and lips on his neck, traveling upwards to his ear and finding its way to his lips.

They kissed hungrily as they rubbed their bodies against each other. They tossed and turned, as if fighting for dominance, wanting more of their bodies to rub against each other.

Danny was on top of Charlie when he broke the kiss. His breaths were deep and short. He looked at the face of the boy he loved... the boy who was now his to take. He felt Charlie's heart hammering as he explored the boy's body with his hands.

"Are you sure you want this?" asked Danny as his hands began to slid under Charlie's boxers.

Charlie moaned. He looked into Danny's eyes and said, "More than anything."

Danny smiled and began to kiss Charlie again. Hungrier. More passionate.

His lips slip down to Charlie's neck... down to Charlie's cute pinkish nipples, which almost drove him crazy with lust. He sucked Charlie's nipples, which made Charlie's body writhe involuntarily with pleasure. All the while he was massaging Charlie's pulsing cock underneath the boxers.

He continued his journey down to Charlie's flat stomach. He circled his tongue on it which sent spasms throughout Charlie's body. He slid down Charlie's boxers and saw his prize pointing towards him.

He gave it a little squeeze, which made Charlie jerk up a little and moan.

"Oh, Danny!" Charlie said. "Oh, God! Fuck yeah!"

Danny smiled and looked at Charlie's contorted face. "Are you calling me God now?" he teased.

"I'll fucking call you anything... Just... ahh... fuck yeah!" Charlie said as Danny licked the piss slit.

Charlie gasped loudly as Danny dove into his dick without warning. Danny's warm, wet mouth felt so good that Charlie could swear he'd lost his sanity for a moment.

Danny tried to put the whole thing in his mouth and he was only a couple of inches short when he began to gag. He swore to himself that one day he would take it all in, but for now, he'd take in what he could.

Charlie didn't really care how much Danny was taking in. All he knew was that Danny, the boy he loved the most, was pleasuring him way more than he could ever ask for.

Danny's head was bobbing up and down, bringing Charlie to the edge more and more.

"Danny... oh fuck..." Charlie uttered. "I'm... ahhh... I'm almost... ahhh..."

Danny felt the head of Charlie's dick swelling in his mouth. But he'd already decided even before they started that he wanted to go the whole nine yards for Charlie. He wouldn't waste any of Charlie's seed. He sucked faster and harder as Charlie writhed and squirmed under him.

Charlie felt his whole body tense as his orgasm came rushing from inside his body and flying from the tip of his dick onto Danny's waiting mouth.

"Ahhhhh.... fuck yeah!" he almost screamed as he jerked some more cum into Danny's mouth.

Danny felt Charlie's cum hitting the back of his mouth. He immediately tried to swallow it, but he felt another one coming. And then another... and another. Until Charlie stopped jerking.

Danny tried to swallow as much as he could, but Charlie came so much that it leaked on the side of his mouth. He let go of Charlie's dick and he began to lick all the cum that got away and landed on Charlie's thighs, balls and crotch. Then, he licked his way up of Charlie's body before planting another passionate kiss on Charlie's lips.

"I have a part of you now," Danny said, smiling down at Charlie. "It's right here in my tummy."

Charlie then maneuvered their bodies so that he was on top of Danny. His hand explored Danny's muscular frame before sliding inside Danny's wet briefs and massaging his still rigid dick.

"My turn," he smiled naughtily.

Danny smiled back. "Go for it, big guy!"

Charlie sat up and took off Danny's briefs. He wanted to dive right in and suck Danny off but seeing Danny's gorgeous pecs and 6-pack stomach was just too much to resist. He began to explore Danny's gorgeous body with his tongue, which Danny encouraged with soft moans and body language.

When it was time for Charlie to claim his prize, he looked at it lovingly and gave it a couple of jerks that made Danny moan out loud. He licked Danny's balls and worked his way up from the base to the head.

"Oh, man... ahhh.... that feels awesome," Danny gasped. Then he let out a loud moan when he felt Charlie's mouth gripping every inch of his dick.

Danny was coming close to the edge when Charlie suddenly stopped sucking him.

"W-what..." he said, confused. "W-why did you stop?"

Charlie looked at him hungrily and said, "I want you in me."


"I want you to make love to me," said Charlie.

"A-are you sure?" asked Danny. But he didn't need any answer. He already saw it in Charlie's eyes.

Charlie kissed him and maneuvered him so that Danny was on top again.

Danny sat up and raised Charlie's legs and placed them on his shoulders. Charlie handed him a bottle of lotion and he squeezed some on his hard dick. He gave his dick a couple of jerks and he put some lotion on Charlie's hole as well.

He inserted a finger and began to finger-fuck Charlie. He inserted another finger, which made Charlie wince.

"I want you in me now," said Charlie.

Charlie held Danny's dick and guided it to his waiting hole. Danny took out his fingers and stuck the head of his dick in Charlie's hole.

"Ahh..." Charlie felt like his ass was being split in two.

"Are you okay?" asked Danny, worried. "Would you like me to take it out?"

"No," said Charlie. "I can take it. I love you, Danny."

Danny looked into Charlie's eyes. "I love you, too. With all my heart and soul." Then he thrust his dick slowly into Charlie's hole.

Charlie gasped again. He found Danny's lips and kissed hungrily. Danny's kisses was making him tolerate the pain he was feeling in his ass.

Then Danny began to thrust back and forth.

"Ahh..." Charlie moaned. "You're way up inside me... fuck me, Danny... fuck me harder!"

That was all Danny was waiting to hear. He began to rock back and forth faster and harder. Faster. Harder.

Both their minds were going into hysteria. Their senses were overloaded with pleasure. Nothing else in the world mattered anymore as their two bodies moved as one.

They had become oblivious to anything around them. They didn't notice the large gathering of spirits around them, being held back by a sphere of pure energy that nothing could penetrate. Energy that attracted a host of spirits... including one who's heart was breaking at the scene unfolding before him.

The spirits weren't seeing two bodies making love... they were seeing two souls uniting as one. They first saw a swirl of white clouds gathering around the two souls. The clouds then began to tighten around them, binding the two souls in the midsection.

As the lovers shared their bodies with each other, the spirits saw their souls being bound together bit by bit. And as Danny came close, so did their souls coming close to being one.

Spook saw it. He attacked the sphere with all his might. But it just threw him away. When he came back, the other spirits looked at him with pity. But no one helped him. Every single one of the spirits wanted this union to happen... everyone but him.

"Charlie..." Danny moaned with pleasure. "I'm.. I'm... ahh.. I'm coming..."

Charlie clamped his legs on Danny's butt, slamming Danny's dick deep into his ass as Danny blew his cum. Charlie's own dick was squirting another set of cum all over his stomach.

Danny looked lovingly at Charlie. He didn't take his dick out of Charlie's ass yet. He wanted to stay there forever if he could. He kissed Charlie again. And he hugged him tightly. He vowed to himself that he would never let go... ever.

The spirits saw the final fragments of the two souls combining as the two kissed passionately. And they saw a blinding light coming from the combined soul. They were thrown away by the immense power of the resulting union.

The union was now complete.

And Spook stood on the fire escape completely shattered.

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