Chapter 3


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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      The wind was horrendous. There was a bad storm coming in and the wind was blowing large pieces of trash in every direction. The fire at Gary's house was being fanned by the wind and getting larger all of the time. We only watched a few minutes when a fireman came to us and told us to grab some clothes and get out of the area. He said we were in real danger.
      I realized that I was standing there in nothing but an old pair of gym shorts that covered nothing. Gary had his jeans on but he was barefooted. We ran back to my house and put on our clothes. My mother called for us to hurry. As she opened the front screen door a big wind ripped it from her hand and off of the house. The last I saw of it it was in the air and climbing.
      I looked at Gary's house. It was in total flames I could see the skeleton of the house and I could feel the heat clear over at my place. Gary and his mom got into our car with us. Mom backed out of the driveway then turned up the street to get us out of there.. Gary and I were on our knees looking out the back window when suddenly the roof his house was torn away by the wind. It flew up into the sky and landed on the vacant house next door to me and...on my house.
      I screamed at mom to stop. She got to the end of the block and pulled over to the side. Gary and I were out of the car and running as fast as we could back to our street to see what was happening. Five houses were on fire and the wind was blowing burning debris high in the air. I went across the street so I could look back at my house. It was completely engulfed in bright orange flames. One of the fire trucks was burning. Firemen were running away when suddenly the truck exploded sending a ball of fire skyward that I'm sure could have been seen from the space station.
      Burning gasoline rained down on the entire neighborhood. Screaming people were running up the street in nothing but their underwear. Paul ran up to us in a pair of really baggy boxers that he slept in. There was little elastic in them and they kept falling down.
      For once I was proud of my mom. Well I am most of the time but this was different. I have to do my homework the very instant I come home from school. She brings me a snack and drink but if I am not working I have to wait a half an hour before I can have it. Anyway, as soon as I finish my homework I put my books into my back pack. I take out any grungy clothes and put in fresh ones. I always carry a clean pair of socks, a tee shirt, a pair of shorts, and...alright, clean underwear. You just had to know that didn't you. Mom says, "If you have an accident change your underwear before you go to the hospital. You don't want the doctors to see your skid marks now, do you?" God, she embarrasses me. Then with everything done I have to put my backpack in the car so that it will be there in the morning and I don't have to hunt for it. Mom says that in the mornings I can't find my ass with both hands. She is always going on about my tiny ass and how cute it is and how she could hold it in one hand...Mom's, what can a fellow do?
      I dragged Paul to my car and dug out my shorts and underwear. He looked at them then at me. He sniffed my underwear and giggled. "I'm finally going to get in your pants." I hit him on the arm. He had the boner from hell staring up at me. He pulled on the briefs and I reached over and tucked him inside. His eyes were wide. I nodded at him.
      "Kewl. Like way kewl." He turned to see Gary behind him. Gary smiled. "Like way kewl, dudes."
      Now, at least his modesty in tact we went back to the corner. Most of the middle of our block was on fire. I could see houses behind ours that were burning. Gary's mom and mine were hugging each other crying. Oh well, let them I wanted to cry too. Gary looked at me and we put our arms over each other's shoulders and silently cried. Paul put his arm over my other shoulder and cried with us.
      It was plain that we had no place to sleep and it was getting very late. Mom put us in the car. Paul's house had been spared so he found his sister and parents then headed home. Mom drove us over near our school. She told me to get my backpack and anything else in the car that I would need for school. She asked if there was anything in the trunk that Gary or I either one could use.
      Gary and I followed the two women to a big house. Mom knocked on the door. A tall, thin, blond man answered the door. He looked as if he was about to faint as mom pushed past him. "There is a fire storm in our neighborhood and all of our houses have been destroyed." I saw a movement behind me and I spun around to stand face to face with my drama coach, Mr. Walker.
      "Sit down boys. It is time that you learned the facts of life," mom said with authority. Gary was sitting in the first man's lap and softly crying as the man ran his hand over my boyfriend's face. I wanted to slug the dude. "Get your fucking hands off of my man!!!" I screamed in my mind. "Jimmy get in here and sit down. It is time and it will happen, now." My mom can be a power house when she needs to be.
      My teacher came into the room and took a seat. He didn't have the confidence that he has at school. He looked like a frightened little boy. Mom took my hands in hers and stared me straight in the eye. I hate it when she gets all serious like that. "Baby you are a Junior. Your full name is James Allen Walker Jr. Jimmy Walker, here, is your father." I was dumb struck. I sat with my mouth gapping open. I felt the drool run down my chin. I could not speak Gary slipped in beside me and wrapped his arms around me. I began to shake. He held me tight. I glared at my teacher. "How could he be my father? Why had he never told me he was my father? Why had mom never told me that he was my father? So many times I had asked who my father was and mom would only tell me that he was a crazy mixed up little boy who was afraid of life. She told me someday we would meet. "Why not before now?"
      I felt sick. I gagged. Gary grabbed me and ran me outside. I threw up all over the porch. I was so sick. It just kept coming and coming. I didn't know I had so much in me. I could barely stand up as I continued to puke. There was nothing in me but I kept on hurling. I could not stop myself. I almost fell as Gary's strong arms caught me and pulled me to a porch swing. He sat with me as I cried.
      I was aware that someone hosed off the porch. I remember being carried and a soft male voice whisper in my ear, "I love you so much and I have so much to make up to you. Sleep now, my little prince and tomorrow I will make it all better." I felt Gary's hard cock against my ass and his arms around me then it was daylight.
      I had to piss so bad but Gary was up inside me. He was sound asleep and fucking me in his dream. I didn't dare move but if he didn't hurry up and nut we were going to have a very wet bed. That would be one hell of an end to a wet dream.
      "Wha...? UH...ugh.....uh.....oh....ahhh....oooh...uh..uh....uh...oh," Gary was nuttin' and moaning in my ear. My ass was being filled with hot sweet cum. Gary was awake and he was hitting me so hard that he was moving the bed. My ass grabbed his cock as I fired my cum without touching myself.
      "My god, the boy has power. And it's sweet. I opened my eyes to see my teacher....my dad? standing there. He had my cum rolling down his stomach. He wiped a big glob on his finger and put it in his mouth.
      Mr. Byrd smiled at us, "We usually close and lock the door when someone else is in the house but I really, really appreciated watching you two. I'm sorry we embarrassed you. Get up, get a shower, let's go eat. It's getting late and we have a lot to talk about."
      I duck waddled to the bath room. Believe me a full bladder and an ass full of cum makes a boy walk funny. I guess I was funny. Three dudes followed along after me laughing their asses off at me. Just wait, I'll get mine. I sat on the toilet and drained my system. Gary turned the shower on. He looked to the bathroom door. Our fathers stood and smiled at us. I looked at them, "I'm a junior. My name is James Allen Walker Jr. My dad's a fag like me. Who fucking knew?"
      "Well actually a lot of people, son. I am so sorry. I just couldn't see raising you. I was afraid of how you would react to having a queer for a dad. I just...." He began to cry. He looked away as Tom wrapped his arms around the man.
      Gary Byrd looked just like his dad, Tom. Tom and my dad looked like brothers. No wonder we look so much alike. Our dad's have been lovers since highschool so I guess we are only at the beginning of a long life together. As Gary drew the shower curtain closed I grabbed him and lip locked him. I ran my tongue all around between his toes, from the inside. He picked me up and held me high on his stomach. I felt his hands trying to hold me under my thighs as he moved his cock against my begging love chute. I felt us line up and he slowly lowered me as every foot of his marvelous five inch cock slid into the only place that it ever needs to be from this day forth. That hole is his for evermore. But I do want to suck him five or six times a day.

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