Jayson Outed
Chapter 18


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

This story is copyrighted, ©2006 It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

      We went on our summer break in chapter seventeen as the boys were celebrating the end of the shcool year with their friends.
      Brad had garnered the office of student body president and Jay was elected vice president. That was a double whammy to the
     boys because they worked so close together all of the time anyway they would not be able to delegate jobs off on each other.
That election set the theme of the big party. A hail to the chief and little chief theme was put into motion. Most of those
invited were gay and out or at least known to the small group. An orgy of sorts was planned as the main entertainment.

      As with everything these kids got into, the party was a riotous success and a perfect end to a fantastic year. Summertime
plans had not been determined at the time this story went to press. We have been promised an exclusive interview for next fall
when Jay becomes the junior and Brad the big bad senior. Until then we wish each and everyone of you a very happy summer
and hope that you keep us in mind as we wait to see what the coming year has for our best friend Jay and all of his associates.

Chapter Eighteen

      The party had been a supreme success even though a group of kids had tried to crash it. A graduating senior who was a well known homophobe tried to get him and three of his cronies into Jerry's house. The police had been called but the quartet had disappeared by the time a response was made. The incident was dismissed and the party went forward and upward. Mostly upward as many young men found themselves with brand new feelings deep in their gut, mostly from about six to eight inches deep into their gut.
      While most of those present were gay or at least gay tolerant some of the boys were not yet active. The difference between having feelings and curiosity about certain things is far removed from the actual practice of participation. One such event was with a freshman moving on to his sophomore year. Robby had been closely closeted all of his life. At the party the still fourteen year old youth met a fifteen year old that would also be advancing to his sophomore year. Both boys were extremely cute and had caught the eye of many of the young ladies in their class but neither of them had an eye for the girls.
      They were both virgins to any kind of sex outside of their own minds and had only managed to handle things up to this point in life. I won't go so far as to say that cum flowed freely at this all weekend party but there was plenty of it being shared and much of it was not kept between couples. Several groups of hot and horny boys had gathered together trying group sex for the first time.
      Young Robby had been talking to Brad as he kept his eye on Cliff. Cliff seemed to be just at the edge of the room but always in the line of sight of Robby. Robby was turned on to the body of the slightly older boy. He marveled at the way the boy's muscles flexed beneath his tight tee shirt as he floated gracefully about the party. Always seeming to circulate but never actually talking anybody up. Robby felt that he was being stalked as much as he was stalking.
      Brad caught the direction of the boy's gaze. "Go for it, dude. He's cute and he wants you."
      "You sure?"
      "Yeah, I'm sure. Hey my gaydar is buzzing like crazy. That hunk is hungry for you."
      "What do I do?"
      "Go talk to him. Get close. Lean over and kiss him, lightly at first. Unless I am very wrong he will kiss you back."
      "Then what?"
      "Man, what do you want?"
      "I want to suck his dick. I think."
      "Don't think, just fucking do it. If he kisses you grope his package. If he doesn't move away open his pants up. Pull his cock out then bend over and suck it."
      "I've....I don't..."
      "Everybody has a first time. If you want him, go for it."
      Robby walked away. Jay was talking to some friends as Brad grabbed him and turned him around. He indicated the shy youngster making his way across the room. Robby walked up to Cliff and stuck out his hand. The two moved close together to make themselves heard over the din of the room. Like lightening Robby struck out and kissed the boy.
      The expression on Cliff's face was priceless. He jerked back with a look of surprise that instantly went to a broad smile. His hand darted up and grabbed the back of the five foot nothing's young head and pulled them together in a total lip lock. Robby's knees buckled and he almost fell. Cliff grabbed a handful of sweet cheek with both hands and held the boy tight against himself.
      Robby had listened to Brad a little too well. He had Cliff's jeans open and the freeballing lad's glory pole standing at attention. Robby dropped to his knees and did a deep oral salute as everyone near them stepped back and watched in awe. Cliff was at the edge of his strength as Robby did what seemed the natural thing to do. Robby was quickly rewarded by Cliff's guttural growl and a seemingly never ceasing volley of hot boi jizz straight into the throat of the eagerly sucking youth locked on his main mast.
      Cliff staggered back as many hands helped to hold him up. Robby sat on his haunches as he wiped his mouth and looked around at those staring down at him. The applause crescendoed to a deafening volume as cheers, whistles, and wolf calls congratulated the now experienced cock sucker.
      Robby was helped to his feet. He looked as if he were looking to flee as Cliff regained his strength. With one hand holding up his pants he put the other around Robby's head and pulled him back for another hot kiss. Cliff moved the two of them to a more private corner then he dropped to his knees and took care of Robby's needs.
      Suddenly the room was filled with Robby's ejaculatory exuberance and the whole room again offered the applause and support. Jerry offered the two boys the use of a room. Neither boy was seen until later in the afternoon.
      Testosterone and musk make a powerful phemerone that permeated the entire house. There was not a soft cock in the house except those recently withdrawn from various body orifices of willing partners. There were no boundaries and exclusive unions were not respected to the point that open passes were made to any and everybody. Jay had many invitations and it wasn't until one very hot dude, that no one ever suspected of being gay, asked Jay if he could eat his ass. Did he consider stepping out on Brad? Brad was at his side as the proposition was made and he told his boyfriend to go for it
      Brad had many offers. He let Jay see him nod at a hot young latino. Jay smiled at him as he headed to a bedroom with the boy that the entire school called Mr. Universe. He was one bulked up super hot stud. He didn't play any sports and didn't belong to any clubs. He came to school and left afterwards. He had a girl hanging on him all of the time and could nearly always be found in some quiet stairwell sucking face with one of them.
      Today he showed Jay how much that exercise had prepared him as he stuck the longest tongue that Jay had ever encountered deep within the darkest nether regions of his young behind. Jay was actually being fucked by a tongue that felt as though it was almost as big around and nearly as long as Brad's precious cock.
      Jay could not stay in position with his ass in the air. He told the handsome young man to get naked then he lay his body out on top of the eager ass eater. Jay took his first slide on a twelve inch cock. The dude was hung. His balls were like baseballs and pulled the silky purse like scrotum containing them to a length of over nine inches from the taught flat abdomen of their owner.
      Jay made up his mind that he was going for broke as he went about devouring the huge sausage sticking straight out of a bush of fine dark brown neatly trimmed pubic hair. The foreskin was long but it didn't cover the entire head of the engorged cock. Jay played with it the way he liked to do with Brad's hood and he got the proper signal that his efforts were pleasing to the recipient. Ever so slowly he was gaining ground on the behemoth as centimeter after centimeter made its way in to his hungry mouth. He was going to throat this monster or know the reason why not.
      His own orgasm was only moments away and he reached between the locked bodies to grab himself. He was instantly lifted up and a chin pushed his hand away as his cock was engulfed by Mr. Universe himself. Jay fired off his load and was met with a return volley from the large roll of bologna in his mouth. The fountain of cum had a pleasant side effect for Jay. It provided the lubrication he needed to take the entire twelve inch cock to the skin of the older boy's abs.
      With massive volumes of life giving sperm being fed directly into his stomach Jay released his own load. His ass was full of fingers. Jay had no idea how many were there. He felt stuffed but totally relaxed. They continued to prod and stroke at his prostate as his orgasm didn't seem to want to cease. He cummed for the longest time that he could ever recall. But as with all things his system was drained and his cock wilted. He was lifted again and he felt the tongue return to his ass. He was totally drained but this felt good. He had removed himself from the gargantuan cock and lay his head beside it watching it pulse with blood coursing through it.
      Jay made a quick decision and reached under the huge balls before him and began to stroke at the back door of his pucker sucker. The boy spread his legs and raised them so that his knees were bent and his feet flat on the bed. His thighs were thin tho muscled. Jay was able to reach around and push his fingers back inside the boy's brown eye as he began to finger fuck his current lover.
      Feeling was returning to Jay's depleted cock and it began to lengthen. "Fuck me, please. Make it hard and long lasting, just like those guys downstairs. Pound me through the wall but love me, please, NOW!" Jay could hardly believe his ears. This, the epitome of manhood asking to have his rectal tunnel entered. Jay wasted no time at all as he took up a position between the gorgeous thighs of this walking dream.
      Jay placed his cock head at the tiny pucker. He had not prepared the opening for penetration. He hesitated. "Now, mother fucker! Shove it in me. Fuck my ass." Jay did as he was told. He pushed his cock all the way in without hesitation. The seniors eyes widened. His mouth flew open. His jaw line tensed. Jay could see the blood pumping through the veins along the taught muscles of the outstretched neck.
      "Oh, fuck...I never thought it was going to feel so fucking good." Jay relaxed as he looked down at his partner. "I knew it would have to hurt at first but what a fucking feeling once it got in me. Please, little fellow, make love to me. Make me like it. Take me on a new trip."
      Jay was more than willing to comply as he began his movements, in and out, in and out. Jay had still not finished growing up. Since September his cock had added another half in inch in length and a quarter inch in girth. Now almost sixteen the buffed up lad hung a hard seven inch cock with a butt stretching five and seven eighths inch circumference. He had the meat to make a whore moan or is that a hormone, never could get that straight. What he was doing to the tight ass beneath him was not straight either but it was pleasing to both boys.
      Jay suddenly caught his second wind and he began to plow into his partner over and over. His actions were greeted with encouragement as he was requested to go harder and faster. In total compliance he fucked as he had never done in his life. He found more pleasure in trying to pound this jock looking dude into the frenzy he was so asking for than in any act of intercourse before. He had to remember to do this with Brad on one of their kinky nights.
      A shot of cum hit the bottom of Jay's chin with so much force that it actually stung. He moved back a bit as another shot cleared the top of his head and arched down to land on the top of his partner's head. Volley after volley fired with decreasing but impressive force. Jay felt his end was at hand and he began to pound with all of the force within him. He did all that he could to compress every drop of his third load of the session into the very upper reaches of the rectal chamber and on into the intestine beyond.
      Depleted he fell upon the glistening torso beneath him to be encompassed with strong arms. He felt warmth and security in their grip. "Thank you dude. Thank you so much. Can I tell you secret? Don't fucking tell nobody, hear me?"
      Jay agreed. "I just graduated and my mother won't let me live with her no more. I'm eighteen and she don't get no more support from my old man so she told me to move out. I talked to my pa and I can go live with him. Thing is he's queer, like you." Those words stung Jay but the boy went on. "I never did no shit with a guy and didn't know what to expect. I love my old man and I want to be with him but what if he wants to do queer shit? I figured that I could learn if I like it or not from you and then I would know."
      "So, what did you discover?"
      "I don't like it...I fucking love it. I have let myself miss all of this for so long. My mother is such a Bible beater. She puts pa down all the time, says he's an abomination to God and he's going to hell. Says the Word of the Lord says no man who sleeps with a man as a woman will be in heaven. I want to go to heaven, but I want to live with pa. I had to know if I could do what he does.
      "I heard 'bout this party and figured that all the queers in school'd be here so I could find someone that I don't know and do shit with him I like to eat my girl's butt. Her cunt tastes like old fish but her butt is fine. I thought if I could eat some boy butt I would know but when you lay on me all naked and sucked my cock I went all weird inside. I had to suck your cock or die. I took that meat of yours in my mouth and I cried because I ain't never done that before and it was so good.
      "You squirt your shit in me and it taste like...really creamy ranch dressing without the salad. I want some more. Can I have some more in a little bit?" Jay nodded and told him he could do it again after he rested for a bit. He asked the kids name. "Ain't gonna tell ya. Don know yer name either. Won't never see you no more just want sex, okay. Ma says pa goes to parks and bars where he has sex with men and boys he don't know. Says he's gonna get AIDS or some shit. I'm gonna go suck my pa and let him fuck me and stay home so he won't get no AIDS. I love him and I want to protect him. Does that make you feel weird 'bout me?"
      "No, it makes me like you. You love your dad and you want to take care of him. I think that's neat."
      "How 'bout your pa. You love him?"
      "Yeah, a lot. He was killed in Kuwait when I was a baby. I never knew him." Jay still hurt when he thought about how his dad died. He tries to remember him as the war hero he had known when he was little. Tears came to Jay's cheeks.
      "Sorry, little dude. I know that must hurt. I used to cry when my ma threw pa out of the house. I missed him so much but I still got him and I am goin to live with him." He squeezed Jay and kissed his lips. Jay decided to take the education trip one notch up the ladder. He kissed back and added his tongue. Mr. Universe had that down pat with all the suck face he did on the girls at school. He kissed Jay back with more passion than anyone, other than Brad, had ever shown him. He almost felt as though he was cheating on Brad. He had to keep telling himself that he was just training a new cock sucker.
      His cock was now at full attention and it didn't go unnoticed. His lips were abandoned and his cock devoured. Jay was pushed back to a full prone position as he received an excellent blow job. For a novice, and absolute virgin a half an hour ago this boy showed promise. He actually sucked the cum out of Jay's aching balls. Once drained Jay was pushed back. With his legs in the air and his ass pointed up he was again the main course for one ass hungry cock sucking butt fucked new fag.
      "Don't let nobody never lie to you, dude. Your ass is so much better than any cunt's ass. Your ass got class. Your cum is the best and I love the way you fucked me. I owe you dude, but I gotta go. Gonna go get my shit together. Pa's coming to get me in the morning." With that he gave Jay a quick peck on the lips then put his clothes on and was out the door.
      The door popped right back open as Brad walked in. He sniffed the air, "Smells funky."
      Jay pulled Brad to himself and the two boys lay together. Ten minutes later Jay told Brad he wanted to wash the other dude off of him. Brad told him he was glad and undressed to join him.
      The two lay together for a brief nap and Jay made Brad tell all. Jay of course had to tell of his afternoon so he wanted to hear Brad's simple tale. He almost wished he hadn't because Brad got all dreamy when he spoke of his hour with Martìnpronounced Mar teen.
      Brad had enjoyed his Latin lover. The boy was new to town and had only been in school a month. His dad had taken a job with an import company run by a couple of Latino brothers named Garcia. Brad looked at him and told him that his dad worked for his dad and uncle. Martìn was pleased that he had met his dad's boss's son. Then he thought about it a moment. "Will your dad fire my dad if they find our I'm gay?"
      "Not unless they fire me also," Brad told him. "Does your dad know you're gay?"
      "Fuck no. He'd kill me. He hates fags. Says they're tearing the world down and destroying morals. He gets going on fags and he won't shut up for a week."
      "Well, I guess I'll just have to plug your mouth up with my cock so that you don't accidently spill the beans."
      "We're not beaners. My dad is strictly a meat and potatoes type of guy."
      "Sorry, I don't have any potatoes but I got the meat." No more words were spoken as the two hot brown boys filled their mouths with the abundant offering of the other. Brad had never had the opportunity to get it on with one of his own race. He never really thought of any difference but the phrase, 'hot Latin lover' seemed to take on a different meaning as the sixteen year old Mexican boy swallowed Brad's cock four inches past his pubic barrier.
      Jay was a cock sucking maniac but Martìn had Brad's cock in such a lock so deep into his throat that he was sure the end of it was going to be smashed flat when once he could see it again. Martìn only sucked until Brad was a pile of putty then he pulled off and spun around, sticking his pert ass in the air in front of Brad's face. "Fuck me!" Brad rose to his knees and pushed his cock into the hot hole. Martìn began to rhumba with his ass hole. The inner muscles danced up and down the length of Brad's engorged cock giving him a whole new set of sensations.
      Brad's movements were long and slow as he digested the moves and sensations heretofore unknown to him. He had to learn how to do this for Jay and he hoped Jay would learn it for him. Brad was cumming in moments but the fucking didn't stop. As soon as Martìn felt Brad release inside of him he flipped over to his back while continuing to hold an extra tight grip on the phallus on which he was impaled. He smiled up and Brad who could see the youngster's abs move rhythmically. He began to pump through the tenderness that follows orgasm and felt his cock begin to regain its stiffness.
      His movements increased as the ab muscles of his new partner intensified. Brad blew the mother lode up the flexing colon. As his cum squirted out around his still plunging cock his pubes and balls were drenched. Martìn began to shoot the thickest, whitest cum Brad had ever seen come out of dick before. The mass looked like huge white boogers. Thick and pure white the individual blobs held their shape where they landed on the lads extra buff bod. Brad put his finger out and touched a large blob of the substance, it stuck to his finger and hung just like a thick booger. Martìn scooped up a blob for himself and put it in his mouth. He rolled it around and opened his mouth for Brad to see it on his tongue. Brad took his finger to his mouth. What he tasted was concentrated cum. It had all of the intense flavor of Jay after several days of abstinence only even more intense.
      "How long has it been since you got off, Chico?"
      "Dos horas."
      "Two hours and your cum is that thick?"
      "Yeah, esse. It's nearly always like that."
      Brad lay beside his partner and played the cum around on his body, rubbing it in and watching it slowly separate. There were some almost clear puddles closer to the pubic hair where the last few shots had landed but the first six shots were at least three or four inches long and a quarter inch around. They looked like lines of toothpaste squeezed from a tube instead of cum shot from a cock.
      Jay laughed at the expressions on Brad's face as he told his story. He hoped that he and Brad would have a chance to team up with Martìn so that he could see for himself the cause of Brad's amusement.
      The boys were tired of partying. They paid their respects to Luke and Jerry and headed for home. As they approached Brad's truck they were surrounded by a group of men. "Hey fags. You're dead."

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