Jayson Outed
Chapter 19


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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We left off last time with:
      The boys were tired of partying. They paid their respects to Luke and Jerry and headed for home. As they approached Brad's truck they were surrounded by a group of men. "Hey fags. You're dead."

      Brad shoved Jay to the ground as the group of thugs moved inward. Jay rolled under the tall pickup. For once he was really glad that the truck was so high off of the ground. He slid along the ground to the back of the truck where he scurried off at a dead run back into the house.
      "A bunch of men are beating Brad up." The house suddenly came alive as the sounds of running feet made for the front door and outside. Jay ran along with them. There were six figures pounding away at one hunkered down form on the ground.
      Suddenly the melee started and punches were thrown. Bodies flew to the ground. Sirens sounded in the distance as the crowd disappeared. Cars sped from their parking places and all was silent for a moment. Jay ran to Brad to find him bleeding from a nasty looking scalp wound. His boyfriend was unconscious. Next to him lay the earlier party crasher. Jay knew him at once. He had been a total jerk for years. Their very own high school bully, always picking on gays and making homophobic comments. He didn't look so tough now. His nose was broken and his front teeth were missing. Someone had gotten a good blow into his face. It appeared as if all of the bones around his nose and mouth were gone as the skin just hung loose.
      A flashlight shown on the boys. Paramedics rushed in. Jay was whisked aside. A policeman began to question him. He told them about being attacked as they came out to their truck. The police led Jay back to Jerry and Luke's house. The place had been cleaned up and smelled like forty different kinds of air freshener. The police found no evidence of drugs or alcohol. There had been none. These partyers were high on sex not substances.
      Of the few boys remaining everyone to a tee told the police that it was just a quiet get together to celebrate the end of school. When one wise ass young cop asked why there were no girls there he was told that the boys that had left got them out of there so they wouldn't get caught up in the fight.
      In investigation suggested that the party had been attended my numerous young gays and but there was no proof other than the fact that some of the group who had assaulted Brad admitted that they were there to kill some queers. All six of them were charged with hate crimes, assault with intent to kill, attempted murder, felonious assault on a minor, and underage drinking violations.
      A widowed neighbor lady across the street had watched the party for several days. She was a good customer of Jerry and Luke. She had known Luke all of his life and had been friends with his parents. She told the police that the attackers had been lurking around the parked cars all evening and had beat up two or three other boys who had gotten in their cars and left. She had thought to call the police about the roving band on several occasions fearing that others may be hurt but she didn't know what to do until she saw all of them attack Brad. She called the police even before the attack began, knowing full well what was about to happen. Her testimony helped to seal the fate of the attackers and endear her to the party goers. It seems that in the fray the little ladies grocery bill for the past month disappeared.
      The one queer basher will have to under go extensive facial reconstruction surgery over a period of several years. Brad had hit him so hard that he broke the upper mouth portion of the skull clear into the eye openings. The kid looks like shit with four steel plates in his face and a mouthful of false teeth that don't fit well. His nose is as crooked as a winding river.
      Another of the thugs had to have his testicles removed. Seems he got in the way of someone's heel coming down hard. All of the mob had at least one broken bone. The least serious, a broken right arm. Crutches were the mode of transportation for the remaining three who had to learn to use the devices with their arms or wrists also in casts. Knee joints had seemed the most opportune target for the defenders so all of the attackers wore knee braces as they learned to walk again. The three in casts suffered varying degrees of cartilage and bone separation of their knees.
      Because the attackers had admitted to the police that they were after faggots they faced the more serious charges of hate crimes. Even so the judges had been lenient with the lightest sentence given to any of the group being five years. All of them were over eighteen so twenty year sentences were met out to the four ring leaders. The other follower lost his nuts and did seven years.
      What's that? Brad? Oh, you want to know about Brad. Fuck man, Brad's the essence of this story. You know nothing bad's going to happen to Brad. Oh, alright. Brad pulverized his right hand. It seems he came in contact with a very hard object. He had to have two teeth and some upper jaw bone fragments removed from in between his knuckles. He had a very hard time feeding himself and taking care of his little problem that seemed to crop up quite often. He had received a glancing blow to the back of his head that had rendered him unconscious. He spent the night in the hospital's intensive care unit as he was watched for signs of a concussion but he awakened early the next morning, Jay in his bed beside him, asking for breakfast.
      He hung around the hospital for several hours until the doctors decided that the other patients couldn't get any rest until he was out of there and they ran him off. He will have to undergo some therapy to get his hand to work properly again. His major complaint so far is that he just can't get a grip on things. Jay is ever ready to help as that problem seems to get thicker and arise so very often.
      The two boys sat down with Ric and Carlos. They thought that they might go up to the cabin again, by themselves. The two men thought it a wonderful idea. Jay was almost sixteen and was taken to get his learners permit so that he could drive Brad's truck. The last week of June our young heros set off for a summer of new adventures.

      Jay paced his speed so that they arrived at the cabin after dark. They snuck in and parked the truck in the garage. They went in the house and kept the lights to a minimum and on the west side so as not to be observed by a casual glance from the nearby Academy. They were here for peace and relaxation.
      The fifth day things changed the peace for them. Jay saw the top of a golf cart go by the window. He and Brad made a mad dash to the stairway just as the back door opened. There they stood in all of their glory as Jerrod Bradford started at the sight of them. "I'm sorry, I had no idea you were here. I just come down every few days and do a walk through to make sure everything is okay. We have had an epidemic of raccoons getting into the cabins up here this year. I..." his embarrassment was obvious to the two boys.
      They came back down the stairs to their plates of hot breakfast sitting on the breakfast bar where Jer was standing. The tv was on with the local news predicting a hot fourth of July week end. "I guess we wouldn't have been able to hide anyway with all of this sitting here."
      "Why would you want to hide, boys?"
      "We just wanted some time alone. We have had a very rough year. We would have let you know we were here in a few days. I mean the fourth is this next week."
      "Yeah, Monday. Just three days away."
      "You sound excited. What do you have going?"
      "Oh nothing like last year. My main investor is driving in from Arizona. He has taken in fourteen homosexual boys to live in his house with him. He has put several million dollars into my school and he wants to see how I am using his money. I don't know if he plans to do something in Arizona or what.
      "Anyway, I invited some of the local investors out for a small barbeque. Nothing fancy."
      "Fourteen boys?"
      "Yeah, I'm not sure where I'm going to sleep them. All of my finished rooms are full and the unfinished rooms aren't far enough along to use. Are your folks coming up this year."
      "Jer, out with it. You are planning something."
      "Well, your dad told me that they were having a big sale this year. He said business is off about twelve percent so they are going to try something new. I asked about using the house. But I guess it was before he knew you were coming up."
      "Fourteen homosexual boys?" Brad and Jay looked at each other. "How long are they going to be here?"
      "I really don't know. Chris said something about taking two of the boys to NY so he could take them on the trading floor at the NYSE. I was kind of planning for maybe a week or two. Who can say?"
      "How old is this guy? Chris, you say his name is?"
      "He's young. I would guess around thirty."
      "And he has millions invested in you? Wow."
      "Oh yes, he is very rich. I knew his benefactor. He used to be my boyfriend in college. He left Chris barrels of money. But Chris is a whiz at investments and has made a name for himself. I don't know a whole lot about him but he is spoken of most highly on Wall Street. I am pretty certain that he is worth a few billion dollars."
      "Billion? Like with a B? Maybe he could teach us a thing or two. Fourteen homosexual boys? How old are they?"
      "I see! Your pecker's puckering you horn dog." Jay chided at Brad.
      The boys laughed as they made plans to put up fourteen boys and their....? whatever he is, Chris.
      On close inspection of the house evidence was found that a raccoon may have gotten into a pantry but the only thing in there were caned goods. The house was inspected thoroughly for any means of access.
      As they worked around the outside securing any suspected access six naked boys ran up to them. They all welcomed them back as Brad and Jay recognized them from the previous summer. The crew was working on clearing the forest five lots over from the Garcia place. Business was booming and firewood was going at a premium. Bradford Academy now had one hundred and forty boys. Two crews were working both sides of the lake and planned to meet at the far end by the end of July or early August.
      Brad told them that they would not be out of work. The state had approached them about clearing the state owned land nearby. That alone covered several thousand acres of prime fire hazard. The BAG Boys looked crest fallen as they thought of all of the work. Jay grabbed up the smallest boy and pulled him forward.
      "Look at him, Brad. He looks just like I did at the beginning of last year. I'll bet he'll have bigger muscles than me by this time next year."
      Brad went along, "Yeah, he does. You were such a puny nothing. But I love what you've done with yourself." He rubbed his hands over Jay's naked ass causing Jay's cock to twitch in front of the boys.
      "Well you buffed up yourself, big boy." Their little ploy worked as the boys all flexed their skinny arms and giggled at each other. "Not only all of the workouts but being able to work out in the woods, naked, and with so many other naked boys. You remember the cock sucking that went on during lunch breaks out here last year?"
      "Yeah, remember that little kid with the nine inch cock."
      "They won't let us mess around out here. They say the people out here might not like it and call the cops." Jerrod was going down the road in his golf cart. Brad whistled at him and waved him to come over.
      "These guys say that they don't get to mess around with each other in the woods anymore." Jer looked at the boys and asked them why not. They told him the story that they had just told Brad and Jay. Jer looked at the boys and shook his head. He had hired a jock college kid that had a need to be boss complex. He told the boys to come to him after dinner that evening.
      The six youngsters headed on back to the academy with their cocks waving along before them. Brad and Jay stood with their arms around each other and huge smiles on their faces as they watched the young cock parade. The two really enjoy being gay and being out in the country air where there is no bigotry only made it better.

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