Jayson Outed
Chapter 23


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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We left off last time with:
      It was dark as the tribe of terror made their way back into the hotel that evening. Chris directed them to a banquet room and told them to help themselves to the abundant buffett then they could sit together at the tables arranged in a large circle. All could eat and see the others as they discussed their day and their week. So much had transpired. So many memories. The morning would find them on their way back to BAG boys and the more lecherous amongst the boys were making suggestive plans to bag as many boys as they could. Chris and JB sat back and shock their heads.
      Tony had taken a real liking to JB. Chris was not alone as he looked at the two of them. Jay was really pleased that he had found Tony. He wanted a chance to have a ride on Tony's twelve inch cock now that he had managed to ride Chris. More so he wanted Brad to have a go at the extraordinary looking, former school mate.

      Chris herded the entire bunch out to the two limos by eight o'clock Monday morning. The stretch HumVee was awaiting them. JB and Tony took the prime seat at the back driver's side. The rest of the boys climbed in with their significant other. Chris led Jay, Brad, and Pete to another limo. He climbed into the Hummer and kissed each boy, deeply and told them he would see them in a few days then he went back to his car and slid in next to Pete. Their driver shut the door and pulled away. The two limos traveled together until they got to Albany then the smaller car turned off toward the downtown area. I hurriedly flew into the humvee and took up a position on the ceiling so that I had a clear view. Like a good little fly on the wall I began to take down everything I saw as I recorded it for posterity and you.

      I'm going to break from my regular reporting activity. I know that all of you are very interested in Jay and his double cute Latin lover. I really don't know who is cuter. Jay is a fucking knock out. Excuse me. That boy so turns me on. Anyway, Chris and I talked and he assured me that he would report everything that happens on their trip in his telling of his story: Traveler. I am going to tell you what happened to all of his boys as we head back up to BAG Boys. One nice thing about this week in New York, JB is not as sensitive to the name BAG Boys as he was. He has heard it used so much from all of these terrific kids that he has adjusted to it, sort of.
      I don't know what I expected from these boys without Chris there to keep them under control but one thing none of them need is controlling. They are all perfect gentlemen. Sure they did a little rough housing, especially with Tony as they made him feel like he was formerly a member of the family. The antics that they were up to were no more than what they did when Chris was with them. If anything I would have to say it was a bit more subdued.
      The window between the back and the driver was closed and Tony had his bones jumped. His pants lasted only seconds as hands stroked the mighty meat that stood up making a dent in the roof of the vehicle. Someone suggested opening the sun roof and putting a flag on the phallus. They didn't have a flag big enough and they all had other desires for this piece of God sculptured beauty. Tony never saw his dick during the entire ride as one mouth after another engulfed him. His shirt was bunched under his chin as his nipples dripped with salvia. He had so many hands running over his taught washboard abs that he thought the boys might be doing their laundry.
      Tony asked for and received one concession. He and JB locked lips as the boys removed JB's pants and gave him a treat also. JB was as happy as an old queen can be. He was not headmaster over any of these boys and he could love them as they all wanted. Space was cramped but the bodies of the two elders were twisted around on the floor for the next round. Christopher had his dick up JB's ass as he gave the old man something to really moan about into Tony's mouth. Shy, retired, Alec had the old man's cock to the hair line as he suckled and awaited a nice creamy treat.
      At the same time Tyler was straddled Tony's saddle horn and riding all twelve inches like a pro bare back rider should. Tyler was leaking like a cheap faucet as he bounced up and down with his cock flying in every direction giving everyone nearby a shower of seminal fluid. A couple of the boys had tried to latch on the flying meat but Tyler was taking long, full strokes on his pony ride and no one could hold him in their eager, hungry mouths. By this time everyone in the Hummer was naked and doing the dirty with at least one other. Most of them were into one form of menage a trois or another. I wish flies could jack off.
      By the time we arrived back at the school there wasn't a stitch of clothes on anyone in the back of the Hummer except for JB. And JB was all smiles. He turned to give one last, long kiss to Tony. I am so glad to see this old man with a love interest at last. The boys ran from the vehicle to the lake and dove in. They thrashed about for an hour or so until one of the students came down to tell them that they needed to come up and eat lunch so that the mess hall could close down for the afternoon. Now there is one thing that teenage boys don't have to be told twice. Eat is a word ingrained into them.
      For the first time the boys found themselves alone without Chris to guide their activities. No one complained. Chris was not a controller but he did watch over his boys with love and concern. The boys asked themselves, "What would Chris want of us now?" Left on their own, basically, twelve horny Arizonans were set to run havoc on all of the naked boy flesh that filled the nearby woods clearing underbrush. The boys headed out to the work areas to find assignments on the many crews.
      Around four the boys were treated to the students of BAG Boys as they returned from their days labor in the forest. They decided that they would swim for awhile longer. The students lay their tools by the side of the lake and dove into the water. Much fondling and "getting to know you," occurred for the next half hour. The entire group of boys headed over to the mess hall for the evening meal. Chris's boys were pleased with the food. It was nothing as they had expected a school to serve up.
      Tired from the first physical labor in a long time the boys dragged their asses to the dinning hall for dinner as quests of the school that night. Yeah, they were tired but it was a good tired and one that they all looked forward to repeating in the days to come.
      Full and satisfied they sat back. JB came over to their table and invited them to join the boys in the dorms for their activities. Some of the boys found the movie of the evening enjoyable while Christopher, Cullen, Cory, and Alec checked out the library. They made detailed notes of the books there. Well actually they made notes of the books that were not there. The four of them determined that they were going to buy books for the student's reading pleasure. These four boys had a serious reading thirst and could be found almost at anytime with their nose in a book.
      Cas, Lew, and Trevor had found a Bible study and joined in. They were impressed by the students knowledge of the Bible and a seriously deep study began. The main subject was whether the popular belief of death, heaven, and hell was correct. They studied what the Bible had to say. The boys were really happy when one of the students stated that they never turned to the reference books in their library. They always used the parallel margins to study a passage and used a good original language dictionary to see exactly what the Bible said. By letting the Bible explain itself they were building a very deep knowledge of the true Character of God. It is only those that seek the Face of God that will see the Face of God. Obedience to God's Word is the only Way to salvation. Jesus Christ is the Word and He must be obeyed.
      JB was sought out and asked about any rules on spending the night with any of the students. JB told them that the decision on that rested with the individuals involved. The students enjoyed company, especially those that did not have a regular boy friend. There are a few of Chris's boys that are together but not as boyfriends. It is kind of like love the one you're with. Each of the boys had a very deep familial love for everyone in the house but they were still seeking that one special person that they would want to commit to for life.
      Lew found himself a very cute eighteen year old that he really felt good being around. Tyler found a boy his own age. Cas found himself a friend for the night. Christopher was invited by everybody to stay the night. He finally gave in and went home with two boys his same age. They were both bottoms but they shared with each other. Tonight they wanted service from the mighty midget with giant widget.
      Trevor-Alec and Jerry-Tim, stayed with their partners. Turner wanted to spend the night with Jim. Bless his heart, as much as Cory wanted to play around he choose to be with Cullen Cory had taken it upon himself to protect his cousin and nothing would separate the him from his perceived duty. Besides that, the boys really did love each other. I am disconnected from all of this and can observe without bias. I am sure there is more between these two boys then Chris suspects. He seems to feel that their love for him is what keeps them together and constantly in his bed. They do love him, even more than the other boys but they need to be with each other. Cory still had his safe feelings when he is in eyesight of Chris. He is scared that the man will leave him, or find someone else. He is okay with Pete. He doesn't see Pete as a true threat to his claim on his adopted father.
      A bit before noon Friday a limousine pulled into the drive to the Garcia cabin. Every eye in the camp was on it but all of Chris's boys were in a full run toward the sleek, black car. Chris was inundated by his tribe of foundlings the moment he stepped from the limo.
      Of main interest to the abandoned crew was how good Chris was on skis. He was tied to a rope and thrown into the water with nothing but a pair of boards strapped on his feet and dragged at high speed, behind a boat, from one end of the lake to the other. The boys were disappointed to learn that the desert rat knew how to survive in water and had a lot of fun doing it. One of the landowners had a ski ramp sitting on the shore. Brad convinced them to drag the ramp to deep water. Chris showed that he was a good show dog and did his tricks for them.
      Water logged, Chris needed to go back to Albany. He had made a promise. He had a lot of work to do but he knew that he would have to take someone with him. Without question Pete would go but he wasn't sure who else should go. He listened to the boys all week end and said nothing. He wanted to kind of feel them out and see what was on their little minds.
      He came upon Jim and Christopher sitting by themselves. He stood and listened for a bit then walked over and sat beside them. "What is on your minds, boys?" Both of them curled up to them. They both felt that they were so small that they didn't fit in with the others. Chris was shocked when he heard this. He asked how long they had felt this way. It was only the last few days with the boat and all. Neither boy was a strong swimmer and were afraid to go near the skis. Chris asked them if they had asked the other guys to help them learn to swim. They had but they would get started and it was time for their teachers to go ski.
      Chris looked at both boys. "All right. I want the truth. You both swim like fish in the pool at home."
      "Yeah, but you can see the bottom." There it was. One thing that Chris really believes in is overcoming fears early on. If not overcome at this age then other phobias would surface and cripple these two lads for life.
      "If you could swim like fish would you feel better?"
      "We can swim..."
      "You swim on top of the water. If you could swim like fish, underwater, would you feel better?"
      "You mean like scuba dive or something?"
      "Exactly something like." Both boys got very excited. "I have an idea. I have to go to Albany for a few days. If you would like, I could take the two of you and get you fitted with the proper gear so when we get back you can go down to the lake and swim with the fish." He was mauled and manhandled. All of the kings horses and all of the kings men tried to put him together again.
      As he walked away from the two happy kids he spotted Cory and Cullen together on the grass. He walked over and sat down. Instantly Cory was all over him. The boy had been crying. Chris looked at Cullen who just smiled at him. Cory was kissing Chris and trying to squeeze closer and closer. Chris asked him what was wrong but he wouldn't say anything. Finally Cullen said, "He misses you. All of the time in New York and we only got to sit in the hot tub with you for a few minutes. You haven't slept with him since we were in California and he misses you. He does love you, you know."
      Chris was shocked. He loved Cory with all of his heart. If he had to pick favorites Cory would be at the top of the list with Pete. He pulled Cory into him and gave the boy the most passionate kiss he could conjure. He buried his tongue in the boy's mouth as he ground his cock into his adopted son's groin. Cory was so hot that he was about to pop then Chris slid his cock into the boys eager ass hole. Right out in the middle of the yard, on the grass, in broad daylight, with everybody else milling close by, Chris fucked Cory the way the boy loved to be fucked.
      Cory locked his small body onto the man that he loved above all others and rode his favorite pony ride, long and hard. Chris varied his speed and strokes as he stretched their union to the maximum amount of time. Cory took all of the man that he could get. He was not willing that their connecting should ever end. Cullen and Pete both lay down on either side of the pair and added to their enjoyment as they ran their hands over the two lovers. Cory reached out for Cullen's cock and Chris took Pete's. They stroked the two as they continued their own love making. Chris had Pete and Cullen turn so that their cocks were in his and Cory's face. In a few more minutes the two lover's faces were awash in boi cream. They each locked their lips on their spouting lovers as they emptied their loads into and onto each other.
      When they rolled apart the looked about to see thirteen sexy boys sitting in a circle about them, their own member in hand. Suddenly the four in the middle were covered in boi jizz from every angle as youngster showed his appreciation for the show they had just watched.
      All of the mattresses were dragged from the house and set up on the large balcony again that night as all seventeen hot males slept with whomever happened to be where they wanted to lay down. No one paid any attention to who he was with. They just took what they got. The most rewarding union seemed to be when Tony and Christopher ended up in the same space. The largest and the smallest. The two boys made music together. It sounded more like torture but it was music to the ears of those present.
      Chris asked Cory if he wanted to go to Albany with him. Cory really thought about it. He finally showed his maturity. "Daddy, it sounds like so much fun but there are several reasons why I won't go. Not in any particular order or importance but it wouldn't be fair to the others for me to go when they can't. You are taking Jim and Christopher so you can get them scuba gear so you can help them conquer their fears." Chris had a thrill run through him as Cory had captured the essence of his feelings. "And there is the possibility that someone would recognize Cullen and you know that I would not go if he couldn't. Now JB has asked us if we would like to all go up to the school and see a show that the students are working on and then spend the night. Daddy, a whole night in a building with one hundred and fifty horny fag boys. I have to be here for that." Chris could see and hear the hunger in the young pervert and he laughed out loud.
      Pete was offered the chance to stay. There was one boy odd with the addition of Tony. It was hoped that Tony would pair off with JB on a permanent basis. The two had spent a lot of single sessions together but so far nothing over night. Chris wanted to find out why but he thought he would give it another week and let the two get really acquainted first. Pete acted as if he was really thinking about it then he looked at Chris.
      "You know what. I got into that truck in Mississippi and was driven away from you. I thought my heart would break. I was sure that I would never see you again. You stood outside the main gate at the AF Base waiting for me. When I saw you such joy filled my heart as I have never known. I determined in my heart that I was going to be with you for the rest of my life. When we got to your house I saw all of your fresh meat on the hoof and I realized how lucky you are and that I would only one of a crowd but I am willing to take whatever I can get. Since that day I have never slept out of sight of you. No matter who I was sleeping with I dreamed that it was you. I love you so much. There are no words in my vocabulary for me to tell you of my love. I don't ever want to sleep where I can't at least see you. I'm going."
      Chris was in tears as he held the man tight against him. Cory wrapped his arms around the pair, "Are you going to be my mommy?"
      Pete broke away so that he could chase Cory around the grounds and throw him into the lake. Pete returned to Chris as he rolled on the ground in laughter and held his aching sides. Pete wiped his hands together, "Had to wash a dirty little matter up." He sat down by Chris and held his lover. Cory walked by swinging his ass at the pair as he sat with Cullen.
      Morning found Pete, Jim, Christopher, and Chris climbing into a large four door sedan with a driver. They drove from the cabin and up the road toward the town. It was Friday before Chris and Pete brought Jim and Christopher back to the tall pines. This time he had brought with him a surprise. Brad and Jay nearly fell over each other as they ran to the limo to welcome their very dear old friends. Luke and Jerry had come up with Chris for a long visit. He had also brought with him a new student. Little Eric was as cute a boy as you would ever want to see and he was sexually assaulted by all of the perverts the very second he stepped from the limousine.
      Just as things settled down the bottom dropped out. Saturday morning Chris and all of the boys attended Sabbath morning services with a large portion of the Academy students. After services the worshipers had gone into lunch. It was almost a hour later when someone noticed that Chris was nowhere to be found.
      I suppose I was the only one to see him go. He and JB quietly walked out and got in to JB's car. JB returned a half an hour later by himself. Cory fell apart. The boy is so attached to his dad. I felt truly sorry for the boy but there was nothing anyone could do because no one knew where Chris was. He left Traveler, his clothes, and his boys.

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