Jayson Outed
Chapter 24


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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We left off last time with:
           Just as things settled down the bottom dropped out. Saturday morning Chris and all of the boys attended Sabbath morning services with a large portion of the Academy. After services the worshipers had gone into lunch. It was almost a hour later when someone noticed that Chris was nowhere to be found.
      I suppose I was the only one to see him go. He and JB quietly walked out and got in to JB's car. JB returned a half an hour later by himself. Cory fell apart. The boy is so attached to his dad. I felt truly sorry for the boy but there was nothing anyone could do because no one knew where Chris was. He left Traveler, his clothes, and his boys.

      Cory was inconsolable. The boy broke down and began to cry. He cried all afternoon. He had been abandoned by Chris once before but that time the man had taken time to say goodbye and explain himself. This time he just left. He didn't care about him anymore and Cory had no desire to continue on. Pete became very concerned.
      Cory had been crying for several hours and was now talking garbage. He and Cullen had done everything that they knew to do with no change. Pete left Cullen with the boy as he ran to the school to get JB and the nurse. The nurse gave Cory an injection which seemed to take forever to take effect. It was only after JB lay with the boy in his arms and talked quietly in his ear that the boy relaxed.
      When sleep came over Cory a sigh of relief went up in the house. Cory is well loved by all of his brothers. He is the only one of the boys to actually be adopted by Chris. Although Chris does have custody of several of the boys as a foster father. Then of course there is the blood relation with his nephew, Cullen.
      I have watched Cullen with great interest. The boy is magnificent. He walks upright and with poise. He is regal in his movements. He has been well groomed for the part that he is to play in world history. I believe that he will make a great King over his tiny country. He is intelligent and he possesses something few people have today, wisdom. He is very wise and his judgement is sound. He is full of compassion, a good trait for a leader. All of these things would be such a change for his kingdom. I only hope that he will be able to put all of his attributes to the betterment of his people.
      Sunday morning Cory arose early. He grabbed a handful of bacon and a few slices of toast. He shoved three cartons of milk into his pocket and headed into the woods. He still had a very sad look on his face and I worried about him. No one really noticed that he had left until around nine. By that time the boy had been long gone. A general search was made of the area around the cabin and the school with no trace of him. The only thing that the boys could do at this point was to pray for their brother and good friend.
      Just before dinner time a naked and very happy looking Cory emerged from the woods. He had dinner but kept pretty much to himself all evening. Cullen was curled up around him as they slept together and everyone else breathed a sigh of relief.
      Monday morning the crews were turning out for work detail. There was joy and merriment that only happy boys have in abundance. Several boys noticed Cory and Cullen walking along the lake shore headed in the opposite direction that Cory had come from the evening before. This put the lads at ease as things returned to normal around the school.
      There was still a lot of work to do. Jay and Brad took their ATVs to survey the forests around the lake. They were amazed at the amount of work that had been done but realized that there was a lot more to do. The way it appeared to the boys they would just complete the work when it would be time to start at the beginning again. They looked at each other and gave up a high five. They were making money. The school was making money. The students were having fun and getting fit. Jay began to giggle as Brad pointed out one extraordinarily buff boy after another. Jay was going to have to keep a close eye on his boy friend or loose him to some little muscle bound floozy.
      At mid-afternoon Cullen and Cory could be heard singing songs of praise and worship as they walked arm in arm along the shores of the lake on their return form the day's adventure.
      Chris's boys took to staying at the cabin. Each of them was dealing with the disappearance of their benefactor in his own way. There was no joy in the house. It was as if a dark pall had befallen all of them. For some reason Cory seemed upbeat and it had seemed to wear off on Cullen I only hope that their exuberance will be infectious and spread throughout the house full of youngsters.
      Tuesday morning Cory and Cullen were dragging one of the row boats from the lawn by the lake. As they sat it in the water Pete confronted them. I was glad. A small row boat is no play thing and these boys had no business trying to use it without proper supervision. Pete yelped out, loudly and climbed into the boat. He took the oars from Cory and put his muscled back into pulling the wooden sticks as hard and fast as he could. I watched for a bit but the boys seemed to head straight across the lake and out of sight. At this point the opposite shore is about two miles away. The small boat merged with the water long before it had traveled that far.
      Shortly after noon the three sailors were back. Pete sought out Brad to ask if they could find some more oars. The three of them had found a great way to exercise and have fun doing it. Brad thought the request strange but he went to his families boat house and found two more sets of oars for the three boys.
      I saw the three boys at the back door of the mess hall later that afternoon. The cook gave them a box which the boys hurried away with. I headed on up to the administration building to get an idea of what was happening around the school. My heart was blessed as I saw Tony and JB sitting back on the old man's office sofa. A quiet moment with their arms around each other and Tony's head laying over on JB's shoulder. A perfect picture.
      Jay and Brad had gone to the cabin. Jay was horny and wanted some time alone with his lover. They headed up to their room without encountering anyone else. The door was locked as well as were their lips, on each other. The pair fell to the bed as they tried to suck each other's insides out. The boys have grown exceptionally over last summer. They are both very well endowed young men. Their cock were as hard as solid steel. They ground against each other as the passion built between them
      Jay wanted Brad up in him. That had become a favorite of his and Brad was all to eager to please. Brad threw the youngster's legs back over his shoulders making a very cute ass stick up in the air. Brad just moaned as he looked at the beautiful sight of the most lovely person on the face of the planet. He buried his face between the stretched out globes and let his tongue say everything in his heart.
      In no time Jay felt his sphincter relax and Brad's tongue enter into him. This was the second most pleasurable thing that Jay could think of. But this was what he needed before the serious pleasure of having himself impaled on the magnificent cock of this hot little Latin boy that belonged wholly to him.
      Brad took his lover around the world. Jay got so worked up when Brad did his voodoo with long, thick tongue that he would get off. Both of them knew this a aimed for it. Brad was licking the area around the side of Jay's now monster dick as Jay began to spasm. Quickly Brad engulfed the turgid tool as his fingers slid up into the dark nether passage to stimulate the tiny gland that lay there begging for attention. Jay flooded his lover with a very large load of sweet boi nectar.
      Brad licked up every drop and without any hesitation he moved in and slid his cock deep into Jay's hungry ass. Jay let his head roll back as he felt the love enter into him. He had needed this time for several days. He enjoyed having all of the boys that were visiting but he needed to be alone with the one who loved him most. The two were one at this point and tears of joy ran down Jay's face.
      Brad saw the tears and knew what they meant. He felt his heart ache as he was overwhelmed with love for his best friend. His own tears ran down his face as he began the age old motions that brought about the most pleasure for the two boys. Brad was on the very edge and fired his first load quickly but the two of them had learned each other's bodies in the last eighteen months or so that they had been most intimate lovers. Jay worked his rectal muscles to stimulate Brad to maintain his erection. The action was not unnoticed by Brad as he bent forward and pulled Jay up to a long kiss.
      Brad continued in short stokes as he felt new energy filling him then he began to make serous, long time love to Jay. Their moans were heard throughout the house and those of the visitors that were home giggled as they became aroused and made their own noises with the one that they loved.
      Wednesday morning Cory was acting sneaky as he ran from a bush by the edge of the lake with a small box. He placed it in the row boat just as Cullen and Pete climbed into it. The three boys seemed in happy spirits as they rowed away from shore, directly across the lake.
      It was barely light out Thursday morning as Cullen and Cory were heard singing to the top of their young voices. All eyes turned to watch the two youths rowing toward the shore. Awaiting them were a para-medic unit, four sheriffs deputies and groups of boys and adults arranged to go in search of the youngsters that had been missing for nearly twenty four hours in the deep woods of up state New York.
      When asked where they had been and where Pete was they simply smiled and said, "With dad." JB sighed. He never considered that the boys might have found Chris. He took the search party back toward the school as he tried to explain that Chris needed some quiet time and had gone across the lake to fish, by himself, for a week.
      There was a party at the cabin as the boys celebrated the knowledge that their dad was safe and had not left them. Cory helped them to understand that he couldn't tell anyone. He knew that everybody would want to go with him and he did not want to seem partial to anyone. He did have a plan that he had hoped would make the boys forgive him.
      Chris had allowed Pete to spend Thursday with him. Friday morning Cory and Cullen would row back to the hide away. That evening Pete and Cullen came back to the cabin with Pete looking so much better than the haggard and drawn boy he had been earlier in the week. Again the next morning the same thing this time Cullen remained behind.
      Sunday Chris and Cullen came up in a flat bottom fishing boat. Cullen was at the tiller/motor as Chris trolled a fishing line along behind them. Once docked at the Garcia pier Chris pulled out twelve three pound or better of the stripped fish that he had been catching all week. He promised his boys a treat as someone yelled that he had a bite on his line still in the water.
      Making a mad dash for the spinning rod Chris reeled in another trophy sized fish. He had plenty of help as he set about cleaning his catch. Tim was an avid fisherman as were Cas and Lew. They helped the other boys get their hands really bloody and nasty. Tim told them that the real pleasure of eating fresh caught fish was in the preparation.
      Skillets were dragged out and butter put in them to melt. All six burners of the chef's stove at the Garcia cabin had a skillet with breaded lake bass frying in no time at all. The boys stood by drooling as they looked forward to a rare treat. For most of these boys this would be their first ever taste of fresh fish.
      Chris had brought back many of his vegetables gathered from the woods. New York Jerry sat about putting together a salad that was the piece de resistance. Someone suggested garlic toast and long loaves of bread were procured from the mess hall. Slathered with butter and crushed whole garlic cloves the bread was toasted to an even golden brown.
      Chris held up the key ingredient for a open woods fish fry. He handed Trevor and Alec a can opener and six large cans of pork and beans. As true Arizonans there were several gallons of sun tea brewing on the sunny porch rails every day. Glasses were filled with ice as the perfectly brewed chilled tea was poured. The boys gathered, naked as the day they were born, at the Garcia dinning room table. Cas offered up a long and heart felt prayer for the safe return of Chris. His prayer offered an admonition against Chris's actions but lots of love for the man at the same time. Every boy in the family, including the new additions of Jerry, Luke, Brad, and Jay, had tears in their eyes for the man that they all loved, very deeply.
      The rest of the day found Chris in quiet time with each of his brood. There was no sex this day. It was a time of bonding with those that he loved. At bed time he slipped off to his room with the mighty three. Pete, Cory, and Cullen would keep the man enveloped in love, all night.
      Alec had a surprise as Cory awakened him before daylight Monday morning. He was told him that dad wanted him. Alec followed his morning woody into Chris's room. The boy was doing a little dance as he approached the bed. Chris looked at him and giggled. He slipped out of bed and took the boy's penis in his mouth. Alec started to pull away as Chris placed a hand on his butt and pulled him forward. Chris pressed on the boy's bladder causing it to spasm and drain his stored up liquid from the nights body cleansing. The might three looked on with giggles of their own as they watched the face of relief wash over recently turned fifteen year old Alec.
      Alec was told to get a pair of slacks and nice shirt on. He was told to wear dark socks and hard shoes. It was his day to be with Chris but the man had work that needed to be attended so he was going to get an adventure. Jerry and Luke had left early that morning. A rental car was delivered for Chris and the boy. They left the cabin around eight.
      The school fell into the regular routine. Chris's boys were all happy again and joined the students in the fields for more frolicking naked in the deep woods. Their only fear was getting a circumcision from a chain saw. Tuesday morning Chris and a very happy looking Alec returned. It was too late for breakfast and too early for lunch so the two sat in the cabin with Trevor who had come to see if his boyfriend had been returned to him in one piece. Alec promised him that his ass had been parted as never before and he loved every foot of it. He swore that he would be up for their time together by bedtime. Trevor giggled, knowing full well the joys his baby had experienced.
      During lunch Chris had an announcement that pleased some of the boys and made the others get wistful looks about them. They would have to plan on leaving the following weekend. They had to be in Georgia for Cory's grandfather's funeral on the second of August. In the meantime he had taken out his little box, some sort of thing that I guess meant something to him and the boys. He had drawn out names for the rest of the week. He would spend Tuesday with Tim. Wednesday would be Trevor and Thursday would be Jim. Shouts of joy came from the three boys as their brothers offered high fives.
      Chris and Tim left for the fishing cabin as soon as lunch was finished. Each boy had a full day and night at the isolated cabin in the north woods with the man they were more than proud to know and love. Friday morning Chris was in need of sustenance. He had a plate piled high with scrambled eggs and two eggs over easy on top of those. There was at least eight slices of bacon and two extra spicy sausage patties on his plate. He had a second plate with two extra thick biscuits smothered in creamy sausage gravy. Cory brought him a pot of coffee and sat it before him as he took a seat on the bench across from his life and stared at the man as he ate. I marvel at the love that Cory has for this man. I know I have said it before but if you could only see it. They both have such a deep love for each other. They have a raging lust for any hard cock or upturned butt but they love each other. Pete sat beside Chris and smiled at his son. Cory had come to call Pete 'mom', which of course got the boy thrown into the lake with regularity.
      A tearful Jay approached Chris after breakfast. They talked quietly for a few minutes. Chris looked at Brad who gave his wide, toothy smile that lit up the room. Chris turned to Pete and Cory and quietly spoke to them then he and Jay made their way out to the rental car. They climbed in, both totally naked and drove around the lake to the small cabin.
      Saturday morning the boys were preparing for church as they heard the car pull in. The had to laugh as Jay wobbled on shaky legs trying to get from the car to the house. Brad ran to him and gave him a kiss then continued to the car. He got in and shut the door. Chris got out and made Jay show Cory his ass then he got in the car and left with Brad.
      Chris has a medicinal salve that Cory applied liberally to the swollen and very bruised anus that Jay had upturned before all of the world. The whole house giggled as they empathized with the boy. They had all been there, and loved it.
      Sunday morning Chris was no nonsense as he hustled everybody about. He had the boys and all of their gear loaded into Traveler and turned the vehicle to the road and disappeared. Luke and Jerry consoled Brad and Jay. They would be leaving in a few days to move to Arizona. Brad and Jay would seriously miss this wild and crazy man with his very own harem of hot and cold running boys.

I saved this little dity to read before I begin to write:
—From an actual e-mail concerning my stories—
Subject: My opinion about your stories
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 06:33:38 -0700 (PDT)
Too much sex, not enough story. Try jerking off BEFORE writing & see if your writing improves.

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